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Ballroom Dance Hairstyle Requirements for Boys

Dear parents, read the rules of the tracksuit and hairstyle for your children. I remind you that the age of Children-1, Children-2 is from 0 to 11 years old, limited to 2006 and is determined by the eldest in the pair.

A sports suit means specially tailored clothing, taking into account the fact that it is used at a public sports event and therefore must meet public moral and aesthetic standards, ensure freedom of movement, comply with the style and nature of the program (standard / latin), the age of the athlete (children, juniors , youth, adults).

Boys do not have as much creative scope as girls when choosing a costume, which ultimately creates fewer problems. The tracksuit for this category consists of a white shirt, black trousers, a tie or a black bow tie (BETTER TIE). The details, cuts, colors and elements of the costume are discussed in more detail below. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification of the athlete.

- plain white non-sheer chemise (preferably from cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester) with a long sleeve
- simple small white or transparent buttons
- the shirt should be tucked into pants
- stripes (a strip of fabric along the outer seam of the trousers, full length) only black
- only black belt without a flickering effect with a simple non-decorative buckle

It is impossible:
- shiny or satin or patterned or transparent or guipure or lace or mesh fabric, textured fabric
- cufflinks
- Framed stand-up collar with beveled ends
- figured tailored collar, sleeves, cuffs
- inserts and coquette on a shirt and trousers
- braces

The size of the partner’s back number should correspond to the A5 format plus 20% of the area for advertising information. Any change in the size or shape or content of the back start number is prohibited.

Summing up, I note the main points that are not prescribed by the rules.
Each time has its own fashion, and if you want your child to look stylish on the floor, you need to match this. This is especially true for trousers.
Now it is customary that the trousers be with a high waist (above the bones), satin stripes and a wide satin belt (velvet is also possible). Pants should not fit your legs, but at the same time on the priest should not hang out.
The shirt should be taken special, which fastens like a body. Such a shirt will not come out of the trousers during the dance.

Dance shoes made of black leather only (lacquered, but they serve little). The maximum height of the heel is 2.5 cm. Black socks, it is better that they are long, because in the dance, the pants may rise slightly, and the bare leg should not stick out.

In principle, hairstyles can be varied, the main thing is that she looks neat! What does it mean neatly for ballroom dancing?

The first is a haircut. There should not be regrown hairs on the sides and back, ponytails are inadmissible. You need to come to the hairdresser and make a good hairstyle, hide the imperfections in the shape of your child’s head. In no case do not cut the upper part of the nape and top of the head with a machine, hair must remain there, so that they can be laid. Depending on your child’s hair type, you can leave less or more hair on the back of your head. See photos for examples. The main thing is that the back of the head does not look flat.

The second is styling itself. Hair can be styled in several ways. Just back or parting on the side. When you are older it will be possible to lick with a gel, but now try to use the gel only as a last resort, if the hair is very stiff and does not lend itself to other styling. The hairstyle should be a bit airy, not sticky to the head. It is better to do a hairstyle at home, i.e. in advance.

Laying for boys: instructions for use

Step 1
Laying for the competition is done only on a clean head. After washing the hair on wet hair, apply a strong fixation foam. It is necessary that the hair becomes stiffer and holds its shape after styling with a hairdryer. Foam is distributed evenly over the entire length of the hair, starting from the face and ending with the back of the head.

Step 2
Now you can start styling with a hairdryer. For good styling, it is very important that the hair dryer has good power (2000 - 2100 W) and the narrowest nozzle (nozzle) possible. If the hairdryer’s nozzle is wide, it will simply dry your hair and not style it pointwise. Styling always start from the forehead. And, if necessary, we additionally raise the back of the head, in a standard hairstyle it is especially important to lift it.

Step 3
The next step is a straight parting (classically, it should go from the beginning / middle of the eyebrow to the crown). For an effective styling result, do not forget to direct the hair dryer to the hair roots (until the hair is fixed - at a low blowing speed!).
To lay the parting, we lay the lower part of the temple back, and the top - from top to bottom. We move on to another temple and stack in exactly the same way. After that, we lay the parietal zone. We put the hair back without touching only the bangs. It’s better to lay the bang itself from the bottom up, a little to one side, creating a small cornice from the hair.

Step 4
After laying, we proceed to modeling. Spraying a little with varnish, we carry out a comb through the temples back. If possible, fix with varnish, and dry on a weak hair dryer in the laying direction. Parting (it should be combed strictly on one side) is also covered with a hairdryer, we bang the roots of the bangs and comb in the direction we need. The head is modeled last. All that happened, once again, we varnish and dry with a hot, but not a strong stream of hair dryer (so as not to break the hair) to a “crisp”.

