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Seasonal Food

Proper nutrition of men is the key to health, physical endurance and moral peace. Junk food does not help to achieve such harmony, but proper nutrition is the beginning of everything.

Many representatives of the stronger sex have already come to the conclusion that nutrition should be balanced and fortified, since it depends on how a man looks, how he feels, and how much he assesses his internal capabilities.


Autumn. In this dull period, a man should include as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible in preparation, as if preparing for winter vitamin deficiency.

In addition, regular consumption of meat and eggs is extremely important, since during this period the appearance of the stronger sex depends on the intake of protein in the muscle mass.

So, so that the male figure retains its pristine appearance, and the muscles do not dry out and lose their volumes, you certainly can not do without protein food, which is also dietary.

As you know, the winter nutrition of men is characterized by a poor diet and an acute shortage of vitamins, which negatively affects men's health and mood.

During this period of "hibernation" the main thing is not to swim in fat and maintain your perfect physical fitness until warming. But how to do that?

The question is important and relevant, and you can answer it by carefully studying the section of our site about winter nutrition for men. Using useful information in practice, winter vitamin deficiency will bypass the side and will not affect the male body in any way.


Spring nutrition for men is another problem for nutritionists. The fact is that at this time of the year natural vitamins only appear on the market and have the same strength as in the autumn-summer period. Should I buy expensive fruits and vegetables and eat them in my daily diet?

Whether such nutrition will harm the male body in the future, and how high is the risk of intoxication with synthetic substances, which are most often used to accelerate the growth of fruits and vegetables? These are very important and necessary questions, the answers to which again can be found on our website.

Despite the fact that in the spring the assortment of food products increases markedly, nutritionists strongly recommend not to rush with the purchase of vegetables and fruits. Of course, the body missed these natural food ingredients in the winter, and also desperately needs vitamins, but the benefits of such nutrition remain dubious and suspicious.

Summer nutrition of men is also worthy of special attention, since in addition to vitamins it should enrich the body with water and maintain water balance. As you know, the main problem in the summer is the degradation of the body, that's just the right nutrition and should solve it in the shortest possible time.

Otherwise, the metabolism in the male body slows down noticeably, vital processes are disrupted and not the most pleasant diseases can worsen. In addition, it should be recalled that in the presence of chronic diseases among members of the stronger sex, proper nutrition and lifestyle is a real way to reduce the number of extremely undesirable relapses.

But in the fall, for the most part, a man can eat whatever he wants. The vitamins in the body are already collected in sufficient quantities, the figure over the summer has been brought to an ideal state, and the number of exacerbations of chronic diseases pleases with its minimum indicators. And, nevertheless, autumn is a gradual preparation for winter, when the male body will have to activate its supply of vitamins and stubbornly withstand numerous viruses.

That is why nutrition should be complete and balanced (eliminate fast food and harmful foods) In the daily diet, meat must necessarily be present, like bait and muscle mass charging, but it can be replaced with fish a couple of times a week. This is a worthy replacement, since an excess portion of phosphorus and calcium to bones has never been damaged.

Moreover, you need to love legumes, nuts and seeds, and also refuse to whip up food. All these principles of proper nutrition are described in detail and concisely in the section of our site, and everyone can personally get to know them, learn something new, useful and exciting for themselves.

It remains only to conclude that the seasonal nutrition of men has its own characteristics that help the body cope with all weather changes and the inevitable vitamin deficiency. If you eat according to the recommendations of professional nutritionists and follow the advice of our site, then changing the season will not affect the health status and appearance of a man, and the concept of "seasonal vitamin deficiency" will be completely unfamiliar.

In this section of our site you can familiarize yourself in detail with the features of seasonal nutrition, which is very useful and valuable for every male body at any age.


The middle of winter. Behind the New Year with its feasts and festivities. Our body is already a little tired, but you can’t relax, because Christmas and the Old New Year are ahead! The day has already begun to increase, although we do not particularly notice it yet.
In January, as throughout winter, we are as if in a state of winter hibernation. Of course, we continue to lead a familiar lifestyle, go to work, play sports, etc. However, it is in winter that we experience a state of increased drowsiness, our activity decreases, we become slower and we need more time to perform the usual actions.


Despite the fact that this is the last month on the winter list, there is no need to wait for warming. Frosts do not stop, and the snow does not think to melt. The ancient name "fierce»Is the best suited for describing the weather conditions of this month. Strong frost and violent whirlwinds rage during this difficult time for people.

