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Goatee Beard - features and types of how to make at home

Goatee beard or Spanish beard - one of the most beautiful options for the design of facial hair. She gives the man elegance, style and aristocracy. It is considered to be one of the popular and popular beard species, as it successfully complements the masculine image, refines facial features and gives a unique charm.

What is

What is a spanish beard? This is a round, clearly edged short stubble in the very center of the chin under the lower lip. It occupies only the area around the mouth, while the cheeks remain smoothly shaved. Sometimes complemented by a mustache.

There was such an option of cutting hair on the face in the distant XVI century and was at first exclusively practical. High lace collars were in fashion, and the goatee was the perfect beard for similar clothes. It remains relevant for modern men, as it gives the face aesthetic appeal, accuracy and elegance.

Often confused with a goatee. There really is a similarity, but a distinctive feature of the goatee goatee is the presence of a hair blade in the dimple of the chin. In addition, the Spanish beard has a smooth rounded shape and a wider shape.

Types of goatee

This element of the decoration of the male face is performed in several versions:

  1. Circular
    What does a circular goatee look like? It represents the central part of the chin filled with bristles. The vegetation is rounded, smoothly connecting with a thin mustache. Visually resembles an islet of facial hair, affecting the area above the upper and lower lips. This kind of beard is especially popular. It looks stylish and neat.
  2. Classic
    This is a goatee without a mustache. Vegetation occupies the central part of the chin, has a spiky shape. Almost the same as a circular beard, only with a sharper end and without hair above the upper lip.
  3. Vandeikovskaya
    Such a Spanish beard owes its name to the Flemish portrait painter van Dyck. It suggests the presence of a mustache and beard that are not interconnected. Mustache in this embodiment is a separate element of face decoration. They are thin and do not touch the corners of the lips. And the beard is made in the form of a small thin wedge located in the central part under the lower lip.

Who is suitable for

Goatee is a universal version of the design of facial hair. It suits almost everyone. Looks good on natural brunettes. In this case, it is especially expressive and creates an elegant image.

Goatee visually lengthens the face, so it is suitable for wide cheekbones. Also visually smoothes sharp features. Looks good on thin men. But sometimes inappropriate. For example, with sparse vegetation or on a narrow face. Considering that there are several design options, in the latter case it makes sense to experiment and, possibly, add new elements, for example, to grow a hair line from the chin to the cheekbones. This will be a kind of "extended" version of the goatee goatee.

How to grow a goatee goatee

To grow a beard goatee, a man will have to stop using a razor for some time. The length of the bristles should be 1-2 cm. Each man has hair growing at different speeds. 2-5 days will be enough for one, more than a week for the other.

It is necessary to ensure that the hair on the chin reaches the required length. In certain areas of the face, growth can be more intense and faster, for example on the cheeks. You need to wait until the chin is filled with thick hairs and proceed to modeling and fringing of vegetation.

If the beard grows in foci, it makes sense to remove excess vegetation in places where it is not needed. For example, on the neck, cheeks, cheekbones. If uneven growth is observed in the chin area, then the man should come to terms with this and wait until the beard in this area becomes thick and the hairs reach at least 1-2 cm.

To accelerate growth and increase density, it is recommended to purchase special cosmetics, for example, castor oil, burdock oil. They strengthen the follicles, restore their functioning and repair hair damage.

There are also medications to stimulate hair growth. They are made on the basis of minoxidil. This substance dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow to problem areas. As a result, hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients, and hair growth resumes.

Uneven or slow growth may be due to a lack of vitamins. Therefore, you can take special multivitamin complexes:

  1. Merz Dragee - contains more than 15 vitamins necessary for health and hair growth.
  2. Revalid - provides the body with the necessary substances for the restoration, strengthening and growth of hair.
  3. Perfectil is a rich vitamin and mineral composition. The drug accelerates regenerative processes, improves the functioning of blood vessels, and improves the condition of hair and nails.

How to trim and style: step by step instructions

With a radical change in image, as well as, if there were no experiments with the shape of a beard before, then for the first time it is better to contact a professional. He will show a vivid example and all stages of modeling.

But, if a man is confident in his abilities and is ready for change, then you can cut and draw a goatee goatee yourself. Only at first it is necessary to arm yourself with the necessary tools that will help simulate the vegetation and create smooth, clear, symmetrical contours.

Before you make a goatee goatee, it is recommended to purchase a special template. This is a rectangular device with rounded corners. Allows you to create a clear outline of the future beard. It fits snugly on the chin area and is held by the teeth. As a rule, such a pattern has several settings, so that shaving can be done strictly individual, adjusting the width of the future goatee.

With such a device, the process of modeling a beard will be as quick and smooth as possible, since a man will not have to follow the symmetry and clarity of the lines. The template will not allow shaving too much.

Also for modeling goatee you may need:

  1. Comb with frequent teeth.
  2. Big mirror.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Trimmer with nozzles.
  5. Razor with blades.
  6. Hair clipper with nozzles.
  7. Means for and after shave.
  8. Wax for styling.

How to cut a goatee goatee:

  • Step 1: Decide on the form. To begin with, a man needs to determine the shape of the goatee: with or without a mustache, whether they will connect with the hair under the lower lip, width, etc.
  • Step 2: Prepare the template. If a man chose a circular version of a haircut, then for these purposes it is better to use a template for goatee. In this case, it will be enough to adjust the device to the width of the lips (slightly protruding beyond them), firmly press it with your teeth and shave off excess hair on the open part of the face. You can use a trimmer for this. If a man wants to achieve perfect smoothness of the skin around the goatee, then you can use a razor.
  • Step 3: Remove Unnecessary. It is better to start the process from the area of ​​the cheeks, cheekbones, neck, gradually moving to the template. When the excess vegetation is shaved, then remove the template and trim the hair that was under it.
  • Step 4: Fit. To trim and create a clear line, you can use a trimmer. And you can even out the length of the remaining hair with a hair clipper. It is necessary to install a nozzle on it. Choose the length yourself, based on the already existing length of the shortest hair and the desired result. If there is no machine, then use scissors.

