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Techniques and methods of how to excite a man correctly

When we fall in love, we naturally begin to experience excitement, but a strong impulse can fade away or even disappear over time. There is nothing wrong with this, since the strength and regularity of desire can and should be influenced. Armed with the advice of psychologists and having studied some tricks, any girl will be able to return to her relationship with a guy the former sharpness.

What makes a man

For many couples, the question arises sharply about how to return passion and sexual attraction to relationships, if this has come to naught over time. Many women try to find effective methods of how to seduce a man, how to make him lust for his lady, raising a fire of love again. The same problems can arise in relatively recent relations against the background of complexes and constraint.

Experts know many ways to excite a man with the help of words, gestures, actions, touches and surroundings. Taking the initiative for many women becomes very difficult due to self-doubt or lack of knowledge on how to do this.. To do this, there are certain women's tricks and tricks, which are worth talking about in more detail.

Key recommendations

Men love with their eyes, and women with their ears. Everyone heard this statement, but not everyone understands its meaning correctly. The fact is that representatives of the stronger sex use the visual way of perceiving the world, and the weak - the audio. It follows from this that for any man the “picture” is very important. Moreover, we are talking not only about the appearance and attractiveness of his companion, but also about the mood she demonstrates. A man can be excited by performing a sensual dance or slow undressing. Of course, you can not cross the boundaries beyond which seduction grows into outright vulgarity. This can push away.

Oddly enough, odors have a powerful effect on the stronger sex. Interestingly, different men emit different scents for themselves. If you know about the addictions of a partner, it will not be difficult for you to seduce him.

What else turns men on? Of course, compliments. More often tell your chosen one that he is sexy, interesting, unique. If in your eyes at the same time sincere admiration is read, the man will answer you the same.

Three of the above factors are considered by sexologists as the most significant. Use them if you want to keep passion in a relationship, but do not forget about some of the rules. First, a woman should behave naturally and be sincere. Secondly, everything is good in moderation. Methods need to be combined, and stimulants should be dosed.

We excite the guy verbally

We mentioned above that women are by their nature audiences, however, there are some tricks that effectively affect men. For example, talk at bedtime about your erotic dreams and fantasies. If your intonation is seductive, and the description is fascinating, you will be able to make a partner in one word. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in memories and talk about what you have already gone through in bed. Perhaps your man will want to repeat a lot. Also, sexologists recommend without fear to talk about their desire - it excites and causes sincere interest.

The techniques we have described work just fine outside the matrimonial bedroom. Spicy conversations can be made in cars, restaurants, museums, public parks ...

How to seduce at a glance?

Our eyes are a powerful instrument of seduction. If used correctly, you will not need additional stimulants and erotic massage sessions. But where do you start? First, emphasize the beauty of your eyes. You should not impose a large number of cosmetics, but some of them in this case, of course, come in handy. The most important thing is to choose a high-quality mascara that will make your eyelashes long and fluffy, as well as a comfortable eyeliner. Proper makeup helps to achieve the effect of an open and expressive look, and mask minor flaws, if any.

If you don’t know how to flirt with your eyes, often train in front of the mirror and watch famous actresses on the movie screens. By the way, a man can be aroused not only with languid looks, but also through tactile sensations. For this, a special “butterfly” technique is recommended, the essence of which is the touch of blinking eyelashes.

We are excited by phone

Is it possible to have a man who is far from you? Of course you can, because modern technical means and an understanding of small tricks help to overcome any distance. If you decide to use telephone for this, pay special attention to your voice and intonation. It is not so important what you talk about with a man, rather than how. The correct intonation should be languid, disposing and with all this - not played. Courageous ladies arrange phone calls for their chosen ones, while others whisper modestly about hidden desires.

If you want your man to hurry home, but hesitates to call him, you can try SMS seduction techniques. But what to write about? Of course, about their sexual desires. At the same time, it is not necessary to use traditional forms of writing, since you can catch a man with a poem and well-chosen quote from the movie.

Arousing a sleeping man

Why excite a man who sleeps sweetly and does not think about sex? In order to wake him up and tune into intimacy. Such situations are not frequent, but occasionally occur in all marriages. Oral sex is recognized as the universal and most powerful method in terms of effects, although you can try other methods. For example - the impact on the junction of the hips and spine, buttock massage, kisses.

Exciting by touch

The easiest way to excite a man with touches, because tactile sensations still remain the strongest for us. However, it should be remembered that the development of various seductive techniques and the ability to control your own body are things that are usually over the years. Perhaps you have a lot to learn.

Tactile action is a real field for experimentation, since you can touch a man not only with his hands. Some women make partners kisses, others touch them with their breasts and hips, and still others use foreign objects. For example, silk scarves or feathers. An interesting alternative is food, as you can seduce with juicy fruits and whipped cream.

Regardless of your strategy, it should be remembered that the impact should be directed primarily to the erogenous zones. These include ears, chest, abdomen, and spine.


It is no secret that men love with their eyes, so its libido and sexual activity directly depend on how a woman looks. No man can resist a girl in beautiful underwear with makeup and styling, so a woman must definitely analyze her external data.

The main form of natural sexual stimulation is the visual contemplation of a sexual object. The object is required to be attractive and sexy, an alternative may be viewing photos, pictures or videos of erotic content. As practice shows, this helps a man and his partner to be quickly and strongly excited.


Another important way to get a man and bring him close to you is with a certain woman’s voice. There are frequent cases when a man fell in love exclusively with the girl’s voice, without seeing her external data. Representatives of the stronger sex are primarily interested in girls with a feminine, melodic, sensual and fluid voice.

In addition to the voice, attention must be paid to intonation, it must be somewhat languid and mysterious, so that the girl can, as it were, flirt with her chosen one. Well, do not underestimate the effectiveness of exciting words. The most effective videos are pornographic content that excite both the man and his partner in minutes.

Pathogen Products

Food is not only a way to satisfy hunger, it is also a source of valuable vitamins and minerals, useful substances for the full functioning of the whole organism. Specialists claim that some products are pure aphrodisiacs that can excite any man. You can increase libido and sexual appetite if you regularly use the following products:

  • oysters, shrimp, fish and other seafood,
  • strawberries, peaches, figs, avocados, citruses, bananas,
  • onion and garlic,
  • liver,
  • bitter chocolate,
  • asparagus, dill and parsley,
  • almonds and other nuts.

Also, almost all spices and spices affect the body of the man and the sexual sphere, like the aphrodisiacs mentioned above. The main condition for obtaining the result is their regular use in the optimal amount, an overdose can also be harmful and dangerous by the opposite effect.