But it is worth recalling the positive aspects. Firstly, February is the shortest month of the year, which means that officially the winter will end soon. Secondly, we are gradually starting to feel that the day is getting longer, and this is good news. However, all our strength and resources are running out. Now we need to start a second wind. And we will do this using the methods we already know: healthy sleep, walks in the fresh air, morning exercises and, of course, healthy and wholesome nutrition.

The only month of the year, with the advent of which not only nature awakens from sleep and winter cold, but also our hearts ... It smells of spring, snowdrops and tulips. It brings the first rays of sunshine and a beautiful female holiday. Once A.S. Pushkin called this month "morning of the year».

With the advent of March, many people are slowly starting to get rid of voluminous winter clothes. And the result of such “freedom” is often a runny nose, a cold and a cough. Unfortunately, this is not surprising, since the body, suffering from a fair lack of vitamins, is no longer able to withstand diseases. Therefore, helping yourself, provided through a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, is our holy duty.


The most fun and funny month of the year! In addition, it is also considered the sunniest month, since it is during this period that the sun increases its activity, giving us a feeling of warmth and comfort. Translated from Latin means "warmed up», «solar". And our ancestors called him "bloom"For the flowers that the earth gives us with his coming.

April is the second month of spring, so at this time of the year nature wakes up almost completely from sleep. However, even in spite of this, you need to be prepared for the cold weather that can still come back. Given this, as well as a fair amount of vitamin deficiency, which usually develops by this period, we need to review our diet and try our best to help our body protect itself from diseases, stress and spring depressions.

The last month of spring, which is popularly called a month of love and flowers. Moreover, it is called the greenest month of the year, since it is during this period that nature begins to come to life and delight us with its natural beauty.

However, despite the spring mood and warm sunshine, which May weather often gives us, its variability and instability still remains. It is in May that the air temperature can rise to 25 ºC or fall to 1-2 ºC. Such differences, as well as immunity weakened after the winter, often lead to colds and poor health. But even in this case, you should not despair. With a properly organized regime of the day and diet, you can with dignity survive this difficult time and meet the summer with a smile!

The first summer month, which brings with it not only the long-awaited sunshine, but also the summer solstice, or the longest day of the year.

In the old days, June was called "multi-colored», «light" and even "by the harvest". In addition, people believed that the warm June nights bring abundance of fruit. And even the rains of June were valued above gold. It was in June in the villages that the time of long hayfields came, and workdays began in the fields. Moreover, June is a great time to increase immunity and improve the general condition of the body. After all, it was during this period that berries, fruits and vegetables began to appear, rich in vitamins and useful substances, the lack of which we acutely experienced in the winter.

This is perhaps one of the most unpredictable months of the year. From ancient times, the people called it “Sufferer"(For excessive heat and the scorching sun, under which it was necessary to work) and"Groznik"(For strong, sudden thunderstorms).

However, it is in July that you can enjoy the grace of nature, bright summer colors and the alluring aroma of ripening fruits and berries.

Along with this, doctors say that just at this period, both adults and children most often suffer from intestinal infections. And all the fault is ignoring or even ignorance of the elementary rules of organizing one's nutrition.


Depending on the region of residence and traditions, the Slavs called the third month of summer differently: sickle, stock, stubble, generous, soberikha, thick-eating. The modern name “August” came to us from Byzantium, where, inheriting the traditions of Ancient Rome, the last month of summer was named after Octavian Augustus.

This month, do not forget about the principles of proper nutrition - diversity, balance and moderation. And also, you should follow the principles of "summer" nutrition - low calorie content, more vegetables, herbs and fruits, purity and freshness of products. It is very important during this period to maintain the body's water balance, because in the summer heat a person loses up to 2 liters of fluid per day.


Got a name from Latin septem (seven) because it was the seventh month of the Old Roman calendar. The Slavs called him "heather", In honor of the heather blooming during this period, or ruin (roar), because this month the autumn weather started, which “roared” outside the window.

In September, the Slavic New Year or Church New Year begins (September 14), that is, a new starting point for the church year and its holidays (the first of them is the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary). In autumn, we follow the principles of seasonal nutrition, which the wise Chinese command. Namely, when planning a diet in September, we take into account the features of this time of year and choose traditional products for our area.

Causes of Overweight in Men

Any man initially has much more developed muscles than a woman. This muscle mass requires more energy for its work than fat. That is why, even if we are not talking about sports, within one day a man’s body burns several times more calories than a woman’s.

