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Is it possible to play sports with prostatitis: jogging, yoga and other physical activities

In modern urology, prostatitis is classified based on its nature, urologists distinguish two main types of prostatitis: infectious and abacterial, that is, one in which it was not possible to identify the causative agent of the disease. Such prostatitis is also called congestive, and it is he who is the most common among men of different age groups. Doctors sound the alarm about the rapid growth of patients with congestive prostatitis among young people, often the age of patients does not exceed twenty years, and the main cause of the disease is called inactivity and an unhealthy lifestyle. That is why the closest attention is paid to harmonious physical activity and sport in the practice of treating and preventing inflammation of the prostate gland. After what sport will the prostate condition only improve? How to relate to running?

Running outdoors

Of all the possible types of physical activity that are possible with inflammation of the prostate gland, urologists especially recommend running in the fresh air. Running is an excellent cure for prostatitis, it most effectively involves all muscle groups of men. Running helps eliminate congestion in the pelvis and prostate. Running outdoors is useful for a number of reasons:

  • Uniform physical activity improves blood circulation in the body while running.
  • Such a sport has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Light jogging in the fresh air strengthens the immune system and increases the protective functions of the body.
  • Running in combination with other sports helps to reduce weight and speed up metabolism, which is an important factor in the treatment of prostatitis.
  • Sports, including running, contribute to the production of testosterone, which significantly increases male potency.
  • Exercise strengthens muscle tone.
  • Together with sweat, the excretion of which is significantly enhanced when playing any kind of sport, and especially when running, toxins come out of the body.
  • Running promotes self-massage of the prostate.
  • Classes in the fresh air relieve stress and improve the general psycho-emotional state of patients.
A sedentary lifestyle has a bad effect on the prostate.

Jogging with prostatitis is best done in the morning, while jogging the patient should carefully monitor his health and avoid overloads. During and after sports, men suffering from inflammation of the prostate may experience pain in the perineum and inguinal region, in this case, the level of physical activity should be reviewed. After training, if the loads are distributed correctly, the patient should not feel excessive fatigue and blood pressure should not be very high. Overweight patients should be especially careful, since running increases the load on the spine and joints, so it is better for such patients to start with a kind of jogging, gradually increasing the pace. You can also deal with such a variety as running in place.

The doctor, recommending that patients do sports, in particular running, should warn that excessive physical activity can harm the prostate gland, since muscle strain is one of the causes of prostatitis, the patient needs to save strength. Also important is the shoes in which the patient plans to run: the load on the foot should be distributed evenly. If the doctor believes that running at this stage can harm the patient, they can be replaced with long walks in the fresh air, especially after surgery on the prostate.

Pool visit

Swimming is a universal form of physical activity, it is not a run where there are more contraindications. In sports, this is called cyclic exercises, in which all muscle groups are involved. At the same time, swimming, especially in sea water, puts much less pressure on the circulatory system due to the specifics of the aquatic environment and the horizontal position of the body, so the benefits of such activities are undeniable.

Swimming, compared to running, has more restrictions for patients with acute and chronic prostatitis. The positive factors of the effect of water procedures on the prostate include cool water, which has a calming effect on the inflamed organ. However, swimming in the pool or in the sea is not recommended at a water temperature below 20 degrees, since severe hypothermia can cause the development of the disease and its spread to other organs. After bathing in cool water, the patient should immediately change into dry swimming trunks to avoid contact of cold tissue with the perineum. Water procedures and swimming are strictly prohibited for patients with acute form of prostatitis, because after a long stay in cold water, the inflammatory process can sharply intensify.

When visiting a pool or swimming in the sea with patients with chronic prostatitis, certain rules should be observed:

  1. Time spent in the pool or at sea should be limited, swimming in cool water for more than 40-50 minutes can cause an exacerbation of inflammation.
  2. During your stay in the pool and on the beach, you must strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene to prevent any infection from entering the urethra.
  3. In chronic prostatitis, you need to observe the regime of physical activity, save energy, you can not overload the body with too active swimming, even in sufficiently cold water after each short swim you need to take a break.
  4. It is necessary to listen to the sensations in the lower abdomen: if there is any discomfort or pain, swimming should be stopped.
  5. There is no need to abuse sports and swimming, for therapeutic and preventive purposes it is enough to visit the pool twice a week, otherwise the benefits of training will come to naught.


Bodybuilding is becoming increasingly popular, so urologists need to give patients detailed explanations about the dangers and benefits of strength training. You can engage in bodybuilding with prostatitis; moreover, doctors recommend such training as part of a comprehensive treatment of prostate inflammation. The benefit of such exercises is that moderate physical activity significantly reduces stagnation in the prostate and reduce the symptoms of inflammation. In addition, bodybuilding strengthens the muscles of the pelvis and enhances blood circulation in the prostate gland. But, like any other sport, bodybuilding has a number of limitations and contraindications, so you need to exercise with caution and in accordance with the recommendations of a doctor:

  • In no case should you lift weights and perform squats with weighting in acute prostatitis and after surgery associated with the prostate.
  • You can not overload the body with power exercises: you can pump the press, lift weights, do strength exercises in a sparing mode, even such moderate loads can improve blood circulation, strengthen muscle mass and muscle tone.

It should be noted that in the acute and chronic form of prostatitis it is not necessary to go to the gym at all: you can download the press, lift weights, and do squats at home, the main thing is to observe the training regimen, such exercises are enough to keep the body in good shape.

There are sports whose activities are best excluded in the acute form of prostatitis. These primarily include horse riding and cycling. This is due to the fact that during such sports exercises an additional load is created on the prostate gland and blood vessels are compressed, which can lead to exacerbation of inflammation and sexual dysfunction. It is also not recommended to do weightlifting, since weight lifting and large physical exertion can provoke stagnation of blood in the pelvis. The best choice for prostate diseases is running, swimming and walking in the fresh air. This saves strength and gives the body the necessary boost of vigor.

The benefits of sports

Can prostatitis be practiced? Yes. When the inflammatory process in the gland is disturbed blood flow. Gymnastics with such measures improve blood circulation, as a result of which the vessels and muscles strengthen. The general condition of the body is normalizing.

