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Men's jacket under jeans - how to choose and wear

When we talk about a stylish wardrobe for the stronger sex, then special attention requires such an important element of the male image like a jacket. And if with classic suit jackets everything is more or less clear, then men's jackets for jeans are not an easy topic.

For several decades, the combination of a jacket and jeans has been considered common. However, still not every man dares to wear such a set, afraid of making a mistake. What should be the right jacket for jeans in order to create a win-win trendy look?

The combination of seemingly incompatible things: “freedom-loving” jeans with the most formal wardrobe item allows you to create a bold and at the same time seasoned style. You can wear a jacket with jeans to add masculinity and intelligence to your look.

A men's jacket visually corrects the figure and makes it more representative: adds clarity to the line of the shoulders and volume in the upper part of the arm, narrows the waist. Therefore, such a kit will help out both a thin young man and the owner of a beer tummy. This is an ideal opportunity to look more strict and solid, while remaining in your favorite comfortable jeans.

Male image

Creating a complex multi-layer image with a jacket, the man seems to show that he does not give a damn about his appearance, at the same time, such a set looks quite at ease and not too elaborate.

To begin with, let's denote that a casual men's jacket for jeans is a separate item of clothing. You should not disconnect your favorite suit to combine a jacket from it with jeans or chinos. Only at first glance does this idea seem practical. However, the result of uneven wear of the top and bottom of the suit will be that the suit jacket and trousers will differ in color and appearance. And this will lead to the need to buy a new suit. It is better to invest money in a new solid model of the jacket, which will serve you more than one season and will be the reason for creating a large number of stylish sets.

Jacket selection

How to choose a jacket for jeans and look really fashionable and modern? An important role is played by three factors:

  1. Jacket cut
  2. Material
  3. Accessories and decorative details

To begin with, cut - a jacket should have a semi-fitting style and a perfect fit exactly to your figure. If you like the most fitted models, then before buying, be sure to try on a jacket with the things you are going to wear with it (t-shirts, shirts, warm knitwear).

The jacket should be freely fastened and not hamper your movements. Wrinkles are not allowed when planting under the arms and in the sleeves. This means that the jacket is not suitable for you in size or is incorrectly cut. Single-breasted models are now in fashion on one, two or three buttons. The length of the product should end at the level of the back pockets of jeans.

What is the difference from a blazer?

Usually, a jacket is the top of a classic trouser suit. The entrances to the pockets of the jacket can be completely sewn up while sewing, because according to etiquette it is forbidden to keep hands or any objects in your pockets.

Also, when sewing jackets, there are many tailor nuances that allow the jacket to keep in shape and look respectable to its owner.

Important! The subject of a men's toilet, which can be combined with trousers, jeans or chinos, is called a blazer.

Exactly details such as patch pockets, tucked sleeves, various colors and cut elements are acceptable in a blazernot typical of a classic jacket.

The length of the blazer is usually shorter than that of a jacket that covers the buttocks completely. The range of fabrics used to sew it is wider than for classic costumes.

It can be:

  • linen,
  • cotton,
  • denim for summer options
  • tweed,
  • suede leather,
  • velours,
  • velveteen,
  • mixed costume fabrics of various shades for outerwear in the cold season.

And one more nuance: buttons. In the case of sports belonging to a club, these are metal with the symbols of the club. For summer clothes - bone or horn (or made under them).

What is the difference between a jacket and a blazer is described in the video:

Which to choose?

The combination of jeans and a blazer belongs to the casual style, which is characterized by its versatility.

Stylishly selected combination of top and bottom along with accessories and shoes will suit any situation, whether it be a club party or clothes for work in the office.

But first of all, it is better to determine the purpose of such an image.

Office, business style

Even in companies where there is a dress code, there is a rule when it is permissible to use more loose clothing on Fridays than a business suit.

Such clothes can fit stretch navy jeans of a classic cut (adding lycra gives a good stretch of the fabric and prevents from creases) and a plain blazer, complemented by a white or light blue fitted shirt with a narrow tie and black shoes such as chelsea, monka or derby as in the photo.

