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Cool and original gifts for a woman for 55 years, who has everything

By the age of 55, women also manage to take root in material values, a stable position in society, respect from colleagues, and a good reputation in the eyes of superiors.

What does it all mean? Defeating such natures with a poorly conceived surprise is not easy. They saw almost everything, therefore, giving a woman 55 years of age for relatives of her people is especially acute.

If you are among them, this collection of ideas has been compiled specifically for you.

TOP 83 ideas for 55 years old women

  1. Hair dryer with ionizer to protect hair.
  2. Vacuum food packer.
  3. Air wash.
  4. Reverse umbrella. The colorful pattern on the inside of the accessory is not the only difference between such an umbrella. It is equipped with a reverse mechanism when closing and a convenient handle.
  5. Dispenser for sweets.
  6. Music Box.
  7. Table fireplace.
  8. Holder for travel.
  9. Bracelet made of natural stones.
  10. Spray for vegetable oil.
  11. A dishwasher is what a woman can give to a woman for her 55th birthday. Such an assembly, received from loved ones on his birthday, will free up a lot of time for the hero of the day. Believe me: ladies have already learned to appreciate this resource for their 55th birthday!
  12. Chocolate fountain.
  13. Automatic corkscrew.
  14. A device for slicing homemade noodles.
  15. Pen with USB stick.
  16. Glass for cooling drinks.
  17. Ultrasonic toothbrush.
  18. Tripod for smartphone or camera.
  19. The original organizer for the bathroom.
  20. Silicone mat with "pyramids" for baking food in the oven.
  21. Garment steamer.
  22. Pocket barrel organ.
  23. A smartphone case with a thermal sensor will appeal to a lady with a good sense of humor.
  24. Kettle for cars.
  25. Smart ring.
  26. Automatic window cleaner.
  27. Wireless headphones.
  28. LED night light.
  29. Cappuccino machine.
  30. Heated food container.
  31. Stylish dispenser for liquid soap.
  32. Electric frying pan.
  33. Device for the automatic supply of toothpaste.
  34. Machine for removing seeds from fruits.
  35. A dough clip is useful if a lady likes to cook homemade cakes.
  36. Vacuum cleaner robot.
  37. An electric eraser is an idea for a funny souvenir for mom if she works with papers, likes to draw or take notes in a diary.
  38. Lamp on the book.
  39. Portable shower.
  40. A mattress for sleeping in the back seat of a car.
  41. Kitchen scales.
  42. Hydromassage foot bath.
  43. Writing set.
  44. Siphon for water.
  45. Salt night lamp.
  46. Linen tablecloth.
  47. Inflatable sunbed.
  48. Make-up mirror.
  49. Electronic notepad.
  50. Dehydrator for fruits and vegetables.
  51. Device for strapping plants.
  52. Coffee maker.
  53. Opera glasses.
  54. Rolling pin with a pattern.
  55. Organizer for needlework.
  56. Orthopedic pillow.
  57. A book for writing recipes.
  58. A rose in a flask is an ideal decision which flowers to give to a woman for 55 years. Such a gift, like the florarium, will remind you that her beauty is timeless.
  59. Portable stove.
  60. Home planetarium.
  61. Hammock for yoga.
  62. Kinetic pendulum.
  63. Magnetic slate board.
  64. Rocking chair.
  65. Picnic set.
  66. Sauna for the face.
  67. A set of camping dishes.
  68. Cliches for coffee.
  69. Home photoepilator.
  70. Toaster.
  71. Name flower vase.
  72. Antique player.
  73. Double-sided steel makeup mirror.
  74. Double boiler.
  75. Table dresser for jewelry.
  76. Door knocker.
  77. Electric book.
  78. Marinator for meat and vegetables.
  79. Isotonic Pilates ring.
  80. Drying sterilizer for shoes.
  81. Bicycle computer.
  82. Touch gloves.
  83. Self-heating insoles for boots.

Original gifts for 55 years for a woman

Looking for a surprise, I want to present a memorable gift to a colleague or relative on the 55th birthday. These options may be:

Bacon stand. With a similar tool, you can cook delicious slices of meat in a microwave in just a few minutes.

Magnetic clock with metal shavings. Magnet and metal shavings create a unique show for one viewer. A birthday girl will surely appreciate such a gift!

Pac Man Grips. These silicone gloves will make baking for the hero of the occasion a real holiday!

Dumpling cube. Such a “cooking partner” sculpts 4 homemade dumplings at once. The birthday girl will be able to cook a hundred dumplings for one series of her favorite series. She will definitely appreciate such a surprise after she tries this device in action.

Cutlery with mini dumbbells instead of a handle. This idea is for those who want to get fit and not make big efforts to this.

A couple of interesting ideas that give a woman 55 years old

The search for what to give a woman 55 years old inexpensively, early to complete, if you have not met the following ideas.

Wine Glass. With such a souvenir, a person close to you will never exceed his norm, unless he himself wants to.

Smart faucet. It is equipped with a microscope. Thanks to this, the new owner of the crane will always know whether she washed away all the microbes from her hands or some objects.

Sink for vinyl records. Fans of antique players are familiar with the problem of cleaning discs from fingerprints and dust. If the jubilee has a similar musical apparatus in her arsenal, she will like the sink for the records. This appliance will gently clean the surface of the disc and will not damage it.

Action camera. The 55th anniversary is the ideal age to discover the talent of the cameraman and director of his own life.

Smart marker. It instantly digitizes everything that you write on a special board, and sends information to the smartphones you specified.

Do-it-yourself gifts to a woman for 55 years

In the question of what a woman can give for 55 years, the decisive factor is not so much the functionality of the subject.

It will be important what kind of emotion he will give to his new owner.

The hero of the day will appreciate handmade gifts for sincerity, originality and time you have taken to make them.

Try to make the following items for the birthday girl to please her.

  1. Brooch made of wood.
  2. Set of ethnic jewelry.
  3. Perfumes and cosmetics for skin care from natural products.
  4. Handmade tiara.
  5. Knitted plaid.
  6. Decorative lamp.
  7. Garland for a photo shoot.
  8. Hand cast paper.
  9. Bags for underwear or other trifles.
  10. Breakfast table in bed.

Cardboard scarf hanger

For work you will need:

  • 3 sheets of cardboard
  • 200 gr. water-based paint,
  • brush,
  • universal PVA glue,
  • blue color
  • stationery knife,
  • pliers,
  • metal hook
  • OK. 5 m. Satin ribbon.

Working process:

  1. Glue 3 sheets of PVA cardboard with glue. Allow to dry (approximately 8 hours).
  2. On the blank, draw the features of the roof and windows of the "house".
  3. Cut with a clerical knife along the contour of the hole.
  4. In the roof, make a hole for the hook about 2 cm from the top.
  5. Secure the hook with pliers.
  6. Dilute the paint with a few drops of blue tint.
  7. Using a brush or sponge, apply the first coat of paint to the workpiece. Allow to dry for about 2 hours.
  8. Apply a second coat of paint. Hang and dry.
  9. Decorate the edges of the roof, windows with a ribbon, tie a bow on the hook.

Perforated plywood shelving rack

For work it is necessary:

  • a piece of dense plywood of the right size or a finished perforated MDF sheet,
  • pegs as hooks,
  • drill,
  • screwdriver,
  • drill,
  • guides
  • strips for fasteners.

Working process

  1. Calculate the distance between the holes. Drill them on a rough blank.
  2. Fasten the template and mark the points for future drilling with a screwdriver.
  3. Fasten the guides.
  4. Drill holes at an angle of 90 degrees on the front side of the plywood, so as not to violate the integrity of the veneer.
  5. Clean the finished board from sawdust and guides.
  6. Attach the slats to the wall to secure the rack on them.
  7. Arbitrarily insert pegs.

Tips: How to choose a 55 year old birthday present for a woman

To give full recommendations on how to choose a gift for a lady for her 55th birthday, only those close to her or she can.

However, there are the basics of giving gifts that every giver should know.

  1. Attention. Rely on the interests and hobbies of a woman when choosing a gift to really please her.
  2. Time. Select and stock up on your anniversary birthday present in advance. If you are invited to a celebration, she will notify you of this exactly a week or a day before the holiday.
  3. Expensively rich. It is not necessary to put an awkward situation in which a woman cannot answer at the next holiday in an awkward situation. You do not want to break off relations with her? Exceptions may be gifts made up when the price of a gift is divided into several guests. This will not oblige the birthday girl to make each of them too expensive gifts in the future.

For the rest, when choosing a gift, rely on your own intuition, observation, and the surprise budget you have allocated.

What is better not to give a woman for 55 years

The abundance of options for presenting gifts to a woman on her 55th birthday should not be misleading.

There is a list of gifts that it is better not to give ladies for this anniversary.

  1. Wrinkle Remedies. Reminder of age-related changes can hurt the hero of the occasion.
  2. Money. This surprise was introduced here conditionally. You can give a woman an envelope with banknotes if the birthday girl does not adhere to the old rules of etiquette. They say that you can’t give money for a birthday.
  3. Medication. It is a mistake to think that this looks like a manifestation of concern. With such an offering, you will hurt the feelings of the birthday girl. You didn’t come for a holiday for this?
  4. Pet. Such a surprise may not please the hero of the occasion. Even the most unpretentious pet requires care, time and attention. Perhaps the woman has other plans for her free time.
  5. Subscription to a plastic surgeon. This gift can deeply offend a woman in the same way as a cream or weight training equipment and “orange peel”.

On the eve of her 55th birthday, a woman often refuses many of the signs and prejudices. If this is the case, consider looking for a stylish mirror, a set of high-quality kitchen knives or other items that are usually on the list of banned gifts.

DIY gifts

A close friend, sister or mother will be delighted with a handmade gift. After all, this thing will keep the warmth of your hands, the precious hours and minutes that you spent on this thing. What, if not attention, should a woman at such a noble age be sensitive?

A gift for 55 years to a woman with her own hands can be an original, warm, feminine scarf or snood, knitted by her best friend. How the sister will be delighted at the embroidery made by herself, where her initials will be present, or, for example, some favorite flower of hers.

