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Men's brogues: what to wear and what shoes to choose

Brogues (English brogues) are shoes or shoes with decorative perforations along the seams and sometimes on the toes, the holes are not through. Brogue shoes can be both derby and oxford shoes, and are very compatible with other wardrobe items.

Brogues are sometimes called the most versatile classic shoes - especially when it comes to classic models of smooth leather. However, under the concept of "brogues" very many shoes and boots fit, and there is simply no single rule for combining them with clothes. Accordingly, we decided to write a separate large article on this topic and talk about how to wear brogues of all the more or less common varieties.

Historical nuances

For a long time, brogues were considered informal suburban shoes, which were inappropriate in the business environment. But then everything changed, and brogues gained popularity.

As the author of the encyclopedia "Icons of male style" wrote Josh Sims, when gentlemen started wearing brogues at the beginning of the 20th century, "they wore them only outside the city and usually for sports." However, he then adds that brogues soon ceased to be associated with sports and became fashionable among citizens. This happened in the 1930s.

Since then, dress codes have become even softer, but with formal evening wear brogues are still unacceptable. Some, however, are already breaking these rules - even Prince William once wore a tuxedo brogue! However, this does not mean that such a combination is included in the category of win-win. Rather, it is still faux pas - a stylistic mistake, a violation of the rules of good taste.

Colors and materials

In the case of brogas, the rules common to all shoes apply to colors and materials. The darker the shoes or shoes, the more formal they are, respectively, the black brogas are the most stringent, and the white ones are the most informal. Brown models of different shades occupy intermediate positions: dark brown and burgundy brown are closer to black in terms of officiality, and beige, light brown and tan to white. The reddish-brown and red-brown brogues are very informal, although sometimes they go well even with business suits.

Blue and green brogues are also informal and generally less versatile than their brown counterparts, but much depends on your wardrobe. For example, if you have a lot of blue trousers and jeans, then blue brogues will definitely be less universal than brown ones, and if you have a lot of brown trousers, the situation will change. White brogues are suitable only for the warm season, informal and harmonize well only with light clothing, and ideally it should not be too informal - chinos with arrows or a cotton suit, for example, will be more appropriate than blue jeans. The same is true for two-color brog / spectators.

Among the materials, the most official is patent leather, but classic men's brogues do not make from it, and we will leave fashion models outside the scope of this article. Accordingly, the most stringent classic brogues are models made of ordinary smooth leather, and they are also the most versatile (in some cases, even combined with jeans). Suede brogues, all other things being equal, are less formal, and grained leather models are even more informal. Brogues made of cordovan are approximately on the same level of officiality as brogues made of smooth calfskin.

Lacing Type

Brogues with open lacing (derby), all other things being equal, are less stringent than brogues with closed lacing (oxfords).

In practice, this is expressed, for example, in the fact that quarter brogues with an open lacing can be safely worn with jeans, but with a closed one, it is no longer worth it.

Black quarter brogues with closed lacing and perforation along only one seam on the toe perfectly match even the most strict business suits, business cards and stollers, but the open lacing no longer allows you to wear them with business cards or strollers, combinations with most business suits (except for strict triples ) are acceptable, but the openness of the ensemble will reduce the degree of officiality of the ensemble.

Next, we will consider in detail the permissible combinations of the three main varieties of brogues. Let's start with the quarter.

Quarter brogues

The degree of formality of these models depends not only on the material, type of lacing and color, but also on the volume of decorative perforation: if it is only along the seam on the toe, then the level of formality will be maximum. We already noted above that black quarter brogues with closed lacing and perforation only along one seam are the most stringent brogues that can be worn with dark three-piece suits, scrollers, business cards, as well as with less austere clothes: two-piece suits and dark unpaired trousers with arrows.

Models of all other colors with business cards and strollers are no longer worn, but the trouble is small, given that almost no one wears such clothes in Russia. On the other hand, dark brown and burgundy brown quarter brogues with closed lace are still in harmony with a huge number of suits and with many unpaired arrow trousers.

