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Men's sports pants: models, colors, brands

Sports style is often used directly for sports, as well as in everyday wear, both by women and men. Stylists consider men's sweatpants to be an ideal solution for lovers of comfort and practicality, in addition, designers offer a wide selection of styles and colors. Choosing fashionable sweatpants for men from the latest collections will not be difficult if you follow the advice of specialists.

Despite the fact that many men combine sweatpants exclusively with the same style of other wardrobe items, stylists advise moving away from this stereotype. Many new models of sports trousers are perfectly combined with casual or military clothing, moreover, men's street style is now in fashion. It remains only to decide on the choice of pants for the season, the lifestyle of men and age.

We select sports pants for the season

If a man appreciates quality, comfort and practicality, it is worth looking at yourself branded men's sports pants from trusted manufacturers. In the process of choosing pants, first of all, it is worth considering the season of the year and its weather conditions so that the pants can be worn at least every day. Since the year is divided into 4 seasons, the collections of designers are also divided into 4 stages of release.

The most active time of the year for most men is summer, so sweatpants from the summer collection of designers are simply obliged to be in the wardrobe of every man. The main thing is that the pants allow the skin to breathe and not fog up, and the materials must absorb moisture. Many models of natural fabrics, but with the addition of synthetics, meet such requirements. Stylists recommend shortened styles, fashionable bananas and breeches, as well as joggers or classic spacious options.

For severe Russian winters, it is important to choose such models of pants that require additional insulation or lining. The most popular material used to warm winter sports pants for the male half of society is synthetic winterizer. But such material does not allow moisture to pass, so sometimes it can be hot in such pants. But new products with insulation from holofiber pass moisture, but keep warm. Pants made of natural fabrics with goose down do their job well.


This period of the year is characterized by unstable temperature conditions and weather conditions. Therefore, stylists recommend giving preference to pants with insulation or lining of fleece. Such pants must also consist of breathable fabrics with water-repellent properties. This will help to avoid the negative effects of precipitation and slush.


An ideal version of sweatpants for this season is pants made of raincoat fabric and similar materials that are resistant to precipitation, moisture, pollution.

At the same time, trousers should have at least minimal warming, since a gradual decrease in the temperature regime is characteristic of autumn. In addition, it is worthwhile to look at pants in dark shades, since autumn is characterized by rains and dirt.

Use specificity selection

To make men's sweatpants look fashionable, stylish and modern, when choosing, you need to take into account the age of the man, his lifestyle and the specifics of the events and circumstances that require such an item of clothing. Sweatpants are primarily used for active pastime and sports, so there is another classification for sports.

Bicycle rides

The most common sport among young and mature men is cycling, which is aimed at pumping legs, buttocks and other muscle groups. For many men, compression pants that tighten their legs, supporting muscles and blood vessels with pressure, have become an indispensable tool in this sport. But in order to choose the right degree of compression, you need to consult with a specialist. But the spacious, shortened and wide models in such an occupation will be inappropriate.


As in the previous version, compression sweatpants will be an ideal model of sports pants for men engaged in bodybuilding. They competently support the muscles and vessels of the legs during intense exertion, performing the function of a stabilizer. Due to its pressure, the pants protect against stretching and trauma to muscles and ligaments, and also control normal blood circulation.


The classic sports pants for snowboarding and skiing are considered spacious orange pants. Since we are talking about the winter season of the year, pants are made from raincoat fabric and similar fabrics with insulation, and a bright optimistic color will help the man to be always in sight. Also, uniforms for winter sports are sports suits with high waists and a filler of blue and blue shades.

Free-cut pants are completely unsuitable for such a sport, as they will be twisted and tangled. It is advisable to find a close-fitting model, but made of flexible stretching fabrics repeating the silhouette. Yoga does not accept any synthetics; knit pants will ideally sit. If synthetics are nevertheless provided, it should be no more than 10%.


If a man prefers to run on a football field in tandem with a ball, he should look after sweatpants with a slightly narrowed style. If there are cuffs on the pants, this will only further ensure the man a comfortable stay in them. Spacious pants will interfere with kicking the ball, quickly and briskly running around the field.

Another popular sport is running, it is practiced by men of all ages in varying degrees of intensity, someone professionally, someone to maintain health. For such purposes, sweatpants with an elastic band of a straight or slightly narrowed cut are more suitable that will not constrain movements. It is important that the pants are made of breathable and lightweight fabrics that allow air to pass through.

We choose simply and efficiently

Sweatpants are primarily comfortable and concise in design, and after that, beautiful and fashionable trousers for men. For everyday wear, stylists advise paying attention to pants with an interesting color scheme and design, it will be appropriate in any informal setting. For active pastime, raincoat pants are multifunctional and restrained by design.