The template can be replaced with a homemade cardboard form. In an extreme case, mark the contour on the skin with a cosmetic pencil and shave the hair clearly along the drawn lines.

This is the easiest way to quickly create a goatee. If there is no special template at hand, then the man should be as careful as possible when modeling the shape, as careless movement leads to an accidental shaving of the hair, which can ultimately ruin the shape. Then the man will have to shave off all his hair and again wait for the regrowth.

When self-modeling, it is important to observe the symmetry of the lines. It is necessary to ensure that the distance of the hair from the corner of the lips to the border of their growth is the same. That is, if you visually draw a straight line along the line of closing the lips, then on both sides the line of hair growth should be the same width. A good example of how to make a Spanish beard can be seen on the video on the Internet.

On modeling the form, the process does not end. Goatee is not just vegetation in the center of the chin, but also a prominent islet inside. It is much more difficult to do. Under the lower lip in the very center (i.e. in the dimple), it is necessary to preserve the hair and shape. It can be rectangular, wedge-shaped (with expansion or narrowing to the base). This island should smoothly transition to the lower hairline, and the rest (i.e., the skin under the lower canines) should be shaved off.

It is very difficult to do this with a shaving machine, because the treated area is small and you can easily shave off excess hair. For these purposes, an ideal tool is a trimmer with a narrow nozzle.

To maintain a neat appearance, regular care is required for the goatee goatee:

  • the washing up,
  • applying conditioner, oils (for moisturizing and softening hair),
  • combing,
  • fixation by special means (so that the hairs do not stick out to the sides).

Regular contour correction is also needed. If the bristles grow quickly, it will not be easy to maintain shape, otherwise the Spanish beard will look sloppy and lose its zest.

How it looks (photo)

Such a beard gives the face of a man a slight degree of sophistication and aristocracy. They are combined with a touch of brutality, which together makes the image very spectacular.

In short, describing a goatee beard is a short wedge-shaped beard with continuing vegetation along the oval of the face. Mustache may be, but not always.

There are several subspecies, the main of which are three:

  • Classic variety suggests the presence of bristles only on the chin. There is no whiskers in this case, and the beard has a pointed wedge-shaped shape.
  • Semicircular versiont, when the bristles frame the oval of the face and connects with the falling thin antennae. Moreover, under the lower lip there is a “lonely island” of bristles, not connected to the others, and the beard is the least wedge-shaped.
  • "Vandeykovskaya", which got its name as an artist, thanks to which it became widespread, has a thin antennae and a wedge-shaped beard.

Goatee can be combined with a graceful antennae or with sideburns. Some leave only a thin strip of antennae and a point under the lower lip, however, this is the least common option.

Although, as they say, “it is better to see once”, therefore it is more clearly possible to familiarize yourself with these varieties of goatee beard in the photos presented in the text.

On each representative of the stronger sex, she looks different. This is especially noticeable when viewing photos of different men with a Spanish beard.

Appearance story

In history, periods of fashion for a certain type of beard alternated, and the Spanish beard is present in the list of trending in any historical period.

At one time or another, the male standard of beauty has changed, but now there is no clear framework in this sense, and this is very convenient, because nothing limits the man, he can choose exactly what really suits him.

  • Goatee beard, or as it is also called a Spanish beard, as its name implies, appeared in Spain. It was here that it gained popularity and mass character, and only later it spread further to other countries. It happened in the sixteenth century.
  • Of course, someone thought of shaving like that before this time, but this was not a mass phenomenon, so this historical period is considered the official time of the appearance of the goatee beard.
  • In those days, the most popular was the option with a small antennae. Some fashionistas who, not wanting to spoil the look of a beard, put a wooden press on their beards during sleep. From the point of view of modern man, of course, there is no sense in this, but fact is a fact.
  • Over time, representatives of the stronger sex from other countries began to wear a Spanish beard. Later, it did not sink into oblivion, but is still popular, being one of the options for creating this or that image.


Originally you need to determine the variety and length of the goatee-goatee.

  • Imagine your image to determine the length and shape of the beard. Photos or pictures in magazines can help you with this.
  • You can also use a computer program for modeling appearance to choose the shape and length of a beard (can be found on the Internet).

Some men face the problem of slow hair growth or the fact that they are rare. This is completely solvable.

It is enough just to start using tools to enhance hair growth.

Beard care also includes her combing. To do this, you need to have a separate special comb with a frequent arrangement of cloves. In addition to visual aesthetics, this is also useful in the physiological sense, as it is a massage for the roots of hair and skin.

Important! Men aged have to reckon with gray hair, including in the beard area. The combination of gray and dark hair rarely looks attractive, besides it gives age, but not everyone wants it. So goatee goatee with gray hair can be painted. It’s up to you to do this yourself, or go to a salon, although, of course, specialists will deal better with this.

The type of person to beard

Properly done goatee beard is surprisingly versatile. If desired (and the talent of the master), you can do something masterpiece in this style on any male face. But there are still some limitations, although they cannot be considered as unequivocal prohibitions.

If the oval of the face is too wide, or too narrow, then it is still not recommended. Since in both cases it will emphasize the above individual features.