The most useful exercises for an inflamed prostate are:

With moderate exercise recovery accelerates. Is it possible to lift weights with prostatitis? It is impossible. Such events adversely affect the state of blood flow. A more dangerous sport for prostatitis is cycling.

Some experts find heavy loads harmful during prostatitis, therefore, men are recommended simple exercises and activities. Other doctors have an opinion and advise to squat, ride a bicycle, do leg press.

Exercise stress

Since the disease takes a large amount of energy from a man, the reaction to the first symptoms should be quick, and self-medication complex. The main side of the treatment is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Of particular importance and usefulness is running with prostatitis.

As a rule, a rehabilitation course starts not only with taking medications, but also with a change in lifestyle. In case of illness, doctors advise:

  • Go walking (at least 5 km per day),
  • Going to the pool
  • Daily morning exercise
  • Jogging.

This set of activities contributes to the fight against male illness. Immediately, we note that during the peak of the disease or during its acute course, this complex will not only not improve your condition, but will also aggravate it. Therefore, the first action that you must perform is a trip to a specialist who will make a specific diagnosis and the degree of the disease.

Harmful loads

  • Excessive sexual activity, the founder of chronic prostatitis,
  • Low sexual activity leads to stagnation in the prostate, and this leads to inflammatory processes,
  • Breakdown,
  • To lift weights during a strong desire to go to the toilet,
  • Stable vibration loads. Such as frequent trips by bicycle, horses or tractors.

Walking and running

Running is useful for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. When running, blood begins to come to the inflamed area, a certain prostate massage occurs.

Optimal running with prostatitis - jogging.

It does not overload the body, promotes recovery.

You need to run while comfort is felt.

If you experience fatigue or discomfort in the groin, you should go to step.

Ideally, you need to increase the mileage gradually. If it’s difficult to run, it’s suitable walking with prostatitis, there will be as many benefits.

To maximize the speed of the healing process and do it comfortably, a man should purchase comfortable shoes. It is advisable to run in orthopedic sneakers with the right foot. Depreciation should be good, this will enhance the effect with a therapeutic course.

Running treatment

The lack of physical exertion is manifested by gaining excess weight, diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with the respiratory system and the human reproductive system.

Running helps strengthen blood vessels and blood vessels. The outflow of lymph is delivered to the pelvis in the required volume, stagnation and blockage of the vessels resolve, and metabolic processes are optimized. In addition, toxins are released from the body during running, and immunity is enhanced. But this is not all that affects the disease in one way or another. During running, self-massage of muscle tissues of the organs of the reproductive system occurs, and biological processes are optimized.

Running is an excellent prostatitis therapy. Naturally, it makes no sense to rush to stupor. Short and medium distances are beneficial. Immediately, as pain in the pelvic area is noticed, go on to the step. An important aspect is a positive attitude. Take a player with your favorite songs with you, choose a run not in the industrial zone, but in the park, so that your eyes, hearing and the general condition of your body rejoice.

In addition to classical classes, there is a therapeutic complex of exercises


Swimming useful for inflammation of the prostate gland. It, like running, improves blood flow in the pelvis. Swimming is perceived without stress.

It is worth noting that it is better to swim in the pool, since river water can provoke hypothermia. After water procedures, you need to take a warm shower, put on dry linen.

You can not swim in the period of exacerbation, since this will only exacerbate the disease, provoke unpredictable consequences. You can visit the pool with a sluggish disease. In any case, you need to be careful so as not to cause acute form of prostatitis.


Can I do sports with prostatitis? Better not to find activities to prevent prostatitis than running. This type of physical activity contributes to the development of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Since running optimizes the functioning of blood vessels, this will find its response in the muscle tissues adjacent to the genitals. It must always be remembered that even running should have its own dosage, even with the prevention of the disease. Listen to the voice of your body and do not strain.

In general, running is the best sport that positively affects several internal systems of a person. When jogging, you will get rid of extra pounds, stimulate muscle growth, prevent a large number of possible diseases, including prostatitis! Any urologist will advise running and prostatitis.

With fast walking, the level of blood circulation in the pelvic organs rises. Which is very useful, especially with a sedentary lifestyle.

One of the methods of complex treatment of prostatitis is massage of the prostate adenoma. And since the prostate self-massage occurs during a run, this helps to improve health and accelerate the healing process. In parallel, there is an increase in the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

A man must prepare for such a method of combating the disease in advance. Buy comfortable and high-quality shoes. The most suitable option is orthopedic sports shoes. Please note that the sole should have good cushioning, because this will help strengthen the fight against the disease.


With all the positive aspects of the treatment of prostatitis by jogging, not all patients are prescribed it. There is a category of people who are contraindicated in physical activity due to diseases of the internal organs. A specialist who prescribes a course of treatment can give a weakened program of special exercises that help to improve the patient's condition with prostatitis.

If physical exercise is completely contraindicated, then they are simply advised to take walks in the fresh air.


Summing up everything written above, we emphasize that physical activity is very useful for prostate disease. The most important thing is not to lose heart, set yourself in a positive mood and little, gradually move towards a healthy life. Run, jump, swim, do your favorite sports, and most importantly, do not stagnate. All diseases come from the nerves.Therefore, be more caring for them and your body.

📍 The information is provided solely for popular educational purposes, does not claim to reference and medical accuracy, is not a guide to action. Do not borrow self-medication. Consult a specialist.

Yoga for prostatitis

Yoga relieves inflammation with the help of specially designed exercises that unload the pelvic organs, and normalizes blood flow.

Therapy is based on inverted asanas.

These positions positively affect not only the gland, but also the whole organism.

You can start with the lung. it Viparita-karani-mudra.

It is carried out twice a day. Then you should move on to more complex exercises.

Important and breathing exercises. Ujaya, which is performed on inhalation, normalizes venous outflow. Breathing exercises are performed similarly. Viparite.

At yoga the degree of illness should be considered. It is also advisable to adhere to proper nutrition, intimacy. Taking medications is required. It is necessary to exclude movements that increase pressure on the prostate.


Effect of squats with prostatitis is quite high. With their repeated repetition, the natural production of male hormones increases. Stagnation in the legs and pelvis disappear. There is also a general activation of blood flow. If everything is done adequately and without diligence, it happens light gland massage.

