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Is sex possible with phimosis

Phimosis is a disease that significantly affects the sexual activity of a man.

However, in what it manifests itself and how to deal with it, not many know.

So what is phimosis?

Phimosis refers to the narrowed foreskin of the penis, because of its structure, which does not allow to open the glans penis or causes pain when it is opened.

At what degrees of phimosis is normal sexual activity possible?

Find out whether it is possible to have sex with phimosis mainly want young people who have not yet had sexual experience. Depending on the patient’s condition, several degrees of phimosis are distinguished, to one degree or another, affecting the quality of his everyday life:

  1. Phimosis of the first degree. The head of the penis is easily exposed in a relaxed state, however, in order to expose it in a state of erection, some, sometimes very slight, effort is required.
  2. Phimosis of the second degree. Exposing the head of the penis is only possible in a calm state.
  3. Phimosis of the third degree. The head of the penis is not exposed even in a relaxed state, and if it is exposed, then under the influence of serious efforts.
  4. Phimosis of the fourth degree. The head of the penis is hidden, urination is difficult.

At the same time, even a mild degree of the aforementioned disease can affect what the man’s sexual life will be, which is due to pain during an erection, leading to her reflex decrease and sexual weakness.

What negative effects can occur with sex with phimosis?

Surely, everyone who first encountered phimosis thought about how this disease would affect his sexual activity. There is simply nothing to please in response to this question.

All the troubles in bed that are a consequence of this disease are presented below.

  • Firstly, problems with exposure of the glans penis during sex lead to the fact that seminal fluid, as well as female secrets, which are released in large quantities during intercourse, are trapped in the prepuce space of the penis, which in turn serves the cause of the development of infections of the male genitourinary system.
  • Secondly, sexual intercourse with phimosis brings quite painful sensationsdue to the following. During an erection, the penis is able to increase its size by about 50%.

Naturally, the excessive tension of the foreskin in this case causes a feeling of pain, the strength of which directly depends on the severity of phimosis. In addition, for sudden movements during sex that are reciprocating, in most cases, micro-tears of the narrowed foreskin follow, which causes additional pain and bleeding.

Moreover in the future, the situation may be aggravated by the fusion of the head of the penis and foreskin, which basically turns a man’s sex life into hell and ends with psychological sexual dysfunction.

  • Thirdly, the injured foreskin is an open “gateway” for serious sexually transmitted infections, for example, in this way you can get hepatitis B or C, HIV and many other diseases. Healthy men are less likely to get infected.
  • Fourth, phimosis reduces penis sensitivity, which is due to the limited gliding of the foreskin along its head and, as a result, the lack of stimulation of erogenous zones.

    Thus, achieving orgasm in men suffering from phimosis is very problematic.

  • Fifth, phimosis can cause infertility in menthat is psychological or mechanical in nature.
  • Sixth, frequently occurring infections of the genitourinary system that accompany phimosis adversely affect sperm viability and motility.
  • Seventh, phimosis can cause to paraphimosisduring intercourse, which consists in pinching the head of the penis with narrowed foreskin and requiring emergency medical intervention.
  • What is dangerous phimosis?

    They do not die from phimosis, but this ailment provides unpleasant moments. And first of all it affects sex. Phimosis provokes inflammation in the genital organ, which occurs due to the fact that it is impossible to fully carry out hygiene procedures. Sex and phimosis - a matter of concern to both men and women. Many care about whether it hurts to have sex with phimosis. This is all individual, but the fact that the brightness of sensations decreases is a fact that applies to all men.

    Do not forget that for many the presence of such an anomaly is a moral trauma and a strong inferiority complex for the stronger sex in front of their passion. From sexual life, it spreads to other areas of life and often ends negatively - depression, severe stress with suicidal tendencies. In most cases phimosis disappears without much therapy, but for the remaining cases, there are treatment methods and a course of drugs that will solve this problem. For some situations, they resort to the help of a surgeon who will solve the problem quickly and completely.