A colleague can cook an unusual soap with luxurious oils by adding a drop of her favorite perfume. Well, you can bake mom cookies, gingerbread cookies, any unusual sweets.

DIY gift ideas in the video below:

How to congratulate my wife on her anniversary?

The spouse’s birthday is another reason for a man to express how much he is attached to her, how much he values ​​her care and attention. The best ideas for congratulations in this case are:

  • Jewelry,
  • eBook,
  • smartphone,
  • the tablet,
  • a laptop,
  • stylish figurine
  • modular picture,
  • original book holder,
  • beautiful candlesticks
  • a set of cups with photos of all family members,
  • a pre-paid tour for two to a country that attracts a woman more than others.

Naturally, a gift to a wife should be presented with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

What to give to mother?

Mom is the dearest and closest person for everyone. To surprise her, it is enough to give the following gifts:

  • a photo album filled with joint pictures of mother and children,
  • stylish accessories
  • sets of throw pillows,
  • openwork bedspreads
  • jewelry box,
  • modern household appliances,
  • houseplants,
  • items for decorating the interior.

How to congratulate a colleague?

It is a well-known fact that at the age of 55 many women go on well-deserved rest, that is, on retirement. Sometimes the wires coincide with a birthday celebration. What to present to a colleague is easy to decide. The main thing in this matter is that all employees of the department or unit cooperate and choose a really good present. Top ideas of gifts from colleagues are:

  • a souvenir medal, a certificate of honor that will remind a woman of the time spent at work together. Such a present can be presented both separately and together with other gifts,
  • jewelry made of precious metals,
  • tea set, a set of tableware,
  • paid ticket to a luxury sanatorium or to a luxury resort.

If the farewell to retirement does coincide with the celebration of a name day, a woman can be handed a set of dishes for a picnic, a hammock, a certificate for the purchase of garden furniture.

What to give a girlfriend?

To the girlfriend for the anniversary can be presented such presents as:

  • a picture glowing in the dark
  • personal award
  • home planetarium
  • florarium
  • floor lamp with joint photos,
  • beautifully illuminated air fountain,
  • a mirror with a box
  • a portrait of warm words, custom-made on canvas.

How to please a sister?

On a birthday, it will be pleasant for a sister to receive such presents from her relatives as:

  • a key holder made of natural materials,
  • hammock for legs
  • magnetic slate board,
  • kinetic pendulum
  • desktop weather station,
  • a card with an erasing surface to mark places where the birthday girl has already visited,
  • personal diary
  • set of bath accessories.

How to congratulate aunt?

Many have relations with other female relatives as warm as with their mothers. You can give aunt gifts such as:

  • bright photo collage consisting of collaborative shots,
  • coffee set with turk
  • a set of glasses made in the original style,
  • set of personalized towels with embroidery.

What to hand over to the grandmother?

If a woman at 55 is already a grandmother, most likely her grandchildren are no more than five years old. And this means that the kids can only give those gifts that they made with their own hands. Grandma will be very pleased to receive a postcard, a floral arrangement made of colored paper. If the baby is very small, his parents can give his mom a set of photo magnets on the fridge, which captures the moments when a woman spent time with her grandson or granddaughter. Naturally, such a present should be accompanied by the presentation of a chic bouquet of flowers.

Features of choice

What to give a woman 55 years old?

The main difficulty lies in the period itself. At this age, women usually reach all the peaks that are possible: in personal life, in a career. They already have adult children, and sometimes grandchildren, an established status among colleagues and an established life. It seems, what else to wish for?

However, right now, 55-year-old women are waiting for attention, care and respect. Often they want to collect the closest and dearest people for their birthday, which imposes a responsibility on them when choosing a worthy gift.

The main thing is that the present in no case indicates the age or approach of old age. Such surprises can ruin your mood. On the other hand, cute trinkets in the youth style are also inappropriate.You should find the middle ground that will please the wise and beautiful lady in the prime of life.

Practical stuff

Since at this age certain living conditions have developed, it is better to have an idea of ​​the birthday girl’s preferences. Maybe she has some wishes that she cannot fulfill due to lack of funds or time. Such things will not only please the hero of the day, but will also fulfill an important function in the house or in the kitchen.

Practical gifts for the anniversary - one of the categories of gifts suitable for any relationship. Among them, several subgroups can be distinguished.


Before you choose any home appliances as a gift, you should definitely clarify whether it is necessary for the hero of the day. Is there such a thing in the household, or maybe some specific modification is needed.

Suitable as a presentation coffee makers. They are rarely bought on their own, because it seems that without this device it is quite possible to do. If a woman loves this drink, then the gift will be appreciated.

For a lover, baking and cooking is a great option bread machine. The device will give you the opportunity to apply your talents in the new field of baking bread, as well as freely experiment with different recipes.

Slow cooker frees up cooking time. She will be especially pleased with the ladies who monitor their health.

Kitchenware & Utensils

Sometimes by this time there is a need for large, good services. The number of family members is increasing, a lot of people gather at the table on holidays, and old sets are either of different sizes, or they are not enough for everyone. Dinner sets for 12 or more people are a great gift option for a 55-year-old woman.

Tea or coffee sets are in no way inferior in this. They are relevant at any age. The only difference from student time or the beginning of family life is elegance and solidity. Now it is already possible to choose a service made of high quality silver or porcelain.

As a gift, you should consider options with cutlery: forks, spoons, knives. Silver items look noble and last a long time.

Sets of beautiful glasses or wine glasses, coupled with a wonderful favorite drink of the birthday girl, will tell a lot about the donor: about attention, knowledge of tastes and preferences. Such presentations are available only to true connoisseurs and close friends.

Home textiles

Anniversary is a time of expensive and high-quality surprises. Now manufacturers of bed linen offer excellent sets of high-quality fabrics with original patterns. Some of them are available in limited quantities, which significantly increases their cost. When choosing, you should consider the composition, it is better to purchase a Euro-option with two duvet covers and pillowcases.

In addition to bedding, choose various bedspreads. They are factory or handmade. Of course, if you get a present from skilled craftsmen, then the thing will be unique. In addition to the bedspread, you can order decorative pillowcases for pillows in the same style.

Chic will be a good gift bath towels and bathrobes.

They must be made of high quality thick and soft cloth. Then the comfort and warmth of the hostess are provided.

Anniversary, appreciating family ties, loving to gather a large family at a large, beautifully decorated table, it is advisable to present a set consisting of a tablecloth and napkins. It is better to choose fabric practical, not cheap. It is good if it has an interesting embroidery or applique, repeating itself on napkins.

Sport, health and beauty

If a woman is a fan of a healthy lifestyle, then she will like sports accessories or items to monitor nutrition.

Various simulators or massagers are offered in a large assortment in sports stores. It can be treadmills, hula-hoops, step platforms, fitballs and much more.

In addition, certificates to the pool or fitness club will be an invaluable gift.

Among the products for preserving beauty and body care are leading cosmetology and manicure devicesallowing to make salon procedures at home. An interesting suggestion is massage foot bath. It helps to relax muscles after a day's work, while constantly wearing high-heeled shoes. Hydromassage at any age will bring pleasure and bliss to your feet.

It is acceptable to present certificate in a beauty salon. However, you should carefully choose the appropriate institution. It is required to know in advance the range of ongoing procedures, to inquire about the specialists performing them. Such a gift allows the birthday girl to choose between SPA, massage, manicure, hairstyle, etc.

It is not recommended to give cosmetic kits and perfumes for the reasons that it is necessary to clearly know the tastes of the hero of the day, her reaction to various components. You can purchase a good quality kit, but the woman will be allergic to any element of the cream. Then no one will get pleasure, there will only be a reason for the frustration.

If you still want to make the jubilee happy with such a present on your birthday, it is better to purchase a gift card in her favorite store where she can choose something suitable on her own.

Hobbies, travel and leisure

If you know that a colleague or relative is engaged in needlework in her spare time, then devices for these classes will be desirable for her: supplies, tools, unique fabric or yarn. Popular are caskets, baskets or boxes for storing all kinds of parts and elements.

For lovers of sewing or knitting, the machine will be an excellent assistant.

Artists will be pleased easels or sets of quality paints and brushes.

Travelers will appreciate a comfortable suitcase or picnic sets. A ticket is suitable as an expensive presentation, but it is better if it is open. Then the woman will be able to decide where to go.

Florists will be delighted with the new green pet. And if a beautiful pot and a description of care are attached to it, it will turn out informative and fascinating.

All practical gifts have one purpose - to be fit. To do this, you should know the hero of the day a little better than the neighbor in the workplace.

Among the variety of practical gifts, you need to be able to single out things that can be presented to relatives, but you should not, for example, give them to your boss.

Of course, everyone understands that it is easier for grandmother or mother to choose presents, and it is much more difficult to do this for a mother-in-law, a mother-in-law, or, for example, an aunt who lives far away. However, in any case, the choice will always depend on the knowledge of the characteristic features of a person, his habits and interests.


Jewelry purchased on the occasion of the anniversary is not unique, but unique. High-quality jewelry will give confidence and style to a woman.

You need to take care of the beautiful packaging. At this age, ladies value aesthetics and elegance in everything. In addition, a decent design will demonstrate respect for the birthday girl.

As a rule, jewelry is chosen as a gift, however, souvenirs using precious minerals are perfect for the presentation of a business lady from colleagues or partners.


Bouquets are one of the main attributes of a name day at 55. Here you can already present complex compositions or, conversely, simple ones. It all depends on the preferences and characteristics of the character.

Most florists agree that For a 55-year anniversary, a classic bouquet of dark red roses is appropriate. It should be of tangible size, which will give it solidity.

Chrysanthemums also remain leaders. Experts advise choosing bulk compositions from terry varieties.

If the jubilee prefers exotic, then give her callas or orchids. They look gentle and original at the same time.

For travelers, a small bouquet of field daisies will be an excellent solution.

Budget ideas

Presentations for the 55th anniversary are not necessarily expensive. Still, the main thing is respect and memory. In addition, not everyone can afford big expenses. Do not worry, concentrate on choosing something pleasant.

We offer a list of budget options.