A good watch, slightly covered by the shirt cuff, is an almost indispensable attribute.

Important! It should be noted that jeans in these images do not combine with any double-breasted models. The combination of classic colors will allow such an image to match the usual business suit. At the same time, the presence of jeans will suggest that nothing human is alien to their owner.

The rules of the combination of a jacket and jeans

To understand what jacket to wear with jeans, you need to know some rules for combining these elements of clothing. A jacket with jeans will look beautiful only when they are of the same style. You can not combine clothes of different styles. Do not forget about your own style. If you have chosen not your image, then you will feel uncomfortable and this will be noticeable to others.

Also, before choosing a jacket for jeans, you need to know your size and all the flaws of the figure that you want to hide. If you decide to combine jeans, a shirt and a jacket, then you should consider the style of each item of clothing. No wonder there are different models of jackets, this is in order to combine them with different styles and styles of clothing.

Casual look

If you replace a light shirt with a turtleneck or a thin monophonic sweater (a t-shirt without a pattern in the summer), and use moccasins or loafers from shoes, then you can use bright colors or, for example, from a fabric into a fine check or strip, as a casual blazer.

The bottom may be the color of ecru - unpainted jeans. A leather belt from light to dark shades of brown will complement the image.

Color selection

When combining jeans with a jacket, it is important not to forget about the combination of colors. It is not necessary that they be the same color or the same tone, the main thing is that they complement each other.

Even the most expensive clothing will look ridiculous if it does not fit together. If it’s hard for you to choose colors, then look on the Internet for ready-made images and choose the one that suits you.

Where is the image appropriate?

Many types of jackets can be worn under jeans. The main rule to consider is the correct combination of all clothing. Such an image is suitable not only for informal and everyday events, many men have such an image at official meetings.

Depending on the style of jeans and a jacket, they can be worn at a party, a walk, work, in a cafe, at an official meeting or at a gala event.

Sports options

Button blazers with stripes on pockets or sleeves have long been familiar items of clothing that symbolize belonging to various sports societies or yacht clubs. The colors of belonging to society can be traced in clothes.

The dark blue blazer with an anchor on copper buttons has long been a "classic of the genre."

A white T-shirt and denim indigo or light blue shades will perfectly match the marine theme. From shoes, top siders, white sneakers, light sneakers, moccasins of bright colors or loafers are suitable.

Youth mixes

Fitted youth blazer with stripes, with patches on the elbows, unusual buttons, an additional decor in the form of metal zippers on the pockets can be worn with worn or torn jeans of a narrow cut and with a low waist.

Reference! In addition to skinny jeans, try pairing with breeches or shorts.

The party kit will be complemented by a bright T-shirt with an entertaining pattern. Loafers, slippers, sneakers or sneakers are suitable as shoes.

Fashionable party outfits

A plain shirt with an open collar under which a silk scarf is tied, plain or slightly worn jeans and a suede or velor blazer will allow a man of any age to be the center of attention from women.

Attention! A noble metal ring or bracelet will only add status.

What types of jackets are and how to wear them is described in the video:

How to choose the right one?

It should be remembered that any clothing should help its owner look good. Therefore, first of all, you need to choose the right size.

Regarding the size of jeans: jeans must always be tried on without a belt. They should sit tight, but they should not be crowded.

Attention! Do not buy smaller jeans in the hope of losing weight. There is always a chance that before this time, the jeans that are now on the hips are torn down.

Jeans of long length casual style will simply tuck.

In the case of the blazer, everything is a little more complicated:

  1. It should be comfortable in it, it should be close to fitting, but should not be skinny or baggy in the chest area.
  2. The shoulder seam should follow the direction of the shoulder line and enter the sleeve seam at the highest point of the joint between the shoulder and arm.
  3. Sleeves should not have creases and folds.
  4. If there is a short-sleeved T-shirt under the blazer, then the blazer’s sleeve should reach the wrist, but barely cover the head of the ulnar bone.
  5. If necessary, the blazer can be fastened. To give masculinity and refined negligence, it is better to fasten only one top. But at the same time, the front shelves should not form the letter X.