Psychological attitude

If a man fails to get excited himself, his partner can come to the rescue by adjusting his appearance, voice and manner of behavior. Men were never attracted to overly proactive and assertive girls, but few would want passive, reserved persons. To excite a man, a woman needs to be:

  • liberated, but not vulgar,
  • easy to communicate with a sense of humor and charisma,
  • charming and laid back
  • self-confident
  • flirty and playful.

The best way to manifest sexual desire between partners is to flirt, and if a woman helps a man to tune in this way, he will quickly get aroused. A man needs to avoid stress, conflict, quarrels and misunderstandings with a woman, to establish a regime of work and rest.

Stimulant drugs

If all of the above methods have been unsuccessful, you can resort to the help of stimulant drugs. But first, a man needs to consult a doctor in order to correctly choose an effective drug and its dosage. There are several types of drugs stimulants of libido and erection:

  1. Synthetic Stimulants - Generic drugs are used, which guarantee a man a quick achievement of maximum erection. The drug must be taken before sexual intercourse, following all the instructions in the instructions. After that, a man has a strong and lasting erection, allowing you to enjoy a long and high-quality sex.

  1. Animal stimulants - the composition of these tablets contains components of animal origin, that is, special animal enzymes that cause sexual activity and erection in men. For instance:
  • Dragon Tornado
  • Spanish fly,
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • Golden tiger and others.

Stimulants of erection and potency can be used only for a certain period of time and strictly according to the instructions, otherwise side effects may develop. All of them are temporary in nature, the root of the problem in the genital area should be sought and corrected by a medical specialist.

Folk methods

Traditional medicine is a worthy alternative to traditional methods that have contraindications and side effects. Most often, experts recommend using medicinal herbs, thanks to which a complex beneficial effect on the entire body and reproductive system is provided.

Plant aphrodisiacs may be as follows:

  • ginseng root,
  • Rhodiola rosea,
  • asparagus root
  • thyme,
  • Dill seeds,
  • lemongrass,
  • artichoke,
  • nettle seeds
  • root crops of parsnip,
  • fennel.

From these plants, you can prepare an alcohol tincture, or you can make a decoction or infusion. Experts also recommend the use of aromatic oils, the exciting centers of the nervous system and the brain, which are responsible for the sexual arousal of men. These are esters of cinnamon, ylang-ylang, vanilla, rosemary, saffron, almond.


The level of libido of a man is responsible for sexual arousal, but under the influence of a number of factors of negative influence, it happens that libido falls. It is possible to quickly excite a man with the help of visual and auditory stimulation by the woman, and special attention should be paid to the psychoemotional state of the man. Traditional medicine calls a number of plant pathogens, official medicine - stimulant drugs for men.

What is arousal?

Sex is one of the most important conditions for a harmonious and long relationship between a man and a woman. In situations where a man loses interest in his half, should not put an end to the intimate life of partners. In the power of a wise woman to return the ardor and desire of a man with the help of certain tricks. To begin with, it’s worth understanding what male arousal is, on which it depends.

The psychology of sexual arousal is approximately the same for both partners. It is associated with neuro-hormonal arousal, which gives instinctive urge to discharge. Against this background, the instinct of the hunter aggravates in the man, after which all his thoughts are connected only with the mastery of the woman. The degree of excitability is also responsible for the level of libido and the psycho-emotional background in relations between partners.

What makes men excited?

To choose the right path to the heart of a man and learn how to arouse a man correctly, it is worth learning the main factors that affect sexual arousal. Specialists and psychologists identify several categories of them:

  1. External data. The face of a person is more important. According to statistics, many men are attracted to a woman by the woman's open and gaze, plump sensual lips. Psychologists also note that men like women with a minimal amount of makeup, a round face, blush and loose hair. Hair length and natural appearance are two keys to attracting male attention for a woman.
  2. Vote. According to experts, success in the task of how to get a man also depends on the voice. There were times when a man could fall in love with a girl only by voice, without even seeing her external data. It is difficult to imagine a beautiful woman with a hoarse, rough voice that excites men. The voice should be full, melodic, feminine and sensual.
  3. clothing. It's no secret that using the right wardrobe items, any nondescript person can turn into a stylish, catchy and unforgettable lady. Many women manage to use all the tools at once to make him excited. In fact, you should choose one of your dignity for demonstration, hiding everything else. Since men are by nature miners, which means they will appreciate a certain understatement.
  4. Behavior. Not a small role in the process of winning male attention is played by the girl's behavior. Men are not attracted to sandwiched and shackled ladies, but obsessive and hypersexual women are an amateur. Ease of communication, a sense of humor and ease, coquetry and self-confidence will always be appreciated in a woman. It is permissible to show your temperament, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

In the complex, all categories of man’s conquest will work 100%, if in attempts to find things that excite, the woman left the right to initiative and action to the man himself. The instinct of the hunter works in most cases, especially if the woman will always be different for him.

What will help you quickly get a partner

To excite a guy quickly and without question, each girl must find for herself her tricks and tricks, since each man is arranged differently by virtue of his individual characteristics and preferences. But one thing is clear - you need to work on it at the physiological and psycho-emotional level. For instance:

  • the manifestation of initiative is always justified, that’s how you can quickly get any man
  • impact on erogenous zones guarantees a 100% erection if a man has no physiological problems with this function (massage, foreplay, touch, kisses),
  • heels - this is the best weapon for the temptation of men, according to psychologists, men are excited by the sound of heels,
  • a smile is also a weapon even against the most impregnable man, especially if it conceals coquetry and a manifestation of a woman’s interest in her chosen one,
  • a piercing gaze works wonders if it is under fluffy cilia with sparks of fire and passion, you just have to let the man know about his desires,
  • you can greatly excite a man if you sit on his knees, this is a 100% win-win horse move with a stunning effect,
  • not only are there things that excite a man, you can get him in just words with a hint of how a woman wants him,
  • frank fantasies and desire to experiment will not leave indifferent even a spouse with 10-20 years of marriage,
  • underwear works wonders, according to statistics, 99% of men go crazy with lace sexy underwear and similar outfits,
  • masturbation of a woman turns off the brain of a man, risky ladies can use this technique time after time, and the effect of this will only increase.

If sex has become commonplace, arousing your partner in three accounts can be a proposal for an unconventional way of intercourse. Almost 90% of men accept oral and anal sex, perhaps many of them do not dare to do this in anticipation of the initiative from their lady. It remains only to hint in any way that the woman is not at all against such a variety as the coldest man can turn into an ardent and passionate lover.

How to understand that a man is aroused?