  • Original tea boxes made in different styles. They look very cute in the kitchen, they are nice to put on the festive table. There are those in which only tea bags or tea leaves are stored, but combined options are also found. Tin boxes are sometimes decorated with engraving. Wooden can be decorated using decoupage technique with your own hands.
  • Various photo frames. They are released in the form of paintings, magnets, postcards. There are prefabricated frames for entire photo collections or collages. They are themed, decorated in different styles. Such a gift can always be found where to put it.
  • Textile bags for shopping are in fashion. They are released in bright joyful colors. You can soriginalize and give 7 different pieces for every day of the week.
  • Blankets. Oddly enough, but this item is never presented in vain. Now there are interesting models with sleeves and a hood. They are so nice to wrap up in the cold evenings.
  • Caskets for storing various little things. The stores feature a variety of models with different functionalities. Boxes for storing beads or sewing, boxes for jewelry, boxes for photographs or documents. All are decorated in their respective styles. For example, a business lady will come up with a solid wooden box for storing documentation. These are decorated with monograms or equipped with locks.
  • Lightweight neckerchiefs. Drawing and coloring are important here. You can collect a set of four scarves and devote it to the seasons. It will turn out inexpensively, but originally. If you add the appropriate gloves to it, the present will become even more elegant.
  • Clock. When visiting a woman, take a look, maybe there are places in her apartment or house where table or wall walkers would look great. In the salons you will be helped to choose budget options for the described interior. At 55 years old, of course, it is better to choose something solid, elegant, but if the birthday girl is not deprived of a sense of humor, the watch will be successful in its original form or in the form of some kind of a scene, a figure.

Walkers with battle, music, cuckoo or other sounds should be purchased with extreme caution. It is more expedient to take them only if there is a function to turn them off.

Original ideas

In addition to the usual, at first glance, practical gifts, those that do not have great value are gaining popularity, but they become expensive as a memory for many years.

For instance, portrait of the birthday girl ordered by the artist without her knowledge. For these purposes, a favorite photograph is sent to the master. It can be individual or family. Some artists from several photos create unusual futuristic paintings or collages. By all means, such a gift will occupy an honorable place in the apartment of the hero of the day.

Another similar option is gift certificate for studio photography. It can also be individual, with family or with friends.

Another interesting option with photos - album. It is made out either in electronic form or in paper. In any case, you will need images of different years with children, relatives and friends. It will be great to provide them with fun comments.

A woman on her birthday can not only please, but also surprise. As it turned out, at 55, a trip to a master class in painting or floristry is able to do this.

Depending on instant wishes, sudden gifts may be different. For instance, apartment repair payment, which I would like to do a long time ago, but “all hands do not reach”, or full care of the organization of the anniversary evening. Having freed the birthday girl from troubles, you will give her the opportunity to enjoy the holiday from the heart.

Musical present in the form of recorded on the occasion of a clip or a comic song to a famous melody, performed at the gala evening, amuse and touch the hero of the occasion.

Presenting original surprises to loved ones is quite easy, because their preferences, passions and subtleties of character are in plain sight. It is much more difficult to come up with something for less close, but no less expensive relatives, for example, cousins ​​or matchmaker. Here you will have to inquire about their interests with those who know them better than you. Or abandon originality in favor of practicality.

Romantic surprises

Any woman is pleased to receive a romantic surprise from her beloved man. A regular theater ticket and flowers mean a lot to them.

Husband with experience should be advised to fantasize. Unusual and tenderness touch your soul mate and bring some kind of novelty to the relationship. Order to wife horse ride through the woods. Horses are amazing creatures; they do not leave anyone indifferent. And if a woman loves them, then this will be a wonderful decision.

Peculiar to young couples romantic deeds, but sometimes they are not enough for women at 55 years old. Remember how you congratulated each other in youth, and try to repeat something. It can be small souvenirs that are found throughout the apartment at every step on this significant day. Or flowers all over the house. And maybe your half have long wanted a dog, since childhood, and now it's time to realize this very dream of her?

Funny presents

Comic presentations are usually given either to close relatives or to very old friends, that is, to those people who know almost everything about each other.

A sister or friend who loves noisy and fun company is perfect order an exciting quest. Firstly, it needs a team, and sometimes not one. Secondly, it is always an interesting and entertaining action. Thirdly, the scenarios are rarely repeated, they can be selected depending on the people included in the company.

You can have a comic ball. Warn guests about the required dress code. A birthday girl to prepare the outfit in secret and give it out only on the day of the celebration. It should be noted that such an action requires an organizer or host, who will lead the party in the right rhythm.

A more budgetary option is to design a humorous collage using funny children's and teenage photos.

DIY gifts

If you want to present something truly sincere, then come up with a congratulation yourself. It can be in verse or in the form of a song.

Any handmade gift for the 55th anniversary will bring a lot of positive emotions, especially made by children. No wonder they say crafts are the budget embodiment of memorabilia.

Among the handmade souvenirs you can list the following.

  • Knitten things. If the donor skillfully copes with knitting or crocheting, then unique warm gizmos, especially for “winter” anniversaries, will come in handy. Beautiful snoods and shawls, sweaters, sets of mittens, scarves and hats are always in fashion. They are not only knitted, but also decorated with interesting embroidery, which only increases exclusivity. In addition to clothing, knitting blankets and decorative pillowcases are subject to knitting. Beginner knitters or children may well overpower the original hot stand, oven mitts or cup cuff.
  • A good gift would be a handmade soap set. Now in specialized outlets they sell all the components for reproducing a similar presentation: molds, materials, natural essential oils, perfume. The set can be made in a certain style. Sometimes a towel or soap dish of the original form is attached to it. It is important to beautifully arrange a gift box.
  • Culinary masters often give pastries, such as gingerbread cookies or gingerbread cookies. The jubilee will be pleased with a beautiful and delicious handmade cake. If it is thematically decorated, the gift will surprise and delight everyone.
  • Scrapbooking - one of the latest popular trends. In this technique, photo albums, postcards, covers for documents, notebooks, and even books are made out. Of course, certain skills are required to perform, but all this is subject to and accessible to everyone.
  • Another option is the design of bouquets of products, for example, cheese compositions. Beautiful inflorescences are collected from sweets and various mini-chocolates, not inferior to the real ones. Fragrant fruit compositions are usually presented in baskets.
  • Topiaries are made independently. These trees can consist of any elements. Money - from real money, coffee - from coffee beans, flower - from artificial or natural flowers, ribbons and beads. There are options from berries, fruits, cones, feathers, rhinestones and much more. It all depends on the donor’s imagination and how this gift will be won.
  • Embroidery and tapestry. Embroidered paintings, pillows, bags and other products are great as presentations. It is memorable and sincere.

See the video below for the best gifts for any age.

Cool Gift Ideas

Well, what if you approach the gift with imagination?

An original gift can be suitable for any age and donor wallet.

Original gift for 55 years old woman: as a present, she can be presented with a sweet bouquet made of sweets and chocolate. Or a large cake with a photo of the hero of the occasion or figures from mastic.

Cool gift for 55 years old woman: an edible picture, with a portrait of the birthday girl. Most likely it will be a pity to eat such a thing, but the fact that it will make a splash is unequivocal.

If a woman is fond of sports, self-development or just loves to relax, then the appropriate gift would be certificates:

  • to the beauty salon,
  • for a relaxing massage
  • to fly in a balloon
  • horse riding workshop
  • master class in oriental cuisine,
  • shop of interior and designer things, etc.

Same an unusual and memorable gift will be a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist, to a modern theater or even to a circus. After all, even at age 55, any woman remains a little girl in the shower.

Well, what if you give an annual subscription to the conservatory or the House of Music? Or a paid subscription to tango, yoga or modern choreography?

If the birthday girl is with humor, she will definitely appreciate if she receives a personalized medal. For example: “Best Mom,” “Best Friend,” or “Beloved Sister.” Named cups and steles belong to the same category. Such a gift will remain for a long memory and will be a fun surprise.

What to give to a woman for 55 years, who has everything?

By the age of 55, a woman has already achieved almost everything. And, if she wanted an expensive bag, she most likely already bought it.

So why surprise her then?

One of the most memorable gifts can be an individual painting.

It can be just an exquisite portrait created in the favorite technique of the birthday girl, be it impressionism, pop art or realism. Or the image of the hero of the occasion in the image of some historical person.

Imagine how surprised your mother or best friend is when she sees herself in the image of Catherine the Great or Sophia Loren. Such a portrait should be framed in a beautiful expensive frame, and presented with a specially prepared speech.

Another cute and touching gift will be a photo frame in the form of a family tree with photos of your entire family. Let there be a beloved husband, and children, and of course grandchildren. It will become a highlight of the interior and will remain for a long memory.

In the same vein, a large photo collage of your favorite photos will be a suitable surprise. These can be photographs depicting the most important moments of life, starting from birth. The first visit to kindergarten and school, school friends, college gatherings, a memorable trip to the mountains, wedding photos, the birth of a baby.

The main thing is to prepare in advance, collect as many photos as possible. You may even have to work with slides. But believe me, it's worth it.

Top 15 best gifts for 55 years old woman

It should be considered what can be given to a woman for her 55th birthday, these are:

  1. Photo album with photos of friends and relatives. It is advisable to use images of 20 years ago, children's photos of the birthday girl, her brothers and sisters in order to revive the memories. Photos should be bright and fun. It is undesirable to use images of loved ones who have long been dead. As an alternative, a collage is suitable - a nice gift for your sister on her anniversary with her own hands.
  2. Order and full payment of the restaurant to celebrate a birthday. A woman on her 55th birthday wants to just come and relax in the company of loved ones, and not participate in cooking and looking for an entertainment program. Such surprises should be warned in advance, especially if the birthday girl is an anxious type of people.
  3. A tourist trip to the country where the hero of the occasion has long wanted to go. You can go to the agency with her to select the most acceptable route.
  4. A diverse photo shoot with a professional photographer. By the age of 55, many women still have unfulfilled desires to be a fashion model or actress. Therefore, bright ladies will like this surprise.
  5. An original gift is a ride on a limousine for 3-4 hours. You can travel around the city sights on a luxury car. At the 55th anniversary, a woman will be pleased to feel like a queen.