The lighter quarter brogues with closed lacing are also wearable with many suits and unpaired trousers, including chinos with arrows. However, they still harmonize poorly with jeans. Another thing is the quarter-brogues with open lacing, which Bernhard Retzel, a well-known expert in the classic male style, calls ideal shoes for the weekend. They can be worn not only with jeans, but also with suits, although not with everyone - say, a dark pinstripe pinstripe three-piece suit is already too strict for them. On the other hand, a tweed or flannel suit is perfect, as well as cotton, linen or even smooth wool, decorated with some kind of informal ornament such as a large cage. Of course, with derby - quarter brogues, chinos (including without arrows), as well as trousers made of tweed, velveteen, moleskin and linen will be appropriate.


To begin with, we note that sometimes some quarter brogas are called semi-brogues - those are their variants where decorative perforation is present along several seams. In this article, however, we will adhere to the classical definition of demigods, according to which such a term is used only in relation to shoes with decorative perforations along the seams and on the toe (that is, with a medallion - a pattern of small decorative holes).

Other things being equal, half-brogues are less formal than a quarter of brogues. With business cards and scooters, you can’t put them on anymore, but at the same time dark semi-brogues with closed lacing look flawlessly with many business suits and are usually suitable for wearing in the office and some business meetings (though, incidentally, reducing the degree of officiality of the image as a whole). Bernhard Retzel notes that fabrics with ornaments (in particular, the Prince of Wales cage) or textured materials such as wool flannel are particularly suitable for semi-oxford oxford. Linen and cotton suits and trousers are also appropriate, as well as some models of smooth fabrics (but not the most strict and not the thinnest).

It should be noted that black semi-brogues made of smooth leather and with closed lacing are still too strict for matching with jeans, but their brown, burgundy and red options with jeans can already be worn, although this is not the most ideal combination. If the lacing is open, then half-brogues of any color will be in harmony with jeans, chinos and a lot of unpaired trousers - both with arrows and without them. These trousers can be made from flannel, tweed, velveteen, cotton twill or linen. Costumes made of similar materials are also suitable, but models made of smooth and thin fabrics will obviously not be the best partners for such shoes.

Full brogues

Full brogas, other things being equal, are less formal than demigods, so they are clearly better suited for outdoor recreation, informal meetings, excursions, and country trips than for formal events and doing business with conservative partners. In addition, they often look quite massive - and, as the author of the book “Costume” Michael Anton wrote, “go well with thick clothes and are therefore useful for winter.” He further noted that they harmonize well with flannel and tweed suits, as well as with unpaired trousers and jackets. Bernhard Retzel recommended trousers and jackets made of tweed and flannel, as well as trousers made of velveteen or moleskin, for brown full brogues with closed lacing. On our own, we add that any full brogues are in good harmony with jeans, although black models here in most cases are a less successful choice.

Full-brogues should not be worn with three-piece suits made of smooth wool, but for tweed three-piece suits they often fit very well. Full brogues with closed lacing, stitched from smooth leather in dark tones, are in harmony with some business suits, but reduce the degree of officiality of the ensemble. The options for this shoe with open lacing are best worn only with informal suits made of textured or thick fabrics, as well as with jeans and unpaired trousers (with or without arrows).

Full summer brogues - white, light brown, tan or two-tone - look good with light summer trousers and suits made of cotton and linen.

Can I wear brogues without socks?

It is possible, but not necessary. Yes, on the Internet now there are quite a lot of photos of men wearing brogues without socks, but this combination looks controversial, and sometimes very controversial. The reaction of others to such images can easily be negative. Part of the thing here is that the brogues look quite closed, and often also somewhat massive. If you want to wear shoes without socks, it is better to choose loafers, boat shoes or moccasins - this combination looks noticeably more harmonious.

Can I wear brogues with shorts?

In some fashion blogs and social networks, you can see men in shorts combined with brogues. Conservatives have a very negative attitude to this combination, and we tend to support them: unlike loafers or boaters, brogues cannot be called light summer shoes, although some of their models are very well suited for the summer. However, “suitable for summer” and “look good with shorts / without socks” are completely different things.

We dare to declare that even the most informal brogues are too strict in order to successfully harmonize with shorts.

Although, perhaps, the point here is not only strictness, but also in appearance - brogues always seem more massive than, for example, loafers.