In addition to finding out why men are excited, you should be able to distinguish all the signs that the man was subdued. For this, specialists specify several signs of sexual arousal of a man, for example:

  1. Heart palpitations, blush and shortness of breath. Also, all this is accompanied by the expansion of the pupils in the eyes, all this is a consequence of increased blood circulation and pressure reaction.
  2. Changed voice intonation also symbolizes from a man’s reaction to a woman. Usually, against the background of attraction, hoarseness is heard in his voice, the tone decreases, the voice becomes muffled and intermittent.
  3. Nerve reactions against the background of excitement, an attentive woman can also notice. He may not find a place for himself, show some kind of twitching, all this may indicate that a man simply can not restrain himself.
  4. Erection. No man can hide such a sign of arousal, since physiology takes precedence over consciousness.

The only exception to the rule when a man’s erect penis should not be mistaken for a signal of upcoming sexual intercourse is a morning erection. In other cases, the penis can react in a similar way even simply from the appearance of an ajar cleavage.

What exactly does not excite men?

Unlike the tricks and methods of exciting a man, the moments that, on the contrary, do not excite him in the least, are much less. But, unfortunately, many women make a mistake either through negligence, or because of ignorance. Asexual moments are as follows:

  • excessive vulgarity in behavior and appearance (explicit outfits, busting with cosmetics, lack of a sense of style and tact in clothes, etc.),
  • unnaturalness in appearance,
  • noisy behavior, talkativeness and inappropriate jokes, constant laughter, a rude voice and the use of abuse in speech,
  • groomed appearance
  • a large amount of perfumery (men love the natural smell of the body),
  • stiffness, notoriety and self-doubt.

It is no secret that men love to seek a woman, to conquer her and conquer, but no one will knock on a closed door. If you show shyness, severe restraint, avoid intimacy, refuse a man, this can play a cruel joke, causing the opposite effect. But even a woman, an open book with a wide open soul, can hardly intrigue anyone.

Little life hacks

In addition to the ordinary and ordinary female tricks to conquer a man, you can pick up certain things that excite no less than previous options. Modern women have developed several life hacks on this subject.

Aroma oils. Scientists have long found those plants and animal extracts, thanks to which you can increase the libido of a man, forcing him to crave intimacy with a woman.

To do this, stock up on esters of oils and extracts, such as:

  • musk in perfume with pheromones,
  • ambergris in perfumery,
  • jasmine ester
  • ylang-ylang ether,
  • nutmeg
  • sandalwood oil.

You can use them in different ways, applying to your body, adding to the water for bathing, lighting in icon lamps. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it in a dose, as this will cause the opposite effect.

You can also use special drugs to excite:

Dance. In recent years, some dance techniques have been actively practiced, which no man can resist. Regardless of age, figure, weight and external data, a woman will be seductive if you learn the following types of dances:

If you accompany the movements with appropriate music, having a man will not be a problem for any woman.

Food - Aphrodisiacs. You can increase male libido, its sexual activity and passion with the help of different foods, for example:

  • oysters
  • nuts
  • avocado,
  • celery,
  • bananas
  • eggs
  • caviar,
  • bitter chocolate,
  • liver,
  • figs
  • seasonings - cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or pepper.

If the aforementioned products regularly appear in a man’s diet, this will significantly change his sexual behavior.

Erotic underwear, role-playing games, the selection of certain music and much more can also be used as life hacks.

9 comments Methods and ways to excite a man correctly

“According to statistics, many men are attracted to women by the woman’s open and gaze, puffy sensual eyes. "A second ... puffy eyes. haha

But to attract my man with nothing. When I offer something new, he tells me “I am not ready for it” when I want in the afternoon, when we are alone in the apartment, when I want in the light, when I want on the table, when I want him to just come up behind me and put on a dress and fucked. He is only at night and only in the dark. And he is forty years old. How to be then? So I want an initiative man nearby. But it seems to me that
This is a verdict. A man who neither drinks nor smokes or has women on the side is probably strange. I don’t even want to excite this. What for? Anyway, he’ll do his job quickly and turn away or stare at the TV.

Throw it nafig, and get one that you want everywhere and always. Even for a smile. Good luck.

You need to have another man))), which will give you pleasure wherever you want! Anywhere in the literal and figurative sense.

For comparison, get someone who drinks, smokes and has other women. You will immediately understand that you already have everything, stop getting it, sawing and scolding, you look at it and want it again, but no, it means you, as a wife, tried hard ...

pour him Viagra ... to start)))

Please excuse me, but this means that you are no longer interested in him as a sexual object. That's all, it's so simple.

Types of stimulation: description and photo

There are different ways to achieve excitement.. The effectiveness of each of them depends on the individual characteristics of the man, his age, preferences, sexual experience and many other factors. Conventionally, several main types of stimulation can be distinguished, for example, drug, psychological, and tactile.

There are much more individual methods of achieving an erection. Next, we will tell you what and how to do it in order to quickly bring your partner “in combat readiness”, and show a photo.

Partner actions and affection

Men are hunters by nature and love to be leaders in bed. But there are exceptions to this rule: some like to watch the girl herself give signs of attention and make unambiguous hints.

How can you really excite a man:

  • kiss on the neck
  • stroking hair
  • breathing languidly in your ear
  • caress fingers, back, torso,
  • gently drive through the stomach, going down, but not giving the man what he wants.

Affectionate partner makes a man relax and feel the powerful excitement.

Additional funds

If role-playing games, flirting and erotic conversations do not give the proper result, you can think about using more powerful means - medications, products, and folk recipes.

Usually drugs and dietary changes are an extreme measure to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Men turn to this method when failures happened two or more times in a row.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies can be used by everyone without restrictions. They do not cause negative reactions, at least - associated with potency, do not require the approval of a doctor and are a worthy alternative to medicines.

Folk remedies include various herbs, plants, spices, from which decoctions, infusions and alcohol tinctures are made.

Raw materials that can be used to improve potency:

  • ginseng root,
  • fennel,
  • Rhodiola rosea,
  • parsnip,
  • asparagus root
  • lemongrass,
  • artichoke,
  • nettle seeds
  • thyme,
  • Dill seeds.

The methods for preparing different products may vary.:

  1. Alcohol tincture takes the most time. For its preparation, you need to take 2-3 tbsp. raw materials, pour vodka or alcohol (diluted to 40%) in an amount of 500 ml, tightly cover and put in a dark cool place for at least three days. It is best to withstand the tincture of 7-10 days. Dosage schedule: 50 ml once a day.
  2. Decoction prepared as follows: 2-3 tablespoons raw materials are poured with water, put on fire and brought to a boil. On medium heat, the preparation takes 5-7 minutes, while constantly stirring it. Ready broth should be filtered and cooled, after which you can take 2-3 times a day for half a glass after a meal.
  3. Tincture cooking easier and faster. Pour boiling water over 1 teaspoon of raw materials, cover tightly and insist for 30-40 minutes. A strained product should be taken half a glass before meals 2 times a day.