What should be a ball hairstyle: basic requirements

If you are a parent, you believe that the rules for laying strands exist only for girls, then we will open the curtain for you. Haircuts for ballroom dancing for boys have such features:

  1. Speaking professionally in the sports genre, comfort is most important. The hair should not interfere with sharp turns, long active movements during different numbers.
  2. They must look good with the rest, brightly decorating, complementing it. Emphasize the advantages of appearance, make "sins" as unsightly, hidden as possible.

  1. The resistance of stacked strands is important. No matter how long the performance lasts, for any period of time, the hair is required to maintain an ideal look.
  2. The distinctive luster of the coating gives it luxury. This is done using a briolin, which, in addition to shining, will perfectly fix the haircut. The strictness and clarity of the lines must be observed.

How to make a boy hairstyle for ballroom dancing?

Ball hairstyles for boys can be easily done at home, prepared in advance: by purchasing combs of various calibers, flat tools with wider and larger teeth, and a brushing comb. With the right haircut, you only need to lay the strands to the right or left, slightly applying a fixing agent.

If you are taking your child to the hairdresser, explain in detail to the stylist what you want to do. So it will be easier for a specialist to take into account individual characteristics, the styling method and the effect that it should produce.
How to make a hairstyle for a boy for ballroom dancing voluminous with curls of medium length, read below:

  1. Apply clean locks of foam with a firm hold. Wash your hair exclusively with shampoo, without using conditioner.
  2. Dry the strands with a high power hairdryer, in which there is a narrow nozzle. Now you can play with the volume of hair, choosing the side of styling.
  3. Create a parting. It can be performed from the middle of the right or left eyebrow up to the crown. A double brush will help you recreate the variation, making the parting even, preserving the splendor of hair.
  4. If there is a bang, make it with a cornice, combing it from top to bottom. Comb lightly to one side.
  5. Model the strands with a wet gel. Hands spread it over the head. It will not affect the bulk.
  6. Fix your masterpiece with varnish to keep it beautiful for a long time and securely.

Men's ballroom hairstyles: styling options, photo

Laying is perhaps the most time-consuming process. Hairstyles for boys to ballroom dancing require the following:

  1. They should be combined with the appearance, type of face.
  2. Laying curls should correspond to the general style of the child.
  3. They require a harmonious combination with the outfit.
  4. It is appropriate to choose performance for age, event, specific performance.
  5. The need for strong fixation.
  6. The main thing is an original, pleasant presentation of the image.

Use styling products carefully, little by little, because the skin of the child is still very delicate, sensitive to chemical components. If the curls are more than 2-3 cm long, the varnish or mousse will fix the hair well, allowing them to look neat, no matter how fast and moving the dance numbers are.

You can style your hair by combing it from the forehead to the crown, dividing it with a parting line (in the middle or with an offset to the side), combing the bangs, and if it is missing, comb the front curls. If the hair is of uneven elongation, for example, the side is short, the crown is longer, the best effect is to comb it up, fixing it in this position.

Hairstyles for boys-ballerniks are stacked in different ways, depending on what number the child performs. Latin American rhythms of samba, jive, paso doble, rumba, cha-cha-cha are now popular. Haircuts for these numbers are made out in soft lush proportions. A clear occipital line is absent in them, a certain undulation is allowed.

Such an elongated nape is laid up with a small curl. Graceful hair adds height to the owners of a long neck. Other adolescents should refrain from long curls and a collar, avoiding visual shortening of the neck. The best option is to create your own unique personal image.

An appropriately designed head of hair is also an opportunity to level the difference in the growth of a young man and a girl. When he is about the same level as his partner or a little lower, styling his hair, they lift it a little, comb it, and the girls put it low. But when a girl is very short, her locks are stacked high, licking the curls of a guy.

What are the secrets of covering hair so that it holds strength until it reaches the floor and during the performance? Carefully choose a fixing varnish. This is the main way of persistence. Apply moderately by spraying from a distance of about 30 cm from the hair. Also apply gel in moderation. It makes the strands heavier, but sprayed in advance, by the time the hair comes out, it can lose shape.

Guys in dance performances, as a rule, are forbidden to create excessively creative dance haircuts (mohawk, gavroche, square). The justification is true, since such an appearance is inappropriate to the nature of the number performed.
Be sure to use mousse. The tool raises the roots, settling them in the right direction, adds rigidity to the structure of the curl, retaining the necessary shape for longer. But how to put them with a hairdryer?