Important! When choosing, one must remember that a well-developed chest with a full set of strong muscles is always visible to the female eye under any garment.

The clothes chosen two sizes smaller will only fit the body, but will not help form sculpturally. With a few loose centimeters of any outerwear, it’s better to let someone else’s fantasy come up with than to flaunt it for an instant verdict.

Watch the video that tells how to wear a jacket with jeans:


Classic models go well with trousers. They emphasize the style of men and correspond to serious events. Such jackets have nothing special, they emphasize the figure and do not strongly distinguish a man from society. They are worn only for business meetings.

A classic jacket also matches jeans. However, one must be careful here. Any jeans model will not fit such a jacket. They should be without pockets and harmoniously combined with the color of outerwear. Jeans should resemble classic pants, otherwise the whole image will be ruined.

Color combinations

One of the most successful color combinations when the darkest spot is a blazer:

  • Jeans can be a little lighter, but in no case in the color of a blazer (this is a kit, not a suit).
  • A shirt, turtleneck, cardigan or t-shirt should always be contrasted with the blazer. Therefore, if the blazer is in pastel shades, then a T-shirt or jumper should be darker in shades of a matching gamut of colors.

Since in such sets the color of the jeans sets the tone (from white, ash and light blue to dark gray and indigo), the corresponding colors of the top will be from light gray to graphite in gray-blue and all shades of brown: from ecru to bitter chocolate.

Reference! Youth options are more diverse and allow the use of purple, swamp, and burgundy colors.

The print options of youth outerwear are also increasingly interesting., where the most common are abstract stains in the form of camouflage, small geometric shapes and lines, ornamental motifs.

As a rule, such things are quite difficult to put together with other things. Of course, for such rich color schemes, one-color options for shirts or t-shirts should be chosen. And the color of the jeans should match one of the colors of the blazer.

But lovers of experimentation and compromise can try to “walk” such kits in the company of friends or for walks in the city.


Choosing a casual jacket you need to consider several points. Firstly, it should be convenient, but at the same time, appropriate to the size of its owner. Secondly, for everyday life, buy jackets of neutral colors, namely:

Of course, even for every day you should choose stylish clothes, however, it should harmoniously complement other elements of the image. It would be nice to have several different jackets to change their looks from time to time.


Sports jackets are worn with t-shirts and jeans. They do not tightly fit the figure, but serve as an ornament to the main image. Free models allow men to move easily. However, it is important to remember that a strong floor should buy such a model in size. Men who know how to choose such jackets look very stylish and this indicates a good taste.

Since sports jackets come in different types, they can be worn not only with a T-shirt, but also with a shirt and sweater. Such models are made of different fabrics so that they can be worn at any time of the year. They blend perfectly with jeans and even trousers.

Where to go in this kit?

Casual style is a compromise of several styles. Unaware of this, most men dress this way or that way. True, not everyone succeeds. Because all the elements of the wardrobe are acquired either on occasion or in case of need to replace some kind of clothing.

But in order to be able to mix clothes of different styles, you need to have a good taste or choose images in accordance with the recommendations of stylists.

But it is better to learn how to do it yourself, since clothes can be taken from various sets and get the following images.

The same thing happens with accessories:

  • In the office kit, supplemented with a pocket scarf, it is quite possible to go after work to an informal meeting.
  • And in the kit for everyday wear, complemented by a neckerchief, you can go on an excursion out of town at the weekend.

Fans will appreciate the sports-style kit, which is simply a must when visiting a game in which your favorite sports club participates. The combination of jeans with a blazer is possible both for work in the office, and is acceptable in all cases of semi-official meetings, walks with your girlfriend.


Club jackets look very sexy. Often men fasten them with one button or wear them unfastened. The club version has a deep v-neck. They attract attention to themselves, especially if the guy chose a bright color.