Signs of arousal in guys

During sexual desire, all male power is concentrated in the genitals, so the main sign of arousal is an erection. But there are a number of signs that can indicate to a girl that a man is passionate about her and wants to become even closer.

When a man is aroused, he is characterized by the following features:

  • the penetrating deep gaze that he does not look away, the expansion of the pupils,
  • rapid breathing, it becomes deeper, slower and noticeable,
  • increased heart rate
  • changing the tone of voice
  • muscle tension
  • the appearance of goose bumps,
  • increased salivation.

The stronger the excitement, the more obvious its symptoms. During touch and caress, a woman can feel that a man’s cock has become hard, his heart beats more often. In some men, the excitement is literally "written on the face", while others almost do not give themselves away.

Arousing a man is a whole art that every woman should master. If a young man is passionate about a lady, she will arouse desire in him with her mere presence. But to be offended, to humiliate a man or to laugh at him when he fails, is by no means impossible. A man needs help to achieve arousal using one of the available methods of stimulation.

Types of erection

There is a spontaneous erection, which often occurs in men during sleep, psychogenic erection (thoughts about an object of the opposite sex, anticipation of sex with it, smell, beautiful appearance), as well as a reflex erection that appears directly from stroking the genitals, for example, during massage. But for this you need to learn more about how to excite a man correctly with his hands.

Most men love with their eyes, and they experience the greatest excitement from the beautiful appearance of a woman. But in order for him to want sex with a certain woman again and again, it is not enough to “hook” him with his appearance. It is necessary that he experience anxious feelings for the source of excitement and he develops oxytocin.

If he quickly fulfills his sexual desire before falling in love with his partner, then after some time the element of novelty will disappear from sex with this woman, and she will not excite him as before. Therefore, before you start to excite a man, you need to find out how to fall in love with him.

How to fall in love with a man so that he always wants sex with you

We love people with whom we feel good. Falling in love is an unconscious impulse that does not accept any standards and rules, except for one thing: the thought of a loved one evokes positive emotions. A person remembers childhood friends best because he was well with childhood friends. Lovers think about the object of their love, because it is for them a source of pleasure and positive emotions.

Every man and every woman needs something different to start falling in love. We all have some kind of fetishes. Someone more like blondes, some brunettes. But most of all they want those girls with whom they feel in harmony and comfort, and can afford to take off the mask and be what it is.

Prostitution is condemned in society, but strangely enough, there is a demand for corrupt women among men of all ages and social categories. This paradox explains that freedom in a man’s life plays a rather significant role. Many normal males would like to find the "one", and engage in pleasant business only with her. But in order to allow yourself the luxury of being yourself, you have to buy it.

Representatives of the stronger sex use the services of women in a “dirty” profession, often in order to get emotions from them that they are not able to receive when dealing with ordinary women. In addition, many men, in principle, cannot fully relax with their wives.

They get used to the constant humiliation on her part and the neglect of her appearance. Some time after the beginning of the relationship, the “man” no longer sees the tender princess in her beloved, the image that she invented at the beginning of the relationship, she no longer supports. And he is registered on dating sites, looking for affordable girls for one night to somehow color his life.

The first thing to remember: always look after yourself. The guy will love it if you take care of your hair, do hair removal and wear beautiful things. Second: never humiliate him.

How to excite a man by touching?

Head massage does not cause arousal, but rather just relaxes. By doing a head massage to a loved one, he can fall asleep like a baby.Therefore, it is better to give him a passionate kiss, preferably with the tongue. For many people, the ears are an erogenous place.

Whisper something tempting in your ear, but not vulgar. You should not pronounce any overly vulgar or rude phrases from films. Otherwise, the guy may have the image of not a tender cat, but a habalka. Gently bite his earlobe and kiss behind the ear. If he begins to breathe hard, continue.

Physiological stimulation

Physical stimulation can cause excitement even in cases where the man is not psychologically ready for this. Failsafe and fast impact on erogenous zones (inner thigh, nipples, lower abdomen, testicles, area behind the ear, earlobe, penis). Each man has an accumulation of receptors individually. A woman who is attentive to her partner can determine the location of such zones already at the first contact, but help her better: put her hand on a certain area, say that such a touch is especially nice. Timely effect on the erogenous zones not only stimulates sexual arousal, but also helps to maintain and restore an erection if it is weakened.

The easiest way to achieve arousal - masturbation. Independently or with the help of a partner. The effect is achieved by irritation of the receptors of the head when covered with its foreskin. This type of stimulation is a direct response of the genital centers of the spinal cord, regardless of the brain - a reflex involuntary erection. Awareness and maintenance of sexual arousal by the brain occurs after.


A certain aroma can cause in a man both sexual arousal in relation to a woman and her complete rejection. There is a certain set of odors that stimulate erotic sensations, for example:

To create the appropriate mood, it is enough to apply a few drops to the body or give a partner a perfume with a certain set of components.

For some men, the smell of clean skin is enough for arousal. Shower gels with aggressive pronounced aromas often subconsciously repel or cause an allergic reaction in the form of dryness or excessive moistening of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx.

On the secrets of male arousal

To find the right path to the male heart and to know all the subtleties of how to quickly excite a man, you need to study the important points on which his desire for intimacy can depend. Sexologists designate some of them:

  1. Appearance and beauty. Of course, the main thing that attention is paid to is appearance. Statistics show that women are attracted by an open and deep look, delicate lips. Psychologists claim that the male sex pays more attention to girls with modest make-up, a natural blush on their cheeks, a rounded face and long flowing hair. Hair and natural beauty are the two main weapons of women in exciting the opposite sex.
  2. Vote. What a woman says is also an important criterion for her success with the opposite sex. A female voice is sometimes able to arouse a man much faster than appearance. Sometimes a young man falls in love with a woman in absentia, by voice, never having met her live. It’s hard to imagine a sexy girl with a rough baritone. To quickly excite a lover, the voice must be soulful, sensual.
  3. The ability to dress. A sense of style will help any gray mouse to turn into a fashionable lady, tastefully dressed even in the most ordinary things. Many ladies try to use all their talents at once to quickly excite their beloved. This is not entirely correct: you need to flaunt one thing first, and leave the other secrets for later. Men are hunters by nature, which means they will appreciate the mystery and try to open all your cards.
  4. Manners. An important role in the art of rapid arousal of representatives of the opposite sex is assigned to the behavior of women. No guy will pay attention to a too modest, sandwiched girl. By the way, too intrusive persons excite not all men. The stronger sex also attracts female self-confidence, ease, naturalness, a sense of humor, flirty. From time to time, a girl may show her temper, but she must be careful with her severity.

