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Why men do not grow a mustache: consider the main reasons

The desire to slow down the growth of bristles raises questions about why the beard is growing rapidly and what is associated with its accelerated appearance. There are many reasons for activity: from genes to hormonal failure.

Before starting the fight against excessive vegetation, you need to visit a doctor and conduct a diagnostic examination, which will indicate possible sources of the problem.

Biological rationale

Secondary sexual characteristics in males include active facial hair growth. It is a sign of good health, normal secretion of sex hormones.

How quickly bristles grow on the face depends on genetics and hormones. Genetic characteristics transmitted through the male line have a dominant effect on the rate of appearance of bristles.

What determines the growth of bristles on the face:

  • man’s age - the older the man, the more hair grows on the face,
  • ethnicity - the Chinese are almost completely devoid of facial hair, but the Armenians are famous for their increased body hair.

A significant change in the hormonal background by increasing the secretion of the hormone or receiving it from the outside accelerates the occurrence of bristles on the face.

Androgens testosterone and hydrotestosterone are the main regulators of the growth of beard, axillary and pubic hair. These hormones begin to be produced in adolescence. As a young man grows up, the concentration of male hormones in the body increases.

Intrinsic factors

The male body begins to produce hormones during puberty. For most boys, this period is 11-13 years. Along with the appearance of the first bristle, changes in the timbre of the voice are observed. By about 20-22 years old, the beard begins to grow evenly.

What determines the growth of stubble in men and beards in men?

  1. Hormonal activity - uniform growth is directly related to the functions of the sex glands. It is observed with sufficient synthesis of testosterone in men. Otherwise, the beard grows unevenly or is completely absent, the problem requires finding out the source of hormonal failure.
  2. The work of the adrenal glands - they are responsible for the development of secondary signs not only on the face, but also on the body. With excessive androgen production, abnormal hair growth occurs in both men and women.
  3. Heredity - a large amount of hair on the skin can be a genetic feature. For example, men living in the southern republics have more dense hair than representatives of the northern countries.

Problems with beard growth can be associated with hormonal imbalances.

External influence

The opinion that bristles in men grow faster from frequent shaving, as well as the theory that haircuts affect the growth rate, change in color and density of hair, were refuted in 1963. A certain Dr. Bern in his writings stated that shaving does not affect the long-term growth rate of facial hair in men. Dr. Burn agreed that immediately after shaving, hair grows quickly, but then growth is slowed down over the next few hours.

The final effect of shaving is reduced to zero. The doctor also said that neither cutting nor shaving hair makes them darker or coarser. The structure of the hair is unchanged, and the root of the hair is so deep under the skin that at the time of a simple shave it is almost impossible to damage.

Frequent shaving is not the cause of non-standard activity of hair growth.

The hair at the roots is darker and thicker than at the ends and therefore the short-cropped hair seems darker and tougher. However, the structure of the hair changes under the influence of high temperatures, alkalis, ammonia, soda ash, laundry soap and other chemicals. These funds affect the decrease in the strength of the hair and its elasticity.

The reasons why bristles grow rapidly in men include:

  • balanced diet - sufficient intake of vitamins and microminerals in the body causes an increase in hair growth activity,
  • playing sports - daily training normalizes the work of internal organs, improves metabolic processes,
  • lack of bad habits - alcohol, nicotine slow down metabolism, interfere with the normal absorption of nutrients,
  • absolute health - chronic diseases can become a source of dysfunction of the gonads and adrenal glands.

Good habits

If the bristles began to appear not only in the morning, but also in the evening, the guys need to listen to the following tips:

  • avoid washing with too hot water - high temperature makes you rush to the face, speeds up metabolism,
  • go to the machine - the blade negatively affects the condition of the hair follicles, often damages them,
  • Do not visit places with high humidity - saunas, baths and steam rooms cause increased blood circulation and active growth of the beard,
  • You can make the bristles softer using trimmers. Switching from a razor to a beard haircut with a trimmer will also protect your skin from discomfort. And most importantly, it will make the ends of hair growing softer.
  • slow down the growth of bristles with cosmetic masks. Such funds can be bought ready-made or made independently from essential oils.

The reason for the weak growth of the mustache

If a man is already far beyond 20 years old, and his mustache and beard do not grow at all or grow poorly and slowly, this is most likely the result of the negative impact of certain factors. The reasons for this may be:

  1. Genetic predisposition. In this case, you can judge what kind of vegetation on the face of a man will be in the future if you look at relatives and their beard and mustache. If the father, grandfather and other members of the male family, the beard and mustache grew slowly, unevenly and rarely, the likelihood of a repeat of their participation is quite high.
  2. Testosterone deficiency in the body. All the signs of masculinity of a man directly depend on this sex hormone - his figure, muscular body, density and growth of hair on the body and head, sexual activity and fertility. Lowering the level of testosterone leads to the fact that there is no beard and mustache or it grows very slowly and unevenly.
  3. Bad habits. Smoking in general has an extremely negative effect on the condition of the skin and hair, since nicotine lowers testosterone levels and also disrupts metabolic processes. The same can be said about drinking alcohol.
  4. Unbalanced diet. Due to the lack of useful vitamins and resources in the body, metabolism and other processes are disturbed. Over time, vitamin deficiency leads to hair loss, inhibition of the immune system and other disorders. Therefore, it is very important to eat different natural foods.
  5. Depressed psycho-emotional state. Often stresses, lack of sleep, moral and physical overfatigue affect the state of health, the level of testosterone, and therefore the growth of the mustache and beard.

