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14 strange flavors you would never dare to try

For some, growing a beard is a good opportunity to change the image and give your face masculinity, the right proportions and brutality. There are also men who have a beard - this is a weapon to attract maximum attention from others. Many men rushed to with a beard, as the facial hair is back in fashion.

Strange combinations that most often appear on television and in the media are excessively long beards, non-standard forms and types of beards, a combination of mohawk and beard, and much more. In the latter case, men use two informal hairstyles at the same time - a thick and long beard, as well as a flamboyant haircut and styling on the head in the form of an Iroquois.

Celebrities with a beard and a mohawk

The most memorable in the memory of many people of the modern world are athletes, who in their image attracted the attention of millions of fans with their non-standard beards and hairstyles. Experts tracked several of these individuals, compiling their top-ranking media individuals who wear an Iroquois in combination with a beard, which, according to many stylists and barbers, looks more than shocking.

Raul Meireles

The footballer from Portugal is practically fixated on his appearance, as he enjoys the attention of millions of fans and fans. He repeatedly changed radically his image and image, experimenting with vegetation on his face and head.

In addition, Raul scored his body with tattoos, grew a Scandinavian type of beard, which the Vikings were famous in antiquity, and also repeatedly appeared to the public with a beard and Iroquois.

David beckham

Another lover of shocking the audience with extraordinary hairstyles and different styles of beard is soccer player David Beckham. A footballer not only plays football well, he is also well established in the modeling business. And in tandem with his wife, David regularly demonstrates a sense of style to society, as a result of which he is considered an example to follow.

His image, which combined a beard and a mohawk, was surprisingly received by the public and critics very approvingly.

Joachim Broden

Moving away from the athletes, we can recall the Swedish musician and vocalist Joakim Broden, who is known almost throughout the world, who harmoniously combines a mohawk with a beard in his image.

Moreover, these two seemingly incongruous elements in appearance give the artist brutality, originality and helps him to be memorable.

Other weird beard combinations

In fact, modern fashion accepts complete freedom of choice, including when choosing a beard. Young people can now combine beards with sideburns, a mustache, and all kinds of haircuts and hairstyles on their heads.

You can also wear a thick and long beard with classic costumes, or combine stubble with a sporty style. One only needs to remember that the shorter the man is, the shorter his beard should be.


If earlier many men wore a beard because of religious and principled views on their lives, today everyone has the right to choose. Fashion for different styles of beards almost turned the man’s world upside down, today many famous media personalities combine restrained hairstyles with outrageous beards, informal haircuts and long dense vegetation, model beards in the most unimaginable forms. It is only important not to overdo it with shocking, so that the masculine beginning is not turned into a comical and absurd image.

Banana with mayonnaise

Race driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a recipe for his favorite sandwich: white bread, mayonnaise and banana, which caused a lot of controversy among his subscribers on social networks. But this dish gained world fame back in 2014, when the coach of the U.S. football team said that his team owes its success to this traditional sandwich in the south of the USA, with which it starts its day.

White chocolate with caviar

The famous chef Heston Blumenthal has created an interesting flavor combination, thanks to which the salty taste of caviar softens the sweetness of white chocolate. You can make such a “sandwich” with both red and black caviar.

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