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Men's Park

No clothes for the autumn-winter period? Do you choose your outerwear so that it is beautiful and comfortable? Many people buy a parka that is perfect for everyday wear, and also has many other positive characteristics. But, you need to know how to choose this product, and also with what to wear the park for men?

A parka is an elongated jacket that has a hood; it is worn both in autumn and winter. The design is different, it can be with additional elements or without them. It is suitable for almost all men, regardless of their height or physique. It is appropriate to wear it at a variety of events; the man in her looks courageously and stylishly.

Combine the park

If a young guy can have a lot of sweaters, then one jacket is enough. That she was well worn it is necessary to choose the right one. For the winter period, it is important that it is warm, appropriate to wear, both for reputable events and for a weekend cottage. For these reasons, the park may be the only thing that meets all the requirements for such products.

If it will be in one copy, then you can allow you to spend your savings on it - this will be not only a useful purchase, but also a guarantee of your health. What does a men's park wear with?

With clothes

As an item of outerwear, young people who love universal images for the autumn-winter season are appreciated. Putting it on, the owner must imagine what elements on it will complement the stylish image and practical for wearing.

For a casual look, a combination of straight or slightly skinny jeans, chinos with a shirt, or a sports jacket is a great option. The most suitable color for the park in this case will be brown, gray or dark green. If you are creative, you can make a wonderful look in khaki and camouflage.

Looks very nice in casual style parka. The combination of jeans, a pullover with a shirt will help to create a casual, but stylish look. If desired, you can complement with high boots with laces, a bright scarf, as well as a hat. Timberlands, deserts, chukki and chelsea can be suitable shoes. Looks great variation with the use of suede shoes.

A great option for a park is a suit. He will not wrinkle, sleeves do not protrude to the edges, there will be no feeling of constraint. But, be that as it may, the appearance with jeans and a shirt is the most optimal option. For young people, a combination of street-style jeans and a terracotta jacket is a great option. Another no less attractive solution is a green parka, jeans, long-striped, high boots of brown color. A white t-shirt, sneakers, and black chinos will look amazing.

It looks great with a pullover parka in addition to boots with high shafts on laces. For a full look and a bright shade, you should wear a scarf and a hat.

For the cold season, the smartcasual style will be a discreet but stylish way, which includes a park with a hood, sweater, gray trousers and black boots.

With shoes

What to wear with a park man, what shoes to wear? This is a relevant issue.

  1. Boots. They will be suitable if classic jeans or military trousers are preferred. To create an image, such shoes will be the final detail.
  2. Derby. Brutal shoes that have come to be known as practical and versatile. It looks very beautiful in the park, which has a hood with newfangled derby.
  3. Oxfords. It is advisable to combine a jacket with a laconic strict, restrained, but not devoid of grace oxfords, which became the personification of the English style.
  4. Monkeys. How to wear them? The combination of similar shoes and parkas does not go unnoticed. They contain decorative buckles, so it is still necessary to choose shortened jeans. Specific shoes do not require to wear socks.
  5. Deserts. This type of shoe is designed for everyday life in the spring-winter period, perfectly combined with the park. Elegant, stylish men love them - this is all thanks to high-quality, as well as smooth and soft suede.
  6. Chelsea These are suitable shoes for the park. It is important to ensure that socks do not peek out from under your pants, so leggings are a suitable option.

With accessories

Young modern guys want to look presentable, moreover, to make clothes comfortable, convenient. The men's parka meets these characteristics, allowing you to wear it not only with regular jeans, but also with a strict classic suit. If you purchase an elongated jacket, then it will hide the floors of the jacket.

Depending on the season, parks are made of their materials that can repel water, the insulation is synthetic winterizer, fluff, as well as polyester and natural fur.

If you pay attention to accessories and decor elements, you can see that any of the jackets has many pockets, which are:

In addition, there are models with a patch strip that covers and protects the zipper, as well as wings that help to adjust the density of the fit of the product to the body.

Coloring parks, which one to choose?