    The disease itself has 4 degrees, and why it depends on the condition of the patient and how phimosis affects sex. The most dangerous is the last degree at which the head cannot be exposed either in a calm position or in an erect position. Urination is painful and difficult. With a less pronounced degree of ailment, the head can not be exposed only in the excited state of the penis, when there is sex. And phimosis makes the process unpleasant, uncomfortable, which usually ends with interruption of sexual intercourse.

    Therefore, in order not to spoil your sex life and not face the consequences of phimosis, you need to visit a doctor and solve the problem. Moreover, for each specific case, its treatment will be selected. And if the recommended operation causes concern and unwillingness to undergo it, it will be possible to find a more gentle solution. And that will remove the question, is it possible to have sex with phimosis, because it simply will not be.

    With what degree of phimosis is sex possible?

    For young men without sexual experience, the issue of sexuality is always an issue. And for them, like air, you need to know how to have sex, if you have phimosis, and is it even possible. The degree of the disease affects this:

    1. In the first degree, the penis head is easily exposed when the penis is relaxed. However, when it takes an erect form, for this it will be necessary to make efforts most often insignificant. Sex is possible, although it will bring some discomfort. Often, active sexual intercourse can remove the pathology.
    2. In the second degree of the disease, the head of the penis can be exposed only when the penis is in a relaxed position. Arousal brings pain and discomfort, intercourse is painful and may not always turn out as such.
    3. In the third degree, the head cannot be opened in any position unless efforts are made that should be quite strong. Sex is undesirable in general, even if an erection occurs, the process itself will be painful and dangerous to health.
    4. In the fourth degree, the head is completely covered in skin; there are serious problems with emptying. Sex with phimosis this degree is extremely unpleasant and even painful. Doctors strongly recommend abandoning the problem so as not to complicate their life and therapy in the future. Usually this will be a complete circumcision, which afterwards will need long-term treatment with serious drugs.

    Certainly is sex possible with phimosisman decides. But you need to understand that not every partner will agree to have sex with such a state of a member, especially when poor hygiene gives its unpleasant results. And if you start the situation, then there will come a reflex decrease in sexual activity.

    Phimosis: negative effects on sex

    Anyone who has ever encountered this disease at the initial stage wondered “is it possible to have sex with phimosis". For many, the issue of changing sexual life or the threat of interruption is quite painful from both a psychological and physical point of view. And do not wait for a completely positive answer, because the disease negatively affects the sexual life of a man.

    To understand is sex with phimosis possible, you need to know what the consequences will be in bed:

    1. During sexual intercourse, both men and women develop secretions that make the act pleasant - seminal fluid and female secret. There are quite a lot of them, and they will certainly fall into the preputial space, where they linger. And this is fertile soil and a breeding ground for bacteria and infections that affect the entire reproductive system. In this case, treatment of both the pathology itself and the acquired disease will be very difficult and extremely expensive, because one complication may overlap with another.
    2. Often sexual intercourse with phimosis it will be painful, because the penis with arousal can almost double. When there is a lot of foreskin on the head and there is tension due to excitement, the pain will depend on the severity of the disease.
    3. With phimosis, you can have sex, but the act itself is a translational-reciprocal movement, which can be dangerous due to micro-tears. They often bleed, hurt, and often cause infection to enter the body. Such cracks can become the site of penetration of hepatitis B, C and even HIV infection, as well as a number of other sexual diseases. This also affects the fact that the foreskin grows to the head, which will be hell for a man both in ordinary life and in sex. Usually this condition leads to a psychological rejection of sex.
    4. As shown by numerous video, sex and phimosis rarely bring full pleasure to a man. The penis becomes less sensitive, because the process of sliding the foreskin along the head of the penis is difficult, which does not stimulate erogenous zones. So it’s quite difficult for a man to get an orgasm.
    5. The neglected form of the disease often leads to infertility, which affects the mental and physiological state of the stronger sex.
    6. Often, infections of the genitourinary system, which are not uncommon for phimosis, have a negative effect on how mobile and viable the sperm will be.
    7. And the most dangerous thing than how sexual intercourse with such an ailment can end is pinching the head of the penis with a very narrow foreskin. In this case, emergency medical assistance is indispensable.

