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10 most stylish men of Russia - TOP of 2018

GQ men's magazine published a list of the 50 most stylish men in Russia in 2018, which included several athletes.

GQ men's magazine published a list of the 50 most stylish men in Russia in 2018, which included several athletes. Among the Russian players, the highest place was taken by the striker of Krasnodar and the Russian national team Fedor Smolov, who is located in 10th position.

50. Artem Rebrov. Goalkeeper of Moscow “Spartak” is much more worried about goals conceded: he usually changes his red form to a casual with jeans. But there is potential. Two-meter Artem received the Komsomolskaya Pravda Prize “Gentleman of the Year” in an excellent tuxedo, so he could very well end up in the long list of “GQ Man of the Year” 2018.

41. Denis Glushakov. The captain of the Moscow Spartak returns our faith in Russian football: I did not participate in scandals with models and expensive champagne, I built a stadium in my native Millerovo, before the New Year, dressed as a dandy, drove my family to Bolshoi on the Nutcracker.

39. Roman Rotenberg. “Red-blue is the strongest” - SKA Vice President’s love for his native club is expressed even in small things like strips on a tie. A tie can be just red, but only complete with a blue suit. We would not mind looking at Roman in a sports bow.

36. Camil Hajiyev. To his main responsibilities - the promotion company Fight Nights under the leadership of Camila is producing the most spectacular MMA fights - added a business card for the director of the Admiral hockey club. His changes in Blažek costumes were not affected in any way.

34. Oleg Kononov. We wish the former Akhmat coach employment in some Italian club. There, his custom-made suits, turtlenecks, blue scarves and special agent glasses will be appreciated. On the other hand, this is how we lose the most well-dressed man in Russian football.

12. Eugene Savin. At the GQ Man of the Year 2017 ceremony, football commentator Match TV attacked our black tie like a natural scorer: in Zara Home leather slippers on bare feet and a black silk robe. We forgave such impudence, because the dressing gown was made to order. Moreover, most often Eugene walks three-piece suits.

10. Fedor Smolov. You can talk for a long time about how spectacularly classic suits look on Fedor and how even the hackneyed bomber jacket from the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration does not spoil it. But in fact, all you need to know about the style of the best Russian football player is that his mother, Irina, celebrated her birthday in December in cool Gucci pajamas.

The leaders of the rating: 9. Danila Kozlovsky (actor), 8. Andrey Malakhov (leading), 7. Kakha Kaladze (official), 6. Ivan Urgant (leading), 5. Alexander Oganezov (restaurateur), 4. Fedor Bondarchuk (director, producer), 3. Anton Zlatopolsky (media manager), 2. Sergey Polunin (dancer), 1. Sergey Shnurov (musician).

10. Pavel Tabakov

Pavel Tabakov is a well-known surname in the world of art and cinema and the youngest representative of the Tabakov family, famous for its impeccable taste. Stylists celebrate his love of luxurious classics and stylish streetwire. Pavel also zealously demonstrates his love for trok costumes.

9. Artyom Korolev

Artyom Korolev is a well-known TV presenter and a favorite of youth who always delights with perfect bows. Even at home, he is unlikely to find you in oversized clothes. His outfits are always aimed at demonstrating the perfect sports figure, whether it be cropped trousers and casual shirts.

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Modern men devote more and more time to their style and image, let alone showmen, politicians, athletes and other famous personalities. And the most stylish men, according to critics, are especially careful in creating bows, some study new collections and fashion shows from sought-after designers and fashion designers.

All famous men are young, beautiful and ambitious, they always manage to look fashionable and stylish, whether it is a holiday event or a trip to the store. Specialists monitored the brightest fashionistas in recent years, compiling a top-rating of the best male dudes in Russia, for women, so to speak, for men, for example.

Top 10 most stylish men in Russia

So, so that all male Russian residents know who to take a really good example of in choosing dresses and image, experts conducted monitoring of famous dudes, making up a personal top-10 rating. It included:

50 Artem Rebrov

Soccer player

Goals missed by the Moscow “Spartak” campaign are far more wardrobe: he usually changes his red uniform to a casual with jeans. But there is potential. Two-meter Artem received the Komsomolskaya Pravda Prize “Gentleman of the Year” in an excellent tuxedo, so he could very well end up in the long list of “GQ Man of the Year” 2018.

