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Remington trimmers: high quality and the best price

Male representatives need care just as much as women. And first of all it concerns those who grow a beard or mustache. It is noted that no man with facial hair can do without such a device as a trimmer.

But due to the huge variety of trimmer models, it becomes more and more difficult every year to choose a high-quality device. And in order to make life easier for men in such a situation, Remington trimmers were created.

Remington - Verified Manufacturer

The company was founded in 1816 to produce various types of weapons, then the company transformed into a major manufacturer of typewriters.

But she began to engage in household appliances only in 1937, and the first thing she introduced was an electric shaver for dry shaving.

After the overwhelming success of the razor released, the company decided to make other household appliances: hair dryers, clippers, hair straighteners, tongs, curlers, depilators and, of course, trimmers.

The company is a leader in sales in the USA, UK, Australia, Asia and Europe.

The quality of beard and mustache trimmers

Remington's beard trimmers are the best in the world. This is tested in practice and confirmed by many customer reviews. They are characterized by high quality parts, reliable assembly and a long service life.

The company has various price groups. There are premium devices, models for ordinary amateurs who are just starting to grow a beard or do it periodically, and professional ones that are used in beauty salons.

Shops and departments of the company are represented in almost every city in our country, there are also sales via the Internet. There are many service centers that will help repair various devices efficiently and in a short time, and most importantly, at an affordable price.

Pluses of devices

Devices have many positive aspects., here is some of them:

  1. They trim the beard in a qualitative way, giving it the necessary shape.
  2. They have an antibacterial coating and do not cause irritation on the skin, there are many different nozzles.
  3. They have built-in vacuum technology that sucks the trimmed hairs into a special container.
  4. Blades are sharp and reliable.
  5. The work is offline, it can be used for both wet and dry shaving.
  6. It can be used in the shower.
  7. Has an eyelet for convenient storage. All models are quite compact.
  8. They are durable and inexpensive, given the quality and popularity of the products.
  9. In the configuration there are two vacuum nozzles and one standard, which allows you to create a variety of beard shapes. A wide nozzle allows you to cut and thin out the hair.
  10. The blades are coated with titanium.
  11. On the nozzles, combs are regulated.
  12. Compact packaging that allows you to travel with the device.
  13. Made in a modern style.
  14. Acceptable price.
  15. It is possible to buy both in specialized company stores and on the Internet on the official website.


Like any device, Remington trimmer is imperfect, but these disadvantages are insignificant in contrast to the disadvantages of similar devices released by other companies.

Among the disadvantages of the devices are the following:

  • need to be charged often
  • the blades should be lubricated periodically
  • a sharp transition of modes, so for starters it’s better to switch the mode in the device, and then use it,
  • does not have a storage case.


The most inexpensive and easiest to use model is considered - Remington mb4030. This trimmer has a pretty nice design, light weight, helps to create the desired beard shape, trim bristles, handles mustaches and whiskers.

Its positive aspects are:

  • acceptable price,
  • variation of hair length,
  • compact and lightweight
  • easy to clean
  • works from a network.

But there are some minor flaws:

  • brittle teeth on nozzles,
  • takes a long time to charge.

Remington mb4030 has the following specifications:

  1. Designed to care for beard and mustache.
  2. It weighs 180 grams.
  3. It is powered both autonomously and from the network. It works up to 40 minutes without charging.
  4. It has two nozzles and 18 modes.
  5. Makes a haircut from 0.5 to 18 millimeters long.
  6. Special functions: there is a built-in charge indicator, a folding trimmer.
  7. The kit includes a brush for cleaning the device from hair.
  8. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of up to 3 years.

The average cost of the device is 2310 rubles.

MB 6550

Second model suitable for more advanced userswho are used to looking fashionable and doing experimental haircuts. This model is remington mb6550.

