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Tomboy haircut: what is the tomboy style, which of the girls does it suit, photos of different hairstyle options, how to do styling, pros and cons, which celebrity does it, execution technique

Current trends in hairdressing do not divide short haircuts into male and female. Models are good for both sexes, the main idea is to create a harmonious image. Stylish hairstyles on fragile girls with sophisticated features organically look. The “Tomboy” haircut at the peak of popularity, the borrowing of elements from the male style gives a special appeal. Blurred borders allow you to experiment with different images, directions. Sloppy strands are easy to combine with bright, grotesque makeup or to emphasize the natural beauty of the face.

Haircut Description

The history of hairstyles is associated with the name of the legendary Coco Chanel. The designer gave the world not only a small black dress, but also opened up the opportunity for women to experiment with style and incorporate elements of a classic masculine look. “Tomboy” is the prerogative of girls with androgynous figure, short haircut and lack of make-up. It is also a great way to emphasize the femininity of forms, attractiveness, of course, extraordinary thinking.


A fashionable trend originated in the 20s of the last century, in the cinema the images of fatal beauties in trouser suits became the first prerequisites for a revolution in hairdressing and art. The neatly arranged buccles gradually faded into the background, bold boyish haircuts rooted in women's fashion. Translated literally as a bully, a fidget, a tomboy, the image “Tomboy” is an expression of inner freedom from stereotypes, the desire to look harmonious without grotesque doll ringlets, fleeces.

The haircut includes asymmetric elongated bangs, casually flowing locks, open whiskey and the back of the head. There is no orderliness of the form, the hairstyle looks voluminous, slightly disheveled. There are no clear rules for the implementation of the technique, often combined with shaved elements.

The contrast of various levels allows you to embody bold, expressive ideas. This is not a universal haircut, suitable only for courageous, confident girls. It is performed on short and medium curls, longer than the shoulders, the structure can be different - straight, wavy, curly. In addition to asymmetric, you can combine with a straight, torn bangs or do without it.

Who is suitable for

Tomboy, like many other short hairstyles, is not a universal model. In a boyish way, owners of certain external data can organically feel. A haircut should fit the shape of the face, style of clothing, emphasize inner freedom.

To whom is the haircut going:

  • age does not matter, young girls can afford to embody the spirit of rebellion, looks great on slim, athletic women after 40 years and older,
  • suitable for an oval, oblong, square face, for this model pronounced cheekbones, a massive chin, angular shapes only emphasize stylistic harmony,
  • Looks great on slim, athletic young ladies, girls with forms should choose more feminine looks,
  • short haircuts are suitable for girls of all kinds of activities, including representatives of creative professions - artists, musicians, performers, a boyish image is often used by purposeful women who want to succeed in their careers,
  • external data should be impeccable, well-groomed matte skin, correct facial features, a short haircut maximally focuses on the shortcomings.

Note! It is possible to perform on straight, wavy curls, the only thing is that the hair should be thick enough, with or without bangs, depends on individual preferences, the selected strands on the face are younger, the facial features are corrected.

Preparatory stage

It is impossible to do a short haircut on your own, it is better to trust an experienced master. The price in the cabin depends on many factors, the brand of cosmetics used, additional services in the form of coloring or curling of the root area. On average, a haircut will cost from 1000 to 3000 rubles. Before you start performing, you should contact the stylist to choose the best shape.

Haircutting Tools:

  • a comb for zoning areas of the head,
  • 2 types of scissors - classic, for thinning,
  • clamps
  • spray for periodic wetting of strands.

Execution technology

It is carried out on the basis of an asymmetric bean, a multi-stage haircut allows you to add volume, density to the hair, and unusual dynamics. The graduation is located in the lower part, elongated curls remain in the parietal region on the crown.

Video of a female short haircut.

Video image change.

The execution scheme:

  1. Separate the hair according to the natural side parting, each one has an individual arrangement.
  2. The first is the mini-side cut, starting from the temporoparietal region to divide the entire volume into horizontal levels. Cut the control strand, its length should reach the tip of the ear.
  3. Trim the remaining hair of the smaller part along the control strand with extension to the back of the head.
  4. Comb the curls of most with an offset to the face. Select control strand, trim to chin level.
  5. Divide the maximum part of the hair into horizontal levels. Cut with lengthening to the face, not forgetting to compare curls with a control strand.
  6. On the back of the head, cut hair with a shift from the smaller side to the larger. The difference in levels should be up to 2 cm. The neck area can be shaved or cut with an increase in length to the crown. Perform a triangular edging.

Haircut Options:

  • torn - performed with a razor, the tips lend themselves to strong thinning to create the randomness of a multi-stage hairstyle, it is used only for straight, thick curls,

  • asymmetric "tomboy" implies different lengths on the crown and temples, elongated locks in the parietal region, reaching 17 cm, are preserved

  • on the average length is performed using the bean technique, locks the street remains the same length, the nape and crown areas are shortened, it goes well with a scythe, lacerated bangs.

Hair Care

Multistage short models are convenient, practical for home care. Laying will not take much time, just give shape with your hands. Disheveled, tousled strands or soft waves are performed through the use of a number of styling products:

  • foam or mousse will be required for thin, soft curls for root volume, distributed evenly with a comb,
  • can be replaced with modeling clay, which has a greater degree of fixation,
  • wax, gel or lipstick highlight individual strands, make the haircut lively, dynamic,
  • colored crayons are widely used for temporary coloring, the product helps to change color, give volume to strands.

Important! It is recommended to update the short haircut once a month, it is possible to visit the master once every 2-3 months if you want to extend the boy’s hairstyle.

Comparison with pixies, punk, half-box haircuts

Pixie Despite the shortest possible length, it allows you to remain feminine and elegant. Suitable for the classical style without a hint of rebellion, performed without bangs, as well as torn strands. A model is recommended for fragile, chiseled girls with a swan neck, impeccable external data. The hair structure does not matter, it is performed both on straight and curly strands.

