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Psychogenic impotence: symptoms, causes, treatment

Psychological impotence is a type of erectile dysfunction caused by a negative psychological attitude, neurosis, and a depressed emotional state. Moreover, all the physical indicators of men are normal, but the transmission of signals from the centers of sexual arousal is impaired. This type of sexual disorder is detected in 80% of cases. It has a long progressive character.


Manifestations of psychogenic impotence depend on which group of regulatory reproductive centers malfunctioned:

  • decreased excitability. An erection is present, but sexual contact does not bring satisfaction and pleasure, ending with headaches and fatigue,
  • inhibition of erection. During the prelude, erection and arousal are normal, but immediately before the start of the act, the member loses its elasticity. In real life, ejaculation is rare, mainly occurs at night amid erotic dreams,
  • cortical aspermatism. Arousal and erection are sufficient for full sexual contact, but ejaculation and orgasm are absent. The problem resolves itself during sleep, as well as with inhibition of erection.

Psychogenic impotence is usually associated with certain events, circumstances or factors, the presence or memory of which inhibits an erection. In the absence of such obstacles with the normalization of the state of the nervous system, male strength returns.

Psychogenic Impotence - Symptoms

Symptoms of psychogenic impotence are the same as those of impotence on an organic background, that is, a man cannot achieve an erection, despite sexual arousal. The fact that the cause of the disorder in the psyche is confirmed by the appearance of symptoms only in the case of intimate proximity with a partner. In general, when a man is alone, he does not have difficulty in getting an erection - he can easily get it through masturbation. The signal that the blood flow to the penis is normal is the presence of a morning erection. Then it can be assumed that the cause of impotence is not a disease, but mental blockage.

A characteristic feature of psychogenic impotence is that its symptoms usually appear suddenly, almost overnight. If the cause of erection problems is a disease, the symptoms gradually increase and can develop over several months.

Psychogenic Impotence - Causes

The causes of psychogenic impotence are in the male psyche. These can be both transitional states of increased nervous tension, and very serious personality disorders. Their success and type depend on success in treating impotence.

The most common causes of psychogenic impotence are:

Depression, neurosis, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses,

Chronic stress, inability to relieve emotional stress,

· Burnout, under constant pressure or fear of losing a job,

· Complexes (for example, a small penis size),

· Broken contact with a partner, frequent conflicts, lack of understanding and trust,

· Traumatic sexual experience (for example, sexual abuse in childhood),

· Failure during the first sexual intercourse, which led to the development of complexes, a decrease in self-confidence and, consequently, fear,

Addiction to pornography,

Religiosity, the belief that sex is something bad, sinful,

· Addiction to alcohol or psychoactive substances,

Fear of unwanted pregnancy of a partner.

Psychogenic impotence - treatment

Psychogenic impotence is treated with psychotherapy. In advance, however, it is worth making sure that erectile dysfunction does not have any physiological cause, especially if the man is over 40 years old. To do this, contact your family doctor or urologist and take basic laboratory tests. In half the cases, impotence is caused by somatic diseases, the risk of which increases with age (including hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hormonal changes).

However, if medical examinations and medical history rule out somatic causes, seek the help of a sexologist or psychologist. In the treatment of psychogenic impotence, individual psychotherapy is used (if the cause is complexes or personality disorders), psychotherapy with a partner, relaxation methods and hypnosis.

Characteristics and reasons

Psychogenic impotence is a disorder of sexual function due to neuropsychiatric and psychosocial causes, as well as psychological characteristics of a person. It can be absolute (an erection does not occur at all) or partial (an erection appears, but does not last long, which does not allow a man to fully carry out and complete sexual intercourse).

Potency disorders occur spontaneously. The man notes a weak intensity of erection during sex, early ejaculation or lack thereof, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction even with strong excitement and desire, difficulties in achieving an orgasm, periodically appearing weak erections, usually in the morning and night. If you do not contact a specialist, each subsequent sexual intercourse will be more and more unsuccessful. Due to the inability to achieve orgasm and satisfy a partner, a problem with a psychogenic basis will be exacerbated.

The causes of erectile dysfunction will tell the psychotherapist Boris Gorodkov:

Psychological impotence is caused by emotional stress, various fears and perceptions that adversely affect the activity of the nervous system and slow down the transmission of impulses to the penis. This leads to impaired functioning of the mechanisms responsible for erection.