Squat also need correct. Before starting the movement, you need to tighten the muscles of the buttocks. In the process, the feet should fit snugly to the floor. Extreme fatigue is not recommended. Rest during events also need to be metered.

To get rid of inflammation, you need to apply a set of measures, including diet, moderate exercise and taking medication. Better to do all the exercises in morning hours like gymnastics.

Is sports useful for prostatitis

Since the disease often affects young men, the question of playing sports arises very sharply and very often. The prostate gland is the second "I" of a man, and with the wrong treatment and approach, you can greatly aggravate the situation. Sport is an ambiguous phenomenon in identifying this disease. It is impossible to say for sure whether or not to deal with it. This requires a thorough examination and the opinion of the attending physician, who can direct the patient in the right direction.

What physical exercises with prostatitis are allowed, and which are not?

An active lifestyle contributes not only to the treatment of prostatitis, but also to its prevention. With this diagnosis, it is recommended to engage in running exercises, swimming, walking, curative gymnastics.

Running exercises should begin at short distances.

In the future, a gradual increase in loads.

Be sure to control your condition, with the manifestation of uncomfortable sensations, it is recommended to switch from running to walking. Running is necessary in the fresh air.

Running exercises strengthen health in general, and in particular the prostate.

Exercise "bike" with prostatitis

With inflammation of the prostate gland, cycling is strictly contraindicated, since with this method the arteries in the human body are squeezed and this can adversely affect the disease. However, paradoxically, imitation of cycling is very favorable and helps to build up the pelvic muscles.

To perform the exercise you need to lie on a flat surface, raise your legs and simulate movements, as when riding a bicycle.

Bench press

This exercise does not adversely affect the prostate if used correctly. Working with maximum loads can affect the functioning of the muscles of the pelvis, which will negatively affect the prostate.

The use of the following physical exertion with prostatitis is strictly prohibited:

  • Horseback Riding,
  • Weightlifting,
  • a ride on the bicycle.

Running with prostatitis

Running is the best physical exercise for this ailment. Physical activity and staying in the fresh air of the patient very well affects the patient.

Running massages the prostate, improves blood circulation. Usually, it is recommended to cover a distance of 1 km, gradually increasing the load. If for some reason running is difficult and painful, it is recommended to replace it with walking.

Is it possible to lift weights?

Lifting large loads with prostatitis can lead to an excessive load on the rectum, which can lead to the development of hemorrhoids.

Naturally, lifting weights negatively affects the prostate. With an irresistible desire, you can visit the gym, but you need to reduce physical activity by fifty percent from the usual.

Download the press with prostatitis

You can and even need to download the press. This is a good preventive and therapeutic measure for prostate disease. It must be remembered that overdoing it, you can get the opposite effect and this will have a very negative effect on the course of the disease, but you should not neglect the treatment method and you should do everything in moderation.

The benefits and harms of bodybuilding with inflammation of the prostate gland

Bodybuilding should be limited for several reasons:

  • the likelihood of complications of prostatitis,
  • negative effect on the rectum.

You can achieve a positive effect on the prostate during exercises with minor loads on the small pelvis.

As a positive point, you can note the proper nutrition of the bodybuilder.

Is it possible to lift weights with prostatitis

Prostatitis and heavy physical exertion are absolutely incompatible things. All this will lead to an exacerbation of the disease or to bring it to a more severe stage. Lifting weights, doing aggressive sports is strictly prohibited.

Exercises should be selected just those that will support the body in a sports form, but with the very minimum load on the prostate.

Therapeutic exercises for men

The use of therapeutic exercises leads to enrichment with oxygen and nutrients of the prostate, which leads to its healing.

With regular performance of therapeutic exercises, the following positive factors are noted:

A ride on the bicycle

If you adequately approach physical activity, then ride a bike allowed.

Of course, there is harm, but only from prolonged sitting on the saddle.

Also, you can not compare cycling and sitting behind a monitor.

During the ride, the pressure is only calculated 60%. At the same time, it is absent on the vertebrae and buttocks.

The main danger when riding is development inflammation in the bladder.

This is due to light clothing, purging the genital area during rapid descent. In cool weather, you need to wear warm pants from windstopper. Pressure exerted on the urethra also leads to disease.

If you ride in a low-quality seat, the destruction of the mucous membrane of the male genital organs is provoked. This factor over time becomes a developing factor in prostatitis.

If properly organized physical exercise with prostatitis, the psychological discomfort that is characteristic of men with this disorder is reduced. Loads are permissible only dosed, in the chronic stage.

Kegel exercises

Performing these exercises do not require significant physical effort and special conditions. Kegel exercises are suitable both for the treatment of prostatitis and for the prevention of its development. The technique is based on strengthening the muscles of the anus.

Before doing the exercises, you need to feel the muscle, which will be subject to training. For this, during urination, it is necessary to hold the stream for a while. In this case, the pubic-coccygeal muscle contracts.

The pubic-coccygeal muscle will be prone to strengthening according to the following procedure:

  • in a standing position, it is necessary to strain this muscle and hold your breath. After five seconds, exhale and relax. Do ten reps
  • perform alternating, short-term tension and weakening of the muscles of the anus, without holding your breath. Repeat this exercise fifteen to twenty times,
  • contracting the muscle of the anus, pull it inward for five seconds, followed by relaxation. The exercise is repeated fifteen times.

Kegel exercises are recommended with an empty bladder. For the treatment of prostatitis, three to five sessions per day for a month should be carried out. With the right technique for performing the exercise, tension of the pubic muscle tissue and the tailbone muscles occurs.

Bubnovsky exercises

According to Dr. Bubnovsky, when performing exercises, the main thing is to observe the correct technique. Otherwise, the effect of exercise will be detrimental.

The complex of therapeutic exercises according to this technique consists of the following exercises:

  • alternately raising legs from a sitting position (on the floor or on a chair), the duration of the session is thirty seconds,
  • lying on your stomach, place your arms along the body and perform alternate lifting of straight legs,
  • push-ups from the floor or wall using breathing exercises,
  • rotational movement of the hips in a standing position,
  • lying on your back, with your arms along the torso, perform an alternate lifting of straight legs.

To achieve the best result, a gradual increase in load is required.

The effect of sports on prostatitis

Let's talk about the key features of the impact of sports on the treatment of prostatitis.