"Half Box" just like Tomboy allows you to create a boyish, image of a tomboy. The shortest areas of the temples and the back of the head are combined with elongated curls on the crown and crown of the head. There is also a short “Half Box”, the hair is stacked up, it fits only the ideal oval shape, it suggests the most open face. It helps to create volume, give textured bends even to thin, brittle curls. An expressive haircut is chosen by extraordinary personalities who regularly experiment with their own appearance.

Punk Haircut reflects belonging to a subcultural direction, can express an internal protest against the classical canons of beauty. Elongated strands are preserved from the parietal region to the neck, whiskey is made as short or shaved as possible. Creative haircuts are often complemented by drawings, organically looks with tattoos and piercings. Like Tomboy, it implies asymmetry, but without graduation.

Pros and cons

“Tomboy” can be a terrific transformation or a failed experiment. The basis for changing the image should be an internal message to create the image of a tomboy. Definitely not the best idea for romantic natures who prefer the classic canons of femininity. Before deciding on a short extravagant haircut, it is worth learning about its advantages, disadvantages.


  • suitable for different styles, directions, but looks best with oversized tandems, elements from the men's wardrobe,
  • allows you to look younger, choose different age groups to create unique images,
  • corresponds to the latest trends in hairdressing, organically combined with bright colors, it is possible to experiment with complex techniques,
  • comfortable, practical hairstyle, does not cause difficulties daily styling,
  • in tandem with different types of bangs and without, allows you to achieve individuality,
  • the texture of the hair does not matter, it looks great on straight, curly, curly curls.


  • suitable only for an oval, elongated face shape, focuses on the imperfections of appearance,
  • does not go to the young ladies with magnificent forms,
  • an unsuccessful haircut is difficult to fix, you will need to grow the length.

What a haircut - “Tomboy”

This is an opaque haircut with an emphasized short-cut lower occipital area, open ears, and an elongated bang that stands out from the general style, turning into the parietal part.

“Tomboy” is a short unisex-style haircut performed equally for men and women. However, there are still some deviations from the standard style. The male version may be slightly shorter than the classic. In the female, on the contrary, elongation is allowed, but only the parietal part and bangs, and the ears and the lower occipital area are still cut short, as in the standard version.

The “Tomboy” haircut provides for a rather strong thinning, and therefore has a heterogeneous “torn” texture along the edges of all sections, except for the edging - it should be clearly defined. In the male version of this style, if there is a beard, a smooth but continuous transition from it to the temples is possible, without interruption by the edging line.

The “Tomboy” haircut has no different male and female styles. However, she has elements that are more common in one of the options. For example, an elongated fringe is more considered a ladies' element.

Types of haircuts "Tomboy", are as follows:

  • classic,
  • asymmetry,
  • with lengthening of bangs and parietal zone.

  1. The classic “Tomboy” is a haircut with a smooth bang, the length of which corresponds to the hair on the parietal zone or exceeds it by 2-3 centimeters. The lower occipital and temporal parts are shortened to 1-10 millimeters. It is conventionally considered a men's haircut, since this option is the shortest.
  2. Asymmetric “Tomboy” is referred to as the female form of style. Although there are men also combing hair on one side. The temples and the back of the head are cut as in the classic version, but the fringe is oblique, and the parietal part is lengthened, sometimes covering one of the shortened side zones. The directions of the extensions of the parietal region and the bangs should coincide. “Tomboy” does not provide for shaving parting, in contrast, for example, from the male haircut “Anderkat”.
  3. With a long bang, “Tomba,” women are most often sheared, since this option creates a basal volume more than others. Elongation from the bangs smoothly passes through the parietal zone to the upper occipital region. The resulting shape is similar to "Bob."

All types of haircuts "Tomboy" are subject to mandatory thinning, so that the slices do not have a clear border. The transitions between the lengths of hair in different parts of the head should be smooth, without sudden changes. Each strand should gradually thin out towards the end.

This style with a "torn" texture is combined with a light laid-back, sporty clothing style. Less often, “Tomboy” is combined with business suits. Such haircuts are not suitable for every body complexion, because they emphasize problem areas and create imbalances. Despite the fact that there are several options for a Tomboy haircut, it does not match the type of face and does not adjust its shape.

Who needs the Tomboy haircut?

  1. Uneven textured haircuts are combined with the youth style of clothing, so “Tomboy” is recommended for people under 30 years old. A respectable man or woman in a business image with such a hairstyle will look ridiculous.
  2. Strongly milled ends create a multilayer structure, so it is suitable for different types of staining.
  3. The Tomboy style focuses on the face and neck. Therefore, it is recommended to get a haircut only for those who have the correct proportions of the face, as well as clean skin without acne or redness. Otherwise, all defects will not only open, but also become the center of attention.
  4. The “Tomboy” haircut is suitable for strong or medium-thick hair.
  5. A “tomboy” without styling looks messy, therefore it is recommended for those who have time for daily shaping.

When choosing the style of the future hairstyle, you need to consider all these points in order not to accidentally draw attention to the little things that, on the contrary, you want to hide.

Who doesn’t have a Tomboy haircut? Let us dwell on the specific reasons for which it is not recommended to perform it.

  1. People with a thick short neck should not wear hairstyles with a shortened lower occipital area due to the formation of horizontal folds that look like rough steps.
  2. “Tomboy” is not recommended for a round face or chubby cheeks, since this haircut is not done with elongated temporal zones. Open ears and short-cropped whiskey only emphasize the rounded facial features.
  3. The Tomboy haircut is not suitable for tall women with a tight physique, because the head visually becomes smaller, because of which, against its background, the body seems to be even larger.
  4. Not suitable for rare hair without volume.

You can’t do a “Tomboy” haircut for girls and guys with curvaceous forms, since it will only emphasize the extra pounds.

Celebrity Examples

Twilight Star Kristen Stewart immediately after the end of the saga, she said goodbye to long ringlets, in a romantic way. Today it is difficult to recognize the actress, her appearance is fully consistent with the androgynous style. For a secular outlet, she also chooses extravagant styling combined with bright makeup.