  • A gift for 55 years (for an anniversary) does not have to be expensive. The certificate for visiting the spa is also appreciated by a woman who has been watching her appearance from an early age.
  • A gift for a woman for 55 years can be a piece of clothing. Mink coat will be a welcome surprise, especially if the holiday falls on the summer months.
  • A gift for an anniversary can be a long-awaited repair in the apartment.
  • Gifts for women on their 55th birthday may be intangible. You can, for example, make a congratulation that will sound on the air, or order a song for the birthday girl on a music television channel.
  • Jewels will be a pleasant surprise. Any woman dreams of earrings and necklaces.
  • Horse riding is a great solution. If the birthday girl loves horses, then you should additionally pay for a photo session in a picturesque area with the participation of these animals.
  • Technique cannot but please a woman who follows the development of innovative technologies. But first, you should ask what the birthday girl wants, because you risk giving something that is not necessary.
  • A concert ticket will give you a lot of unforgettable experiences.
  • It is recommended to give several small gifts, symbolizing either the attitude of the donor to the birthday girl, or her individual characteristics.
  • A puppy or kitten can be the best gift if a woman has long dreamed of a pet, but does not dare to get it for a number of reasons.
  • Ready ideas

    Of course, choosing a gift for such a beautiful and solid date, you must first take into account the individuality of the birthday girl.

    • If she has any hobby, then it’s worth starting from it,
    • if a woman is fond of sewing, then it is worth taking care of buying a good quality and modern sewing machine,
    • if she spends her leisure time embroidering, then a wonderful present will be a large set of embroidery, with an unusual and sweet heart picture.
    1. With a passion for cooking, Take a look at the huge selection of modern kitchen appliances that make life easier for a housewife.

      It can be:

      • slow cooker
      • bread maker
      • cutting edge food processor
      • electric crepe maker,
      • electric skewer,
      • yogurt maker or ice cream maker,
      • dryer for vegetables and fruits.
    2. If the birthday girl has a favorite summer residence, then a suitable and necessary thing can become picnic set.

      Or convenient rocking chair.

      Garden swing will also be a wonderful decoration of a summer cottage, which will give its owner minutes of peace and relaxation. Any woman will be pleased to receive jewelry be it earrings, pendant, bracelet or ring.

      The choice of such a gift should be approached carefully, so it is worthwhile to study in advance the taste of the future owner and its size.

      Pay attention to the natural stones that women at this age love so much. An unusual gift will be an unusual brooch or precious pin.

      If the birthday girl has so much jewelry, then the ideal solution would be to buy an expensive, exquisite box. Let it be made of natural wood or stone, decorated with mother of pearl or rhinestones. A great gift is a large and beautiful tea set.

      Choose a set of fine high-quality porcelain, decorated with a pattern that will fit the interior of the birthday's kitchen.

    3. If you are in a close trusting relationship, then You can give an expensive fluffy terry bathrobe. Today, many firms are engaged in personalized embroidery on such items of clothing, and embroidered initials will give a gift a personality.
    4. Yet a very cozy item can be a warm blanket or bedspread.

      Be sure to choose a color scheme so that the thing fits into the overall interior.

      A necessary gift will be bed linen made of natural, breathable fabrics of an expanded configuration in a large gift box.

    5. It will also be a nice present silk scarf or stole. Choose expensive fabrics and noble shades, and your gift will not be left without attention.
    6. Classic gifts are interior items.

      It can be an unusual table lamp or a floor lamp with soft light.

      A table clock, bronze or made of precious wood or an unusually designed wall clock, for example, with a fight or an unusual move of the hands, is also suitable.

      Marble or bronze figurines, exquisite panels, creative key holders will do. Do not forget that the best gift at all times was considered a book.

      So why not give a gift edition?

      This may be a collection of essays, a book of recipes for any cuisine in the world, an overview of the best museums in your favorite city. Perhaps the best gift would be something not material. Song dedicated to the hero of the occasion, poems specially written for the memorable date - what could be better?

      Such a congratulation will certainly touch the birthday girl and create a festive mood.

    Which kitchen appliances are preferred as a gift?

    Many believe that for a woman there is nothing worse than receiving kitchen utensils as a birthday present. In fact this is not true. Of course, a birthday girl is unlikely to be happy with a set of pans or pans. The best ideas in the presented category of presents are:

    • coffee maker,
    • slow cooker
    • bread machine
    • ice cream parlor,
    • crepe maker
    • double boiler,
    • Dishwasher,
    • unit for marinating meat.

    All of these devices greatly facilitate the household work of a woman, so she will definitely be delighted with it. Such a present can be accompanied by the presentation of a cookbook or a book intended for recording recipes. If a woman likes to cook, she should also give a certificate for attending courses on creating pastry shops or just culinary masterpieces.

    Gifts for beauty and health

    Beauty and health are major milestones that women 55 years old take care of. They strive not only to look young, but also to feel accordingly. Great gift ideas in this category are:

    • certificate to the spa,
    • Cosmetic device intended for use at home,
    • foot massage bath
    • certificate for purchases in a perfume or beauty shop.

    It is important not to purchase makeup products or cheap face and body skin care products. This is not only a bad taste, but also a disrespectful attitude to the birthday girl, because the donor can acquire something that she does not fit at all or will not like.

    How to choose a gift considering the woman’s hobby?

    It is worthwhile to understand that 55 years is not the age when you should be discouraged. Women mostly have adult children at this time, who are in no hurry to give grandchildren to them, and therefore there is enough time left for him to spend a pleasant time or learn something new. For this reason, pleasant and useful gifts will be:

    • barbecue and grill
    • sewing machine,
    • a suitcase on wheels, which comes complete with a cover on which a cool print is applied,
    • travel pillow
    • needlework kits,
    • paintings by numbers.

    Cheap presentations options

    Many people think that choosing an inexpensive present for a woman’s anniversary is a bad idea. In fact, you can congratulate inexpensively, focusing on providing a sign of attention to the birthday girl. The best ideas among these are:

    • a tea box made in a special style, accompanied by engraving,
    • magnet photo frame
    • kitchen utensils (set of towels and potholders),
    • a shopping bag made of textiles,
    • warm plaid
    • a desk or wall clock with an unusual design,
    • a photo album filled with general photos of the donor and birthday girl,
    • handmade box designed to store jewelry,
    • thermo mug
    • stole,
    • leather gloves.

    A woman will be pleased if the donor attaches a beautiful card with sincere wishes to the main gift. This will make the present sincere, will allow to show respect for the birthday girl.

    Sweet surprises

    It is known that women are mostly sweet tooth. Therefore, good friends or friends can be congratulated on their birthday by giving them the following sweet gifts:

    • “Sweet” bouquet
    • A “sweet” basket, in addition to which there is a tea house,
    • registered chocolate
    • cupcakes with pleasant words-wishes written on them,
    • cake made on the photo of the birthday girl.

    What to present to the person who has everything?

    A woman who at first glance has everything should give a bouquet of her favorite flowers and something original. Such as, for example:

    • a comic cartoon or a portrait made from a photo,
    • a figurine made from a photograph of a birthday girl,
    • personalized purse
    • tabletop bio fireplace
    • florarium
    • aquarium with fish that does not require detailed care.

    It is better not to give animals for the anniversary, since it is not known whether such a surprise will be pleasant. Perhaps the woman is allergic to wool or she does not want to make a four-legged friend, it is better to discuss such issues directly with the birthday girl.

    What flowers are best given for 55 years?

    For a woman, it is extremely important not so much the gift itself, but how much attention from relatives, friends, and colleagues. For this reason, it is worth accompanying the presentation of the main presentation with a beautiful bouquet. It is appropriate to give bouquets of flowers such as:

    If the congratulator knows which flowers the woman has most loved, it is worth buying a bouquet made of them. So the birthday girl will be sure that he was destined for her. Well, if you accompany the delivery of a bouquet of flowers, a gift with a beautiful speech, prepared and thought out in advance, the woman will be completely delighted.

    What is not worth giving?

    When deciding what to give to a woman for 55 years, it is important to consider the special etiquette of gift. So, do not opt ​​for:

    • alcohol products
    • cheap makeup products
    • tobacco products
    • extreme types of recreation.

    In addition, it is extremely important to choose a present that will not explicitly indicate the age of the birthday girl. This can be regarded by her as a sign of disrespect from relatives or friends. It is important that the gift is fully consistent with the tastes and desires of the birthday girl. Then she will definitely be satisfied.

    Psychological portrait of a woman 55 years old

    It is generally accepted that 55 years is the age when you can call a woman fully realized as a mother, spouse, employee, and, finally, as a person and person. In addition, 55 years is a serious date marking the retirement of the fair sex. Of course, in honor of such a date, the gift should be appropriate.

    If young people, for the most part, want to receive material things as a gift, then a mature woman will be able to appreciate presentations “for the soul”.

    Women are emotional and unpredictable, so in order to please the hero of the day, you will need to make some efforts. Especially carefully you need to approach the choice of gifts "with a joke", as a person at an older age will not always be able to evaluate them as it was intended.

    55 years is the time when there is a mass of free time that you can spend as you wish. Someone completely devotes himself to children and grandchildren, someone is immersed in pleasant summer chores, and someone begins to travel.

    Gift selection principle

    You need to choose presentations taking into account the relationship with the hero of the day you are in. If you are just colleagues or acquaintances with this woman, then gifts in this case should be conservative. If you are a relative or girlfriend, you can make presentations of almost any kind. In order to present a truly luxurious gift, it is worth considering the following factors:

    1. The character of the hero of the day.
    2. Her hobbies and interests.
    3. Future plans.

    Be especially attentive to a woman who is soon scheduled to celebrate her 55th birthday. She can often hint at what she needs, what she would like to receive from you as a gift, but she is embarrassed to say it directly and out loud.

    If the jubilee is not a close person for you, then try not to buy gifts that are personal in nature, for example, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, perfumes. Presentation of medical devices, medicines and other things should also be avoided. It will be very tactless of you to hint a birthday girl about her age and existing health problems.