  • It has a modern design, low price, many features.
  • Compact
  • Convenient to use. Good to hold, without slipping, which gives complete freedom of movement.
  • The set includes nozzles with combs, the length of the hair for processing does not matter, as well as their structuring and density, which makes it possible to make a variety of haircuts and hairstyles, equal mustaches and sideburns. With ease, you can adjust your existing beard shape.
  • Thanks to the vacuum, the cut hair does not crumble.
  • In the configuration there is a nozzle with a razor, which will make the skin smooth without any damage.
  • It is very simple to maintain - the appliance and the attachments attached to it can be washed under running water.
  • Convenient when traveling, has a compact carrying case.

Remington mb6550 has a variety of specifications:

  1. Designed for mustache and beard.
  2. It weighs 200 grams.
  3. Has a lithium battery.
  4. It works without charging for up to one hour.
  5. Charges for about five hours.
  6. Has 7 nozzles.
  7. The knife has a width of 32 millimeters and is made with advanced titanium.
  8. Makes a haircut from 2 to 16 millimeters long.
  9. Special functions: has a built-in charging indicator, adjustment of operating modes, automatically sharpen blades.
  10. The kit includes: nozzles that are removed and changed, charging, a case for convenient storage, an instruction that will explain all the nuances and will help in operation, a box made of cardboard.
  11. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of up to 3 years.

The average cost of the device is 3845 rubles.


But the most advanced model is REMINGTON TOUCH CONTROL. It keeps up to date and has a relatively low price.

  1. This model has touch control, a nice futuristic design.
  2. The step of adjusting the hair length is 0.1 mm, and the haircut can be done from 0.4 to 18 mm.
  3. The blades are sharpened by themselves and have a titanium coating.
  4. There are also 3 speed modes.
  5. A battery that can last up to 40 minutes without recharging. And the charge is made in the form of a USB cable.

The average cost of the device is 5100 rubles.

It can be said with accuracy that Remington beard trimmers are the best in their field, having no worthy analogues. They come first in all selection criteria. Therefore, it is them who are chosen by many buyers.

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A little about the company

For almost 100 years, Remington has been manufacturing devices for men and women, aimed not only at cutting hair.

In the lineup you can find the following devices:

  • everything for hair care: hair dryers, hair straighteners, curlers, stylers, curling irons, brushes,
  • for female hair removal: epilators, photoepilators, razors and trimmers,
  • devices for manicure, face and body care,
  • accessories for the oral cavity,
  • men's razors
  • haircuts: clippers, beard and mustache, nose and ear trimmers, photoepilators,
  • component parts for equipment.

"Remington" is a high quality that attracts many customers. The company is constantly improving the performance of its devices.

Remington trimmers are a combination of ergonomic design, a large number of useful features and high power.

Remington beard trimmers and trimmers are a great choice for self-care.

The American manufacturer has some interesting proposals for bearded men.

The manufacturer also offers customers a NE3750 ear, nose and whisker trimmer. It allows you to quickly and carefully get rid of unwanted vegetation.

This is a complete beard care kit that has been appreciated by thousands of men.

It allows you to give the vegetation an optimal shape, remove all unnecessary, make the vegetation neat and well-groomed. The Crafter Beard Kit is equipped with several nozzles, so the bristle length can be adjusted from 1.5 to 35 mm.

The innovative “EDGEStyler” allows you to achieve the most accurate contours. It is suitable for treating the cheeks, neck, and jaw areas. The lithium battery provides 120 minutes of operation without recharging. Included is a stencil for symmetry.

Oleg (moyo.ua): “I liked the quality of this set, there are steel scissors and additional accessories for the care of the beard. Especially if you are on the road, it is simply not replaceable, it has a lithium-ion battery that allows you to hold a charge for up to 120 minutes, this is more than enough. It is quiet. ”

  1. "Beard Boss MB4120"

A popular model in the line of the American manufacturer.

The innovative OptiAngle technology provides an optimal angle of the machine - so it does not injure the skin and cuts hair well.

The trimmer provides effective processing of the face regardless of the direction of the haircut.

