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Everyone has long been accustomed to the definition of metrosexuals, however, from time to time, the beautiful half of humanity is “boiling water ... from" bearded, well-groomed and at the same time fairly dressed men and they are called lumbersexual ... About them below ...

A new stylish trend in the men's world and these are male lumbersexs, as they are also called ... Their main differences are a large but well-groomed beard, simple clothes (T-shirts or flannel shirts) and very serious, even a little rude, but at the same time simple appearance.

Very often, Lambersexuals prefer such unconventional approaches as, for example, restoring an old motorcycle and riding it with its unsurpassed beard, or buying a fixed-type bike or highway, while others prefer more comfortable mountain bikes.

The style of lambersexuals has become a complete opposition to the style of metrosexuals - well-groomed men who prefer expensive fashionable clothes.

Let's look at where this word came from.

The name "lambershekshual" comes from the British word "lumberjack" (lumberjack) which means - lumberjack, lumberjack. It was the appearance of the North American (USA, Canada) lumberjacks: bearded strong men in flannel plaid shirts and with an ax in their hands - formed the basis of this newfangled style, which is becoming more and more popular every day. Just not in the spring of 2015 a boom of the Lambersexual style is forecasted.

“Metrosexual is today a dying species that is being replaced by men who are more interested in living with outdoor sports than looking after beauty,” writes famous American blogger Tom Puzak.

In addition to the style of the North American lumberjack, the appearance of Lambersexual was influenced by the culture of hipsters. Lambersexuals are actually typical urban dwellers working in the field of new technologies and receiving a decent salary.

At the same time, the Lambersexual remains a rather refined man: his beard and hairstyle are well-groomed, he has a sophisticated taste and loves home cooking.

Moreover, the style of Lambersexuals is to create the impression that he does not care at all about his manner of dressing.

Bright representatives of this style are American actors Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganyello, French footballer Eric Cantona, Australian Hugh Jackman, Briton Charlie Hannam.

How did it all start?

The history of the word received wide coverage in 2015. English linguists turned their attention to him.

Few people know, but every year the American Dialectical Society selects words that are firmly in circulation last year. They distinguish them in several categories: “the most useless” and “word of the year”.

  • In 2010, the term “arr” (from the word application) won - meaning attachment to various gadgets
  • In 2009, the word of the year was the term “tweet” - a message on Twitter.

So, neologism (a concept that recently appeared in the language) “Lambersexual” became the fourth in the nomination “The most useless words of the year”. Then he was picked up by well-known newspapers such as Time or Guardian. He often flashed in articles about fashion for the new season and other similar works.

But quite unexpectedly, people fell in love with this word and soon it will probably move to higher positions.

Lambersexual: the main signs

So, who can now be called that? Lambersexuals prefer:

  1. Wear t-shirts and coarse knit sweaters,
  2. Flannel shirt is their favorite accessory
  3. From hats choose fur hats, hit - hat with ear flaps,

This is with regards to clothing, with regard to hairstyles and other personal characteristics:

  • They try to grow a thick beard, similar to that worn by experienced foresters and hunters,
  • Mustache is always lush, neatly trimmed,
  • Hair elongated, but always combed and styled,
  • The body is muscular athletic, no hanging tummies and second chins,
  • Sometimes hair and beard are painted in the same style.

This is not the garbage of society that has not launched itself, but its representative class, the opposite of metrosexuals. They spend a lot of time and money on creating such an image, and despite their brutality, women like it very much.

Metrosexual: who is this?

What are these two opposite directions? It's very simple, the metrosexual is a man who attaches particular importance to his appearance, but unlike the previous type, the metrosexual does not grow a shaggy beard, if there is one, it is rather in the style of Hugo Boss - with a neat three-day stubble. More often their face is smoothly shaved, eyebrows are plucked, and sometimes even made up.

Because of such an extravagant appearance, they are sometimes referred to people with non-traditional sexual orientation or think that they once changed sex. This is an erroneous opinion, or rather not quite correct.

