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Beard and fashion: what is the connection between them?

Scientists in Sydney came to the conclusion that the fashion for wearing a beard can lead to the fact that such men will cease to attract representatives of the opposite sex.

In an experiment conducted by scientists, men and women had to evaluate the level of attractiveness of four species of bearded faces.

The experiment was carried out in order to reflect one phenomenon of evolution, which is called the "inverse dependence of selection on frequency."

Theory provides for a preference for qualities that are rarer.

For example, this theory is associated with constant changes in the bright colors of guppy fish. We are talking about males that change color as often as necessary due to changes in the preferences of females.

In a new experiment, scientists involved 1453 female volunteers and 213 men.

Volunteers were asked to rate the attractiveness of various types of male faces.

One of the groups was supposed to consider persons with dense vegetation, the second group was asked to evaluate completely shaved male faces. The third group of volunteers also had to assess attractiveness; these study participants were shown different faces with and without vegetation.

The experiment showed that men and women find bearded men attractive in the absence of a large number of men with facial hair on their faces.

However, if most men have a beard around, people will find it more attractive to have a man with a clean-shaven face.

Thus, scientists have established that modern fashion for different beards and mustaches in men is formed as a result of the evolutionary process, during which preference is given to a rarer phenotype.

Today, lush men's beards have come into fashion, however, an experiment has shown that the basis of this fashion and its driving force is the inverse dependence of selection on frequency.

This conclusion was made by Professor of the University of South Wales Rob Brooks.

The scientist is sure that the popularity of the image of George Clooney and other bearded celebrities arose from the fact that at first beards adorned the faces of only a few men in the modern world.

Where did the beard fashion come from?

The beard has come into fashion since ancient times. To find out where the fashion for beard came from, you need to look into the past. In our area, this decoration was given special significance in Russia. Our ancestors said that the word beard means the wealth of the clan. From the shape, length and density of hair, it was possible to determine the future of the family, to find out whether it would be wealthy, healthy and successful.

Even before our era, men wore beards and knew how to look after them beautifully. Looking at the photographs of ancient rulers, you can see that their beards are wound and plain. They were painted in different colors, decorated with stones and precious metals. There were special masters who gave the facial hair a beautiful shape and even made hairstyles from them.

Also, a strong floor wore this accessory to gain a good reputation. All women preferred bearded men rather than shaved men. Another fashion was created by famous people. For example, generals or successful party people aroused respect among men who imitated them in everything, even in appearance.

Previously, facial hair was grown not only because the beard is fashionable, it was of particular importance. Now trendsetters are taking male models and growing a beard for them. This greatly affects stylish men who are trying to be trendy.

Also, facial hair makes guys more mature and serious, and this is what a teenager wants. Such a change in appearance will allow a person to stand out in society.
According to history, a beard was almost always in fashion, except when it was banned by local authorities.

Beard - the main trend in men

There is an opinion that men have a beard in fashion because now the border between the male and female has been greatly erased. To somehow stand out, the strong sex decided to grow facial hair.

No matter how, a beard is a male symbol. She helps create the image of a real, brave man. A man always had superiority, and this was evident in his powerful physiology.

Fashion history

Both men and historians argue about where the fashion for men’s beards came from.

Biologists associate the process of growing dense vegetation with the evolutionary beginning - numerous studies have shown that women are more likely to have children with guys whose face is covered with a beard. This indicates good physical health and strength of character.

The tendency to grow a beard is still evident among representatives of nomadic peoples. Vegetation helped them protect themselves in difficult climatic conditions. In the hot season, she covered her face from direct sunlight, and in the cold she could serve as a full-fledged “scarf”.

In almost all world cultures, vegetation was endowed with a sacred meaning.

The youths had their hair cut on their heads as a sign of initiation, forcible deprivation of strands was considered a humiliation for the opponent and a symbol of complete obedience. Historical written monuments have preserved information that in ancient Babylon it was customary to deprive slaves of beards.

Facial hair was considered a sign of strength and determination - in Asia, soldiers and officials were necessarily bearded. Even in mythology, powerful gods were magnificent beards - for example, Thor in Scandinavian traditions.

Wearing a beard was also accepted in ancient Egypt. She was considered exclusively the privilege of the pharaohs, all other men were obliged to smoothly shave their faces. If the vegetation could not be grown naturally, we created special overhead options. To do this, they took human hair, gave it the shape of a cat tail, additionally decorated with gold rings and beautifully braided.