    In the event that the jubilee is a good friend or relative to you, the problem of choosing a gift is greatly simplified. Remember her character traits, preferences and hobbies. Perhaps you come up with a gift idea based on some kind of event that connects the two of you.

    If you are with the hero of the occasion in a fairly close and frank relationship, then gifts such as clothing, cosmetics and personal items will even be very helpful.

    Do not treat the choice of a presentation as a painful and long task. Remember that a gift is primarily a manifestation of attention and respect for a person. Even if you make a mistake, it's okay, because there will be many more reasons to please the jubilee with a gift.

    What flowers should not be given to a birthday girl?

    • Yellow lilies - hatred and disgust for man.
    • Japanese camellia - slight superiority.
    • Yellow chrysanthemums - rejected love.
    • Hydrangea - rudeness, insensibility.
    • Anemones - illness, grief.
    • White carnations - contempt, hatred.
    • Yellow carnations - deep disappointment.

    Of course, you can give and 1 flower or bouquet, consisting of flowers of the same type.But the hero of the occasion will be truly pleased if you select a composition for her that will reveal your multifaceted feelings for her.

    Practical gifts

    Practical gifts are always appreciated, because this is not just a manifestation of respect and attention, but a desire to facilitate and simplify life. In order to better determine the category of presentation, try to gently and gently ask the jubilee what she would like to receive or what is missing in the household. If you often enter her house, you can just watch what would be useful and like a person dear to you.

    For example, if a woman is a lover of embroidery, then it would be advisable to give her a large set for needlework, or a beautiful embroidered handmade picture. If the hero of the day loves to cook and often pleases her loved ones with culinary masterpieces, then you should think about buying kitchen utensils and equipment.

    Slow cooker

    Nothing can make life easier for someone who often cooks like a slow cooker. This invention not only simplifies the daily kitchen routine, but also saves a lot of time that can be devoted to sports, walking, meeting friends or taking care of yourself. What could be simpler is to put the products in the multicooker, set the timer and after a while pick up a ready-made, mouth-watering dish. Such a gift will show how you really care about the hero of the anniversary, and want to make her life easier and more colorful.

    Coffee machine

    A sip of coffee in the morning is a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. If the hero of the anniversary is crazy about this drink, then you can present her with a coffee machine as a present. With such a gift, there is no need to stand at the stove, waiting for the coffee to boil in the Turk. And a person dear to your heart will be able to indulge every day with exquisite cappuccino, Americano, latte, espresso and all that you wish.

    Bread machine

    In adulthood, women love to cook sweet pastries in order to treat their children, grandchildren, friends and just guests every day. In this case, the bread machine will be an excellent gift for a significant date - 55 years. It will allow you to create real culinary masterpieces without much hassle - baking cakes, ruddy homemade bread, muffins and much more. In addition, this device will significantly save on the daily purchase of bread and sweets for tea. Any woman who likes to bake will appreciate such a gift.

    Juicer / Juicer

    Scientists-nutritionists have long established that the daily use of freshly squeezed juices positively affects the human immunity and level of health, in general. Such a useful and practical gift as a juicer will be appreciated not only by the hero of the anniversary, but also by her entire family. Presenting a juicer as a gift, you will show not just attention, but real concern for the health of this person. And so that the birthday girl could enjoy the juices in the cold season, you can give her a juicer. This kitchen appliance will help to preserve homemade vitamin juices for a long time.

    Beautiful tea set

    Everyone knows that women with special awe relate to beautiful holiday utensils. A service is an item that is often passed down from generation to generation and also adorns the sideboard of a sideboard. Presenting such a magnificent gift, you will make sure that the woman can proudly get your gift to the festivities and warmly tell the guests about it. The main thing is to choose it in accordance with the taste of the hero of the day. There are a lot of options: designer sets of non-standard shapes and colors, classic sets and much more.

    Needlework gifts

    55 years is a life stage when the most important life matters have already been successfully completed. So why not devote this time to creativity and self-development?

    Embroidery kits

    Embroidery is not just a hobby, it is also a way to relieve stress and relaxation. If you noticed that the hero of the day is crazy about this activity, and in her house there are a lot of embroidered paintings, napkins and pillows, then this gift option is for you. Do-it-yourself things have special value and energy, therefore, your dear person will remember with warmth about your gift for a long time. The assortment of such sets will satisfy even the most demanding tastes - a huge selection of drawings, patterns, canvases and picture frames for any wallet.

    Drawing kits

    Each person at least once in his life dreamed of feeling like a great artist and creating his own masterpiece. And it is not necessary to be able to draw beautifully for this - in the modern world, paintings have been invented that can be painted by yourself along the line of the dotted line. Such a gift will delight any woman, especially if she likes to decorate her home with hand-made objects. And be sure, the picture you donated will definitely become a matter of pride, and will hang in the place of honor.

    Sewing machine

    A sewing machine should be in every home. It is literally indispensable in everyday life, therefore it is useful not only for creating new models of clothes, but also for everyday purposes. Modern sewing machines can greatly simplify life and minimize human involvement in the process. This is a very pleasant and practical gift for any woman of 55 years. And who knows, maybe after that she will discover design abilities and even release her own clothing line?

    Interior Items

    Decorating your own home is an occupation that is inherent in every person. Such status gifts are valued in a special way, they are proud of and exhibited at home for all to see.


    The painting, written by a good artist, always aroused awe and admiration among art lovers. AND if the birthday girl is crazy about painting, then this can become a good gift, which in her family will be passed on from generation to generation. In addition, you can make a woman doubly pleasant - order her portrait from the artist. If finances do not allow this, then you can make a beautiful photo portrait, which will also be to your taste.


    55 years is a memorable date, and a gift in honor of it should be luxurious. A watch is not just an interior decoration, it is also a practical gift. Unusual designer watches, stylish minimalist or classic with walkers - the range is very wide. And believe me, the warm memory of you will remain with the birthday girl for a long time.

    Music Box

    The music box is a cute little thing that can touch even the most strict and serious person. In addition, it is not without practicality - in this item you can conveniently store photographs, jewelry or any other little things dear to the heart.

    Jewelry box

    Usually, at age 55, a woman accumulates a sufficient amount of precious jewelry that she wears on holidays and every day. And for luxurious jewelry it is necessary to have a no less luxurious casket. The material for it can be different - whether it be wood, metal, porcelain or even glass.

    Indoor fountain

    A room fountain is not just a whim. These beautiful decor items fit perfectly into any interior and become its real highlight. A melodic transfusion of water, in addition, reduces stress and relaxes.

    Digital photo frame

    Each of us has bright and joyful moments that are captured on film. But, unfortunately, all photographs cannot be framed in any way. In this case, the electronic photo frame will help out well. A 55-year-old woman will be very pleased to view photos of her children, grandchildren and just loved ones in this way.

    Items of clothing and shoes

    It is customary to give shoes, clothes and other personal items only to well-known and close people.Otherwise, you may be considered an ignoramus.

    Set of thermal underwear

    A set of thermal underwear is an excellent gift that will demonstrate your care for a dear person, his health and well-being. Older people often freeze, so they will be very happy with such a convenient and practical gift.


    What woman does not dream of a luxurious fur coat or coat? Such a gift perfectly emphasizes your attitude and reverence for the birthday girl, as well as warm in severe cold. However, before you go to the fur or boutique salon, try to find out exactly the size of the anniversary clothes.

    Designer shoes / boots

    Who came up with the idea that retired women should only wear comfortable slippers? Surprise the birthday girl by presenting her with a pair of beautiful shoes or boots. She just formed such a gift, because a woman remains a woman at any age, and wants to be always beautiful. One caveat - if the hero of the occasion prefers low-soled shoes, then giving her tall hairpins is clearly not worth it.

    A bag

    Down with string bags and shapeless trunks! A beautiful leather bag is something that cannot be better emphasized the sophistication of an expensive hero of the day. Believe me, she will accept this accessory with admiration and gratitude.

    Presents for Beauty and Health

    Hydro massager

    Massage is good for anyone at any age. And in mature years - even more so. Present a woman has a massage apparatus and so you not only express her admiration for her, but also take care of her well-being.


    A bicycle is a universal vehicle that anyone will love. Shopping trips, walks in the country and to the country, believe me, a birthday girl will definitely appreciate such a present and will be very grateful to you. In addition, cycling is a great way to keep your body and muscles toned.


    People aged often suffer from high blood pressure. Therefore, if you are in a close and confidential relationship with the birthday girl, you can purchase a tonometer for her. Such a gift will be ideal for a person who carefully monitors his health.

    Food and drink

    In order to present presents from this category, you should be well aware of the tastes of the hero of the day, her preferences and characteristics of the body. For example, it would be inappropriate to give collectors wine to a non-drinker, and sweets to diabetics.

    A set of quality chocolate

    If a woman loves sweets, then she will definitely be crazy about such a gift. A basket or box of quality chocolate is guaranteed to cheer up the birthday girl and light sparks of happiness in the eyes. Just remember that chocolate must be of high quality (you can Belgian, Swiss or French). In addition, you can order a personalized set of chocolate products.

    Fine Wine Collection

    In moderate doses, wine improves blood circulation and heart function. This exquisite gift will surely appeal to connoisseurs of the drink from the vine. In addition, you can order personalized engraved glasses and a personal bottle of wine. And a special chic will be the offering of wine of that collection year in which the hero of the day was born.

    Big birthday cake

    Such a gift will appeal to not only the hero of the occasion, but also to all its guests at the celebration. Modern confectioners work wonders, so you can always order a magnificent cake, decorated with figures, flowers, and even the image of the birthday girl herself!

    Quality Tea / Coffee Set

    This presentation option can also rightly be called luxurious. Many varieties of tea or coffee, arrived from all over the world and packed in beautiful boxes or bags, will not leave anyone indifferent. Such a present will be used only on special occasions and will present many pleasant moments and memories.

    Cool gifts and souvenirs

    The selection of this type of gifts should be treated with caution.Not all women at this age have a sufficient sense of humor to laugh at the present from the heart. We bring to your attention a list of neutral gifts and souvenirs that will appeal to any birthday girl.