To create a unique image with a park, you need to choose the right color scheme.

  1. The classic genre of parks is gray-green.. This option is suitable for those who like to constantly combine with styles and colors. If you combine a jacket with neutral shades, you get a calm, concise image. With additional accessories and correctly selected clothes, the image will attract the eyes of passers-by.
  2. Dark green color is considered noble, elegant.. Light, bright shades, as well as gray-green, go well with it, as they are universal.
  3. Khaki is a trendy solution. Today you can see a lot of clothes in this color. It has many halftones, but the highlight is that it suits almost everyone and looks beautiful. If you don’t know which color to choose, hacks are your option. It is combined with red, orange, olive, brown.

Where is the park appropriate?

As it turned out, the park is a universal clothing. For this reason, you can wear it not only for work, but also for a walk, as well as to the store.

To put it on in the office, it is important to think about the color. For example, a suitable color would be: blue, gray, black, or brown.

If a costume is needed for the created image, then the shoes should be selected correctly. In winter, boots will be suitable, and in autumn brogues or monks.

Additional Information

If you want to add bright colors to the image, you need to use scarves, gloves in bright colors.

Designers offer many options for tailoring parkas. Earlier it was possible to observe fur, only on the hood, but now there are options with large fur collars. Wearing similar jackets can be chosen for both a walk and a business meeting. You should choose the most suitable clothes for your occasion and style.

How did the park appear?

Like many successful styles of men's outerwear, the park was created for the needs of the military. Initially, it was an insulated coat, the purpose of which was to protect American pilots and marines from hypothermia or strong winds. The prototype was the time-tested outerwear of Alaskan Eskimo hunters.

The men's park was successfully used by the army, until in the 60s of the XX century it was noticed by the so-called mods from the UK. Representatives of this youth subculture with pleasure “sliced” on scooters through the streets of London, surprising the dude of that time from among the “golden youth” with an extraordinary cut of comfortable insulated coats. It is the mods of the park that owe their success and popularity that has been quite stable for several decades. Nowadays, with equal pleasure, both young people and men over 30 years old, as well as 40, 50, 60 years old, wear it. It seems that there are no age restrictions here! As, however, and social differences.

What is a men's park?

At the moment, there are different options for this outerwear:

  • Traditional Fishtail, or Fish Tail,
  • Rather strict models relevant for office bows,
  • Remotely resembling an Alaska jacket, options used in more extreme conditions and street-style sets.
The traditional Fishtail Parka, or the so-called fish tail, is still successful not only among young people and is relevant for casual style

In addition to the classic dark green and khaki solutions, you can find a park of blue, black, brown, gray, red and other shades. Printed models are also popular among modern youth. The choice is wide enough. It is easy to find a worthy solution for this or that image in a casual style.

In general, such jackets can be divided into two types:

  1. Men's winter park (insulated version),
  2. Autumn (lite) version.
Men's warm parka - it will easily warm you in the winter, there are styles suitable for the office Men's autumn parka with pockets and a sewn hood

And now for the fun part.

Daily Outluks

As for the colors of the jacket, here you can freely rely on your personal preferences and your own imagination. Beige, gray, blue, khaki, dark green, camouflage, brown and even bright yellow - which shade do you like the most?

A bit about companions. Feel free to wear jeans, straight or slightly narrowed down trousers, at least the same chinos, in combination with a plain jumper, restrained long sleeve coat, a strict shirt, vest, and a sports jacket. The choice of things for the ensemble with the participation of a men's park directly depends on the requirements of a specific dress code, your personal taste and individual style. Go for it! You will succeed!

Bright youth street-style bow with jeans and terracotta parkas Street-style youth image - traditional green parka, jeans, striped longsleeve Spectacular and stylish youth bow with black chinos, t-shirts and a black parka is a great solution for an autumn wardrobe!

Make sure that the color of your trousers is in harmony with the tone of your jacket.

From shoes, you can prefer the classic models or less formal, but more comfortable chelsea, Chukki, deserts, timbers, Dr Martens boots. By the way, suede variations are very welcome here.