Quality items are primarily branded from trusted manufacturers. Stylists advise to pay attention to such hits from brands as joggers from Puma and Kappa, sweatpants from Lacoste in casual style, pants of a straight cut from Asics. These brands received approving reviews from leading stylists and fashion designers, so when choosing sweatpants, you should pay attention to them first.

Convenience above all!

Stylists insist that during the choice of sweatpants, men evaluated the degree of comfort of such a wardrobe item. It is important to consider not only the type of activity and sport, for which such trousers are actually needed, but also the season of the year and the age of the man. Young men with an active lifestyle will be comfortable in skinny models with cuffs, men of a mature age are more likely to fit straight cut pants close to the classics.


Cool sweatpants of an original and creative cut are preferred by young guys today and not so much for sports as for creating an original image and individual style. In general, sports trousers can be divided into several groups, for example, narrow-profile for a particular sport, seasonal models for different weather conditions, youth and classic for different age groups.

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Choose sports pants for the season

Traditionally, sports items are represented by jerseys that are suitable both for indoor fitness and for walks in the park. In summer, short shorts and breeches cannot be dispensed with, and in winter, blown pants or trousers from thermal fabric will help out. Now let's talk more about each option.

Winter models

Products for cold weather are surprisingly light in weight, but the volume varies. Balloon trousers look bulky, although comfortable when walking and do not constrain movements.

Specialized sportswear, sewn from technological materials, looks more elegant, but more expensive. Winter ski pants are traditionally made of elastic fabric that retains heat. Everyday models in a sporty style look different. These are suits of practical colors, free cut and with an impressive layer of insulation.

Some winter pants are complemented by straps. They are suitable for sports and tourism. In everyday life, men rarely resort to such models. But the puffed pants on the straps perfectly keep heat, do not get wet and do not pass the wind.

Summer pants

The assortment of men's summer trousers in a sporty style is even more diverse. Fashionistas are offered cotton jerseys on cuffs, cropped straight trousers like breeches, sports-style Bermuda shorts that are more suitable for the beach, but may well become part of urban fashion if their design favors it.

Slim-fit sweatpants made of thin knitwear are gaining popularity. They are more reminiscent of training tights, but are not so much intended for sports activities as for creating fashionable everyday bows. Such things are worn today with denim shirts, elongated cardigans, sports and casual windbreakers.

As usual, summer models are presented in light colors. The trend is cold pastel shades, and for men who value practicality, designers have prepared monochrome products and trousers in the color of asphalt.

Fabrics and textures

Sports fashion is mastering new technologies. For sewing clothes, there are fabrics that are difficult to even pronounce. But the basis is made up of predominantly natural materials: cotton, wool, less often linen. The fabric demanded in the sports environment remains cotton knitwear.

Knitted sweatpants

There are a great variety of knitted trousers. For everyday wear mixed fabric is used, but cotton is always present at the base. Polyester fibers increase the strength and durability of clothing. Thin knitted trousers made of 100% cotton are suitable for the warm season.

For off-season, pants with cuffs and an elastic band with an inner pile are useful. Thick knitwear free cut will help fans of outdoor sports in the cold season. A dense knit of a tight fit has an easy modeling property.

For professional and amateur sports, compression pants made of superelastic fabric are useful. In order to lose weight, men wear knitted trousers with a sauna effect for training. They promote sweating and fat burning.

A casual wardrobe is complemented by lightweight, practical-knit pants. Men of all ages enjoy wearing straight-cut trousers on a lace instead of a belt. In the presence of a slender figure, knitted products of a narrowed style are shown

From raincoat fabric

Cloak fabric does not pass moisture and protects from wind. It is used as a top coat for winter clothing. Pants from raincoat fabric with soft insulation will be the way harsh in the winter. They can ski, walk through the snowy forest, play on the playground with children.

Bologna trousers have a glossy surface, look stylish and combine with everyday winter clothes. These things are worn with down jackets, parkas and jackets. Knitted accessories are in harmony with the cloak pants: hats, mittens, snoods and scarves.


Insulation is necessary for winter trousers. If in the offseason you can get by with tight knitwear, then in the cold this protection will not be enough.

Warm trousers consist of several layers: two or three. In the first case, the top layer and the insulation itself are used, in the second - there is a lining fabric between the insulation and the body. Filler for sports trousers are fleece, holofiber, less often - natural fluff.

With fleece

Fleece refers to the deliberately loosened fabric, which is pleasant to the touch and retains heat. The prepared fabric is treated with special needles, resulting in a voluminous and fluffy pile.