Although these models look very creative, they need to be combined correctly with clothing. Club options are often combined with classic jeans and a shirt. An important role is played by color matching. This jacket is able to hide many of the shortcomings of men and present it to society in the most favorable light.

Do not wear a suit jacket with jeans

Friends, this is very important, never share a suit, you need to keep your suit intact.

If you wear a suit jacket with jeans, then you can damage it. You will clean and wash your jacket more often than trousers, and sooner or later you will need your whole suit, and you will see that the trousers are noticeably darker than your jacket.

But if your pants are torn, or you know that you will never wear them, then feel free to share the suit.

How to choose the right jeans?

A successful image is not just a combination of things of different style. After all, the success of creating a “catchy” not only attention, but also the soul of the surrounding set can be compared to choosing an expensive car for yourself. What attracts you the most in the “iron horse” at first glance? Of course, design and color! But it also has a special weight and for what you buy a car, where you intend to go on it - work, shopping, hunting, off-road driving, sports races. Almost the same thing is with the selection of clothes.

For work sets, as well as evening bows, give preference to the classic style of jeans. Everything should be moderately strict and concise. It is better to limit models without decor. Optimal black, dark gray, white or a noble shade of indigo.

The combination of a sports jacket with a strict shirt and a classic cut in jeans is suitable not only for leisure but also for a work wardrobe

For everyday style, torn pants are relevant, with prints, embroideries and an extraordinary cut. They will make the image memorable, becoming a bright accent, which is guaranteed to attract the attention of others.


Fitted jackets perfectly emphasize the figure of a man. If you want to show off your body, then this option is for you. It is important to remember that such a jacket looks beautiful with trousers or jeans that fit tightly to the body. Free models are best worn under the classic version.

It is also important to remember about underwear. A shirt or t-shirt should not stand out from under the jacket, so they should also be fitted. The fitted model should be the perfect size, so you should seriously approach its choice.

Which jacket to choose?

A decent pair of jeans will be a slightly shortened jacket. Length is considered ideal when its hem barely covers pockets on trousers. Models with unusual details of cut, bright colors, and the presence of original decorative finishes are suitable here.

The style of companion items also matters. Sets should be harmonious, and their components complement each other in texture and color. The combination “jeans jacket” refers to casual, not formal or classic wardrobe. Therefore, there is no place for a "ceremonial" top, whether it be a tailcoat or a tuxedo. Also not included in the list of favorites is the ensemble “jacket + vest”, unless the latter is made of knitwear. Eliminate overly strict cuts and combinations!

Watch also from what fabric the jacket of your choice is sewn. A spectacular option for an evening out will be textured models from velvet, velor, jacquard. It can be having an extraordinary decor on the collar, at the edges of pockets or sleeves of the model.

On weekdays, more concise decisions are appropriate. For example, fitted or straight cut sports, club jackets, including options with patches on the elbows. Classic models are also suitable. The main thing is that they do not look too formal in the kit.

Jackets of excessively strict cut, as well as of flowing textile or with the effect of radiance, are best avoided!

For the warm season, linen, fabrics with a high cotton content and knitwear are suitable. They are very organic in sets with jeans. From autumn to spring, jackets made of wool, velveteen, tweed are relevant. They may also have inserts from another fabric or skin.


Knitted jackets are very fashionable and versatile. They fit absolutely any clothes. Since they are of different types, you just need to learn how to select them for a specific image. Even the most ordinary knitted jacket will be fashionable if it is correctly combined with other clothes.

These jackets come in buttons or zippers. They are made of both dense and soft fabric. Single-breasted options are best worn in the winter. Double-breasted models are worn in spring or autumn.

Don’t put on your old jacket

Perhaps you bought a jacket for your wedding, which was 20 years ago. Or you still have a “cool” costume from the time of school or college. Or your father left you to wear his suit. Such a choice would be a bad decision for your style.