According to studies, only 5-10% of the obese male population is prone to weight gain genetically, or gained excess weight due to a serious illness. Other cases - banal overeating, wrong lifestyle, bad habits and more.

Let us consider in more detail the reasons for the appearance of overweight in a strong half of humanity.

Factors affecting the appearance of excess weight can be divided into external and internal. External factors - the largest group that affects weight gain in the modern world. Before starting to lose weight, it will be more correct to identify these factors in order to eliminate them. Otherwise, the process of losing weight will be ineffective.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the presence of excess weight in a man is not just unaesthetic, it always entails health problems of various kinds, as well as serious psychological problems.

Before reaching the age of thirty, men rarely gain much weight. The exception is malfunctions in the body. But after 35, when the body slowly begins to age, fullness overtakes a much larger number of males. Belly and sides are favorite places
for body fat. Gradually, from there, fat begins to spread throughout the body to the chest and neck, hips and arms.

So, in order to begin to lose weight effectively, you need to find and eliminate the factors (they are also the causes) of fat formation.


This is the tenth month of the year, although it got its Latin name octo (eight) before Caesar's calendar reform. The people associate with him many folk signs, beliefs and were called differently: mudman, hibernation, wedding.

Nutrition in October should solve two problems - depressed mood and autumn colds. Therefore, a properly balanced and organized diet will help us cope with these tasks, and will also help prevent many other diseases. It is very important with the onset of cold weather, when the appetite wakes up and the body stocks up with nutrients before winter, do not get too carried away with high-calorie foods, preferring low-calorie dishes with a high level of nutrients.

Intrinsic factors

The group of internal factors is quite numerous. The most common ones are:

  • cardiovascular diseases, as well as heart disease,
  • metabolic disorders,
  • diabetes,
  • disturbances in the endocrine system,
  • hormonal disruptions
  • genetic disorders and predisposition to fullness.

If an overweight man was a consequence of a serious illness, weight loss should occur under the supervision of a physician, and nothing else. Exercise performed by an untrained person with such impairments can lead to serious deterioration in health.

Men - good nutrition tips for the fall season

Autumn in the minds of the average person is often accompanied by quiet evenings alone with sad thoughts, a favorite book, a scented candle and a delicious apple pie. And all would be fine, but according to the assurances of doctors: despondency leads to prolonged depression, and abuse of apple pie, even cooked with one’s own hands, leads to the appearance of extra pounds.

After all, autumn is not eternal and soon there will come a series of endless corporate parties, New Year's holidays, and there, February 14 and March 8 are just around the corner. Spring is traditionally considered to be a renewal sometimes, but how about this summer go against the tradition and create a “new self”? You can start with food.In autumn, he should pay special attention ...

When the temperature outside the window begins to drop, the body, in turn, does its best to protect itself from heat loss. Therefore, you are more often drawn to warm, spicy, fatty foods and hot drinks.

However, many people misinterpret the body's signals and make up for hot drinks with coffee drinks with a lot of sweet syrups, and the craving for sweets is explained by the need to stock up on fat for the winter. No matter how ...

The body cannot be fooled, and as a result, instead of filling yourself with new forces and energy, which is so necessary for us in the autumn period, you begin to get tired more often and add a couple of kilograms in weight, which also does not contribute to mood.

Let's decide how to really eat in the fall and turn to the ancient teaching - Ayurveda.

Usually, experts in this field attribute autumn to the predominance of Vata dosha. Vata is air and ether. What drives. By its qualities, autumn is light, cold, windy, uneven and empty (leaves fall from trees).

1) It is recommended to refuse the use of coffee and black tea, replacing them with herbal drinks with various spices. The perfect drink for the fall is turmeric latte or turmeric latte.

Before going to bed, it is recommended to drink a glass of heated vegetable milk (almond, oat, rice, coconut or soy - to your taste) with the addition of a pinch of ginger, cardamom or cinnamon.

2) Autumn is the time of nuts and dried fruits!

Start the day with hot cereal with the addition of these oriental treats, just don't overdo it. And for a snack, nut and fruit snacks are perfect - put them with you in your bag and always keep a couple in a drawer at work. So you will avoid the temptation to eat a chocolate bar from a vending machine or a piece of cake at a colleague’s birthday.

3) Do not forget about fats!

If you saturate the body with healthy fats, it will not require you another bun or cake. It is also recommended to add various oils to cereals, soups and main dishes: ghee, linseed, sesame, pumpkin, olive and coconut. Do not forget about the benefits of nuts - fats in their composition are one of the most useful.