In sports fashion, fabrics such as footer, bumazeya, bike are widely used. Sweatpants for the home can be sewn from interlock. It is comfortable for the body and has a bright design. All presented fleece fabrics have a cotton base.

On the fleece

Pants on the fleece - a good solution for home wardrobetraining in the fresh air in the offseason, urban casual fashion. Fleece fabric combines the advantages of different materials. Firstly, it is pleasant to the body and has a natural origin. Secondly, fleece pants do not need additional fleece or insulation. Thirdly, clothing on the fleece maintains an optimal microclimate and is suitable for various weather conditions.

Caring for fleece trousers is simple, and their service life is not less than that of ordinary cotton products. If you choose trousers of non-marking colors, then the clothes do not have to be washed often - dry cleaning is enough.


At first, the representatives of the stronger sex reacted to narrowed trousers with distrust. For many men, such models were associated with a women's wardrobe, but time put everything in its place, and today skinny trousers often appear in the casual and sporty way of men.

Models are popular mainly with young people. In the trend, both adjacent trousers, up to the bone, and loose on the hips, but pants are narrow on the ankles. In the presence of a beautiful muscle relief of the legs, such products will sit especially well.

On an elastic band

An elastic band represents both a functional and a decorative detail. Wide-leg elastic bands of 5-7 cm are traditionally used on sweatpants. Often they are supplemented by a contrast belt or lace. Straight elastic pants - a classic option that sports brands have been promoting to the masses for decades.

The presence of elastic bands on the lower edge of the product allows you to collect trousers on the ankles. A similar effect can be achieved with the cuff. The only difference is that the elastic creates a balloon effect and protects from the wind, while the cuff fits snugly on the body and emphasizes the narrow part of the ankle.

With cuffs

Cuffs on trousers have become a hallmark of a sporty style. Initially, designers used this element to enhance the functionality of clothing. The cuff does not allow the trousers to assemble, eliminates the need to shorten the pants if they are not suitable for height.Over time, the cuffed trousers healed an independent life. These clothes are readily worn by teenagers, students, young men who love sports style, but do not play sports themselves.

Knitted trousers on cuffs are suitable for running, fitness, training on apparatus. It is convenient to ride a bicycle, skateboard, roller skate in them. In everyday life, they are worn with casual-format clothes, traditional sports shoes and even military-style boots.

Straight cut

Straight fit sports trousers for sure are in every man’s wardrobe. They can be made of various fabrics, have a variety of designs and colors. Straight pants are suitable for sports, travel, outings and picnics.

Such models will find a place in any collection of existing sports brands. Stylish trousers made of cotton or budget-friendly products made of polyester - a man can choose the model that suits his taste preferences and financial capabilities.

Classic straight trousers with contrasting stripes, side pockets and a wide elastic band do not lose popularity.

More stylish options for straight cut trousers are models with a yoke and trousers complemented by cuffs.


For summer workouts and indoor fitness, shortened tights or breeches are suitable. Men prefer to play sports in knitted trousers. Loose shorts and breeches are more appropriate for casual wardrobe in a sporty style. Cotton fabrics are preferred, but the palette may vary.

Positive colors are welcome in the summer wardrobe. Men's models of cropped trousers are often made in bright colors, complemented by geometric prints, stripes, inserts and stripes.

For running

What are the fundamental differences between sweatpants and sportswear? Running pants have enhanced protection on the knees and legs. They not only make training comfortable, but also protect the athlete from possible injuries.

Training products should not be excessively heavy, and synthetic fibers must be included in the fabric. The advantage is given to polyester, which retains heat, adapts to weather conditions and removes moisture to the surface. At low temperatures, pants with thermal protection functions are chosen.

Many men, when choosing a product for running, get too loose trousers. In fact, voluminous pants will interfere during training. Straight fit products, possibly on cuffs, are preferred.

When choosing colors, they are guided by the time of training. For jogging in daylight, ordinary pants of practical colors are suitable. For training in the dark, wear trousers with reflective inserts or in contrasting colors: white, green, bright yellow.

For strength training

Training tights often have a compression effect. This is necessary in order to reduce the load on the vessels when performing strength exercises. Compression models are necessary for training after injuries or during classes with increased loads. What sports use compression pants:

  • body-building,
  • Athletics - in the case of long and frequent trainings,
  • martial arts
  • crossfit.

Compression pants are selected taking into account the state of health. These are not just clothes for professional sports, but medical products.

Design options and trendy colors

Men's fashion dictates its own rules. If more recently, sports pants in the classical sense were represented by monophonic models of a dark palette, today the assortment of men's sportswear is so diverse that even fastidious fashionistas will be able to choose for themselves truly valuable items. Let's try to understand fashion trends.