At the same time, the color of the hair does not matter, the Spanish beard is suitable for brunettes, and blondes, and red.

But the "density of thickets" per square centimeter is important. With rare bristles, such a style will not look spectacular, so before you decide to make a goatee beard, consider this nuance, otherwise the result will disappoint.

In addition to the above three types, there are still a number of variations where each deviation in the geometry of the beard, each millimeter of bristles, and each combination of the shape of the zones of the face are significant, resulting in significant differences.

So there is an opportunity to choose the most suitable for a particular person.

Attention! Do not forget that the beard should be in harmony with the general style, with the image.

What does goatee look like?

Those who have ever seen such a beard will never confuse it with others.

Goatee is a small rounded islet of hairs on the chin under the lower lip in the very center.

Throughout the chin, it passes in the form of a rounded border.

Goatee can be with a graceful antennae or combined with sideburns. But if desired, it can be worn without them.

Some men prefer to leave only thin strip under the lower lip, but still a more common option is a beard with thin, short antennae.

The beard of this style is quite original and is suitable for all men who have any oval of face except round.

How to do?

Those who decide to acquire a goatee beard will have to temporarily put a razor in the back cabinet to grow the stubble of the desired length.

The period varies and depends on the individual hair growth rate, it will take some days for someone, and someone will have to wait three to four weeks for the “starting point” from which creativity will begin.

Important! It’s better not to experiment on your own, as it is quite difficult to make a goatee with your own hands, especially the first time. You need a good eye, a sense of aesthetics, patience, and yet, at least a little Bradobray talent. So it is better to entrust yourself to a master who will quickly and beautifully give you what you want.

In ancient times, craftsmen who knew how to make a beautiful goatee were popular and had a long line of people who wanted to "get into their hands." If, nevertheless, you firmly decided to do everything yourself, then it is better to buy a template that will allow you to make the right edging.

The template is a fixture with a retainer that holds in your mouth.

It is difficult to buy, but it is possible, but it is easiest to order it in the online store. Its significant advantage is the ability to adjust to the individual characteristics of the face.

All that remains is to cut the vegetation outside the outline of the pattern. You can do it yourself (you need cardboard and a sample). The pattern can be downloaded on the Internet.

  • The template is convenient in that it covers areas of the face that do not need to be shaved, allowing you to make the outline as even as possible.
  • Open areas need to be carefully shaved, and also do this in the future.
  • Beard hairs are trimmed with scissors to the required length, which can vary. There are no clear numbers, you can choose any, someone like a centimeter, but someone believes that the longer looks more spectacular.

Before shaving, you need to decide on the selection of the shape of the mustache and the goatee of the goatee itself:

  1. Its formation begins not from the middle, but from the edges, gradually creating the desired contour.
  2. The beard line can be trimmed with a trimmer (anyone who is more comfortable).
  3. Care must be taken to ensure that the edges of the beard are symmetrical. In the presence of a mustache, they are also trimmed to a well-groomed shape. A beard can be shaped like a sharp or blunt wedge, it depends on preferences.

How at home to cut a goatee beard is described in the video:

How did you get it?

It was the Spaniards who became the first to bring the goatee goatee into fashion. During the Crusades, this kind of beard was quite popular among soldiers.

They shaved carefully, leaving the hairs around the lips and under the lower lip intact. From the 16th century many noble nobles of Europe began to wear a goatee with pleasure, thereby emphasizing their status in society.

Sometimes barbers had to spend even an hour to get a refined and beautiful goatee on the face of a nobleman.

Henry IV himself was the owner of such a beard, bringing into fashion this element of decoration. Therefore, we can safely say that it was from these times that the goatee beard became fashionable and did not lose popularity until our time.

Over the centuries, it has changed its name, but the English version of imperial is considered to be the most beautiful, since in translation it means - majestic.

How to care at home?

So that the beard really was an ornament, and not chaotic thickets, behind it Care must be taken. Only in this case will she have that elusive gloss that gives her all the above advantages.

Reference! The entire range of beard care products can be found in specialized stores, and if you do not want to devote a lot of time to searching, then there are enough hair care products that are sold in any nearby supermarket, although, of course, the result will not be so impressive (but in time and this will be effortless).

Care Rules:

  • It is worth considering that you need to systematically shave the stubble, otherwise the growing hairs will look untidy and will change the appearance not for the better.
  • In addition, it is necessary to use a special shampoo two to three times a week, shape the beard with wax, apply nutritional formulations.
  • In addition to shampoo, you need to use conditioner, gel, wax and other care products.

This will give the bristles elasticity and a pleasant physiological shine, it will not stick out in different directions, like dry dull thickets.

In addition, the necessary softness will appear, so the beard “will be obedient”, which will contribute to its better styling and more noble condition. All this at first seems complicated and burdensome, but when it becomes a habit, it is not even noticed.

Attention! Even minimal care allows you to maintain a goatee beard in good shape, and if you do it on purpose, it will be in perfect condition. And therefore, the overall appearance will also be attractive, because the beard contributes a considerable part to these one hundred percent of how you look.

In the video, a barber tells how to care for a beard at home:

In conclusion, we can say that a man, regardless of age, should look attractive, in addition, today it is customary to monitor appearance.

Now you know that one of the “trifles” of appearance can change it pretty much, adding showiness, sexuality, and confidence.

“Well-groomed man” is definitely popular among women, because they are all called attractive Hollywood movie actors. And they, by the way, look after their appearance. This is not as noticeable as that of “well-groomed women,” but it clearly manifests itself in the form of that elusive charm and attractiveness for the fair sex.