Take a high power hairdryer with a thin tip. Having chosen a nozzle wider, it is more difficult to arrange point settlement, you can only dry your curls. Wash your hair first. Then apply mousse to the roots of all elongation. Arrange strands from the back of the head, starting to lift, direct the roots. After that, work with the tips of the hair, as on the finishing touches. The curls are raised, pointwise directing the hair dryer to the roots, passing through the curls of the comb up.

Take a look at the photo and you will understand which stage image may already suit your son.

Small moment - great talent

Make a trial variation first by looking at how it looks with a stage costume. Do this 2-3 days before the execution of the main number. Now correct the dubious places, giving a charming image to your son.

However, remember that hair is only a separate moment in the whole appearance of the child. The main thing is a graceful performance of the number. Thanks for the efforts of your talented child will be the riveted eyes of the audience.

Ballroom Requirements

First of all, for hairstyles for ballroom dancing, both boys and girls have certain requirements:

  • If we are talking about professional dances, about sports, it is clear that the hairstyle should be, first of all, comfortable and not interfere with the boy,
  • It should be to the face, complement and decorate the image, correct the flaws and emphasize the merits,
  • Ballroom styling must be durable. Dancing can be quite active, and it’s important that the hairstyle remains perfect for the necessary time,
  • The styling should shine - the ballroom hairstyle should be luxurious and flattering, and its lines should be strict and clear (see video).

There are certain approaches to creating ballroom men's hairstyles that set trends around the world.

Italian dancers prefer short haircuts with clear, straight silhouettes. In these hairstyles, their whiskey and nape are almost completely shaved.

Further, the length gradually rises, creating a high straight line to the crown. Such a straight line from heels to the back of the head makes the silhouette of a young man more organic and expressive.

Latin American dancers are prone to softer volumetric proportions in haircuts. Including they do not have a clear nape line, even some wave of hair is allowed.

Such an elongated nape is laid with a small curl up. This hairstyle looks very harmonious and beautiful for the owners of a long neck, adding to their growth.

Other guys should not abuse the length of their hair and collar so as not to visually shorten their neck.

In addition to these standards, of course, well-chosen individual images are also welcome.

You should prepare in advance and come up with a certain styling based on an existing haircut, which will emphasize the dignity of the young man and make his image memorable and original.

Base for creating hairstyles

Based on the above, it is clear that the basis for styling is precisely the initial haircut for the boy, which must be beaten in one way or another.

If girls can endlessly fantasize and create different hairstyles on long hair in girls, then guys are usually more limited in their choice, but the requirements for them will be slightly different.

Before making styling for sports dances, the boy must first take care of the quality of the haircut.

Overgrown curls and fuzzy lines will be enemies in creating a beautiful courageous image, giving the effect of untidiness. Therefore, the young man must have a haircut before an important event.

Before creating a styling, care should be taken to ensure that the hair is clean, and a haircut - well-groomed - this is a good start to work on the image.

If the hairstyle is done at home, then you need to prepare in advance and purchase all the means to create it.

And ideally, it is necessary to do trial hairstyles in advance in order to get a hand, decide on the styling and not fuss, losing time on the day of an important event.

In creating a styling for ballroom dancing, combs of different calibers can be useful - these can be flat, of different frequencies, and brush-brushes, with which you can add volume and give the curls the necessary direction and light curl, and others.

Experimenting in advance, you can more specifically determine the necessary accessories.

A very important detail for creating images are styling tools.

Moreover, if in ballroom styling for girls and girls, it is necessary to make the presence of hair fixing means as invisible as possible (because otherwise the image of a girl can become overweight and age-related because of this), then boys do not have such a requirement.

Of course, the young man’s hairstyle must be fresh and neat, but often the boy’s ballroom styling is given a special chic with the help of special products that give shine and a special twined effect or the effect of wet locks.

So, in order to be able to experiment with this, special gels, varnishes or mousses must be purchased in advance.

The boy’s hairstyle, unlike female hairstyles, in which something can be masked or hidden in the mass of voluminous curls, is visible and visible in it, even the smallest elements and shortcomings.

Therefore, it is very important to do everything as carefully as possible, and the fixing means must be reliable and strong. Just for such cases, gels and varnishes with super strong fixation are suitable.

European program

Depending on the program in which the dancer performs, you can recommend different styles in the hairstyle for boys. So, the European program of ballroom dancing suggests that the partner will wear an Italian haircut, in which the nape and whiskey are cut very short, and not very, but magnificent hair remains on top.

Why do dancers choose just such Italian minimalism? This haircut gives masculinity and a serious look to the boy. But, more importantly, this method of cutting will emphasize the nape line, and this, in turn, will allow you to achieve a beautiful, even dance line - from the feet to the crown.