For work

This may seem very doubtful to some men, but the parka is a universal clothing. It is appropriate not only in street bows, but also in a casual wardrobe, and is also perfect for going to work. Provided that the office dress code is tolerant of frivolous everyday style. For a working wardrobe, black, blue, gray jackets are considered optimal. Brown variations are sometimes allowed.

Men's parka is organically combined with light suits. Since there is a suit, decent shoes are needed. In the fall, monks and brogues are relevant. In winter, you should also give preference to shoes or boots restrained classic styles. The choice is yours!

A gray parka of restrained design combined with a simple classic suit, a checked shirt and tie is the best option for an office environment. Harmonious image for office in business casual style with beige parkas.

Remember that the length of the parka is considered optimal when the hem of the jacket does not peek out from under the outer clothing.

Which park is now in fashion?

Want your outerwear to match current trends? Then here are the features that she must possess in order to gain the status of a fashion park:

  • Patch pockets,
  • Hood with fur trim or hem
  • Length - from the middle of the thigh to the knee,
  • The presence of a hood,
  • Colors: green, black, blue, brown.


It remains to say only a few words about the departure, which requires a men's park. Here are some simple recommendations, stick to them and your universal outerwear will last for many years:

  • The water-repellent coating of the jacket requires cleaning using special means. Otherwise, noticeable stains may remain on the fabric.
  • Do not wash or dry your jacket often. From this, the fabric wears out quickly. Just carry the park carefully, and in case of slight pollution, clean this place.
  • If you decide to wash the jacket in the car, be sure to turn it inside out and gently stick it into the drum.

Do you already have a park? What do you think of her?

How to wear a park for men?

Parks are now very popular. Their main advantage is practicality and convenience. How to combine this convenience with a stylish look? You need to choose the right ensemble. I’ll talk about how to do this today. How to wear a park for men?

Found on death-by-elocution.tumblr.com

Parks, in the form in which we see them now, appeared in the 50s in America. They were uniforms pilots. Gradually, they began to wear in everyday life. The main pole of this outerwear is that it is not blown and perfectly retains heat. These qualities are important in the cold season.

Found on vogueguy.tumblr.com

Based on the fact that the parks came from uniforms, one can draw a simple and correct conclusion about her style - these are military. It can be used, but do not stop there. After all, you do not have the task of becoming like a military pilot. In everyday life, such an option would be rather ridiculous. In order not to miss the ensemble, you need to follow a simple rule. Never wear a parka and trousers with patch pockets together if you are short. This combination will make you even more squat. The most win-win option is jeans, a jumper or pullover and high boots with lacing on a high sole with a tread.

Found on mensfashionworld.tumblr.com

Creating an image in a free office style is quite simple. Parka will give him brutality.

Found on telegraph.co.uk

The parka looks great with a business suit. And, importantly, wearing it with a suit is very convenient. Its length perfectly hides the jacket. A wide cut does not constrain movements and does not wrinkle clothes worn under it. Agree, it is very difficult to wear a jacket with a jacket or a down jacket.

Found on coach.com

Another style that looks attractive with a parka is casual. You can wear a checkered or denim shirt with a t-shirt and straight or skinny jeans underneath. Layering with the park is also appropriate.

Found on itunes.apple.com

Most often, parkas are sewn from fabric of restrained shades: black, gray, brown, blue and shades of khaki. To choose clothes for a stylish ensemble with a park also costs from close tones.

If you want to add brightness, then use accessories of colorful shades, for example, scarves, hats or gloves.

Found on fuckyeahnickwooster.tumblr.com

Now designers offer many options for parks. Previously, fur was only on the hood on models, now you can find options with voluminous fur collars.

Found on fuckyeahnickwooster.tumblr.com

Here are such different images, for any occasion: from a walk to a business meeting. Use the options that best suit your style.