In the case when the mustache does not grow in the middle, the stubble and whiskers, most likely, there are serious violations and malfunctions inside the body. Experts advise you to go to the clinic for a full examination, which will show exactly the reasons for the slow growth of facial hair or its absolute absence.

What to do?

If the man has determined why the mustache and beard do not grow or grow, but extremely slowly and unevenly, you can choose the methodology for correcting this situation.

You need to start with lifestyle changes, increasing mobility, changing your diet, and giving up bad habits. If this was not enough, you can take the help of medications and traditional medicine.

Folk remedies

Unconventional conservative methods suggest that a man needs to start with multivitamins and a complex of vitamin-mineral preparations.

Pharmacology offers many such vitamins specifically to stimulate the growth of mustaches and beards. You also need to consume as much water as possible, on which blood circulation, metabolic processes and metabolism depend.

Traditional medicine recipes are as follows:

Ginseng tincture. A natural resource in the form of tincture is sold in pharmacies, if taken according to the instructions, a man can naturally increase testosterone levels, immunity, strength and health.

Nuts and seeds. These products are rich in vitamins E, as well as useful acids and fats, thanks to which mustaches and beards grow better in men. They need to be consumed often, but in small portions.

Oils. To accelerate the growth of mustaches, castor and burdock oil are used, they are mixed, warmed with palms and rubbed into the skin of the face. Wash off the mask from the oil after 1 hour. The procedure is repeated 3 times a week for 3-6 months.

Scrub. They take any base oil, mix it with finely ground coffee, and then use it in the form of a scrub to speed up blood circulation. The procedure is carried out 1 time per week.

Physical exercise. With the help of strength training, a man can increase testosterone levels naturally.

Medical facilities

Minoxidil is the only recognized medicament that can cause mustache and beard to grow and accelerate. This component dilates blood vessels, accelerating blood circulation, which awakens the "sleeping" hair follicles and stimulates the appearance of new follicles. Minoxidil can be in the form of tablets, it is important to choose the right dosage so as not to provoke side effects.

Experts advise using drugs with a low percentage of minoxidil, as such products are much safer. It can be ointments, creams, balms, lotions and sprays. Pharmaceutical companies produce a variety of drugs with a solution of minoxidil. You need to apply them for a long time to fix the result. Otherwise, new hairs will fall out.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctors advise starting a fight for beard growth with a full examination in the clinic. A man can consult with specialists such as a trichologist and endocrinologist. Next, you need to radically change your lifestyle, abandoning bad habits and eating habits.

The diet should consist mainly of protein foods, complex carbohydrates and fats. In parallel, you can take special vitamins for the growth of mustaches and beards.


If a man does not have beards and mustaches, and age already implies the presence of vegetation on his face, most likely there are internal malfunctions in the body. Only by establishing the causes of such problems with stubble, you can find the best treatment for mustaches and beards. It is better to start with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and the use of pure natural water. All kinds of folk remedies and recipes will also be useful. But medications should be resorted to as a last resort and only after the approval of the doctor.

Vzhechinsky Eve

Psychologist. Specialist from the site b17.ru

This means that he has low testosterone, and all the ensuing consequences.

increase the level of male hormone

Well, you’ll find out.
Maybe he’s a master of cunnilingus and you’ll carry him in your arms for that.

Well, you’ll find out. Maybe he’s a master of cunnilingus and you’ll carry him in your arms for that.

Weak beard growth is observed only in the Kazakhs of the western regions of the country, but in the southern Kazakhs with the growth of beards everything is in order. This indicates that the southerners of the Kazakhs are closer to Europeans.

mine also grew poorly, but a member of 23 cm and stood as it should

Some kind of nonsense, where does the connection between the beard and the parking?

Impotent is unlikely. I read that it’s female hormones that predominate in him or something like that. I had a guy like that, the same rare three hairs like a goat’s (horror looked like if it hadn’t shaved). Yes, and on the head the hair where the bald spot happens, from far away looked like a real bald head or as if I had pulled out half of its hair from it.

or just Asian genes prevail

I am the author of the topic, I want to add that the face looks very young, just childish, and some kind of childish voice :) It doesn’t get beyond passionate kisses, can everything really be “sad” there?

A low level of DEG, has nothing to do with testosterone and potency.

There are problems with hormones. And how is it with potency - you won’t find out until you try or ask directly. It may be connected, but maybe not quite. In some cases, it is treated and the hormonal background is perfectly aligned, and in some cases there is nothing to be done with insensitivity to androgens.