  • With inflammation of the gland, blood flow is seriously impaired. Exercise and various exercises help to speed up blood circulation in the prostate.
  • Movement and exercise are the key to health. Properly constructed workouts strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve the body's defense system and help in the fight against excess weight.
  • Exercising with prostatitis helps with stress and depression arising from a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction. Mental condition improves significantly.
  • Some exercises relieve pain and other symptoms of prostatitis.

Note! Exercise is possible only with chronic prostatitis. In the acute stage and in the acute form of the disease, it is necessary to refrain from physical exertion. This is due to severe pain.

Also note that the degree of stress should be determined taking into account the condition of the patient in a particular case and lifestyle of the patient. Therefore, doctors recommend contacting physical therapy specialists to draw up optimal training programs.

Abdominal Muscle Strengthening

To pump a press with prostatitis is very useful. An ideal training program looks like this.

  • 1st day - performance of classical twists in horizontal position.
  • 2nd day - training of the lower press. In a supine position, raise straightened legs up.
  • 3rd day - training on the horizontal bar. After hanging on it, lift your knees bent to the chest.

Such training leads to:

  • improved urination
  • increase the tone of the body as a whole,
  • stabilization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

In addition, the psycho-emotional state improves. Regular training results include weight loss and an attractive belly.

A sport such as running is also recommended for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

  • help lose weight
  • strengthen the muscles of the pelvis
  • improve blood flow
  • increase the drainage of organs,
  • prevent clogging of veins
  • relieve swelling
  • make the legs aesthetically pleasing
  • stabilize the work of the heart and lungs.

The best effect is jogging at medium distances. The main thing - do not overwork. Start with light loads. To improve your mood, go jogging to your favorite music or interesting audio books. Make jogging not a duty, but relaxation.

Note! It is impossible to engage in sports such as running with prostatitis if you have the following contraindications.

  • The acute form of the disease (pain intensifies)
  • Recently transferred operation. After operations, dynamic power loads can cause complications.
  • Pathology of the abdominal cavity.

Normal or Race Walking

Perfect for replacing running training in the presence of contraindications.

Walking is recommended daily. Keep a moderate pace. 5-7 km is enough.

Walking affects the body almost like running.

  • Calories are burned.
  • Blood flow improves.
  • The muscles of the small pelvis are strengthened.


A set of exercises according to the Qigong technique contributes to an overall improvement in chronic prostatitis and its exacerbation. A positive effect on potency, the immune system and overall performance is also noted.

Therapeutic exercises Qigong provides for the following exercises:

  1. "metal"includes breathing exercises from a standing position, accompanied by straightening of the spine with arms raised up,
  2. "deer", to complete this lesson, you need to tighten the muscles of the pelvis, put your hands in front of you (clutching them in the lock). Elbows set apart. When inhaling, raise your hands above your head with a breath hold of five seconds. In the future, slowly squat down, exhale and return to the beginning. Exercise to perform ten times,
  3. "water", when you inhale, your arms rise perpendicular to the body, and as you exhale, slowly lower along the body. Perform the exercise fifteen times.

Nordic Walking

  1. When Nordic walking, ski poles are used to simplify the process.
  2. When using Scandinavian walking, a uniform distribution of the load on the arms and body is observed.
  3. At the same time, the impact on the small pelvis is reduced, which positively affects the prostate.

The easiest and fastest home workout

For men who do not have enough time for full-fledged sports, the following exercises are recommended for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

  1. Squats Improve blood circulation in the pelvis, reduce pressure in the gland, and also strengthen the back and lower limbs. Squats must be performed in the position of the legs shoulder width apart. The back should be flat. Hands can be held behind the head or stretched forward. 20-30 squats for 1 workout is enough.
  2. Scissors. Also applies to very effective exercises. It is performed in a supine position. Assumes swings straight legs crosswise.Do the exercise for 1-2 minutes.
  1. Bike. Also performed lying on your back. Assumes torsion of invisible pedals in the air for 2-3 minutes.
    Such a training of three exercises will take you no more than 10 minutes. It is recommended to engage in this scheme 2 times a day.

Next, we talk about special sets of exercises that can also be performed at home.

Special complexes of exercises for prostatitis

There are the following specialized complexes and exercises that doctors recommend performing for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis at home.

  • Kegel exercises.
  • Gymnastics Strelnikova.
  • Gymnastics Bubnovsky.
  • "Walking" on the buttocks.

Is it possible to play sports with prostatitis: how physical activity affects the condition of the prostate

Diseases of the prostate gland are a common occurrence in men over the age of 30. The disease appears due to prolonged stagnation of the secretion in the pelvic area. Inflammation can occur at a younger age, when guys lead a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym.Therefore, the question arises: is it possible to play sports with prostatitis?

Kegel exercises

Great for patients with a sedentary lifestyle. Kegel exercises are recommended for:

  • Inflammation of the prostate gland,
  • impaired erectile function,
  • urinary incontinence
  • hemorrhoids
  • pronounced dysuric manifestations.

The technique looks like this.

  • Tighten your pubic-coccygeal muscle as with artificial urinary retention.
  • Count to 5.
  • Relax your muscle and count to 5 again.
  • Repeat the cycle 9 more times.

The recommended number of classes is three times a day. When visiting the toilet, it is also necessary to strain and relax the pubic-coccygeal muscle. In this case, the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and legs do not need to strain.

Sports and prostatitis

Inflammation in the prostate gland is directly related to the deterioration of the blood flow of the organ. And sports training and physical education help to accelerate it.

In addition, sports and physical activity are the key to health, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve immunity and normalize the body as a whole.

If a man never did even a simple charge in the morning, then it is extremely useful for him to begin to perform elementary physical exercises. As prevention and treatment of prostatitis, walking, running, swimming, abs, cardio and gymnastics are used. During training, you can not give an excessive load on the body, so as not to cause complications of the disease.

There are special exercises for treating a disease that are very simple and can be done at home. During sports training, the patient’s mental state improves significantly, stress and depression disappear, which may be associated with erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Some exercises can relieve the symptoms of the disease and pain.

Prostatitis and sports are not always the perfect combination. Exercise has limitations and contraindications.

Note! You can not exhaust yourself with training, everything needs to be done in moderation without causing discomfort.