Laura Pergolizzibetter known under the pseudonym LP, possesses a magnificent shock of hair. The carelessness of the haircut, the lack of makeup, reflects the inner freedom of the performer.

Halle Berry For several years she wore a short haircut with an elongated bang, but even with an ultra-short length, the Hollywood star retained femininity and attractiveness.

Keira Knightley - one of the brightest representatives of the Tomboy style, the angularity of the forms is complemented by a model for medium length.

Kristen Stewart and Keira Knightley

A short haircut will be the highlight of the appearance of fragile girls with sophisticated facial features.Emphasize determination, freedom of expression, goes well with modern styles of smart casual, grunge.

Classic Tomboy

After preparing the hair, you can go directly to the haircut.

  1. Shorten the lower occipital region to the desired length.
  2. Cut the whiskey so that its length coincides with the lower occipital part.
  3. Connect the finished elements of the haircut to each other with a thin line behind the ear.
  4. If the work is performed by a typewriter, then immediately make a border so as not to return to this tool in the future. When cutting with scissors, the edging is done at the very end.
  5. With a horizontal parting, separate the upper occipital part from the parietal part, through the highest point of the head - the crown.
  6. Using the calibration method from the worked out zone, make a smooth transition to lengthening of the upper occipital region.
  7. Through the crown to the middle of the forehead, draw a parting perpendicular to the horizontal dividing line.
  8. Using the calibration method, without changing the previously set draw and cut angles, cut off the side parts.
  9. Shorten the bangs to the required length.
  10. Connect all the elements of the haircut with each other.
  11. If there are bumps or a deep junction between the slices of the machine and scissors, you need to perform shading.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer in the shape of a Tomboy haircut, then profile the ends with toothed scissors or a special razor. For the greatest clarity of the edging, work out its contour with a dangerous razor without going beyond the line of the machine.

Asymmetric Tomboy

This is the most difficult type of haircut “Tomboy” to perform, since the transition in length goes not only from bottom to top, but also from one side to another.

  1. After washing your hair, cut the lower part of the back of the head and temples to the required length.
  2. Make a border.
  3. Determine the side parting that sets the direction of elongation.
  4. Mark the border of the crown of the head and neck.
  5. Using the calibration method, starting from the middle of the head, work out the area to the previously outlined border without changing the initial cut angle. Move in the direction of extension.
  6. Cut oblique bangs.
  7. To connect the longest lock of bangs with an even cut with hair after graduation. You should get an inclined line connecting the back of the head to the bangs. The hair length on this side increases in the direction of the bangs.
  8. The shortened half is cut from the temple to the middle of the nape. The graduation forms a smooth transition at the length.
  9. Determine the length of hair on the parietal zone. From it, with a sliding slope, go down to the ends of the lengthening side.

Dry your hair in the form of a haircut “Tomboy”. Finished defects should be finished by shading. Then profile.

"Tomboy" with a long bang

Scheme and phased implementation, the same as in the classic version of the haircut "Tomboy." Only the length of the bangs changes, due to which a pronounced accent appears.

You can perform a smooth lengthening from the bangs to the border of the crown of the head with the back of the head. To do this, you just need to connect the necessary elements with an even cut.

This type of haircut “Tomboy” creates the largest volume on the back of the head. When combing hair on one side, a visual asymmetry effect is created.

"Tomboy" with a long bang

Tips & Tricks

All short haircuts, including Tomboy, require accuracy and increased attention when performing, because even a small flaw becomes noticeable, which is almost impossible to fix. There are some simple ways to minimize defects in the work of the hairdresser.

  1. Scissors cut only wet, freshly washed hair.
  2. To cut the machine, the hair must be dried after washing.
  3. After cutting, be sure to dry your hair in shape. Defects become noticeable, so they can be eliminated immediately. Coarse cuts are best milled onto dry hair in order to determine exactly how much thickening is required.
  4. The edging line after the machine is better to duplicate with a dangerous razor. The outline will look cleaner and sharper.

Observing these simple recommendations, you can avoid inaccuracies when performing a haircut "Tomboy" or find them in time to immediately eliminate.


There is only one “Tomboy” styling option - according to the shape of the haircut. It is done with a hairdryer and brushing, but the naughty ends of the hair can be modified with an iron.

Be sure to wash your hair immediately before laying to set the strands in the right direction. It is necessary to apply a heat-protective agent to freshly washed hair so that hot instruments do not damage their scaly layer.

  1. Freshly washed, heat-treated hair comb. Dry the shortest elements of the Tomboy haircut by directing a stream of air down the tangent.
  2. Dry the roots of the remaining hair with a skeletal comb and a hairdryer, lifting them slightly.
  3. Starting from the bottom, dry the length in a row, setting the direction to the ends.
  4. If the hairdryer did not help, then you can correct the shortcomings with an iron for straightening hair.
  5. The resulting styling can be supplemented with fleece.
  6. To extend the effect of styling, you need to apply a spray spray for dry spray hair.

Asymmetric haircut “Tomboy” fits exactly on one side, and the classic or elongated comb is combed in any direction.

Concluding the article, we summarize. “Tomboy” is a short, non-contrast unisex haircut. There are three types of it - the classic "Tomboy", elongated and asymmetry.

This style has an uneven torn texture, it looks sloppy, so it is more combined with a youth or sports style of clothing. "Tomboy" is not suitable for all people.

And also with the help of this haircut it is impossible to correct the shape of the face, therefore, choosing it, you need to pay attention to these restrictions in advance.

How to make a haircut "Tomboy"

How to dress in a tomboy style

The tomboy style is not new at all. Such famous women as Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn liked to take a little thing from a classic men's wardrobe and, beating it with interesting and unusual details, introduce it into their wardrobe. But if earlier such "antics" were criticized and harshly criticized, now women who dress in the tomboy style are not surprising.

Svetlana Tarasova

Hairdresser-stylist with an experience of more than 8 years, a teacher-colorist.

In the world of fashion, the boundaries between female and male are blurring more and more every year, so if a girl wears a short haircut, this does not surprise anyone. Nevertheless, stylists still have something to surprise their clients. One of the most unusual Kotor women’s haircuts is considered a bomb, which will be discussed in today's article.