I know cases when men only grow a mustache and a beard from below (a goat, if not to shave), and the cheeks are smooth, while everything is in order with testosterone, potency and fertility. These are just individual features of hair growth. At the same time, some have hairy breasts, legs that are generally overgrown, and a male voice, no signs of pathology. I can name three of them in a go, in which the beard does not grow on the cheeks, only on the chin, and the mustache grows. Of these, two are married with children. But if the face is also half-childish and the voice is high - yes, something your friend is missing.

increase the level of male hormone

There is almost no growth on the cheeks. Only a mustache and beard from below. And I would like to try on beautiful stubble.
There is no correlation with desire and potency =)

Could he have Klifeenter syndrome? This is an extra x chromosome. The figure is not feminine?

My 30 looks much younger than his years and a goatee only grows. The voice is normal, but the figure is also youthful. But the fire in bed.
It is not connected, the author

I have the same. Only by the age of 30 on the mustache, sideburns and chin did a more or less thorough stubble appear, on the chest there was no hair at all. Two children, no problems with potency.

Girls, I need experienced advice. I’m a guy of 30 years old, it is alarming that there are no mustaches and a beard with 3 hairs. What is this fraught with? Can he then be impotent?

Girls, I need experienced advice. I’m a guy of 30 years old, it is alarming that there are no mustaches and a beard with 3 hairs. What is this fraught with? Can he then be impotent?

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Why the beard grows unevenly

Causes that directly affect the uneven growth of the hairline sometimes lie on the surface. In rare cases, they can affect serious disorders throughout the body. What can be expressed uneven growth?

  1. you notice that the mustache grows faster than the stubble,
  2. the area of ​​the chin is unevenly covered, the gaps of the skin are visible somewhere,
  3. hair in places does not grow on the cheeks,
  4. bald spots formed.

The unevenness of the hairline can occur not only on the face.Sometimes it affects the head and other parts of the body covered by vegetation.

Everything seems to be in order, but sometimes there are problems with the growth of stubble.


Wrong beard? Pay attention to your ancestors: father, grandfather, another close relative from your birth line. If they did not shine with chic vegetation or if their beard did not grow uniformly, the probability that you inherited this undesirable effect remains with a high percentage.

Some men generally have no hair follicles on the chin of the face. Therefore, they do not have the opportunity, whatever they do, to wear a beard. Genetics is a serious and undeniable thing.

Young age

Adolescence, when puberty has not yet completed, puts certain restrictions on the growth of vegetation:

  1. At this time, instead of hard bristles, a hated soft fluff appears.
  2. Bristles can grow, but in shreds.
  3. Rare antennae make their way.

These problems are solved with the achievement of puberty, a little need to be patient. Why does anyone start this process earlier? The fact is that each organism is individual and develops in its own sexual schedule.

Puberty Delay

When puberty is delayed, the absence or uneven growth of the bristles is also observed. This is due primarily to hormones, or rather, their lack. You can discuss this problem with a specialist, he will conduct a consultation and examination, prescribe qualified treatment. The maximum period of puberty is 25 years.

Testosterone deficiency

Insufficiency of male hormone - testosterone, leads to poor or uneven growth of bristles. Testosterone in the body gives signals to the hair follicle, and it begins to grow if it is small, therefore, the opposite reaction occurs. Can I do hormone therapy myself? Definitely not!

Before taking hormonal drugs, it is important to consult with an endocrinologist and pass appropriate tests. Unauthorized absorption of testosterone can cause serious damage to the body.

Wrong lifestyle

What does wrong lifestyle include?

Improper Nutrition and Drinking. A diet with insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals disrupts important metabolic processes that deprive vegetation of the necessary vitamins. The lack of water in the body deprives the hair of oxygen, which is necessary for growth. Fast food, sweet soda, fried, very salty and spicy foods clog the body and thin out the bristles.

Exclusive sports sedentary lifestyle. It is known that excess weight appears due to an inactive lifestyle, malnutrition. In the body of a man, female hormones begin to predominate, displacing testosterone.

Bad habits. Excessive consumption of alcohol (especially beer), taking drugs, tobacco. Hair grows slower or shreds due to the harmful components of the above funds.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are the building blocks of our body. If during the construction in the walls it picks up bricks, the appearance of the house suffers, as a consequence, such a structure can become worthless. Deficiency of biotin, protein, fiber, omega 3, vitamin A leads to problems with hairline.

Improper shaving damage to the skin.

Improper shaving using a blunt razor and without aids such as foam or cream disrupts the structure of the bristles. This in some places leads to uneven growth.

Other causes: autoimmune, skin diseases, improper care, long-term use of drugs, Down syndrome, age-related changes.

What to do if the beard grows unevenly

How to grow a beard if it grows unevenly?

  1. Eat right.
  2. Use vitamins and medicines.
  3. Use masks, compresses, massage.
  4. Properly care for your skin.
  5. Go in for sports.
  6. Eliminate bad habits and stress.
  7. Normalize healthy sleep.

Why do mustaches grow faster than a beard? To determine the exact cause, you need to visit a trichologist, but such a strange trend can be affected by the factors described above.

Proper nutrition

One important step is to monitor your diet. Exclude fried, spicy, very sweet food. Diversify your diet, it must necessarily contain such vitamins as: A, E, omega 3, vitamins of group B. Minerals: magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium, as well as protein and fiber.

