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How to sharpen an electric razor: full instructions

The problem of skin irritation after using an electric shaver is familiar to many men. It occurs, as a rule, after a certain time of use of the appliance and is accompanied by discomfort during shaving. The reason for this phenomenon is not the quality of the razor or skin features. It is simple for the device’s knives to lose their original sharpness over time, even if the manufacturer positions them as self-sharpening. But you should not rush to purchase new ones or contact sharpening specialists. Everything can be done by yourself.

Sandpaper Method

One of the most affordable ways to solve the problem is to use ordinary sandpaper. This will require:

  • a sheet of sandpaper 1200 microns,
  • a sheet of sandpaper 2500 microns.

In both cases, a square piece of 100 to 100 mm is suitable. It is desirable that the base of the sheet is not soft.

The action algorithm is simple. To begin with, you need to remove the body of the shaving head with safe blades from the device and get the rotating knives. After that, they should be laid out on a piece of sandpaper with a larger grain. Next, combining the knives with the shaver shafts, you need to turn on the device for about 20 seconds. This will provide a rough sharpening of the blades. In this case, you do not need to press the razor for a more snug fit of the knives to sandpaper. Enough will be the effort that creates the weight of the device itself.

After that, you can proceed to the fine sharpening procedure by performing similar actions lasting 15 seconds using sandpaper with a grain size of 1200 microns. At the end of the procedure, the knives must be cleaned with a soft cloth and the razor must be collected.

GOI paste method

An equally affordable and effective way to restore the sharpness of the blades is to use GOI paste. This abrasive material is used for grinding and polishing a large number of materials, including metal. The action algorithm can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. Preparatory. At this stage, a sharpening solution is prepared on the basis of GOI paste. To do this, mix a small amount of paste in butter. For better mixing, a few drops of solvent can be added. The result should be a mixture that resembles jelly in consistency. The amount of solution should cover the bottom of the container used for mixing by a few millimeters.
  2. Direct sharpening. Unlike the first method, it is not necessary to disassemble the electric razor and remove the knives. It is enough just to immerse the appliance in the prepared mixture and turn it on for 2-3 minutes.
  3. The final one. At this stage, it is necessary to carefully clean the blades from the remnants of the solution with a napkin.

Glass and screwdriver method

An alternative to the first two methods can be sharpening knives on glass. Fundamentally, the method is identical to the sandpaper option. But given the hardness of the glass, for high-quality sharpening, the rotation of the knives is attached using a screwdriver. A prerequisite for this is the use of the tool in reverse rotation (reverse) mode and at low speeds. Otherwise, the blades become dull even more.

Thus, using any of the described methods for sharpening electric razor knives, you can save a significant amount of money in comparison with the acquisition of new cutting elements or by contacting specialized workshops. As a result, the shaving process will become enjoyable and economical.

Why grind razor blades?

The benefits of an electric shaver are the circumstances that it requires to shave. More precisely, it does not require it, since with the help of an electric razor you need to remove excess vegetation dry without water, foam and other shaving products. The device is compact and mobile, respectively, it can be used anywhere. Ideal are devices that have a self-cleaning function, but there are still few such models on the sales market.

During operation, sharpening of the razor blades will be necessary, and even if we consider models with self-sharpening blades, sooner or later it will be necessary to sharpen. Some men prefer to simply replace the blades with new components, while others turn to specialists. In fact, many will be able to sharpen their own electric razor blades on their own in order to restore its functionality.

Special blade sharpeners

To sharpen the blades of all kinds of safety razors, including electric shavers, experts advise using special sharpeners from different manufacturers. Due to the fact that demand always creates supply, such devices were created for self-sharpening knives and blades. We are talking about a device in the form of a pen with the presence of flat plastic, the surface of which is treated with an abrasive.

Thanks to the abrasive, with the help of such a device, it is possible to sharpen the blades and knives of shaving tools, whether it be disposable or reusable machines or electrical appliances. A striking representative of such a sharpener is the RazorPit device of Danish origin, as well as the Ukrainian counterpart of this Zattoch device with an affordable price.

The instruction on how to sharpen electric razor blades with such a sharpener includes several actions:

  1. On the surface of the sharpener, a little gel or shaving foam familiar to a man is applied.
  2. The cutting part of the device must be held along the abrasive in the opposite direction that the man observes during shaving.
  3. The number of such movements should be about 20-30 times, depending on the life of the electric shaver.