The story of the appearance of haircuts and the style of tomboy (tomboy)

From English, the word tomboy can be translated as "tomboy" or "hooligan." So they call girls, whose games and character are in many respects similar to boys' peers, so it’s easy to guess what a haircut should look like. The story of the tomboy style began in the 20s of the last century, when Coco Chanel made a revolution in the fashion world, for the first time offering women to wear trousers and other details of men's wardrobe.

In addition to men's clothing, women were also interested in short haircuts, which were previously considered the prerogative of men. This idea was quickly picked up by such fashion designers as Yves Saint Laurent, Helmut Lang, Giorgio Armani and Ray Kawakubo. Women who choose men's style in clothes and hairstyles were also called flapper or garzon. This style could not consolidate its popularity without the help of Hollywood stars. Many actresses liked to wear short haircuts and men's things, but the most noticeable of them were Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn.

Throughout the 20th century, fashion continued to change continuously, but women did not abandon the masculine style and developed it. At the beginning of the 21st century, a trend appeared on models with androgynous appearance, possessing a thin and graceful body. Then the style of a bomb with its short haircuts "under the boy" finally took shape and consolidated.

A tomboy is a daring haircut with short temples and a nape, the main decoration of which is an elongated asymmetric fringe, with casually falling strands. It is performed on a short and medium length, above the shoulders. If desired, the asymmetric bangs can be replaced with a straight one or even without it. Tomboy can not be called a universal haircut, since it requires its owner to have a corresponding daring style and dress. Therefore, such a hairstyle is suitable for courageous and confident women.

Tomboy style: who suits?

So, to whom is the tomboy style, or the style of a tomboy girl, suitable? Of course, women with certain character traits. Such girls:

  • Prefer men's hobbies and hobbies.
  • Interested in men's sports.
  • It has a strong-willed character.
  • She is hardy and can do anything without anyone else's help.

Of course, in order to wear tomboy clothes from time to time, it is not necessary to possess masculine qualities. After all, sometimes you want to change the feminine lady, trying on different images.

But those women for whom the tomboy style is everyday, often intuitively choose their clothes, based on their own feelings and preferences.

But since at the moment this style is also very fashionable, let's look at what the style of a tomboy in clothes expresses and what hairstyle suits a girl with a tomboy.

Men's haircut tomboy

Specialists have noticed that in recent years the trend of men's hairstyles has undergone major changes. If earlier men preferred hairstyles with short hair, now the hair length has increased significantly. This makes it possible to create a more brutal and selfish image.

A hairstyle in this style can be performed on a hair of any length and is ranked among the unisex options, which means that the tomboy hairstyle is suitable for both men and women.

Haircut Origin History

The story of a tomboy haircut began in the early twentieth century, with the first arrival of women in men's suits and hairstyles at social events. Soon after realizing equality with the stronger sex, women began to use men's clothing and proudly wear their haircuts.

Since then, a tomboy has been introduced into everyday life and has gained popularity when it is necessary to create an independent image. She represents a wave of elements of the male image in the female. The male version of this hairstyle became popular in 2014.

Will it suit me? Face shape and haircut

Tomboy is a truly unique haircut, as it suits not only teenage girls, but also adult business ladies, as well as guys with different face shapes and hair structure. Today, this hairstyle is performed not only in the traditional version, but also with offset bangs, elongated strands and other variations that provide a unique and original style. Key options are:

  • classical. Perform on short hair with a razor. Messy hair of different lengths is the main feature of a ragged Tomboy. Typically, the ends of the hair look messy and messy. This effect is achieved by milling,
  • asymmetrical haircut is performed on an average length. A distinctive moment are curls of various lengths throughout the head. It suits holders of a round face. Sometimes only one side is trimmed, which gives the image an extravagance. The modern asymmetric tomboy is a universal haircut that does not accept clear contours and patterns,
  • even on long hair you can find elements of a buoy. If you should keep the hair length, then the upper part of the head is asymmetrically cut.

Such a haircut will be the best option for thin hair, because torn ends will give lightness and visually increase the volume. A short haircut option categorically does not fit chubby, as well as owners of a square face.

Men with an oval face will suit any version of this haircut. Using various styling methods, you can get any image - both romantic and airy, and extravagant and daring.

Care Features

Men's haircut tomboy implies everyday styling, otherwise the hair will look ridiculous. A retro-style hairstyle looks especially successful if it is combined with the general style of the wardrobe and accessories. To care for the hairstyle you will need:

  • mousse in order to style hair of medium length with combing back,
  • so that she looks careless, but stylish, you need to master the skills of haer - designer,
  • if the hair is thick and dense, it is best to start styling it after it dries after washing your hair,
  • with short strands, gel and hot drying will help. Moreover, the gel should be applied to wet strands and lift them with your fingers, and then ruffle. Or you can comb it smoothly,
  • It is important to use quality cosmetics.

This hairstyle model has a lot of advantages:

  • the question with split ends disappears,
  • well-groomed, neat and extraordinary look,
  • creates volume
  • filing makes the ends of the curls obedient during styling,
  • emphasizes beautiful facial features and distracts attention from small flaws - the shape of the ears and nose.

You should also know that this hairstyle will need to be adjusted every three or four weeks, otherwise the appearance will lose its relevance and will look messy.

Learn about other popular haircuts and how to care for them:

What it is?

One cannot surprise anyone with glossy pictures, where models with short hair flaunt. Short hair is not news, nevertheless, “tomboy” occupies a separate place in the world of hairstyles.

What is its feature, we will see now. Let's go in order. Translated from English, the word tomboy means "tomboy", "bully", "fidget." Based on only one name, you can guess that we are talking about a haircut "under the boy", bearing a slightly rebellious, bold and bold character.

“Tomboy” is a unisex haircut, mainly performed on short hair, but the female version can be performed on medium and long hair according to the latest fashion peak.