A metrosexual can be of any orientation, he’s just no less than any woman monitors his appearance, prefers new-fashioned accessories in the form of different chains, trinkets, handbags, visits beauty salons. However, this leads a completely normal sexual lifestyle.

Previously, they were called: "macho", "dandy" or "dandy."

In fact, there is much in common between the representatives of these two areas: both of them devote a significant part of their time and money to their appearance, with the only difference being that some make it look like a Siberian huntsman, and others look like a glamorous dandy.

Hippies and Lambersexual: what's the difference?

Another important attribute of "lumberjacks" is considered a tattoo - a real male figure, sometimes covering a significant part of the body. Once they were applied only to hippies, and today, bearded city huntsmen.

So how does a lumberjack differ from hippies, and are elongated hair, and a mustache with a beard, and a tattoo? With my whole way of life, because what the hippie idea taught:

  • A person should be free - work, education, social responsibilities deprive him of the opportunity to enjoy life,
  • Hippies are determined by the desire to preserve freedom,
  • Community is the best form of hostel
  • Everyone who thinks differently is mistaken,
  • Beauty and freedom are identical, you are beautiful as you want.

Hippies could be recognized from far away, he really looks like a lumberjack, but the lambersexual just looks the same, he lives very differently. His hair and beard are the result of the work of an excellent hairdresser, clothes from good shops, and they are not members of the community, they carry on a normal life, work and play sports.

Who is a lambersexual?

Lambersexual is a bearded man who looks like a lumberjack. He is the exact opposite of a metrosexual who overly carefully watches himself. A man of special manners. Wearing luxurious vegetation, the classic image of a lumberjack is brightly complemented by a flannel shirt in a cage. In the cold, he wears a knitted hat, and at times the people around him flaunt his chic tattoos.

This type is often strong, physically seasoned. The main distinguishing feature is the beard of the lumberjack, which serves as the basis for uniqueness. This style was created by lumberjacks from America. Now it does not mean at all that in big cities they adhere to rigid manners. When attending formal celebrations or going on a date, this person will wear a classic costume, but always emphasizing individuality.

The trend is not an innovation if the male wants to let go of the stubble. In fact, it has long been formed, but now has gained a name with an exact definition. A similar traditional look is increasingly popular.

The image of Lambersexual through the eyes of others and the truth

  • His appearance is associated with naturalness and naturalness, but not with a meticulous attitude to his appearance. In fact, a Lambersexual spends much more time on how he looks than an ordinary man.
  • Having dressed as if he was going to a Norwegian forest, a lambersexual goes on a tour of the bars. Perhaps he will order not a strong brandy or whiskey, but a low-alcohol cocktail or a coffee at all.
  • Despite the fact that he looks like a lumberjack, the lambersexual does not work in the forest, but in a prestigious IT company. Perhaps he has his own business. In principle, it does not matter who he is by profession: the salary of a person who does not skimp on expensive means for caring for a beard and hair and constantly visits the barber should be substantial.
  • The lambersexual backpack is not an ax, but the MacBook Air, books on business and self-development. He leads Instagram, and his favorite filter is retro.

Lambersexual can be compared to a librarian who actually never worked with book catalogs. It is likely that he does not know how to survive in the forest, make a fire and, perhaps, does not even want to spend the night in a tent. But fashion dictates that he dress and look like a real man.

Where did the name come from?

The word is derived from the British word lumberjack, translated as “lumberjack” or “lumberjack”. North American men from Canada, the USA worked hard on themselves, forming the appearance of a strong, handsomely dressed bearded man with an ax in his hands. The style of the lumberjack conquered the world of 2015, finally strengthening fashionable positions. How did it all begin?

The topic was widely covered thanks to linguists of English speech. Every year, the American Dialectical Organization selects last year’s words, firmly rooted in public circles. There are several nominations: “The most useless word”, “Word of the year”. For example, in 2010, the term “victory” was won by the term “app” (from the English application), which translates as “application” to gadgets.

