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Probably, many of the boys at least once thought about tanks. These formidable machines are ways to develop tremendous speeds, pass through fire and water, and most importantly, thanks to their armor, can withstand fire from assault guns, machine guns and even siege grenade launchers. And the firepower of armored vehicles allows you to destroy buildings and of course the military equipment of the enemy. But we hope that none of our readers will have to do this in real life, because there are games about tanks in which you can control them both in the first person and entire platoons consisting of 10 combat units. Take part in hard battles and win them despite the difficulties!

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What do we know about tanks

We have collected for you the best online games with tanks, which you can play literally a few seconds after loading the page. The tank is one of the most popular units in computer games. Moreover, it is found not only in military strategies of the action genre, but also in arcades, simulators and even races. The developers squeezed out absolutely everything from the unit, there are arcades where tanks need to overcome various obstacles, jump on jumps and even swim. Moreover, you can fight for one combat unit, controlling in the first person an armored car or machine gunner sitting on the roof itself and destroying enemies, and for a whole platoon, controlling in a third person.

Screenshot from World of Tanks, WARGAMING.

Of course, the game of online tanks, nor the rendering of textures, can not be compared with computer clients with non-gameplay, but you will have several advantages - availability anywhere in the world and on any computer that supports an Internet connection, as well as the ability to fight on a very weak iron, which simply does not pull modern shooters and shooters.

On the appearance of tanks in games

One of the first games in which everyone’s favorite armored vehicles appeared was an arcade called tanks. She worked on a dandy, as well as similar consoles and was a 2D field on which a maze and characters placed there were drawn. The goal of the arcade was to protect its base, while it was necessary to carry it out without falling under enemy fire. Subsequently, the tanks appeared in first-person shooters, where in addition to the usual battles, gamers could control various types of military equipment.

Screenshot from World of Tanks, WARGAMING.

After the shooters, strategies appeared, including among Russian-speaking developers. It is noteworthy that tanks in online games are called characters, with well-trained defense skills and able to withstand numerous attacks by monsters and real rivals. Tank games for boys are a sea of ​​drive and adrenaline gained from driving a huge armored car! Let's recall the most famous and popular games where this unit is present except, of course, strategies.

GTA Series

GTA - these three letters are known to every boy and representative of the young generation, many of whom have not yet turned 30 years old. After all, GTA is the most famous real-world simulator that allows you to ride in cars, boats and aircraft, buy houses and fight with the police. For the first time, the tank appeared in the fourth part of the series, under the name Grand Theft Auto Vice City, where it was called up using an easy-to-remember code that still remained in the memory of many boys - the “panzer”, or sometimes came with the maximum crime indicator. In the future, this unit could be found in almost any part of the series, but without the code it was quite difficult to do.


Another famous military series, however there is a very realistic and interesting online mode. If you want to play tanks, then here, it will be very easy to do. And besides them, many other military equipment will be available for control. Management, in itself, is very similar to Call of Duty, however, in the latest version of Battlefield 3, both the graphics and gameplay will significantly exceed the previous one.

World of tanks

Tank games gained such popularity precisely thanks to World of Tank. This is due to the fact that thanks to a large-scale advertising company, many people from all over the world play it every day. As the name implies, here you will control combat vehicles that you can buy, improve and on which you can fight with other real rivals. In general, if you plunge into it for one evening, you risk forgetting about the real world for at least a few months.

Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store
Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

World of Tanks Logo Signet

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

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Pechatkawot - WoT accessories store

WoT Logo Keychain

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Who will love keychains with the inscriptions of the games?

A keychain is an original key pendant that will help the key holder never lose sight of them. In addition, using the keychain, you can focus on hobbies, a special style of a man and other personal data. Considering the interests of men of different countries and ages, keyring manufacturers today offer different design themes:

  • keychains from games,
  • pendants for motorists,
  • name models
  • logo keychains,
  • key chains with different types of weapons,
  • sport pendants
  • elite key chains made of precious metals,
  • multifunctional options for practical men and much more.

The most sought-after type of youth is the keychains from games, whether it be the world-famous Minecraft game, World of Tanks, Overwatch or various popular games from Blizzard Entertainment today. All these names have become real brands, and developers earn huge amounts of money on games. Keychains with a design in a similar style will definitely be appreciated by gamers and computer game lovers.

Which are there?

The opinion that teenagers are exclusively keen on computer games. Today, computer game developers have stepped far forward, offering exciting games for men of all ages, addictive after the first test. Many men literally became fans of their favorite games, whether it be World of Tanks or Minecraft, and the games themselves have gained a multimillion-dollar audience of players.