Photo of goatee beard

How to do it yourself?

The first thing to do is to forget about the razor for a while and let the hairs grow to the required length. Further there is the following scheme, which will help to independently make a goatee at home.

  1. To get the desired result, it is recommended to purchase special pattern.
  2. The pattern is mouthpiece, which is bitten by teeth in such a way that it fits as tightly as possible to the skin. He will precisely repeat the anatomical structure of the shape of the face.
  3. Further, having studied the instructions, it is necessary tune a template so that it repeats the contours of the beard.
  4. Do not be afraid of errors. The template is designed so that it will precisely shape a beard, keeping the necessary parts of the hairs on the face completely intact.
  5. Use a razor to remove all vegetation that is located out of the pattern area.
  6. Now, with the help of scissors, gently trim the hairs, giving them the required length.

How to grow a beard?

Of course, an important step in the design of the beard is the growth of bristles. Firstly, a man at the initial stage will understand whether a beard is suitable for him.

Secondly, he will be able to see sufficient whether the number of hairs grows in the desired zone for the formation of the goatee.

If there is not enough bristle in the right parts of the face, you should think about another type of beard.

Those who are used to shaving smoothly may initially feel unpleasant sensations in the form of itching. Also on the face, all hair grows in a different direction.

Each zone has its own growth time. Therefore, the beard may have an untidy appearance. And even if this does not add appeal, it’s worth enduring, since in the future the goatee will really decoration image of a man.

Hair should be grown to the required length. If you want to learn how to make your beard thicker, follow the link.

During this period, you can not cut the hairs or adjust their growth with a razor. For most men, a beard with a hair length of up to 2 cm is ideal.


  1. Using trimmer without a nozzle, carefully shave off all excess hairs that are located behind the lines of the cheekbones.
  2. The beard is rounded due to shaving bristles under the chin.
  3. Take a nozzle with a blade of 1-3 mm and trim the antennae and beard.
  4. To give shape with a detailed trimmer, shave the bristles.
  5. Neat and mustache hairline share, the beard is wedge-shaped using a narrow nozzle that removes hairs from the nose. Between the nose and antennae leave a clean gap in the skin.
  6. Remove all excess bristles from the cheeks.

Forming a beard, follow her strict symmetry.

Care Rules

  1. Morning and evening recommended rinse beard with water. This will help cleanse the pores of the skin from excess skin fat.
  2. Two times per week wash the beard with shampoo. Hair conditioner can be used once a week.
  3. You can improve the attractiveness of a beard by using essential oils or herbal based shampoos.
  4. Beard recommended comb up to several times a day. This will not only contribute to a tidy appearance, but also improve hair growth due to more intense blood circulation.

A man, regardless of age, should look attractive. There is no shame in the fact that he monitors the appearance.
Uses all the means to care for the beard - soap, balm, wax and others.
And the beard is one of the ways to express yourself and attract attention. The important thing is that after growing the goatee, it follows look after regularly.

What is a goatee - a stylish beard

Long time goatee is one of the most popular and sought-after beard species. Her story begins in the late Middle Ages and continues to this day. The goatee's popularity is due to its versatility. This beard can be worn by men with any features and oval face. With its help, every man can acquire the unique charm of a noble aristocrat.

Goatee-stylish beard with a variety of shapes

box type = "warning" Note!A distinctive feature of the goatee is a small wedge-shaped area of ​​hair in the dimple of the chin. Without it, goatee can be easily confused with a goatee. However, there are clear differences between these types of barbs. / Box

Goatee has a smoother outline, the contour is more rounded, it is wider and can be equipped with additional accessories. The goatee is often worn with lush sideburns and a stylish mustache. This type of goatee does not require additional accessories. In a miniature design, the goatee is only a narrow strip of vegetation under the lower lip.

Goatee is a beard: for whom it suits

Goatee is a stylish beard, as it can decorate almost any man. It is not recommended to wear it only too chubby men. This type of beard is very suitable for thin men, making their image more romantic and sophisticated.

It is also recommended to wear it to natural brunettes. In this case, the man will look like a mysterious aristocrat who is able to conquer any woman.

box type = "info" Most often, goatee is worn by strong, strong-willed and successful men. In the Middle Ages, kings and monarchs preferred to wear it, and now it complements the image of many well-known and adored by all representatives of show business / box.

Types (options) goatee

There are several main types of goatees that are currently popular:

  • Traditional - It looks like a pointed wedge on the chin, the presence of a mustache is not necessary.
  • Circular - instead of the wedge-shaped area of ​​the hair, it has a neatly shaved island in the center of the chin, the mustache smoothly passes into the beard, encircling the chin with a rounded contour.
  • Vandaikovskaya - has similarities with the traditional one, it should have a wedge-shaped vegetation in the center of the chin, however, the mustache does not turn into a beard.

What are the forms of goatee beard

Goatee is often called any beard that covers part of the chin and falls slightly to the neck.

box type = "warning" It is important to remember! It is necessary to select a beard taking into account the parameters of the face. It should look harmonious, decorate its owner and, in the ideal case, hide the minor flaws of his appearance. / Box

The goatee form is very common when the mustache does not go into a beard. In this case, the cheeks should remain smooth. If the choice fell on this type of beard, you need to be prepared for regular care of it.

Goatee can connect with a mustache, forming a round contour around the lips. Such a beard looks more massive. This form of goatee is suitable for men who have soft features or a square chin. Using a beard of this shape, you can easily hide minor skin defects.

Goatee can be combined with a large Hungarian-type mustache. Such a beard will be demanding of self-care, but with it, a man can look very extravagant. This form of beard must be controlled by regularly cutting. For additional care for her, a man will definitely need hair conditioner and wax to give the beard the desired shape.