The comb nozzle can be adjusted - 15 different length indicators are available. For comfort, the selected position is fixed thanks to a special button. CaptureTrim technology is provided for precise processing of vegetation - these are blades with small cloves that ensure accurate capture of hairs.

Evgeniy (otzovik.com): “I have been using this trimmer for several years and during that time he never let me down. Reliable, durable, convenient, practical. Knives are durable. I’ve never given it to specialized workshops to do something with knives. ”

  1. "Durablade MB050"

A hybrid model that has become popular due to its high power. A feature of the trimmer is the blade, which does not need to be changed over its entire life.

Just one nozzle is enough for shaving, cutting, trimming facial hair. The main innovation of the device is the unique DuraBlade blade. Thanks to him, it is possible to achieve complete removal of hairs in any direction.

You can also use such a machine for a haircut - it provides an even and even cut of hair without injuring skin areas. Suitable for dry and wet shaving - the device is moisture resistant. Several nozzles allow you to adjust the length of the beard without visiting the barbershop.

Rinat (rozetka.com.ua): “An excellent trimmer. Shears and shaves superbly. 100% satisfied with the purchase. "

Simple and comfortable. On the front side is a touch panel for adjusting the haircut parameters: length of hairs, engine speed. Locking the device is very simple - you need to click on a special button so that the settings are not lost.

The maximum length of hairs can be 18 mm, the setting step is 0.1 mm, a total of 175 configurations are available.

The battery provides 50 minutes of continuous operation, which is enough for several days of use. It is equipped with USB charging, which is very convenient.

Landco landco (dns-shop.ru): “Advantages: Sharp knives, 3 speeds, standard Micro USB charging connector. Disadvantages: the light body began to quickly darken, the battery stopped holding, the sensor works every other time. A few months later, she stopped working. ”

  1. "Pro MB4130"

This Remington trimmer continues the acclaimed Beard Boss range.

The feature of the device is an innovative approach to creating blades - they are additionally coated with titanium, which makes them 300% stronger than conventional stainless steel models.

Like its predecessor, the "MB4130" is equipped with the ability to create the optimal angle for high-quality shaving. The comb nozzle adjusts the length from 1.5 mm to 18 mm. Thanks to such accuracy, it is possible to achieve neat lines and the most curly beard.

The price of the device is from 4000 rubles.

Alexander (rozetka.com.ua): "It works fine, I use it for a year, there were no problems."

  1. "Vacuum Beard and Grooming MB6550"

This Remington Beard Trimmer is designed for those who value performance, durability and functionality.

Titanium-coated blades are several times stronger than the usual stainless steel options. They stay sharp longer and do not fail.

A full charge cycle allows you to work continuously for 60 minutes. Self-sharpening blades with extended life. The kit includes 7 different nozzles for choosing the optimal length of hairs. A special regulator provides a flexible change of haircut parameters.

Vacuum technology not only makes beard care effective, but also collects cut hair in a small container.

Thanks to this, the bathroom will remain clean.

Eldar (mvideo.ru): “If you only want to adjust the length of your beard, then it’s better to take a trimmer without any extra attachments, if you want a“ curly ”beard, then I think this is the best option!”

  1. "Barba MB320C"

Managed to become a classic among bearded men.

The device has an ergonomic shape of the handle, so it is conveniently located in the hand and provides full-fledged work with facial hair. The kit includes 7 nozzles that allow you to adjust the length of the hairs.

This is a universal model that is suitable for both cutting and facial hair care.

To give the beard the necessary shape, an additional knife is provided. Ceramic-coated blades provide a good shave off of the excess and respect for sensitive skin.

The device works both from the battery and from the network. When fully charged, the device can function for 50 minutes.

S (dns-shop.ru): “Great product for its price. I use 2.5 years in the mode of 1 haircut in 3 weeks, shaving 1 time per week. Sharpening is still left, the hair does not tear out. The hair is soft, both on the head and on the face. ”

This is a universal kit. Such a machine is designed not only to care for the mustache and beard, but also for high-quality hair cutting on the head.