4) Eat foods that are naturally sweet.

For example, sweet potato sweet potatoes, bananas, Basmati rice and natural fruit syrups - apple, date or agave syrup.

5) Vegetable dishes should prevail in your diet.

All kinds of vegetable stews, mashed soups, ratatouille - let your imagination run wild and lean on seasonal products! In the fall it:

It is a source of dietary fiber, fiber, pectin, carotene and many other vitamins and nutrients.

6) Be sure to include onion and garlic in your diet, and then the cold season will bypass you!

These vegetables have strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It is important to clarify here: in Ayurveda, onions and garlic are not particularly welcome, because they are perceived not as food, but as a medicine (lead to an increase in fire in the body). But in the fall we just do not have enough.

7) Do not forget about spices!

When, if not now, cook aromatic mulled wine, bake gingerbread cookies and make tea masala. Pay special attention to turmeric - a natural antibiotic that helps you protect yourself from colds and illnesses. Ginger and wasabi have the same properties. Cinnamon and vanilla will add vitality to the gray autumn weekdays, while rosemary and oregano will bring the aroma of a Mediterranean resort to your home. But it is better to refuse excessive salt intake - fill your dishes with taste using the spices mentioned above.

These are the main recommendations of specialists for the fall. We suggest you start following them right now! Stop putting off your life for later - there will be only one autumn 2019, so why not spend it so that in winter you can enjoy the fruits of your labors, instead of raking the consequences of a three-month apathy? And with the advent of the first snow, we will draw up a new plan of action to meet the spring fully armed.

External factors

The group of external factors is even more numerous, these are:

  • improper lifestyle (sedentary work, sedentary pastime, the predominance of calories consumed over spent),
  • improper nutrition (systematic overeating, the use of a large number of butter, fatty, sweet foods, fast food),
  • bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking - all this slows down the metabolic processes, and also significantly weakens the immune system and the body as a whole),
  • stress is a 21st century problem

In the event that external factors caused weight gain, there are no restrictions on weight loss. Medical supervision is not a prerequisite.

Male diet for weight loss

Unlike the women's menu, which is full of dietary restrictions, the situation with the male diet is much simpler. Observing a few absolutely simple rules, you can effectively lose weight, thereby preventing the development of diseases associated with obesity:

  • thrombosis
  • heart attacks
  • cardiovascular ailments.

The basic rules of nutrition for weight loss are given below.

  • Firstly, there is a need to measure. A large amount of food at a time is difficult to digest. And if you compensate for this with long breaks between meals, the body begins to store fat at an even greater rate. There is a solution - eat in small portions, but more often, 5-6 times a day. Unfortunately, most men are lovers of a hearty meal, and for many this can be a problem. Frequent, but small portions will allow the body to not feel hungry.
  • Secondly, reasonable restrictions must be created. Men do not have to give up fatty foods at all, it is better to simply cut back on its amount. But fast food, soda and sweet harmful products must be sent to the trash.
  • Thirdly, do not eat at night. It's not about not eating after six, seven. You should just make it a rule not to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, food, no matter how healthy it is, just does not have time to digest and is deposited in the form of fat on the sides and stomach.
  • Fourth, spend more than you consume. This is a calorie deficit. At first, it is better to adhere to a clear, individually calculated for each diet. Perhaps later, when a certain number of kilograms will be reset, you will come to an intuitive diet, and you will determine the size of a serving by eye. But at the very beginning of the way, do not neglect the calculation of calories.

For each month are selected:

  • seasonal products for the European part of Russiafresh and ripening at a specific time,
  • shelf-stable fruits and vegetablesthat can be saved for several months without compromising on quality and special processing,
  • cerealsthat actually have no expiration date and are evenly distributed throughout the year,
  • fish and birdavailable fresh throughout the year,
  • imported productsthat are delivered to us during the ripening or harvest season (seafood, citrus fruits, exotic fruits and vegetables),
  • mushroomsmined both in the natural environment and grown in special rooms.

When familiarizing yourself with any month, we recommend that you read the previous and the next - since most products cannot be distributed strictly by month, and they are sung for more than one month, so the division turned out to be rather arbitrary.

Harmful products

It is better if in the diet of a losing weight men there will be no such products as:

  • not dietary bakery products (note, not all flour products, for example, the use of whole grain bread in reasonable quantities is welcome),
  • sugar and sugar drinks,
  • - chocolate (with the exception of real chocolate, in which the percentage of cocoa is not less than 75%),
  • fatty meat and fish,
  • fat,
  • soda
  • semi-finished products.