What foods do you focus on in your daily diet?

  • Meat and meat products.
  • Milk products.
  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Sea fish.
  • Cereals and cereals.

Products best retain nutrients in raw, boiled, baked form.


If, in your opinion, everything is in order with food, but the beard is still growing unevenly, try to drink vitamin complexes. Perhaps you are lacking in nutrients from food, or for some reason they are not digested. Common vitamin complexes: Aevit, Pantovigar, Alphabet and others.


Massage, as a means to stimulate the growth of bristles, is a free home therapy performed by the best master, that is, you. The procedure helps to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, thus awakening and the resumption of regenerative processes.

It has no contraindications, it can be performed every day for ten minutes. To do this, just apply a couple drops of useful oil for hair growth on your fingertips and rub in a circular motion in the area where the stubble grows poorly. As a preventive measure, it will not be superfluous to rub on healthy areas.

It is important to perform the procedure in a clean and dry beard. If the vegetation is not cleaned - there is a chance that microbes will come along with the oil, which will cause even more problems, for example, suppuration. If the beard is wet, water will stop the oil and the procedure will be less useful.

Regular combing of the beard can also be considered an element of massage, for this it is best to use a special wooden comb (natural material will not damage the hair or electrify). There are even beard combing techniques:

  • Accustomizing hair to proper growth: daily combing of vegetation in one direction for 10-15 minutes.
  • Combing against hair growth: this technique makes the vegetation magnificent and obedient. The bottom line: after water procedures, scratch your beard against growth as soon as it dries in height.


Masks are widely used to solve hair problems, the lower area of ​​the face is no exception.

How are masks made? Efficiency increases if the face is cleaned and steamed well before the procedure. This will help open the pores and prepare the skin for nutrition with beneficial substances.

The most common masks are based on burdock, castor oil, red pepper, eucalyptus, and essential oils are also used.

Eucalyptus cannot be used in concentrated form.

Mask burdock + red pepper: mix preheated oil with red pepper, apply to the desired area, wrap your face with cling film, soak for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Pepper in this mask acts as a strong irritant and stimulator of a rush of blood to the hair follicles, and oil as a health food.

The above mask can be repeated in combination with mustard powder, castor oil. You can also use pepper tincture separately.

Medical preparations

  1. Medical preparations, the main component of which is minoxidil, will help make your beard thicker, such drugs as Alerana, minoxidil 5%, Shevelux, Anthralin ointment, Rogaine have proven themselves well.

Minoxidil, penetrating the tissues, dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow, establishes the nutrition needed by the sleeping follicle.

  • Hormonal drugs are also used, but this is only after consultation with a specialist!
  • Creams

    Creams, as a means to eliminate irregularities in hair growth, are quite effective, the result will have to wait a long time - up to six months, sometimes up to a year.

    The positive effect of the application extends to the skin as a whole, it becomes more well-groomed and healthy. The main components of the composition: zinc and minoxidil.

    Common creams: Black Phomthong, Professional Hair System, Platinus V, Minoxidil, Rogaine.

    Proper care

    Proper care of the beard includes the following points:

    • Daily hygiene using special shampoos, conditioners, balms.
    • Regular cutting of a beard using a competent, working tool.
    • Scrubbing and stimulating massage.

    Why is the stubble not growing, what are the reasons?

    The vegetation on the man’s face is a sign of masculinity, strength and good genetics.

    Many women note that it is precisely the mustache and beard that determine the strength of character, brutality and charisma in a man.

    In addition, the latest fashion trends will deign to bearded men, as the beard of all kinds and types is again popular. But what should men do if their stubble does not grow evenly and densely?

    First you need to see a doctor trichologist or endocrinologist. It is a medical specialist who can precisely determine the reasons why stubble does not grow on the cheeks and chin.

    Further, starting from established factors, it is possible to select suitable techniques, how to enhance the growth of facial hair.

    This can be folk recipes, home care, or the use of cosmetic and medication.

    Psychologists and sociologists note that the male beard makes its owner sexy and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Using a thick beard or bristles, many manage to hide imperfections, some flaws and facial asymmetries. But in order to grow a beard, many men have to put a lot of effort and work to stimulate the growth of hairs.

    For all men, the period of the beginning of the growth of mustaches and beards begins at different ages. Someone is lucky, and the first fluff breaks already in 16 years, others can not grow a beard, even at 30 years old.

    Much depends on the nationality of the man, genetic factors, lifestyle, as well as the course of puberty.

    It begins at age 14 and lasts up to 20 years, during this period of time, growth of facial vegetation may begin.

    To predict the age when the bristles begin to grow or to establish why it does not grow, you need to pay attention to influence factors. Experts note several such reasons, this may be the hereditary characteristics of the man’s body, his age, state of health, lifestyle, hormonal and psycho-emotional background, and much more.


    If the stubble grows poorly, it is necessary first of all to analyze its nationality and what features are typical for it.

    For example, for men of eastern blood and type of appearance, there should not be a problem with a beard and other vegetation on the body at all. These guys manage to grow a mustache and stubble already in their teens.

    But the northern peoples, Slavic nationalities, Chinese and Japanese, stubble and mustache are completely atypical, it can appear much later.