With stripes

Sports pants with vertical stripes on the sides are a classic of the genre. Such models have clear advantages. Firstly, they perfectly model the figure. Vertical stripes extend the silhouette and lengthen the legs. With the help of such a simple technique, it is possible to hide excess weight or visually lengthen growth.

Secondly, contrasting stripes represent a truly sporty decoration element. As a result, outfit is being transformed. If it is necessary to emphasize the informality of everyday bow, then pants with stripes will perfectly cope with this task.

Too bright inserts or stripes in acid tones will forgive, but such design options are appropriate in a youth wardrobe. Jackets, sweaters and T-shirts to match the stripes will be able to complement the image.

Military style

Sportswear with a hint of military rules the ball. Today, such things are readily worn on any occasion. Men put on camouflage pants for a walk, training in the fresh air, and even in a club. Military style sportswear must be worn correctly. There should not be too many accent elements in the image. If these are camouflage trousers, then the other components of the outfit should be moderate and muffled.

Trousers in gray and green colors with pronounced pixel prints are combined with sports accessories and shoes, as well as with military-style things. Men can complement the look with a flying jacket, berets or light sneakers and knitted hoodies.


Not every man agrees to purchase white pants. Such clothes require special care, and even in bad weather in white trousers you won’t go outside. But white pants will help out during sports training in the dark. Also, they can be practiced in the gym, and for lovers of concise, but bright everyday bows, white sports pants will become a real treasure.

You can combine such things with clothes of any color, but white trousers look best with things of deep and saturated colors. You can wear pastel polo shirts in a summer wardrobe with cropped sweatpants.

White sweatpants in Bosco styles look spectacular. Such models are often complemented by folklore patterns or red stripes on the sides. White trousers with drawings in the colors of the Russian tricolor can be found in the Forward sportswear collection.


Raven color sports trousers have no competitors. Men love black pants for their practicality, slimmer effect and wide combination possibilities. If monophonic trousers seem too gloomy, then monochrome products will help out. Black and white trousers appear in the Adidas and Puma collections. If in the first case we are talking about black trousers with white trim, then in the second white color is used to apply the logo.

Gray t-shirts and hoodies, as well as sweatshirts with patterns, will be able to complement sports pants in black. Men willingly wear plain black trousers with windbreakers, sweatshirts and bomber jackets, in which black is adjacent to red, white, emerald, etc.


Trousers in gray shades are considered the most popular among men. Such clothes are unpretentious, not prone to pollution, in harmony with any colors and prints. At the same time, gray does not look as pessimistic as black. Vibrant long sleeves, bomber jackets, cardigans and jumpers will be able to diversify everyday wardrobe.

Gray pants, tapering down, can be worn with hoodies, sweatshirts and denim windbreakers. Shade gray color able bright accessories. Men traditionally wear sportswear with white sneakers and raincoat bag bags.

A gray sweatshirt with a contrasting inscription or pop art print on the chest will complement gray sport pants. Young men combine plain melange trousers with sweaters in turquoise, salad and white colors.

Brand models of sports trousers

In the sportswear market, high-quality products from iconic manufacturers and budget pants of attractive design are presented. True connoisseurs of sports things are ready to sacrifice a lot for the sake of the original product of their favorite brand. We will call trusted manufacturers of men's sportswear.

The American brand is a market leader in sports products. The company positions itself as a manufacturer of comfortable and stylish clothes for purposeful and energetic people. The brand’s mission is reflected in the design of its products. Nike sweatpants are easy-to-fit, fit and have great adjustability.

Like many iconic manufacturers, Nike avoids flashy designs and offers utilitarian things that are easy to combine with other clothes. The trend is dark gray trousers with the company logo, as well as bright models in terracotta, blue and salad colors.


The German concern offers a variety of options for men's wardrobe, and the range includes trousers for various purposes and design. The Adidas collection contains minimalist training kits, trendy youth-design trousers and sporty pants designed for casual wardrobe.

The company works in several directions, and each creates separate collections, including men's sportswear. The unchanging attributes of classic Adidas trousers are the trefoil logo and three stripes on the sides. Classics of the genre - monochrome straight-cut trousers. Men can also try on tapered knit pants that should be complemented with white Adidas sneakers and a plain olympic sweatshirt.


Reebok produces sportswear that is valued worldwide. Becoming a subsidiary of Adidas, the fashion brand has not lost its identity. Reebok clothing is loved for its original design, which does not compromise product quality.