    T-shirt with the image of grandchildren / children

    This cute thing will be a reminder of how dear you are to mom / grandmother or aunt. Each time she puts on such a T-shirt, her soul will become warmer and her mood will improve.

    Commemorative medals / certificates / diplomas

    You probably saw your friends ’certificates or diplomas, on the cover of which their personal qualities were confirmed. Let the birthday girl not remain deprived of attention on her 55th birthday and receive the well-deserved awards of “The Best Mommy in the World”, “The Most Hardworking Colleague”, “The Wonderful Wife” and even “Beloved Mother-in-law”.

    Named calendar / pillow

    Such things will be a pleasant gift for almost any person, because this is a way to capture moments of joy and happiness forever. Such objects will always be in sight, and cheer up even on the most gloomy day

    Budget gifts with taste

    What to do if you were invited to an anniversary, but, as luck would have it, "finances sing romances in your wallet"? To refuse a birthday girl will be extremely impolite, but it is also impossible to come without a gift to such an important event. Do not be discouraged, there are great ideas for 55-year-old women presenting that will not hit even the most modest budget.

    Fruit basket

    Fruits are tasty and healthy, and if they are also packed with taste, it is stylish and beautiful! Having presented a basket of fruits, you will delight the hero of the day, as you demonstrate care for her health and well-being. The only thing is to find a beautiful basket or box and style it in style.

    Knitted sweater and socks

    If you know how to knit, then such a present will cost you mere pennies. The hero of the occasion will surely be very pleased to wear warm clothes that were made with love and especially for her. If you don’t know how to knit, then this does not matter - in the store you can buy goods of any style, color and size.

    Home-made cake

    The best gift is one that is made with your own hands. You can show your well-developed imagination by experimenting with pastry dough, cream or decorating a finished pastry. Believe me, the hero of the occasion is herself, and her guests will be delighted with your skill.

    Gifts to Avoid

    Presenting gifts, one should nevertheless observe subordination. Even the most harmless present presented from the heart can greatly hurt the feelings of a woman of 55 years. To avoid this, avoid the following categories of gifts (especially if you are not close): medicines, anti-wrinkle and weight loss products, anti-cellulite exercise machines, plastic surgeon subscriptions, pets.

    Thematic videos

    The girl talks about the latest trends in the world of gifts. Top 10 best gifts: a DIY item, video greetings, a cover for a mobile phone, an album for photos, etc.

    An example of congratulations of the anniversary of her friends. A simple scenario for congratulating a woman for 55 years. Songs, poems and dances.

    Presentation, congratulations on the anniversary. Poems, music. Presentation design example.

    55 years is a new stage in the life of every woman. Therefore, the present for the anniversary should be memorable, "with the soul." In order to choose a gift, consider the nature of the woman, as well as her interests and hobbies. If you can’t guess exactly, don’t be upset, because the main thing is attention and care.

    Gifts for women for 55 years within 500 rubles

    The amount, of course, is quite small, but if you need to present something symbolic, for example, to a colleague or friend, there is a choice. For example, we can advise such ideas:

    • Travel Holder. Such a practical case, which fits a passport, bank cards, tickets and other little things, so that everything is at hand. Can be used not for travel.

    Travel Holder

    • Hand biowax. More original than cream, although essentially the same thing. A particularly good present for the cold season to protect the skin from chapping and dryness.
    • Solar Powered Garden Light. If the birthday girl has a summer house or she lives in a private house, you can give it, it’s definitely useful in one corner of the garden.
    • Natural Stone Bracelet. Stones, of course, can be very expensive, but there are options just up to 500 rubles. The main thing is to guess with color, and each stone has symbolism.
    • A pair of small towels, set. For example, for the kitchen, or just for wiping your hands. Choose a beautiful kit and it will be pleasant to use. Clean brand new towels will always come in handy on the farm.
    • Plant in the pot. Or even a whole collection, for example, succulents in cute pots. There are very inexpensive plants that look beautiful.
    • Two glasses of wine. In the gift box, they look pretty solid, but choose those that are larger in size. It will be both stylish and practical, and very inexpensive.
    • Stylish bottle for oil and vinegar. Looks great in any kitchen, and it’s nice to receive it as a gift.
    • Thin scarf. Many women after 50 love to wear scarves, so another one will definitely come in handy if such things are already in the wardrobe. Choose materials and prints to your taste.
    • Teapot. There are many options - for example, a French press, or glass, silt large ceramic. Or miniature, for one cup.

    Gifts for a woman on her 55th birthday up to 1000 rubles

    In the range from 500 to 1000 rubles, you can choose many different gifts. Or, as an option, add a present for 500 rubles with a sweet present or a small bouquet. But if you want exactly the thing, we offer the following options:

    • Stylish scarf made of natural fabric. It is quite possible to keep within 800-1000 rubles and present a luxurious thing.
    • Care kit. For example, Ives Roches has very interesting collections of hand creams, gels, shampoos, and all this looks beautiful in a special gift bag.
    • Handmade bowl or dish. Choose the size and style of your choice, but usually looks attractive.

    Handmade bowl or dish

    • Makeup mirror. As options - backlit or small, pocket-sized. By the way, there are folding pocket. In general, the ladies like mirrors, and the present will definitely come in handy.
    • Plaid. This is the case when you need to present something that seems to be solid, but at the same time inexpensive. In this case, choose a blanket of neutral tones, and it will suit any interior.
    • Fluffy mittens. What is needed for the cold. Mittens are lost all the time, and wear out quickly, and it’s nice to get a new pair. Take either neutral tones, or something that combines with outerwear or other accessories.
    • Fondue shop. Interesting and unusual, the birthday girl will definitely want to try to melt the chocolate in it and dip the fruits there.
    • Cosmetic bag. It is advisable to somehow commensurate in format with the one that already exists, so that it fits in your handbag. A clean new cosmetic bag is always happy. Inside you can put some trifle or sweetness.
    • Waffle iron. What they usually don’t buy, but when they receive it as a gift, they use it. Especially the birthday girls who have already become grandmothers will like it, it will be possible to cook for their grandchildren and themselves.
    • Book. Something interesting and motivating, or related to the hobbies and interests of a 55-year-old woman. Go through the bookstores, and you will definitely pick up something that you want to present.

    TOP 30 best gifts

    • Family portrait - The idea can be realized by inviting a painter or a professional photo artist to a home session.What will be the plot, close people decide - for example, all generations, from grandmothers to grandchildren, gather around the heroine against a recognizable background. Another option is a characteristic personal work, which will become part of the family chronicle.

    • Jewel - a traditional choice in case of big celebrations, suitable for family members and close friends. There are no restrictions on the assortment - pendants, earrings, pendants on a chain, bracelets, brooches - made of precious metals, with stones matching the birthday sign in the Zodiac sign. Rings, rather, the prerogative of the spouse.

    • Anniversary flower basket - An extravagant and impractical gift, but what a spectacular and memorable one. Often it is about such a bouquet that a woman is most often told after anniversary days. Of course, it must be author's, personalized - so that the craftswoman with you build the magic of your favorite and freshest flowers with a greeting card.
    • New smartphone - A tech gadget for a mature woman is important as a convenient device without failures, as well as a status everyday item. Due to its high cost and significance, this is one of the most popular options. From a practical point of view, this is a bargain - useful, respectable, with a long warranty period.

    • Fluffy carpet - It was just such people who were valued in childhood and youth of the hero of the day, and she will be really happy to get a high-quality woolen copy on her name day. On what size and color scheme to stay, the question is not idle, and her native people or by chance asked the right questions will be the best advisers.

    • Collected works - lasting value for those birthday girls who can’t unlearn their wisdom from books. If she likes to relax with a volume of the poet or another detective, collects novels of a certain author or a culinary library, this is an occasion for a great gift. Space for new books in the house should be available.
    • Bike - old new sports fun. Since interest in sports, a healthy lifestyle returns, there is a desire to ride on weekends or evenings along promenades and parks - take a look at modern female models. We need classic, comfortable, fairly light in weight and in control on the road.

    • Certificate for a beauty salon - I mean not one-time, which is appropriate for March 8, but long, exchange rate - for a month, a year, or for a certain amount. It should not be just a smart envelope with a session map. The choice of the salon and even the masters, if possible, is fundamental. All these details are not so difficult to find out from close friends or the daughter of the birthday girl.
    • Floor vase - Of course, you can choose a regular desktop, but the larger it is, the more suitable as an anniversary presentation. This is one of the ancient ways to express a wish for prosperity and prosperity. Congratulatory engraving with sincere words is welcome.

    • School Photography - we take the idea as the basis that it is never too late to learn, and if you want to, you can always find a window in the schedule. Among the students of such courses, women in age make up the largest and most active part. The reason is simple: when children grow up, there is time to take care of yourself and new hobbies.
    • Tableware - An option with elements of solemnity, depending on which instance you will buy. Dining rooms and large tea sets are presented from the team, from a group of relatives. Coffee and tea rooms for 6 people, as well as elegant couples, give everything because it is beautiful, festive, practical. If only not all at once.

    • A pet - a thoroughbred kitten, a puppy of a favorite breed, a songbird will be favorably received if the culprit of the holiday has a great desire to take care. The son and daughter are independent, grandchildren are not every day, but here is an irreplaceable reason for trouble and unspent love.
    • DVR - An excellent assistant to avtoledi in ambiguous traffic situations and in the event of incidents in parking lots.Men will conduct a brief master class on training to use the device, and the convenience of the device will be appreciated. Focus on modern models with auto-on in the parking lot and a large panoramic view.

    • Country picnic box - I will like an avid summer resident and a lover of country trips. Especially for women, compact, not too heavy when fully loaded, baskets with a lid are offered. Inside there are plates, mugs, cutlery, salad bowls, as well as tools for making barbecue and meat on the grill.

    • Picture - in modern salons and antique shops pay attention to work in pastel colors or with a bright but harmonious color. The positive plot of the drawing is exactly what suits the home interior. This is important, because the gift should bring new positive emotions, and so every day - because the place is reserved for him in the birthday girl’s house.