On such a jacket there may be details from the past, for example, lapels too wide, patterns or patterns on pockets or backs, as well as other details that indicate that this jacket came to us from the distant past, a retro style can make the jacket unsuitable for our time.

Summer option

Even in the summer you can wear jackets. They differ from other models in that they are sewn from light fabric. You can choose summer models from:

Do not buy tweed jackets. When choosing a summer option, give preference to models made of light and pleasant to the touch fabric. There are no color restrictions at this time of year. To look bright and stylish, you should choose saturated colors. As a universal color, choose white, beige, blue, pink and yellow shades.


Choose slim-fitting, slim-fit blazers. Classic options are also appropriate, but then they should not look too formal. By the way, the presence of a tie in the ensemble “jacket under the jeans” is optional.

Workers of creative agencies and representatives of creative professions may well pay attention to shirts in a large cage or with a vegetable pattern. For workers of more limited offices with a dress code, I recommend stopping your choice on plain options or in a thin strip. Eliminate the use of catchy print shirts. It is better to create an accent using relaxed colors of clothing. Think of the blue, pink, gray shades, as well as the pastel palette of colors. Focus on them when choosing a shirt for work. But I emphasize that this applies only to bows in the style of business casual, casual, smart casual.

Topical for the summer, an unusual combination of a jacket for jeans with a narrow tie

Those who are fed up with shirts can be offered to replace them with more comfortable turtlenecks. Want to add frivolity to your image? Wear a practical longsleeve! Just don’t go too far with coloring and catchy accents. Everything should be in moderation.

Jacket s.Oliver

Jacket Selected Homme

Jacket material

What material is your jacket made of? Are there any stripes on it? Friends, if you wear a striped jacket with jeans, this will not give a good look to your style. The jacket will look "orphaned."

But if your jacket is solid black or navy blue. If your jacket was made of tweed, then you made the right choice, tweed is an excellent material.

Where not to go like that?

The presence of jeans in the kit limits the ability to visit places where, according to the rules of etiquette, the conditional “dress code” is set:

  • the funeral,
  • church,
  • official event.

Places where it is not customary to wear jeans, but since denim models only grow, some of the models are acceptable.

But only on the condition that they can simply be confused with classic trousers:

  • theater,
  • a good restaurant
  • job interview
  • court.

Reference! The option "jeans + blazer" is applicable for going to the wedding as a guest only if it is provided for by the conditions of the ceremony as a requirement or wish.

Nevertheless, the versatility of such sets is determined by the presence of jeans in them, despite the fact that they can be completely different designs. But it is jeans that are the basic element of clothing in “jeans + blazer” sets.

By learning to choose the right shoes for such sets, you can create interesting images that attract attention not only of the opposite sex, but also of friends (they will have someone to ask for advice in choosing their style).

Pick the right jeans

Forget about baggy jeans or skinny light jeans with holes. You need to choose those jeans that will fit perfectly on you. Pay attention to narrow them down, because you need to wear them with boots or shoes.

Try to avoid too light tones of jeans. Choose black or navy blue jeans. This will be a great solution for your style.

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Let me know what you think about this. Would you wear a jacket with jeans? Write in the comments and let's get better together!

Relevant Options

To begin with, not all jacket models are suitable for wearing them with denim pants. Stylists insist that fashionable men's jackets for jeans should be chosen only in a sports version, leaving a classic cut for business and evening suits.

This detail of the wardrobe of the representative of the stronger sex is distinguished by the features of the style, based primarily on pockets. In jackets worn with jeans, they should be overhead and preferably with flaps. These characteristics make it informal and compatible with jeans. In addition, there should be two slots on the back of such a jacket (with the exception of blazers, which traditionally have one slot), providing movement comfort.

It is worth noting that not all types of sports jackets are suitable for the duo in question. Most often, these are jockey (with three pockets at the level of the waist and hips) and hunting (with a shoulder insert or without it) options suitable for everyday wear. A club men's jacket for jeans, which is most often replaced by a classic model, takes the form of a blazer. It has a somewhat strict pocket shape (welt with flaps) and is sewn from a smoother and thinner dark fabric that fits perfectly into the evening look.