The causes of sexual impotence, which has a psychological basis, are:

  • A depressive state in which a man loses interest in everything, including women and sex,
  • Stressful rhythm of life. The constant tense situation at home or at work, prolonged mental or physical stress, fixation on problems - all this negatively affects the sexual capabilities of men,
  • Frequent change of sexual partners and, as a result, satiety, the disappearance of interest in sex,
  • Lack of privacy with a partner
  • A strict upbringing, in which the child was instilled with the opinion that sex is bad and dirty,
  • Self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear of sexual failure,
  • Behavior of a sexual partner: her words or actions that have harmed the dignity of a man,

The most likely cause of psychological impotence is a constant stressful rhythm of life

  • The experience of sexual failure obtained earlier. Of great importance is how the first experience of a man passed, since it is forever deposited in memory,
  • Sexual trauma (most often sexual abuse experienced in childhood),
  • Prolonged abstinence, irregular sex life,
  • Lack of interest and coldness on the part of a woman,

  • Uncertainty of a man’s sexual orientation,
  • Fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or getting HIV infection, as well as fear of an unplanned pregnancy,
  • Sexual incompatibility of partners (mismatch of desires, lack of interest),
  • Condom reaction.

Psychogenic impotence requires treatment. A man needs to acknowledge that a problem exists and consult a specialist.

How to get rid of psychological impotence?

Treatment of psychological impotence should be based on the work of a psychologist or psychiatrist with the patient. Psychological erectile dysfunction is treated by studying the man’s history, identifying factors that could form a mental barrier to sex and cause fear of it.

A man needs to be prepared for the fact that the psychocorrection will be long and take several months. This type of impotence is much more difficult to cure than other types of erectile dysfunction.

For greater effectiveness, attending psychotherapy sessions is recommended with a partner.

First of all, treatment should begin with a trip to a psychologist, because the cause of the disorder is the psycho-emotional aspects

How to help a man with psychological impotence with medication? The specialist selects the necessary medications that restore the erection and eliminate the manifestations of psychogenic problems.

Patients are advised to take pills that allow you to strengthen an erection and have a full sexual intercourse. Such funds are taken immediately before sex: they provide blood flow to the penis and contribute to the long-term maintenance of an erection. The most commonly used drugs are:

Pills for an erection should be prescribed by a doctor, since they have a number of contraindications and can lead to unpredictable consequences in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Urologist Iskander Abdulin will tell you more about pills for male strength:

Also, with symptoms of psycho-impotence, they are prescribed tranquilizers (Afobazole), antidepressants (Trazodon).

Another way to treat sexual impotence due to psychological reasons is the introduction of prostaglandin analogs into the penis. They stimulate blood flow and strengthen an erection. Such funds include Papaverine, Alprostadil.

Treatment of psychogenic impotence at home

It is possible to cope with psychological impotence much faster if you reinforce the main methods of treating sexual impotence with diet, physical activity and the use of traditional medicine.

Mature men and young men need to adjust their diet to speed up the healing process.

It is worth refusing from fatty meat, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks, smoked meats and pickles, fried foods, flour, sweets.

The menu of a man suffering from psychological impotence should include:

  • Protein food (legumes, cottage cheese, fish, eggs),
  • Dairy products,
  • Seafood,
  • Vegetable oils,
  • Lean meat,

Honey and nuts have a positive effect on male potency

  • Garlic,
  • Honey,
  • Nuts
  • Porridge from different cereals,
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction of a psychogenic nature, folk remedies can be used. The most effective are:

  1. Tincture of Valerian. This tool will help to relax and relieve nervous tension. It is necessary to grind the root of valerian, take a tablespoon of raw materials, pour a glass of cold water. Insist composition for 12 hours. Take tincture three times a day, before meals, a tablespoon,
  2. Reception of tincture from ginseng root. You need to take a piece of the root (3-4 cm), pour it with 3 liters of vodka. Leave for a day. Take tincture daily 2 times in 50 ml. The course of treatment is about 3 months,

With pathologies of the prostate, doctors recommend drinking a decoction of hypericum

  1. Ginger drink Take a teaspoon of ginger powder, pour 400 ml of water. Put the container on the fire and boil for 30-40 minutes. Then strain the liquid, add a little natural honey. Drink up to 3 times a day, in a glass (in this article you will find 6 more recipes from ginger to improve potency),
  2. Hypericum tincture. It is necessary to take one and a half tablespoons of fresh raw materials, pour 200 ml of boiling water. Allow the liquid to infuse for half an hour, then strain. Consume 100 ml up to 4 times a day half an hour after a meal.

Home treatment methods are effective only if basic therapy is performed.