49 Andrey Zvyagintsev


Every time Andrei walks along the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, we cannot hold back the mean male tear of pride. A snow-white shirt, a tuxedo and a tan of a person with a residence permit on the Cote d'Azur contrast with the difficult fate of the characters in his films. At the Moscow premiere of "Love", Andrei came in a Prada suit, without a tie and in slippers on his bare foot. What can you not love here?

48 Andrey Molchanov


The father of six children of Molchanov is published as necessary. He does this either together with his wife Elizabeth, or when it is necessary to support his beloved brainchild “ZILART”. We saw Andrei both in tuxedos and in a casual with a turquoise scarf. We hope the scarf is hidden in a chest in his country estate.

47 Artyom Ovcharenko


Prince Siegfried is attentive to the love of fans and dances to break, but behind the stage he prefers silence: Artem loves fishing and loves their daughter Arianna with prima Anna Tikhomirova. Secular duty fulfills, as befits a prince, with all responsibility: his black tie deserves a standing ovation.

46 Dmitry Malikov


The “Emperor of Twitter” is about to become the “master of Instagram” this year. Collection of likes from generation X spends in a hoodie in a red and black cage, a blue coat and dark glasses. To the delight of those who love Dmitry from the time of “You Will Never Be Mine,” he often appears in black and white classics.

45 Sergey Ryabtsov


It would not hurt for Sergei to have a separate category to mark his blue ski suit in Tyrol and the black one for hiking in the Dolomites. Fortunately, not a single sport. In the Moscow world, the managing director of Sputnik Group comes out in classic costumes.

44 Ilya Stewart


The Moscow producer entrusted the production of the main event in his life to Andrei Fomin. At the wedding of Ilya and actress Svetlana Ustinova in the Mosfilm pavilion, Fedor Sergeyevich and Roman Arkadievich danced shoulder to shoulder. In matters of style, Ilya trusts only himself and successfully puts on the classics.

Fedor Bondarchuk (49)

Fedor Sergeyevich as a good cognac - over the years it only gets better (although it seems that this is impossible). In the working arsenal of Bondarchuk leather jackets, caps and parks Arctic Explorer get along with ties, jackets and shirts (preferably Tom ford).

Of the last significant works of the director - “ Attraction " from Alexander Petrov and Irina Starshenbaum (24), this is where half of the heroes are from Mars, and half are from Chertanovo. And this year we are waiting for the productions of "Myths about Moscow», «Selfies", series "Sleeping"And the wedding with the bride Paulina Andreeva (28) .

43 Alexander Vinokurov


Sport takes the best from the red carpet. The bike obsession made the media manager and owner of Chaika clinics reduce the number of tuxedos in favor of brightly colored leggings. Even in Bolshoi, he runs in white sneakers, which annoys his wife Natalia Sindeeva.

42 pharaoh


Behind the mask of an uncultured musician lies the intelligent nature of Moscow State University graduate Gleb Golubin. In the videos, Gleb looks quite wild - for example, in a fur coat and frill - but leaves the house in hoodies and sneakers. And for secular exits sometimes gives the image a bit of severity.

41 Denis Glushakov

Soccer player

The captain of the Moscow Spartak returns our faith in Russian football: I did not participate in scandals with models and expensive champagne, I built a stadium in my native Millerovo, before the New Year, dressed as a dandy, drove my family to Bolshoi on the Nutcracker.

8. Fedor Smolov

Fedor Smolov is a famous Russian footballer who became famous for the impeccable taste of style. It always looks irresistible, whether it be a classic suit or a jacket. It is known that recently the athlete’s mother celebrated her birthday in fashionable pajamas from the Gucci brand.

40 Emin Agalarov


The talents of the first vice president of the Crocus Group are not a number: a duet with Stephen Seagal recorded, opened a glass of vodka with Leps, built a fitness club in a chic castle, did not comment on rumors of friendship with Donald Trump. And all this - with a signature smile and in elegant suits.

Roman Abramovich (50)

Billionaire Roman Abramovich not only knows how to make money, but also knows how to spend it: villas in Of Russia, America, France and Of England, three yachts and the most expensive cars.

Dasha Zhukova (35) not only gave birth to children to Abramovich, but also the cultural center “Garage" in Gorky Park I managed to open it. And he, of course, didn’t feel sorry for his wife - he even presented 100 acres of land on the moon. The perfect man.

39 Roman Rotenberg


“Red-blue is the strongest” - SKA Vice President’s love for his native club is expressed even in small things like strips on a tie. A tie can be just red, but only complete with a blue suit. We would not mind looking at Roman in a sports bow.