In fact, sharpening blades with sharpeners is the easiest and most accessible way for many men to reanimate a razor tool. Sharpeners are relatively inexpensive and can be used for their intended purpose for a long time, guaranteeing sharp sheaths for electric shavers or machine tools.

How to sharpen an electric razor at home?

Electric razor knives are usually made of stainless steel, which is coated on top with a layer of ceramic or titanium. Sharpening an electric razor sooner or later will be required by any owner, so the issues of self-sharpening at home are relevant for everyone. Experts offer several effective methods, thanks to which every man gets used to the reanimation of an electrical appliance and its return to operation.

Using sandpaper

The most standard sharpening of razor blades involves the use of sandpaper with a degree of granularity of 1200 or 2500 units. To do this, you need to remove the knives from the appliance, and then treat the surface with paper with a grain of 1200. Namely, insert the knives into the shaft or cardan of the device, put and firmly press down on the paper, then turn it on and hold for 10 seconds.

After such processing, all actions are repeated, only paper with a maximum grain size of 2500 is used. At the end of the work, all components are cleaned, the workplace is removed and the electrical appliance is assembled. Experts advise using sandpaper without a soft lining when it comes to sharpening electric razor knives. This technique is followed with such machines for which other methods are not effective, for example, the Era-100 model.

What do professionals shave

When watching the next American film on cable television, I heard a curious conversation of the characters. Faced two police companions, part-time music lover, on how to listen to music. Laser discs in audio recording format (.cda) were gaining momentum, and we were talking about them. The principle of reading the information of the discussed technique is simple: the laser beam, sliding along the track, played music.

The movie hero ordered an Elvis record by mail for crazy money. To the question of a partner - why - he answered that the pro musician is in the know: only the needle of a vinyl player is capable of delivering true quality! It does not matter that the plate wears out (although the reader touches the track a little).

Why this conversation. Professional barbers prefer dangerous blades. No machines, especially electricity. Inveterate clients in such establishments are business people who understand the importance of respectable appearance. You should not use a dangerous razor at home, with a steel blade straightened on the skin, an amazing result is obtained. Cutting the hairs under the root, the sharp blade makes the face fresh and clean. A dangerous razor is brought in 3-5 steps. The angle of sharpening is constantly reduced, achieving acceptable sharpness. Then the tool is fixed on the belt. Sharpening is run by special workshops.

We choose an electric razor because the device saves time, effort and gives a chance to look one hundred percent respectable with a minimum of effort. At the same time, we get wider functionality than the machine. Security is higher at times. Dry shaving is not available to the traditional blade. Sometimes there are simply no conditions to carry out the procedures for removing bristles in full. Then electric shavers come to the rescue.

There are two varieties:

Using a screwdriver and glass

First, a man needs to have a drill with a reverse or a screwdriver, and also prepare a glass for sharpening the knives of the device. The sharpening principle implies the reverse reverse of the screwdriver, since clockwise movements only blunt the blades even more. Blades are taken out of the razor, placed under the glass, after which the knives are sharpened with the help of a trihedral nozzle and reverse movement. Small revolutions of the screwdriver last no more than 5 minutes.

The device of electric razors

It is wrong to call a razor mesh. Mesh is called a pattern, filter, python. The grid razor includes 1 element that is more suitable for grid definition.

If you find fault with words, rotary razors are named according to the nature of the movement made by the knives, then it is logical to call this kind of translational or reciprocal. Reason: the knife cruises like a shuttle back and forth, reciprocating movements are made. The knife goes in a straight line, turns around, runs back. Hair cutting occurs on the inside of the mesh. The knife is burned to the inner surface at a short distance. This is the principle of operation of the electric shaver. Tall, thick bristles are cut easily. Long hairs are not enough for electric shavers. You will have to shorten the beard before the procedure with scissors.

A typical mesh electric shaver contains few components:

  1. Body.
  2. Electric motor
  3. Cord with plug or battery with adapter.
  4. Grid for electric shavers.
  5. Knife block.

In our country at the time of the USSR, electric shavers were powered by a standard 220 V AC outlet. Moreover, in the bathrooms sources were not provided. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself that a man should shave in the corridor, in the room - wherever a mirror is hung. Otherwise, there is a violation of state standards and safety precautions.