Fashion designers offer to consider a variety of types of fabric, which they sew jackets worn with jeans. These may include velveteen, tweed, flannel, cashmere options, as well as dense wool or knitwear, twill, cotton and linen with a light addition of artificial threads to prevent quick wrinkling. Denim blazer requires a special mention, the combination of which requires a special sense of style. Leather or suede is also used for models with patches on the elbow line and / or on the shoulders.

The color scheme of such jackets differs in certain selection rules. The best shades are brown, swamp, deep blue, sand, gray or beige. As for the prints, for this type of jacket, the best ones are the “cage” (small, large or broken), a plaid, including one-color (Prince of Wales cage), “herringbone” or “bird's eye” (small circle pattern) )

Silhouette Selection Rules

Like jeans first rule, which allows you to choose the perfect club or casual men's jacket for jeans, says that it should be selected in size even if it will play the role of outerwear in a multi-layer set. Therefore, it is strictly monitored when trying to see if folds are formed in the lumbar region or at the joint of the shoulder and sleeve, what is the length of the sleeve and whether it covers the outer bone of the wrist. It is important to evaluate how loose the jacket lies on the body when it is buttoned up when it comes to its fitted model.

Secondly, you should consider your own physique. Slender men are suitable for single-breasted models, and for those who have certain flaws in the silhouette, double-breasted, visually lengthening the torso. Also important is the floor length of the jacket. In the photo of fashionable bloggers, you can see that in an ideal set, she visually divides the silhouette in half, but it is always below the waist line of jeans and does not go down the middle of the thigh.

Thirdly, the color of the jacket. In combination with jeans, this part of the wardrobe will attract attention. And therefore, stylists strongly recommend choosing neutral shades and “calm” prints. If it comes to the club version, then you can afford a bright model, for example, a fitted blazer with traditional golden buttons.

Picking etiquette

Youth men's jackets, wearable under jeans, can become the basis for many images. Experiments begin with everyday kits.

So, the base will be a combination in the style of casual and its branches Smart. For the image, a model with one or two buttons, jeans in a deep blue or gray shade are selected. A classic plain shirt is put on under the jacket, complemented by a thin tie. Oxfords, brogues or monks complete the set. To emphasize the business image, a shawl is placed in the buttonhole, harmonizing in shade with the tone of the shirt.

You can give a casual style to the image described above if you remove the tie from it, replace it with a neck scarf, bow-tie or leave it completely unadorned, give preference to a striped shirt, small peas or a cage and complete the look with moccasins or boat shoes. And be sure to experiment with scarves - large knit or fine knitwear depends on the overall appearance.

Casual can be abandoned in favor of College or sports style. To do this, they put on a regular t-shirt under a jacket, decorated, if desired, with ironic images or inscriptions, complement the set with sneakers or sneakers. It remains only to complete the image of a postman or a backpack. For bold experimenters in these areas, designers offer an interesting bow. In it, the jacket is complemented by a denim shirt or a blazer duo, made of thin denim, and t-shirts that differ in shade with jeans in several tones. That's just to end it should be semi-sports shoes and voluminous men's tote.

The summer option may be the addition of a jacket (preferably a deep dark color with a bright stripe-cage) a free t-shirt with a standard or asymmetric collar and moccasins or loafers. To give a saturation to the image, the color of the jeans is chosen a few tones lighter than the jacket, the sleeves of which are picked up at the level of the bend of the elbow, and a large knitted cap is worn on the head.

For an office in the summer, it is better to choose light shades of a model from cotton or linen. They line up according to the “pyramid” principle, in which the “top” (jacket) has the darkest tone, the “base” (jeans) is the lightest, and the shirt serves as a kind of transition between them and can be sewn from denim fabric.