Nikita Novikov

The son of Russia's most famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Nikita, can not yet boast of success in his professional field - he is still studying in England. Fame brought him an affair with the daughter of a tennis player Evgenia Kafelnikova (43) Alesay (18). But Romeo and Juliet broke up last year - Ales found solace in the arms of the rapper Pharaon , and after breaking up with Kafelnikova, Nikita is constantly seen in the company of dancers, models and just daughters of wealthy dads.

38 Mikhail Druyan


The Dries Van Noten brand has no garment that could not be found in the wardrobe of the producer of the entire capital. Michael also has no competitors in the ability to follow the dress code up to shoelaces. An impeccable tuxedo for Tatler Ball, a red cap for TsUM Fashion Show, a blown coat of Santa Claus from beloved Dries.

37 Arthur Kulkov


Although Arthur himself says that he looks like a typical Brooklyn, we haven’t met such beautiful people in Brooklyn. In sports trousers or a three-piece suit Kulkova in ordinary life can not be distinguished from the hero from the pages of glossy magazines on which he appears with enviable frequency.

Denis Bazhaev

Denis Bazhaev, son of the founder who died in 1999 "Alliance Groups» Zia Bazhaeva, does not go to social events. The guy is studying at MGIMO and owns a $ 500 billion fortune (Zia’s shares passed to Denis after his death). And nothing more is known about this enviable bachelor - no one even knows what he looks like. In rating Forbes, where, according to the data for 2015, he occupied the 159th place, there is a gap in the place of the photo.

Said Karimov (20)

At 20, Said Karimov, the son of a businessman Suleiman Kerimovalready owns a network of cinemas "Cinema Park"- he bought it from Vladimir Potanin (56). The terms of the deal, of course, were not disclosed, but they say that the young billionaire paid $ 400 million for the film business. And just like Denis Bazhaev, Said is hiding from the cameras.

Pavel Durov (32)

Pavel Durov founded a social network In contact with in 2006, and probably did not suspect that in just a few years, it would turn into the largest Russian company worth $ 2.2 billion, and he would become a ruble billionaire. In 2014, Pavel left VKontakte and left Russia, and then created Telegram (messenger with cool stickers). He is not going to return to his homeland, so we will admire this young programmer from afar.

Mikhail Prokhorov (51)

The failure in the 2012 presidential election of Prokhorov does not bother much: he still remains one of the richest people in the world and Russia, according to Forbes (14th place). Surprisingly, the politician and billionaire was never married and he also has no children. Apparently, this is precisely why he remains a billionaire.

35 Konstantin Remchukov

Journalist, businessman

Konstantin Vadimovich is a barometer of secular society in general and good taste in particular. "Nureyev" in the Bolshoi or Tsai Guoqiang in Pushkinsky - always on occasion, dressed up Remchukov regularly measures the vibration points of Moscow light. Including his own birthday at home in Levshinsky, collecting dozens of the most influential people in the country in sweaters and without guards.

Sergey Lazarev (33)

Sergei Lazarev, it seems, has no shortcomings: the figure is also gorgeous, and sings hoo, and is known throughout the world after " Eurovision ". Recently, it even turned out that he was not just a talented singer and a dream of millions of girls, but also a young father: for 2.5 years, Lazarev Jr. has been growing up by the name of Nikita . Sergey does not want to talk about the mother of the child, so we came to the conclusion: she simply does not exist. The logical chain continues: you have a chance!

Danila Kozlovsky (31)

Danila Kozlovsky is a litmus test of Russian cinema. He starred in the film - the picture is guaranteed success. Only oneViking»What it costs - a billion rubles per day rental. But there were still "Spiritless», «Legend number 17», «Crew"And even the show"The big dream of an ordinary person"Which produced Philip Kirkorov (49), a close friend of Danila. In general, this actor knows exactly what our viewer needs.

Soon we will see the film "On the District" in which Danila played a major role. A picture was taken by his girlfriend, director Olga Zueva.

Egor Creed (22)

Russian Justin Bieber (22) reasoning in Instagram about a girl dreams ("I experience many situations, emotions and feelings again and again. I have something to say"), sometimes she does charity work and collects full stadiums. And near concert halls and clubs there is always a flea market - excited parents are waiting for their offspring to take them home. Get up to school in the morning.