To reduce the likelihood of developing psychological impotence, you need to:

  • Avoid stressful situations
  • If necessary, visit a psychologist or psychotherapist,
  • Observe the regimen of the day, sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat fully,

Exercising positively affects male strength

  • To refuse from bad habits,
  • Have regular sex with one regular partner,
  • Do sport.

Psychological impotence is the result of stress, fear, sexual trauma. It is quite difficult to cure this kind of erectile function. Treatment should be comprehensive and include working with a psychologist, taking medications to stimulate an erection, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and adjusting your diet. The prognosis of the disease in most cases is favorable: with adequate therapy, the patient is guaranteed to return to his usual life and sexual activity.

Features of psychological impotence

Psychological impotence is the most severe type of erectile dysfunction. Treatment of the disorder is complicated by the fact that not every man is fully aware of the problem.

Psychological impotence has no age limits, the disease can occur in a young guy and an elderly man. Moreover, it is young men who are most susceptible to this type of disorder, as they are more often confronted with psychological problems that they cannot solve alone. Men of age already have enough life experience to prevent psychological disturbances by chance and seek qualified help in a timely manner.

With psychological impotence, symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways. These include:

  • ejaculation too fast before intercourse begins,
  • lack of orgasm or weakening sensations during ejaculation,
  • decreased or complete inhibition of libido,
  • lack of desire to have sex.

Psychological impotence as sexual impotence manifests itself spontaneously. This usually happens after a series of failures, both in life and on the personal front. The development of the disorder is preceded by a period of dissatisfaction with oneself, psychological complexes or even nervous exhaustion.

Signs and symptoms of psychological impotence can appear slowly, with a gradual increase. A man may have a healthy erection, but when it comes to sex, sexual impotence appears.

It is quite simple to distinguish psychological erectile dysfunction from pathological sexual impotence - in the first case, the body's natural reactions are preserved. Night involuntary erection, sudden arousal at the sight of a potentially attractive object, morning erection - all this persists with psychological impotence. With vascular erectile dysfunction and other pathological causes of impotence, such phenomena are completely absent, since blood does not enter the penis fully.

There are cases when an erection persists in a constant intimate relationship with the same partner, but when a partner changes, an erectile dysfunction of a psychological nature occurs. Psychotherapists associate such a violation with psychological problems caused by the severance of a previous relationship.

Sexual impotence can occur if a man feels a failure in life

The reasons for the development of the violation

The most common disorders and disorders that make up the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are chronic stress, self-discontent, or prolonged depression. If we consider the causes of the violation in more depth, they can be divided into three main groups:

  • psychological characteristics of the individual,
  • psychosocial causes of impotence,
  • neuropsychiatric disorders.

Impotence on the background of psychological characteristics is due to children's complexes and teenage fears. Such erectile dysfunction may be due to insufficiently high libido, fear of the opposite sex, or dissatisfaction with oneself. Psychological features also include problems with determining one's own sexual orientation.

The psychosocial causes of impotence include:

  • difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex,
  • latent homosexuality,
  • features of education
  • lack of experience.

Often, this form of violation is experienced by men who cannot trust their partner. The tense atmosphere in the family can also cause erectile dysfunction. Psychologists say that often psychological impotence is associated with strict education. Men who grew up in families in which sex is censured often experience problems in intimate life in adulthood.

Lack of sexual experience in an adult male can cause the inability to have sexual intercourse. In this case, the root of the problem lies in teenage complexes, perhaps dissatisfaction with yourself and your body.

If a man does not yet have sexual experience, he may simply be afraid to look “not macho”

Unsuccessful relationships in the past, especially the first love, often make themselves felt throughout life. An unsuccessful first sexual experience in some cases becomes a stumbling block and affects the future sexual life of a man.

Neuropsychiatric causes of impotence include:

  • severe stress
  • neurosis,
  • Depression
  • psychical deviations.

These are problems of the nervous system, which negatively affect the functioning of the whole organism as a whole. In case of neurological disorders, complex treatment is necessary, a consultation of a neurologist is required.

In any case, treatment begins with determining the factor that led to the development of psychological impotence. To identify the cause, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body, consult with a neurologist, sexologist and psychotherapist. How to treat psychological impotence will depend on the reasons for its development and the man’s readiness to recognize the problem.

Causes of psychological impotence

The loss of male strength can be caused by a number of psychological disorders. The most common are:

  • prolonged depression causes indifference to everything, including women,
  • illegible sexual intercourse, as a result of frequent changes in sexual partners, a man's interest in intimacy disappears,
  • atypical reaction to the use of local contraceptives,
  • an unsuccessful first sexual experience can create a fear in the subconscious of intimacy with a woman,
  • childhood sexual abuse or attempts thereof,
  • fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease from a partner,
  • prolonged abstinence leads to psychological disorders, which contributes to the development of psychological impotence,
  • excessive use of alcohol or drugs disrupts the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, especially after the action of these harmful substances,
  • high or low self-esteem.