The latest collections of the fashion brand abound in narrow-fitting trousers with side pockets. In the assortment of the fashion brand there are trousers on cuffs from dense plain knitwear. Designers experimenting with fabrics and textures. Among the Reebok novelties are pants with a melange effect, tight-fitting sweatpants with pop art prints and warm models made of windproof fabric with a glossy effect.


The Japanese brand has a lot of fans. Asics pants are versatile and durable. The men's collection abounds in indoor training tights, jogging pants and team sports. Special attention should be paid to straight trousers made of raincoat fabric with an elastic band and stripes. Designers Asics refuse flashy colors and unusual prints. The highlight of the fashion brand is high quality, comfortable fit and focus on sports results.


Brand products are far from affordable for everyone. The cost of trousers alone is as much as you can spend on a full suit from leading brands of sportswear. Nevertheless, fans of the Armani sports collection are not getting smaller. Men willingly put on military-style sports trousers, knitted models with a straight and narrower cut, and traditional sports pants with cuffs.

Products for winter sports deserve special attention. Stylish and functional trousers for skiing and snowboarding are made of breathable but water-repellent fabric. Designers made sure that the product sat on the figure flawlessly. For this, various adjustment options have been developed.

The fashion brand focuses on practicality, convenience and wide possibilities of combination. Puma trousers are distinguished by simplicity of cut, utilitarianism, and increased wear resistance. In a men's wardrobe, traditional trousers like tights and casual models in a sports style, more reminiscent of chinos, may appear.

Brand designers avoid ambiguous design options. According to the cult brand, sportswear should be solid, comfortable and without elaborate decor. Men's collections abound in plain trousers of practical colors: black, gray, blue, khaki. Pants with stripes and a contrasting logo for the entire length of one of the trousers are suitable for a youth wardrobe. Saturated sets in emerald, yellow and azure colors look no less impressive.

Rating of the best men's trousers

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best men's pants up to 5000 rubles1Colin's MP002XM0YHM3 2 290 ₽
2Brooks Brothers 13169449MX 3 250 ₽
3United Colors of Benetton UN012EMDXGR4 2 999 ₽
4Berkytt MP002XM0N8H3 3 900 ₽
The best men's trousers from 5000 to 15000 rubles1Calvin klein jeans 8 200 ₽
2Hackett London HA024EMDOND2 5 870 ₽
3Hugo Hugo Boss HU286EMAHYD4 8 900 ₽
4Levi’s LE306EMZYR33 7 100 ₽
The best men's pants from 15,000 rubles1Incotex 5249557 25 450 ₽
2BRUNELLO CUCINELLI 5372243 55 000 ₽
3LORO PIANA 5413401 39 850 ₽
4DOLCE & GABBANA 5407540 33 000 ₽

Colin's MP002XM0YHM3

The rating is opened by the Turkish company Colin's, which produces clothes mainly for young guys who lead an active lifestyle. All products of the company are produced in a modern garment factory. The main advantages of the presented model are the use of natural fabrics, fashionable style, thoughtful design to the smallest detail, reasonable price.

Pants in blue are made of 98% cotton. Elastane in the composition of the fabric does not limit movement and makes wearing clothes as comfortable as possible. The model looks great with a polo and a sports jacket. The product costs 2290 rubles.

Brooks Brothers 13169449MX

Further in the ranking is a model from an American brand, founded more than 100 years ago. The company offers men a huge selection of options for various colors and styles.

Solid trousers with five pockets have a classic fit at the waist. The stretch model is made in dark brown and consists of 98% cotton. It goes well with different shirts, coats and jackets. With brown suede boots, your trousers look great. The price of men's trousers is about 3250 rubles.


Brooks Brothers 13169449MX

Further in the ranking is a model from an American brand, founded more than 100 years ago. The company offers men a huge selection of options for various colors and styles.

Solid trousers with five pockets have a classic fit at the waist. The stretch model is made in dark brown and consists of 98% cotton. It goes well with different shirts, coats and jackets. With brown suede boots, your trousers look great. The price of men's trousers is about 3250 rubles.


  • look good with shirts and jackets,
  • Solid brand reputation
  • many pockets
  • stylish style.


United Colors of Benetton UN012EMDXGR4

Men's trousers from United Colors of Benetton are 96% cotton and 4% elastane. The attention of our experts was attracted not only by the stylish design and fashionable style of the product, but also by a lot of enthusiastic customer reviews. The model is of high quality tailoring, perfect fit.

The product is definitely worth the money. I am glad that the sizes coincide with the parameters in the table (when buying through the Internet site). Pants look great with sneakers if you tuck them in the ankle area. In the classic version, they fit the shoes. Price - 2999 rubles.

