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Prostate Disease Prevention at Home

Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate can be caused by infectious and non-infectious factors. Read about the symptoms here.

In the first case, we are talking about bacteria and, rarely, viruses. In the second - stagnation of blood and secretion in the prostate gland.

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Following the above, the prevention of prostatitis will have two goals:

  1. Implementation of measures to prevent stagnation within the prostate gland.
  2. Infection protection.

Stagnation Prevention

Prevention of prostatitis includes a wide range of therapeutic and preventive measures that not only prevent prostatitis, but also improve a person’s quality of life, extend his life expectancy.

Consider the four main sources of male sexual health:

  1. Lifestyle,
  2. Preventive medicines: herbal complexes and vitamins,
  3. Folk remedies,
  4. Physical exercise.


The way we live, what we eat, and what we do is directly reflected in our health.

There are things that are difficult to change, for example, the place of our residence.

In a modern city, the air and environment are so dirty that they pose a direct threat to our health.

Therefore, the first step in the prevention of any disease will be moving to more favorable living conditions. Naturally, this is the most difficult moment.

If this seems impossible, then you need to strictly follow the other basics of men's health.

We will also include sex here. No matter how you do it, the main thing is that the prostate is emptied regularly, and you, at the same time, are not infected.


Prevention of prostatitis and proper nutrition are inseparable.

How is nutrition related to the prostate? It seems that the prostate is below the body, and the mouth and stomach are higher.

The health of the prostate is affected by the water-salt balance in the body, the strength of the blood flow and the condition of the walls of the blood vessels.

Food directly affects all this and can both improve prostate health and worsen.

The term "healthy diet" means eating foods of natural origin, without adding artificially created additives (preservatives, dyes, "vegetable fats").

Note that this is not enough to eat for the benefit of the body. Unfortunately, what is pleasant to our taste buds is often harmful to the stomach.

We used to eat spicy, salty and spicy food, completely forgetting the taste of food without any flavor enhancers. But the natural taste is pleasant.

For the health of the prostate and the whole organism, it is necessary to accustom yourself to eat slightly salted food, which is not, or eat very small amounts of hot seasonings, peppers.

Forget that there is mayonnaise, replacing it with vegetable oil. Forget about "fast food", hamburgers, nuggets.

More vegetables, lots of fruits, less fatty meat. And everything will be fine.

Ideally, if you roughly know your daily calorie intake and stick to that value when choosing the right foods. Then you will not have excess weight, and the body will remain young longer.

Water - drink as much liquid as you want. To do this, place a glass of water on the desktop or next to the place where you are sitting.

You will not notice how quickly this glass is empty. Now remember how rarely do you go for water? Paradox.

Water should be near, then you will drink as much as you need. By the way, a sip of water is drunk much better than in one gulp. It has been proven that drinking the daily norm of water in several stages is much more difficult than during the day for a sip.


In this case, we strengthen the immune system and increase blood flow in the body.

The effect of hardening procedures on the prostate is very positive.

The internal blood circulation is stimulated, congestion inside the gland is eliminated, the mood rises.

Therefore, hardening is also included in a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and active lifestyle

Exercise is the key to a long and healthy life. Driving blood through the body is a prerequisite for our well-being, this is the main condition for the prevention of prostatitis.

It is because of the stagnation of blood and the accumulation of calories that most age-related diseases occur, overweight, fatigue and lethargy of the whole body.

We will consider special exercises for prostatitis a bit later, now we’ll give a couple of general tips:

  • Walk every day! Someone says that you need to walk at least 8 km per day. We believe that this is a lot, and not everyone will master such a marathon. Therefore, we will reduce this figure by half. The main thing is that you walk. If your legs hurt, you have to walk all the more. Better with special sticks.
  • A couple of times a week you need to walk fast or run.
  • Visit the saunas and baths. With caution and without fanaticism, if required by doctors. Everything is good in moderation.
  • Remember, it’s important not the number of kilometers that you covered in one day, but regularity. Who has passed the most - a beginner tired on the third day of walking, or a man who walks around the park every day with a quick step?

Prophylactic Drugs

Note that for prevention, drugs containing plant components or extracts from the prostate gland of the bull are used.

The action of such drugs is aimed at stimulating the work of the human prostate, eliminating stagnation and increasing the production of fluid secretion.

Prophylactic drugs are available in the form of rectal suppositories, solutions for microclysters and oral tablets.

Vitaprost, Prostalamin - two drugs that contain prostate extract, have no contraindications, side effects too. Stimulates the activity of the human prostate gland.

