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How to meet a girl on the phone? Some secrets of meeting beautiful girls on the phone

how to get to know a girl on the phone without knowing her, but only her number? where to start dating? she doesn’t know you, too, but you really need to get to know her!

No need for correspondence, no need to pull the rubber. One call and you can say on horseback. Hello and ask to call someone there. To choose from. They will explain that they were mistaken. They were surprised, upset, said about a beautiful voice and so on. The main thing is to speak, not to be silent. After a day, you can call again, say that you can’t sleep peacefully after hearing her beautiful voice

It is not so simple, but if you already have some kind of telephone experience, it will be easier! For example, some guys try to make compliments right away, but we love with our ears and it is important for us that a man can speak beautifully. The main thing is not to push and not to demand a meeting straight away, but to patiently carry on a conversation in the direction that both of you need. Tell about yourself some necessary minimum, take an interest in the girl’s life - who she is, what she breathes! And then I had such a case that a guy called for 3 days and we talked for an hour (if not more), but he didn’t ask my name even when he met until I told him about it myself although I didn’t forget to bring the flowers. It seemed that he didn’t care what my name was, and what I was, and his thoughts weren’t about that at all !?

Unfamiliar young people tried to meet me on the phone several times. Below I will describe their original tactics, maybe it will come in handy:

Option 1.

Someone called shortly. Before half a minute long. I accept the call. From the tube in a pleasant voice a few phrases, as if not allowing me to insert a word and provoking emotions. Something fantasized and romantic, like: “Good afternoon! Girl, you do not know me, but an amazing story. I already called you. A few days ago, it was an accident, by mistake. But from that day your voice haunts me. I want to hear him again, he beckons me ... ". Short silence. “I understand that voice is not the most important thing, it’s more serious to pay attention to the soul. But how to do this if I don’t even know your name? ” Etc.

Option 2.

Call: “Hello! You know, I'm sorry that so unexpected. I never used the phone to meet girls. But your friend said that you have a beautiful voice and you have something to talk about. I want to meet you and tell you something. ”

Option 3.

In the voice of a bot: “Dear girl, do not be shy, this is a dating robot. If you are interested in a free acquaintance, then say “Yes,” and we will switch you to a young man who wants to meet you and with whom you will talk. ”

Advantages and disadvantages of dating by phone

Cons and pros have everything. This rule did not bypass dating on the phone. Let's see what are the positive and negative aspects of such a thing.


  1. Calling is not scary. Moreover, it doesn’t matter, such a beautiful girl is on the other end of the wire, because neither you see her, nor she you.
  2. With the help of voice, you can easily transfer your state.


  • On the phone, you can’t find out whether a girl is married or not. Even if you ask, she can quite laugh it off.
  • Many girls do not like dating on the phone and are mistrustful of them.

Preparatory stage

First of all, you must understand that you need to be able:

  • nice to say
  • to improvise constantly
  • to joke.

You should also have at least a minimum pleasant voice. He is the main "weapon." If you do not have it, then there are two ways:

  • forever forget about the idea of ​​dating on the phone,
  • improve your skills and learn to speak beautifully.

The second method is much more complicated, but perseverance over time will pay off. It’s not just that all actors train their voice every day.

After training, you should find as many numbers of girls with whom you want to meet. The fact is that according to statistics, most girls refuse and put the number of the annoying interlocutor on the black list. Therefore, you can create a whole database of numbers.

Dating options

How to get to know a girl by phone number if you met earlier? If you talked with a girl at least once before the call (for example, you accidentally met on public transport or exchanged a couple of phrases in a common company), then calling her will be several times easier.

At least she will at least have an idea of ​​who she is talking to.

How to get to know a girl by phone or SMS if she does not know you? If the girl does not know you at all, then she will have to be patient and turn on quick wits and ingenuity.

What to talk about with a stranger girl? What does she need to say? First of all, you should behave naturally and moderately relaxed. Most girls do not like overly serious men with whom it is impossible to freely talk and joke about something. Ideal when you get something like a small talk.

So, for starters, you must definitely decide on the specific purpose of the call. For example, you saw a girl on one of the social networks, you liked her, and besides, she and you turned out to have a common acquaintance. It was from him that you asked for the phone number of the object you like. When you already called the girl, that is several scenarios:

  1. Just say that accidentally mistaken numbers. A way for those who are afraid of something. But why call?
  2. Play the role of a secret admirer who finally decided to recruit his chosen one.
  3. Honestly, the number was given by a mutual friend, as the girl interested you. It is the latter method that has the most chance of success.

The conversation must begin extremely confident voiceso that the girl does not have the impression that you are afraid of something. Give your real name and a specific reason why you made this call. Remember that all girls are interested in open guys.

It’s important not to make such standard mistakes, as:

  • swearing like a shoemaker
  • communicate on common topics (unless, of course, the girl herself does not bring up a conversation on them),
  • put yourself in the spotlight
  • to be too serious.

It will be right to tell the girl some original compliments.

Your main goal there should be one - to make the girl agree to a date. It is quite possible for her to tactfully hint that it would be more interesting to meet in real life and do something together.

For example, you can say during a dialogue: “Listen, I have some tickets for a very cool film. Will you keep me company? ” If a mass event is planned in the city, then it can be considered a gift of fate. You may well drop the phrase: “At 8 pm on Wednesday, artists will perform in the central square. A lot of people will come there, as this is a very interesting show. I want to go there. I invite you with me. ”

How to say goodbye?