    For reference! There are peoples whose stubble does not grow at all, for example, Indians, Asians, and peoples of the far north.

    Many men so want to grow a thick and courageous beard, but only a rare fluff grows. You need to pay attention to your genetics and heredity, since many features of appearance and character are transmitted by generations along the generic branch. And if there were no men with a thick and long beard in the family, it is unlikely that a man will have the opportunity to change this trend.

    What to do with poor growth?

    In fact, the options for what to do in the absence of stubble growth, all yes - it is to be patient and wait for the age to appear for the first vegetation on the face, as well as contact a specialist in this field, that is, a trichologist. The doctor will conduct a diagnosis to exclude any internal disorders and diseases, after which the situation should radically change.

    Particular attention should be paid to your lifestyle, which can delay the period of growth of the beard.

    Ideally, a man’s morning should start with a charge, meals will be varied and balanced, walks in the fresh air long and frequent, and there should be no place for bad habits and bad food. Physical activity speeds up blood flow, improves metabolic processes and increases testosterone levels.

    You can take care of your skin with the help of oils - castor and burdock, as well as ethers. Having mixed the components, the oil solution is heated by the palms of the hands and rubbed into the skin of the face along the line of growth of the bristles. Wash off the mask after an hour with warm water and soap. Mustard powder, eucalyptus oil or pine needles, red pepper can be added to the oils. Any medication should be prescribed only by a doctor.

    When to start worrying?

    The maturation of the male body occurs in a period of 25 years, and if by this time the growth of the bristles had not begun, it is worth visiting a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination in a clinic. Most likely, there are some internal disorders or genetic features that inhibit puberty and growth of the beard. In a healthy man at this age, the beard should grow evenly and densely.

    Endocrinologist's recommendations

    Doctors advise all men to look at their fathers and grandfathers, at their facial hair, in order to understand what kind of stubble they should have.

    And in order not to delay this moment, you need to avoid stress, insomnia, neurosis, meager nutrition and debilitating loads in the gym.

    Periodically, you need to take vitamins for the male body, and also check the health status in the clinic.

    The hormonal background affects all the criteria of a man - fertility, sexual activity, appearance, weight, vegetation on the head and body, voice, strength and much more. Therefore, to normalize the level of sex hormones, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, maintain physical activity and regularly donate blood to determine the level of testosterone in the body.

    What to do if the beard does not grow on the cheeks

    Members of the stronger sex often express concern about why the beard does not grow on the chin and cheeks.

    According to the prevailing opinion, facial hair gives men brutality, charisma, increases self-confidence, adds attractiveness to the eyes of women. Sometimes it is not possible to grow ford, or the result obtained does not meet expectations.

    To get rid of this problem, it will be useful to find out what are the causes of insufficient facial hair growth, and in what ways this problem can be solved.

    Possible reasons

    The answer to the question why a beard does not grow on the cheeks may interest young and mature men. Violation can have several reasons, among which come to the fore:

    1. Genetic predisposition.
    2. Age features of the body.
    3. Injuries to hair follicles.
    4. Endocrine pathology.
    5. Belonging to a particular ethnic group.

    A genetic predisposition to the absence of a thick beard is indicated in those cases where the men had ancestors with the same problem. In the presence of such heredity, the chances of possessing lush facial hair are most often minimal.

    One of the reasons for poor beard growth is hair follicle injury

    In the issue of beard growth, age plays an important role.The first stubble may appear at age 15 or be absent until the 20th anniversary. Beard thinning is often observed in advanced years, and is associated with the natural aging of the body.

    Injuries to hair follicles occur against the background of chemical or thermal burns, other damage to the skin of the face. Under the influence of negative factors, the hair rods become thinner, fall out or stop their development.

    The appearance of facial vegetation is due to the presence of testosterone, which is directly related to the state of the endocrine system. Reduced content of this male hormone in the blood leads to slower growth of the beard or its complete absence.

    Ethnicity is another factor that helps explain why a beard does not grow on the cheeks. The origin of a man greatly affects the ability to possess luxurious facial hair.

    Representatives of eastern nationalities and African-Americans are considered the most successful in this regard. Meeting the owner of a magnificent beard among the Chinese, Japanese, Chukchi, Eskimos is quite problematic.

    Oncological diseases and vitamin deficiency are also referred to the reasons for the lack of dense facial vegetation. Such health problems negatively affect the entire body, fraught with a halt in the growth of the beard or its noticeable thinning.

    Ways to Affect Cheek Hair Growth

    Men with facial hair problems will find it helpful to know what to do if a beard does not grow on their cheeks. There are many ways to increase the density of hair:

    • dieting
    • organization of proper skin care,
    • the use of pharmacy or folk remedies,
    • intake of special vitamins.

    Using any of the methods of activating hair growth is recommended for males who have reached the age of 20. At a younger age, attempts to grow a beard most likely will not bring the expected results, and if successful, give the immature face a comical look.