Goatee (beard) without a mustache

A goatee without a mustache can be an ideal choice for intelligent men who want to look more masculine. An additional advantage of this type of beard is its simple care.

The basic rule is to wash your beard regularly using various cosmetic and hygiene products. The frequency of these procedures should be approximately the same as washing your hair. Drying a beard with a hairdryer is not recommended. For these purposes, it is better to use a towel.

Otherwise, skin irritation may occur. Bristle hairs always grow in different directions. To make the goatee look neat, beautiful and improve the image of a man, and not vice versa, it must be combed daily. Then the contour of the beard will be even, neat, each hair will grow parallel to the neighboring one.

The most convenient and practical tool for caring for a beard is a trimmer. It allows you to adjust and shape the goatee. When purchasing a trimmer, it is best to pay attention to wireless models. Some men and hairdressers use special scissors to trim their beards. Combing the goatee is convenient with a wide comb.

What should be the length of the hair for the goatee beard

It is believed that every man can be the owner of a lush and thick beard. However, the vegetation on the face of each man is formed differently. First, the stubble grows and already at this stage it becomes clear whether the beard will go to a man or will make him untidy.

box type = "info" It's important to know! Not all men have hairs that grow evenly in the zone necessary for the formation of a stylish goatee. Especially in young men, the bristles may not have the necessary stiffness, or will grow in separate areas of the neck and chin. / Box

At the same time, if we give the hairs some more time so that they are branches, the situation in the general sense will not change. Another misconception is that hairs grow faster and thicker if shaved. In such cases, you need to either choose a different type of beard, or constantly shave the bristles.

At first, when forming a beard, discomfort can be observed in the form of itching from overgrown hairs. It is also worth noting that each zone of the face and chin is characterized by its own growth rate of bristles. This can contribute to the untidy look of the growing beard. This stage just needs to endure.With proper care for the goatee, it will take the necessary shape and become a true complement to the image of a successful man.

You still have to shave your neck regularly, since the bristles on it do not participate in the formation of a goatee in the form of a goatee. Using a razor is not recommended to control hair growth. It is necessary to ensure that they are the required length. For most men, this is no more than 2 cm.

Neat goatee without a mustache

How to make a goatee yourself

You can become the owner of a stylish and attractive goatee with the help of a qualified hairdresser, or you can try to do it yourself. To implement this idea, it is best to purchase a special template.. It is a special tool that bites on one side with teeth, and the other fits snugly on the skin of the face, exactly repeating the features of a male face.

Next, configure the template so that it exactly matches the contours of the goatee. In this case, the hairs of the beard itself will be completely inviolable. Use a razor to remove all vegetation that goes beyond the scope of the template. Trim the beard itself with neat scissor movements.

When forming a beard, it is better to release the stubble on the skin of the cheeks. The larger the initial area of ​​vegetation, the easier the desired shape of the goatee will form. The initial form of the beard is achieved with a trimmer, shaving the hairs on the neck, cheeks and around the chin. The bottom border of the goatee should be slightly higher than the Adam's apple. It is better to adjust the edges of the beard with an electric razor or with a new and sharp blade.

Before shaving, the hairs of the mustache and beard must be combed to better navigate along their length. The edges of the beard should be clear and even. The width of the right goatee is approximately equal to the width of the mouth. The main criterion that you must constantly monitor when forming the goatee is its symmetry with respect to facial features.

After biting the template, try not to move your teeth so that the outline of the goatee is even

Template for goatee goatee, where to buy

Every man strives to look stylish, neat and attractive to others. There are several ways to achieve this goal. He can visit a qualified hairdresser while spending his money and time on trips to specialized salons, or independently monitor his appearance.

box type = "warning" Note!A neat beard is a powerful accent in the image of a man. To make this accent more expressive without the help of beauty salons, you must use the goatee pattern. You can buy it in specialized online stores. / Box

Modern templates are a special mouthpiecewhich is made of lightweight and durable plastic. Its design allows you to adjust the template to individual facial features. This ensures that the man can become the owner of the particular goatee that he had long dreamed of.

The template must be firmly pressed to the face and held in one position during the entire process of shaving off excess hairs. More reliable template fastening is provided by special clips that can be clamped in the mouth. Such a device is easily washed with warm water to remove hair that has fallen on it. The goatee pattern does not preclude the use of shaving cream.

Pattern for goatee: how to do it yourself

A real man always strives to cope with the solution of many problems on his own. Building a house, car repair, image - all this does not put up with the wrong hands. Also, lovers of doing everything with their own hands can independently acquire a high-quality template for goatee.

Currently, it is not difficult to find images of the required template on the Internet. The process of its manufacture is reduced to downloading the desired file, printing the outline on a sheet of thick paper or cardboard. A self-made template can be used, as well as purchased in a company store.

The most creative men can make a similar tool from the cut out bottom of a plastic bottle. The benefits of a homemade template are:

  • saving money on the purchase of an instrument,
  • the template will be perfect for facial features, as it will be unique and individual,
  • complete freedom in the choice of material and design,
  • an occasion to show the ability to think creatively.

Goatee (beard): how to cut

A very deep misconception is that a beard does not need care. Many believe that you can form and grow a beautiful beard without any effort.

box type = "warning" It's important to know! In order for the goatee - a stylish beard not to lose its clarity and its contour, it must be cut at least 1 time per week. / Box

It is necessary to start from the edges of the goatee in order to more clearly distinguish its contour. Then, cutting off the excess vegetation, you need to monitor the symmetry of the beard. The outline of the goatee can be used with a razor (the blade must be new and sharp) or a trimmer.