Choose the images that are right for you or create your own. Do you have any ideas? Write! Write your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments. Subscribe to my VKontakte group. Posted by: TyttaYa


Initially, this men's wardrobe item was created for military personnel. It was a medium-length insulated coat, worn by infantrymen and pilots of the American army.Since this clothing was very practical and warmed in the cold, the parks soon migrated from a military uniform to a civilian one. Designers first presented the park to the public in the 60s in England, after which the demand for the park began to grow steadily. It was worn by both youth and mature men both in an urban environment and in a rural setting.

The park is an elongated jacket, most often with a hood, large pockets and laces along the waist. Plus, such clothes are comfortable, they do not constrain movement, and protect well from the cold. Demi-season parks that are worn in the spring are slightly lighter than winter ones, which are equipped with insulation that can withstand the most severe frosts.

Even in early spring in such clothes will be hot.

A bit of history

In the early 50s, the park was created for military, like many famous types of outerwear. It was a warm coat worn by American pilots and infantry to protect themselves from the cold and wind.

As a basis, the designers of that time took the top Eskimo clotheswhich they wore on the hunt. Historically, parks were sewn from animal skins, with fur out.

In the 60s, the park was noticed by fashion houses in the UK, and from then on its popularity in different sectors of the population began to increase rapidly. Parks began to be worn by both youth subcultures and ordinary urban residents. Nowadays, the situation has not changed much - such jackets are worn by different categories of the population at any age.


Parks sew from a variety of materials.

Cloak fabric. It has an impregnation that protects from wind and rain. It is very popular, most often made of synthetic materials, sometimes part of it contains natural fibers.

Leather - artificial and natural. This is a reliable material that will perfectly protect in any weather, while it looks expensive, status. Leather parkas are sewn for any season, the only difference is in the insulation and lining. Ideally, the lining should allow the skin to breathe and warm at the same time. Most often, wool, silk, fleece, viscose are used.

Textile. There are a lot of variations. Parks are ideal for warm spring, especially if they are not equipped with a dense lining.

What to wear?

The park is quite easy to fit into the spring male image. She looks good in tandem with not too formal trousers, jeans. You can safely choose chinos, slacks, corduroy pants. It is important that the color of the bottom is in harmony with the top. Under the park, you can put on a sweatshirt, hoodie, shirt, t-shirt, sweater, long sleeve coat in both plain and printed versions.

Much depends on the purpose of the event - the park is not suitable for formal and strict business images. But for outdoor activities, walking, everyday life is a great option. As for shoes, models in sports and casual styles are optimal here. Timberland boots, deserts, bangs, berets, martins, Mongolians and cowboy boots are perfect.

The material of the jacket is appropriate for both leather and suede.

The park is a universal outerwear, it is worn on events of various orders, except for solemn. You can put the park on for work, shopping, a date. Strict models of neutral shades are combined with suits. Among the relevant details of the parks, stylists distinguish:

length not higher than the middle of the thigh and not lower than the knee,

the presence of patch pockets.

Actual shades

Much depends on your taste, stylists recommend paying attention to the following color groups.

Bright. Juicy shades are always relevant, they allow you to refresh the image, stand out from the crowd, but are more suitable for informal images. Feel free to choose a red, orange, yellow park, so you will decorate the streets with yourself in a dull off-season.

Calm These are traditional khaki, brown, beige, gray, black shades. They are easier to combine with different types of clothes and they fit perfectly into any look.

Printed. Most often this is camouflage, especially relevant in recent years. Camouflage parkas are in great demand in different color variations - from classic brown and green to blue and black.

The main rule when choosing a color scheme is to accurately represent with what things and where you will wear a thing.

How to choose?

When choosing, you need to pay attention to many details. First of all, the park should be moisture resistant, since it often rains in the spring. The hood will reliably protect your head from the wind, which is important in unpredictable weather. Pay attention to how the hood fastens, whether it will be taken down by the wind. If you choose a practical model, you can forget about umbrellas and the inconvenience associated with them.