A man who has a permanent sexual partner may have psychological impotence as a result of her indifference.

Symptoms of the disease

In a man, due to the development of this ailment, apathy towards everything is observed, as well as such signs of a psychoemotional nature:

  • causeless irritability and bitterness,
  • anxiety,
  • constant anxiety
  • lack of erection.

Important to remember! At the first alarming symptoms, you need to seek help from a specialist! He will identify the cause of the disease and direct all his efforts to treatment.

Types of Impotence

In addition to a psychological disease, there are such types of impotence in men:

  1. Organic impotence. Masculine power gradually disappears as a result of a physical condition. Most often, diseases of the cardiovascular system cause organic impotence.
  2. Medical impotence. It is the result of excessive use of potent drugs.

This disease in men is a serious problem that can lead to mental disorders and other negative consequences.

Disease treatment

How to get rid of psychological impotence? To combat the disease, a man will need complex therapy, which includes such procedures:

  1. Psychotherapy. A person skilled in the art knows how to help a man identify the causes of an ailment. After that, you need to choose the most effective treatment. For some men, several sessions with a therapist are sufficient.
  2. Taking medications. How to treat impotence with their help? The specialist prescribes the use of tranquilizers and other soothing medicines to eliminate anxiety, fear of intimacy with a woman.
  3. The use of antidepressants. They help suppress prolonged depression and remove a man from this condition.

Will Viagra help with psychological impotence? This question is relevant for many, because, as you know, this drug helps the short-term recovery of male power in men in adulthood. In fact, it can also be used for psycho-impotence, because the drug has no side effects and is not addictive. The only drawback is that with this form of the disease, the medicine does not always give a positive result.

Important to remember! Correct determination of the cause of the development of this disease is one step to recovery, after which it will be possible to defeat it!

Home treatment

How to deal with psychological impotence at home? In order to regain male power after communicating with a psychotherapist, you can use alternative medicine. They do not have side effects, so they have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. Alternative medicines are easily prepared independently.

St. John's wort

To prepare the medicine you need 1 tbsp. l dried St. John's wort, which should be poured with 1 cup of boiling water. Insist for 1 hour. Use the resulting broth 100 ml 3 times a day before meals. Within a week, a man will notice a positive result.

You should take 100 g of calamus root, which is required to pour 1 liter of medical alcohol or vodka. Clog the container with contents tightly and insist in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks. At the end of time, strain the prepared tincture and consume 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

Mint, nettle, clover

All plant ingredients must be taken in equal proportions. Stir the herbs thoroughly, take 5 tbsp. l the resulting mixture and pour 1 liter of hot water. Cover the container and leave for 1 hour. After time, strain the broth and consume 200 ml 4 times a day.


From this vegetable you can make an infusion. To do this, take 2 chopped onions, pour them in 2 cups of boiling water and insist for 30 minutes. After the time, strain the medicine. Take 100 ml 3 times a day.


It will take 2 tbsp. l grated on a fine grater of carrots, which should be poured with 1 cup of milk. Put on a small fire and simmer for 10 minutes. Then cool the broth to room temperature and take 100 ml 3 times a day.

Important to remember! Before using a certain traditional medicine, you should discuss the appropriateness of its use with a specialist!

Common causes of impotence

An erection is the result of complex chain reactions in the body that affect almost all body systems. Sexual impotence can occur in men due to a variety of reasons and for successful work on restoring potency, you need to clearly understand what lies at the root of the problem. Depending on the reasons, it is customary to distinguish between such types:

  1. Organic impotence. In this case, the mechanism of realization of exciting sexual impulses is violated. That is, to put it simply, a man “starts up” from visual or manual stimulation, but an erection does not occur. This may be associated with diseases of the vascular system, liver, kidneys, obesity, diabetes, the presence of bad habits and abuse of them, leading to intoxication of the body.
  2. Psychogenic impotence. With this form, a violation occurs even at the time of the formation of an exciting impulse in the head of a man, which is the starting descent for an erection.
  3. Mixed impotence. In this case, both mechanisms take place. The component of psychological erectile dysfunction is superimposed on the organic, forming a vicious circle.

Also, the cause of temporary impotence of this type may be too active masturbation or sex life, in which the nerve endings, due to constant stimulation, lose their sensitivity. Sometimes the inability to properly end coitus is associated with irregular sexual activity.