Handling a blade will require a certain skill and skill from a man. Hair in different parts of the skin of the face grows randomly, so for a smooth shave you will have to direct the blade in different directions. If the goatee is supplemented with a mustache, they also need to be trimmed regularly. After this procedure, the goatee should acquire a clear wedge-shaped shape.

For the convenience of haircuts, you can use a special comb

Goatee: how to shave

Proper shaving of a goatee requires compliance with certain rules. This process should not cause skin irritation and subsequent discomfort.

For this It’s important to choose a quality and reliable beard shaver. Razors with the so-called dangerous blade are very popular among men with a beard. Such a razor should be sharpened regularly, as it quickly loses its sharpness. Its sharpening or replacement will make the shaving process more hygienic and comfortable.

box type = "note" Shaving is best in the morning. At this time, the process will be better. First, wash with warm water. It is also recommended to use a softening gel for the skin of the face. / Box

Such a preparatory phase will soften the bristles. Then a damp towel should be applied to the face. After such hydration, you can start shaving goatees. First you need to apply shaving foam on the right skin. During shaving, the blade should extend in the direction of hair growth.

To make the shave softer, the machine must be washed off in warm water. After the cheeks, it is necessary to shave the hair on the neck. Here the blade should move from the chin down the neck. At the final stage, the area near the mustache is shaved, since it is there that the stiffest bristles are. The shaving machine should move with gentle movements from top to bottom.

Goatee: how to care

No one will argue with the fact that a stylish beard must be carefully looked after. Goatee is recommended to be washed twice a day because after eating small particles of food may remain on the beard.

At least 2 times a week, beard washing should be carried out using cosmetics, such as shampoo and balm. Plant-based shampoos and a variety of essential oils are important in caring for a beard. If desired, a man can use hair conditioner. This will help maintain its pristine shape and prevent the appearance of warlocks.

To wash goatee, it is important to use special shampoos

If gray hair contradicts the image of a man, goatee can be tinted. To this end, it is better to turn to professional stylists who will perform the entire procedure at the highest level. Usually the color tone of the beard is selected lighter than the natural color of the hair.

Goatee is suitable for almost all men. It is formed using a special template, razor or trimmer. Goatee requires care, which consists in the use of shampoo and regular combing.

History of occurrence

Pointed beard, spanish, goatee - all these are the names for one of the most popular beards in the world.

For the first time, Spaniards began to wear this kind of vegetation in the 16th century.

At that time, the goatee was considered a small beard with a short haircut, as well as a small mustache, slightly curled at the end. In order not to spoil the uniform, the men even put on a Spanish press a special press for the night. However, this practice was soon abandoned, as soon as barbers had items for quality facial care.

Peak of popularity

Over time, the pointed beard began to spread throughout the world.

Outside of Spain, Protestant priests from England, who opposed Catholicism, were the first to wear it.

During the opening of the Caribbean archipelago, a Spanish beard began to be worn by everyone who was not lazy: French, British, Portuguese, and even pirates. So fashion has gradually reached our times, having undergone albeit minor, but still changes.

Men are interested in how to cut a goatee with a beard, not even knowing that the answer to it depends on what kind of variety you want to get in the process.

For example, there is a traditional pointed wedge worn by the Spaniards. If the beard does not suit the man’s taste with a wedge, then he usually leaves a small island in the center of his chin and removes his mustache. In general, there are a lot of options, and all of them are able to give a unique style to their carrier.


Under the classic goatee is usually meant a small bundle of hair on the chin. The difference from the traditional Spanish variety is that the owner does not have a mustache. This "island" can be located both throughout the chin, and on a small part of it.

To give a beard a beautiful shape, it is necessary to observe a prerequisite - regularly cut hair. It is best to carry out a haircut with the help of an electric machine, with the maximum nozzle installed on it. Caring for facial hair is quite simple, and they look very elegant.

If a man plans to get a magnificent beard, then he must properly grow it. Most people focus on the lower part of the beard, leaving the maximum length there. Under the lower lip, the hair is removed almost completely - only a rough bristle remains.


Another wedge-shaped version of the Spanish beard, which, although not in vogue now, but looks very impressive. This variety is also called "van dyke" - in honor of Antonis Van Dyke - a famous portrait painter who lived in the 17th century and wore such a beard. To this day, such a haircut is popular among lovers of painting, sculptures and personalities who are somehow related to creativity.

Such a Spaniard has a rather unusual appearance. Firstly, it always has a mustache with a curl, like that of Spanish officers. Secondly, the beard itself is rather narrow, but long.

Also, very often a haircut is worn with whiskers. A similar fashion was created by Henry IV - the famous French king, who refused to shave his beard from a young age.

Pursuing the cultivation of a Spanish woman of this type at home, people say that the most difficult thing is to give her a suitable shape. Make a narrow beard is not a problem, but to grow a Spanish mustache is much more difficult, since they reach almost the middle of the cheeks. But to follow the wedge as simple as possible - you only need to shave the top layer from time to time, thereby increasing the length of the goatee.


The most common and most well-groomed look»worn by many celebrities.

The circular Spaniard does not have a clear wedge-shaped shape, which is why for many people it looks completely different. However, usually in the center of the chin the most hair is concentrated, and at the bottom there is a small rounded islet with the largest vegetation.

Also, the beard does not have a strict contour around the edges, which makes it look very right.

The main disadvantage of a circular Spanish woman is that she needs to be cut much more often than usual. Otherwise, it begins to overgrow and early ales lose their aesthetics late.