The female pharaoh Hatshepsut was forced to wear a false beard to match her high status.

In Mesopotamia, men looked after a beard with special attention. They used special forceps to curl hair and give them a well-groomed appearance. Long hair flowing to the chest looked neater and more courageous.

In ancient Asia, the length of the beard and its density spoke about the social status of its owner:

  1. Ordinary wars could afford sparse vegetation up to the collarbone length, in no case lower. This rule was introduced by Alexander the Great.
  2. Rich and status men were not limited - they could grow thick hair, which in the world of modern fashion is called a “shovel”.

In ancient Greece, the beard was also of great importance and indicated that a person belongs to a certain layer in society. The greatest humiliation for a man was forced shaving of vegetation - this indicated that in battle he proved himself to be a coward.

The situation changed dramatically with the advent of Alexander the Great. He could not boast of luxurious vegetation, so his face always remained smoothly shaved. To hide his flaw, he obliges the soldiers to carefully shave the vegetation. He explained this requirement by the fact that the beard could interfere in the battle and distract.

Beard Fashion. Dedicated to all future bearded men! | Answer

| Answer

Thus, you will eventually form her diligent appearance. An adder should be open, the main emphasis should be on the chin. Do not ignore the shred under the lip when it sticks out, you need to immediately take preventive measures. Do not forget that the beard perfectly absorbs all odors. This also needs to be carefully monitored. If you do not notice extraneous aromas, then your girl will definitely feel the onion-sausage kiss.
Cosmetics for a beard, and in particular wax for a mustache, will help you overcome this problem. It fixes hair well and comes in different flavors.

Six months passed

Voila! Meet your best friend who will attract the attention of true connoisseurs of a fashionable new image, named Beard. You can touch your beard with your fingers when you give the impression that you are thinking something smart. There are times when it differs in color from the hair on the head. In such situations, resort to painting services. But it’s better to leave it as it is.

To maintain a beard in good condition, a trimmer with various nozzles will help.

Be in trend with bearded men!

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Beard and fashion: what is the connection between them?

Not only women can decorate themselves, but also men. Nowadays, terms like beard and fashion are in the same place. For several years now, a strong floor has been growing this accessory. Even young people became interested in him.

Today we’ll talk about where the fashion for this jewelry came from. Why does the stronger sex want to conform to this trend, and when will it be a thing of the past? Let's take a look at the story and see the roots of this attribute of a male personality.

Why is the beard so popular?

It’s not really hard to understand why a beard is in fashion. Men have good reason to wear this accessory. Let's find out which ones:

  • A sign of masculinity and strength. Of course, it cannot be said that the presence of this jewelry makes a man stronger, but he creates the image of a real man. Perhaps - this self-hypnosis encourages a stronger sex to comply with the opinion of society. Just for the sake of this, many want to grow stubble.
  • A sign of good intuition. It is generally accepted that only women have intuition, since they have long hair on their heads. In this regard, men also do not shave in order to have this feeling.
  • Attracts women. She makes the stronger sex more serious and courageous - these qualities have always attracted women. Thick and long hair also indicates good potency.
  • Direct connection with the Lord. If a person believes in God, then he accepts and appreciates his gifts. These looks encourage guys to grow a beard. It is believed that men who shave will never go to heaven. In fact - this is just the opinion of people, the Bible does not say anything about it.

Another important reason why the beard has become fashionable is self-affirmation. Psychologists note that men with a growing face do not suffer from low self-esteem. They are very confident and do not make hasty decisions. If a guy wants to confirm his identity, he needs to grow stubble and not pay attention to the opinions of others.

For reference! Many famous people wear a beard. Therefore, this encourages fans to imitate their appearance.

Of course, having such an ornament is very nice. It immediately changes the appearance and creates a new image. However, in order for the hair not to lose its appearance, it is necessary to properly care for it. Some do not want to deal with this issue on their own, so they regularly visit barbershops.

If you want to save money, then you will have to adjust your hair yourself. This is actually not a hard task. You only need to purchase the necessary tools. These include:

You also need to buy detergents and styling gels. You need to adjust the shape of the haircut several times a week. It is important to wash your hair daily so that it looks well-groomed. Learning how to cut correctly, this procedure will not take you much time.