In addition, they distinguish between primary impotence, in which the boy never had an erect penis, including in the puberty, and secondary - when over time this function partially or completely died out.

In order to find out what exactly caused the impotence, you need to consult a doctor who may prescribe tests, ultrasound and other procedures. Only after this can we talk about the prospect of a favorable treatment outcome.

Symptoms of impotence

You need to understand that with age, the ability to have a sexual life in a man weakens. There is no standard age at which sexual impotence begins to occur. Physiological (or age-related) impotence is a purely individual phenomenon, depending on the lifestyle, general health status and heredity of a man. However, it must be taken into account that this is a reduction, not a complete extinction, of the possibility of having a full sexual intercourse.

Any kind of erectile dysfunction does not have clear boundaries, saying that everything is normal here, and here violations begin, talking about impotence, or which are harbingers of this condition. However, there are a number of symptoms that indicate that it makes sense to pay attention to your sex life and health:

  • The appearance of any erectile dysfunction is the difficulty with the appearance of persistent penile tension, its complete or partial loss during intercourse or foreplay.
  • Sluggish erection - in this state, the blood rushes to the penis, but it is not possible to achieve hardness to perform penetration or intercourse.
  • An erection disappears completely or the desired consistency is lost during coitus, there is not enough time for normal sexual intercourse. Since the concept of “normality” is very relative in this matter, it makes sense to compare only with oneself, if a man notices that 30 minutes have turned into 10, then you should think about the causes of such a violation and what factors could affect it.
  • Premature uncontrolled ejaculation. It is worth mentioning that in this case we have in mind a man of mature age with sufficient experience in sexual life.
  • There is no involuntary penile erection in the morning (or evening).
  • Libido is significantly reduced, the body is sluggish or does not react at all to any types of stimuli.

In order to talk about the presence of erectile dysfunction in a man, a regular manifestation of at least one of the above conditions is sufficient. The more signs, the more difficult the treatment of pathology will be.

What is psychological impotence?

Today, psychogenic impotence is much more common than 5-10 years ago. And most likely, the number of men with similar problems will only increase. A special insidiousness of such a violation of sexual function is that no one is immune from psychological impotence. Her victim is often young, somatic, absolutely healthy, physically active and strong men.

The most common reason for which psychological erectile dysfunction is manifested is stress. Modern life is rich in stressful situations for the nervous system - work, road situations, family conflicts, an abundance of negative information. All this, dropping a drop of stressful atmosphere.

Nature originally conceived the “hit or run” mode to solve any emergency case. When a person experiences anger or fear, a dose of adrenaline is thrown into his blood, which should serve as a solution to the issue. Having assessed his chances of success, our ancestor either got involved in the struggle, or fled from all legs.

Today, everything is a little more complicated and running away from the boss or banging him is not the best solution. But emotions are there, as is adrenaline, walking through the blood and not finding a way out in action. And then one day there comes a moment when the body decides that in such a difficult life, to multiply is self-harming and an excess of adrenaline begins to simply burn sex hormones.

How to determine psychogenic impotence?

Another nuance that distinguishes psychological impotence is the temporary and unpredictable nature of erectile dysfunction. It can be difficult to determine the causes and factors that are the platform for the occurrence of such a disorder. Often it disappears on its own, as unexpectedly as it appeared. Sometimes it occurs in the form of a reaction to a specific woman, especially if a man has negative associations with the image of this partner.

For example, this is clearly seen in the example when men experience a state of stress before sexual intercourse, a sense of awkwardness, constraint. Such a case cannot be classified as psychogenic erectile dysfunction, since under the usual conditions there are no difficulties with the work of the penis, but one does not have to expect a manifestation of a qualitative erection.

Psychological impotence can occur at any age, not necessarily immediately after a traumatic situation. Often it develops gradually, so it is important to control your sex life, to monitor changes in the body.

How to help a man with psychological impotence?

Often, having noticed manifestations of erectile dysfunction, men themselves are driven into a corner. The most common errors in this case are:

  1. Evasion under various pretexts of sexual life.
  2. Concealment of a problem from a partner.
  3. Reluctance to establish emotional and physiological contact with her.
  4. Shyness, fixation on the problem.
  5. Self-prescribed treatment with dubious drugs and any medications without consulting a doctor.
  6. Neglect of the general rules of the day and hygiene.

Do not hush up the situation and hope for its independent, successful resolution. If you have a regular partner, you definitely need to discuss the current situation with her and find solutions. From her at this moment maximum patience and tact will be required.