    The effect of phimosis on the health of a sexual partner

    Of course it happens sex with phimosis, video confirmation of this. But problems from him arise not only in the stronger sex. A woman is also at great risk, especially if it’s not sex with a condom with phimosise. Unprotected intercourse allows the pathogenic flora, which will be accumulated in large numbers in the perpendicular space, to enter the urogenital system of women. Such an infection often ends in a serious illness that must be treated with a partner, otherwise the therapy will not bring the desired result.

    For most women, sex with such a man is not always pleasant, especially when oral sex is actively used in him. The member will smell bad. It is this that becomes the reason for refusal of sexual intercourse and in the future can cause a break in relations or a frequent change of partners. Such a pathology without therapy and careless attitude to it provokes a divorce, which depresses not only a woman, but also a man.

    I degree

    I degree, if the penis is relaxed, then the head is exposed barely, and at the time of an erection - with little difficulty.
    There is no discomfort during sexual contact (this applies to both partners). In rare cases, if the sexual intercourse was quite prolonged, discomfort in the frenum may be noted. However, this does not last long and is not accompanied by any other symptoms. By the general impression, sex at this stage of phimosis is no different from normal.

    Sensations during sex with phimosis

    With phimosis of the first degree, there are practically no problems with the implementation of sexual intercourse. The head of the penis is freed from the foreskin without any problems, the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction is minimal. The pleasure of sex is not overshadowed by painful sensations and excessive tension.

    The lack of intimacy negatively affects the general condition of the patient. Potency is weakened, partial erectile dysfunction is due to a reflex reaction to the resulting discomfort. As a result, phimosis is supplemented by sexual impotence and psychological complexes. The accumulation of seminal fluid and urine causes stagnation in the pelvic area. As a result, an environment favorable for the vital activity of pathogenic microflora is formed.

    Phimosis is the root cause of many serious diseases, ignoring its clinical manifestations leads to damage to the functional tissues that form other reproductive organs. A man who neglected treatment has practically no chance of conceiving a child. Phimosis greatly reduces the patient's quality of life. The longer it progresses, the higher the risk of possible complications.

    How to get rid of pain during sex

    To prevent the occurrence of discomfort during sexual intercourse, a man must follow a few simple rules:

    • Before and after intercourse, it is necessary to carry out hygiene procedures. This will prevent the penetration of infection and will avoid the development of sexually transmitted diseases.
    • The penis needs to be prepared for retraction. It must be carried out with utmost care. To reduce tension, you can use ice. Such an effect is fraught with hypothermia, so it is necessary to monitor the duration of physiotherapy.
    • The degree of satisfaction of a man directly depends on the sensitivity of the glans penis. With phimosis, it is not completely exposed, so there are problems with stimulation of nerve endings. To enhance the sensation of intercourse, you can apply lubricants.
    • Do not forget about contraception. They will protect both partners from pathogens. The risk of infection with phimosis is significantly increased. The narrowing of the foreskin is accompanied by the occurrence of microtrauma.

    If symptoms appear in the clinical picture of phimosis, a man should immediately contact a urologist or andrologist. It is possible that the changes are physiological in nature and will disappear without medical intervention, but timely diagnosis in any case will not harm. If phimosis is caused by pathological factors, the patient will need treatment. The sooner it begins, the greater the chance of a full restoration of reproductive abilities.

    Question number 28977 | Subject: Phimosis, short frenum of the penis | 08/14/2009
    | 19.08.2009

    The foreskin of the penis does not open to the end, the frenum of the penis pulls the head down, this causes pain. He went to the doctor, they made me a plastic frenum of the penis, but there was almost no effect. What should I do in this situation? Is circumcision required? If you need to send a photo, just help me please deal with this issue, explain everything! I will wait for an answer. Thanks.

    Eugene | Russia | age: 24

    Since we are not talking about phimosis, circumcision is not required.After a well-made plastic frenum, it becomes long and does not stretch when the head is exposed. Apparently, the operation was ineffective, and repeated plastic surgery is required. Unfortunately, there are no other options in this situation.

    Question number 28977 |

    How does phimosis affect partner's health

    Having sex with a man with a history of phimosis can result in negative consequences for a woman. The narrowing of the foreskin leads to the accumulation of smegma, seminal fluid and the secret of the partner herself in the preputial space.