In 2009, the word “tweet” was noted - a message from the Twitter social network. Soon the neologism “woodcutter” took an honorable 4th place in the nomination “Useless Word of the Year”. Then it was promoted by the well-known newspapers Time and Guardian. The expression was increasingly used by fashion magazines, talking about the latest news of the season. The people picked up a great topic, so it flashes more and more among fans of extravagance.

What are the signs of a trend? Find out below:

  1. Well-groomed, neatly trimmed beard.
  2. Leather shoes made of quality material.
  3. An expensive accessory such as a gadget or watch.
  4. Braces, tattoos on different parts of the body.
  5. Casual classic clothes. No sports!

As you can see, the appearance is formed quite hard. A man should be ready to regularly take care of his face, its vegetation, and keep an eye on his hair. You should also buy quality things with accessories that express your inner choice, charisma rather than beauty.

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Let's start with the external differences. It is easy to recognize Lambersexual - it is precisely such men in female novels who are called the "harsh wanderers of the seas", although journalists and psychologists advising them more often recall Canadian lumberjacks, to whom men of a new type are also very similar. Actually, the term itself - lambersexual - comes from the English word lumberjack, which means "lumberjack" or "lumberjack".

The appearance of the lambersexuals corresponds to the name: a strong stocky figure, deliberately sloppy clothes (most often jeans or ski pants, a jacket, a flannel checkered shirt or a coarse knit sweater - from home yarn or with Norwegian patterns), a brutal look and - without fail! - a beard. It may seem that such men look groomed, but this is not so, lambersexuals spend no less - and sometimes more - time and money on their appearance than their predecessors metrosexuals: clothes are expensive, solid and neat, and a subject of special pride, a beard , carefully cut and combed hair to hair. Therefore, it cannot be said that the fair, in general, Pushkin’s idea that “one can be a real person and think about the beauty of nails” is no longer relevant. Lambersexuals take care of their appearance no less than metrosexuals, but they do everything so that you can be sure that they do not give a damn about their appearance, although this is nothing more than a trick.

"Accustomed hands to axes"?

Most often, Lambersexuals have nothing to do with real lumberjacks, as a rule, they work not at a logging site, but in a quite convenient, warm and comfortable office. Their profession is probably related to the field of art or high technology, most often lambersexuals are artists, PR filmmakers, IT specialists. As for the appearance, the Lambersexuals, on the one hand, are distinguished by a well-developed intellect, and on the other hand, by concern for physical fitness - they actively attend gyms and engage in martial arts.


Lambersexuals have replaced metrosexuals - the pampered and overly caring representatives of the male sex. And actually it is much more interesting - and important! - a trend than it might seem at first glance. The appearance of Lambersexuals in our life speaks about one thing: the female half of humanity is tired of men who are weak in soul and body, it subconsciously reaches for those who can feel like a stone wall, and the appearance of Lambersexuals matches this type in the best way possible. If we discuss this topic further, we can assume that modern women are tired of their own strength, and, perhaps, the fair sex will gradually regain femininity, in return returning to men those qualities that they have been so stubbornly lately - and in vain! - conquered from the stronger sex.

However, there is another view of this phenomenon: some psychologists believe that a man’s desire to have a beard indicates internal problems that he is trying to hide. As a rule, bearded men are very vulnerable and cannot be a support for others, since they themselves need support and protection, and sometimes representatives of their gender, it’s not for nothing that such a lambersexual image is cultivated in adult films, including those intended for sexual minorities.

Thank you for your help in preparing this material. psychologist Marina Eliseeva.

Bright representatives of the movement

The pioneer of the movement was Hollywood. In 2013, it turned out that all the local stars forgot about the existence of shaving accessories. At the Oscars, most of them walked onto the red carpet with a high beard.

And who just did not succumb to the temptation to feel like a real "woodcutter":

  • George Clooney,
  • Leonardo DiCaprio,
  • Brad Pitt.

All of them from hot machos turned into serious adult men.

Shaver manufacturers even began to sound the alarm, their efforts in the press began to publish research data and test photographs of varying degrees of unshaven, proving that men with three-day stubble or smooth shaven seem more attractive.