The parka is comfortable clothes, it should sit freely, it’s logical to wear not only a T-shirt, but also a sweater under it, so pay attention to this point. The park does not constrain movements in any case. Well, if there are cuffs - the wind will not blow into the sleeves. As for the length, the best choice is to the middle of the thigh, it is more versatile, suitable for any height. Shorter models will not protect your feet from the cold, while long models only go high.

Pay attention to size. Do not buy a park that is larger or smaller than your size, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous, not stylish. High should not buy shortened models. A drawstring at the waist is a frequent, but not required attribute of a parka. If it is, you can transform a thing into a figure, but not everyone needs it, then m. You can choose direct models. Quality parks most often have a double fastener - a zipper and buttons or buttons.

When buying, evaluate the quality of the product by the following parameters:

  • is there an uneven color
  • the presence of uneven lines, puffs, threads of different sizes,
  • how the style sits on your figure,
  • if there are any poorly sewn parts.

If any of the above defects exist, it is better to refuse to purchase in favor of a better product. A trusted manufacturer is a guarantee not only of high-quality tailoring, but also of the durability of the product. Therefore, you should not buy a park in untrustworthy stores.

How to care?

To serve the park for a long time, Follow the recommendations for caring for her:

  • fasten all zippers, buttons, pockets before washing,
  • first remove everything that is there from the pockets,
  • the product is turned inside out, the sleeves are tied,
  • washing is done on a delicate basis or manually,
  • if the contamination is small, brush it by hand,
  • there are models that cannot be machine washed,
  • spinning can only be gentle or by hand,
  • dry parks on a hanger in a straightened state,
  • they look only from the inside out.

Beautiful images

A dark parka with jeans, a white shirt and a gray pullover is an excellent choice for a casual look.

Khaki shade is one of the most popular for parks. You can wear it with different clothes and shoes.

Bright color is very relevant, such a model will give expressiveness to any, even the most modest image.

A shortened model is the right choice for tall men.

A beige shade and blue jeans are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal.

Types of parks

- Models with a discreet design, more suitable for office style.

- Park "fish tail" with the back of a characteristic shape.

- Models that resemble an Alaska jacket. They are well insulated and suitable for cold winters.

By type of insulation, such jackets are divided into autumn and winter.

The waterproof fabric is the ideal material for the park - in such a park you can not worry about the weather and feel free to walk in the pouring rain or, which is important in the winter, during a snowstorm.

Color parks

As for color, choose the one you like best. Classicalthe color of men's parks is khaki. However, there are many other colors - blue, brown, black, gray and even red parks are no less popular than khaki.

Where the park came from - the legend

A warm winter jacket with a hood and fur, often detachable, has taken root in the men's wardrobe. Her style is borrowed from the Eskimos - the indigenous inhabitants of the northern territories with a harsh climate. It distinguishes the parka from other models of jackets with a hood belt-drawstring, which prevents the penetration of cold air, the sleeves are tightened at the bottom, and the clasp covered with fabric.

At first the park was a uniform of American pilots, then the uniform hit the shelves of ordinary shops and became popular clothing for men and women of all ages. The parka, affordable and widely represented in trade, began to be perceived as cheap clothing. In Russia and the CIS countries, it received another name - Alaska.

The men's park is now in trend and is in the wardrobe of almost all Russians, men of both status and young, those who are not indifferent to their appearance. World-famous designers drew attention to the model and the jacket received the status of stylish, fashionable clothes, thanks to:

  • free fitting and lack of blowing,
  • the presence of a hood and many external and internal pockets, in which it is convenient to carry documents, money, small necessary items,
  • men feel confident and comfortable.

What to wear with a parka?

Men's parka is effectively combined with trousers or jeans of a straight or narrowed cut. Chinos also fit. Keep in mind that the color of the pants should be in harmony with the colors of the parka.

On the upper body you can wear a long sleeve t-shirt with a restrained print, a plain jumper, a strict shirt with a vest.

The choice of things for the park depends, first of all, on the event that you are going to go to, personal preference and taste. Feel free to create interesting combinations, and you will definitely get the desired image.