Psychological impotence occurs as a reaction to certain conditions and situations, for positive changes it is necessary first of all:

  • To establish a mode of work and rest. In modern realities, this is not easy, but a quality erection is worth it.
  • Nutrition, vitamins and fortifying drugs will improve the general condition of the body and, as a result, its sexual function.
  • It is necessary to overcome the psychological obstacle between partners, if any. During intercourse, no one should feel clamped, afraid.
  • Diversity. Nothing kills sex like marital duty. Often couples who are together for a long time notice that sex loses its freshness and gamut of feelings. Change of seats, new poses, role-playing games, toys - all this can help restore the colors of sexual life.
  • If the treatment of psychological impotence at home does not bring the expected results, then it is worth contacting a therapist. In normal cases, a few sessions are enough to identify what factors provoked it.

It is important to understand that nothing irreparable, shameful, or something that does not happen to other people does not happen. The doctor works with such patients constantly and will not discuss someone else's delicate problem with anyone. But first of all, the patient himself has the key to getting rid of impotence.

Traditional treatment and Viagra for impotence

With the pure psychological origin of erectile dysfunction, traditional drug treatment is not effective, because the problem lies not in health, but in the patient’s head. Although for a separate category, to which the suspicious, susceptible men belong, the tablet of Viagra or its analogues (Levitara, Cialis) plays the role of a launch button and acts like a placebo.

With organic and mixed impotence, drug treatment is indicated, but should only be selected by a doctor after a thorough examination based on its results. Independent uncontrolled intake of tablets is fraught with health complications in general and a complete loss of sexual strength.

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Violation of sexual function in men occurs not only due to diseases of the genitourinary system and other pathologies. In medicine, a specific form of male insolvency is distinguished. This is psychological impotence. In this case, sexual impotence develops due to prolonged depression, previous moral injuries on sexual grounds, fear of a partner's pregnancy. The basis for the treatment of this type of impotence is psychological assistance.

Causes of Psychogenic Impotence

An erection is associated with the functioning of the nervous system. Such neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, oxytocin, acetylcholine are responsible for the success of sexual intercourse. therefore any psychological disorders can lead to failure in the sexual sphere. These include:

  1. Self-doubt, depression, apathy, a sense of embarrassment and shame before intimacy.
  2. Regular stress, irritation, fatigue.
  3. Psychological injuries of a sexual nature due to unsuccessful sexual intercourse, rape, ascetic education.

  1. Random sex, frequent change of partners leads to a loss of interest in the female sex. Psycho-impotence can occur in the opposite case - with rare sexual intercourse.
  2. Insufficient understanding between partners, psychological incompatibility, conflicts.
  3. Psychological barriers, patient fears: to hurt, fear of a partner’s pregnancy, fear of getting an STD,
  4. Frequent use of interrupted intercourse.

The disease is complicated by psychosomatic symptoms if a history of diabetes mellitus, overweight or bad habits.

Diagnostics and who to contact

Diagnosis includes visits to doctors of narrow specialties to exclude other diseases: heart (cardiologist), genital pathologies (urologist, andrologist), adrenal glands, pancreas and thyroid gland (endocrinologist).

To exclude organic impotence to the patient should contact an andrologist. He will carry out the necessary diagnostic procedures (more about the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction) and choose the treatment regimen. If the nature of sexual impotence is emotional, Therapist or sex therapist will take care of the treatment (a detailed article to which doctor to apply for impotence).

Drug therapy

Table 1. Medicines for the treatment of impotence

Drug groupRepresentativespharmachologic effect
PDE-5 inhibitorsTadalafil, sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil. PDE-5 inhibitor drugs are not taken at risk for a heart attack, while using nitrite medications.

Muscle relaxation, filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. Improving sex drive in men. Vasoactive drugs (intracavernous injection)Papaverine, phentolamine, coverjack.Relaxing the muscles of the penis, preventing impotence. Dopamine receptor agonistsDostinexLower prolactin levels, increase testosterone. Homeopathic medicinesTestis compositum, impaza.Vasodilating, anticonvulsant effect. Drugs improve erectile function. Vitamin and Mineral ComplexesAlphabet, twinlab, solgar.Restoring metabolism, saturating the body with vitamins and minerals.

With sexual weakness, a placebo effect is possible when the patient takes a neutral drug and regains the ability to erection.

With psychological impotence, you should not take antidepressants, sedatives on your own. Drugs inhibit the work of nerve endings, the activity of the patient's reproductive system decreases.