The most interesting, but also difficult, are demi-season images. In them a duet of jeans and a jacket is equipped with jumpers, including those with a high collar, sweatshirts, cardigans, turtlenecks or vests. Under this layer, long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts or classic shirts can be worn. As for shoes, it’s worth looking at Chelsea and boaters, as well as deserts. And in no case should one forget about accessories: hats, hats, scarves, bags and gloves are able to bring final accents to the image.

In the end, it remains only to note that stylish men's jackets, wearable under jeans, can take any sports type. And so that they really look like in the image, you should carefully pay attention to the recommendations of stylists not only about their combination with other wardrobe items, but also to strict rules for choosing the right model.

Men's Jacket Material

It is very important from what material the jacket is sewn. Thick fabrics are suitable for a perfect combination with jeans: wool, tweed, flannel, velveteen, suede, cotton, and its blends - cotton / linen, cotton / viscose.

Avoid too thin fabrics and materials with a shiny surface - paired with dense matte denim (fabric imitating jeans), these options will look inorganic.

Professional stylists distinguish several types of men's jackets that can be worn with jeans:

  1. Men's sports jacket under jeans
  2. Men's blazer or club jacket for jeans

The common features of these models are as follows: a wide range of colors (the most popular are all shades of blue, gray, brown, green), a soft shoulder line, welt or patch pockets.

Youth men's jackets

Youth men's jackets for jeans are usually equipped with plastic or horn buttons in the color of the product, although sometimes there are exceptions in the form of metal fittings. Such shiny buttons look especially organically on models in the marine or military style. Unlike the basic models, which are made with a minimum number of details, some jackets can be decorated and have their own “highlight” - these can be patches on the elbows or even a pattern on the back.

Summer jacket for jeans

A summer jacket for jeans is often made of knitted fabric or linen, sometimes even without a lining. Such models do not so clearly form a figure in the form of an inverted triangle, but they allow you to create the most free and breathable images for hot days.

Unlucky options for combining with a set of “jacket + jeans” will be plain fitted shirts, t-shirts made of thick cotton knitwear, high-quality polos and thin smooth knitted knitwear with long sleeves.


For the first "feather samples" in creating such images, choose classic neutral jeans with no scuffs or bleached areas. The denim color may be darker or lighter than the color of the jacket.

Do not try to select the bottom in the color of the top, this will create an unnecessary costume effect. In general, for sets with a jacket and jeans, the generally accepted rules for color combinations work.

The final chord in drawing up a real cool masculine look will be shoes - choose derby shoes, moccasins, loafers, sneakers, sneakers or brogues.


Any, even the most banal set of clothes can be beaten with the help of trend shoes. And remember that the image is made by details - a scarf in a jacket pocket, a stylish belt, catchy watches or fashionable bright socks.

We wish you to find your right jacket, the right jeans and be stylish in any situation!

With elbow patches

Jackets with elbow patches have been popular for a long time. They perfectly emphasize the image of a man, at the same time, give him a special charm. Interestingly, such models are not suitable for every man. Patches on the elbows visually increase the man, so chubby guys, it is better not to wear such models. They are perfect for thin men.

Some men want to emphasize their status with leather patches. Classic models of such a jacket should only be worn with stylish pants. They differ in that the patches on the elbows are sewn from the same fabric as the jacket, but in a slightly different shade. If they are of a completely different color, then these models should be worn with jeans.

You can not name a certain price for a jacket for a man, since they are very different from each other. Prices depend on several factors:

All of these indicators can affect the price. But often, the best option for a man can cost from 5,000 rubles or more. Of course, it is better to buy a decent model, since cheap clothes immediately spoil the whole look.

Stylish men's jackets 2018: photos

A man can have a stylish look even if he wears jeans. To do this, he needs to combine them correctly with other clothes. It’s hard for some to come up with a fashionable and original look on their own, so they can watch ready-made options on the Internet. Before you go to the store, look at suitable models on the Internet and make your choice.