    • Story cake - With certain skills and diligence, you can also independently build a multi-tiered birthday cake, decorating it with flowers and sweet greetings - inexpensively, but tastefully. But in the confectionery they will realize almost any idea: they will make a story about a beautiful mother, about a colleague-employee. Not as expensive as impressive.
    • Congratulation film - Usually it is a corporate or family option for the 55th anniversary. The whole chronicle is going for him - photographs, cuts of reality filming in the country, during the holidays, outings and trips to nature. Here are excerpts of video wishes, confessions, friendly skits and skits. The result always unites the company.
    • Dressing table - perhaps it does not exist and never was, more likely that the time has come to change the former to a new one. The item on the female half of the room is simply necessary: ​​there is where to put jars and bottles, vases and caskets. If necessary, you need to make a shift to put new furniture. The design and dimensions of the acquisition should be suitable for the interior and the dimensions of the environment. Favorite perfumes or an interesting candlestick will be a good addition to the present.

    • Pair of unusual shoes - A rather intimate gift, therefore it is allowed to the beloved spouse, son and daughter. The main word, as you might guess, is extraordinary: it should be the best shoes in the city. It is important not to make a mistake with the size and color, it is easy to find out the preferred brands in advance. Better yet, watch her dream together.
    • Jewelry box - a multi-tiered, airy product, covered naturally with leather or velvet, looks great on the dressing table of the birthday girl. The choice of models is in gift boutiques and in large online stores. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand and product reviews, so you will protect yourself from unjustified expenses.

    • Decorative tree for home - The cost of perennial palm trees of different varieties, pink and tropical bushes, popular money plants sometimes rolls over. This anniversary is a good occasion for such presentations. Along with the purchase, get care instructions and prepare a speech about the many summers of prosperity.
    • Makeup kit - the closest people will cope with such a task, other guests should prefer other gift options. Brand-proven age lines that are time-tested and personal experience will suit. 2-3 creams along with serum, tonic and a decorative product of the brand will be accepted with enthusiasm: it is important to be beautiful.

    • Solid ladies bag - Of course, they donate it not from poverty, but rather, as an excess. Beloved girlfriends, sisters and adult daughters of the birthday girl will perfectly cope with the selection of a suitable product. If men take it as a whim, we bet: at any age a woman wants new things, and the best ones. And she has every right to be at an altitude of 55.
    • Training apparatus - An indispensable assistant, even an associate in the matter of maintaining shape.When there are reports on the nose, when the working day begins exactly when it ends, the home track or exercise bike will successfully replace the workout in the gym. I would like to warn against hinted presents: such cars are useless to unsportsmanlike beauties.
    • A pair of table lamps or a floor lamp - play the role of scenery during pleasant family evenings. After all, every woman is a little actress, she needs a slightly subdued light (and how important it is after 50, only the initiates know), a romantic atmosphere. Paired fixtures are appropriate in the bedroom and living room, they give a special style to the interior.

    • Sewing machine - for those craftswomen who have become wonderful housewives and are able to work miracles with the help of improvised equipment. When choosing a specific instance, it is worth learning about a set of functions, additional equipment in order to purchase a complete set. New clothes for home, New Year's costumes for your grandchildren are guaranteed.
    • Massage chair - an optional, but so desired by many women home healer. Of course, he will not be able to cope with serious problems alone, but he helps to relax and remove muscle clamps after a hard day. The product is massive, not for every apartment. But if there is a place, there will be good.

    Useful video

    What to present for the anniversary - TOP 10 original gifts for women and men in the video below:

    Remember, the main thing in the gift is the time and effort that you spend on making a pleasant thing for your loved one. Women are especially sensitive to any trifle if they see that it is made with a soul. Try to guess the wishes of the birthday girl and then you will definitely see a grateful smile and a long-awaited gleam in the eyes.

    Household appliances - the top 10 most useful and desirable devices for any housewife

    There are such ideas:

      A microwave or multicooker is suitable for housewives who are used to denying themselves the pleasure of possessing appliances that save time and energy during cooking. They will perceive such a gift as caring and sensitive attention to their work.

    A vacuum cleaner is indispensable in the household, especially when it comes to a washing device.

    If a woman is prone to intimate conversations over a cup of tea, then you can give her an unusual shaped teapot with soft lighting and a non-standard opening lid. For example, in a Stadler Form Kettle Seven kettle, the lid changes the angle of its position, remaining inside the filling hole.

  • A dishwasher in which there is nothing superfluous. It is enough to choose a model with several washing programs for different dishes with varying degrees of pollution. It is advisable to give preference to devices with push-button electronic control and protection against leakage.
  • The crepe maker is suitable for housewives who like to spoil family members in the morning with a delicious breakfast.

  • A refrigerator with dry freezing is the dream of housewives who live in their home or are summer residents. The refrigerator function allows you to save the beneficial properties of frozen berries, fruits and vegetables. And also there is no need to defrost the refrigerator, which will please busy women.
  • A coffee maker that functions like a horn espresso machine and a pad coffee maker. Can prepare milk foam for cappuccino, there are heated cups. It is important to choose a color for your soul or interior.
  • Toaster with several frying modes. It is important that cells for slices of bread of different thicknesses are provided, an automatic centering function for uniform toasting. Buns, even croissants, can be warmed up for breakfast by placing them on the wire rack. Therefore, such a birthday present cannot but please.
  • A bread machine that kneads dough itself and bakes bread. You can put in the bread machine all the ingredients required for baking in the evening and go to sleep, not forgetting to activate the delayed start timer. And then in the morning the whole family can have breakfast with delicious hot bread.Additionally, with the help of the device, you can beat the butter, make jam and make yogurt. Therefore, such a gift will always be necessary in the household for those women who like to cook.
  • There is a washing machine in almost every house, but if the birthday girl doesn’t have this equipment, then there is no better gift.
  • What to give a woman 55 years old up to 2000 rubles

    Two thousand - although not a very large amount, but it is already possible to buy much more than anything useful, interesting and desirable for almost everyone. As an option, such a gift can be made from two girlfriends or from office staff. We offer the following ideas and options:

    • Rolling pin with a pattern. Or a set of several, with different patterns. Like a woman who really loves the stove.
    • Automatic corkscrew. A wine lover will find it convenient to open drinks. Moreover, the thing is really from the category "the best of the little things." Choose a quality one - the birthday girl will use it for many years.
    • Beautiful umbrella. If you want to surprise, look for models with a pattern that appears during rain when the fabric gets wet. You can also choose from super-compact models to fit even in a very full handbag.
    • Tablecloth. Presentation for someone relatively close, if you roughly represent the size of the table and the overall style.
    • Salt lamp. Improves indoor air, creates a comfortable microclimate, and falls asleep better in such a room. Good for health and sleep!
    • Noodle slicer. For lovers of everything useful and natural, home. And it looks interesting, and easy to use.

    Noodle slicer

    • Concert Tickets for Good Seats. To unwind and have a good time.
    • Set of silicone kitchen accessories. Various shovels, brushes, molds, baking sheets and much more. Very comfortably!
    • Painting by numbers. Like most, and even do not need to be able to draw in order to decorate the house and have fun.
    • Spice Organizer. With the maximum number of jars. Like a birthday girl who loves to cook and experiment with tastes.

    Tasty and inexpensive gifts for a woman on her 55th birthday

    We have collected these presents in a separate category. You will find something from the list in a regular supermarket, something in specialized stores, something can be ordered. Goodies and delicacies are loved by everyone, just for everyone it is something different. Nevertheless, there are almost win-win options:

    • Cupcake Set. Order with personal drawings and inscriptions, such a gift will definitely impress the hero of the occasion.
    • A collection of teas or just tea in a gift box. A quality drink is a good present.
    • Delicacies. Caviar, seafood, something that exactly like the birthday girl.
    • Cheese + interesting sauce. Soft cheeses are sold in beautiful packaging, supplement it with a jar of sauce or preserves and dress them with ribbon. It will be thematic and festive.
    • Interesting wine or champagne. For example, with sparkles. Many are impressed by such a drink.

    Ten more gift options for women over 55

    Need more ideas? We offer a list of ten more presents in different styles that fit in the amount of about 1000 rubles:

    • Certificate for a master class on an interesting birthday theme.
    • Notepad for family recipes.
    • Organizers for the kitchen.
    • Bath set.
    • Basket for needlework.
    • Casket for jewelry.
    • Ink.
    • Beautiful flower pots.
    • Set of knives for carving.
    • Opera glasses.

    Top 10 best low-cost gifts for women over 55

    1. Plant in the pot.
    2. Teapot.
    3. Cosmetic bag.
    4. Book.
    5. Beautiful umbrella.
    6. Concert tickets.
    7. Honey set.
    8. Delicacies.
    9. Basket for needlework.
    10. Flower pots.

    We have offered you ideas for 50 inexpensive gifts to a woman for 55 years. We hope you choose something from the proposed, or at least look at the assortment from the other side.Even with a small amount, you can make a birthday girl happy and have fun celebrating a birthday.

    Home »For women» 50 inexpensive gifts for a woman on her 55th birthday

    What to give to a woman who has everything

    Just imagine that this is not so - discard the illusions of someone else's visible well-being: this does not always correspond to reality. But even if so, it would seem that the birthday girl has everything! - do not take this into account. After all, the jubilee does not keep a record of gifts, it is important for her attention, thoughtfulness of the present and those words that you said at the presentation.

    A spoiled woman is just less susceptible to expensive gifts. With one exception - from a beloved man. Then the spouse will have to comply. Our ideas are spied on by happy birthday girls who received all these presents with pleasure and gratitude.

    • Spa Clinic Course - wealthy friends and relatives can afford the purchase. An institution with a well-deserved reputation and a variety of cosmetic, anti-aging, health-improving programs will be suitable. This can be a one-time package or a subscription for a period from a month to a year.

    • Back trip - It’s not always possible, but I sometimes want to return to places where it was so cool in my youth. A cozy place on the sea, in the old Russian town, in the famous resort, but already in the best hotel with a serious cultural program. The route, tickets, entertainment - at the discretion of the donor.
    • Congratulations from the stars - it is always nice to hear and see firsthand the real artist, whose work has long been to his liking. Each woman has her idols in music or on the stage. The movement is oncoming: almost always with a celebrity you can agree on a private concert or performance. The point is the desire and the price of the issue.