Causes and clinical forms

Depending on the causes of occurrence, several forms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction are distinguished:

  • pathoreflex. It develops most often in 20-30 years according to the scheme of the so-called syndrome of expectation of failure. Reasons: fear of infection, doubts about one’s own male viability, fear of hurting a woman, previous unsuccessful contact, use of condoms (if sex was without them before)
  • selective. Dysfunction occurs only in relation to a particular partner or in the presence of specific smells, things, circumstances,
  • neurasthenic. Caused by constant stress, emotional depression. It can be constant reproaches of the partner, claims to the quality of sex, chronic fatigue at work.

The causes of sexual dysfunction of a psychological nature can also be:

  • a connection on the side (fresh emotions and another model of behavior), after which the intimate relationship with a permanent woman cannot be returned to normal,
  • pornophilia. In some cases, a habit is developed to be aroused only when watching porn movies, then normal sexual contact is no longer a sufficient incentive for a good erection,
  • Sexual deprivation - the habit of weaning from sex due to prolonged abstinence.

Anxiety syndrome

Unsuccessful sexual contact due to fatigue, stress, alcohol intoxication or unattractive partner is not a sign of psychological impotence. However, the “misfire", especially repeated, can serve as a reference point for the development of this type of sexual dysfunction. Such a situation sometimes leaves such a vivid negative imprint in the subconscious of a man that subsequently an erection begins to disappear during the prelude, although the woman is desired.

Psychotherapy and psychocorrection

For the treatment of psychological impotence using psychotherapy both work directly with the patient, and with both partners.

Table 2. Stages of psychotherapy

Individual counselingEstablishing a trusting relationship between the therapist (psychologist) and the patient. Determining the causes of emotional impotence. The formation of positive thinking, body control. The fear of sexual intercourse is eliminated, anxiety is reduced. After the positive dynamics is outlined, they proceed to work with a married couple.
Work with a married couplePartners indicate the need to avoid pressure on the patient, improve his self-esteem, emphasize the merits. Collaboration sessions involve the elimination of conflict situations, the diversity of sexual life.
Group workIt is rarely used, because psychological impotence is an intimate problem. Therapy includes the exchange of experience on the treatment of the disorder. Some patients prefer to work with a group to understand that they are not alone faced with a similar problem.

During psychotherapy sessions, contact between the therapist and the patient is important. Trust in a specialist increases the chances of recovery.

Folk remedies

In the treatment of psychogenic impotence diet recommendedinclude in it walnuts, honey, pumpkin seeds, boiled eggs, carrots (juice can be squeezed).

Table 3. Folk recipes to help with the main treatment of impotence

1 tsp chopped ginger root, 2 cups of water, sugar, honey (to taste)Pour 2 cups of water into the pan, bring to a boil. Add ginger root, keep on low heat for 40 minutes. After cooling the drink, add sugar and honey.
50 gr ginseng root, 1 liter of waterThe raw material is poured with boiled water, insist 3 hours. After this, ginseng is cut, 0.5 liters of water are added to the solution and insisted for 20 days. Shake the liquid before use. Take 1 hour before meals 1 tbsp. l The course of treatment is 40 days.
1 tbsp. l celery seed, 400 ml of waterAdd raw materials to slightly cooled boiled water. Insist 8 hours. Drink 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day before meals.
20 gr. oak bark, 1 liter of waterBoil water, add raw materials. Insist on a water bath for 40 minutes. Before use, strain, take 1 cup 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Home-made decoctions of herbs should store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

If there are side effects (individual sensitivity, allergic reactions, rash, diarrhea), the use of herbal preparations is stopped. When taking medications together, consult a doctor about treatment with folk remedies.

For psychological impotence, ginger baths are recommended. For this, 3 tbsp. l chopped root pour 1 liter of water and bring to a boil. The resulting solution is added to the bath.

Neurosis and impotence

Disorders of the nervous system must be considered as separate causes of impotence. In some neurological disorders, psychological impotence quickly turns into an organic disruption of the reproductive system.

First of all, it is associated with neurosis and chronic stress. Neurosis, especially in adolescence, can cause dangerous functional disorders. Fear of failure or dissatisfaction with one's own body in adolescence requires timely adjustment. Otherwise, these problems will subconsciously haunt the man all his life. The result is premature ejaculation and difficulty in achieving an erection.

Phobias and Sexual Life

Often, psychological impotence grows out of phobias. Usually these are fears of failure and fear of disappointing a partner. The root of such phobias is an unsuccessful first sexual experience. Unfortunately, young girls are not always restrained in their statements, and young men, due to the instability of the nervous system under the age of 18 years, tend to take carelessly abandoned words to heart. So a casual remark dropped by a girl can turn into a real phobia, which is very difficult to defeat on your own.