Fashionable Irish guys

If the first jeans were invented by sailors from Italy, the first brogues were invented by farmers in Ireland. Nice, working guys at one time cared for convenience: they dry quickly, walking comfortably. Suitable for the farm, and for the tavern, and the girls to light. The guys did not think that aristocrats themselves would turn comfortable shoes into a fashionable trend.


Semi-brogues for men are visually much more modest. The toe has a characteristic pattern (medallion), but is separated by a calm, even line. Such shoes can already fit into the office style. They also fit under denim fabrics, go well with tweed, wool and flannel trousers. Although in your bow with half-brogs, the style is much more important than the fabric. You should choose straight trousers, but not narrowed in any way.

This type of shoes is the most versatile, suitable for almost any occasion: office work, daily walking, dating, country trip. Designers to create semi-brogues use a variety of shades: from white and light beige to bright blue, dark brown and black. The soles are also varied: leather and rubber, thin, classic and double, restrained and colored. You just have to choose a model and maintain the style.

What are brogues?

Before you understand what to wear men's brogues with, you need to figure out what this type of shoe is. At its core, these are derby shoes with wings and perforations. And today, almost every type of boots with holes can be called "brogues." It can be oxfords, and derby, and loafers.

We can say that brogues are coarse shoes. Only they also have perforation. If you highlight certain characteristics of this shoe, then they include:

  • small heel
  • brining (special perforation),
  • lace patterns
  • the presence of the back and sock.

Such shoes can be classic or American models. In the first case, the wings end in the middle of the boots, and in the second they go to the heel.

These shoes look best on double soles. But today, many designers make men's brogues of various styles and models and do not pay much attention to this moment.

History of occurrence

This shoe has an interesting creation story. Brogues were invented in Ireland. Previously, they were carried by a small number of people - farmers. The thing is that they spent a lot of time in the swamps, and as a result, their shoes got wet. So they decided to make holes in their boots. Thanks to this, all the water drained, and the shoes dried out faster in the sun.

After some time, the foresters began to put on brogues. After that, representatives of the upper elite drew attention to such shoes. This became especially noticeable when they were donned by the Prince of Wales.

Interestingly, such shoes, unlike the other, had a high lacing. And also she was distinguished by her thin sock.

At some point, golfers began to wear this type of shoe. Today, everyone can wear brogues, regardless of gender. Moreover, such shoes have long been considered a decorative element. And now many people wear it under a Scottish costume.

Today you can see photos of men's brogues of different types and colors. And now, few people guess what purpose they were invented from the beginning.

Who can wear these shoes?

Brogue boots are a universal type of shoe that can be worn by both men and women. They belong to unisex models, but at the same time they are mainly considered to be men's elite shoes.

Many models of men's brogue boots can be seen at representatives of various brands. Moreover, their creators are constantly striving to surprise customers by offering them new options.

How to wear men's brogues?

These shoes can be worn with:

  • various trousers
  • shorts
  • costumes made of tweed and wool.

It should be noted that trousers for such shoes should not be too narrow. Otherwise, the leg will look too big. It is best to choose lapel pants.

For a strict suit, brogues of dark color with a small amount of decorative elements are suitable. But in general, the presence of perforations on these boots hints at their informal style. Therefore, before buying them for important meetings, you need to think.

You can wear almost any street-style shirt and jacket with these shoes. That is why they are very popular among young people. Such shoes look more beautiful and more solid than any other, and you can wear it with different clothes.

You can also wear brogues under parkas, pullovers and sweaters. The main thing is to choose a high-quality model, and then with the help of these shoes you can decorate your wardrobe.

With jeans

This combination will be very successful and stylish. These shoes go well with skinny and straight jeans. Pants of a light shade are ideally complemented by brown brogues, and to make the image more relevant and stylish, it is better to choose monotonous upper things.You can safely wear brogues with jeans and jackets. Also, to complement this look, stylish cardigans are suitable.

The advantages of a combination of brog and jeans are as follows:

  • the image will be comfortable and practical,
  • you can create many fashionable bows,
  • the combination of denim pants and such shoes will look very good,
  • no need to think about any additional details, because the shoes will become the main feature of the image.