When will beard fashion take place?

It is impossible to say unequivocally when the beard fashion will take place. Currently, this jewelry is in great demand and it is not going to go out of fashion. Since hairdressers come up with new haircuts and barbershops appear - this suggests that the beard will be in trend for a long time to come.

Wearing a beard is not only fashionable, it makes a lot of sense. For some men, a beard is a necessity; it hides flaws and scars.

She helps someone to even out the shape of the face and makes a man more attractive. Therefore, facial hair will always be in demand.

Moreover, now there are many convenient tools that only help to keep track of the bristles, so you do not need much effort to keep it in shape.

Fashion haircuts

Thanks to the new program, which is in the salons, every man can choose the form of a beard that suits him personally. There are different types of this accessory, so every man, if he wants, will be able to wear a beard. Currently - this jewelry has become a hallmark of men.


Beard fashion - is it fashionable to wear a beard in 2018?

Modern men devote a lot of time to their appearance. In recent years, the fashion for the beard has become more and more noticeable, because even young people want to match it and grow this ornament. This trend has developed for centuries in different nations, so for its study it is necessary to consider dozens of nuances.

Throughout history, beard fashion has been traced. It was popular in ancient times with rulers, famous citizens, and even ordinary people.

Even in Kievan Rus special attention was paid to this attribute, determining the future of the family, well-being and success.

Considering the portraits of famous men, you can pay attention to the created image by decorating the beard with stones, metals and special jewelry. Particular attention was paid to commanders and prominent politicians, on whom most people are equated in their views.

Often, facial hair is grown to form a more masculine image. As a result, the answer to the question of whether it is fashionable to wear a beard has always been positive, except for special prohibitions by local authorities.

One of the leading opinions on the popularity of facial hair is to blur the distinction between the sexes. In addition, a man with a well-groomed manly face creates a pleasant impression and a sense of superiority.

In practice, it’s easy enough to realize whether it is fashionable to wear a beard in a given period of time. The answer is always positive, and 3 facts confirm this:

  • a feeling of courage and strength is formed,
  • long hair is associated with good intuition,
  • exceptional attractiveness for the opposite sex.

    Special attention is paid to this attribute by believers. There is an opinion that a beard is given to men as a gift from God, and they are treated accordingly. One of the most important nuances of fashion formation has become self-esteem, because representatives of the stronger sex with facial vegetation almost never suffer from complexes and low self-esteem.

    The opinion of society also plays an important role. Often men only because of him strive to transform their appearance, creating creative images and following fashion trends.

    Regardless of where the fashion for various beard haircuts from the stronger sex came from, it is necessary to approach the process with all responsibility. To independently give the desired shape, you will need a margin of time and a set of tools:

    If there is no desire to spend a lot of time and energy on a beard, then you will need to contact a specialist - a barber.

    The masters of our barbershop have the necessary training and good practice, so that in a short period of time they will competently give the desired shape without the slightest risk of damaging the hair structure or harming it in any other way.

    Periodically, people are interested in when a beard fashion will take place.In practice, the representatives of the stronger sex have no tendencies to refuse this jewelry.

    There are many reasons to go to the barbershop and give your appearance a more accurate execution:

    • concealment of scars and imperfections,
  • visual alignment of the shape of the face and giving attractiveness,
  • the formation of a more courageous image.

    Many stylists believe that you should not wait for the beard fashion to pass, as it has been in trend for many years.

    Even provided that it slightly loses its relevance, only a few will refuse it.

    At the men's hairdresser, a range of different beard haircuts is provided to customers, from simple to very sophisticated.

    If necessary, a specialist helps to choose the best option that will suit your face structure personally, and will also meet the requirements. Perhaps the creation of the most unusual images.

    Contact the BARODA BORODA barbershop to create a stylish intriguing look for a very affordable price.

    2019: Beard Fashion Passed

    No one can say for sure where this incomprehensible fashion for a beard among men came from.

    Now this trend is no longer popular with women.

    Opinions fluctuated: some were really sure that the beard gives the appearance a certain charm and style, while others considered the beard to be a mandatory attribute of masculinity.

    Beards came into fashion all of a sudden.

    For men following this trend, barber shops began to open, because of which even inexperienced guys could not stay away. But is it all to the ladies of their heart?

    Of course, the answer to this question depends on the person you are asking. One answers that she likes, the other that does not. But there is still reason to think.