You can play sports with a chronic disease, but it is forbidden with exacerbation. Before you start an active lifestyle, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Can I do sports with prostatitis?

Faced with sluggish inflammation, each man asks a series of questions about the limitations and lifestyle of this disease. Many completely in vain avoid physical activity, because with prostatitis you can play sports. With proper planning of classes, sport not only does not harm health, but also greatly facilitates the course of the disease.

Patients are shown any training during which the lower body is involved. Normalize the condition of the urogenital system of a man helps:

  • Run,
  • Yoga,
  • Power training,
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Stretching (stretching).

Limitations apply to lifting too much weight, cycling. There is no absolute ban on cycling and exercising on a stationary bike, restrictions are due solely to the wrong choice of equipment.

In order not to harm your health, you should buy a bike saddle of a special configuration, with a slot in the center of the product. The same is true for the exercise bike - all restrictions are removed, it is enough to change the saddle to moderately rigid, with the correct fixation of the pelvis and the distribution of the body load on the pelvic bones.

In order not to harm health, it is recommended to consult with a urologist before seriously engaging in any sport. Despite the absence of strict restrictions, moderate physical exertion should be preferred.

Download the press with prostatitis

This is one of the most effective exercises to prevent the onset of the inflammatory process in the prostate, but it is additional to the main load.

Downloading the press for a long time is prohibited. Otherwise, there is a risk of an exacerbation of the disease, the appearance of worsening or an inflammatory process. You can pump the abdominal muscles in the gym and at home.

There are many exercises for the press. They can be alternated daily. For example, on the 1st day these are classical twists, on the 2nd - swing the lower press (lying on the floor, raise straight legs), on the 3rd - hanging on the horizontal bar, raise the knees to the chest.

If you regularly pump the muscles of the press, then the risk of hernia in the elderly is reduced. And your stomach will be toned and beautiful.

Strength training and prostatitis

A gym with prostatitis is not prohibited, but rather recommended. The main thing is to observe one simple rule - to alternate power loads with aerobic ones, giving preference to exercises in which the pelvis is involved.

A visit to the gym should not exceed 3-4 times a week. The permissible frequency of classes is 1-2 hours, with alternating loads. This training scheme will improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles, but will not cause chronic fatigue.

An interesting fact: sports have a positive effect on hormones. Strength training is indicated for men with unstable production of sex hormones, as they stimulate the release of testosterone. Thus, power loads have a positive effect on erection, increase libido and normalize prostate function, since this organ is androgen-dependent.

When visiting the gym, avoid heavy squats. Such a load can adversely affect the course of prostatitis. At the same time, squats without a bar are not prohibited, but rather recommended, as they stimulate the flow of blood to the pelvic organs.

Alternating strength and aerobic loads will help improve prostate functionality. This will help normalize blood circulation and improve the outflow of lymph in the pelvic organs and lower limbs.

With the right approach, classes in the gym will provide:

  • Reduction of the manifestations of the disease,
  • Improved erection,
  • Increased organ functionality,
  • Hormonal stabilization,

Muscle strengthening will have a positive effect on the health of the whole organism. As practice shows, playing sports with chronic sluggish inflammation of the prostate gland can reduce the frequency of exacerbations of the disease.

Power loads with prostatitis

Cardio workouts, a gym and bodybuilding are gaining more and more popularity. Men prefer them to gain mass and create a beautiful body. But is it possible to deal with such heavy loads with prostate disease?

It is interesting that doctors not only allow them, but also strongly recommend to deal with them. The fact is that they are of great benefit to the body. Strength exercises help reduce the risk of stagnation of the secretion in the prostate, and also eliminate pain and other unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

But, despite the usefulness of such training, they have limitations and a number of contraindications:

  1. In the acute form of the disease, it is forbidden to lift weights, weights, and other weights.
  2. You can not perform squats with weighting.
  3. After surgery, the prostate requires a certain recovery period, so for this time it is better to completely abandon strength training.
  4. You need to do it only at a moderate pace, you can not exhaust yourself with exercises.

Strength training should be introduced gradually, starting with a low rate of intensity. The body must get used to the new load. Cardio training does not need to be carried out daily, 2-4 times a week is enough.

When is sport prohibited?

There are a number of rules that should be followed when playing sports, so as not to aggravate the course of the disease.

  1. In case of exacerbations, sports should be discarded. At this time, the body experiences stress, and severe physical activity can cause a deterioration in well-being and exacerbation of symptoms.
  2. An absolute contraindication is acute bacterial inflammation of the prostate. The flow of blood to the pelvic organs in this case can lead to the spread of infection throughout the body. Exercise in acute inflammation is prohibited, due to the risk of developing an abscess, followed by sepsis.
  3. Training is prohibited in oncology. The flow of blood to the affected organ can cause the rapid growth of malignant neoplasms.
  4. Sport cannot be combined with antibiotic therapy. Strong loads lead to physical exhaustion and a decrease in immunity, which is already weakened by the use of potent drugs.

By following these rules, every man will be able to improve well-being and minimize the frequency of exacerbations of prostatitis. The main thing is not to overdo it. Daily exhausting workouts will not lead to an improvement in the functioning of the prostate, but to general exhaustion, decreased immunity, the development of stress and, as a result, to exacerbation of chronic prostatitis.

Aerobic exercise for prostatitis

Aerobic workouts include running, walking, swimming, and cycling. However, cycling is best avoided. The fact is that such loads adversely affect the course of the disease, increasing the risk of stagnation in the organ. Doctors recommend cycling with exercise “bicycle”, which can be done at home.


Walking is an ideal alternative to jogging, especially for those who have never run the regime, or who have contraindications for jogging.

Walking should not cause discomfort, it does not need to exhaust yourself. It is enough to walk 5-7 km. You can sometimes combine walking and running. You can do it daily, at a moderate pace.

Running in the morning is ideal for the prevention and treatment of the disease. Running helps to strengthen the immune system, normalize the work of the heart and respiratory system, and remain in good physical shape.

Running is also a great body massage. During the run, the hormone of pleasure is secreted, therefore, the risk of stress and depression is reduced, and the mood is significantly improved.

You need to start running from short distances, at first it can be a distance of only 500-700 meters. Then gradually increase the length of the run, but in no case should you strain yourself. Everything should be in moderation. In case of discomfort in the side or in the pelvic area, you need to switch to walking.