    Such a combination and lack of proper hygiene is fraught with massive infectious infection of the genitourinary system. As a result, a woman has problems with urination (cystitis, pyelonephritis, damage to the urinary duct) and conception. Infection penetrates the organs of the reproductive and excretory systems in an ascending way. The longer a woman ignores the clinical manifestations of the inflammatory process, the worse the consequences.

    Also, do not forget about the psychological impact. Dissatisfaction in bed adversely affects the central nervous system. A woman becomes irritable, anxiety for a loved one does not contribute to improving the general condition. Nervousness and depression disrupt the course of physiological processes, the body's resistance to the negative influence of the external environment decreases.

    Other inconveniences of a physical and psychological plan do not arise in a woman. If a man is undergoing therapy and follows all the doctor's recommendations, the problems will soon recede. With proper preparation and observance of preventive measures, sexual intercourse will not be complicated by painful sensations and psychological discomfort. The support of a woman is of great importance. The neglected comments expressed by the partner provoke the appearance of complexes that are difficult to get rid of even for healthy men. The patient must be sure of the partner's health. If she has infectious pathologies, the risk of complications increases significantly.

    Phimosis is a disease that is not life threatening. Moreover, it affects the psychological and physical condition. During treatment, factors are formed that affect the quality of communication of a man with the opposite sex. Uncertainty in one's own strengths, experiences due to decreased erectile function and constant malaise do not contribute to the creation of stable relationships with a woman.

    According to doctors, the establishment of a sexual life will occur after recovery. During the period of treatment, all efforts of men should be aimed at eliminating the factors that provoked the pathology. He needs to reconsider his lifestyle: adjust his diet, stop drinking alcohol, and smoke.

    You will also have to normalize the motor mode. Regular exercise will prevent muscle weakness and ensure adequate blood flow to the reproductive organs, eliminating existing stagnation. Compliance with a healthy lifestyle will avoid many serious pathologies.

    Having sex with phimosis in the third and fourth stages is not recommended. The condition of the man during this period significantly worsens, the affected area increases, complications appear. Phimosis is often supplemented by balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans penis), synechia (fusion of the foreskin with tissues forming the penis).

    In the presence of the latest pathology, sexual contact is strictly contraindicated. Penile enlargement can cause rupture of damaged tissue and severe bleeding. In this case, immediate hospitalization is required. It is impossible to cope with such an injury at home. In most cases, surgery is required. Treatment should occur in a hospital setting. After recovery, a man should not forget about prevention. Phimosis is easier to prevent than to cure.

    The consequences of pathology

    Pathology is not dangerous for a man’s life, but she still makes some unpleasant corrections. This is especially true of the sexual plan. The main problem that patients with phimosis encounter is frequent inflammation, which occurs due to the inability to maintain good organ hygiene. But this is not all the troubles that are associated with the violation. This also includes insufficiently strong feelings during intercourse. Moreover, many men are very worried about their anomalies, so they experience the strongest complexes when communicating with their partners. This affects both sexual life and other areas, as the lack of discharge leads to stress.

    Most often, the violation goes away on its own. If this does not happen, there are many different methods and drugs that can cope with the problem. You can apply the surgical method. This will certainly get rid of the disease and its consequences.

    Pathology can occur in several ways. In total, there are 4 degrees of development. In the most extreme case, the patient can not only expose the head in a calm or erect state of the penis, but also has difficulty urinating. There are also less pronounced types when the patient simply cannot fully open his head during sex. This causes certain inconvenience and can lead to discomfort during contacts.

    If a man has such a problem, do not tolerate and avoid solving it. Nowadays, there are many ways that are suitable for each specific case. Even in a situation where a man does not agree to the operation, a specialist can offer him a medical solution. This will quickly get rid of problems and tidy up your sex life.

    How to get rid?

    When a woman is informed that her son has phimosis, it can be a shock for her. Indeed, not everyone knows that more than 95% of boys are born with congenital pathology. For the majority, everything goes away with age, but sometimes the problem remains, which requires special attention and special treatment.