    A study conducted some time ago suggested that women with a heterosexual orientation prefer men with a beard.

    But since then a lot of water has flowed: the fashion is changing, and the fashion for beards has sunk into oblivion

    Finally, the results of a newer, relevant for today, survey among girls became available. About 50% of all respondents are categorically against relations with a bearded man. After this, the decline in the attractiveness of “bearded men” in the eyes of women becomes apparent. The survey and its results can be seen on the website Bathroomtakeaway.

    All men understand that growing a beautiful beard, just like providing her with decent care, is not so simple. And those who cannot do it at all immediately begin to doubt themselves.

    For example, in Great Britain alone, the absence of a beautiful and lush beard gave rise to rather large complexes in 13% of men. And 8% of men and hair cannot grow on the face.

    From now on, the stronger sex can be calm: women no longer like beards. 43% of the girls expressed reluctance to be in a relationship with guys with dense facial hair, and 61% generally said that the presence or absence of a beard in a man does not bother them.

    This is the main evidence that the fashion trend for the beard in men, as quickly as it once appeared, will soon sink into oblivion.

    This year, an experiment was conducted in the Tinder dating app, Ben Sauterst became a member. The goal was to find out which haircuts attract women more when they meet. Ben posted several pictures in the application, in which he is remarkable with beards of different lengths.

    As you probably already guessed, in the end it turned out that women prefer those pictures where he is shaved smoothly.

    “It seems to me that the smoothly shaved skin makes me younger. That’s the secret to my popularity in apps like Tinder, ”Ben said.

    You may not agree with Ben’s conclusion, but one thing is worth acknowledging: the beard of men has already gone out of fashion.

    Do not worry if all this time you did not manage to grow a beard. Most likely, you do not need to do this!

    Pre-Petrine times in Russia

    In the era of paganism, wearing a beard was associated with climatic conditions.

    After the adoption of Christianity, dense vegetation was explained from a religious point of view: it was worth growing according to the canons of the Byzantine church. Western tradition assumed a clean-shaven face.

    This is a significant part of the answer to the question of where the beard fashion came from. These are traditions that are of great importance in our time.

    Vasily III, the father of Ivan the Terrible, shaved off his traditional beard for a wedding with Elena Glinsky, which caused a wave of indignation.

    Many boyars began to imitate him, but received a harsh ultimatum from the clergy. After Ivan the Terrible comes to the throne, the need to wear facial hair returns.

    In Russia, they swore a beard and swore, and men with smooth faces, the priests refused to funeral.

    Beard in disgrace

    When Peter I takes power, the era of the active borrowing of foreign traditions begins. Innovations also affected bearded men: the emperor during his travels in the Western world saw that his faces were smooth.

    It was the course towards Europe that made Peter, in 1698, cut his beards on the block with his own hands.

    The king made a decree that obliged men to shave their faces smoothly and cut their hair short. Such innovations provoked violent protests, which often ended in bloodshed. Therefore, Peter I was forced to make concessions: he ordered the particularly zealous bearded men to pay dues, so as not to deprive them of the ability to wear hair.

    True, Peter introduced into fashion another vegetation - a mustache.

    Revival of style

    Men's beard fashion began to return to the era of Alexander III. The king was known for striving to be closer to the people. To emphasize his understanding of ordinary citizens, he let go of his beard.

    There is also historical evidence that in such a straightforward way he hid a wart over his lips.

    In the XIX century, a lot of cultural figures who preferred dense facial hair. Among them:

    During this period, the ideas of Slavophilism spread. Their essence lies in the need to return to folk traditions, which is why many men began to grow beards and cut their heads “in a circle”.

    At the height of the First World War, beards are replacing beards. The dense vegetation brought significant discomfort during the battle, so most warriors shaved their faces smoothly. This was also explained by the use of chemical weapons - it was difficult to wear a gas mask for bearded men.

    At the beginning of the 19th century, another man appeared on the political scene, who not only became famous for his goatee, but also changed the course of Russian history.

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin wore a short pointed beard, which in its shape resembled a wedge. He combined it with a rather thick mustache.

    Modern tendencies

    Fashion to grow a beard has become extremely popular since the early 2010s.

    This trend does not lose its momentum: more and more men are trying on the image of a masculine lumberjack, which even the most proud women cannot resist.