Latin program

But for the Latin program of ballroom dancing, the high back is not so important, there are much fewer requirements for dance lines. Therefore, when creating hairstyles for such dances for boys, you can cut the low and even elongated nape. The main thing is that the hairstyle does not visually shorten the neck. You can lay a long nape with a peculiar curl up.

Which haircuts are suitable?

Stylists who style hair with a famous dancer do not name the specific names of haircuts for ballroom dancing. Explaining this by the fact that an individual approach is extremely important here. Therefore, it is advised to explain to your hairdresser in detail what haircut you want for ballroom dancing. Be sure to tell how the hairstyle will be styled, and what effect after styling you strive to achieve to get exactly what you need and what your dancer will like.

The hardest part is styling

Make a beautiful hairstyle styling for access to the floor is not an easy task, which includes several important steps. But first, it is worth getting acquainted with some secrets.

The dancer's arsenal should include mousses, varnishes, and super-strong fixation gels.

  • Of greatest importance for fixing is varnish. Therefore, his choice must be approached carefully. When using varnish, remember: do not spare, but do not overdo it.
  • Do not overdo it and with the gel, as it makes the hair heavier and by the beginning of the performance your hairstyle may simply fall.
  • Mousse is necessary, it will allow you to raise the roots and lay them in the right direction. Its use will make the hair more rigid, and they will hold the desired shape longer.

Popular hairstyles for ballroom dancing

For a girl, the “classic bun” hairstyle is considered the most popular, and for a boy - smooth styling or styling on its side. The boys, of course, without much enthusiasm agree to the hairstyle, and even more so to the styling. But nevertheless, both partners should have a hairstyle. Laying the boy should be neat, and most importantly, do not overdo it. After all, it is necessary that the hairstyle looks natural. The image of girls, on the contrary, should be bright and eye-catching.

For the Euro program, the classic Italian look is suitable, where the partner's hair is very short on the temples and the back of the head, but slightly more elongated from above. This men's haircut is easy to style beautifully and it well emphasizes the face and posture. This option is possible for a man’s hairstyle, in which a long bang is laid back, but you need to do this hairstyle with caution, since it will not suit everyone.


For styling you need a powerful hair dryer with a thin nozzle. If you choose a wide nozzle, then it will be very difficult to make spot styling, with such a nozzle, hair is usually simply dried.

Before laying, be sure to wash your hair, apply to the roots and along the entire length of the hair mousse. Hair styling begins with the back of the head. Hair roots in styling are of paramount importance, therefore, first they are laid - lifted and guided. But the ends of the hair play the role of additional touches that complete the overall picture. To raise hair, the hair dryer is pointedly directed to the roots, comb raising the hair up.

Beautiful parting

Creating a parting is the second step. Traditionally, it runs a little from the side, it is considered classic to make a parting from the middle of the eyebrow (left or right at will) to the crown. To make a parting, you can use a double brush, it allows you to put your hair in the right direction. You can fix the result with a hairdryer, directing it to the roots.

When laying the parting, direct the hair in the lower part of the temples back, and lay it in the upper part from top to bottom. In the parietal zone, the hair is laid back, with the exception of the bangs. Her stylists recommend laying down from the top and pointing slightly to the side, so that a cornice is obtained. Although you can always experiment and choose what suits your boy more.

Hairstyle modeling

The first stage is behind, it's time to give the desired shape. For these purposes, we use a gel (very little), which is distributed along the entire length of the curls - from bangs to the back of the head.

The final stage of modeling is fixing with varnish. At this stage, in addition to varnish, a comb with rare cloves and a hair dryer will be required.

First, spray the roots on the back of the head with varnish and leave. We model parting and whiskey. The latter is sprayed with varnish and slightly smooth with a comb, directing the hair back. After we fix them with varnish, and blow dry (at minimum power), dry in the direction of installation.

Parting and bangs are also sprayed with varnish, put with a comb and finally fixed with varnish. The nape is modeled last - it is sprayed with varnish, combed, fixed. The final stage is fixing the entire hairstyle and blow drying. It should be such a crisp.

Gloss is an important element

The hairstyle of the dancer must shine! Fortunately, manufacturers of styling products today offer many products for shine. But you need to use them wisely so that the hair shines, and does not seem oily. Here are a few professional tricks:

  • Glitter is sprayed on top.
  • It must be sprayed from a long distance - from 30-40 centimeters.
  • Make sure that your hair does not fall directly under the stream of shine.
  • To preserve the shine of the hairstyle for the entire duration of the performance is possible only under one condition - after using it, in no case should you touch your hair.