The kit includes 5 nozzles.

The device is charged on a special stand. With a full battery, 40 minutes of battery life is available. Included is an additional nozzle to remove unwanted vegetation from the nose and ears. The length of the hairs is adjustable from 0.5 mm to 24 mm thanks to a special regulator.

The price of the device is from 2000 rubles.

Ilya (slonrekomenduet.com): “I have been using it as a beard styler - the machine has been around for more than a year, but the blades are still sharp, discharged no more than 2 times a month with a load of almost daily use. The only negative is the stand, which is not very comfortable, it requires space. ”

The best model of the company

Beard and mustache trimmer “Remington Beard Boss MB4120” is the brand's best model according to customers.

It is compact, copes well with its task, reliable. Thanks to the OptiAngle technology, the device itself controls the angle of inclination, which allows you to process any part of the face, even the most inaccessible.

Only 1 comb is included, but a special adjuster allows you to achieve 15 different length configurations. You can vary the indicators from 0.4 mm to 1 mm to adjust the shape and cutting excess.

Remington MB4122 Beard Boss Beard Trimmer LE

The TOP machine opens with an elegant design and color scheme - it is made in white with contrasting red accents. This is a universal device powered by two AAA batteries. It does not connect to the network.

Blades are made of stainless steel. The length is set in 9 steps with a range from 1.5 to 18 mm. Wet cleaning allowed. The kit includes a trimmer to remove hair in the nose and ears, a blade cleaning brush, case and batteries.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Long battery life.
  • High quality shave.
  • Purification using water.
  • Cleaning brush included.
  • Simple and easy to use device.
  • Budget cost.
  • Elegant design.

  • It does not connect to the network, only a removable power source.

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Remington HC5035

A slight difference in cost from the previous model is 1800 rubles. It has a high customer rating. This is a universal device that is powered exclusively from the network. Blades made of stainless steel are sharpened automatically. The length is set in 14 steps from 0.5 to 25 mm, adjustable by a regulating device and changing nozzles. It is equipped with 11 nozzles, a brush to remove blockages, a comb for the neck, an adjustable knife from 0.5 to 2 mm. Modification cannot be used for beard treatment; cleaning with water is not allowed.

  • A lot of nozzles included.
  • Mains power.
  • Shows good results.
  • Nozzle for working with hair near the ears.
  • Budget cost.
  • It is completed with scissors.
  • Color marking nozzles.
  • Quietly working.

  • It is connected only to the network, the use of batteries is not provided.
  • Cleaning with water is not allowed.
  • For lengths greater than 6 mm, it exhibits uneven haircuts and gaps.
  • Not supplied with lubricating oil.

Remington HC5150

This is a universal device that can connect to a network or an autonomous source, it works for half an hour from a battery. There is a charge indication on the case. Stainless steel knives with automatic sharpening system.

The length is set in 16 steps with a range from 1 to 42 mm, adjustable by a control switch and nozzles. The machine is equipped with a pair of nozzles, a brush to remove dirt and lubricating oil. Not used for beard.

  • Budget cost.
  • Connects to the network and battery.
  • Large range of adjustable lengths.
  • Long power cord.
  • Shows high results, does not pull out hair.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Knives are sharpened independently.
  • Quietly working.
  • Comfortably lies in the palm of your hand.

  • Weak battery - short run time and long charge.
  • Fragile components.
  • Inconvenient length adjustment.
  • Clogged with hair after a few minutes of use.

Remington BHT250

Universal device, powered only by battery. It can work up to an hour on a single charge, charging takes 4 hours. There is a charge indication on the case.

The blades are made of stainless steel. The length is set in 4 steps from 0.2 to 6 mm, adjustable by changing nozzles. It is completed with three nozzles. Wet cleaning is allowed. On the body rubber inserts that prevent slipping.