Given such advantages of this combination, everyone can create a stylish image for themselves using brogues and jeans.

Brog colors

The most popular colors of this shoe are:

They can be worn on almost every type of clothing. But bright and colored brogues should be worn with care. If you pick the wrong clothes for them, then you can look just ridiculous or ridiculous. In addition, wearing such shoes for a business meeting is definitely not a success.

If we talk about the compatibility of the colors of shoes and boots, then the white color is suitable for almost any clothing. Men's black brogues should be worn with cotton pants. And the brown color of the boots will be combined with wool, velveteen and denim.

You can also find bright brogue boots. They can be blue, red, green and other colors. But when buying them you must not forget to think about their compatibility with clothes.

With pants

Classic trousers, narrowed or with arrows, go well with this type of shoe, such as brogues. Such an image can be safely supplemented with suspenders, making it slightly sloppy and quite interesting. A similar image can be combined with classic shirts, ties and butterflies. Together with classic trousers and brogues, men can wear jumpers with light prints or geometric patterns. To complement this image, representatives of the stronger sex are allowed to use sweatshirts.

Tips for choosing brogues

The choice of such shoes should be treated responsibly. The recommendations below will help with this.

When choosing shoes, you need to take into account the season for which it is bought. For the summer, it is better to give preference to shoes of a light or milky shade. But for the fall, dark brogues are suitable. The brown color of the boots is universal for any season.

It must be remembered that such a thing as men's brogues attracts special attention. Therefore, it is necessary to select clothes of concise colors for it.

In addition, one should not forget about the material from which these boots are made. It can be suede, leather or ecoskin. Each style will suit its own style, and this should be considered when choosing.

These shoes can be purchased both via the Internet and in special stores. You can buy both classic models and unusual novelties. This will be especially true for lovers of experiments.

When choosing various accessories, it is also necessary to consider the color of the shoes. In this case, there should not be more than two other shades and colors in the image of a man.

With costume

Earlier it was mentioned that brogues are not used to create a classic, strict look, but still, such shoes can be worn with a suit. But we are talking exclusively about suits not of business style. For example, you can wear a fitted suit of velvet fabric and brogues. Plain sweaters or T-shirts can be worn under club jackets and brogues. The brogues go well with loose-fitting trouser suits; pants can be loose and have a high waist.


Men's brogue shoes will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. They are unique and inimitable. You can wear them with almost any clothing. Moreover, if a man wants to be stylish and unusual, then he should pay attention to the fact that he can combine different options.

Previously, the working class wore such shoes. But over time, everything changed, and representatives of the upper elite drew attention to it.

It is important to remember that such shoes require special care. It is necessary to constantly monitor it, and then precisely no problems will arise.

Each man should pay attention to such shoes and buy at least one pair. And if possible, it is better to purchase several pairs of different colors at once.

How to wear brogues depending on the color?

Men's brogues are very practical and stylish shoes. To become a stylish highlight of the image of the representative of the stronger sex, you need to know something about the rules for combining shades. Since not all men buy exactly strict, black brogues, you need to consider options for combining such shoes in different colors with certain items of clothing. To consider this topic closer, the representatives of the stronger sex will help the following table:

Shoe colorWhat is best to wear
The blackThese shoes will be the perfect complement to any style, as they are considered a classic, versatile option. In some cases, black brogues are even worn with business suits, but more often they are used to create various informal, casual or holiday images.
Black and whiteSuch shoes are well suited for the summer. You can combine them with different light cotton trousers and t-shirts, which will look very good.
SilverSilver brogues are a very bright and bold decision, therefore, using them, you need to approach the choice of image very carefully. For such shoes, quite informal clothes are suitable, you need to complement the image with accessories that match the tone of the shoes.
BrownIf there are not many perforations on brown brogues and their shade is rather dark, then you can use such shoes for a business look. Brogues of brown light shade will successfully look in the image of casual style. These boots are combined with informal trousers and jeans.

And so, having considered these tips, men will approximately be able to determine how, when and with what they should wear brogues of different shades.

How to wear brogues depending on the type?