All efforts to quickly excite a guy will bring a positive result if a woman, in attempts to seduce, leaves the right to decisive action for the man, and gives him the opportunity to be in charge. The instinct of the conqueror will certainly work, especially if, in order to quickly arouse a partner, she will learn to be unpredictable and different each time.

Important in the art of quickly exciting guys are not only rounded female forms. One of the main roles went to the manifestation of passionate love, which helps to increase the level of hormones of happiness - endorphins.

This is just a small part of what can quickly excite your partner. How else should a woman act?

What can affect the degree of male attraction:

  • Optical image: winking at a stranger, smiling a pretty colleague, the face of a lover, or other eye contact with a hint of sexual interest. Thanks to such signs of attention, a man has in his thoughts colorful bold fantasies of future intercourse.
  • Odor: a woman’s natural smell has a special exciting effect on males. Manufacturers of erotic perfumes and pathogens often add essential oils and pheromones to the composition.
  • Auditory communication: any whispering, even a name uttered in your ear, will help you quickly excite your partner.
  • Taste: aphrodisiacs will help increase sexual desire and quickly excite a man. Some foods have a similar effect: bananas, honey, seafood, nuts and chocolate.
  • Touch Unambiguous touches will start the natural reaction of the male body. With certain movements and touching the body and genitals, an erection will occur. And further enhance sexual arousal.

The secret to how to quickly excite a man is in the video:

In search of an effective way to stimulate an erection, you can use special drugs or foods (aphrodisiacs, stimulating gel for men, lubricants, aromatic oils). But know that the desired result will make you wait a bit. And one more thing: before you take up additional means of arousal, carefully inquire if your chosen one has an allergy to the gel components or lubricants that you want to use. Otherwise, instead of sensual groans, you run the risk of getting a choked wheezing of your partner with requests to call an "ambulance".

Use tips from online sites carefully. Home experts in the field of quick arousal often give amateur advice in which they say that there are moments that are very harmful to sexuality, and they should in no case be practiced. For instance:

  • Vulgar behavior, provocative clothing, makeup too bright, obscene manners.
  • Unnatural appearance.
  • Obscene manners, inappropriate humor, loud laughter, swearing and excessive talkativeness.

Sex does not endure any taboos! What one man does not accept can quickly excite the madness of another. It happens that your chosen one has not gained enough experience in sexual relations and in the past dealt with modest women who did not allow unnecessary manifestation of carnal pleasures. Perhaps he suffered from the unfulfillment of his fantasies. You have a chance to surprise him! Make a modest surprise - open the door for him in the dress of a priestess of love, ready to fulfill any secret desire of his. Before this, you can read about how to excite a man with his hands quickly. After this, your relationship and trust in them will become stronger.

Some guys instantly turns on when a girl pronounces swear words, especially when obscenities describe the masculine principle. You will not find a single guy who would prefer to hear the gentle “take me dear” instead of the passionate “come here, stallion”.

But at the beginning of the novel, you need to remove the prohibitions little by little. Taking one careful step, try to move on. Thus, you will feel the very edge that even the most uninhibited guy will not allow himself to cross. All other bold ways to quickly excite a man have a place to be.

Recommended articles on this topic:

Products for arousal

Foods eaten shortly before sex can have an indirect effect on the degree of sexual arousal. Dense food will reduce it, the body will be busy digesting, all other functions are inhibited, a person is immersed in a light nap.

Light, rich in vitamins dishes will give strength and energy. An ideal meal before sexual intercourse - seafood and greens. It does not have to be mussels and trepans. Salmon, mackerel, herring are quite suitable. The composition of the salad is recommended to include aphrodisiacs: celery, parsley, sesame seeds. As a dessert, a nut-honey mixture is well suited.

Click on image to enlarge

Female response

It's believed that excited woman - the best aphrodisiac for men. Mutual response stimulates further actions and enhances sensations. Signs of sexual arousal in women:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Hardening and enlargement of the nipples,
  • Swelling of the external genital organs, discoloration of the mucous membranes due to blood flow,
  • Isolation of grease.

A woman “infects” a man with his excitement, which is automatically included in the process. Indifference and the absence of a visible response dulls even a strong desire.


Sexual arousal in a man occurs either by a signal from the brain (fantasies, visual perception, smells) or from a direct effect on the penis. The modern sex industry offers a wide range of special products that provoke and enhance desire without harm to health. As for the prescription PDE-5 inhibitors, they can only be aroused by the placebo effect. These drugs do not work while there is no sexual mood.

Male Excitation Mechanisms

Sexual arousal is the product of the activation of a complex system of reflexes involving the nervous system and genitals. The body collects signals from the external environment and through impulses directs them to the brain and spinal cord, and he already gives the command to the genitals. Nature in men laid three ways of sexual arousal:

  1. Visual. The expression that a man loves with his eyes is about that. Thoughts about sex are most often triggered by visual images. Pornographic videos and photos are invariably the most effective method of arousal.
  2. Physical (from stimulation of the penis or erogenous zones). A man may not think about sex at all and do not want it, but the genital organ will respond with an erection to touch, bypassing consciousness. Oral sex almost always excites a healthy man. The exception is people who categorically do not accept such games on a subconscious level.
  3. From your own touch. A large number of nerve endings are concentrated at the ends of male fingers, through which impulses are transmitted to the brain, which forms sexual arousal. Even if there is no mood for sex, then when stroking the female breast or genitals, it automatically appears.

In many men, arousal occurs under the influence of certain factors (fetish) These may include: clothing (nurse’s robe, stewardess uniform), smells, timbre, gait, gestures. Even if the woman as a whole is not in the taste of the man, but something in her is the subject of a fetish, sexual arousal will arise.

How to quickly excite a man without exposure

In the stock of the most seasoned “don juan” is the expression “nothing can quickly excite a man like a woman’s half-naked body”. Remember it and use in practice the seduction of the stronger sex, or try to immediately take the upper bar and arouse your husband without undressing. Be sure to consider the nuances of the clothes in which you plan to excite a man. A logical conclusion to seduction is out of the question if you wear a blouse with twenty buttons or a bra with a front closure (sometimes men come across who do not realize the existence of such models of underwear). Your outfit should be removed quickly and easily, otherwise you can forget about spontaneous and passionate sex.