Do you have the secrets of preparing boys for a performance on the floor? Share your tricks about how to do your boy’s hairdo in the comments.

Features of hairstyles for ballroom dancing

  1. Severity.
  2. The construction of bulky structures, the hanging of unrecorded strands, curls, and excessive use of accessories are excluded.
  3. The unity of style and compliance with the dance and costume.
  4. Stacking partners do in the same style.
  5. Matching the shape and type of face. So, thin stretched fit parting on one side and bangs laid on its side. The wide face visually lengthens the hairstyle collected up.
  6. The face is as open as possible. Viewers should see the emotions of the dancers.

Ballroom hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for dancing young performers obey the same requirements as styling adults. However, there are some nuances. Numerous weaves will look inappropriate on the child and massive accessories. Laying for the girl should be as simple and elegant as possible.

These are the classic versions of a low-set shark, beam, shell. Bangs are allowed if they are fixed with varnish. Stylish and neat looks hairstyle from previously curled and pulled back hair or from braids.

it variants of “baskets”, “spikelets” fixed around the head. Hairpins with shiny elements are prohibited.

This video shows how to make a simple and beautiful hairstyle for a girl for ballroom dancing.

International Dance Federation Requirements

In ballroom dancing competitions, additional restrictions apply to the hairstyles of participants.

Girls under 16 Do not use volumetric multi-level structures, decor elements from false hair, shiny varnishes.

Boys of any age are prescribed a short haircut. Medium length hair is not prohibited.but they should be carefully collected in the tail.

Styling methods

Boyish styling is interesting in that it is both easy and difficult to make.

If you have a beautiful, well-groomed model haircut, it will be enough to fix the strands in the necessary neat form and the hairstyle can be considered finished.

At the same time, if you have slightly elongated hair, the question will already be how to put them in an elegant and stylish styling.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to make a ball hairstyle for a boy is the styling option where the curls are combed back and strongly fixed with varnish or gel.

This hairstyle can be made perfectly smooth with a smooth body wave, or you can give the strands the effect of wet hair.

If the boy has medium-length and thick hair, then it would be logical to use strict invisibility in his hairstyle.

Ideally, a ball hairstyle should visually give the boy's face an oval, slightly elongated shape.

The use of oblique parting and asymmetric elements in styling can correct the round shape of the face.

In this case, you can either raise the hair from the forehead into a high wave (which visually makes the forehead higher, and the face more proportional and extended), or, conversely, slightly lower the bangs asymmetrically to one side.

Here are some tips for creating a more complex and voluminous ballroom hairstyle for boys:

  • Foam with strong fixation is applied to the washed hair (without conditioner!). It should be distributed along the entire length of the hair from the roots to the ends, from the face to the back of the head to give more volume,
  • In order for the hair to fit well, you must use a hairdryer, the power of which must be at least 1600 watts. For laying use a nozzle with a narrow nozzle. It will help not only to dry curls, but to give them the necessary direction and volume. Hair is dried by a hairdryer, on the contrary, from the back of the head to the face,
  • The next step is to create a parting - straight or oblique, in the classic version the parting line is visually drawn from the middle of the eyebrow to the crown and is performed in the resulting direction. The best thing for this stage is a double brush, which, without removing the volume, will beautifully be able to “break” the hair in the right direction. At the same time, the lower part of the temples is laid back, and the upper - from top to bottom, creating a beautiful body wave. The hair on the crown is laid towards the back of the head. Bangs last,
  • It is best to lay the bangs in bulk, creating a kind of curtain rod from the hair. The curls should be combed from the bottom up and a little to the side,
  • Now the hairstyle must be modeled to the smallest detail. This is best done with a non-wet gel (it will not scrub the volume) and with your hands. It is necessary to go through the styling with the tool from the bangs to the back of the head, adjusting the elements and giving them the final shape.
  • In order for the hairstyle to remain unchanged for a long time, it is necessary to fix it all again with varnish, and you can also use a hair spray with a radiant effect as an additional touch.

A beautiful ball gown for a boy, both simple and complex, can be done at home with your own hands.

But do not underestimate the importance of male styling, neat and stylish, it will help to make the young man more confident in himself, and the evening is better.

How to create the desired image

In the image of dancers, everything should be subordinated to a single style of dance. An important role is played by the hairstyles of partners. You can learn how to create such masterpieces in the studios. style or entrust this process to professionals.