    A stylish guy with luxurious facial hair is the type that is deservedly popular among the fair half of humanity. There are several reasons for why modern guys tend to grow dense vegetation.

    1. She gives an image of masculinity

    A beard on the face or attractive stubble is a sure sign of a confident, physically healthy and determined man. Evolutionarily, the representatives of the stronger sex with such an interesting detail are physically more resilient and able to withstand any conditions.

    1. Attracts the opposite sex

    In the wake of fashion, girls began to pay attention to bearded men and came to the conclusion that many people really did go green. Women note that a young man with a luxurious neat beard seems brutal and more attractive than a smooth-shaven young man whose face looks too childish.

    Wearing a beard for some guys is not a fad, it is the observance of religious tenets. Vegetation is preferred not only by Muslims, but also by the American cult of the Amish - their choice has a symbolic connotation, pointing to pacifism.

    1. Hides facial imperfections

    Guys, like girls, may be preoccupied with their appearance and have significant complexes. To balance the features and hide the imperfections in the chin, they decide to let go of the beard.

    Many older people can not understand what kind of beard fashion among young people, because in their time it was decided to shave their face smoothly.

    Modern trends allow young men to look the way they feel comfortable - vegetation can not only grow any shape, but even make color - there are no strict frames.

    Subcultures have contributed to the popularization of dense facial hair.

    The most popular are the lambersexuals (from the English “lumberjack” - “lumberjack”).

    Their appearance in many ways really resembles lumberjacks. It is distinguished by:

    • wide well-groomed beard,
    • free and brutal style in clothes - T-shirts and T-shirts, plaid shirts, scuffed jeans,
    • excellent physical condition - tall, muscular body,
    • stylish hairstyle (lambersexuals choose medium length hair).

    Lambersexuality is primarily a philosophy. Such men are self-confident and fully fit the description of the "real man", which is guided by the girls.

    Hipsters are another subculture whose representatives wear beards.

    One of the popular forms is even called “Bandholz” in honor of one of the brightest participants in the movement, a rebel who grew a beard in response to criticism from his superiors.

    Guys attach great importance to facial hair - they regularly visit the barbershop and grow it for several months.


    In many ways, the beard is in trend and thanks to Western stars. Men who have conquered millions of hearts, experiment with their appearance and grow vegetation.

    A Hollywood handsome man with a charming smile has not been betraying the goatee for several years now. Thanks to such cunning, his face has lost his childhood, has acquired courageous features. Sometimes he grows it bigger.

    Mature and confident Brad Pitt also chose a not too thick beard - it emphasizes its natural beauty.

    The holder of expressive eyebrows loves a slight unshaven or goatee - in both images Colin looks brutal.

    The British actor followed the example of his stellar colleagues and also decided to grow a beard. The result was a very successful experiment.

    The actor and singer abandoned his clean-shaven face, grew a full beard and made his image even more recognizable.

    Hollywood beauties continue to grow beards - you can be inspired by their examples. This explains why the beard is now in fashion - many guys copy the images of their favorite stars.

    World of style

    There are beards in the world of high fashion. Karl Lagerfeld became the most famous - at the end of his life he grew a beard, which complemented his invariable image of gloves and a suit.

    Kiev fashion designer Serge Smolin prefers a full beard in combination with a voluminous mustache.

    Models also make facial hair a signature card. Frenchman Patrick Ptizhan delights women - he looks like a brutal Robinson Crusoe.

    Henrik Fallenius is the embodiment of brutality.

    When will it leave the trend

    The fact that the beard has gone out of fashion is argued not only by guys, but also by stylists. Even the stars began to abandon vegetation: Jason Momoa, the star of Aquamen and Game of Thrones, for the first time in many years appeared to fans without his famous beard. Matthew McConaughey gave up the beard, which he began to grow several years ago.

    Antonio Banderas shaved off the vegetation, which was condemned by many stylists. Andrew Garfield also decided to part with thick hair on his cheeks and chin, they were aging him. Robert Pattinson also decided to return to a smooth face, which again attracted numerous fans.

    There are not so many stars who have abandoned facial hair. Almost all popular bearded men left this zest of appearance.

    Among them are Tom Hardy, Danila Kozlovsky, Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Daniel Radcliffe, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher.