  • It works for a long time from the battery, fast charging.
  • Small size.
  • Convenient use.
  • Just clean.
  • Rubber inserts on the body.

  • Fragile nozzles.
  • Fast blade heating.
  • Not connected to the network.

Remington HC5880 Indestructible

You can connect to a network or an offline source. The battery capacity is enough for 120 minutes of use, it takes 4 hours to fully charge it. There is a charge indication on the case.

The length is set in 10 steps with a range of 1.5-25 mm, adjustable by changing nozzles. It is completed with nozzles in the amount of 11 pieces, a storage case, oil, a brush for cleaning, a comb for temples, there is a loop for hanging. Cleaning with water is allowed.

  • Rubberized waterproof case.
  • Good quality haircuts.
  • The ability to connect to a network or use with a battery.
  • Fast battery charging and long-term use with it.
  • Smooth and high-quality haircut, does not pull the hair.
  • Blade freezing system.
  • The power of work does not depend on the battery charge level - it does not fall at the last percent.
  • Long power wire.

  • The machine for home use, which is sold at a professional price.
  • Weighty.
  • The storage case has no compartments.
  • Fast clogging.

Remington HC5810

Powered by mains and battery. The time of continuous use from the battery to 40 minutes, it charges very quickly - 1.5 hours. There is a charge indication on the case.

Knife blades with automatic sharpening system. The length is set in 12 steps with a range of 0.8-40 mm, adjustable by changing nozzles and a regulator. The machine is not suitable for handling beards. Wet cleaning is not allowed. It is equipped with nozzles in the amount of 10 pieces, a stand for recharging, a case, a knife with adjustment from 0.8 to 2 mm, a brush for cleaning the device, oil for lubricating knives and a brush for the neck.

  • Shows good results.
  • A rich set of nozzles.
  • Connection to a network and joint stock bank.
  • Fast battery charging.
  • Good equipment.
  • High reliability of the device.
  • Convenient case for cars and all components.

  • Wet cleaning is not allowed.

Remington PG6030

It can work from a network and an autonomous power supply. Battery life is 40 minutes. There is a charge level indicator on the case. Titanium blades with self-sharpening system. The length is set in 17 steps in the range from 2 to 24 mm. Adjustment of length is made by the regulator and change of nozzles. Knife width 3 cm.

It is equipped with nozzles in the amount of 6 pieces, a charging stand, a trimmer of 0.2 mm, a trimmer for removing hair in the nose and ears, a razor nozzle and comb nozzles in the amount of two pieces. Suitable for cutting beards. Wet cleaning allowed. On the body are rubber inserts that prevent slipping during use.

  • Light weight, fits comfortably in the hand.
  • She cuts well, does not tear out hair.
  • Power from the network and autonomously.
  • Removes even stiff and long bristles.
  • A large number of nozzles.
  • Wet cleaning allowed.
  • Rubber insert on the body.

  • Soft nozzles bend with strong pressure.
  • It works well as a trimmer, but it does not perform such a good haircut, it is better to choose other models for this purpose.
  • Mains operation is only possible with a fully charged battery.

Remington PG6130

The power is only autonomous, it is not connected to the network for work. Battery life 40 minutes, charging lasts 16 hours. There is a charge indication on the case. Suitable for cutting beards. Wet cleaning allowed.

The blades are made of titanium. The length is set in 6 steps with a range of 0.2-12 mm. It is adjusted by a special regulator and nozzle change. It is equipped with nozzles in the amount of 10 pieces, a stand for charging, a wide and detailed trimmer, a razor nozzle, a trimmer to remove hair in the nose and ears.

  • Compact size.
  • A wide range of nozzles.
  • Universality.
  • Light weight.
  • Wet cleaning allowed.

  • Work only from the battery.
  • Long battery life.

Remington NE3455 Nano Series Nose & Ear Trimmer

Inexpensive highly specialized device for 1400 rubles. Suitable only for hair removal in the nose and ears. Autonomous power from AA batteries. The kit includes a storage case, scissors, tweezers, wire cutters, comb for the trimmer in the amount of two pieces, batteries. Wet cleaning is allowed.