Timati (33)

Founder and ideological mastermind of the label Black star. One can relate to the “best friend of Vladimir Putin” in different ways, but the fact that he created one of the largest companies in Russia that bring crazy money is a fact. Timati has a clothing line Black star wearburger Black Star Burger, barbershop «13» and the game Black star runnerand seven more studio albums.

Ivan Yankovsky (26)

Heir to the Yankovsky dynasty. Grandpa Ivan Oleg Yankovsky - the legendary Soviet actor starring in the films "The same Munchausen», «Two comrades served», «Flights in a dream and in reality"And many others. Oleg Fandera, Ivan’s second grandfather, played on stage Odessa Russian Drama Theater. Father, Philip Jankowski (48), famous actor and director (“State Councillor", eg). Well, mom. Oksana Fandera (49) - movie starBrothel lights"And"Nightingale the Rogue". Over the past year, Jankowski starred in four successful films: "Night watch», «A source», «Ikaria"And"Queen of Spades". And how can you get past such a guy? Here is the daughter Arkady Novikov (54) Alexandra (25) did not resist.

7. Alexey Vorobyov

Alexey Vorobyov - this famous singer and actor is a favorite of girls, not just for his good looks, but also for a great sense of style. Most often, the guy flaunts in sport chic outfits, although at important events he can be seen in an expensive classic suit.

Milos Bikovic (29)

Perhaps the most famous Serb in Russia. In 2014 - “Sunstroke» Nikita Mikhalkov, in 2015 - "Spiritless-2"With Kozlovsky,"Love with and without accent" and of course, "Hotel Eleon". Milos's style is a reflection of his worldview. “My style is changing, like my worldview, it is determined by some values. So, if you like the way a person is dressed, there is some chance that his values ​​coincide with yours, ”he said in an interview PEOPLETALK. Bikovich still has many interesting projects ahead and, it seems, world fame. You can't stop this guy.

6. Egor Creed

Egor Creed is the most memorable and successful Black Star who always appears in public in his own individual style. Despite the blurry silhouette of most of his oversized outfits, Egor always prefers the global brand, namely Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Supreme.

Yuri Kolokolnikov (36)

If in the summer on Tverskaya you will meet a tall and pumped up guy in a plaid jacket, slate and cropped trousers with a print - 99% of 100 are Kolokolnikov. And he really does it all. Outrageous actor starred in the popular Anglo-American series "Game of Thrones"- this is strong.

And in all, Kolokolnikov played in more than 50 films and television series (and even managed to play the role of a genital organ in the film "A happy ending"). And it’s not slowing down: in 2017, another American film will be released with his participation - Lazarat burning . But what happens in the personal life of the actor, we do not know. In August 2015, it became known that he broke up with his daughter's wife and mother Sofia (6) Ksenia Rappoport (42) after several years of relationship. Rappoport is rumored to have married a restaurateur very soon Dmitry Borisovbut nothing is known about Kolokolnikov - he does not like to talk about it.

Dima Bilan (35)

Almost a veteran of Russian pop music. Is it a joke: Dima has been on the scene for 17 years! And he managed a lot: to record nine studio albums, to act in films ("Hero"2016 and several episodic roles) and become a mentor in the show" Vote ". Bilan is preparing to release a new album and will play in "Midshipmen IV"That will be released this year.

Alexander Molochnikov (24)

The multifaceted Milkman is not only a popular actor ("Cold front», «Creators"And"Gunsn "), but also a budding director and screenwriter - his film"Myths about Moscow", Which will soon be released on wide screens, are waiting for critics and ordinary viewers: the cast there is very well starred - Sergey Bezrukov (43), Milos Bikovich, Ivan Urgant, Paulina Andreeva, Fedor Bondarchuk, Ksenia Rappoport other. Of the minuses: all the time disappears in Moscow Art Theater Chekhov and in his busy schedule there is no time for love.

Pavel Tabakov (20)

The successor of the acting dynasty of Tobacco. Son Oleg Tabakov (81), a Soviet and Russian actor and director of theater and cinema, and Marina Zudina (51) plays inSnuffbox"And Moscow Art Theater Chekhov, acts in films (this year three projects with Pavel come out at once - an adaptation of the novel Victor Pelevin (54) «Empire V", The drama"Close"And the picture"The year I was not born») And tries himself in the role of model - in early 2016 Tabakov participated in the show Giorgio Armani. He wears a signet with the Moscow Art Theater logo - a gift from his father - and dresses in style Antwerp Six: Likes Japanese designer clothes, long jackets and black hoodies.