    1. Beefcontaining enough protein and zinc to help maintain normal testosterone levels.
    2. Sea fish, improves the condition of hair follicles due to the presence of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, vitamin B12.
    3. Eggs - A real storehouse of protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B and D, providing the beard a density and silkiness.
    4. Lactic acid products in the form of cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, rich in proteins and vitamins of group B, strengthening hair follicles and causing intensive growth of bristles.
    5. Bran, cereals (to preserve useful properties, these products are recommended to be consumed raw, soaked previously for several hours in water, or added crushed to various dishes).
    6. Greens (dill, parsley, celery, cilantro), giving beauty and shine to the hair on the face.

    In addition to the listed products, the menu should include garlic, which sets the tone for the whole body, walnuts and almonds. The most useful vegetables are pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, and legumes.

    To accelerate the growth of hair on the cheeks and chin, you will need to abandon products that are harmful to the beard - fatty meat and fish, sweets, semi-finished products. It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages often.

    Facial skin care

    Men who do not grow hair on their cheeks are advised to regularly moisturize their skin and use quality skin care products. If possible, you should visit a beautician or make nourishing masks at home.

    During shaving, it is important to use high-quality devices. Devices with blunt blades, an inconvenient configuration can leave cuts and irritations on the face that adversely affect the appearance of male vegetation.

    Contrary to popular belief, shaving frequency does not affect stubble growth. That is why you should not practice frequent shaving of facial hair to accelerate the appearance of a beard.

    Pharmacy and folk remedies

    Modern pharmacology is able to tell what to do if a beard does not grow on the cheeks. Among pharmacy drugs that help increase the density of bristles on the face, oral products can be used:

    • Finasteride - a tablet product that intensively affects hair growth hormones,
    • Perfectil - capsules with a combined composition, enhancing the blood supply to the hair follicles, ensuring their full nutrition,
    • Nutricap - a drug that resists baldness in various parts of the body, increasing the thickness of the hairline.

    The finished product with an oil base is Hi-Ho. This beard oil contains extracts of jojoba, ginger, black pepper, grape seed and other components for the health of hair rods.

    Effective folk remedies for accelerated hair growth on the male face are:

    1. Hot red pepper.
    2. Aloe and garlic.
    3. Tar soap.

    Mask with red pepper

    To prepare the mask combine:

    • ½ tsp ground roasted product
    • 2 tbsp. l oil heated to 35 degrees (burdock or castor).

    The resulting mass is applied to a cleansed lotion, steamed face (primarily on areas of expected hair growth). From above the skin is covered with polyethylene and a towel. Wash off the composition after half an hour, and moisturize the skin with cream. The process is repeated 1-2 times a week, for a month.

    Mask with aloe and garlic

    If the beard on the cheeks does not grow well, you will need to mix:

    • 1 tsp garlic juice
    • 1 tbsp. l 3 year old aloe juice
    • 1 tbsp. l honey
    • egg yolk.

    The resulting composition covers the growth area of ​​the beard, insulate on top. Eliminate the mask after 30-40 minutes. The procedure is carried out once for 3-5 days. Conduct a course until positive changes occur.

    Tar soap

    This product is recommended to be used daily at bedtime. The epidermis is soaped with this tool in places of beard growth. Wash off the foam after 10 minutes.

    Attention! Tar soap has drying properties, which is why it is not recommended for owners of dry skin type.

    Other methods

    To increase the effectiveness of the applied means for the growth of the beard helps:

    • full sleep (at least 8 hours a day will ensure the renewal of hair shaft cells and their full development),
    • positive emotions (nervous experiences often provoke weakened immunity and hair loss),
    • playing sports (a mobile lifestyle without excessive physical exertion ensures good blood supply to the hair follicles, normal metabolism).

    There is another way to grow a beard on the cheeks when she is in no hurry to please the owner with her appearance. To speed up the long-awaited process, it is useful to regularly visit the bathhouse or sauna. It is proved that the effect of steam on the skin activates the growth of hair rods.

    Why beard and stubble on cheeks grow poorly and slowly - Evehealth

    There are a number of circumstances that lead to the fact that the beard grows poorly. If you correct the hormonal background and eliminate physiological disorders in the body, then you can fix the situation very quickly. What to look for if a beard grows poorly in men at different age periods?

    Main reasons

    There are a number of factors on which the growth of hair on the head and face depends:

    1. Belonging to a certain ethnic group - among the inhabitants of the Caucasus, stubble breaks from a young age, and among Europeans, especially pale-haired - this sign can be barely noticeable,
    2. The hereditary factor is that if men did not have a thick beard from generation to generation, then the likelihood of the appearance of magnificent hair in posterity is low
    3. The lack of testosterone is a particular problem, because the male sex hormone is responsible for the vegetation on the face and body, if it is produced in insufficient quantities, then it will be difficult to grow a beard.
    4. Young age - in the adolescent period there is a serious hormonal restructuring of the body, sometimes secondary sexual characteristics appear much later, and the ability to grow a beard becomes quite problematic. If by the age of 25 the situation has not changed, it is important to contact the endocrinologist for help.
    5. Reproductive disorders - require a visit to specialized specialists, it can be either a hereditary or an acquired form of the disease. The boy’s voice does not change, ovarian growth is not observed at 13 or 14 years.
    6. Bad habits - smoking, alcohol, drugs at an early age can lead to an imbalance of the whole organism, as a result of which many systems and organs are disrupted, the beard grows poorly, and the hairs become lifeless.
    7. Improper nutrition - the lack of useful components in food that are necessary to maintain the body's defenses, excessive consumption of caffeine, especially in adolescence. Excessive weight gain.
    8. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals - a lack of biotin leads to hair loss, and B vitamins are necessary to improve blood circulation and moisturize the hair, and folic acid promotes hair growth.
    9. Stressful situations - when a person is in a depressed state, then many systems and organs work inferiorly, causing various disorders in the body.