A modern electric shaver does not, as a rule, be powered by a network. Instead of a cord, they complement the case with a battery compartment. In the West, for decades, there has been a struggle for security, sockets are replaced on the territory of the bathroom with differential machines or they provide a reduced voltage for which a household appliance installed in such places is designed. Electric shavers manufacturers have equipped the products with special batteries, like cell phones. If you plug the adapter into a power outlet and at the same time shave, it won’t happen - the voltage is low. At the same time, stringent insulation standards are introduced. You should not be afraid to use mesh razors in the bathroom.

Remember the simple rule: the brush provided in the kit cannot be cleaned. Honeycombs are a fragile vulnerable element of a razor, the perfect correctness of the geometric shape determines the performance of the product. A slight deflection will cause the blade to touch the wall or block. Have to visit the store. Mikma electric shaver net costs, for example, 85 rubles. Now think of the spare heads for Gillette machines to understand that the overhead is not so great.

Mesh razor allows you to shave with both well-known methods:

The plus is obvious - saving time. At the same time, one should not expect a well-trained clean shave. The basis was specified at the beginning of the text.

Using GOI paste

Razor sharpening involves the use of another device - GOI paste. This tool was first launched one hundred years ago. The original purpose of the paste was to polish metals, stone, ceramics and steel, and later for other surfaces. Today on sale offer several types of pasta:

  • for a matte effect on the surface,
  • for rough polishing,
  • for a glossy effect and fine finish.

If we talk about the metal of electric razor knives, you cannot apply the paste in its pure form, it is diluted to the state of the solution or applied with a soft cloth. The electric shaver is sharpened with GOI paste as follows:

  • in a bowl, the paste is dissolved in a small amount of vegetable oil,
  • a little solvent is added to the mixture,
  • then the blocks of the electric razor knives need to be lowered into the solution,
  • you need to hold the knives for as long as the average shaving time lasts,
  • at the end, knives should be wiped with a paper towel and assemble the device.

Manufacturers of paste and specialists in sharpening blades and knives of electrical appliances note that after these manipulations the device will work like new. When changing blades, it is advised to first carry out a similar polishing with a paste so that the razor works 100%.

Using denim

You can restore the sharpness of razor blades or electric razor knives with denim. The technique does not require financial costs and promises a result no worse than in previous methods. The instruction assumes the following steps:

  • jeans are turned upside down
  • a small piece of jeans, inside out, is placed on top of a strong object, for example, a wooden beam, a ruler or a cardboard cylinder,
  • if the jeans are sewn evenly, the lining is held diagonally, if the jeans are made of diagonal fabric, the lining is fixed evenly,
  • razor knives move along the fabric in the opposite direction from the usual during shaving.

Such manipulations will help preserve the integrity of the tissue and sharpen the blade. But this method is suitable for temporary sharpening several times. Yes, and for an electric shaver, this method is not always effective enough, many experts note that it is difficult to find high-quality jeans for the point of knives.

Features of electric shavers

For wet shaving, Panasonic products are considered optimal. Devices after use are washed under running water - in the simplest case. More expensive models come with their own docking stations equipped with cartridges. Inside the razor during the rest will prepare for the next use. The next point is important. Electric shaver manufacturers present wet shaving as ideal, but in fact there is a pitfall. A humid environment provides a favorable environment - a space for the growth of harmful bacteria.

The head of the wet electric shaver becomes a hotbed of microscopic living creatures. As a result, after several applications, the skin will begin to become very irritated.When there is a docking station, the process is blocked by detergent. For the addition you will have to pay money. Pleasure is not cheap, but the effect is guaranteed. Particularly admire devices with a source of ultraviolet radiation. Microbes are killed completely, the skin does not irritate when shaved.

When choosing an electric shaver for wet shaving, consider a method of disinfection. Often the appropriate funds will be found in the department of the store. Replaceable nets for electric shavers are better to buy with a razor. Products are aging, components can be difficult to get. Homemade nets are not suitable, not meeting sanitary standards.

When choosing, give preference to models with batteries. Typical uptime is 40 minutes - 1 hour. According to users, this time is enough for a month of impeccable morning work. Moreover, most mesh razors are not afraid of a full discharge, in addition, it is equipped with an anti-recharge protection option.

An autonomous energy source makes the device mobile, providing advantages that make it profitable to use a grid electric razor on the road, in a car, train, or on an airplane. If the charge level is alarming, it’s easy to get models equipped with level indicators in the vast global network of stores. The razor will show how much energy is left, even ask to charge.