Where is a jacket with jeans appropriate

If it seems to you that the jacket automatically turns you into a sartorial god, then this is not entirely true. In most cases, the office dress code only accepts suits, so you are unlikely to be able to go to work in jeans. The exception is casual friday, when the combination of a jacket and jeans becomes a real find: you seem to be still set to work, but you are actually ready to go on a date or a noisy party. It will not be superfluous to put on a jacket even when you do not know for sure how formal the meeting will be, for example, to get acquainted with the parents of your girlfriend.

How to wear a jacket with jeans

Do not try to choose a jacket that matches your trousers: they still won’t succeed in pretending to be a suit, so play in contrast. We recommend choosing neutral colors: blue, white or black jeans and a gray, beige or brown jacket. When you master the basic combinations, you can try to put on a jacket in a cage or strip, but it is better for jeans to always remain minimalistic - it is better to save boiled models with stripes or other intricate decor for other looks.

Overseas is your friend. The jacket, as if from my father’s shoulder, does not look so official, besides, you can wear it wide open like a jacket - we recommend that you wear one with straight jeans.

Another ally is high rise jeans. They can be wide or slightly (the keyword is slightly) narrowed, you can decide whether to tuck them or not. The main thing is that they will be perfectly combined with a turtleneck and a jacket.


Do you know what is the main advantage of a combination jacket for jeans? After work, you can not puzzle over what to wear at a party with friends. Just replace your shirt or turtleneck with a more democratic longsleeve or even a bright print t-shirt. This step is already enough to look 100% complete. The rule is this: to create a new set, it is enough to change only one thing, worn under a jacket. Be stylish and feel as comfortable as possible!

A catchy smart casual set consisting of a multi-colored printed checkered jacket, a sleek t-shirt and frayed jeans

For a shopping or afternoon meeting in a cafe, a catchy shirt in a large cage is quite suitable. Play in contrasts! Add to it a restrained jacket with patches on the sleeves. Have you noticed the female looks chained to you?

Jacket Marcello Gotti

Jacket Mango Man

Is it fresh outside? Wear a plain sweater with a thin knit under a sports jacket. This option is organically combined with a shirt and turtleneck. Ripped jeans are suitable for the first, classic indigo denim trousers are more impressive for the second. But here it is a matter of personal taste.

A tweed jacket and a jumper fit perfectly with denim pants.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of experimenting with layering. Wearing a cardigan under a jacket? Why not!

A cardigan worn under a jacket - layering can also be restrained and stylish

A party

Here you can make an exception and put on a textured or printed jacket for jeans. But try to avoid shocking models, preferring more elegant solutions. If we talk about the ideal option, then a club jacket is what you need!

The perfect look for an informal party - a jacket with patch pockets, a striking shirt and frayed jeans

For an informal party in a narrow circle or a party in a nightclub, a T-shirt is suitable (of course, I do not take into account the Christmas ball, the official reception from the minister or, God forbid, presenting the well-deserved award to the head of state). But at more serious events, one still cannot do without a shirt. Unbuttoning a pair of top buttons on a shirt is perfectly acceptable. This will give your image a share of masculinity and self-confidence.

Jacket Top Secret

Jacket Antony Morato


A jacket for jeans looks quite extraordinary and spectacular. Therefore, it is so important to choose worthy companion things that balance the image. In addition to clothing, some attention should be paid to shoes. In a working environment, strict classic shoes are appropriate. Optional black, you can stay on a brown, blue or green pair of derby. The main thing is that the shoes are in harmony with the shades of the other components of the bow. Be guided by the same choice when collecting for an evening event. The exception is informal friendly parties, a party in a nightclub, romantic dates in a cafe. It is quite acceptable to use shoe styles relevant for everyday sets: loafers, boat shoes, deserts, moccasins.

And do not forget about accessories! After all, they are precisely those “highlights” that make the image truly stylish, original, memorable and complete. Use at choice: men's bracelets, watches, belts, caps, bags, sunglasses, hats. And remember the harmony in the image!

Do you like the combination of a jacket and jeans? Write your opinion in the comments, it is very important for us. Good luck

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