"Strength of the prostate" can be attributed to the same drugs.


Briefly note why what vitamin is needed:

  • Vitamin A - prevention of prostate adenoma,
  • Vitamin D - its deficiency in men over 55 years old simply obliges to its additional use. Improves the circulatory system, normalizes blood flow,
  • Vitamin E and K - Reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Prostate Forte is a drug containing glycine, pumpkin seed extract, zinc, white poplar bark, vitamin E and other components needed by the prostate. It is prescribed without a prescription, used according to the instructions for each man.

Such vitamins are not only able to provide prophylaxis of prostatitis, but also cure an unreleased chronic process of the abacterial type.

Medicines designed to treat inflammation of the prostate are not recommended to be used alone.

These are not dietary supplements, so their use can adversely affect the body.

Be sympathetic and consult with a urologist.

Folk remedies for prevention

Traditional medicine is more suitable for the prevention of diseases and pathological conditions.

Pumpkin seeds must be eaten raw every day. Enough 25-30 seeds per day for half an hour before meals.

You can use them in combination with honey: 500 grams of pumpkin seeds need to be crushed and mixed with 200 grams of honey. We roll balls from the resulting porridge and eat 1-2 balls a day. Recommended to dissolve.

Bark and leaves of hazel - you need to brew for 15-40 minutes (bark longer, leaves less), drink one glass of broth during the day on an empty stomach.

A shell of chestnuts can be brewed and drunk as tea. The inside of chestnuts needs to be brewed - read the details here (link to "treatment of prostatitis at home").

Elderberry juice can be drunk before meals in the amount of one tablespoon, after drinking a glass of water.

Propolis and honey are excellent remedies for the prevention of inflammation of the prostate. Eat them with food.

Greens are considered very beneficial for the health of the prostate: parsley, dill. Ginger root, brewed in boiling water, can be added to tea for 1-2 teaspoons.

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Before talking about exercise, we note that transrectal massage of the prostate is useful for the health of the prostate. For prevention, one such massage is enough for 2-3 minutes.

In order not to suffer yourself, buy a special massager for the prostate in sex salons or pharmacies. Or regularly, once a month, visit the specialist who will best do such a massage.


For prostate health, special exercises are needed. There is a Kegel complex aimed at contracting the internal muscles of the pelvis.

This complex is often used by men to prolong sexual intercourse, rather than as a prevention of the prostate.

The essence is simple: it is necessary to strain and relax the muscles of the perineum up to 30-45 times in one complex.

With excessive enthusiasm, prolapse of the rectum, unwanted bowel movements and the appearance of inguinal hernia are fraught.

The following is a list of exercises that involve the internal muscles of the pelvis:

  1. Stand evenly, legs together, arms along the body. Try to breathe so that when you inhale the pelvis moves backward, and tension is observed inside it. Relax as you exhale. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times slowly and without jerking.
  2. Lie on the floor with your back, legs together, hands rest on the floor at the level of the lower back. Raise your legs 10-15 times perpendicular to the floor and lower back. The exercise is done smoothly and without jerking.
  3. Stand in the "emphasis with your hands lying down" position, as with push-ups, raise the pelvis as high as possible, then lower it to the floor. Repeat 10-15 times. This exercise is practiced by yogis to open the genital chakra and stimulate male power.
  4. Stand up straight, arms hanging loosely around the hip. Imagine that you really want to use the toilet, but you still have to endure for a long time. Tighten as if you want to keep everything in yourself. Relax. This is an analogue of the Kegel complex.

Infection protection

This item of preventive measures implies the adoption of measures to prevent and spread diseases, primarily sexually transmitted diseases.

STDs - a number of diseases, the predominant way of spreading through the mucous membranes of the genital organs from one person to another.

The culprit of the inflammatory process in such cases are bacteria and viruses, leading an exclusively parasitic lifestyle in the host cells.

Along with prostatitis, these microorganisms cause infertility in men and women, inflammation of the upper and lower urinary tract, and individual "floors" of the reproductive system.

To avoid STDs, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Protected sex, careful choice of sexual partner. Avoid promiscuous sexual intercourse, do not be like animals. Such pleasure can put an end to your future life.
  • Before starting a close relationship, you and your partner need to be tested for STDs. This is a justifiable investment that will protect you from unknown infections and add confidence to your relationship.
  • Infection can be obtained not only by classical methods of sex, but also by all others. An innocuous, at first glance, entertainment - oral sex, can end for a man with a sexual illness if a woman practices similar things with other partners. The oral mucosa is an excellent carrier for the microbial agent.
  • If you have unprotected sexual intercourse (no matter which one), use genital antiseptics (e.g. Miramistin), carefully treating the mucous membrane of the penis, and the adjacent skin areas, it is also necessary to pour the medicine into the urethra for several minutes. This is not a guarantee of safety, but the risks of the disease are reduced several times.