It turns out that brogues are shoes that can be divided into several types. Depending on what kind of a man he chose shoes, he should make an integral image. And so, in order to understand what types of brogues generally exist, and what they should be worn with, you need to take into account the data in the following table:

Variety of shoesWhat is better to combine
Brogue shoesThese shoes can be safely worn with jeans or classic pants, short socks, sweaters, under t-shirts and informal suits. In summer, if the shoes are brogues of light color, they can be worn with light cotton pants, which will be a very successful, modern solution.
Brogue BootsThese shoes can be worn with denim pants, military-style trousers or street-style. Shoes are perfect for creating a casual or street look. If the boots are quite dark, have few decorative elements, then in the early vein or late autumn they can be made part of the business style.
Thick-soled broguesSuch brogues are considered quite strict and if they have a dark shade, then you can safely fit these shoes into a business image. Such shoes, if they are slightly lighter, go well with velvet and sports shoes, things that have prints. If the sole is very thick, these shoes will complement the street style.
Suede BroguesThese are light and practical brogues that are perfect for the summer and go well with light pants in bright colors.
High broguesThis option will allow the representative of the stronger sex to emphasize their courage. Such brogues will successfully and harmoniously complement the image of a street guy who looks brutal and self-confident.

And so, choosing brogues, you can safely go to the store for clothes and create a stylish, relevant look.

Top brand brogues

Of course, choosing shoes of famous brands, the stronger sex can be completely sure that such shoes will be of high quality and will last a long time. And so, when choosing branded brogues, you need to know what products of manufacturers to pay attention to and how much money will have to be paid for it. Performing such a review, it is worth paying attention to the following options:

  1. Classic brogues Ikos - about 3500r.
  2. Brogues Respect - 4000 rub.
  3. XAGON MAN - the approximate cost of 16000r.
  4. Classic brogues FreeFoot - 4000 rub.
  5. Vels leather brogues - from 4500 rub.
  6. Marks & Spender Luxury - approximately 2500r.

Yes, high-quality brogues are not the cheapest pleasure, but such shoes are quite practical and very stylish.

Brogues: to take or not to take

Men's brogues are very comfortable, practical shoes with perforation. Yes, they are hardly suitable for a business style, but there are a number of positive qualities that speak in favor of buying such shoes. Buying brogues, a man gets the opportunity to appreciate their advantages:

  • this shoes is very comfortable
  • using such shoes, you can create quite a few fresh, interesting images,
  • men of any age will be able to choose successfully brogues,
  • such shoes resemble classic ones, but they allow you to give free rein to imagination and turn a regular, everyday look into a stylish bow.

It’s necessary to buy brogues, but you need to carefully look at their quality indicators so that the shoes are really convenient and practical. Brogues are stylish and modern, therefore such shoes are popular.

Small conclusion

Not only women's shoes can be diverse, because for men there are also a lot of good and practical options, among which are brogues. Such shoes have an original appearance, are practical to wear and fit into many images. Yes, you cannot replace classic shoes with brogues, but they must be in the arsenal of a man.

When buying brogues, you need to pay attention to their design, color and shade, quality. Of course, it is better to choose brogues in more classic shades, because bright shoes of this type do not fit every look. Brogues are a practical choice for daily wear and almost every man in the closet has shoes or boots of this style. It is worth noting the fact that wearing brogues is becoming more fashionable, which forces guys and men to buy these shoes in stores. Buying brogues, a man makes a comfortable and stylish choice that he will definitely like and will allow him to create many interesting images for everyday life or holidays, where he wants to feel bright and original.


Not all Brogues have a wingtip (the term refers to the wing shapes of airplanes), and not all boots must be brogues. Is it embarrassing? The wingtip is determined by a piece of leather in the form of a “W” or wing, which overlaps the area of ​​the toe of the shoe - if it is, then Brogues are of the type “tip”. However, most shoes, like Brogues, have this tendency, hence the confusion. It is used in a variety of forms, from more casual Derby shoes to ready-to-wear Oxford shoes, and even two-tone styles that look suitable for the 1950s jazz band.