Despite the beliefs of fashion bloggers, hairpins are not only a working way to add a few centimeters to your height, but also a means to quickly excite a young man. In reality, high heels are a powerful and quick remedy for men. When the chosen one sees you in such sexy shoes, he will not be able to keep his imagination within the bounds of decency, even if at this moment you will be wearing a coat. In his thoughts, you have long stood only in these graceful shoes. Effective advice: when it comes to business, do not rush to take off your shoes.

The strict classic suit “white top, black bottom”, which is worn only for the occasion of important business negotiations, in fact, for many years it works precisely as a means of quickly exciting men. Who you appear in the illusions of your partner - a strict teacher or director - is unknown, and it does not matter. Just take into account that a narrow pencil skirt and the most ordinary white shirt, combined with glasses and hair gathered in a bun or tail, will make your chosen one wish - to tear it all away from you, and immediately!

We are not talking about frank sexual poses or seductive touches to their own female "charms". Women who are skilled in the art of quick arousal claim that a languid look with a drop of hair from under the dropped cilia in a duet with a bitten lip will affect your man so that he can’t eat a bite, and immediately require an account, even if you only take a few minutes back entered the restaurant. But before you try this method of arousal in practice, practice in front of a mirror.

Hot tips on how to surprise a man in sex:

How to quickly excite a man with words

An instant desire in a man can be caused not only by open poses or naked parts of the body. A languid voice, special phrases uttered even in a neutral environment, can at one moment arouse and set up your partner for momentary intimacy.

  • Sexual stories. It doesn’t matter at all whether you intend to bring your story to life. The main thing is to speak in a languid, mysterious voice and describe in detail all the actions of the main characters and sensations. This is a guaranteed way to quickly arouse a partner.
  • Shared memories of your personal past intimate acts. Such conversations contribute to the awakening of desire, and everything else is a matter of technology. Sexual fantasies and improvisations will not leave you indifferent and quickly excite even a man with a long history of family life.
  • Decisive may be the desire of the girl herself. When you decide to take a sexual initiative and take over the situation, the man will not be able to resist and will be ready to do everything for mutual pleasure.

Important! Do not be afraid to provoke your husband into intimacy - this will always be justified. Thus, you can very quickly excite a man.

The above methods of how to quickly excite a guy can be used not only in the matrimonial bedroom, but also in the car and in the changing room.In practice, they will lead even the most passive man and will be able to settle in his thoughts the most frank fantasies and dreams.

If you can't come up with soulful speech yourself, find the right phrases on the Internet. Focus on experience with a specific partner. Maybe there will be no reaction to the “I want you” uttered by you, but with the word “cabriolet” his heart will tremble with memories of uncontrolled sex in this car.

If sex has become boring and mundane, try to offer your partner a bold solution - an unconventional type of intimacy. As a rule, about 90% of the stronger sex allow oral and anal sex in their intimate life, but wait for the woman to take the initiative. If a lady hints at the readiness for such experiments, even in a cold and lazy man a sexual beast will wake up.

If, due to circumstances (a business trip to another city or to study) you are far from your partner, you can update your feelings by talking on intimate topics over the phone. This will not only diversify the relationship, but also help relieve the sexual tension accumulated during the absence of your soul mate.

Exciting a loved one with words, you can bring the conversation to a logical end. But keep in mind that phone sex should occur at a convenient time for the interlocutor. It is unlikely that he will be pleased with your revelation and his erection at a meeting with colleagues.

Two options will help to quickly excite a chosen one temporarily far from you:

Thanks to the conversation in an intimate whisper, you can quickly excite a man. Try to invite the chosen one to have sex on the phone, discussing in advance all the nuances with the help of correspondence. Send the man intimate photos in advance that will quickly arouse him.

There are frequent cases when telephone sex leads to a real orgasm.

But keep in mind that if you have not previously offered your partner such frank confessions and sexual games, he may be suspicious of your intimate conversations. Especially if the man is hot-tempered and jealous. Such flirtatious behavior may lead him to think about a likely betrayal. In this case, instead of the expected excitement, you run the risk of getting the exact opposite result.

So that later you do not have to make excuses to your loved one and you do not fall under the hot hand of a jealous spouse, it is better to practice sexual telephone conversations not at the moment when the husband is far away, but after his return home.

Then go to the neck

In many "men" the neck is no less erogenous than in women. Take advantage of this fact and, after kisses behind the ear, slightly touch the neck. Stroke this part of the body with your hand (not with your nails).

Then, most likely, the guy wants to remove his shirt, expose the torso, and you can go to the caresses of the upper body.

Despite the fact that male nipples do not feel as much touch as female, the breast of a representative of the stronger sex is also excited. You can just stroke them with your palm or even kiss. If you hear an increased heartbeat, it means that the arousal intensifies, and you are acting correctly. In addition, you will feel that the man began to act actively himself, he directs your hand (most likely, lower).

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Hi, my name is Yaroslav Samoilov. I am an expert in the psychology of relations and over the years of practice I have helped more than 10,000 girls meet worthy halves, build harmonious relationships and return love and understanding to families that were on the verge of a divorce.

More than anything else, I am inspired by the happy eyes of students who meet the people of their dreams and enjoy a truly vibrant life.

My goal is to show women this way of developing relationships that will help them create a synergy of success and happiness!

To do or not to do blowjob?

Many men love oral sex, some treat them calmly, but there is such a category of guys who, in general, do not allow their bride to give them a blow job, considering him a “dirty” unworthy of a normal woman affection. But there are very few such guys. Most men love oral sex.

What to do for those with long nails?

The extended nails may not excite, but only tickle. But this problem can be avoided if you know how to use such “weapons”.

Carefully run your nails along the vertebrae (spine). Pay particular attention to the area between the shoulder blades. Also, kiss this place.

You can pay attention to the buttocks. But do not iron them gently, but touch them. This will make the person a little cheer up.

How to make a guy you have been dating for a long time

What your boyfriend likes visually is exciting on its own. It is always worth remembering this. Therefore, pay attention to your hair and figure.

You can make a guy a little surprise: buy a beautiful maid costume, consisting of an apron and a short dress, and bring him, for example, breakfast in bed. Thus, a man will see your figure, appreciate your moderately relaxed, but not vulgar image, and, accordingly, be aroused.

Do not immediately “give up”. You need to play a little and resist. The guy gets aroused even more from this.

What factors need to be considered before thinking: how to excite the man correctly?

Before having sex, you need to make sure that the man likes you, that he is in love with you, that he is set up for sex. In addition, you need to consider a factor such as sexual temperament.