Thus, careful attention to sex, selectivity and fidelity are a guarantee of male sexual health.

Prevention of prostatitis is the key to your male health. Everyone knows that this is both self-confidence and a good mood, the absence of an inferiority complex. It is a long and happy life.

Avoiding prostatitis is not easy, but possible. How you spend your old age is up to you. If you are inattentive to your body, lead the wrong lifestyle, old age will come to you as early as 30 years old.

Prostate: prevention in men

The prostate performs several functions:

  1. Participates in the process of urine excretion. With pathology, the prostate is able to pinch the urethral tubule, making urination difficult.
  2. It produces the secret of the prostate, which is thirty percent of the mass of sperm and is responsible for its nutrition. The secretion of the prostate is mixed with sperm flowing from the seminal vesicles in the urethra adjacent to the gland.
  3. Prostate receptors are irritated by trickles of secretion at the time of ejaculation, as a result the man gets an orgasm.

From this it is clear that prostate problems lead to:

  • poor urination
  • weak erection
  • weakening or lack of orgasm,
  • to infertility

Prevention of prostate disease is to eliminate or weaken the action of the causes of a possible disease.

Each type of prostate disease has its own cause:

  1. Prevention of infectious prostatitis is to prevent the penetration of bacteria (viruses) into the prostate, in the absence of conditions for their spread, in their timely destruction before the onset of the disease. Infections enter the prostate from the bladder, intestines, and urethra. The risk increases with diseases of these organs, the frequent change of women partners.
  2. Prevention of congestive prostatitis is to eliminate the causes of stagnation of the prostate. They consist in hypothermia of the prostate, a prolonged absence of sex, a sedentary regime of the day.
  3. Prevention of prostate adenoma disease as an age-related phenomenon includes measures to extend adulthood.

The primary prevention of prostate gland in men is to prevent the occurrence and development of prostate disease in people at risk by their behavior.

Prostate prevention at home:

  • eat right diet
  • forget about alcohol, smoking, gambling, other activities related to stress,
  • have sex with one partner regularly
  • Do not expose the prostate to injury
  • don't catch a cold
  • move as much as possible.

Secondary prevention of prostate diseases covers measures taken after successful treatment to prevent relapse. Men over forty should take such measures regardless of whether they have been treated or not.

They include:

  • regular graying of a urologist for survivors of prostate disease, andrologist for the prevention of prostate adenoma,
  • annual tests of prostate secretion, the presence of prostate-specific antigen, ultrasound of the gland,
  • Prophylactic prostate massage
  • implementation of the doctor’s recommendations.

At any stage, a reception is useful according to the schedule of preventive medications compiled by the doctor to activate the immune system of the prostate.

From what arise in the prostate:


The most effective of them is the prevention of prostate diseases with pumpkin. From prostate syndromes consume juice, pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds. Squeeze the juice from the pulp, drink a glass a day.

Seeds should be fresh, not fried. They are peeled, but the greenish shell should be preserved.Eat 60-100 seeds per day.

A day you need to eat at least one raw onion, a clove of garlic. They kill the microorganisms of the prostate.

Of particular note is the use of honey. The people have long noticed: beekeepers of the adenoma of the prostate never get sick.


The proliferation of a sedentary lifestyle, computers as a universal tool for work and leisure, is rapidly rejuvenating prostate diseases that previously accompanied old age. Boys need to start caring for prostate health from a very young age. Then they can make life rich in content, create a full-fledged family.

Causes of prostatitis

About human health is evidenced by his life. The risk of inflammatory damage is determined by the following factors:

  1. Immobility - lack of sports, sedentary work.
  2. Improper Nutritional Diet - the predominance of salty, fried, smoked foods, constant snacks, contributing to metabolic problems.
  3. Prolonged sexual abstinence.
  4. Bad habits abuse - smoking, drinking alcohol, including low alcohol drinks.
  5. Background pathologies - hemorrhoids, difficult bowel movements.
  6. Promiscuity - promiscuous sexual life without contraception (condom).
  7. Diseases of the urinary tract.
  8. STI, infection of the genitourinary tract.
  9. Sexual dysfunction - difficulties with ejaculation.
  10. Decreased immune system performance.