Style Overview

Pants are an important element in any sports outfit. And this is not about old trainings with elongated knees, but about the real brand models that correspond to fashion trends. But most importantly, men in sweatpants feel free, relaxed.

Unlike female models of sports trousers, men's pants have a simple cut.

When comparing sports and classic styles, the difference is visible to the naked eye. And to adjust the width of the sweatpants at the waist, an ordinary lace is used.

In the fashion industry, several varieties of styles of sports trousers are visible. Each of them has distinctive features and features of the cut.

Wide sweatpants

The most common and common version of trousers designed for active pastime. Wide models have gained their popularity due to the high level of comfort and the ability to make adjustments to their own figure. If necessary, you can hide a thin physique or mask excess fullness.

Wide leg trousers for outdoor sporting events. For running exercises only, this is not the best option.

Berkytt MP002XM0N8H3

Berkytt's navy blue model is made from 100% linen. She looks great with leather shoes and a belt. This is a great option for an office worker. Customers praise the quality of the product, the optimal density of the fabric. They note that the pants are suitable for the summer season. They will not be very hot.

The model is chosen for a reasonable price and a nice universal color. When ordering via the Internet, it is worth considering that the product is small in size by 1-2 sizes. The cost of men's trousers is 3900 rubles.

Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ 026

The first line of the nomination is occupied by narrowed trousers from twill CKJ 026 from the famous American brand “Calvin Klein”. 97% of the material consists of cotton, 3% is elastane. Trousers are narrowed down and have a low rise.

In total, the model has five pockets. The product is fastened with a bolt and a zipper. Pleases the possibility of washing in the machine, a wide size range. The main advantages of the model are high-quality fabric, neat seams, a stylish style, the perfect combination with T-shirts and brand shirts. Men's trousers are 8,200 rubles.

Hackett London HA024EMDOND2

Further in the ranking is a model from a British brand, known throughout the world. Skinny trousers are available in blue and gray. They are great as casual wear and look great with sneakers, loafers or shoes. The place will have a polo or shirt with a jacket.

The main advantages of the model are excellent material quality and neat seams. The clothes are made of soft cotton, which is supplemented with elastane (1%). On the Internet there is a very wide variation in prices for this model. If you follow the stocks, you will get trousers at a bargain price. They cost from 5870 to 9800 rubles.

Hugo Hugo Boss HU286EMAHYD4

Like the previous participant in the rating, the model from the German brand Hugo Hugo Boss is made of high-quality cotton (98%). The main advantages of the product are universal colors, size matching with the parameters in the table, interesting design.

Product reviews are conflicting. Some customers praise the perfect fit and nice fabric, impeccable performance and seasoned style. Others consider the price too high, because the material is quite thin, and everything sticks to it. There are blue and gray options for sale. Cost - 8900 rubles.

Levi’s LE306EMZYR33

Levi’s is considered one of the best-selling jeans brands. Brand stores are in almost every major city in our country. In addition to jeans, the range offers t-shirts, shirts, underwear and trousers.

The male model is made in beige color. It will be a great purchase for young guys who follow fashion. Trousers with twists look good with sneakers and a T-shirt. Judging by the reviews, in life they are even better than in the photo. Cotton is very pleasant to the touch. It makes up 93% of the material. The price is about 7 thousand rubles.


The Italian brand, which specializes in producing expensive trousers for men and women, opens the nomination. The price of products is justified by high quality, stylish appearance and thoughtful details.

The attention of our experts was attracted by a plain cotton model with arrows. Stylish trousers of blue color are suitable for both everyday and elegant look. In the manufacture of clothing used soft cotton. Stretch fibers do not restrict movement. Price - 25,450 rubles.


The next line of the rating belongs to the model from Brunello Cucinelli. Products of the Italian brand are praised for high-quality fabrics and unique design. They are chosen by Hollywood and Russian stars. Absolutely all brand clothing combines with each other.

The presented product combines sports and classic styles. Its main differences are the availability of arrows and an elastic waistband. Straight-cut trousers made of soft cotton. The composition of the material added polyamide, which prevents the formation of spools and deformation. The model is available in several color options - blue, gray, navy blue, dark gray. Price - from 55,000 rubles.

LORO PIANA 5413401

Linen pants from the spring-summer 2019 collection will be an excellent choice for walks in the park or along the coast. The main advantage of clothing is the durability, breathable and antibacterial properties of the material. 100% flax maintains constant heat transfer and is suitable for people suffering from allergies.

It is necessary to treat such a thing very carefully. We recommend complementing the look with a checkered shirt, a light cardigan and loafers. There is a model of the Italian brand 39850 rubles. Trousers are available in gray, brown and blue.