You may have wondered more than once: why some men are “preoccupied maniacs” and are aroused by touch, while others are not even fooled by your sexual tricks.

There are only three types of love temperament: medium, calm (low) and high.

Psychologists and sexopathologists claim that the harmony of a couple consists of two factors: the presence of common interests and a similar sex temperament. Couples with equally high or equally low temperament are most harmonious in bed. If a woman with high temperament decides to start a family with a “calm” man, then sooner or later she will think about treason, but, on the contrary, a “strong” man in love affairs will fall in love with a “calm” woman, then, disappointed, will christen her a “log” ".

Sex temperament of a person: “innate” property, and it is impossible to change it. It depends on the presence of certain hormones in the body, which cannot be increased in any way, unless with powerful medications. There are cases when people with low temperament tried to become “hotter” in order to please their partner. And one Hollywood actress specifically sought for herself numerous love affairs and exhausted herself with joys in order to better enter the role of “sexy little thing” during the filming of the film, having a naturally calm disposition.

But this ended in nervous breakdowns and did not lead to anything good. Temperament is set for life, as well as, for example, eye color. And to fight with nature is pointless.

High Sex Temperament

In order to feel normal, people with high temperament need to have sex at least 4 times a week, and preferably every day. They start early to become interested in sex, the opposite sex (from about 12 years old). At the same age, the first masturbation occurs.

Women with high temperament are distinguished from others by one feature: they can have sex only for the sake of sex. They are not preoccupied with caresses, tendernesses, like various experiments, are interested in the quality of sexual intercourse. This gives them some resemblance to men.

If a girl with a high temperament does not know how to control her needs, she can receive in society the status of “weak to the front”, “walking”.

Low sexual temperament

People with a weak, never statute to look for a "partner for sex", "partner for one night." They are interested in building a long relationship, romantic, treating sex as a way to express tenderness (or to get some material resources for themselves) and not to experience satisfaction. Sex is not the main thing for them in life and in relationships. They rarely feel attracted, and if it comes and is not carried out, they easily "switch" to other things (sports, work).

A person with a low temperament needs sex 1-2 times a month. To be aroused, he must experience a gamut of emotions for his partner, fall in love with him greatly.

Do not confuse low sexual temperament with frigidity or impotence. People with a low need for sex, like everyone, are attracted to the opposite sex, but a fundamental factor for them: the establishment of a psychological connection.

Average temperament

People with an average temperament practice about 3 times a week. They can do without sex for quite some time. During sexual intercourse, much attention is paid to petting. They simply will not engage in sex without experiencing any particular attraction to a partner. They care about the appearance of the partner, the emotions that he evokes. Since the role plays not so much physical satisfaction as emotional. If a person with an average temperament falls in love, then his desire for intimacy increases, if not in a state of falling in love, then it decreases.

Is it possible to determine the "temperament" of a person by appearance?

This fact is quite controversial. However, sex therapists claim that the main indicator is the length of a person’s legs. The longer they are, the lower the temperament and “calmer” attitude towards sex, the shorter, the hotter and more passionate a person is. This applies to both men and women. No wonder the inhabitants of the mountains, who can not boast of high growth, are called the sexiest.

Guys with powerful temperament, as a rule, have a strong build, look stocky, have a height of up to 172 cm and broad shoulders. They look strong, but do not have excess fat.

“Cool” guys with low temperament usually have long legs, high stature, small shoulders, and poorly developed breasts.

How to excite men, depending on their psychological mindset?

As already mentioned earlier, not all men are interested only in sexual intercourse, as such. The emotional component is important to them. In order to excite a man with a normal or low temperament, it is not enough just to offer him sex. You need to understand what kind of person it is, what kind of disposition he possesses and act on this basis. In the 21st century, this can be done simply by studying a person’s photo on a social network.

It is impossible, after reading a few messages, to understand how a person who corresponded with you lives. But on the man’s page, you can see a large number of photos.

There are users who do not know how to determine the temperament of a photograph. Such site users have a hard time.

A girl who is not able to unravel the psychotype from photography or in appearance can fall in love with a representative of hot temperament. These guys always look beautiful, they are fit, monitor their health and often play sports. But at the same time they have an independent character and are not inclined to deify their partner. They also do not particularly like romantic confessions and songs under the moon.

Passionate people are most often womanizer. Psychologists say that such a life requires freedom, experience and adrenaline. But women like them by nature.

To excite a "hot" guy, you do not have to resort to any tricks. He is excited easily, but can also easily abandon his partner after the first night.

Psychology of Arousal

Man cannot live without love and sex. Women who are interested in creating strong relationships, or looking for a partner for regular sex, need to pay attention to the "nerds." These people prefer noisy parties and going to clubs sitting at home and reading books. Often they love history. Sometimes they know foreign languages. But they possess, as a rule, a calm temperament in bed and are heavily excited.

Fidelity can be maintained only by the spouse who, in one way or another, has exactly the features of “nerd”. How to find out this? Guys “for a strong family” usually look modest in appearance. They are chubby. They obviously lack some kind of gloss and eccentricity. Such men have no habit of photographing themselves from various angles using mobile applications.

The sphere of hobby of “reliable” guys may include different things, but most often they are typically male, such as fishing, hunting. They have little money, but they are faithful, predictable and betrayals do not forgive. First of all, in girls they are attracted to femininity and modesty, rather than pronounced sexuality. If you will be aggressive and active in close communication, you can scare a home guy with a low temperament. It is worth giving him tenderness.

Wealthy men how to excite the rich

Those who do not want to deny anything to themselves should pay attention to the “sponsors”. He will fully provide, and, in addition, constantly monitor himself and his body. But at the same time, a rich man cannot be aroused by a simple girl. To entice this, you need to look perfect. Even a single stretch on the body or split ends of the hair can scare him.

There are a lot of photos in the social network with his body and attributes of a “beautiful life”. Sometimes you can see interesting tattoos and jewelry. Male sponsors can have different hobbies, get involved in gambling. They are attracted primarily by beautiful and vibrant women. A quiet and gray mouse will not attract such a man. When starting a relationship with a businessman, it’s worth considering that cheating is most likely not going to be unnatural for him. These guys raise their self-esteem by changing partners, especially if the money is temporary difficulties and you can’t earn a lot. They are quite cynical and will not communicate with a woman if they do not like her, for example, a hairstyle or figure.

Arousal romantic guy

Only those men who have a creative beginning are capable of passionate sex in all its manifestations. Such people, as a rule, work in public organizations that are beneficial or are stars. First of all, in a photograph in the social network of a creative person he gives out an expression of a face, an eye. Glance, even just in the photo, conveys a gamut of emotions.