Attention! Primarily, the prevention of prostatitis implies a cure for the above problems. The sooner therapy and preventive measures begin, the higher the chances of normal sex and the preservation of reproductive activity.

Primary and secondary prevention of prostatitis

Preventive measures of prostatitis are classified into:

  • Primary - due to the prevention of the onset of the disease, and it is important to prevent prostatitis in every man who has reached the age of 30,
  • Secondary - actions are meant for males who are already faced with painful symptoms. In this situation, it is important to prevent the neglect of the process, the chronicity of the disease, the resumption of symptoms.

Prevention of prostatitis is characterized by therapeutic measures that improve overall health and quality of life.

Effective Tips for Avoiding Prostate Inflammation

It is important for men at risk of getting an unpleasant disease to carefully monitor their own health. Especially this rule applies to males whose work is associated with sitting at a computer, staying in damp, basement rooms, hypothermia, and increased overwork.

Adhering to the advice, people at risk will be able to prevent the onset of prostatitis and prevent chronicity. Men are advised to follow the rules below:

  • Healthy lifestyle, visits to gyms, fitness centers. Men with sedentary work should take breaks every 6 hours, walk more often - to avoid stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.
  • Intimacy with a partner. The frequency and nature of sexual pleasure have a positive effect on the health of the prostate. But sexual perversions, indiscriminate sex without a condom provoke the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and special prolongation or removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation maliciously affects the secretory organ. Best of all is to have a constant intimacy with one partner.
  • Proper nutrition. The basis of nutrition is products that are useful for the whole body, including the prostate gland. Dietary events include the consumption of fish and meat dishes, cereals - especially rice and buckwheat, seafood, milk and sour milk, bee products, stewed fruit, home-made fruit drinks, fresh vegetables and fruits. The menu should not include alcohol, lemonade, excessive consumption of bakery products, offal, fast food, fatty foods, smoked meats, food with spices.
  • The lack of hypothermia. To avoid infections of the genitourinary system, it is important to dress according to the weather, to avoid hypothermia in the cold season, and to wear clothes made of breathable materials in hot weather.
  • Full relaxation, sleep. PWith constant severe fatigue, lack of rest, depression can overtake, as a result of which the protective functions of the body are weakened, the immunity “falls”. In order for the state of the immune system to always be at its best, you need to rest, sleep at least 8 hours a day, treat inflammatory diseases on time - to prevent chronicity of the process, change the situation, walk in the fresh air, and avoid stressful situations.
  • Cold and hot shower. Daily hydrotherapy is performed to avoid stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Shower is not only a hygienic procedure - hydrotherapy activates blood circulation, improves immunity. To accelerate blood flow, a shower massage in the groin area should be done regularly.
  • Timely examinations by a urologist. You need to go to the doctor even if there are no symptoms of prostatitis. When diagnosing prostate inflammation in the first six months, a man should undergo medical examinations every month, after treatment, once the condition improves, once every 3 months. In the next 3 years, professional examinations are recommended every 6 months - even in the absence of pathological signs. After 40 years, the doctor sends the man to an ultrasound examination of the prostate.

"Walking" on the buttocks

The method is valid only for everyday execution. The result is expected in 2 - 3 months of hard work. To prevent prostate dysfunction and activate blood flow in the pelvis, a man should adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. We sit on the floor, keep our legs in a bent position,
  2. Bending the hips, we move alternately on the buttocks.

Only 1 - 2 minutes a day contribute to the prevention of prostatitis.

Squats and Stretch Marks

Similar training is shown to all men, and especially to those who spend a lot of time sitting work or in a car. Training does not require special skills, it can be done:

  • Climbing the stairs, stepping over the step, at the same time crouching and stretching,
  • In the process of walking - half crouch and spring on one leg, performing tensile movements.


Often you can see how women do this manipulation in fitness classes. But men are also advised to do a simple trick to prevent prostatitis. You will need a rubber ball or a Butterfly simulator. Attributes are placed between the hips, after which it is strongly necessary to compress the proximal parts of the lower extremities. Only 3 minutes a day will prevent the development of pathology.

Recommendations for men with a sedentary lifestyle

It is recommended that drivers, office workers and men with other “sedentary” professions take simple actions that are invisible to others:

  1. inhale deeply without getting up from the workplace,
  2. we perform exercises for the perineum - muscle training,
  3. tighten the perineum muscles as high as possible
  4. hold your breath for 3 - 5 seconds.