    As a rule, as early as 6 months, 20% of babies get rid of such a diagnosis. By 3 years, the percentage of boys with a similar pathology is already reduced to 10. At maturity, phimosis persists only in 5% of men. If the boy suspects phimosis, he should be monitored by the surgeon until the problem disappears completely. This is especially important for adolescents.

    Phimosis can be not only congenital, but also acquired. The cause of the first case most often lies in the genetic abnormalities that affect almost all babies. Regarding phimosis, which occurs in maturity, the problem here mainly arises from the sclerotic phenomenon of the foreskin. This is due to injuries and inflammation, but often a problem in the blood vessels.

    Getting rid of phimosis is quite simple. The boys do not need to take any special measures, as the problem goes away with age. Nowadays, experts have changed their attitude towards such a pathology. More recently, when a phimosis was detected in a teenager or a man, the doctor immediately suggested surgery. Now there is no need for this, since high-quality medication and physiotherapy can be more effective. With phimosis, circumcision can be done, but this is only at the request of a man or in the presence of good reason, for example, a disease of the most extreme severity.

    Sexual contact with phimosis

    Such a pathology is not fatal and does not even particularly affect the life of a man. However, in the presence of phimosis, some discomfort will still be felt. This is due to the high likelihood of inflammatory diseases, and this can lead to already more serious complications.

    But most often the problems of men who have phimosis are related to the sexual sphere. Of course, pathology has a significant impact on the process itself, but most of all experiences are associated with stress and nervous overstrain, which arise due to a defect in the genital organ.

    Is it possible to have intimate contacts with phimosis? Doctors do not claim that intimate life with this disease is prohibited. However, the danger of the disease during lovemaking is that during sexual contact a female vaginal secret enters the prepuce space and male seminal fluid may linger. To wash all this is very difficult, therefore serious inflammatory processes often arise.

    Moreover, with some forms of phimosis, an erection in a man can be accompanied by painful sensations. The foreskin prevents the penis from growing normally in size, which causes pain. This affects not only the feelings of a man during lovemaking, but also on his psychological state. If the contacts are always accompanied by discomfort, this can lead to impotence, as the brain will refuse to send stimulation signals so as not to receive pain in response.

    But even in the case when an erection still occurs, sudden movements during sexual intercourse will injure the foreskin. This often leads to skin microcracks and bleeding. With wound overgrowth, coarsening of the foreskin occurs, and this can already lead to the fact that you can not do without surgery. Bleeding wounds will significantly increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

    Some forms of phimosis lead to the fact that during intercourse the sensitivity of the penis is greatly impaired. As a result, it is very difficult for a man to reach the peak of pleasure. Lack of normal orgasm can also lead to impotence. Experts note that phimosis often becomes the cause of psychological or mechanical infertility. Therefore, in order not to encounter such troubles, it is necessary to consult a doctor to solve the problem.

    How to make love with phimosis?

    Given the characteristics of the penis of a man with a similar anomaly, for him there will be special rules for how to act during sexual intercourse and before it. This primarily relates to the use of barrier contraception. For a man, this is important to avoid inflammation, and for his partner, a condom will be a protection against harmful bacteria that always accumulate on the male penis during phimosis.

    Before you engage in sexual contact, you must carefully conduct hygiene procedures. In addition, during sex, you can use special gels that can increase the sensitivity of the penis.

    To lead a full sexual life, it is enough for a man to get rid of his pathology. There are many effective ways to do this, the best of which will be suggested by the attending physician.

    IV degree

    IV degree: the head is completely hidden by the foreskin, there are difficulties with urination.
    Phimosis of the fourth degree makes sex life completely impossible. Ejaculation occurs only spontaneously. Due to the need to get rid of excess accumulated sperm, nighttime pollutions often occur that greatly complicate a man’s life.

    Thus, the most advanced cases are characterized by the fact that difficulties arise not only when the head is exposed (even in a calm state), but also during the act of urination. In the lightest cases, the foreskin is a hindrance only for an enlarged erect penis. This is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and prevents the conduct of a full sexual life. But with each next step, closeness becomes more painful.