Such images create the image of the studio “Maximum”.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing on short hair

It is extremely difficult to put short hair in a hairstyle for dancing. Strongly recommended before installation. comb the hair, after processing it with mousse or foam to create volume. Then the hair is most often removed back, fixing with varnish. Well-defined strands are sometimes separated. in the area of ​​the ears, also fixing them with varnish or gel.

Such hairstyles are more consistent with the Latin American program. The main requirement for styling on short hair is reliable fixation, because short strands can tear faster when moving. But even from hair of this length, you can create interesting and elegant hairstyles. Reliably fixed original accessory in the style of the performed dance will help in this.

Short hair organically suitable for modern sports dances. For example, hairstyles for hip hop dancing. They are characterized by shaving various patterns on the back of the head or temples.

Options for medium hair

The average length allows the master to dream up and apply other styling ideas. Shell, gulka, tail, styling with mesh - it all depends on what kind of dance they do hairstyle.

More severe - shells, bunches - are appropriate in the dances of the European program. Latin dances admit a tail.

Tail styling

  1. Washed, undressed hair is smoothed with an iron.
  2. Straightened strands are fixed on the back of the head with an elastic band, which also acts as a decor element, so it can be matching the dress, with beads, flowers or rhinestones.
  3. If the dancer has a bang, comb it and lay it on the side or straight. It is important to fix it.
  4. From several curls or from the entire volume of the tail, you can braid the braid, securing the tip some elegant element. A braid of a whole tail is usually laid around the circumference of the gum. Pigtails from individual strands are stacked in the form of curls and fastened with hairpins.

Mesh styling

  1. The hair is collected in a bundle or tail.
  2. Wrap it around the elastic and secure it.
  3. On the resulting gulk put on a net. It may have decorcorresponding to the dance performed.
  4. Abundantly fix the hairdo with varnish.

Classic hairstyle for ballroom dancing

The main feature of such a hairstyle is rigor. When creating such a hairstyle, the master should be guided by a number of rules:

  • Consistency in a unified style and match the costume. So, if a strict dress without additional decorations is used for dancing, then they should be avoided in the hairstyle, the maximum that the master can use is a ribbon of the same color and material as the ball gown,
  • the dance program should be taken into account,
  • the hairstyle should correspond to the shape and oval of the face, for example, if the face is narrow elongated, then you should do a side parting or put your hair in a side bang on your forehead, the use of fixed curls is allowed.

Also, the technique of performing ball hairstyles in the classic version does not allow the use of:

  • glitter varnishes or colorizing varnishes,
  • overhead elements: curls, hairpieces,
  • staining techniques such as highlighting or coloring are not allowed,
  • construction on the head of complex or high piling is not allowed,
  • it is forbidden to use flickering or shiny hairpins and jewelry, as well as jewelry from the Juvenile category.

Find out in more detail about what styling can be done on medium hair in this material.

Partner hairstyle

Hairpins and other "tinsel" for hair relate exclusively to partners. But to make the couple look harmonious, the hairdresser's partner also does not deprive him of his attention. For young people choose strict classic styling: the hair is simply combed back using mousse or wax.

This provides not only a strict neat look to the partner, but also securely fixes the hair.

Ballroom dancing partners, as a rule, are forbidden to wear long hair, as well as to do creative haircuts: Iroquois, quads or gavrosh.

Basic requirements for girls ball gowns

Ballroom hairstyles for girls must meet some rules, so consider the requirements for hairstyles in ballroom dancing.

Firstly, the fact that the girl’s styling should be done carefully without unnecessary elements that can overload her.

Secondly, it is not allowed that the hairs stick out from the hairstyle, everything should be perfectly laid, so it is better to make the girl a smooth hairstyle.

Thirdly, the hairstyle should be practical and comfortable for the dancer, since when the girl or guy comes on stage to correct and correct the image it will be too late.

The fourth rule is an open face, in dancing it is important to perform work not only with arms and legs, but also with facial expressions, so it will not be very good if styling covers part of the face.

Not a long bang is acceptable, it is better if the image with a bang is laid on its side. High hairstyles also perfectly open the face and at the same time lengthen the girl's neck.

And finally, this is the moderation of jewelry, of course, without bright hairpins and rims, the girl’s ballroom hairstyle will not look as it should on the stage, but do not overdo it when choosing them, otherwise you can get problems in the form of falling hairpins or even a sore head.

Particular attention should be paid to makeup as a bright element, it can perfectly transform the image.

Tricks for girls

In addition to aesthetics, a hairstyle in a dance can have quite practical significance, for example, visually correct the difference in the growth of partners. If the girl is taller than her partner, then an understated bundle is performed on her hair, and the partner's hair is slightly combed. In the opposite situation, when the partner is much higher, a high beam is made for the girl, but the men carefully comb it.