    An equally important problem, why a beard grows poorly, can be damage to the skin when shaving. It is important to educate adolescents in advance in order to avoid uncomfortable situations, including facial injuries.

    Other reasons - why the beard grows unevenly

    It is important to properly care for the skin of the face, regularly remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, open and clean the pores. This can be done using cosmetics - milk, peeling, scrubs.

    Such procedures will contribute to the saturation of tissues with nutrients, oxygen, which will improve the growth of hair follicles. It is equally useful to make masks from natural ingredients - sour cream, cucumber, peach, potatoes, honey and more.

    With an incorrectly selected beard shape, hair can grow unevenly and disproportionately, due to the peculiarities of the skeletal apparatus. In this case, it is best to ask a stylist for advice or use an online program with a face shape substitution.

    Attention! Improper use of the razor can be the reason why the beard on the cheeks and chin does not grow well. To avoid this, you need to choose high-quality accessories for shaving and observe safety precautions.

    A beard slowly grows during adolescence or vegetation appears in the form of a youthful gun. It is important to wait this moment, simply the situation stabilizes after hormonal changes in the body.

    Why does a beard grow poorly at 20?

    Slow hair growth is a sign of low levels of androgens in the blood. It is impossible to imagine what the stubble will be, thick or barely noticeable - it all depends on hormonal balance.

    Attention! You can not increase hair growth through frequent shaving, this fact was proven back in 1963. It is important to find out the cause and find an adequate way to eliminate the violation.

    Modern youth prefers to eat in fast foods, rather than eat healthy and balanced foods, saturated with healthy vitamins and minerals. As a result, internal organs suffer, endocrine and hormonal disruptions appear.

    For accelerated growth of the scalp, it is necessary to introduce foods with a high content of zinc, magnesium, chromium, silicon, iodine, potassium, beta-carotene into the diet. And therefore, if the beard grows poorly at 20, the answer is simple, it is important to eat right.

    Other reasons why stubble grows poorly in adolescence can be:

    • Frequent use of energy drinks, coffee-containing substances,
    • Hair follicle injuries,
    • Stressful situations
    • Incorrect or inadequate facial skin care.

    Even if the beard grows poorly, and there are no genetic deviations, then the situation can be corrected by normalizing nutrition, maintaining an active and proper lifestyle, and cleansing the skin with cosmetics.

    On a note! To combat baldness, a number of pharmacy drugs are used, but at the age of 20 they must be taken strictly under the supervision of a doctor, taking into account all contraindications and side effects.

    Baldness control

    When a beard grows poorly, you can use natural and safe recipes for traditional medicine. It is useful to rub onion juice into the cheeks and chin, several times a day, until completely absorbed, without rinsing.

    Natural oils are great for stimulating beard growth, have a warming effect, stimulate blood circulation, revitalize sleeping hairs. You can use oil:

    Useful burdock and castor oil, or red pepper extract. But walnut oil is not recommended, it inhibits the development of the hair follicle. It is enough to mix the oil with face cream and use 2 times a day, after washing. The face must first be cleaned so as not to clog pores and not cause the appearance of blackheads.

    Other methods

    What else to do if a beard grows poorly? It is useful to eat a handful of nuts or sunflower seeds every day, preferably raw. Instead of pork, it is better to eat lamb, eat more seafood.

    Take 20 drops of ginseng tincture daily. Spend more time outdoors, play sports, eat a balanced diet, and give up excessive consumption of alcohol, tyutyun, coffee. These components inhibit testosterone production.

    If the beard growth process has improved, then the bristles must be properly looked after. Every morning, inspect the hairline, cut the hairs that bulge in different directions.

    Wash the beard with shampoo 2-3 times a week, 30 minutes before the hygienic procedure, apply a nutritious mixture of olive oil, egg white and nourishing cream to the hair.

    Full-fledged relaxation is an indispensable part of modern man, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, drink about 2 liters of water per day. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations, as well as strengthen the nervous system in order to more persistently tolerate various shocks.

    Attention! If you do yoga and meditation, you can improve blood flow, accelerate hair growth. So that the hairs do not grow in, it is better to sprinkle them with steam - a painless and effective procedure available to everyone.

    The correct beard haircut is the key to a beautiful shape and dense facial hair; for this, correctly selected scissors with a convenient handle are used. If the beard is short, then a trimmer is used that allows you to evenly grow hairs.

    Decoctions of medicinal herbs — burdock, chamomile, plantain, nettle, oak bark — help grow hairs on the face well. You can buy a pharmacy collection in the pharmacy and brew it in the classical way - a spoonful of raw materials per liter of water, soak in a water bath for 5 minutes, cool and wipe your face in the morning and evening, using a cotton swab moistened with plenty of water in the prepared liquid.