There are certain contraindications to running training. You can not run in such cases:

  • recent surgery
  • acute form of the disease
  • pathology of organs in the abdominal cavity.

In these cases, doctors advise swimming or walking. Before starting running training, it is better to consult with your doctor. The best running workouts are jogging.


Doctors strongly recommend swimming only in special pools. This is due to the temperature of the water. In pools, water is heated to an acceptable value, and in a river or sea, you can cool. After swimming procedures, you must take a warm spirit and put on dry clothes to keep warm.

Swimming improves blood circulation, and water massages the pelvic organs. Therefore, such procedures are stress-free for the body. Swimming is good for lung development, breathing and blood flow are improved. Swimming also helps eliminate the pain symptom of the disease.

You can engage in a pool for 20-30 minutes. Exhausting yourself is not necessary, just swim 2-3 times a week. Swimming is an ideal sport for chronic prostatitis.

Exercise complex

  1. Bike. A popular and useful way to improve the functioning of the pelvic organs and blood flow in them. Starting position - lying on your back. After we raise our legs and make movements in the air similar to pedaling. We carry out for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Scissors. They also improve blood circulation in the pelvis, and reduce pressure in the gland. Starting position, as with a bicycle, lying on your back. Raise the straight legs and swing them crosswise, alternately changing the upper leg. Perform for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Squats They help improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition to a beneficial effect on the prostate, squats strengthen the legs and back. You need to squat with a flat back, legs shoulder width apart, arms can be extended forward or put behind the head. Perform 15-20 repetitions.

A simple workout at home takes up to 10 minutes. However, it effectively helps in the treatment of the disease, energizes the whole day, and the mood improves markedly. It is better to carry out 2 times a day.

What kind of sports can I do with prostatitis?

  • The beneficial effect of sports
  • Core exercises
  • Contraindications

Since the disease affects young men more and more often, the question of whether sports with prostatitis is permitted is relevant. With this disease, you can engage in physical exercise, provided that certain rules are followed.

The beneficial effect of sports

Among the many factors that provoke the development of inflammation in the prostate gland, the following causes of the disease are distinguished:

  • exposure to pathogens
  • stagnant processes in the pelvic area.

It is important to note that prostatitis is always accompanied by infection of the body. This is due to the fact that against the background of developing foci of inflammation, immune defense is reduced. As a result of pathogenic microflora, it is easier to penetrate the body of a man, where she begins to actively develop.

With prostatitis, venous and arterial vessels located in the pelvic area gradually narrow, due to which the blood flow is disturbed. As a result, arterial blood flow increases. At the same time, venous outflow is reduced.

Gradually, the blood volume increases, and therefore the vessels can no longer hold it. Liquid begins to seep into neighboring organs, causing their swelling. It is in such organs that microflora is created that is favorable for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Exercising has the opposite effect. For example, running with prostatitis tone the muscles located in the pelvic floor. As a result of this effect, the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, due to which stagnation is eliminated and blood microcirculation is normalized.

With inflammation of the prostate gland, men can and should regularly load their body, as this leads to the following:

  • reduced swelling of the prostate gland,
  • pain in the perineum is eliminated,
  • increased sex drive,
  • erectile function is restored,
  • eliminates premature release of seminal fluid,
  • local immunity is strengthened,
  • general healing of the whole organism.

Sports are both prophylactic and therapeutic methods, which are actively used in the treatment of prostatitis.

Core exercises

At home, you can perform the following exercises, which also help to accelerate blood flow:

BikeIt is considered one of the most popular types of load used for prostatitis. This exercise helps to accelerate the outflow of blood in the pelvic area. To do this, you need to lie on any flat surface and, raising your legs, begin to imitate their movements, as during pedaling on a real bicycle.
ScissorsThis performance exercise is similar to the previous one. To do this, you also need to lie on your back, stretch your legs forward and start moving them up and down or crosswise.
SquatsDuring the day, you can do 15-20 squats. This exercise helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

In this case, preference should be given to pools, rather than rivers or lakes.This is due to the fact that the temperature of water in private "reservoirs" is comfortable for the human body. In rivers, it is constantly changing, as a result of which the likelihood of hypothermia of internal organs increases. In addition, pathogens are often found in open water bodies.

Also, with prostatitis, sexual intimacy cannot be ignored. Such contacts, in principle, are essential for the normal functioning of the prostate gland. During sexual intercourse, regular prostate massage occurs.

Is it possible to play sports and lift weights with prostatitis

Prostatitis is a real male scourge in our time. It affects men aged 25 years. Inflammation of the prostate gland is now observed in 85% of the stronger sex.

The main reason for identifying this ailment is a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle and overweight. These causes affect the blood circulation in the body of a young man, and a violation of this process leads to an increase in the prostate. Another common cause are various infections and bacteria that enter the body.

With prostatitis, an increase in body temperature, painful and difficult urination, burning and pain in the inguinal region, purulent or transparent discharge are observed. You should be very careful about the symptoms and immediately consult a doctor to begin timely treatment.

Gymnastics Strelnikova

This is a set of the following exercises.

  • Testicular pulls. This exercise is performed as follows.
    1. Squat (the penis should hang freely).
    2. Tighten your internal muscles and tighten your testicles for a few seconds.
    3. Relax.
  • Pendulum. This exercise is also done with or without loose clothing. Sit down halfway. Move your pelvis back and forth for several minutes.
  • Metronome. This exercise is performed while lying on your back. Training involves turning the knees one at a time. Try to get them to the floor. Breathe rhythmically through your nose.
  • Spring. Sit on a chair to complete this exercise. Then proceed as follows.
    1. At the same time, clench your fists and tighten your pubic-coccygeal muscle for several seconds.
    2. Relax.
    3. Repeat the cycle 10 times.

During exercise, pay particular attention to breathing. It must be rhythmic. Respiratory gymnastics improves sperm production.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky

Includes the following exercises.

  • Scissors. We have already talked about them. In Bubnovsky gymnastics, this exercise must be performed within 30 seconds.
  • Half bridge. It is performed lying on your back. This exercise involves lifting the pelvis upward on inhalation and returning to its original position on exhalation.

  • Push ups. It is necessary to rise on inspiration and lower on exhalation.