Ballroom dance hairstyles for girls

Training hairstyles for ballroom dancing is very simple and even interesting. Many parents before the speech of their child wonder how to make a hairstyle for ballroom dancing for a girl, because I want it to be comfortable and beautiful.

Consider step by step simple options for different styles of ballroom dancing, which are suitable for girls.

Not only parents, but also children are anxious about their image for the performance, so it is important to prepare in advance and try the image you like in advance, so that later there are no unnecessary tears and disappointments.

And in order to better cope with this task, you can watch the master class and video tutorials on the implementation of hairstyles.

For dance competitions

For competitive performances, masterpieces of hairdressing are often created. Hairstyle and outfit should distinguish a couple from the crowd of competitors, make it memorable, and it is necessary to comply with the established rules. In this case, braids and pinned curls come to the rescue. It is the pinned, freely falling curls that the ballroom dance does not allow.

A major role in the hairstyle is played by decor. In the options of competitive hairstyles, it is permissible to use rhinestones, feathers and other jewelry, but to a reasonable extent. Curls from small braids, hair twisted into snails, and light curls look quite impressive.

Hairstyles of ballroom dancers for short hair

Of course, it is better that the hair was at least to the shoulders, so that you can choose the image you like, but simple and stylish styling with your own hands can be done with shorter hair, for example, to shoulder level.

One of the possible options is a hairstyle with hairpins, if the hair length is very short, the hair is simply gathered on both sides of the head and fixed on the sides with the help of invisible or silicone rubber bands of special tools.

Well, of course, you can’t do without a tail with a short length of curls creating a tail on the top of the head, which should be fixed with varnish and carefully fixed with an elastic band to keep everything well on the girl’s head.

Long hair styling

Strictness of style and reliability of fixation are the two most important rules that apply to styling on long hair. In preparation for ballroom performances, it is quite difficult to lay the participants' long hair. Most often, hairstyles with collected hair are used.

There are strict restrictions on the use of jewelry and accessories. Equally important is the age of the participants. So, for the category of juniors it is allowed to use soft hairpins and braids, but for adult participants this is strictly prohibited.

In addition, there is a list of recommended styling and hairstyles. These include:

  • shell,
  • bunches or bump,
  • for juniors it is permissible to use braids when laying, for example, “tartlets” around the head, but subject to their reliable fixation.

Also allows the use of tows for styling long hair. Despite the complexity of execution, they reliably fix hair and are able to give a hairstyle to charm. Often used and complex structures of bundles, laid in a shell or bundle.

It is extremely rare to create complex openwork designs on long hair.

Long hair is quite difficult to style, for this reason, the hairstyle, like dance, is recommended to “rehearse”. In other words, you should do the hairstyle in advance, test it for durability and comfort in the dance, determine how long the styling will take. If it does not match these parameters, you should consider another version of the hairstyle.

The options for hairstyles for sports style for girls can be found here.

Ballroom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

If the girl’s hair length is lower than the shoulders, then everything is much simpler and more styling options.

If this is just a rehearsal, then you should not use fixing means, but the hairstyles for the ballroom dancing contest should be well varnished so that everything lasts a long time.

To begin with, the hair is covered with special hair oil, then all the hair is collected on the crown and a tail is formed from them, then a bundle should be curled from this tail and fixed with invisible hair. At the end, the ball hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Hairstyles for short hair

Owners of short curls should know right away which haircut to choose, and then make a hairstyle suitable for ballroom dancing, you will have to suffer a little. And stock up on a lot of varnish and gel. First of all, stylists recommend that girls make the fleece stronger and only after that go on to shape the hair.

Before you go out on the parquet, the hairstyle is plentifully varnished. Some stylists recommend experimenting with various decorations.

It is worth considering that to make a quality hairstyle for a dance competition, it will take at least an hour and a half. But, most often it will take a little more time.

If the competition is in Latin dances, then short hair will be “in the subject”. However, styling curly hair will require much more time. But European dances provide for the partner’s hair at least medium length, so you probably have to use either false curls or a hairpiece, which, by the way, is not always acceptable. In this case, combed hair is relevant. It is precisely because of this that there are almost no ballroom dancers with short and ultra-short haircuts.

Reverse ombre on blonde hair: dyeing technology and current shades

See more examples of beautiful and trendy haircuts for teens here.

Hairstyles for ballroom sports dancing

Children's hairstyles for ballroom dancing competitions are very similar to each other, but the most common option for ballroom styling is a bunch of shells.