  • Compact size.
  • Good equipment.
  • It performs its functions perfectly.
  • Case for storing all accessories.

Remington MB4120

He has a narrow specialization and is suitable exclusively for cutting a beard and mustache. Autonomous power supply from two AAA batteries. The length is adjustable in 11 steps with a range of 0.4-18 mm. Wet cleaning allowed. Only one nozzle and cleaning brush included.

  • Battery operation, if the power source is empty, you can simply replace it and continue working without waiting for the battery to charge.
  • Optimum blade width.
  • Light weight.
  • Wet cleaning.
  • Doesn't tear out hair.
  • Strong and thick nozzles, do not bend when pressed.
  • Silent work.

  • Not equipped with a storage case.
  • It does not work from the network.
  • Uneven length adjustment steps.

About the manufacturer

Remington products are widely represented on the shelves and in the online catalogs of many household appliance stores in Russia. Hair dryers, electric shavers, hair clippers, trimmers, etc. are available for purchase.

Moreover, the Remington brand is widely known in other circles. After all, initially the company specialized in the manufacture of weapons.

The manufacturer has been leading its history since 1816, but only appeared in the household appliance market in 1937 thanks to electric shavers. Remington has several significant achievements in the field of trimmers. It was this company that first proposed models for the bikini zone and the whole body.

Given the significant experience in the production of small household appliances, Remington products have long been valued among professionals in the beauty industry.

By the way, we note that in the USA only the company's management structures are concentrated, and the main production facilities have long been represented in China. The hero of today's review is also from Celestial Empire.

Remington diligently maintains a reputation for a solid brand, which affects the warranty service of its products. The trimmer presented for review has a three-year warranty, which can be extended for another year after registering the device on the company's official website.


Device type: beard trimmer

Model: MB 4132,

Blades: rounded CaptureTrim blades with titanium coating and cut protection,

Length adjustment: 13 length settings (1.5-18 mm), 0.5-1 mm - without using a telescopic nozzle,

Indication: charge indicator and display window for the set haircut length,

Use cases: wired / wireless

Battery: Li-ion (up to 50 min battery life),

Charging Duration: 4 hours,

Water resistant: washable blades

Warranty: 36 months.

Contents of delivery

The contents of the package are not diverse. There is everything you need, taking into account the purpose of the device, except, perhaps, a cover. Packed in a box:

comb nozzle - 1 pc.,

charger - 1 pc.,

cleaning brush - 1 pc.,

instruction - 1 pc.

Packaging and appearance

Remington is known for its reverent approach to product design. The manufacturer updates the assortment of household appliances with enviable regularity, taking into account fashionable color solutions and new trends in their field. Packaging does not stand aside from changes.

Remington MB 4132 is placed in a cardboard box decorated in strict black and blue colors. The combination of colors looks solid.

On the front side of the package is an image of the trimmer itself and a multiple description of the main competitive advantages of the model. The catchy slogan “Beard Boss Professional” is posted here, hinting that we have before us a respectable representative of the market for household appliances.

Other sides of the box complement the information stated on the "title". The information is presented in several languages ​​and, in fact, it is sufficient for the successful use of the device without studying the complete instructions.

More packaging can be appreciated in the photo.

The design of the device itself uses the same color solutions that were used for the box. Visually, the trimmer is divided into three parts: a bright blue comb, a matte middle part of the body with controls and a glossy black bottom of the device, decorated with the manufacturer's logo.

The controls include a slice length adjuster and a device on / off button.

At the bottom of the model is a connector for connecting the charger. Next to it is a charge indicator.

On the back of the case is a series of technical specifications.

There are no complaints about the assembly and appearance of the trimmer. The device looks very decent. More appearance Remington MB 4132 can be studied in the photo.

And now a photo of the other elements of the set.