With phobias associated with intimacy, a man will in every way avoid sex. Psychological impotence in this case is manifested at the level of sexual desire. It is manifested by complete asexuality or unwillingness to enter into an intimate relationship, with an attempt at sexual contact an erection will be absent.

Such disorders are very difficult to treat. A man must independently realize that the problem exists and it cannot be defeated on his own, and then consult a doctor.

An unflattering remark heard at the first sexual experience may result in impotence in the future

Treatment methods

To treat psychological impotence, you need to contact a therapist. The doctor will tell you in detail how you can get rid of psychological impotence yourself. It is better to enlist the support of a spouse or sexual partner - it will be easier for a widow to defeat a problem.

The main direction in the treatment of psychological impotence is psychotherapy, however, impotent psychotherapeutic techniques are often perceived as something alien and unnecessary. Is it important here? so that men are sufficiently aware of the extent of the problem. Psychological impotence itself does not pass.

First of all, you need to realize the problem and try to deal with it yourself. This is a mental disorder, so you need to fight psychological impotence in your head, because pills will not help here, as well as surgical intervention. Psychotherapy allows you to overcome the violation quickly and effectively. Treatment Objectives:

  • help to understand the origins of the problem,
  • relieve fears and complexes,
  • normalize the functioning of the nervous system,
  • help establish a regular sex life.

Not every man can step over his own fears independently, therefore it is better to trust a specialist.

Drugs can be prescribed only in case of severe neuropsychiatric disorders. For the treatment of neurosis, depression and severe stresses, the doctor may prescribe medications for the following groups:

  • antidepressants
  • sedatives
  • tranquilizers,
  • tonic agents.

Additionally, general strengthening drugs and vitamin complexes for men can be prescribed.

The success of treatment of psychological impotence depends on the willingness of a man to cooperate with a doctor. If the patient manages to understand the causes of the violation and defeat fear or complexes, there are no obstacles to restoring potency.

Unlike other forms of the disease, psychological impotence requires primarily the help of a psychotherapist

How to help your man: a memo for women

If a husband or boyfriend has psychological impotence, every woman should know how to help a man. To defeat a problem without the help of a doctor is real, you just need to enlist the support of a loved one.

  1. It is necessary to create comfortable relationships in the family. Domestic problems and minor troubles should be temporarily thrown out of my head. A woman should focus on creating a comfortable atmosphere for her man.
  2. Any problem should be discussed. It is necessary to make the man understand that he can fully trust and he has nothing to be ashamed of. Many men are afraid to admit the presence of psychological problems. A woman should convince her partner that psychological difficulties happen to everyone. They should be treated as a disease that can be defeated. Gradually delving into the topic, it is necessary to achieve full frankness from the man. The problem cannot be dismissed; it should be discussed in as much detail as possible and, together, look for ways to solve it.
  3. Despite the lack of an erection, you should have sex. It does not have to be sex in the usual sense. You can limit yourself to kisses and affection, the main thing is to make it clear to the man that he is not alone and not indifferent. The main principle: "your problem is my problem too."
  4. It is important to avoid stress, normalize the regime of the day and ensure a comfortable healthy sleep. Before going to bed, you can create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles or aroma lamps with soothing essential oils.

Psycho-impotence can be overcome, and knowing how to overcome psychological impotence, you should begin to solve the problem immediately. Not knowing exactly how to help a man with psychological impotence, a woman can go on a trick - after finding out from a guy what is bothering him, one can consult with a psychotherapist about further actions.

It takes time to restore an erection, no need to rush things. Acceptance and awareness of the problem is already half the success. If you managed to bring the man to a frank conversation, then the problem will soon be completely resolved.

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Alternative methods

Alternative methods of treating impotence are carried out simultaneously with psychotherapy and psychocorrection.

  1. Sport exercises help overcome depression, apathy, increase self-confidence. They prevent stagnant processes in the pelvis, lower the level of adrenaline. The general condition improves, there is an increased production of endorphins, which reduces the likelihood of impotence. Sports training develop determination, discipline. Victories in competitions increase self-esteem,
  2. Yoga help focus on breathing, relax, overcome emotional stress,

  1. Qigong - Chinese breathing exercises. The impact on certain points of the body responsible for erectile function,
  2. Acupuncture - The Chinese treatment method, based on the effect of needles, correction of the "imbalance" of the body.


Psychogenic (emotional) impotence is a temporary phenomenon and can be treated well in modern medicine. Therapy of psychological problems is still more the work of a psychotherapist or sexologist. Medicines are prescribed strictly individually and only by the appropriate doctor (usually an andrologist).

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