The hair is not washed out and dried to the end, so that it is slightly moist, then the entire hair should be laid on one side and stabbed with a few invisible hair bends. The hair, which is now on the opposite side, is combed and thrown back, the ends should be tucked inward.

Hairstyle for the ballroom dance tournament for long hair

This ballroom styling has loose hair in the tail, so you should carefully treat her choice. Initially, clean hair is combed and collected in a high ponytail. Then, from one strand on the tail, a pigtail is braided, which is braided using a selection of strands, so as to slightly capture the tail inward.


Styling with corrugation allows you to create a beautiful wave, while such a hairstyle will be visible from afar. The size of the waves depends on the selected nozzle. But do not forget about makeup and a beautiful outfit, because without this, the corrugation will not look at all.

Any styling for ballroom dance, which was previously considered can be repeated, but already with the corrugation, you get a more vivid image.

Stacking with ribs

This hairstyle creates a magnificent volume and is well suited for owners of thin hair. But at the same time, it is worth pre-treating the hair with mousse so that the hair is smoothed and fixed.

In order to get the desired ribs, you need to separate the strand of hair and lightly fix it with a hairpin and process everything with varnish. You can put these curls in any way, the main thing is to fix it very strongly so that the hairstyle does not fall apart during the ballroom dance.


In conclusion, we can say the chosen hairstyle for a long dress must be done in a trial version for a couple of days before the competition. So you can adjust all the bad points. But even a trial version must be done in a competitive outfit, otherwise it may turn out that the hairstyle and outfit do not fit together, and there will be no time to change. But no matter how monumental and original the hairstyle is, it should not distract the attention of the audience from the dance. Styling should adorn and emphasize the grace of dancers, dance movements and not interfere with them.

Hairstyles for the Long Hair Ballroom Dance Tournament

In preparation for the performance, laying such a head of hair will take a long time and a lot of effort. Traditionally in this case, shells are considered to be in demand, harnesses, bundles or bumps.

At competitions, participants worry because of many factors, therefore, stylish and reliable styling must give confidencerather than become a source of unrest and distract from the performance.

The video below shows how a beautiful hairstyle is performed for a ballroom dance tournament.


A spectacular choice for the competition - hairstyle with curls. Creates the illusion of a beautiful styling wave. The size of the curls and their density depends on the choice tool nozzles. Hairstyles with corrugations look gorgeous and distinguish their owners from the total mass.

Corrugated strands are good complement the elegant elements with rhinestones and sparkles.

Ballroom dance hairstyle for boys

Of course, the hairstyle of the boy who is engaged in ballroom dancing also plays a huge role, because if the girl has an amazing styling, and the guy does nothing, then a harmonious couple will not work, which means that the dance will not look so beautiful either.

The ball hairstyle of the boy also has its own requirements:

1. the hairstyle should not stand out from the general image, that is, it should be combined with the costume and the image of a partner,

2. the hairstyle should correspond to the age of the boy, it is not necessary for a very small dancer to choose a hairstyle as for an adult, this will look inappropriate,

3. the image must be original, so that the child stands out among the rest, but at the same time he must fit into the event,

4. Do not forget about strong fixation, because this is a dance where there is a constant movement and without fixing the boy’s hair will immediately fall apart,

5. Please note that with very short hair, styling will not work,

6. Do not create a haircut for a boy too creative, as it is very difficult to make an appropriate hairstyle for ballroom dancing from it.

Men's hairstyles

The hair is treated with styling foam, then dried with a hairdryer at maximum power.

Use a double-tooth comb to mark the parting. Usually do it obliquely from the center of the eyebrow to the crown of the head. Double-tooth comb helps maintain volume.

The bangs are combed and laid on its side, strands are formed with gel.

Actual and hairstyles without parting. All hair is combed back and fasten with varnish.

Young men who wear long hair should put them in a neat tail, while also fix with varnish.

This video shows one of the hairstyle options for a ballroom dancing partner.

Decor and decoration for ballroom hairstyles

Ballroom dance competitions are always a celebration. Feeling of a joyful event designed to emphasize jewelry with rhinestones, pearls, feathers. A large selection of ridges, ribbons, sequins, rims, artificial flowers will help create a unique image for the dancer.

The photo shows an image created by the stylists of the image agency “Chursina Style”.

Experienced masters will show you step by step how to make and how to decorate the hairstyle for ballroom-sports dances. There is a huge amount of jewelry from artificial curls - patch braids, harnessesthat can be matched to the color of your hair.

For volume, you can use artificial strands and hairpieces. But you need to make sure that these elements did not overload the imageand the hairstyle didn’t look too bulky.

Watch the video: Basic Ballroom Bun (February 2020).

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