Remember that breakfast is a must in the morning. It is at this meal that you can afford maximum relaxation, as well as the largest portion for the whole day, and all these calories will not go into fat deposits and will be consumed during the day. According to statistics, men who regularly eat breakfast at home have a lower body mass index than those who skip breakfast or eat on the run, "what will happen."

A balanced, proper breakfast is a huge step towards normalizing weight. Porridge and dried fruits are ideal. It’s good to supplement such a meal with, for example, a trendy smoothie. Do not offer your man “female” fruit smoothies, it is unlikely that he will bite on this. Oddly enough, many men like vegetable rich smoothies much more.

Dinner and supper

Lunch and dinner are also very important. The general recommendation for lunch is to give up the habit of eating the first, second and dessert. Let it be a light soup and salad, protein food. Do not give up meat products. It is very tasty to eat grilled chicken. Roasting is definitely prohibited. But cooked in the oven or steamed, you can eat with pleasure and without fear. The best option for dinner is protein food (lean meat, fish, cottage cheese) plus a light green salad.

Popular weight loss diets for men

If you want to help lose weight to a man, do not use the word "diet". In the head of men, it is persistently associated with a million limitations. Therefore, if you want to help, make sure that the menu is varied, and your man does not feel deprived of something.

If the normalization of nutrition was successful, and the man is ready to take more stringent measures, then we will give several options for proven diets for men for weight loss.

Traffic Light Diet

1 diet - original and simple, called "Traffic Light". Eatable foods are divided into three groups, according to the colors of the traffic light. The first group is green. These include cucumbers, cabbage, greens, seafood, buckwheat, citrus fruits, carrots, green apples, dairy products with zero fat content. All of the above, you can eat when and where you want, without really limiting yourself in volume.

The yellow products included boiled sausage, “puff” pastries, pasta and all kinds of cereals cooked on water, excluding semolina, low-fat meat and sausages, sweets and chocolate, as well as fruits, pickles and smoked meats, spices and ketchups, cottage cheese and cheese with fat content of 0%, dry wine and coffee. This group is eaten during the day and until the clock shows "18-00".

But all the products related to red, and there are quite a lot of them, are forbidden to eat. The group includes: fatty meat and lard, mayonnaise and milk, beer and champagne, cakes and pastries, soda, white bread, yeast pastries and fast food, as well as ice cream.

Diet abc

2 diet - "ABC". It is very actively used in European countries and the States among young men. The abbreviation ABC is the names of recommended products, where the letter A is almonds and other nuts, the letter B is leguminous vegetables and various legumes, and C is greens and spinach.

Moreover, in this case, you can not be puzzled by counting calories and the amount consumed in food. It is only required to take protein, and visit the gym at least 3 times a week. The diet has been tested by hundreds of people and generally works quite effectively, however, experts advise nevertheless to replace the protein with low-fat protein foods.

Racing Diet

3 diet - Diet racing driver. Suitable only for men who lead a fairly active lifestyle. Agree, a diet with a similar name may well interest your chosen one. For breakfast, several food options are provided: a duet of whole grain cereal with fruits, or 3 pancakes with maple syrup, peanut butter plus jam, spread on whole grain toast.

For lunch, you can choose one of the following: tomato, cheese, plus steamed broccoli, rice and grilled chicken breast.

An afternoon snack involves a choice of two options. The first is represented by a muesli bar or whole grain cookies in an amount of 3 pieces, plus dried fruits. The second is a delicious whole grain sandwich with grilled breast and cheese.

Dinner involves either a couple servings of unsweetened yogurt, or spaghetti without the use of sauce (naturally, whole grains), or whole grain toasts.

Diet for men for weight loss - an example of a menu for the day

Below, we consider several options for the diet on the day of a losing weight man who decided to put his food in order without using an extreme remedy - diet. After all, proper nutrition is also a kind of diet, to adhere to which without disruption is quite possible all my life, the main thing is to be inspired by the idea.

Basic principles of a male healthy diet for every day

The diet of any person will be compiled individually, based on energy costs. It is worth considering climatic features, the presence of diseases or the features of the work of internal organs. The composition of food will depend on this. For example, residents of the northern regions should consume more calories, they include additional fats in their diet. If a man in central Russia ate the way the people of the North eat, this would quickly lead to obesity.