The mandatory components of this haircut are:

  • asymmetry in general
  • carelessly falling ragged locks
  • open nape and whiskey
  • elongated asymmetric bangs.

The hairstyle bears a note of artistic negligence, and due to the lack of exact rules of performance, at the request of its owner, it may include shaved areas. Such a hairstyle represents elements of multi-level contrast and needs styling, with which you can embody an uncountable number of styles and images.

Tomboy Haircut Benefits

- An unusual look, at the same time neat and well-groomed.
- No longer worries about split ends.
- Gives volume to current hair.
- Visually lengthens the neck.
- Young.
- Emphasizes the beauty of the face.
- Suitable for a woman of any age.
- Suitable for any event.
- Easy to style.

How to make a tomboy hairstyle

It’s impossible to make a Tomboy hairstyle on your own, only an experienced master can do it. The main tools are ordinary and thinning scissors, hair clips, razors.

With the help of a Tomboy hairstyle, you can radically change the image.

- First, together with the master, the total length of the strands and the shape of the entire hairstyle are selected.
- Parting is done in the place where the client is accustomed to.
- Then the initial haircut is performed - an asymmetric bean, on the basis of which Tomboy cuts.
- Next, multistage is performed, graduation in the lower part of the head, elongated curls remain on the top of the head and parietal region. The difference in the length of the strands can reach up to 2cm.
- The entire haircut is done on the control strand with an offset to the back of the head.
- Filing gives volume to the hair.

Why do women choose a “bomb”?

Most often this is the choice of strong, strong-willed girls and women, but thanks to the styling variations, the hairstyle can also be worn with romantic shades in the image.

Consider the reasons for choosing this particular haircut.

  • Nothing extra. Hair takes on a form that is easy to care for.
  • Pretty easy styling with a wide selection of styles.
  • It is believed that essays on men's hairstyles on a female head, contrary to logic, emphasize femininity and fragility.
  • The problems of split ends of the hair disappear. The hair looks healthy, the hair looks alive.
  • In general, the look is always well-groomed and neat, with a minimum of effort.

The haircut has many advantages. For those who decide to change the style and length of hair, “tomboy” is a very interesting option.

Tomboy: haircut for girls with character

Coco Chanel herself gave this fashionable unisex haircut to the world! Just think, for more than half a century, “tomboy” has transformed beauties and gives them such a seductive look ... We will talk about who this haircut suits, about the history of appearance, styling and coloring. And at the end you will find a detailed instruction of haircuts from a professional master!

History of occurrence

In the 20s of the last century, the first images of “brave” women with a strong nature and strong-willed character began to flicker on the cinema screens. Feminine dresses gave way to trouser suits, and delicate curls - to short haircuts "like a boy." It looked like a challenge to society, an application for women's independence and freedom from stereotypes.

Coco Chanel herself, who, in addition to her legendary little black dress, left the world a legacy and image of a woman who boldly demonstrates her hairstyle with elements of this haircut is closely connected with the haircut.


Chaotic multi-stage haircut. It is used only for straight thick hair. Performed by a razor, the tips are strongly milled.

A prime example is Keira Knightley. A thin physique and a slightly elongated face, a Tomboy haircut with an elongated bang revives, adds femininity and playfulness to the image.

Short-haired actresses, top celebrity short hairstyles, see here.

With shaved temples

A very spectacular Tomboy hairstyle looks with shaving some parts of the head, for example, with shaved temples and the back of the head. This option is well suited for thick dark hair.

The boldest young ladies may ask the master to shave a drawing or pattern.

In this case, you can post photos from all sides of your new creative hairstyle on your social media page.

Tomboy hairstyle - who suits

- Most of all, a Tomboy-style hairstyle suits girls with a slender figure, regular facial features, even matte skin.

- Tomboy haircut fits any type and shape of face. The length and shape of the bangs is selected individually by the master. For example, for women with a square face, a slanting bang with a side parting is well suited.

- The hairstyle is undoubtedly suitable for owners of thin or sparse hair. The combination of different lengths of strands with the thinning of their ends visually add volume and splendor.

- For owners of naughty hair will also be a great solution. A styled hairstyle will look very natural.

- It is better not to do a Tomboy haircut on curly hair. Too overgrown strands may look messy.

- The Tomboy hairstyle is considered by many to be only youth and completely in vain. Mature ladies, with proper execution, she is able to rejuvenate for several years.

A Tomboy haircut is suitable even for business women, however, in this case, styling will have to be done more carefully.

Hairstyle is suitable for any social status. Tomboy's hairstyle is a reflection of her owner’s inner freedom, whether she’s a girl or woman of 50 years.

Women's hairstyles Tomboy - photo of fashionable haircuts

Short tomboy hairstyles for women are suitable for owners of a long neck, who seek to open their face as much as possible, to emphasize its features and impeccable skin structure.

An unambiguous advantage of women's short hairstyles Tomboy is the ease of care and styling. A fashionable short haircut is already a ready-made hairstyle both for a business lunch and for a gala event in evening dresses.

The Tomboy style in clothes and hairstyle today can be seen on all the catwalks of the world.

The combination of bright grotesque makeup with elements of a semi-haircut haircut with careless strands will make the image spectacular and unforgettable.

This hairstyle looks no less organic with a nude make-up, giving the face freshness and mischief.

Tomboy hairstyles for round face

Visually pull out a full or round face haircut Tomboy, which is based on a short bean. The locks on the face remain the same length, and on the temples and on the sides are made shorter.

This hairstyle is able to hide the flaws of a too round face, but not complete. A tomboy is absolutely not suitable for owners of a dense (full) physique and short neck.

Haircut Tomboy with bangs

Depending on the type of face and the shape of the Tomboy haircut, the bangs can be made straight, even, asymmetrical, torn, or dispensed with at all.

A female haircut in the Tomboy style with a long bang not only looks beautiful, but is also able to adjust the shape of the face. For example, to distract attention from an elongated chin or too high forehead.

Tomboy haircut for girls and girls

Tomboy's haircut for girls and girls implies some mischief and young enthusiasm, but not too much in moderation.