Doctors advise repeating actions 5 to 6 times. During the day, for maximum effectiveness, it is better to perform 1 - 2 approaches.

Men with a sedentary lifestyle or suffering from excessive deposits of adipose tissue should follow the advice of a doctor and perform at least 100 steps daily. To do this, it is not necessary to leave the apartment (but preferably). It is enough to choose a suitable path and walk. Movements not only favor blood circulation and prevent inflammation of the prostate gland, but also promote rapid metabolism and relieve obesity.

Medicines for the prevention of prostatitis

Preventive medications to normalize the functions of the prostate contain plant extracts and are aimed at accelerating blood flow in the body, eliminating congestion, and increasing the production of fluid secretions.

Specialists prescribe drugs to prevent prostate dysfunction:

  • Vitaprost
  • Indigal
  • Metressa
  • Uroprost,
  • Hyper simple
  • Sitoprostat
  • Phytoprostan and drug analogues.

In addition to the above medicines, experts prescribe vitamin complexes for use that prevent swelling, stagnation and oncological processes. Most often, such formulations are prescribed to patients as:

  1. Vitamin A - for the prevention of benign tumors,
  2. Vitamin B - to improve blood circulation,
  3. Vitamin E, K - to reduce the risk of tumors in the prostate gland.

An alternative to drugs is the use of dietary supplements that regulate the function of the prostate. Supplements can be bought at any pharmacy network, but before use, you must always consult your doctor. The greatest effect for men has selenium in the composition of biologically active substances. A chemical element has the following properties:

  • beneficial effect on sperm,
  • increases erection,
  • normalizes reproductive ability,
  • favorably affects the prostate.

Alternative methods of prevention

Traditional medicine is a technique that has been proven over the years, so doctors often prescribe patients with the use of prescription healers as preventive measures for problems with the prostate.

Simple and natural remedies no worse than pharmacies will help to establish male function, normalize local blood circulation, increase the protective functions of the body and eliminate congestive manifestations in the small pelvis.

If you eat natural ingredients every day, you can prevent the onset of prostatitis:

  1. honey and nuts - in equal proportions,
  2. honey with pumpkin seeds - 2: 1,
  3. mix of walnuts in dried fruits.

The above mixtures have a favorable effect on the whole body: they remove toxins and toxins, increase resistance to viruses and infections, accelerate metabolism.

In addition to sweets for preventive purposes, use decoctions of:

  • Oats - 2 tablespoons per 700 ml of water, put on a strong fire to soften the grains. Add 1/4 cup fresh parsley to the finished gruel,
  • Ivan tea - we steam 2 teaspoons with half liters of boiling water, drink daily before meals,
  • Birch leaves - 1 teaspoon of raw materials per 500 ml of boiling water, we insist for several hours, we consume in small portions,
  • Honey Sbiten - taken at bedtime 1 tablespoon, diluted with a glass of water.

To maintain men's health, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a specialist, because it is easier to prevent the disease than to be treated long and hard then.

Reasons for development

To determine measures to prevent prostatitis, you need to know the reasons that can lead to it. In most cases, the disease is preceded by genital infections, which for a long time may not manifest themselves in any way and congestion in the pelvic area. Other reasons include:

  1. Diseases of the urinary system.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Promiscuous sex life, or, conversely, prolonged abstinence.

Here are some interesting facts about prostate health (you can see the high-resolution infographics here):

  1. Improper nutrition.
  2. Bad habits.

  1. Decreased body defenses.
  2. Tendency to constipation.

After analyzing all of the listed factors leading to the development of prostatitis in a man, it is possible to determine suitable preventive measures, adhering to which, everyone can minimize the risk of developing a serious disease.

Infection prevention

Prevention of prostatitis from a young age is to protect against infections that can be transmitted sexually. To do this, you should avoid random sexual intercourse and always use barrier methods of contraception.

The urologist Shukhrat Arabov tells in detail about preventive measures:

If, nevertheless, unprotected contact has occurred, and you are not sure that your partner was absolutely healthy, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, which will make it possible to determine the presence of STDs at an early stage, when it is easily treatable and does not lead to irreversible consequences.

Stagnation Prevention

In men who lead a sedentary and inactive lifestyle, blood stagnates over time in the pelvic region. And this, in turn, can provoke an inflammatory process in the prostate gland in a man.

To avoid this, it is important to set aside time for sports and for hiking. But no less important in the prevention of congestion is regular sex. The fact is that the prostate gland needs to be emptied periodically. In this case, it does not matter at all how a man does this: through masturbation or classic sex.