Also, most men wear it without bristles on the rest of the face, preferring to shave daily to look beautiful. In addition, if you neglect the shaving procedure, the goatee pretty quickly grows together with the rest of the beard and ceases to stand out against the general background.

Celebrity Choice

In the past few years, the style of conquistadors has begun to penetrate show business. More and more actors and singers, not only abroad, but also in Russia, began to wear a goatee to look courageous. Here are just a few examples:

It's hard to imagine that Legolas (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings) or Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean) may appear in a movie with a beard. However, in real life, the actor who played these characters prefers to appear in public exclusively with a goatee. Moreover, the man chose the traditional Spanish version. Johnny Depp.

The famous captain Jack Sparrow appears in all parts of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" strictly with a traditional goatee. In some parts of the series, he even braided little pigtails to fit the pirate style. The actor himself wears a simpler version of the Spanish woman in life, but is not going to shave her off if this is not required by the role. Robert Downey Jr.

It is difficult to recall an actor who would give the goatee more popularity than Robert. The bearded Tony Stark from the films Iron Man and Avengers has become a real idol for many men. In front of the cameras, the actor also often appears with dense facial hair, considering the Spaniard an inseparable part of his image. Brad Pitt.

This actor is not in vain considered one of the most beautiful on earth, since he also wears a goatee, which suits him very well. In films, Brad appears without facial hair (depending on the role), but in real life he tries not to part with it. Probably all because she gives him not only masculinity, but also grace. Dima Bilan.

Even when the singer was just starting to climb his career ladder, he was remembered by many fans for his “goatee beard”, which looked like a Spanish woman only remotely. Having matured, Dima seemed to understand that it was worth changing his style, and released a round, quite thick goatee. It should be noted that the singer has become much more courageous.

And this is really just a small list of those celebrities who wear Spanish. Many of them can no longer be imagined without facial hair, and their beards have become a kind of template for those who plan to become more attractive too.

Who will feel good with such a beard?

Goatee has a lot of admirers, even among famous personalities: Brad Pete, Robert Patinson, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey (Jr.), Dima Bilan. This beard is a combination of interesting mustaches and a small amount of hair under the lower lip. Goatee has a wedge-shaped shape and is not recommended for men with a round face shape. This is because the wide lower part of the hairline, which is located under the lower lip, only spoils the appearance of the man, giving him less manly features. It fits almost any type of face, except the aforementioned round.

The most ardent admirers are considered thin, fair-haired guys.Perhaps they themselves do not know this, but for this type of appearance this beard is best suited because it brings a touch of romance to their appearance. Very good, also, with goatee will be for men with a dark color of hair. All thanks to the fact that she will add to them self-confidence, masculinity and even a little bitchiness. Dark little guys, having grown such a beard, will become real machos.


If you are 100% determined to let go of your hair on your chin and think that the goatee is right for you, then you need to know that there are three types of this beard:

  • the goatee proper is a traditional type that involves placing hair under the chin,
  • Van Dyke style - has a wedge-shaped shape and should be combined with a small antennae,
  • in the form of a circle - located along the axis of the lips and also combined with a small antennae.

The male shaft is what gives you any of these three types of bristles. A beard is self-confidence, so the question is whether to grow hair on the chin is no longer relevant.

The main stages of formation

You need to start with the easiest thing in this matter - put aside the razor. This is necessary so that a man can assess the amount of facial hair and finally understand if the goatee is suitable for him.

After that, you should choose a specific type of goatee. It’s better to do this before you cut your hair or shave to know exactly where the hair on your face is better not to shave.

Creating a goatee is divided into 6 main stages:

  • it is necessary to shave off excess hair behind the lines of the cheekbones, for this use a trimmer without a nozzle,
  • then you need to give the beard a rounded shape, for this it is necessary to shave the bristles under the chin and behind the lines of the cheekbones,
  • using a blade with a nozzle of 1-3 mm, you must trim the mustache and beard,
  • then you need to create a clear shape, for this you need to shave the bristles with a detailed trimmer,
  • to separate the hairline of the mustache and beard,
  • shave off excess hair on the cheeks.

It is very important to constantly monitor the amount of hair on the chin, if necessary, cut or shave the excess.

Rinse the beard after each meal. Do not forget, the hair on the beard requires the same care as the hair on the head, do not forget to wash it with shampoo or liquid soap, in addition, use special gel for hair care.

Beard Growing Principles

Time. Before shaving, you need to wait time to grow the desired length, while suppressing the desire to take on a razor.

Elimination of defects during growth. If the beard grows in foci, you need qualified treatment, the use of special procedures to stimulate growth.

Care. During the time of growing, it is possible to stimulate hair growth in every possible way and improve their condition. This can be done using special masks based on essential oils.


To maintain the shape of the beard, you need to regularly cut and adjust it. Contours must be maintained at least once a week. Do not forget about the mustache they also need to be cut regularly.

How to shave? Shaving should not cause skin irritation, it is undesirable to allow cuts. High-quality shaving directly depends on the tool.

Professional barbers use a dangerous razor. The blades of this razor require sharpening or replacement. Using such an instrument requires certain skills. Every man in the process of his life can choose a tool that is convenient for himself, the main thing is to avoid cuts and irritation.

A convenient tool for shaving Spanish women is a trimmer, with it you can shave off excess hairs, set contours, and adjust mustaches.

It is better to shave already woken up (so as not to injure yourself), using warm water and a softener for the face. This way you can prepare your face for the upcoming procedure. Immediately before shaving, apply foam on your cheeks, then start shaving in the direction of hair growth. After the cheek area, go to the neck. Shaving vegetation from the neck should be moving down from the chin. In conclusion, pay attention to the mustache.