The hairstyle does not necessarily look defiant and therefore is suitable for both teenagers and girls 9-11 years old.

The Tomboy hairstyle for a girl of 13-14 years old will have a more daring look than for younger girls.

For everyday life, you can lay evenly torn strands, leaving carelessness in the styling for parties.

Tomboy: a seductive haircut for the brightest and most daring


Tomboy haircut is quite universal, because with the help of styling you can achieve a variety of images! You can easily turn into an elegant retro beauty, or become a flirty and impudent girl. So let's get into more detail. .

The shape and structure of the tomboy haircut


It is easy to recognize a tomboy by its characteristic "crest", which smoothly or abruptly transforms into short hair on the occipital and temporal zones. The bangs may be longer or shorter, depending on your desire. Someone leaves even, someone likes the effect of torn strands. A haircut looks great on both straight and curly hair.

Tousled strands add volume and look very stylish. Some fashionistas combine a tomboy with shaved elements: this gives the hairstyle even more pepper!

  • Usually slender beauties choose such a haircut, because the tomboy is simply created to emphasize the beautiful line of the neck and shoulders. A haircut is not suitable for everyone, only the most courageous, bright and confident in yourself at 200%.

By the way, here you can see the most fashionable options for the bangs!

Tomboy haircut for men and women - a great option for any style

In the 20th century, girls, trying to challenge the public, tried to look more like men. This was manifested not only in clothes, but also in hairstyle. So the “Tomboy” style appeared, which means “tomboy” in translation. A hairstyle in this style is performed on hair of any length and refers to the unisex options, that is, a tomboy haircut is suitable for men and women.

Distinctive features of the hairstyle are asymmetry and torn strands. Most often, it is performed on short hair. The female version of the haircut is done on the basis of "Care", "Bob" or "Pixie". Hairstyle combines masculine style and sexuality. Suitable for people who have the right facial features, and helps to achieve:

  • negligence, extravagance and stressed sexuality,
  • volume, and also emphasize or hide some facial features,
  • novelty and freshness in the image.

Benefits of Tomboy Haircut

Like any other hairstyle, a tomboy has certain advantages:

  • easy care is provided by short hair length. It’s enough to use shampoo and balm without paying close attention to curls,
  • fits quickly, does not require professional skills,
  • elegant hairstyle does not look rude and vulgar,
  • suitable for any age
  • goes well with any clothes.

All these aspects speak in favor of such a haircut, so many choose it for their daily lives.

Varieties of haircuts tomboy

Over time, the hairstyle acquired some elements, which allowed to create several variations of the tomboy.

The classic version is done on short hair and is found in women and men. Shears such a tomb with a razor, and the effect of unevenness and randomness is obtained by thinning. This hairstyle must be properly styled. Ask the hairdresser to show you how to do this, and you will be able to do your own home styling.

There is an asymmetric haircut with a tomboy and at an average length. Masters perform it on the basis of "Bob", a distinctive feature are strands of different lengths throughout the head. The hairstyle for chubby girls is suitable, because the roundness of the face is hidden. Sometimes only one side is trimmed, which gives the image an extravagance.

On long hair, you can also find elements of a buoy. For this, a certain skill is required from the master. If it is necessary to leave the length, then the upper part of the head is asymmetrically cut. You can also make a haircut based on the cascade, but the strands in the steps are made of different lengths.

For any kind of hairstyle, styling will be required so that the strands do not look careless. The main thing is to add volume and highlight individual strands. For long and medium hair, you need an iron to straighten, and short hair can be emphasized by applying a gel.

Male tomboy is fashionable and stylish

Among the representatives of the stronger sex, this hairstyle has gained popularity relatively recently, but quickly became fashionable and in demand. The male version has such distinctive features:

  • Universality. Looks good with both business style and ripped jeans.
  • Brutality. Unlike the female version, a haircut looks courageously.
  • Suitable for all ages. It all depends on the styling. From one hairstyle, you can get an option for relaxing or walking and a working meeting.

In which case is such a haircut

A great option for those with thin hair. Torn ends with strong milling will add lightness and visually increase the volume. But for curly curls, a tomboy is not quite suitable. Have to constantly straighten and style your hair. The short option should not be used by owners of a round or square face.

If you have an oval face shape, then any of the options for this haircut will suit you, it will emphasize beautiful and regular features. Using different styling methods, you can get any image, because the tomboy does not tolerate frames. It is suitable for a romantic and airy look, and will also look extravagant with a business suit of a business woman.

This hairstyle is ideal for courageous people, regardless of gender and profession. It will always look dynamic and vibrant, and ease of installation is suitable for those who value their time and do not like to spend it on manipulating in front of a mirror.

Tomboy haircut - all about hairstyle in the style of “Torn”

A tomboy haircut for girls will be the topic of this article. Many fashionistas wonder what this haircut is, can it be done at home? How to do your own styling in the style of Tomboy? We will give you answers to all these questions, you will receive as much information from us as possible, which will help you understand whether it is really worth doing such a hairstyle for yourself and how relevant it is in our time.

History of development and how did a tomboy haircut originate?

Girl Tomboy- what is she?

  • Girls of this style appear to us as a small copy of men.
  • These people look, dress, behave like men, are interested in men's sports and prefer to spend free time and have fun like many of the stronger sex.
  • She is indifferent to fashion and prefers a hairstyle to her hairstyle, which is exactly what the tomboy haircut is translated from English.

It all began at the dawn of the twentieth century, when women first appeared on social occasions, and then on the catwalks in business trouser suits and men's hairstyles, thereby, as if making a challenge to men.

Soon, everything changed and women began to proudly dress up in men's clothes and wear their hairstyles, realizing their equality and strength with the male sex.

But all this was long ago, and now the tomboy style, as well as the tomboy haircut reign on the podium for more than one season.