    Beards are in no hurry to go out of fashion - the trend promises not to go a couple more years. The guys who decided to grow the vegetation should go to the barbershop - there the masters will be able to give it the correct shape, tell them how to care for it.

    Bearded men will soon go out of fashion (social networks are to blame)

    What really affects our perception of the beauty of others? You won’t believe it, but scientists confirm that sites and mobile dating apps are to blame.

    Once upon a time I liked smoothly shaven male faces. But then a beard came into fashion, and my preferences began to change. Seeing beards of various calibers everywhere, I began to realize that there was something in it. And, obviously, there was more than one.

    “I find bearded men attractive. It used to be not important, but now half of my friends wears a beard, ”said one of the participants in a survey conducted by the Guardian newspaper.

    Obviously, millennia of natural selection have forced us to give preference to certain facial features. For example, we think symmetrical faces are more attractive - apparently because they indicate healthy human genes.

    We know that beauty standards change over time, but this does not happen very quickly - both the media and the popular culture influence it.

    And although we understand that everyone has different tastes, many are convinced that their ideal of attractive appearance remains unchanged throughout life.

    It turns out, however, that we change our views on beauty much more often - for not even years or months, and sometimes just a few minutes.

    “Beauty, indeed, is still in the eye of the beholder. But, as our current study shows, the beholder himself is constantly changing, ”said Haiyan Young, an assistant professor at Carey's School of Business at Johns Hopkins University.

    Young leads the study, which revealed that our perceptions and appreciation of beauty can change under the influence of other people's opinions.

    "It can be argued that in the era of the Internet, ideas about beauty began to change in people much faster than ever in history."

    Perhaps the reason for this inconstancy is in the thousands of photos that the Internet bombards us daily, and in particular, online dating services.

    Interestingly, recent studies have shown that our notions of attractiveness are not only subject to frequent changes, but also depend on which faces we just looked at.

    On sites or in mobile dating apps, this, of course, happens all the time and in a split second.

    Nine algorithms that already make decisions for you.

    In one study conducted at the University of Sydney, women evaluated the attractiveness of 60 men, whose images appeared in front of them on the screen for only a third of a second.

    Scientists found that participants generally rated the next person as attractive, if they liked the previous one too.

    The same thing happened and vice versa: if the person in the previous photo seemed unlikely to them, they were more likely to evaluate the next image negatively.

    There was such an impression that the perception of beauty among the participants in the experiment changes with each new face.

    This phenomenon is explained by the way our brain processes new information.

    “Our brain is not able to quickly process all the information that we see, and therefore, where possible, it simplifies its work based on previous visual experience,” explains Jessica Taubert, author of a study conducted by the University of Sydney.

    The simplification that the brain applies in such a situation is called serial dependence.

    We expect that the physical attributes of an item do not change in an instant. That is, when you, for example, looked at a cup of coffee, and then looked away, you are sure that it will look exactly the same and then when you look at it again ..

    The same thing happens when we look at photos of people on dating sites. Looking from one profile to another, we succumb to the illusion.

    Our brain simply does not have time to analyze the next photo as new information and perceives a new face in the same way as it appreciated the previous one.

    “The fact that the brain is trying to quickly adapt to the visual environment is not new. But new is the speed with which this environment is changing, ”says Teresa Pegors, co-author of the study.

    “Beauty, therefore, becomes a volatile category, causing an indefatigable desire to constantly choose something new. Which may be the reason why it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to be satisfied with one partner for a long time. ”

    Glance effect

    If you notice that on the Internet you like a lot more people than in real life, the reason may be in the speed with which you browse the pages of social networks.

    The researchers found that people seem attractive to us when we look at them in passing, and not when we look at them carefully.

    Attractiveness is a valuable parameter, because this person can be our potential partner. Therefore, the brain, not having enough information, chooses an important option for itself - great attractiveness.

    “If someone seems prettier to you than he or she really is, everything is simple - you can examine them more carefully the second time and either make sure that you like the person or be disappointed,” explains David Eagleman , a neurophysiologist at Stanford University and co-author of the study.

    “But if you do not happen to notice, underestimate the attractiveness of a particular person, you risk missing out on a chance to establish a relationship with him,” he adds.

    When you quickly browse profiles on a dating site, the “quick look effect” is triggered.

    “In dating apps, it seems better to swipe right and see if this option really suits us, than weed it out and regret it.”