Due to such popularity of games, keyring manufacturers offer key pendants in this design, for example:

Minecraft The virtual reality of this game is so addictive that more than 10 million players have become true fans of the Minecraft label. And manufacturers of accessories do not have time to release the Minecraft keychain in batches, as fans of the game literally sweep them off the shelves. Minecraft keychains in the form of characters, weapons, tools from the game, animals and all kinds of monsters are on sale.

World of tank. Another world leader among popular computer games is World of Tanks, whose player audience has exceeded 5 million. For true connoisseurs of tank fights, manufacturers offer World of Tank keychains in the form of combat awards from the game, they can also be tanks of different models or the logo of the game itself.

From Blizzard. The American developer of computer games Blizzard offers many popular and popular games today. Due to the great demand for the game, the popularity of Blizzard logo key chains does not decline, and manufacturers also offer Blizzard key chains in the form of characters and different types of weapons for Blizzard fan club members and avid players.

Overwatch. This is one of the most successful games from the American developer Blizzard, namely a game in the genre of first-person shooter. For fans of team games and competitions, this is the best offer from computer game developers. And although the game appeared only in 2016, Overwatch keychains are already being requested for all stores in Russia and abroad. It can be stylish accessories with the logo of the game or creative and funny models in the form of characters.


Using original key chains as a pendant for keys is a great solution for those men who prefer to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their special taste. This is especially true for men who are keen on computer games; for them, a keychain in the style of their favorite computer game will be an excellent accessory. According to statistics, key chains from games are preferred not only by teenagers and schoolchildren, but also older men, especially when it comes to an accessory as a gift.

KRI 2011

The title of the best game of the year and the audience prize

World of Tanks - is more than 600 armored vehicles of the mid-twentieth century. In your hands will be the best tanks of the era - from the legendary T-34s and ISs that forged the victory of the Red Army, to the crazy ideas of engineering geniuses who never reached the conveyor belt. These are dozens of unique combat locations guaranteeing a tactical variety of gameplay. This is the 180 millionth army of fans around the world. Join now!

Keychain Minecraft "Mushroom Cow"

The original keychain in the form of a mushroom cow figurine - a unique mob from the Minecraft game. Accessory pr ..

Is the Minecraft fan room already hung with posters, furnished with designers and stuffed animals? Textbooks and notebooks are already folded in the bag depicting Creeper, but the child is still not enough? A classmate found beautiful key chains and life stopped? A whole collection of various figures on a chain will help to uplift the upset champion. What is there, even an adult fan will like beautifully detailed and completely repeating the atmosphere of Minecraft keychains!

The complete collection must consist of key chains of the following categories:

1. Characters. Detailed jewelry made in the form of Steve and his girlfriend, a little-known superhero perfectly complement the keychain, school bag or bag. Rubber key chains with multi-colored chains and plastic figures with moving parts are available.

2. Tools and weapons. Fearless adventurer keeps all useful objects at hand. For example, iron key chains depicting a detailed sword and pickaxe, Creeper's head and a pink pig. The carbine is light, clings to any objects.

3. Animals. A plastic keychain in the form of a brown and mushroom cow will remind you of wonderful times on the farm - green grass, bright sun, ripening crop, weed control. Why not carry memories with you?

4. Monsters. Edge Wanderer, Creeper, Zombies - aggressive mobs pose a monstrous danger in the Minecraft universe. But in real life they are not animated, appear as a small copy of a talisman. They allow you to fantasize and imagine epoch-making battles for honor, glory and untold wealth.

Trinkets of various sizes are primarily suitable for young travelers who adore decorating keys, bags and even pants with a variety of accessories! The range of materials is impressive - weighty iron trinkets are monolithic, plastic - in the hands of a child look like a whole toy with moving and turning limbs. Rubber figures perfectly retain color, do not get wet, do not stretch. But will all the figures fit on the clothes? Worth checking out!

Fast delivery is available throughout the Russian Federation, even in cities in remote regions, ordered goods arrive in just a few weeks. Delivery cost depends on many factors, it is calculated automatically when you enter the full address.

Fashionable, iron or bright, plastic - it's all about Minecraft keychains. Hang them on your pants or bag, anywhere. All the attention of friends will be riveted on your keychain! We have quality iron Minecraft keychains. Very pleasant to the touch, bright and stylish. Suitable for both children and adults. They can be used not only as key chains for a bunch of keys, but also as an independent decoration, fastened anywhere: on jeans, and on a briefcase, on clothes, etc. They are original and funny, they will always remind you of your hobby. Plastic key chains - can also be used as decoration. Younger children can play with them, as rather large in size and convenient to hold in their hands.

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