    The negative consequences of pathology

    Phimosis has a significant impact on the sex life of a man, and often the nature of these effects is not the most pleasant. Among the negative aspects fraught with a defect of this kind can be attributed:

    • high risk of penetration and delay of genital fluids (both male and female) in the area of ​​the prepuce space, which can soon lead to the development of infectious inflammatory processes in this place,
    • the presence of an extremely noticeable pain syndrome (normally, the erect penis can increase 1.5 times, but with phimosis this can not happen freely, since the foreskin is only more stretched, which is the cause of pain)
    • bleeding due to tissue microcracks caused by sharp reciprocating movements also leads to the appearance of gross adhesions (including between the prepuce and the head of the penis), which negatively affects the elasticity of the skin and subsequently provokes sexual dysfunction,
    • the injured organ is practically defenseless against sexually transmitted infections (hepatitis, HIV, syphilis),
    • the sensitivity of the penis decreases to a critical point, and the orgasm becomes unattainable, since almost all sensitive areas affected by intercourse are hidden by the foreskin,
    • strong exposure to infections leads to a decrease in sperm activity and viability,
    • the occurrence and frequent relapses of diseases of the genitourinary system,
    • the inability to provide complete hygiene of the genitals,
    • the emergence of a huge number of complexes in relation to the opposite sex and potential sexual partners, which begins to affect not only the sexual, but also in other areas of life,
    • perhaps later, a man with a similar disorder will be diagnosed with mechanical or psychological infertility.

    How does sex with phimosis affect the health and attitude of a partner

    The pathogenic microflora that accumulate in the preputial space is dangerous not only for the man, but also for the woman with whom he enters into intimate relationships. These bacteria can affect its genitourinary and reproductive systems, leading to massive infection.

    Apart from this moment, women do not experience any inconvenience (both physical and psychological). Despite all the men's concerns, for many of them, the comfort of the partner becomes the only significant moment: the absence of painful sensations and the ability to enjoy the process. That is, if the man himself is happy with everything, and he does not neglect the necessary hygiene measures, then there should be no problems.

    Features of sexual contact with phimosis

    Insufficiently elastic foreskin will always cause a man inconvenience at the moment of intimacy. But it is much more difficult to come to terms with the very fact of a defect. This will greatly affect the psychological state of both partners (since the anxiety and excitement of one of them will necessarily be transmitted to the other).

    Lack of sex drive

    Although no doctor will prohibit the conduct of sexual life in a categorical form, it is clear that being “in the process” will require maximum caution. Otherwise, you can get sick not only at the physiological, but also at the psychological level, which will be expressed as impotence and a complete lack of sexual desire.

    In addition to sexual dysfunction, careless intercourse can lead to infertility (the source of which can also be the psychological state of the patient). Therefore, we can say that sexual life with phimosis is possible, but it is better if a woman supports her companion morally and not physically. It will be much safer for both of them.

    How to prepare for sex

    Having sex with phimosis requires compliance with some recommendations:

    • So that the foreskin is not moved away as painfully as usual, it is worth preparing some ice. When the time comes to move the prepuce, it is necessary to cool it and the adjacent part of the organ. After this, you need to move the foreskin slowly and accurately. Excessive haste will lead to damage and paraphimosis.
    • Careful observance of all hygiene standards in anticipation of intercourse and after it allows you to almost completely eliminate the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.
    • The use of a condom will provide bilateral protection (for men and women), which helps to prevent foci of irritation and inflammation in the genital area.
    • To enhance sensitivity in phimosis, you can try to use lubricants.

    It should be understood that sex with a random, unverified partner for those who have a defect in the foreskin is practically “similar to death” (this also applies to healthy young people - from the beginning you always need to make sure that the girl / woman is healthy and only then go over to intimacy).

    In which cases urgently need to see a doctor

    Although many live day after day, not particularly suffering from phimosis, however, there are a number of factors that indicate the need to visit a specialist as soon as possible and provide themselves with appropriate treatment:

    • difficulties with the removal of the foreskin or the absolute impossibility of performing this action,
    • a change in the act of urination: urine collects inside the cavity formed by the foreskin, and then flows out in the form of a thin stream or dropwise,
    • an erection is accompanied by a rather noticeable pain syndrome,
    • the appearance of inflamed areas, purulent discharge, swelling of the lymph nodes in the adjacent areas, an increase in body temperature,
    • discoloration of the head to bluish, sharp pain even in the absence of touch.