    “Who didn’t happen to this? You automatically flip through the profile of a guy or girl and only later you realize that they were cool, ”says Eagleman.

    Teresa Pegors sees a positive moment in such situations: this proves that we can influence the perception of our brain by sending him different information.

    “Our visual perception of beauty changes with every face that we see. And this means that thanks to experience, our beauty standards become more realistic, ”said the researcher.

    “In other words, we are not obsessed with the unattainable ideal with which the digital age is indulging us beyond measure. We can just skip such images. ”

    But for this you need to get out of your favorite mobile dating application ... It’s easier said than done.

    Want to know what to do if you are infuriated with modern fashion, but want to look stylish - urgently read the advice of stylists. And if you are interested in knowing which star has lost his mind in cosmetics and is even painting on the beach - look at this material, and here are crazy about diets.

    This material may legally contain additional visual elements. BBC News Russian Service is not responsible for their contents.

    Proper care

    Of course, having such an ornament is very nice. It immediately changes the appearance and creates a new image. However, in order for the hair not to lose its appearance, it is necessary to properly care for it. Some do not want to deal with this issue on their own, so they regularly visit barbershops.

    If you want to save money, then you will have to adjust your hair yourself. This is actually not a hard task. You only need to purchase the necessary tools. These include:

    You also need to buy detergents and styling gels. You need to adjust the shape of the haircut several times a week. It is important to wash your hair daily so that it looks well-groomed. Learning how to cut correctly, this procedure will not take you much time.

    Most often, men do not let go of their beards for the sake of women's attention, but to show their superiority over other men is their way of competition. This conclusion was made by Professor Rob Brooks, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of New South Wales. Theories and Practices retells the theses of his article written for Quartz.

    According to the owner of a magnificent beard, Charles Darwin, facial hair is the human equivalent of a peacock tail or deer antlers, that is, an attribute with which males compete during the breeding season. Hundreds of experiments were conducted on a wide variety of animals, from guppies to black grouses, and it turned out that if you cut or darken these distinctive features, the experimental males will either lose to their rivals or simply be deprived of the attention of the females. It would seem, why then should men willingly get rid of the most visible evidence of masculinity?

    A number of studies have indeed shown that a beard definitely affects male attractiveness, but not to the extent that it is advised to everyone to grow it (the ten-day stubble shows the best result). Firstly, it all depends on the type of person. The beard decorates men with very masculine or overly feminine features much more strongly than men with standard faces. In addition, it can hide some flaws in appearance, for example, a weak chin, so that many men simply focus on the source material.

    Secondly, the beauty of the beard is in the eye of the beholder. Moreover, as scientists say, preferences vary, including depending on geography. An Internet study conducted in 87 countries showed that women from poor countries more often like bearded men than women from more prosperous places. This result cannot be called unexpected: in prosperous countries, men do not compete with each other so aggressively.

    Using Facebook, scientists also analyzed beard fashion in 37 countries. It turned out that Hungarians love least facial hair: 68% of men in Hungary are clean-shaven, only 8% let their beards go. At the same time, in Italy, which is located just 800 kilometers from Hungary, a beard is held in high esteem: only 28% of the inhabitants shave here.

    The popularity of the beard grows when the number of men exceeds the number of women. And if women prevail in society, then men again take up razors

    If the beard is important for survival, why do men still get rid of it? Such a decision may be formed under the influence of the state of the “marriage market”. An analysis of the vegetation on the faces of the British and social trends from 1842 to 1971 shows that the popularity of the beard grows when the number of men exceeds the number of women. And if women prevail in society, then men again take up the razor. Excess men increase competition for status, respect and well-being. This can be expressed, in particular, in the fact that the number of thefts is growing, cases of violence are becoming more frequent, even war is possible. Against this background, the trend for beards looks pretty harmless.

    The relationship between competition and beards suggests that men's attitudes toward shaving are much more dependent on other men than on women. If some studies call into question the correlation of attractiveness and facial hair, then everyone agrees that bearded men look more courageous and mature than shaved ones.

    If we talk about hipster fashion for a beard, then it began about a decade ago - along with the economic crisis of 2007-2008. And here you can also find a connection: in the conditions of an economy creaking at the seams, male competition intensifies.

    Watch the video: Science Of Facial Hair. What Do Beards And Stubble Signal? Psychology of Stubble Beards (February 2020).

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