    The best vitamins for hair growth:

    • Vitamin C - to enhance immunity,
    • Vitamin A - for moisturizing and nourishing the bulbs,
    • Vitamin E - to accelerate metabolic processes in the body,
    • Folic acid - to strengthen the structure of the hair,
    • Biotin is a bulb growth regulator.

    You can use adapted vitamin complexes designed for the male body. You need to take vitamins 2 times a year - in the fall and spring, to strengthen the body's defenses and maintain the functioning of all human systems and organs.

    Now you know what to do when facial hair does not grow well. It is important to remember about preventive measures and not to self-medicate, then a dense hair coat on the cheeks and chin is provided for men.

    Why does a beard grow only on the chin?

    Today, quite often you can meet the male representatives who are thinking about why only a beard grows on the chin, without developing at all in other parts of the face.

    The cause of this peculiar ailment can be a number of negative factors that affect the stable operation of hair follicles, preventing them from developing normally. In modern times, the facial hair is considered the standard of style, a man, having released the stubble, expresses his personality.

    That is why many guys dream of a thick beard, but unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in fulfilling this desire.

    Quite often, when the hairs develop foci, that is, they grow only in the lower part of the face, completely without affecting the cheeks, neck, mustache. This type of vegetation significantly spoils the appearance of a man.

    Therefore, if the beard grows only on the chin, it is recommended to study in detail because of what a similar ailment may appear, as well as familiarize yourself with the main reasons.

    It is also necessary to pay special attention to methods of dealing with unevenly growing hairline.

    When the bristles develop foci, this should be an explanation, that is, the reason that interferes with the normal growth of hairs. Therefore, each representative of the stronger sex needs to know what factors exist that can have a negative impact on the work of the follicles.

    To determine the individual cause, it is recommended to undergo a special examination by an endocrinologist, because only a competent professional will be able to make the correct diagnosis. So, these factors include the following:

    • Genetic predisposition. If you don’t know why a beard grows only on the chin, perhaps the problem lies in poor genetics. This factor is very common. After all, it is this science that determines which stubble grows in a particular man, that is, sets its shape, color, density, speed of development, and the like. In particular, it all depends on nationality, for example, guys from the south grow hair much faster than the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere of the planet.
    • Excess weight. It has been proven that obese males have uneven bristles that are localized in the chin area. Therefore, you need to strictly monitor the weight of your own body.
    • When a guy’s beard grows only in the chin area and on the mustache, it’s possible their body secretes insufficient testosterone. After all, it is this sex hormone that is responsible for the active work of hair follicles. To confirm or refute this diagnosis, it is recommended to visit an endocrinologist who will conduct all the necessary tests, determine the individual cause, give competent advice, prescribe the correct treatment.
    • Hereditary factor. It is established by nature that boys inherit from their fathers many different habits, with the exception of the development of vegetation. If your ancestors on the paternal side have poorly growing stubble, then the cause of your problem lies precisely in this factor. Unfortunately, when a beard grows poorly on the chin or other facial areas due to heredity, the likelihood of a cure for this ailment is almost zero.
    • Wrong shaving procedure. This manipulation is a complex process, which is recommended to be approached very responsibly. After all, if this is not done, then it is possible to disrupt the structure of the hair follicles, therefore, poorly growing, rare, unhealthy stubble.

    These factors are the main ones, they are most often found in medical practice. Therefore, if only a beard grows on the chin, every man should know small tricks that can once and for all get rid of this ailment.

    How to let go of a uniform beard?

    To grow even bristles, you must stop shaving for a while. After all, the hairs completely grow back, and also recover from the resulting stress in one month. Thus, the hairline will appear where it was previously absent, while creating a homogeneous natural “coating”.

    Only after a month of waiting you can give your hair a neat shape, for this you can use a trimmer or visit a hairdresser who will give your face a stylish, beautiful appearance. This method will allow you to once and for all answer the question why a beard grows only on the chin, because you will no longer suffer from this unpleasant ailment.

    If the cause of the poor functioning of the hair follicles is an insufficient level of testosterone, then you need to direct your efforts to solve this problem.

    Today, there are many ways to increase the level of this male hormone in your body, but regular exercise is the most effective.

    Only sport can harmlessly solve the problem of hormonal imbalance in men. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the gym three times a week.

    Also, when a beard grows only on the chin and mustache due to a lack of androgens, doctors prescribe special hormone therapy. Such treatment is expensive, which is why many men prefer sports.

    Many endocrinologists claim that another reason for poor hair growth in the face area may be improper, that is, poorly balanced nutrition.

    Therefore, men who want to let go of uniform vegetation are advised to adhere to a special diet, that is, to completely eliminate harmful foods from the diet. Only in this case you can stabilize the operation of the bulbs.

    Therefore, if the beard grows only on the chin, avoiding localization on other parts of the face, adhere to these recommendations, then you will eradicate this problem once and for all.

    Watch the video: 41 reasons I am growing a beard (February 2020).

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