There are the basics of good nutrition for men:

  1. Compliance with diet on a regular basis.
  2. Control of the fluid and calorie content of the food entering the body, individual calculation.
  3. Introduction to the diet of those products that saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Necessary and prohibited products

There are products that are useful specifically to men. Their frequent use will contribute to the strengthening of men's health, will normalize hormones. Include these foods in your daily diet for body health and beauty.

Important! The use of those dishes that are beneficial specifically for the male body will help eliminate some of their inherent health problems.

Most men sooner or later face the problem of potency. In the list of useful products you will find those that help to avoid them, to regulate the state of health. This is a good help in the treatment, if the problem already exists.

The most useful products for men:

Grocery listExplanations
MeatIt is good to eat fresh meat in its natural form. It is better absorbed with vegetables and spices, which increase appetite and increase libido. Fast foods do not count, they are of little use.
Fish, seafoodSeafood should be included in the diet at least every other day. Without fatty acids and trace elements, which contains only sea fish, a man will begin to have problems with potency early.
Pumpkin seedsDried pumpkin seeds help prevent prostate adenoma.
Dairy productsCalcium and protein in one bottle. This is necessary for the beauty of the male body.
GreensPositive effect on potency, saturates the body with rare vitamins.
CarrotUse raw with fats. Useful for vision and immune forces.
TomatoesContain rare substances that resist the development of tumors.
BerriesNecessary to increase immunity, improve potency. Beneficial effect on the brain, contain many vitamins.
Red wineBetter - berry.

Products harmful to the male body

The destructive effect on men's health is borne by many familiar products. They are tasty, but their use should be reduced to a minimum. Ignoring this principle will lead to a deterioration of the state of the heart and blood vessels, weakening of male strength and other unpleasant consequences:

  1. Fatty fried meat.
  2. Beer.
  3. Vodka and spirits.
  4. Bakery products.
  5. Salt and sugar.
  6. Smoked dishes.
  7. Carbonated drinks.
  8. Soya.

If you really want to, you can afford a little fried meat with healthy spices.Remember that it is better to use it with a lot of fruits, use healthy spices, herbs. Bread and carbohydrates should be postponed until the next meal.

Optimal Healthy Weekly Options

Using healthy products that should be taken as the basis for compiling a diet, you can easily find the ideal nutritional formula for yourself.

If there is no need to lose weight, then protein and carbohydrates should be consumed in equal proportions. The amount of fatty food is minimized: fat is allowed in soups, salad dressings.

If you want to throw a couple of extra pounds, reduce carbohydrates, add more protein. And if the weight is normal, but hard physical work or intense training lies ahead, you need to increase the amount of carbohydrates.

Day / meal Tomorrow Snack Dinner Snack Dinner
Monday Fried eggs with herbs, brown bread, tea with honeyYogurtSteamed fish with vegetables, cheese soup, dried fruitsOrangeBaked chicken, vegetables
Tuesday Hard pasta with cheese, coffeeCurd with milkBorsch, beetroot salad and steam cutlet, berry compoteNutsTomato and greens salad, boiled potatoes with onions
Wednesday Oatmeal and teaVegetable stewSoup with rice, seafood salad, fruit drinkYogurtCarrot salad, chicken with cheese, tea
Thursday Omelet with herbs, coffee with milkDried fruits and compoteVermicelli soup, baked turkey, rice, crab saladCottage cheese with raisinsBeetroot salad, stewed pollock with carrots and potatoes, tea
Friday Curd with raisins and milkThe applesBoiled meat with beans, chicken broth, tea with datesNutsGrilled beef steak with greens, mushrooms and peas
Saturday Oatmeal with milk and teaCheese, whole grain bread and cutletCabbage soup, seafood salad, buckwheat with vegetables and spinach, teaCottage cheeseBraised zucchini, beans and chicken breast
Sunday Milk, scrambled eggs with cheeseRaw carrots mashed with sugar and yogurtSoup, tomato and garlic salad, meatballs in cabbage, fruit drinkBerries or fruitsSea fish, rice side dish, salad with herbs, tea

The table shows a sample approximate diet. If you reduce body weight, there may be more meals - 5-6. You can reduce them to 3-4, but 5 is the optimal amount. This mode will allow you to keep the metabolism normal.

Main conclusions

The proper nutrition of men and women is fundamentally different, it is necessary to take this difference into account when drawing up the men's menu.

There are fundamentals for the male diet, they must be adhered to. This regimen, the correct calorie content, vitamin composition and drinking regimen.

There are prohibited products for men, and those that are necessary. This must be taken into account when preparing the menu.

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