But now 2017, and the "woodcutters" continue to take root around the world. Already not only movie stars, but sports and model businesses prefer a rude masculine appearance.Special barbershops appear (beauty salons for real men).

Science, contrary to its previous opinion, began to argue that a bearded man in a suit and with a bowtie evokes more respect in society.

Everything in this world moves according to its own laws, a certain cycle of events takes place. And, probably, woodcutters are a manifestation of the needs of a society that lacks male naturalness. Their appearance indicates fatigue from the standards of glamorous effeminacy.

Lumberjack style

Not such factors are highlighted here:

Perfume. Aroma is a distinctive feature of the whole image, a certain highlight that surprises you and others. Do not hesitate to use good perfumes. Exclude creams, even if you have sensitive skin. Light tingling tones up, adjusts your potential.

clothing. The lumberjack has not a single flannel plaid shirt. The predominant color is red, in case the hunter gets lost in the forest. Then it is easier to find. Denim is also used - a dense interwoven fabric. T-shirts are also worn when, for example, a man decided to ride a bike or repair it. No distinct additions. Plain plain colors. Worn jeans are included with these shirts.

Cargo pants or trousers from rough tailoring will also go. And looking into the shoe department, you can pick up rubber boots for slushy weather, casual shoes in a temperate climate, or combat boots for a grand occasion. If the weather is warm, sunny, deserts will do.

In cold weather, a warm knitted sweater, a harsh leather jacket or something woolen is worn. Often a man practices a multi-layered image: a jeans shirt is put on a T-shirt, a checkered flannel shirt over it, and a jacket on top. The headgear is cold at times - a knit hat. A man of this style is always neat, with a refined taste. He loves home cooking. The main feature is to create the opinion that the manner of dressing is not at all his. Extraordinary, agree?

In everyday life of the “woodcutter”, the image of a man with an ax does not haunt him. This is an ordinary person, often making good money, having expensive food news. Meeting with partners, he will put on a well-known brand, embellishing the appearance with a tie or bow-tie.

Tattoos & Beard. Tattoos have always been associated with originality, courage, which emphasizes each representative. It happens that the appearance is complemented by an earring in the ear, which contrasts with a checkered flannel shirt, and especially elegantly - with a white shirt and tie.

Stylists argue that the beard of a lumberjack should look natural, not too elaborate and elegant, because a simple, outstanding image well emphasizes natural masculinity. Such a beard accentuates the strength, strength of your character. This is the whole secret - to harmoniously complement strong-willed qualities. And to give the hairstyle the necessary shape, turn to professional barbers.

Lambersexual: photos

Well, you are intrigued enough, what do these men look like? Then view photos that convey a trendy, well-groomed, vibrant look.

If you want to do a cool photo shoot, pay attention to how you hold the ax. Sometimes lumberjacks clutch at him with their bare hands, and some cut down the forest, wearing gloves. Gloves should be chosen from leather or rubberized inserts. Sometimes the fingers of the gloves are cut off, like bikers. Modern designers make this out fittingly ironic, combining different elements intertwined with the life of a metropolis.

Jokes about Lambersexuals

Yes, for such a short time of existence, the image has already managed to capture the glory of humorous circles. Of course, these are ironic stories concerning “woodcutters” of different ages, carrying a positive wave. Your attention the following stories:

  1. - Take a look! I even came to defend my dissertation as a lambersexual: in jeans, a flannel shirt and a full beard. “Yeah, did you get a brand new big ax for protection?”
  2. A modern man is like a lumberjack, who, instead of cutting down a forest, looks after his appearance in order to please the rest of the lumberjacks.
  3. He said that lambersexual. But in fact, an ordinary lumberjack!
  4. Lambersexual? What is the new kind of cheese?
  5. Was Vasya, now a woodcutter.

Tough appeal

So you can say about every "woodcutter". It has the fact that such an image remains only a role, while many men of this style are truly successful, happy, rich. After all, representatives of the stronger sex confidently demonstrate their appearance along with overt life goals. How can it not bribe? Be fashionable and sexy, men!

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