Beard care comes down to daily hygiene of the bristles, combing, shaping, and adjusting as the hair grows. The shape of the beard looks modern if the bristles do not exceed a length of 3 mm.


Goatee is a universal type of beard, it brings a touch of aristocracy and sophistication to the image, the hairstyle is unpretentious in leaving, does not require special skills. Therefore, do not be afraid to try on this stylish image.

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

How to grow?

Some people think that growing a beard is easy, but it’s not. So that later, you cut your beard and get a goatee, you need to know how to grow hair on a beard.

The first thing to start with is to forget about the razor for a while. Your facial hair should grow in its own order. Due to the genetic features, you need to track whether your hair grows on the right parts of the face. You can notice this only after a few days. This period must be sustained, since it is very difficult to grow a beard in the first stage. She looks untidy and chaotic.

When you notice that your hair is growing in the right areas of the face, then allow time for the beard to lengthen. If your chin hair does not grow or grow very rarely, then you should choose a different type of beard.

You must choose the length of your beard yourself. Imagine your image to determine the length and shape of the beard. Photos or pictures in magazines can help you with this. Also, if you have a computer program for modeling the appearance, you can use it to find the shape and length of the beard. Such programs can be downloaded from the Internet or go to the salon and use them.

When you have chosen the type of beard and decided on the length, then you can proceed to the next step - cutting the goatee.

How to trim and shape a beard? (What tools to use, step by step instructions)

To cut the goatee, you will need tools, for example:

  1. Large mirror
  2. Shaving cream,
  3. Special scissors,
  4. A special comb for such a beard,
  5. Electric trimmer with nozzles,
  6. Wax for styling a beard.

It is very important to buy high-quality tools and products for caring for a beard, as the shape of the Spanish beard and its general appearance will depend on this.

Some do not know how to cut a goatee, so they turn to specialists for help, but if you want, you can do it yourself. The main thing is to adhere to the instructions.

  1. To achieve symmetry, you need to start shaving the beard at the edges. With a flick of the wrist, shave off excess hair, carefully picking up on the outlined contours. Do not forget to follow the symmetry of the beard.
  2. You can outline the contours with a sharp razor or trimmer.
  3. Shave your hair at your convenience, changing the direction of the machine.
  4. If you decide to decorate the beard with a mustache, then decide on their shape in advance.
  5. When you finish shaving your beard, sharpen the corners to give it a wedge-shaped shape. With a Wandaika beard, angles need to be done on two sides of the chin.

To better understand how to do this, watch the video on the intern and repeat it on yourself. The main thing is not to rush, otherwise you will have to grow a beard again.

How to use a shaving pattern?

If this is your first time to make a beard and don’t know how to make a goatee, then you will need a beard shaving template. You can buy such a template in special stores or on the Internet.

Universal template suitable for all men with different face shapes. On it, you can adjust the size of the beard that suits your face. There are three types of settings in the template.

If you decide to use a beard shaving template, then you need to know about the instructions for using it.

  • To make the template fit snugly to your face, bite a special mouthpiece.
  • You need to customize the template, taking into account your facial features. Choose which kind of goatee you want and fix it like this.
  • It is important that the template tightly covers the area of ​​hair that you want to keep. If you have done this, then you may not worry that during shaving, damage the shape of the goatee.
  • Take a razor and expose your face from unnecessary hair without touching the borders of the template.

The template is needed for those who shave their beard for the first time, when you learn how to do it automatically.

How to adjust the shape with a trimmer?

At the very end, when you have finished shaving your beard, you need to adjust it. For this, you will need a trimmer. To get a beautiful Spanish beard, you need to pay special attention to the final stage.

Wash the beard after the haircut and comb it with a comb. Take a special trimmer nozzle and remove excess beard hairs that extend beyond the intended contour. It is important that the machine moves from top to bottom, and then vice versa. Thanks to the built-in regulator, you will not be able to spoil your goatee.

When you adjust the Vandayk beard, trim the tips of the mustache so that they do not grow below the contour of the lips.

Do not forget that the maximum length of this beard should not exceed five mm. When adjusting the lower part of the beard, use a narrow nozzle with the one that cuts the hair in the nose. When you come to the correction of the joint between the chin and neck, then rearrange the mirror below the level of the head to see that you are shaving.

Care Tips

A beautiful beard always attracts attention, so a man should make sure that she is in perfect condition. For this it is important:

  1. Wash your beard twice a week with a special shampoo. Once a month, air conditioning is available.
  2. Wash your beard daily with clean water in the morning and evening. Due to this, abscesses or boils will not form on the skin under the beard.
  3. When you eat, make sure that there is no food left on your beard. Always carry a small mirror with you.
  4. Comb your beard regularly so that it looks neat. You need to do this every two hours.
  5. Use cosmetics to improve the goatee.

Some men are worried about their beard appearance due to age. The gray goatee doesn’t look very beautiful. This problem can be solved by staining. However, this procedure should be done by a specialist.

If you want to do it yourself, then seriously approach this issue and choose high-quality paint of the desired color. The paint should be lighter than the usual hair color, or match it. The wrong color will make you shave your beard.

Beard - a sign of masculinity

Today we learned how to shave a beard and how to care for it. A beard really makes a man attractive and courageous, but you need to regularly monitor her. Correct the goatee in time, otherwise it will look bad.

Choose the right shape for this beard, as each man has a different goatee style. Many men began to feel more confident when they grew a beard.

Watch the video: How to shave a goatee beard in 5 simple steps : Ali Gordon (February 2020).

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