Proper nutrition

Those men who want to maintain the health of their prostate need to pay attention to their nutrition. To do this, you must not exceed the use of the permissible amount of calories in the daily diet and adhere to the drinking regimen. If the amount of water you drink exceeds 2 liters, then harmful substances and bacteria that can provoke an inflammatory process will be removed from the body with urine.

There are many myths about nutrition. We will give you the simplest, but working tips for building a healthy man’s diet. The lecture will be held by Alexander Samsonov:

As for the daily calorie intake, this figure should not exceed 3,000 kcal. In this case, the amount of protein should not be less than 100 g, carbohydrates not more than 400 g, and fat - not more than 70 g. If we talk about fats, then 1/3 of the daily diet should be of animal origin, the rest of the vegetable.

It is better to cook food for a couple or bake in the oven. It is also worth limiting the amount of spicy, fried and alcohol.

Preventive exercises

Having examined the main causes of the appearance of the inflammatory process in the prostate, one can understand how to avoid prostatitis? Stagnation prevents various exercises. To do this, you do not need to spend a lot of time or have special physical training. Gymnastics is performed in a sitting position, standing and lying on a hard surface.

Exercises for which the starting position is a standing position:

  1. Focusing on one leg, the second one needs to do swings back and forth with maximum amplitude. From one approach, 50 to 80 of these flies should be performed. Next, the leg changes.
  2. Alternating inclinations in different directions (at least 30 on each side).
  3. Deep squats. You need to start 5 times, but with each training, try to increase their number, bringing to 40-50.

From a sitting position, the following exercises are performed:

  • The most effective is the so-called "walking on the buttocks." 2-5 minutes of such daily walks are enough.
  • Stretching while sitting. Legs together. At the same time, you should try to touch your feet with your palms.

Igor Linsky, a rehabilitation doctor, will tell and show on the video simple, but working exercises that every man can perform to prevent inflammation of the prostate:

  1. Exercise "birch", which many people remember from school.
  2. It is necessary to stretch the body, trying to focus on the buttocks and the back of the head.

Drug prophylaxis

Very popular are drugs for the prevention of prostatitis in men. This is due to the fact that they contain biologically active and natural components that can be used at home.After the examination, the doctor will be able to tell what is more effective (candles or tablets) for prophylaxis. The most popular drugs include: “Vitaprost”, “Prostamol”, “Cernilton”, etc.

Such pills for the prevention of prostatitis, prevent:

  • Stagnant processes in the pelvic area.
  • The appearance of edema.
  • The occurrence of inflammation of the prostate.

"Vitaprost" is a drug of animal origin, produced in the form of suppositories and tablets. The price for packaging in pharmacies in Russia from 821 rubles

Separately, it must be said about the intake of vitamins. Medications for the prevention of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland in men should be taken together in vitamin-mineral complexes.

  1. Vitamin A - serves to prevent the development of prostate adenoma.
  2. Vitamins E and K - prevent the formation of a malignant tumor.
  3. Vitamin D is needed by all men. This is due to the fact that after 50 years, its amount in the body is significantly reduced, which can lead to impaired blood circulation and stagnation in the tissues.

Use of dietary supplements

The composition of biologically active additives (BAA) includes active components and other useful substances that provide high-quality prevention of inflammatory processes in the male genital organs.

These components include:

  • Palmetto extract.
  • African plum extract.
  • Grass fireweed.

Table 1. Dietary supplements and their cost
"> Name of drug "> Action "> Price
"> Palmetto Extract "> Relieves inflammation
in the prostate gland, normalizing its function.
"> from 545 rubles for 60 capsules
"> African plum extract "> Suppresses proliferation
prostate fibroblasts.
"> from 1890 rubles for 60 capsules
"> Grass fireweed "> Used as enveloping,
regenerating, hemostatic, sedative.
"> from 55 rubles for 50 grams

All these substances favorably affect not only the male libido, but also the general condition of the genitourinary system.

Supplements due to its unique composition:

  1. Give a combined effect.
  2. Provide protection against prostatitis or hyperplasia.

What is the impetus for the development of the disease?

The most common causes of the disease:

  • sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, relaxing by the TV,
  • prolonged abstinence from sexual activity,
  • erratic nutrition leading to improper metabolism,
  • bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol and beer,
  • chronic diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • frequent changes in sexual partners increase the risk of prostatitis,
  • sexually transmitted diseases and genitourinary infections,
  • delay in ejaculation and ejaculation during intercourse,
  • excessive consumption of spicy, oily, salty, spicy foods,
  • frequent constipation, hemorrhoids,
  • reduced immunity.