    With phimosis of the last two degrees, when a man’s sexual life worsens significantly, the risk of complications may appear - paraphimosis, balanoposthitis and synechia.


    The term "paraphimosis" refers to a pathological condition in which the glans penis is infringed by the foreskin, which leads to edema and problems with blood supply to this part of the penis. In this situation, urgent intervention by a surgeon is required, who will have to remove the foreskin.

    Otherwise, there is a risk of waiting for the penis head to die and then it will also need to be removed along with the prepuce.


    With balanoposthitis, the head of the penis and the inner sheet of the foreskin become inflamed. Its occurrence is provoked by yeast, streptococci, staphylococci and other simple microorganisms.

    But the root cause of the accumulation of these foreign microorganisms is that the secretion of the glands of the foreskin (smegma), which is a beneficial environment for the development of bacteria, begins to accumulate under prepuce. If the inflammation cannot be cured in time, then this can be fraught with serious complications. Because of this, the sensitivity of the penis decreases, which negatively affects sexual life and the desire to enter into intimacy.

    Provoke the occurrence of this disease can sexual contact with a special female, suffering from vaginal dysbiosis.


    So-called adhesions, which can appear due to prolonged and close contact between the head and the inner sheet and subsequent epithelial bonding of their surfaces. With prolonged ignoring of this problem, the area of ​​adhesion begins to increase, more and more firmly linking the head and foreskin. Only a surgeon can help in this situation.

    Sexual contact in the presence of synechia can lead to its rupture. This causes acute pain and can lead to quite severe bleeding. Even if the blood was successfully stopped, the healing process without the supervision of a doctor may be delayed. In addition, it is very likely that the tissues will begin to scar, which will be very difficult to fix, and the discomfort caused by scars will deprive a man of any pleasure from sexual contact.


    Phimosis is not a life-threatening pathology. However, it has a significant impact on the psychological state of the patient, his sex life, ability to communicate with the opposite sex, and other significant points.

    Shyness and trying to ignore a problem can only make matters worse. Therefore, although sex with phimosis is not prohibited by doctors, it is better to resolve the situation by visiting the surgeon's office or taking the appropriate therapeutic course. And then, without pain and worries, begin to establish their sexual life.

    How to have sex with phimosis?

    Diagnosed phimosis. How to have sex that would be nice and safe? Why endure pain and discomfort, as well as cause infection of your partner. Do not underestimate this ailment, so there are 4 rules that will help in this matter:

    1. Hygiene is our everything! Thoroughly wash the penis both before sexual intercourse and after it. So, infections will not have a chance, and the risk of infecting a partner will decrease significantly.
    2. Preparation for rectation. To make the process slower and more accurate it is worth cooling down, for example, with cold water or a piece of ice.
    3. Enhances sensitivity. This can be done with lubricants, which are a great variety with a variety of purposes.
    4. Only protected sex in a condom! This is the protection of both the man himself and his partner. Do not underestimate sexually transmitted diseases. Which can enter the body with microtrauma of the penis.

    When can you do without a doctor?

    In order not to worry about fromExx for phimosis, video which can be found on the network, you need to start therapy faster. There are cases when intervention is not required, but there are those when the doctor’s help should be immediate:

    • it’s difficult to move the foreskin or it requires serious efforts,
    • urination is difficult, especially when urine accumulates in the cavity of the foreskin and flows dropwise or with a thin stream,
    • agitation and erection cause pain,
    • there are signs of an inflammatory process on the penis: pus, lymph nodes that are located nearby, are enlarged, have a fever or a slight increase in body temperature,
    • the head of the penis turned blue, and the pain in it became sharp and severe,
    • grade 3-4 disease, which reduces sexual life, but also increases the risk of complications such as paraphimosis and / or balanoposthitis.

    Therapy will be selected according to the severity of the disease and its degree, most often it is a sprain that can be done with masturbation, the use of cortical drugs, and the help of a surgeon. The latter can be either complete circumcision or partial. In any case, sex is possible with sex, but do not let the disease drift so as not to complicate your life.