Such people are always physically beautiful by nature, even if there are some minor flaws, they are still liked by the opposite sex. They love to meet new people. A creative man is looking for a companion, not deprived of beauty, soft character, broad horizons, sex appeal. It should be simultaneously attractive in appearance and quite developed.

Having met such a guy, you do not need to immediately hint at the bed. It should be remembered that such people, although they know how to have sex, are not fixated on sex. First you need to enter into trust in him and talk on various topics: politics, art, social life, etc. You need to try to understand his emotional state.

What you should not do

If you want to have sex with a guy, but he refused or does not want to take the initiative, then you should not continue to excite him. Perhaps you are not his type and nothing can be done about it. Even if he, after your persistent attempts, nevertheless agrees to sex, then he will not be up to par.

But not only this factor can turn a man away from being close to you. Many women and young girls love to caress and kiss, but do not dare to have sex after petting. This is extremely disliked by the man, and they equate such actions to the Dynamo. For example, there was a case when a girl invited a guy for a cup of coffee to her home.They began to caress and kiss, after which the young man had an erection. But the girl did not allow him to “take” more. And the young man left with an unpleasant feeling of disappointment. They did not communicate anymore.

Improving your appearance

Usually women who pay a lot of attention to their appearance do not like. They are considered narcissistic, fixated on themselves. But psychologists say that women who, in general, do not pay attention to their appearance, are less successful in life than narcissistic Barbie.

American scientists conducted a survey, during which the guys were shown photographs of female models and ordinary in appearance. Beautiful women were attributed positive qualities of character, even those that they did not have, many of them were lesbians, and ordinary-looking women were attributed negative qualities of character, despite the fact that they were kind and sought to find worthy men.

But the matter is not only in the special perception of a beautiful person by others. Psychologists say that if a woman ceases to properly monitor herself, she begins to lose health. Simple manipulations such as hair care and applying maxi on the face increase self-love and fill with energy. The grooming of a woman directly depends on how much she loves herself.

It is worth considering that beauty procedures should be done not only in order to remove some appearance defects (bruises under the eyes, cellulite), but in order to pamper the body with additional “pleasure vitamins”. The purpose of beauty procedures is not to remodel oneself, but to pay tribute to one's body.

The appearance of a person will tell about how he relates to himself, to others and, in general, to life. It is thanks to their appearance that those around them subconsciously “read” this information. A woman can read many books about self-development, psychology, relationships with the opposite sex, but still fail to find happiness without noticing an obvious problem.

Sometimes only a change of wardrobe, an improvement in her figure completely changed the girl’s life for the better, without psychologists and some special tricks. How to start improving your appearance? First of all, you need to become self-confident.

But it is worth remembering that self-confidence has nothing to do with narcissism, arrogance and rudeness, the ability to stand up for oneself. Self-confidence for a woman is a benevolent attitude towards herself and others. You can fight your shortcomings, try to turn them into virtues, but you should not blame yourself for them.

Take time to improve yourself and your appearance.

If he was not found, it is worth considering what you are doing wrong in your life, that you do not have time to paint your nails, make a hair mask and go to the beautician? Where do all your resources, your energy go? Work on your psychological state. Beautiful looks can only be created by internally balanced women. They are not rude, squeezed, shy, notorious.

In order not to talk about materialism and obsession with clothes, the emotional state strongly depends on the dress. Many people have the habit of “holding” beautiful clothes for the holidays. But it's not right. Daily enjoyment of beautiful clothes, dressing in a feminine dress raises self-esteem. Home clothes should not be selected on the basis of the "what is not a pity to wear." Putting on cast-offs, we gradually get used to untidiness, to a disregard for our appearance and image. We spend a lot of time at home, and therefore putting on cast-offs, we get used to being ugly.

No money to take care of yourself, what to do?

It is worth remembering that by saving on such an item of expenditure as appearance, you lose more than you gain. As already noted, beauty for a woman is her health. Well-groomed hair, nails, skin energetically empty and attract troubles. Do not delay the purchase of beautiful clothes and cosmetics for later.

How does the acquaintance itself happen?

You need to do the following: go up to any guy (man), look at him intently and say that you have already seen him somewhere.

Easier way: just stare into your eyes, not looking up. Either the guy is embarrassed and looks away, or will begin to remember his friends and be the first to speak, if he is interested in you.

The easiest way

Ideal for shy. Carry a book, bag or some trinket with you. When you see a guy resting on a bench, just “forget” the thing on the bench or in his field of vision. Or accidentally drop it. If a guy liked you visually or somehow “hooked” him, then he himself will look for a way to continue acquaintance, giving away the forgotten thing.

Introduce yourself as a "specialist" in psychology

It is necessary to stop the man and ask him a couple of questions, but they must be non-trivial so that he does not think that you are distributing, for example, dietary supplements. You can ask a question regarding the style or tastes of a guy, listen to him. If a guy is open to communication and interested, then you can directly ask what kind of girls he likes.

Only for creative

If the situation is right (the object is not in a hurry), go to the guy (man) and ask to pretend to be your boyfriend, explaining that you want to get rid of the obsessive boyfriend or take revenge on the former.

If a guy is reading a book or newspaper in a public place, then you can ask about the topic of the latest roundup or impressions of fiction.

Dating Tips

No man will refuse to speak with an attractive woman. An exception can only be yesterday's death of his beloved great-grandmother or today's news about a terrible diagnosis. A beautiful girl with a slender figure has a very high chance of meeting even on the street. Therefore, the first thing to consider: you need to put your appearance in order. Despite the fact that guys like to talk about spirituality, they always pay attention to the figure, to the hair and eyes (in principle, like us girls).

Second: you don’t have to worry too much about dating and somehow strain hard, pick up words and expressions. You need to communicate naturally and naturally, without being nervous, as if you are dealing with a stairwell neighbor or an old acquaintance. But, if you yourself are very constrained and shy, the first time this will not work. Nervousness will still be present, and the voice will tremble. But fear, which can ruin the first attempts, is removed by the practice of communication.

If after all these measures you still achieved your goal and were invited to a date, in order to bring the matter to sex, it remains to invite the guy to his place "for a cup of coffee." Most likely, he himself will take the initiative in his own hands, and will not have to be excited further. To enhance the pleasant effect of the evening, you can prepare some dessert with aphrodisiacs using cinnamon, nutmeg, dark chocolate, a little cognac and cocoa powder.

So we examined what excites a man what actions to do this must be applied. You will succeed one hundred percent, just be a little bolder!

Watch the video: 5 Ways to excite a man (February 2020).

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