Half Brogues

Do not want a full set of holes? The semicircle eliminates the additional bizarre wingtip and is often available in the Oxford format, which means with a tightly wired space between the lug ears, it is more elegant in nature. As a result, semi-Brogues can become ideal work boots - they are quite representative for meetings in the meeting room and at the same time have the unique character of real Brogues.

Quarter Brogues

A quarter-brog is very similar to a semi-brog, but it creates things in a more minimalistic direction, depriving the toe of a perforated “locket”. All that you get in the end is the most formal of all the styles of Brog, especially when he is presented as Oxford. Wear the style strictly with your best suits and in special occasions - weddings, interviews and graduations - this is their area of ​​activity.

Long-winged Brogues

We are now entering the thick of things. Long-winged Brog, in fact, is a simpler version of the usual large wing of Brog. The only difference is that the straight line of the wingtip runs along the entire side of the shoe, and does not close in the middle. Look for models with thick rubber soles and can wear them all winter.


A reward for shoes that fit almost anything and anywhere comes with choosing the right pair. If possible, look for leather linings and top. Synthetic materials will not react to heat and sweat, which means that they are less likely to change your shape and will be less comfortable in the long run.

Most brogues are made from calfskin, but depending on how formal you want them to be, you can change the proven options from leather to suede, although they are not best suited for trampling wet swamps.


You do not need to be a master lacing worker (the official name of the shoemaker, and not just a “shoemaker” repairing them) in order to be able to distinguish quality made shoes.

The gold standard is Goodyear-welting, a method of attaching the sole to the top that leaves a checkmark in the form of a stitch where they meet. In addition to making your brogues more durable, it also allows the shoemaker to easily and easily change the sole when it becomes too worn. It is vitally important to take into account when choosing that a decent couple should be quite durable, so much so that it could be passed safe and sound to their children by inheritance.

The first Brogues acquired by most men often have a tan color. This is because the rules of a relaxing style these days state that brown is suitable not only for the city, but also for the office. Thanks to a nice dark blue shade, consisting of two parts with dark brown versions, creating a beautiful and suitable image for the conference room.

Once you have the steady look described above, switch to smoother black versions and even Brogue boots to experiment with them in light combinations with dark denim and suits.


Grenson was the first shoemaker to test Goodyear's stitching technique back in the mid-1800s, and her innovations didn't stop there.

For the modern renovation of the heritage, the company also produces stylish models with a contrasting rubber sole, which still combines all the details of classic shoes.

Marks & spencer

Although sneakers are often rightly called investment shoes, department store offers should not be overlooked.

Marks & Spencer, a staunch follower of London Central Street, wins both in style and price, offering a wide range that includes almost all of the above brogues in every wearable color. He even offers vegan brogues if you're interested.

High brogues

Brogues are not always shoes. Among modern men, high boots decorated with perforations are extremely popular. These are shoes for active, athletic and positive guys. Brogue boots are appropriate for a country trip, a camping trip, a long trip. In this shoe it is warm and comfortable to travel long distances. This is a specific kind of brogue: a massive, stable sole, ready for any strength tests, and brown shades that emphasize informality.

High brogues are considered seasonal shoes because they protect the legs very well in inclement, cold weather.

Suede Brogues

Stylish, unique design distinguishes suede brogues. These shoes are good for informal, personal meetings, for short walks in fine weather.But these shoes can only be afforded by tidy men who devote a proper amount of time to shoe care. After all, suede is moody material. In order for the shoes to look spectacular, and not like worn, dusty trash, you will have to take care of them with special cosmetics for shoes daily.

Jeans, tweed, corduroy and woolen trousers of a straight cut will go well with suede brogues.

Why should you have brogues?

Men wear brogue shoes for a reason. Such shoes apply both to the classics and to the informal style. Brogues are diverse in type of execution and color scheme, everyone will find what they need for themselves. These shoes are universal, they confidently fit into any image, suitable for different situations. Brogues will indicate the originality and originality of their master.

What are

Men's brogue shoes are products with a finish consisting of decorative holes. Outwardly they look like ordinary shoes with laces, but they look more impressive due to the perforation applied. For the first time, such shoes appeared on the territory of Great Britain in the 16th-17th centuries, but gained distribution in the 20th century, because Edward, Prince of Wales, was a big fan of such models. The main features of the products:

  • decorative perforation
  • lacing,
  • cutting straight or curly seam lines,
  • classic appearance and calm, neutral color scheme without the use of bright, flashy shades.