Tomboy hairstyle and the reason for its popularity

  • The tom boy hairstyle is really unique, suitable not only for a tomboy girl, but also for romantic persons and business women with a different type of face and hair structure.
  • It is natural and natural. What is this talking about? The thing is that a tomboy hairstyle is for a woman also a certain psychological aspect of hairdressing. The haircut provides its owner with a favorable effect on others, has an interlocutor, does not cause hostility and irritation with sloppy and unnecessary details.
  • A high-quality haircut made in this style is a practical option to make it on your own without special difficulties a special styling suitable for your type of face. Although, for certain types of hair, such styling may not be necessary. Washed clean and dry hair will fall themselves unconstrained and beautiful.
  • Based on the tomboy, any other types of hairstyles are possible — creative, more modern, classic or retro, somewhat similar to each other, but at the same time so different.
  • Lack of age limit. It doesn’t matter how old a woman is, with such a hairstyle, she will look great and can change her image as she wants, from a light romantic to the most strict. And the ability to step by step to do everything at home by herself, only adds points in favor of the bomb.

Can teenagers wear it?

A haircut “tomboy” was included in the list of the most glamorous and popular hairstyles for young fashionistas. It is common for younger beauties to conduct “experiments” with their image. The rebels in spirit, with an inexhaustible desire to show themselves, young ladies find every day different types of styling for their individual model “bomb”.

This short haircut on the hair of teenage girls 13 years and older creates a playful effect, emphasizing their own unique image.

But even at this young age it must be borne in mind that the “bomb” is not suitable for everyone. As already noted, girls with refined facial features, having a slender physique, can brag of this fashionable hairstyle. This does not mean that other types of haircuts are prohibited. Of course not. We only indicated those cases when it is guaranteed to look spectacular.

Older girls can complement their stylish hairstyle with a game of colors: coloring, highlighting, highlighting individual strands. The use of multi-colored crayons for hair is the latest innovation among young people.

It is common for young lovers of a “tomboy” haircut to complement their unique image with different accessories. In addition to hairpins, bandanas and headbands, girls still love to collect long sections of hair in their original ponytails. The shaving elements of some areas of the head are also a patronized trend of young avant-garde artists. You can shave the occipital region, whiskey or directly one side of the head.

Such a different tomboy haircut

Today, women's tomboy hairstyle is performed not only in the classic version, but also with shifted bangs, elongated strands, squares and other nuances that give its owner individuality and originality. The main element of the haircut is asymmetry and torn strands. Consider both options:

Torn classic bomb

This haircut is carried out using a razor, using the usual blunt cut method. A mandatory attribute here is high-quality hair milling, which gives the haircut a ragged, uneven cut. Thanks to this method, the ends of the hair look sloppy and chaotic.

Torn strands to put is not a simple task. However, if you exercise, it will not be difficult. So the torn tom-boy hairstyle for short hair lends itself perfectly to model styling.

You just have to decide on her style: whether it's a retro hairstyle or a classic haircut.

Long and medium hair look beautiful with torn curls and braids, complemented by original, beautiful hair accessories.

Asymmetric tomboy

The asymmetrical tomboy hairstyle is based on a short bean, with a hair length of not more than 15-17 centimeters and has different lengths of strands throughout the head, from the bangs to the crown.

The execution scheme of this hairstyle and the tool with which it will be made is almost identical with a torn style, with the exception of one significant amendment, which will need to be oriented.

A modern, asymmetric tomboy is a universal haircut that does not accept a clear contour and pattern. Therefore, when choosing such a hairstyle, be extremely careful.

A significant role in the design of an asymmetric haircut is played by everyday styling, since any haircut without styling will look dumb and not attractive. This usually takes a minimum of time and cost.

Try for the first time to apply a simple tousled styling for your new image, which is suitable for both a holiday and for everyday going out.

This styling is carried out using a hairdryer and hair gel, you can wax or foam.

Torn classic "bomb"

This version of the hairstyle involves the use of a razor, but is carried out by a blunt cut. The principal role is played by high-quality milling of hair to achieve the effect of unevenness and "raggedness". Carelessness and randomness of the ends of the hair - a successful result of the master.

Varieties of female and male haircuts tomboy

Among the variety of hairstyles there are universal, which are suitable for both men and women. The tomboy haircut was originally truly female. Representatives of the weaker sex thus emphasized the free style of clothing.

Most often, those who choose a similar hairstyle do not seek to comply with the main trends in fashion or engage in men's sports. The word "tomboy" comes from the English dictionary and means "tomboy."

The male part of the population supported the idea of ​​cutting strands in this style.

The advantages of this hairstyle

The main element of the haircut is asymmetry. This hairstyle has many advantages:

  • split ends disappear
  • look well-groomed, neat and unusual,
  • gives volume
  • filing makes curls obedient when laying,
  • emphasizes beautiful facial features and distracts from small flaws - for example, in the form of ears, nose, and also visually lengthens the neck.

Suitable for all forms of the face - you just need to choose the right option for cutting bangs and hair styling: if the face resembles a circle or square, then a haircut more voluminous at the roots is suitable. Well slanting bangs, and side parting are suitable.

  • gives youth and modernity,
  • it is limited by age and status.

The hairstyle should be adjusted every three or four weeks, otherwise the image loses its relevance, looks messy and unattractive.

Execution order

Having opted for this hairstyle, you need to start looking for a good specialist who is not afraid to entrust your hair, since a “tomboy” requires special attention and an obligatory preliminary consultation.

For a haircut you will need:

  • scissors,
  • thinning scissors,
  • comb,
  • clamps
  • spray to moisten the strands.

The technique of cutting step by step is as follows.

  1. Hair is divided into two parts along the line of the natural side parting. Each woman has it individually.
  2. The temporal-parietal region is divided into horizontal lines, a control strand up to the tip of the ear is taken.
  3. Hair is trimmed under the control strand with a gradual extension to the back of the head.
  4. After that, they move to the front. The hair is combed with a shift forward.
  5. A control strand with an approximate length to the chin is selected.
  6. The working part of the head (front) is divided into horizontal levels. The strands are cut with elongation to the face, relying on the control strand.
  7. The nape of the head is cut off to the front of the head, the difference in levels is about 2 cm. The nape can also be shaved with elongation to the crown.
  8. Be sure to hold a triangular edging.