  • Body twists. They are performed in a standing position. Spread your feet shoulder width apart.

The ideal regimen is 4–5 such trainings per day.

"Walking" on the buttocks

This special exercise is also recommended for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

  • The work of the genitals is improving.
  • At the cellular level, metabolism is activated.
  • Blood circulation in the prostate gland and other organs of the small pelvis is stimulated.

The exercise is done like this.

  1. Sit on the floor and stretch your arms forward at chest level. Spread your legs slightly.
  2. Lift the left side of the body and pull it forward. The shoulders and head should be slightly turned to the right.
  3. Do the same with the right half of the body.

You need to move about 2-3 meters. “Walking” on the buttocks is recommended 2-3 times a day.

Prohibited exercises for prostate diseases

With prostatitis, you can not engage in such sports as:

  • skating on all kinds of skates.
  • tennis.
  • bicycling and horse riding.
  • power sport (bench press, exercises on seated simulators, etc.),
  • Weightlifting,
  • powerlifting,
  • long distance running
  • jumping.

These sports cannot be practiced with prostatitis for the following reasons.

  • Pelvic organs experience additional stress. This leads to vasoconstriction and stagnation of the secret.
  • Performing exercises on seated simulators leads to densification of the venous nodes. This disrupts the blood circulation in the rectum, which is harmful in the presence of prostatitis.
  • Frequent cycling with intense loads injures the structure of the gland. With exacerbations, cycling is strictly prohibited.


As you can see, everything is good in moderation. Choose what is right for you.

We draw your attention to the fact that the effectiveness of drug therapy and sports in the treatment of prostatitis can be increased by adding physiotherapeutic procedures to the course.

We recommend the Smart-Prost apparatus developed by us. It combines all 4 types of necessary physiotherapeutic influences (magnetotherapy, IR therapy, thermotherapy and vibration massage of the prostate). Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the treatment of prostatitis using our innovative development increases by 42%.


Is cycling good for prostatitis? If we are talking about long races at high speed, then such intense loads should be postponed until complete recovery. Only calm and short riding on smooth roads will bring benefit. During cycling, the patient's blood supply to the prostate gland improves, lymph flow is stimulated, which leads to an improvement in the condition.

For cycling, you need to choose a comfortable seat. It should not put too much pressure on the diseased organ. You can ride a bike no more than 1.5 - 2 hours, periodically taking breaks.

Doctors recommend cycling only during the recovery period after acute prostatitis. In the chronic form of inflammation, this type of physical activity is contraindicated even during remission.

Prohibited Sports

What sports can not be practiced with prostatitis? The following classes are contraindicated:

  • lying exercises
  • lifting weights and other weights,
  • all types of bodybuilding and powerlifting,
  • classes on power simulators in a sitting position.

Such training exacerbate congestion in the prostate. Strength training and weight lifting impair blood circulation in the prostate gland. You can return to such exercises only after a full recovery.

Patient Reviews

You can find many positive reviews of men about sports with prostatitis. After regular classes, the patients disappeared pain, normal urination, increased potency. In the past, these men have been taking various pharmacological agents for prostatitis for a long time. However, the therapy provided only temporary relief. And only sports activities in combination with taking medications helped patients fully restore their health. To understand the treatment methods and possible regimens can be found here: https://cureprostate.ru/418037a-kak-nado-lechit-prostatit-kak-snyat-vospalenie-predstatelnoy-jelezyi.

Moderate sports activities help to improve well-being even with chronic prostatitis. Patients with a chronic form of the disease report that after swimming, jogging and therapeutic exercises, relapse of their pathology is much less common and easier.

There are practically no negative reviews about doing sports with prostatitis. In some men, in the first days after training, a small pain syndrome arose. Usually this was due to too high a load. After a decrease in the intensity of classes, my health quickly returned to normal. During the illness it is very important to gradually increase the load and not overwork. Only in this case, the sport will benefit.

Exercise for prostatitis

Prostate inflammation is very common among men as young as 25-30 years old. The cause of the occurrence can be any hypothermia, bacterial infection or inactive lifestyle.

This problem is especially acute for young and energetic men who are used to practicing a lot in the gym or are professional athletes. They are interested in whether it is possible to play sports with prostatitis.

And the answer is obvious - of course, yes! True, there are still a number of physical activities that adversely affect the condition of the inflamed prostate gland.

Exercise for prostatitis

Having an inflammation of the prostate gland, as well as experiencing a whole bunch of symptoms, you do not always want to go to the gym. For this case, there is a complex of simple exercises that everyone can easily perform at home ...

  1. "Bike". Probably the most popular and effective type of load. To do this, a man must lie down on the floor with his legs raised up and simply simulate movements, as when pedaling a two-wheeled vehicle. Thus, it is possible to significantly increase blood circulation in the prostate and pelvic organs without harm to health.
  2. "Scissors". The exit position is similar to the previous exercise. You need to move with straight legs, like scissors up and down, or cross them. The principle of the healing action is the same.
  3. Ordinary squats. It is enough to do 10-15 times a day for 2 approaches per week and it will already be possible to talk about a significant improvement in the state of the vessels of the prostate gland.

Such an easy set of exercises is ideal for patients with an acute form of the disease, when pronounced pain is observed.

And those who suffer from chronic prostatitis can additionally engage in the following sports:

  1. Swimming. This is the most universal type of physical activity, which has virtually no contraindications. Promotes the development and strengthening of all muscle groups and positively affects the body as a whole. It is part of the rehabilitation program for many different diseases.
  2. Run. If the patient is seriously worried about whether it is possible to play sports with prostatitis, then light jogging will help him to cast aside any doubts within a week after the start of training. In addition to normalizing blood circulation, running has a massage effect on the prostate gland. For best results, it is recommended to overcome medium distances (1.5-2 km) with a gradual increase.
  3. Sex. One cannot ignore this type of physical activity, which has a very positive effect on the state of the whole body of a person and his psychological sphere.

Prohibited prostate disease exercises

These include loads that contribute to blood stasis in the pelvis.

For example:

  • Cycling
  • Classes in power simulators in a sitting position,
  • Deadlift,
  • Bench press lying.