So, such an important psychological step has come as farewell. If you do it right, then, firstly, the girl will wait for your call, and secondly, you can invite her to a date.

Provided that your new passion easily went into conversation, you can immediately grab the bull by the horns and invite her for a walk or drink tea / coffee in a cafe. If you are interested in her, then the girl herself will want to meet with you and ask you to invite her somewhere.

How to say goodbye to a girl right? You could just wish good night. But dating masters advise to pronounce such phrases, as:

  • “That's it, let's say goodbye, I need to work,”
  • “See you soon, I went to ride with friends”,
  • "I was glad to meet you, I have to go, I hope that tomorrow we will phone again."

What if the girl says that for one reason or another she can’t go with you at the appointed time? In this case, you should ask for a specific date and time. Let her have the feeling that you are giving her the right to choose.

But some individuals of the fair sex can come up with any excuses, because they do not want to go somewhere with a guy who is not interested in them. Then just say goodbye to her and call another girl.

Additional rules of communication

As additional rules for meeting and talking on the phone with a girl can distinguish the following:

  1. Do not lead any conversation for too long. Show the girl that you are a busy person to talk to her constantly. So you will train her in anticipation of waiting for your call. He will seem to her something incredible.
  2. Take on the role of a personal psychologist. Learn to understand at what moments you need to cheer her, and at what times - to console her.
  3. You should not talk to her about other girls - it can be unpleasant for her.
  4. Do not mention how much you want to meet her. Thus, you can get into the so-called "Friendship Zone", to get out of which it will be very difficult for you.

Free sites with open profiles and phone numbers

If you want to meet a woman for a very different purpose and you still can’t do it, maybe you are doing something wrong. First of all, try to analyze your behavior. Another popular reason is the inappropriate place for such acquaintances, that is, you are simply not looking there. And where, then, can you find beautiful and single women who are ready for serious and one-time relationships? In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple, because today on the expanses of the World Wide Web there are many thematic platforms that allow you to easily and without any special difficulties expand your circle of communication, including with the female gender.

If you have never tried anything similar, you definitely need to try your luck on some specialized portal. Moreover, for this, as a rule, you will not need anything supernatural. Most websites that help you meet the fair sex do not require any money from their users. You register and create your own profile, and immediately you can start correspondence, which can lead to something really interesting and entertaining. A nice point is that many women’s personal pages already have a phone number, so you can communicate using the mobile network if you want.

Go to a specially designed service to find women who are ready to chat and meet, today anyone can, for this you do not need to have any transcendent knowledge and skills. Take a modern gadget or a regular desktop PC, and enter in the browser the address of the project that you thought was more successful. If you want to exchange messages, being almost everywhere where there is a corresponding connection, give preference to smartphones and tablets.

The abundance of resources devoted to this topic makes their audience really large, which, of course, has a positive effect on the richness of the choice of a potential girlfriend or life partner. Here you can enjoy chatting with people from different generations and fields of activity, which is undoubtedly very exciting. And after you make good contact, you can easily transfer your meetings to the real world.

Dating without registration free moscow with phone

The phone number can be obtained from friends or colleagues, while asking in advance about the person. It is also quite easy to find out a mobile phone number from numerous social networks where you can learn in detail about the object’s hobbies and interests. Those who believe in a miracle can dial a number at random, although something worthwhile is unlikely to work out.

It’s important to realize that making phone contacts is not the best way to start a relationship. Nevertheless, today's youth and older people are wary of communicating by telephone, as well as communicating on the Internet. It is advisable to simply intrigue the interlocutor by telephone and make an appointment. Those. A phone call should be seen as the first step to meeting in person.

When the phone number has already been received, it is important to determine the purpose of the call. If a young man or girl at a party or in a common company liked someone, but it didn’t come to close acquaintance, this can be arranged by phone. In this case, it is necessary to recall where the previous meeting took place, to introduce oneself and, if you are interested, make an appointment at the other end of the wire. When the number is received from friends or acquaintances, you need to say about it and express interest in the object. If a person is not familiar with the interlocutor at all, you can choose from several communication options: either "make a mistake with the number", or play the role of a secret admirer until the new acquaintance himself offers to see each other, or tell the truth about where the information about the person comes from, and about the desire to meet him. Most often, the true option is the simplest and most effective.

When “Hello” is heard on the other end of the handset, it is important not to get confused and to start a conversation as confidently as possible. It is advisable to immediately name and the reason for the call. Girls love open guys, so lying and dodging, coming up with something grand is not necessary. During the conversation, the interlocutor should speak more in order to feel interested in himself. After answering the standard questions “What are you doing?”, “Where are you studying?” etc. You can use the information gathered from social networks or from friends. For example, talk about a girl’s favorite actor or movie genre, about the last concert of a favorite group or a trip abroad.

If the interlocutor easily makes contact or recognizes the caller and is happy to call, you can immediately ask about a personal meeting. Those who are embarrassed to immediately go to action, you can at the end of the conversation to clarify the possibility of calling again. Most likely, a more proactive girl herself will offer to meet than save or simply accelerate the development of the situation. In order to increase the chances of success, you can as if along the way offer to hold a meeting at an interesting and crowded event: "Tomorrow evening on the embankment a massive launch of sky lanterns, do you want to go?" or "I have an extra ticket for the presentation of the album, will you join the company?"

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