    • New model or retro car - whichever makes a greater positive impression: a market novelty that has not yet been widely sold or the legendary copy of the rocker sedan, tuned to a newborn state.
    • Hang Glider Theater - to watch the spectacle in the open sky, you have to get out of town with all the guests, because the queen is made by the retinue. Masters of aerial balancing perform an exclusive show in the sky, because it is impossible to completely repeat it. Mesmerizing.
    • New coat - for you it's just another fur cape, and for any woman - a status new thing. If you know the taste of the birthday girl perfectly, you can go shopping yourself. When in doubt, it is better to take it with you - take a closer look, at the same time arrange a fashion show, until, finally, clings to the most stunning instance.

    • Hobby Interesting Space - a lot of words, but this is just a personalized culinary or ceramic studio, art exhibition hall, fitness laboratory, dance club. Any direction where your hero of the day will be able to realize his talents and ideas. To get a ready field for experiments is worth a lot.
    • Music system - with home theater speakers, with karaoke and a full range of playing options: for discs, cassettes, flash drives and records. The hero of the occasion loves to sing, dance and relax at home with her favorite tunes? You are welcome, everything is ready for the celebration of life. A great addition would be a set of albums on any media.

    • Jewelry - Like fur coats, do not get bored. Yes, and with age, preferences still change, and there are more and more outings that make you look good. Dress the lady without a doubt - most likely, you have learned her taste for a long time, learned to improvise with a style that suits her. Rare, designer things are always relevant and especially appreciated.
    • Volga Cruise - A leisurely journey with nostalgic impressions.With experienced guides, every ancient city on the banks of the river appears in a historical perspective, and delicious food, an unusual rhythm of life relax and set up in a special way. Maybe these rare “stops” are sometimes not enough for 55-year-old successful women who know.

    • Electric car in a country house - sometimes this excess is vital. On the large outskirts of the estate, when your beloved friends come to visit you, you really want to ride them presidentially along your own green fields. It’s not enough to give, you need to learn to ride and test electric vehicles a couple of times during a joint walk.
    • Personal horse - for real Amazons hiding their essence. Horseback riding in wealthy families is becoming commonplace; own stables are still rare. Most go to farms, and you buy a handsome thoroughbred horse: your spouse or mother will have fun, care and joy.

    💡 You can find even more options for unusual gifts in this article.

    55 year old woman happy birthday

    At this age there are many
    Advantages and embellishment.
    Do not judge him severely,
    Life will give so many benefits!
    Just keep up with a smile
    Enjoy every day.
    And let the goldfish
    All dreams come true in him!

    Chic and at 55,
    What fit young sigh!
    You probably know the secret
    How to live beautiful for so many years.
    And good in her soul -
    And what age? The countdown is simple.
    We didn’t think of counting
    Let's just celebrate!

    Decoration of an apartment or house - 10 best gifts for the interior

    The following gifts are recommended:

    1. A painting depicting a corner of nature.
    2. Cushioned furniture.
    3. Floor vase.
    4. Bookcase.
    5. Floor lamp.
    6. Chandelier in the living room.
    7. Rocking chair.
    8. Carpet.
    9. Decorative pillows.
    10. Curtains.

    Beauty and style - a list of universal ideas

    You can choose a gift for a woman on her anniversary:

    1. A styler that allows you to simulate various hairstyles: large and small curls, in retro style. It is advisable to choose devices with anodized coating, which allows you to not disturb the hair structure. The new models have a display with an indication of the selected temperature + 120 ... + 200 ° С.
    2. Hair dryer with heater, which includes a semi-precious jade element. Infrared radiation has a positive effect on the structure of the hair and scalp. Such a hair dryer reduces the risk of dandruff, is useful for hair roots, to stimulate their growth, restore structure and ion balance.
    3. A photoepilator based on a light pulse used in professional cosmetology. A light pulse affects the root of the hair, as a result of which repeated growth stops. But for women with dark skin, blond, red or gray hair, the device will not work, so be careful when choosing a gift.
    4. A device for gently cleansing the skin with rapidly rotating brushes that remove dirt from the pores, avoiding the appearance of cosmetic defects. The kit may include a mini trimmer and illuminated electric tweezers that allow you to give your eyebrows the desired shape and volume.
    5. Fitness bracelet is suitable for women who are watching their figure. Built-in sensors of temperature, movement, sleep and wakefulness will track the time and intensity of movement.
    6. Smart scales, which, in addition to the main value, show how much fluid, body fat is in the body, what is the muscular and bone mass. Such a device gives recommendations for optimal weight and daily calorie intake. The graphic layout of the analysis of changes in body weight and other parameters controlled by the device is displayed. But such a gift should be given with caution so as not to offend the birthday girl. This item is not recommended as a gift to an overweight woman.

    Health - 5 best devices for vitality and tone

    Pleasant gifts for a woman’s 55th birthday can be:

    1. Neuro Hoop - helps control your emotions and control your mood. It is a smooth plastic tape that is worn on the head and controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth. The device reads brain activity using electroencephalography and translates brain signals into music sounds or wind noise. For example, in a calm state, the breeze will resemble a sea breeze.
    2. Neurostimulator - improves cognitive processes. Designed for training various parts of the brain. The device is used constantly during intellectual work or physical activity. 20 minutes a day is enough for improvements to last for several months.
    3. Neuroshlem - reads the emotional state of the owner and facial expression. With the power of thought, you can control the characters in computer games, and turn on the light with the movement of your head. Such a gift will appeal to extraordinary women.
    4. A simulator for pumping abdominal muscles. Modern devices do not require a lot of energy. Enough 15 minutes of lessons per day to achieve positive dynamics.
    5. Electronic antidepressant - is widely used in the presence of systematic stress exposure. It is a triangular-shaped accessory that is mounted on the head in the temple area and sends microelectrical impulses to the brain, which reassures the user or gives him a boost of energy.

    An original gift for a woman on her 55th birthday - a list of ideas

    Unusual gifts for a woman for 55 years may be:

    1. A device for lucid dreaming allows you to program the dream that the owner wants to see. A similar effect is achieved due to transcranial stimulation with alternating current.
    2. Paid sessions with a psychotherapist with the goal of self-improvement.
    3. An exotic animal that can survive at home.

    Impressions - Top 15 Ideas for Emotional Surprise

    An original birthday present for a woman can be like this:

    1. A trip to the sea in winter.
    2. Drive to the forest for mushrooms.
    3. Camping in the mountains with an overnight stay.
    4. A ball in the style of the Middle Ages, to which friends and relatives will come.
    5. Quest game.
    6. Dinner in Paris.

    Inexpensive but Tasteful - List of Ideas

    Many people wonder what gift to give if there is no money. You can do the following:

    1. Make a video presentation using photos of the birthday girl, picking up a beautiful congratulation.
    2. Give a bouquet of chocolates.
    3. Handing a book with aphorisms. At 55, they value wisdom.

    Long memory presentations - 10 ideas

    Gifts may be:

    1. A brush to create the effect of straight hair. The device will provide the appearance of hair without tedious manipulations with a hairdryer or straightener. Ceramic bristles easily glide over the hair and straighten a wide thick strand with just one movement. Special technologies do not allow hair to become electrified, leaving them smooth and shiny after use.
    2. The device for instant photos will not only take, but also print bright, colorful pictures. A photo the size of a business card can be presented to friends, pasted into albums or used for collage. The model independently sets the settings based on the shooting conditions, so that the photos always turn out clear and contrast.
    3. A smartphone with a built-in dual camera with laser autofocus, a fingerprint scanner that responds to touch with gloves. The screen retains the clarity and contrast of the picture at any angle, so there will be no obstacles to viewing photos, videos and using all kinds of social networks.
    4. Wireless acoustics. Designed to play powerful bass, emphasized by digital signal processing, so not a single detail of the musical composition will pass by the birthday girl’s ears at any volume level.
    5. Headphones that suppress echoes, the sound of wind and other extraneous noise.

  • Laptop or netbook.
  • Game console.
  • A few pairs of winter or summer shoes.
  • Aquarium with goldfish.
  • Bank card with a replenished account.
  • Payment for surgery by a plastic surgeon to change the contour of the face or lips.
  • Wrist Watch.
  • A ring with a diamond.
  • A wardrobe item that the birthday girl had long dreamed of.
  • Leather chair for working at a computer.
  • What you can do with your own hands - 10 options for a cool presentation

    There may be such gifts:

    1. Knitted dress.
    2. Wicker bag.
    3. Jewelry.
    4. Holiday cake.
    5. Toys A doll that looks like a birthday girl will be especially impressed.
    6. Collage of photos.
    7. Artificial homemade flowers.
    8. Embroidered tablecloth.
    9. Handmade soap set.
    10. Cover.

    From colleagues

    What to give to a colleague if you have been working together for a long time:

    1. TV if the birthday girl is the boss.
    2. A 55-year-old colleague can be awarded an annual gym membership.
    3. From colleagues it will be appropriate to give some kind of interior item.

    From relatives

    Close relatives can give comic gifts for the fiftieth anniversary. When asked what to give to their sister, psychologists recommend making a collage using joint children's photos.

    A gift for a sister can be in the form of a hair straightener, when the curl straightens evenly along the entire length. Heating plates are all-ceramic, smooth, safe and durable.

    From husband

    Husbands often do not understand what to give their wife for their 55th birthday. A gift to a spouse can be made in the form of a precious decoration, symbolizing love and devotion.

    A gift to his wife for the 55th anniversary should be filled with sincerity and warmth. A gift for a spouse should mean a lot, even if it is a trinket. Only the two of you will understand the meaning of its purpose.

    What flowers to give a woman 55 years old

    Nieces are interested in what to give to my aunt on her 55th birthday. The question of what flowers a woman gives for her 55th birthday also worries many other people. A bouquet of flowers can act as the main, and not an additional gift, if we are talking about ikebana.

    A bouquet for the 55th anniversary can be made of red or black roses, emphasizing the passion and wisdom of the birthday girl.

    Watch the video: Gift Ideas for Women (February 2020).

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