The shoe options are also quite diverse - chelsea, timbers, deserts, boots from Dr Martens. Both leather and suede shoes will look good with the parka.

A park that matches current trends

Features of the fashion park:

- a hood with fur,

- length - not higher than the middle of the thigh and to the knees,

- colors: brown, black, blue and green.

What are the parks - types, styles

Classic parks are up to the hip, but in the model line you can find things of shortened length and below the knee. Thanks to this variation, men of different physiques can pick up outerwear according to season and dress with taste.

For winter. Warm winter parks are sewn with a liner made of natural or artificial fur, down, using lighter heaters (synthetic winterizer, holafayber) for a warm, European winter. They are sewn with a high collar so that in the frost and snowstorm, pulling a hood over your head, you can reliably protect your face and neck from the effects of the harsh manifestations of winter.

The "fur" trend in the decoration of outerwear only added to the parks relevance. The trim of the hood with the fur of a wolf, coyote, raccoon, arctic fox and a fur collar adds charm to the image of a man and helps to keep warm. The fashion for fluffy fur has not abolished clothing with short fur; parks with rabbit fur and sheared are still popular.

Designers have developed models with a detachable hood and removable fur trim, removable pockets. They departed from the indispensable presence in the parks drawstring, and an elongated winter jacket may be without tightening elements on the waist line. The absence of a drawstring does not affect the comfort and warmth when wearing a jacket on natural fur, for example, with insulation from a muton.

A long parka on fur completely solves the issue of warm clothes in cold weather. A straight fit and a loose fit outerwear allows men to wear a jacket over business suits, sets of sports style and casual, voluminous sweaters. And with a fully furry hood, you don’t even need a hat under the parka.

Demi-season park for men. A jacket for autumn and spring is distinguished from the winter version by a less warm insulation. For the top, materials that repel moisture and do not allow cold are used: cotton and mixed textiles with water-repellent impregnation, nylon, polyester.

A time when there are no severe frosts, good to wear cropped jackets. Short leather jackets made of suede look spectacular. Despite the demi-season of clothes, designers do not refuse to use fur.

In very light jackets there is no fur decor, they may not have a hood.
Parks are decorated with large patch pockets with decorative stitching, bright stripes (they can also be on the sleeves), a zipper or button. For modern models, even 4 large symmetrical pockets on the front are considered the norm.

Anorak park. This model has a clasp extending to the middle of the chest. Due to this feature and similarities with anorak, the jacket fell into the category of sports, casual wear.

Alpine skiing. Models in this category are most adapted to sports. They are made of high-quality, "breathable" and lightweight, not bulky material using reliable and easy-to-use fittings.

In a military style. Military style jackets are made of khaki material with camouflage pattern. The models are distinguished by the decor of stripes, many patch pockets, sewing metal accessories.

In denim style. A denim jacket can be winter with a fur liner and demi-season, on a light insulation. It stands out among the wardrobe items and helps to attract attention when worn. The winter version of light denim with white fur looks extraordinary and very attractive. Sorry, suitable only for a warm winter. But a demi-season park for men can be worn on the territory with any climate.

Popular brands of men's parkas

Men have to choose clothes according to their social status, taking into account individual preferences and financial opportunities. Big cities, like Moscow, have an advantage - they have many shops that you can visit and pick up clothes with a fitting. In online stores, the assortment is presented by products of the same manufacturers, and for the selection of clothes without return you only need to know your sizes well.

The price of parks will largely depend on the brand choice. Well established TM Scanndi Finland. The manufacturer specializes in sewing outerwear; its parkas are sewn from fabrics made using innovative technologies. Textiles are obtained from threads of special twisting and are characterized by increased strength, wear resistance.

Inexpensive you can buy a jacket brand Fred Perry. This does not mean that TM offers only a budget line. The manufacturer also produces expensive jackets with natural fur.

A guide can be the TOP 10 best men's parka jackets. It has global brands such as Springfield, d-Struct, Jack & Jones, Mango Man, Tom Tailor.

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