    What to do to get rid of phimosis?

    Most of all, the mothers of adolescents panic from this disease. And even the fact that more than 90% of newborn boys have congenital phimosis and in most of them, it goes away on its own without treatment. So, 22% of children 6 months after birth recover. At the age of three, this passes and remains a problem only in every tenth child. And adult men suffer from this disease in only 5% of the total. Sex after phimosis gets better and the problem disappears. However, if the little boy remains suspicious of the pathology, then the surgeon takes him under close supervision. Especially carefully monitor the health of adolescents.

    And if congenital phimosis often goes away practically without consequences and deep treatment, then acquired can bring a lot of problems. Doctors treat genetic abnormalities in babies quickly and often with conventional methods, such as stretching and enhanced hygiene. But the acquired disease is often the result of an injury or sclerotic condition of the foreskin, which can provoke inflammation or problems in the work of the blood vessels of the organ.

    Treat phimosis easy, especially if the process is started in a timely manner. And if earlier, doctors strongly recommended treating this pathology only with the help of a surgeon, because they were afraid of complications. Now doctors do not solve the problem in this way. Usually prescribed medication or physiotherapy. Adult men, faced with this problem, agree to the help of a surgeon, but what will be sex after surgery. Phimosiscure it is easy for the surgeon, but after the procedure you will need to refrain from sexual activity for some time.

    How to have sex with this disease?

    Do you think phimosis does not affect anything? And endure the pain, and achieve orgasm? But in vain. Despite the apparent frivolity of this disease, it is advisable to have sex with phimosis in compliance with some fairly simple rules.

    1. Perform thorough hygieneboth before and after sexual intercourse. This will reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
    2. Prepare your penis for retraction, which should be slow and tidy, for example, cool it with ice.
    3. Try enhance penile sensitivity with the help of lubricants.
    4. Use condoms, this will protect both you and your partner from infection in the body through microtrauma of the foreskin.

    When should I see a doctor and resort to treatment of phimosis?

    Despite the fact that many men live with this disease without experiencing any particular problems, in some cases, phimosis requires immediate medical attention.

    Alarm symptoms in this case are:

    • difficulty shifting the foreskin or the inability to expose the glans penis,
    • problems with urination, namely, the accumulation of urine in the cavity of the foreskin and its subsequent leakage in a thin stream or drops,
    • painful erection
    • various kinds of inflammatory reactions, purulent discharge, enlargement of nearby lymph nodes, increased body temperature,
    • sharp pain in the glans penis, its blueness,
    • phimosis of the 3rd and 4th degree, not only significantly reducing the quality of a man’s sexual life, but also fraught with the risk of complications - paraphimosis and balanoposthitis.

    Treatment of phimosis, depending on its severity, can be carried out in several ways:

    • stretching by stretching or masturbation,
    • corticosteroid ointments,
    • surgical intervention, namely, complete or partial circumcision.

    The indicated methods allow you to permanently get rid of phimosis and all the problems associated with it.

    Follow the precautions described in the article. Follow hygiene and at the slightest problem consult a doctor. Only in this case you can live a bright and full life!


    Circumcision can be full or partial. The main problem in the future becomes the complete procedure, because the organ for some time becomes extremely sensitive, provoking premature ejaculation. Therefore, sex after circumcision, phimosis provoked not everyone likes. In the future, the situation normalizes. Partners are often enthusiastic about circumcised men, because their hygiene and duration of sexual intercourse are many times better.

    PhimosisOf course, the problem, but it is easy to solve if you approach the issue seriously and decisively. With pathology, sex is not as beautiful as usual, but even here you can solve the problem using the above recommendations. Moms should be more attentive to their teenage boys, who often hide the problem and self-medicate. It is this group of people that often faces complications. So that the child does not lose sexual function, and this sex life was beautiful, and there were children in detail, you need to monitor their health and call for a frank conversation. Adult men should not let things go by themselves if they want to always be in shape both for themselves and their partner.

    Watch the video: Foreskin Care for Boys (February 2020).

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