Often, visitors to gyms ask their doctors: "Is it possible to engage in weight lifting with prostatitis?" In this case, it is better to abandon such training, since the sharp rises of a large mass in an almost static position of the body lead to impaired blood flow in the parenchyma of the gland.

Can I run with prostatitis

Prostatitis is one of the most common ailments that undermine male sexual health. It is accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the prostate, which gives the patient significant discomfort and takes a lot of strength and energy. In addition to this, the pathological process is characterized by:

  • pulling pain and discomfort in the perineum and sacral region,
  • frequent urination
  • violation of sexual function, leading to impotence.

Therapeutic tactics, in addition to medicines, is based on the rejection of addictions, proper nutrition, physiotherapy, and sports. With the development of the disease, it is recommended:

  • morning work-out,
  • long walk
  • swimming in the pool
  • jogging.

All this helps to cope with the inflammatory process that occurs in the gland. Having included regular running with prostatitis in everyday life, the benefit or harm of which will be described below, you can achieve the following achievements:

  • due to improved blood circulation, swelling of the gland tissues will decrease,
  • pain in the groin and other parts will either become dull or completely disappear,
  • the reproductive ability of a man will be restored, an erection will strengthen and the duration of sexual intercourse will increase,
  • the body’s defenses will become stronger, which will significantly reduce the frequency of exacerbations of prostatitis,
  • the general condition will improve, signs of nervousness and depression will pass.

Interesting! Men who have regular running, swimming or walking in their lives are much less likely to suffer from problems in the genitourinary sphere than adherents of a sedentary lifestyle.

The benefits and harms of running for the prostate

The negative consequences of playing sports are found in only two cases: when a man chose the wrong exercise regimen, overestimating his physical abilities, and when he began to engage in an exacerbation of the disease. The statement that running with prostatitis is useful has long been proven in the experience of many men:

  • physical activity increases blood circulation in all internal organs of a person,
  • stagnation in the pelvic area is eliminated,
  • when running, self-massage of the genitals occurs, and the drainage abilities of the ducts are enhanced,
  • metabolic and recovery processes are accelerated,
  • toxic compounds are then eliminated,
  • the body's defenses are strengthened.

Especially useful is running with congestive prostatitis. But if the ailment is at the stage of exacerbation, one should wait with bodily loads.

Running with acute and chronic prostatitis

Doctors believe that running with chronic prostatitis is extremely useful, since the gland is involuntarily massaged with such loads. After all, this form of the disease is often treated with prostate massage, which means that self-massage for the gland will be only for the good. With regular jogging, blood circulation in the body increases, including the pelvic region, and immunity is significantly strengthened.

The chronic form of prostatitis does not allow cycling and weight training, as this is harmful to the prostate.

For example, exercises with lifting the bar, carried out with a static position of the body, are extremely dangerous by the effect of gravity on the blood circulation of the parenchyma of the gland.

Cycling is harmful because the bicycle saddle does not take into account the anatomical features of the body, as a result of which the prostate gland is compressed during the ride, which negatively affects its ducts.

If prostatitis proceeds in an acute form, and its symptoms become severe, then the patient must refrain from any physical exertion until his well-being is stabilized.

Often in the acute phase of the disease, a man experiences pain, weakness, notes increased sweating, discomfort in the inguinal region, genitals, and anus. The patient loses working capacity due to increased body temperature and frequent bouts of headache.

In this state, jogging will not benefit, like any exercise.

Important! The acute form of prostatitis requires immediate medical intervention and a medical course of treatment.

How to run with prostatitis

If a man does not know whether running with prostatitis is useful, he can ask a urologist about it. The doctor will tell you when you can start playing sports, and where to start.

Before jogging, you need to stretch your muscles, walk, do some simple exercises: bending, swinging your arms, turning the body. Then you can start walking, which will gradually turn into light running.

Ideally, if it will be jogging, as it does not overload the body, allowing you to run marathons over long distances.

Important! If you experience pain in the groin during jogging, you should switch to walking.

Running fast is not recommended. The duration of the run should be comfortable for the man. You need to start from short distances, gradually increasing the number of circles in the stadium. Over time, the body will grow stronger and will be able to overcome long distances.

Walking with prostatitis - an alternative to running

With prostate adenoma and inflammation in organs located in the pelvic area, doctors prescribe not jogging, but walking, gymnastics, swimming. Moreover, if running is contraindicated in certain categories of men, then everyone can go in for walking. Together with physical exercises, it will give an excellent result and will bring the moment of recovery closer.

For walks in the fresh air, you can connect walking on the stairs of an apartment building. It is she who is able to replace a trip to the gym and become a free simulator. The effect of walking up the stairs is the same as when jogging. Buttocks, foot muscles are trained, self-massage of internal organs is provided with an indirect effect on the prostate, the body's immune system is strengthened.

There are no specific norms for walking along the stairwell - each independently determines the boundary for himself, taking into account his general well-being and assessing physical capabilities.

But, as with normal running, the body gradually gets used to it, making it possible to expand its physical abilities. For example, at the beginning of classes you need to focus on passing at least one floor up and down.

In the future, this distance can be increased.

If doctors do not allow heavy physical exertion, you can use Nordic walking, in which ski poles are used. The peculiarity of this sport is to relieve stress from the pelvic area and redirect them to the trunk and arms.

Prostatitis Running Reviews

  1. Is it possible to run with prostatitis, I had to find out from the doctor when I was diagnosed with this. Previously, I was not particularly fond of sports, smoked a lot, often drank. But when there were problems with an erection and prostate, I decided to radically change my life. The doctor recommended swimming and running.

The stadium is near my house, so every morning I do a couple of laps. After several weeks of training, he noticed that he began to feel much better, lost weight, his mood improved, and pain in his groin stopped. I recommend everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle until you have to drink pills or lie down under a scalpel. Valentine, 45 years old.

  • Since I cannot run for a long time due to an injury, I go in for sports walking. I try to train regularly. My health is stable, I feel great. I hope that prostatitis will never manifest in me. Igor, 31 years old.
  • Running, swimming, walking, all this is part of the treatment process for prostatitis.

    But if the patient is shown drug therapy, he should not forget about it and the doctor’s prescriptions.

    Watch the video - is running useful for prostatitis:

    Watch the video: Exercise Tips for Post-Op Prostate Patients (February 2020).

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