The rating is completed by a model from an Italian brand that does not need a special introduction. Black trousers are ideal for long walks. They are made of polyester (100%) and are not afraid of dust and dirt. An elastic waistband makes an ideal fit, and an understated step line gives you freedom of movement.

The item is decorated with stripes decorated with a heraldic crown - a mark of the brand. These trousers are easy to care for. They do not lose their properties after a long time and dry quickly. However, polyester pants are not recommended to be worn in extreme heat, otherwise the body will sweat. The price is about 33,000 rubles.

Skinny style

Tight models with narrowed down legs slightly resemble female leggings. They appeared recently in men's fashion trends, so few are familiar with them. Although this style of sports trousers has a lot of advantages. Firstly, they look stylish. Secondly, they emphasize the advantages of the male figure. Thirdly, they harmoniously fit into casual style.

The only drawback is that they can only be worn in the warm season in good weather.

With pockets

Many models of sweatpants have pockets located on the sides. They can be fastened with a zipper or buttons. Basically, pockets are designed for storing important items of small sizes. For example, apartment keys, car keys, phone or player. In addition to the lateral arrangement, pockets on sweatpants can also be at the back.

In advanced models of trousers, pockets sewn on top can be in any part of the legs.

Straight cut

This kind of trousers belongs to the classical style. Straight pants are very comfortable and comfortable to wear. They are unique in that they suit men of any physique. However not all representatives of the stronger sex gravitate to similar models.

The straight fit of sports trousers is suitable for many sports exercises, however it is best to wear them for fitness.


The last few years, this variety of sports pants is at the peak of fashion trends. In the thigh area, breeches are three-dimensional, and then gradually taper down.

In these models, men look stylish, feel cozy and comfortable.


One of the fashion trends, which is in great demand among the stronger sex. The basis of the style of the joggers taken the most ordinary pants. Only modern models lightly fit the figure. The legs are straight, the elastic at the bottom allows you to tightly grab the ankles.

Short cut

To a greater extent, this type of sweatpants refers to breeches. They can visit the gym, train on street exercise machines in the warm season. Short pants can be tight and loose. The latter are chosen much more often. However, not only the cut of the described pants attracts the attention of guys, but also the color scheme. Camouflage color is in great demand.

By the way, in camouflage breeches you can go camping in the summer.


These are not just ordinary pants, but a special design. They are narrow, dense, fit legs as much as possible. Compression pants are worn exclusively for sports training. Dressing them in ordinary time is dangerous to health. The reason for this is a special squeezing of the legs, because of which the joints and muscles tightly narrow. With physical exertion, increased blood circulation, pressure in the veins and capillaries.

If the representative of the stronger sex decided to acquire compression trousers, he needs to first get the advice of the attending physician, because this kind of sweatpants can both improve and worsen the condition of the body.


Special development of fashion designers for large men. An important advantage of this style is absolute comfort. They are convenient, practical, and do not constrain movements.

But the most important thing is the aesthetic appearance, because men with excess weight about their own fullness have many complexes.


This material easily passes air, imperceptibly absorbs moisture, and these factors are extremely important for men who are actively involved in sports activities.

Just do not choose pants made of 100% cotton, where cotton will be felt more pleasantly on the skin in conjunction with synthetic fiber.

Raincoat fabric

Excellent fabric for sewing winter and off-season sports clothing items. It is this texture that retains heat inside for as long as possible. In addition, the raincoat fabric does not fade and does not require ironing.

The practicality of such sports trousers is in maximum quality with minimal care.

Bologna fabric

Sports pants made of balonovy material are a mixture of nylon and nylon fibers, on top of which silicone is applied. This difference indicates the water-repellent properties of the fabric. In balonie trousers it is convenient to play sports even in rainy weather. They are not afraid to go fishing or hunting.

The only drawback of this material is its high density, which is why air does not get inside the legs.


Woolen material is ideal in structure. Firstly, wool sports trousers easily retain their shape. Secondly, they look presentable. However, pure woolen fabric for sewing clothes is rarely used, most often impurities in the form of synthetic fibers are present in the composition of the material.

But even in such sports trousers, men can play sports outdoors in cold weather.


Of all the variety of synthetic materials, polyester is the most familiar and most common. By tactile sensations it has much in common with cotton and wool. The texture of the material is unpretentious, easy to wash, practically does not deform.

Sweatpants made of polyester should be worn in cool weather. In summer heat, a man will experience discomfort.


Men very highly value their figure and body structure. Lack of excess weight and average height are standard indicators of the average representative of the stronger sex. When choosing clothes, and especially pants, they do not have big problems.