Products are made of genuine leather, sometimes patent leather. For dry weather suede models are suitable. The main advantages of unusual boots are practicality, an increased level of comfort, and affordability. High-quality brogues from a branded manufacturer guarantee good foot protection, help create a stylish image of a confident man.

Brogues appeared as work shoes for Irish and Scottish farmers. Their farmland was often located in swamps, and peasants deliberately made holes in shoes to prevent water from stagnating inside. Over time, the holes became purely decorative.


There are several types of this fashionable shoe. Each variety has its own design features. The name of the product depends on the location of the decorative perforation. Specialists distinguish the following categories:

  1. Full brogues. Even the seams are perforated, the holes on the toe are arranged in the form of a decorative medallion.
  2. The demigods. Perforated seams. The toe is separated from the rest of the boot by a straight line.
  3. Quarter - holes are located along the seams. Toes are completely smooth, without decor.
  4. Strict (another name is ascetic). The toe is highlighted with a seam resembling the English letter W, no perforation. This model was often found in 1940, but now these shoes are very rarely worn.

Another infrequent variety is blind brogues. All seams are perforated, but no medallions. The toe is secured with a W-shaped seam. The most daring and original version are full brogues. But they will look spectacular only if you choose the right suit.

Color options

Most often, the shoes are black and brown. You can pick up white models with light clothes, and dark blue brogues will suit well with jeans. Choose a color, given the general style and situation. To do this, you need:

  1. Decide what season shoes are needed for. In autumn and spring, when the weather is warm outside, dark options, such as brown brogues, are suitable. In summer, you can safely choose a white color.
  2. Take into account the features of the costume.
  3. Consider the color of the socks. They should be in the same gamut as the boots.
  4. Make sure that the selected shade is age appropriate. Men over 40 are advised to choose shoes with darker colors. Youth boots can be brighter and brighter.

Complement your look with classic blue or gray jeans. Under white summer trousers, shoes should be strictly the same color. With suits of dark color, a similar rule works. It is strictly forbidden to wear black brogues with beige or cream clothes (and vice versa). This combination looks ridiculous, especially for a business style.

Brown brogues are not recommended to be worn in bad weather, as any dirt is clearly visible on them.

Distinctive features of a quality model

A high-end product can immediately be distinguished by the design of Good Year Welted. Its features - the upper part of the shoe and the insole are connected to the welt, and he, in turn, is connected to the outer sole. Disadvantages - high cost and lack of full waterproof. This design has several variations.

The Storm Welted model is made approximately on the same principle, but the welt is additionally bent here, which prevents the penetration of water into the boot in bad weather. Otherwise, the product is identical to the Good Year Welted version, so some manufacturers do not consider the design independent.

Very popular shoes made on the principle of Veldschoen. Here, the upper part and the welt are connected to the so-called midsole. Heel made of rubber.

For the slushy Russian autumn, men's brogues with the Norwegian Welted design are well suited. In them, the upper part is turned on the sides, it has a separate connection with the welt and the inner insole.

A genuine leather lining is considered a guarantee of product authenticity. Special requirements apply to the top of the product. It should be made of high-quality smooth or grainy leather, cordovan or suede. You can also recognize the original by stylish, elegant outlines of shoes. High brogues look especially impressive.

Which brands produce

Models of men's shoes with decorative perforations are produced by many manufacturers. The most popular and expensive products that meet high quality standards are made in the UK and Spain. The most famous English brand is Loake. Brogues from this company have a high cost, but are characterized by increased durability and a variety of design solutions. Also in Russia, English shoes from manufacturers are in great demand:

The main features of English shoes are a wide range of colors and sizes, the presence of particularly durable models, suitable for wear in bad weather conditions. The production uses modern technology and environmentally friendly materials. Spanish brands Michel and Berwik are characterized by original designs and a wide range of colors. Shoe factories Carmina and Yanko, which are located in the same country, actively use in the production of suede, cordon and leather of exotic animals.

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