The unpacking process is presented in the video.

Device testing

Let's move on to checking the capabilities of the trimmer. From the packaging, the device fell into the hands of almost fully charged and worked "without refueling" for about 45 minutes. An attempt to charge the battery was made after it was completely discharged, which took about three hours. This is even less than the manufacturer claims.

The charger connects to the trimmer housing without difficulty. It is not possible to stick the plug in the wrong direction due to its special shape.

The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. I believe its presence is an advantage of the model.

When charging the battery, a special indicator on the trimmer body lights up in blue until the end of the process. The device does not give any additional signals either during use or in preparation for operation. A kind of minimalism from Remington.

The comb nozzle is attached to the trimmer body using plastic guides (more on the video below). Mounts look rather fragile and require accuracy.

The device does not slip in the hand. This is facilitated not only by the body material, but also by the size of the trimmer. Unlike many models, the Remington MB 4132 feels quite massive, suitable for the male palm.

Trimmer control elements have a fairly smooth and confident ride. Scrolling the slice length adjustment knob practically does not miss and almost every time you confidently select the desired value.

The on / off button of the device is pressed tight enough. Due to its special shape, it is easy to touch by touch. But there is a feeling that the button is located a little low. Reaching for her is not too convenient.

The device can be used both from the battery and from the network. At the same time, a 1.5 m network cable does not constrain movement.

The noise generated by the trimmer is quite comfortable. Unpleasant cacophony of sounds is not felt.

By the way, the comb nozzle allows you to adjust the cut length in the range from 1.5 to 18 mm (13 options in total). Without a crest, the cut length is approximately 0.5-1 mm. More details on the video.

The blades have a yellowish tint. Probably, the manufacturer did not deceive, claiming a titanium coating. Let's hope that it will allow the device to maintain its combat form longer.

An attempt to rinse the blades under water did not affect the operation of the trimmer. However, this should be done with caution. As it seemed, the body can withstand only splashes of water.

And now a demonstration of the test results of the device.

To begin, take a photo of the skin before using the trimmer (left) and after cutting the hair without a comb-comb (right). I note that it is safe to use the device. No hair hooks or skin lesions were observed.

Below is a video of this process.

The next test is an attempt to adjust the contour of the hairstyle in the neck. On the left in the photo "thickets" before using the trimmer, on the right - after the intervention of the "master".

The “master”, of course, should have been reprimanded for such low-quality work, but, according to him, to perform it on camera is exciting.

Below is a video excerpt illustrating this process.

The last test that Remington has undergone is the fight against facial hair. Unfortunately, attempts to shoot a video of this process were unsuccessful. The reason is the scarce growth of the author of the review in that part of the face where there could be a beard. In other words, the video does not provide additional information about the device. Therefore, I will share my impressions in words. Feelings and emotions from trying to create a trimmer with a two-day macho-style stubble are positive. Skin irritation was not felt. The power of the device and the sharpness of the blades are enough to fight against not very dense vegetation, but there is no doubt for a second that it will be enough against a real beard.It is only important to get the hang of cutting a neat outline, as you will have to do this “by eye” (the hero of the review does not have special functions).

Summing up the results of testing, I repeat the thesis put forward in the title of the review. The Remington MB 4132 trimmer gives the impression of a reliable and diligent hard worker, not claiming much, but confidently fulfilling his immediate responsibilities. And in this case, such a characteristic should be taken solely as a compliment.


Remington MB 4132 is well established both during inspection and during test use. Titanium-coated blades and a lithium-ion battery, which are not always found in more expensive models, add pluses to the device. It is premature to conclude that the trimmer is reliable after the first checks. However, I liked the device.

Of course, in the price segment to which it relates, competition is quite high. Including, therefore, a number of buyers may opt for other options. And such a decision cannot be called wrong. But it is obvious that the Remington MB 4132 deserves attention.

Watch the video: Best Beard Trimmer of 2019 (February 2020).

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