Do-it-yourself mesh razor repair consists in periodically cleaning and replacing the mesh. Two simple procedures are accompanied by maximum caution. Knives, even in a dull state, can cut the skin of the hands. After removing the head, carefully peel off the net and tap the butt on a flat, smooth and hard surface. Knives are fanned with a brush. After assembly, the product is checked for operability.

Other problems with electric shavers are best fixed at the nearest workshop. If the product is cheap, it’s more profitable to buy a new one.


Possessing patience and skills, every man will be able to rehabilitate his electric razor by sharpening her knives. This will allow for a long time to maintain the life of the device and provide the man with high-quality and unhindered shaving of the bristles. If you follow all the instructions and rules, home sharpening will not be inferior to the one that the master performs. The best quality method is considered to be sharpening with GOI paste, after which the service life is extended for another year in advance.

How to sharpen a razor at home

Shavers are rotary or mesh. Regardless of the type of appliance, stainless steel knives are coated with a layer of titanium or ceramic to prevent allergies. Of course, if there is any doubt about the possibility of carrying out independent sharpening of knives, it is better to consult a specialist, or you can use one of the "popular" ways to solve the problem.

How to sharpen metal knives for a dull electric shaver yourself?

Using methods of sharpening razor knives and using their own forces, you can be sure that the actions are carried out correctly and the device will last more than one year. Among the common recommendations, there are ways to sharpen blades with tools available in the arsenal of every man.

The procedure for using sandpaper with fine grain for grinding metals from 1200 to 2500 microns:

  • Remove the blades from the device.
  • Place the knives down on the sandpaper.
  • Insert cardan or shaft. While pressing the blades to the surface of the paper, turn on the device for 10-15 seconds.
  • Using sandpaper with finer grain size of 2500 microns, repeat the action.
  • With a fluffy brush, brush the knives from metal dust, collect the razor.

Attention! For optimal results, it is recommended to use sandpaper to work on a dry surface, without a soft base.

The easiest and most effective way to sharpen razor blades is to use GOI paste, created to repair damaged surfaces of a variety of textures, from steel to plastic. The chemical product, which includes fine-grained powder of chromium oxide, is characterized as a productive composition for grinding and polishing. For sharpening razor knives, it is not recommended to use paste in its pure form.

  • Put a small amount of paste in a shallow dish with a flat bottom.
  • To soften add oil (technical or vegetable).
  • Pour a little solvent (gasoline, kerosene, alcohol) and stir with a wooden spatula. The composition should be jelly-like and cover the surface of the dishes by several millimeters.
  • Lower the razor into the mass so that the blades are completely submerged with the paste.
  • Turn on the device and let it run for 1-2 minutes.
  • Carefully remove the compound from the knives with a soft flannel napkin.

Important! For the procedure, it is better to use paste No. 3, intended for sharpening and polishing metal.

How to grind an electric shaver with your own hands using glass?

The most popular way to sharpen razor blades remains the use of an electric drill or an electric screwdriver. For this sharpening method you will need a tool and a glass measuring 10 * 10 cm:

  • Pull the knives out of the appliance.
  • Put on the glass so that the knives rest against the surface.
  • Install a trihedral bat in the drill.
  • Start the electric drill using a reverse stroke at low engine speeds. When operating the drill clockwise, razor knives can become unusable.
  • Sharpening no more than five minutes.

Important! To protect the eyes, it is advisable to use a protective mask or glasses.

Having resorted to independent sharpening according to these recommendations, you can periodically, as required, extend the life of the device for a long time.

Sharpening method with a glass and a screwdriver

To sharpen knives in this way, you need ordinary glass and a screwdriver or drill with reverse.

Important! To sharpen the blades in this way, you need to use the reverse reverse - clockwise movement will only dull the knives even more.

The blade previously extracted from the razor must be placed on the glass and, using the trihedral nozzle and reverse reverse, sharpen. The screwdriver should work at low speeds, the whole process will not take more than 5 minutes.

To summarize

Using one of the above methods, if you have certain skills and patience, you can sharpen your razor blades yourself, which will extend their service life for a long time. The results of sharpening carried out at home, subject to all the rules and recommendations, may not be inferior to the results after professional processing. Practice shows that when sharpening blades using GOI paste, they will work flawlessly for at least a year.

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