Styling options

“Tomboy” needs to be kept in good shape, like any short haircut. This means that you will need to visit the salon at least once every 3-4 weeks. At home, you should also perform simple styling for a daily look or a special occasion, if necessary. But styling can be done independently. To achieve the desired style you will need different means: foams, mousses, gels and varnishes. Short hair must be fixed, sometimes even with an iron grip.

Laying must solve 3 goals. Let's consider each separately.

  1. Achieving volume: short haircuts look more impressive if supplemented with volume.
  2. Highlighting strands and creating clear lines: asymmetrical feathers, long play are the strong points of the tomboy haircut.
  3. Underline: “tomboy” - a unique hairstyle. Using the correct styling, you can emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the imperfections.

With the help of styling, you can vary the styles: retro, avant-garde, classic and others. It is worth remembering that the more avant-garde you want to look, the more styling tools you have to use.

You can adopt the following styling options for yourself.

As one of the options, you can comb back the front long part of the hair and fix everything with gel and varnish, creating an image in retro or classic style.

You can comb your hair to the side.

For young owners of hairstyle "tomboy" there is the opportunity to pick up the long part of the hair in the ponytail.

The original trend of recent years is the use of multi-colored crayons as a temporary original coloring.

Finally, you can add the simplest and most universal option - an artistic mess created using mousse.

Tip: a “bomb” should not be done on very curly hair.

Ways of styling a haircut "tomboy" in the next video.

Why do women choose a short haircut

For the most part, the hairstyle creates the image of a strong, strong-willed woman, but thanks to the styling, you can give a romantic look.

  1. Hairstyle emphasizes naturalness and openness.
  2. No unnecessary details. Hair is trimmed neatly and shortly.
  3. It takes a little time to create a styling - sometimes it is enough to wash and dry with a towel. The hair itself will take an arbitrary order.
  4. Tomboy can become the basis for other hairstyles.
  5. Such a haircut can be done for a woman of any age. Emphasize elegance, restraint of style.

The hairstyle can be with and without bangs, on the basis of a square or bean. An integral element is asymmetry and torn ends. The fringe is also asymmetric (one side of the fringe may be shorter than the other).

Short haircuts are suitable for women who have the right facial features. This haircut can be done on long hair. In this case, suitable for any type of person.

Ideal for thin, sparse hair. Visually attached volume and lightness. It is better not to do curly curls, as you will have to straighten the strands constantly, which will negatively affect their health.

Slender, short women can safely choose this hairstyle. Chubby women should not opt ​​for her, as she emphasizes the flaws of the figure.

Hair cut short with a razor. The ends all over the head are milled, creating unevenness and disorder. With the help of additional accessories you can create a romantic and unique image.

The basis is the bob hairstyle. Total length at earlobe level. All strands have different lengths. There are no clear boundaries and you cannot create two identical similar hairstyles. This hairstyle will have to be constantly styled with the help of mousse and hair dryer, otherwise the look will be sloppy.

An additional emphasis adds color tinting or highlighting.

Haircut for the male half of the population

When choosing a haircut, you should be guided by its practicality and convenience. Men's hairstyle should emphasize masculinity, confidence and attractiveness.

Consider some of the features that a man should consider when choosing a short haircut.

  1. Short hair does not require additional care and styling.
  2. An average length with a thinning or asymmetry requires constant styling, otherwise the hair will be unkempt.
  3. Thin hair must be milled.
  4. If curls are curly or naughty, then you should not cut your hair too short.
  5. Asymmetrical, carelessly laid strands will approach a triangular elongated face.
  6. A person with a round shape, visually stretched multilayer haircuts.

Men's haircuts are not performed according to a specific pattern. It does not have clear contours. The hair length can vary from 3 to 7 mm. The basis is a bob haircut. Looks good with bangs (short, oblique, elongated). The image of a man becomes brutal, attractive and fashionable.

  1. It looks equally good both in a business setting and in an informal one.
  2. It has no age restrictions. With the help of styling, you can build both a youth style and a more masculine one.
  3. Suitable for any type of face. Looks perfect on a round.
  4. The structure and type of hair does not matter.

With a similar hairstyle, you can fantasize - the main thing is to choose a specialist who knows his job. An option is to shorten the hair on the sides. In the center, the hair remains a few millimeters long.

How is the haircut done

The main tools are clips for fixing hair, ordinary and thinning scissors, comb.

As with any other haircut, the hair should be washed and dried.

  1. Make a direct parting.
  2. On each side, the upper and lower strands are separated, removed by clamps.
  3. First, the lower strands are cut (they will be longer than the upper ones), which determine the total length.
  4. The upper strands are cut shorter.
  5. All tips are milled.
  6. The last step is the formation of the bangs.

With the help of a razor (blade), torn strands and asymmetry are made.

Important points when styling a haircut

  1. If the curls are thick and wavy, then it is better to comb them back with a gel.
  2. Straight and obedient hair can be combed to the side.
  3. Light negligence will suit short hair.
  4. The gel should be applied to wet hair. Raise or ruffle them with your fingers, you can smoothly comb it.

  • It is important to use quality cosmetics, preferably professional ones.
  • Thick, dense hair is best for styling, if after washing your hair some time has passed. In the case when the hair is thin and belongs to the oily type, it is better to do it on clean ones.

  • There are separate tools for styling thin and thick hair, so you should pay attention to these characteristics.
  • With wet hair effect

    Using a gel, the strands are combed back. Make a deep side parting. The hair lies carelessly on the head, and at the roots on the crown they lift.

    Styling negligence

    Hair styling is done on medium length hair. Apply gel (up to half the hair) and comb it over the ears. Make a direct parting. Extreme accuracy in the upper part and carelessness in the lower half of the hair.

    The hair of the middle part of the head is lifted at the roots (if there is a bang, then it is removed), combed back. Side smoothly smooth.

    The hairstyle has no restrictions on age and profession. Equally suitable for both men and women. You should choose the right option for the hair structure, clothing style and lifestyle.

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