Yuri Mamiashvili (21)

Uncle Jura - President Wrestling Federation of Russia, And the father - President of the Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation of Moscow Viktor Mamiashvili (51). Mamiashvili is a fan of CSKA and every weekend hangs out with the heir to the Georgian restaurant empire GGGroup Tornike Tsertsvadze (21) and his bride Sarina Turkish (19) in Gipsy or Marani. Two large families gather at gatherings in the country - Mamiashvili and Bondarchuk (the only son of Bondarchuk Sergei (26) married to cousin of Jura Tate Mamiashvili (27)), and they come to visit them Ksenia Sobchak (35), Nadezhda Obolentseva and Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova (30).

Denis Simachev (42)

Simachev was born into a military family, and went to study at an art school and teacher training college. Then came the Spanish Academy, an advertising school, and a textile academy. In general, after many years of training, Simachev began to create clothes - one that he would love to wear: tracksuits, jeans, shirts and black long sleeves. And in 2002, the long-awaited opened Denis Simachev Shop & Barin which all the gloss editors have been hanging out ever since.

Alexey Chadov (35)

«The night Watch"Opened all the doors for the beginning actor Alexei Chadov - there were sensational after him"Ninth company», «JARA», «Alive"And the trilogy"Sex and the City". Over the past couple of years, Chadov starred in the movie - finally recovered from a divorce from Agniya Ditkovskite (28) in 2015 after nine years of relationship. So Chadov is free, open to love, and to interesting offers!

Michael Aramyan (24)

While on the account of Michaela only the main role in the series "Stairway to Heaven"Yes episodic appearance in the drama"Earthquake"But still to come! This year we are waiting for another series and several feature films with his participation. Aramyan cannot reveal all the secrets, but one thing is clear - these projects will become more popular than “Stairs”.

Alexander Petrov (28)

“My style is free, Razdolby. It may not be so attractive, but it’s convenient for my soul, ”says Petrov. He always wears black and mixes sporty and extravagant: he can easily be seen in a regular sweatshirt and a long jacket by a Japanese designer. He doesn’t wear jewelry (except for leather bracelets, which he winds almost to the elbows). Petrov’s heroes often echo with himself (remember “Policeman from Rublevka" or "Law of the Stone Jungle"). Therefore, we look forward to the series "Gogol"For which Sasha grew a mustache. The wig will also be.

Maxim Matveev (34)

The heart of this man has long been firmly occupied - Matveev’s marriage and Elizabeth Boyarskaya (31) are considered exemplary. But nobody forbids to admire Maxim on the screen, especially since this year the film “Anna Karenina: Vronsky's story"Where Matveev plays a major role.

Vladimir Mashkov (53)

One quarter is Italian (Vladimir’s grandmother was Italian), in the 2000s Mashkov was a sex symbol - after the movie “Let's do it quick"The women of Russia went crazy over him. Then there were "State Councillor», «Piranha hunting"And"Rasputin". And in 2016 they released "Duelist"And"Crew", Where Mashkov played the main roles - the number of fans increased significantly. With Mashkov’s career, everything is stable, but in his personal life he throws him from side to side - for 16 years he has been rushing around between two women: a Ukrainian actress Oksana Shelest and a journalist Ksenia Terentyeva.

4. Dmitry Vikulin

Dmitry Vikulin is the manager of the men's popular magazine GQ, which can be an example to follow for all readers. His outfits show clear minimalism, and besides, Dmitry appreciates comfort in clothes. Most often, he flaunts a classic - worn jeans and a white cotton T-shirt.

2. Igor Andreev

Igor Andreev - this famous dude headed the men's fashion magazine, today he is also engaged in this activity, but in a different edition. His clothes and outfits advocate an eclectic style, such as oversized coats and jackets, massive trousers, as well as strange models of sneakers.

1. Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant - despite the fact that the presenter often appears in public in a classic black suit and snow-white shirt, in ordinary life his style consists of sneakers from the Balenciaga brand, fashionable plaid shirts, hats and bomber jackets.


So, the top 10 most stylish men began with the youngest, but stylish and smart man Pavel Tabakov, and ended with all the famous TV presenter and humorist Ivan Urgant, who also has his own individual taste and image. Each proposed dude can become an example for imitation of men in everyday life and no less successful personalities.

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