The sooner a man begins to take feasible actions to prevent prostatitis, the greater the likelihood of his health and reproductive functions.

Actual methods for the prevention of prostatitis in men

Men who are at risk should pay special attention to their own health. First of all, these are those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and those who have work that is associated with a long stay in a humid environment, constant hypothermia or shaking. Prevention of prostatitis, carried out in advance, will help protect against an unpleasant disease. In addition, she will save material resources that could have been spent on the treatment of prostatitis.

At home, it is recommended to follow simple rules that will help avoid this unpleasant disease:

  1. A man must lead an active lifestyle, go to the gym. If your work is sedentary, then you need to take breaks and take a walk. In this way, stagnation of blood flow in the pelvis can be avoided.
  2. An important role for men's health is sex. It has long been proven that the frequency and nature of sexual activity directly affect the state of the prostate. However, promiscuous sexual contacts are additional sources of infection. Various sexual perversions, prolonged abstinence or deliberate prolongation of the act, as well as its interruption negatively affect the health of the prostate gland. Therefore, a regular sexual activity with a regular partner is ideal for prostate health.
  3. The basis of nutrition should be products that are beneficial to the whole body, and especially to the representative gland. The diet should include low-fat varieties of fish and meat, cereals, sour-milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits and dried fruits, seafood, honey, juices and compotes. Limit or completely abandon alcohol, carbonated drinks, fatty and smoked dishes, baked goods, garlic and onions , mushrooms, offal.
  4. Avoiding hypothermia. Of great importance for the prevention of prostatitis is the state of the body's defense system. Dress warmly, avoid hypothermia and drafts.
  5. Reducing the body's immunity caused by overwork, stress, hypothermia and past illnesses can provoke inflammation of the prostate. Therefore, prevention of prostatitis should be aimed at proper rest and sleep.
  6. Shower. In order not to drink bitter tablets, it is enough to take a contrast shower. Massage with water jets not only activates blood circulation in the inguinal region, but also enhances immunity.
  7. See your urologist regularly. Do this even if there are no symptoms of the disease. This is especially important if you have already had a case of prostatitis. In the first year after an illness, visit a urologist every three months. The next three years - every six months. If you are a man over the age of 40, then the doctor will definitely recommend an ultrasound examination of the prostate gland.

Prevention of prostatitis is an important condition for maintaining male strength for many years. When choosing methods, the causes of the disease should be considered. After all, factors contributing to inflammation of the prostate can be different. In some, this is a sedentary lifestyle, in others - bad habits, in others - irregular or interrupted sexual acts.

Medicines for the prevention of prostatitis

Note that for prevention, drugs containing plant components or extracts from the prostate gland of the bull are used. The action of such drugs is aimed at stimulating the work of the human prostate, eliminating stagnation and increasing the production of fluid secretion.

Most urologists recommend the following drugs for the prevention of prostatitis:

  • indigaplus,
  • Omnic
  • metronidazole,
  • prostatic
  • prostamol uno.

These medicines counteract:

  • stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs,
  • inflammatory processes of the prostate gland,
  • relieve edematous phenomena.

In addition, vitamins are prescribed in the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases - they can improve health and reduce the risk of cancer in the long term.

Prevention of prostatitis in men with folk remedies

Traditional medicine is more suitable for the prevention of diseases and pathological conditions.

  1. Two teaspoons of willow-tea is poured with half a liter of hot water, insisted for 5 minutes and filtered. Take twice a day: in the morning (on an empty stomach) and in the evening (half an hour before meals).
  2. If the chestnut shell (green) is insisted in the form of a decoction and drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, the health of men will always be in order. This green peel should be chopped, take two full tablespoons of it and pour boiling water - 0.5 liters. The infusion is closed and left to infuse all night. In the morning take it to 1 teaspoon. Store the healing composition in a cold place. Course: until the broth ends.
  3. Pumpkin seeds must be eaten raw every day. Enough 25-30 seeds per day for half an hour before meals.
  4. Propolis and honey are excellent remedies for the prevention of inflammation of the prostate. Eat them with food.
  5. 1 kg of sunflower seeds and the same number of walnut kernels are passed through a meat grinder. Every morning you need to eat a grated onion and a tablespoon of both.