But men with non-standard sizes have to pre-measure the height, waist and length of the trousers along the inner seam. To do this, you need to take an existing pair of washed sweatpants and a measuring tape. Lay out the trousers on the floor, after which, applying a "centimeter", take measurements. The data obtained are verified against a specially designed dimensional grid.

At the same time, each manufacturer has such tables individually, although they have some similarities with each other.

Color schemes

The color scheme of modern sportswear has no boundaries. Some men like the bright palette, others prefer catchy tones, the third is attracted by a unique print, and the fourth prefer the classic austerity of dark shades. The question of the colors of sweatpants depends on individual preferences.


The choice of such a bright color of trousers is made by brave men who love to be in the spotlight. Red color with all its shades is self-sufficient, no additional decor, no prints they need.

Such a bright sports equipment is most often chosen by extreme lovers.


Sports pants in blue colors (as well as black models) are considered universal, although they do not look so formal.

Fashion designers regarding the blue palette say that this is a new trend in black shades.


Such a bright and rich color is chosen only by young guys who like to be in the spotlight.

How to choose?

For a man, choosing the right style of sweatpants can be a serious problem. Not everyone understands which pants should be paid attention to. The advice of experienced fashion designers comes to the rescue, who probably know what styles of trousers are relevant today and for what types of male figures they are intended.

  • All models of wide athletic trousers help to hide the presence of excess weight or lean physique. For full members of the stronger sex, this is a real salvation.

  • The tight-fitting style of sweatpants looks perfect on strong men, the main thing is that the pants do not cause discomfort and do not interfere with movement.

  • Pants with cuffs or elastic bands at the bottom of the legs are very practical and comfortable.

Just choosing the right size, you need to consider that freedom should be felt in the hips and legs.

  • Training models with pockets on the sides should not fit your legs. However, a lot of space should also not be present. Otherwise, the beauty of the male figure will not be visible.

  • Sweatpants with stripes perfectly emphasize the high growth of men.

Straight legs should not be cramped and interfere with movements.

  • Classic models of sports trousers should slightly fit the figure in the lower back and buttocks.

The universality of this style lies in the possibility of using men of all ages and physiques.

  • Breeches - youth version of sports trousers. They should have a free top with a gradual narrowing of the legs down.

It’s right that there is no excess of freedom in the hips.

  • Fashionable joggers in style resemble pants. They seem straight, although the legs are slightly narrower down.

These models are best suited for young men.

  • Compression pants are a very delicate topic for discussion. They are designed to maintain muscles, blood vessels, capillaries and ligaments at maximum sports loads. The support effect is achieved by tightly fitting the athlete's legs.

These pants are mainly designed for bodybuilding.

With such a wide variety of men's sports trousers, it is necessary to take into account a lot of small nuances. But the most important thing when choosing - be sure to try on pants, walk in them, sit down, bend over, make several sports movements. This is the only way to determine the level of convenience and comfort.

What to wear?

The purpose of sports trousers is training. So, the elements of clothing that are combined with them - a T-shirt, T-shirt and sneakers. And here it should be clarified. Cotton t-shirts are best worn in hot weather. It is not necessary that they be plain. You can also stay on printed products. According to fashion designers, a sports bow looks very dynamic, where the upper part of the clothes has the same tone with the color of the hair or decorative inserts in the pants.

Polo shirts are perfect for all men. They succinctly make fun with a variety of styles of sports trousers.

With the advent of cold weather, a pair of longsleeve should appear in the men's wardrobe - long-sleeved T-shirts.As an analogue of a sports jacket, a sweatshirt with a hood or a sweatshirt is used.

The most important advantage of a sports bow is the simplicity of combining different colors of clothing.

Stylish examples

It may seem to some that all the styles of sports trousers, despite their uniqueness, can be combined with any kind of shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts. But this opinion is erroneous. AND To understand how it is profitable to present your own sporty image, it is proposed to consider several options for interesting fashionable bows.

In this case, a model of the classic wide style is presented. The blue color of the pants blends perfectly with a white tank top. Mandatory attribute - sneakers. Quite often, such pants are a set of a whole tracksuit. However, men got used to this style, which is why they lost a lot of interest in him, but in vain. It is in such a sports “ammunition” that representatives of the stronger sex can freely engage in sports, even in the gym, even on the street.

The following bow is preferred by young guys. Older men do not even consider such styles. Many deep pockets on trousers are one of the main hits of recent seasons. The color scheme of the pants in the presented bow belongs to the dark palette, which means that combining them with dark shoes and riding is easy.

A very interesting and attractive version of the sports image. In joggers, guys feel relaxed, cozy and comfortable. The versatility of this style of trousers allows you to go to them both to the gym and to a party. In both cases, the guy will be the standard of fashion trends.

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