Prevention of prostatitis is the key to your male health. Everyone knows that this is both self-confidence and a good mood, the absence of an inferiority complex. It is a long and happy life. Avoiding prostatitis is not easy, but possible. How you spend your old age is up to you.

Prostatitis Risk Factors

Prostatitis develops with a combination of two main factors: infection and congestive processes in the gland. The main sources of pathogens that provoke inflammation of the gland:

  • Intestine (Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli, Klebsiella),
  • Infected sexual partner (mycoplasma, chlamydia),
  • Foci of inflammation inside the body: infections in the tonsils, carious teeth.

A pathogen brought into a healthy prostate through the urethra or with the blood stream is likely to be destroyed by protective cells. If the local tissue immunity of the gland is impaired due to stagnant processes (blood flow is slowed down, cells lack nutrition and oxygen) and intoxication, then prostatitis will most likely develop (more about the causes of prostatitis).

The role of physical activity in the prevention of prostatitis

A sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of prostatitis in both adults and young men.. Inflammation of the prostate gland in the background of venous stasis in the pelvis is called congestive.

When a man receives regular exercise, the muscles of his pelvic floor are in good shape. They support the bladder and other organs in an anatomically correct position. This is important for the adequate functioning of the sphincters of the urethra, bladder, quality reduction of the prostate and its complete emptying.

Men who do not have the opportunity to jog or go to the gym, as a preventive measure against prostatitis, normal gymnastics performed at home is suitable: squats, circular body movements, pumping the press. It is necessary to engage in 15-20 minutes before light sweating (you can perform these exercises). Kegel exercises are a good option for warming up the prostate, but they cannot be performed if there are stones in the gland (calculous chronic prostatitis).

For the prevention of prostatitis useful walking fast uphill (on a slope or cross country) swimming, jogging - low-intensity cardio loads. Some men avoid bicycles and exercise bikes, believing that saddle pressure on the gland will provoke prostatitis. The problem can be solved by selecting an anatomically shaped seat with a hole. But even from the usual model, there will be no harm if the riding style is non-aggressive (impacts of the crotch on the saddle or frame are excluded). Cycling 5-10 km, 2-4 times a week, is a good prevention of prostatitis.

Thermal procedures (bath, ice hole)

There is a theory that a sharp effect of low temperature on the body "wakes up" the immune system and stimulates recovery from most diseases, including prostatitis. To do this, many dive into the hole or pour ice water. It should be noted that competent hardening has nothing to do with baptismal bathing or immersion in a font after a bath (Is it possible to steam in a bath with prostatitis). Men who decide to get rid of prostatitis or to carry out its prevention in this way are at risk of getting an exacerbation the next day. During cold stress, vessels are spasmodic, hormones are released that disrupt the reproductive system.

Thermal procedures (bath, sauna) are useful for the prostate (especially with congestive prostatitis), because they improve blood microcirculation. This does not apply to extreme relaxation in a bath or sauna with high temperatures and alcohol. The latter is likely to provoke exacerbation of prostatitis.

Prevention of Infectious Prostatitis: Sexual Hygiene

Many couples in an effort to diversify sex life forget about the basic rules of hygiene. According to statistics, in most cases unprotected sex causes prostate infection.

The victims of chronic prostatitis, provoked by intestinal microflora, often become men who practice unprotected anal sex. Most microorganisms living in the intestines are hostile to other organs. Once in the urethra, they penetrate the bladder and prostate, causing sluggish inflammation.

Oral sex can also cause prostatitis. The tongue, pharynx, tonsils, carious teeth, and the inside of the cheeks are potential sources of pathogenic bacteria that can cause inflammation of the gland.


Pharmaceuticals are mainly used for secondary prevention during remissions of chronic prostatitis. Even a single inflammation can provoke a decrease in the cellular immunity of the prostate, a violation of its protective barrier. Most prophylactic drugs are aimed at restoring an adequate immune response of the gland. List of the most popular immunomodulatory drugs for the prevention of prostatitis:

  • Tablets and suppositories “Vitaprost” (price from 1 tr for 10 suppositories, 1200 p. For 20 tablets), “Prostatilen” (500 p. For 10 suppositories) based on extracts of the animal prostate gland (peptides),
  • Cycloferon tablets (350 p. For 20 pcs.) - a stimulator of the production of interferons (proteins that protect the body from pathogens),
  • Candles "Longidaza" (1700 p. For 10 pcs.), Containing an enzyme that prevents the formation of fibrous tissue, which has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effects,
  • Suppositories "Viferon" (390 p. For 10 pcs.) Based on human protein synthesized using gene technology.

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