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Nigepan use of suppositories for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is considered one of the most common and insidious diseases among the male population. It can lead to chronic constipation, an anal fissure, the development of paraproctitis and even become the culprit of some genitourinary diseases.

Therefore, it is very important to recognize the disease on time and start appropriate therapy.

Currently, more than 300 different drugs are used to prevent and treat hemorrhoids. One of them is Nigepan.

What is this drug?

Nigepan is a Russian drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Nizhpharm OJSC. It is produced in the form of suppositories for rectal use.

It is prescribed in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. It can also be used as a prophylactic.

Doctors often prescribe Nigepan to patients complaining of the periodic appearance of blood droplets after bowel movements, with discomfort in the anus, with chronic constipation, with a tendency to form blood clots.

Nigepan can be prescribed for a disease of varying severity, regardless of its duration and severity of symptoms.

  • Detailed description of the various stages: first, second, third, fourth,
  • Features of the internal course of the disease and external manifestations,
  • The list of medicines, suppositories and ointments that are used in the treatment of this disease can be found here.

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Medicinal properties and composition

Nigepan is a complex drug with anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

It includes two main substances:

  • Heparin (8.3 mg) - a substance from the group of direct-acting anticoagulants. With regular use, heparin prevents the formation of blood clots, restores proper blood circulation, and helps relieve inflammation.
  • Benzocaine - local anesthetic. Relieves pain, relaxes the muscles of the anal sphincter, facilitates the process of defecation.

The treatment regimen for hemorrhoids with candles "Nigepan"

Candles are introduced into the anus, one 2 times a day (in the morning and before bedtime).

Application Tips:

  • Suppositories should be administered after bowel movement (naturally or using microclysters).
  • The skin should be dry and clean, so before treatment it is important to carry out all the necessary hygienic procedures. You should take a shower without using cosmetics or with ordinary baby soap. Many cosmetics dry the skin, can cause allergic reactions.
  • A candle should be inserted lying on its side, knees pressed to the chest. After that, you need to roll over on your back, relax and lie down calmly for 5-10 minutes.
  • Before treatment, the suppository must be immersed in water for 20-30 seconds. Additionally, lubricate the candle with oil or petroleum jelly is not required. It is introduced quite easily, without causing discomfort to the patient.

What is the effectiveness of the drug?

Nigepan has a fairly pronounced and lasting therapeutic effect. In this case, the patient should understand that for the treatment of hemorrhoids, the use of one course of suppositories is not enough.

Therapy for hemorrhoids should be comprehensive and include the necessary medications, a special diet, gymnastics, regular examinations and preventive measures.

Our website contains the following materials about proper nutrition:

It is important to monitor the health of the male genital area., attend scheduled examinations of a urologist after 35-40 years.

Caution should be exercised when combining medications. Two different types of rectal suppositories should not be used simultaneously. This can lead to drug incompatibility, undesirable allergic reactions or an overdose (if two drugs contain the same active ingredients).

Candles are recommended to be stored in a dry and dark place at room temperature. Can be stored on the refrigerator door.

What can supplement the treatment?

Nigepan can be combined with other methods and methods of treating hemorrhoids.

  • The doctor may prescribe the simultaneous use of rectal suppositories with local ointments or gels (Troxevasin, Relief). This will serve as a good treatment for external hemorrhoids and will be a prevention of inflammation of the internal nodes.
  • It’s good to have a special diet., which includes fermented milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, vegetable soups, jelly, stewed fruit and other healthy products.
  • Must do sports, to live an active lifestyle. No wonder hemorrhoids most often occur in people of "office professions."
  • With pathologies of the genitourinary sphere to a man it is important to carry out complex treatmentaimed at fixing two problems at once.

Suppositories from hemorrhoids Nigepan is a modern drug that has been used in clinical practice for a long time. It has a complex effect, is well tolerated and has virtually no contraindications, so it managed to earn a worthy reputation among patients and doctors.

Suppositories from hemorrhoids Nigepan instructions and 2 features of application

Nigepan suppositories contain two active substances - benzocaine and heparin.

The auxiliary composition of the drug is represented by monoglycerides, vitepsol and distilled water. The listed ingredients facilitate the penetration of active substances into the tissues of the anus and maintain the form of the drug.

Description and medicinal properties of the components of the candles Nigepan

The therapeutic effect of Nigepan suppositories is due to the pharmacological properties of their components. Consider them.

Heparin sodium is a direct anticoagulant, that is, this drug dilutes blood and resolves blood clots. The mechanism of action of heparin is that it neutralizes some coagulation factors (IX, X, XI, XII) and thrombin, as well as other active substances involved in the formation of blood clots (plasmin, kallikrein).

Thus, heparin blocks the adhesion of platelets to each other, as well as their gluing to the walls of blood vessels.

In addition, due to blood thinning, microcirculation in inflamed tissues is activated, as a result of which edema decreases and the healing of injuries is accelerated.

Benzocaine belongs to local anesthetics. The analgesic effect of the drug is manifested as a result of blocking the generation of nerve pain signals and slowing their entry to the brain. In addition to pain, benzocaine instantly relieves burning and itching.

Given the pharmacological properties of the individual components, Nigepan suppositories have the following effects:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antithrombotic
  • antipruritic
  • painkiller
  • healing.

Due to the wide range of antihemorrhoidal effects, Nigepan suppositories have found their place in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The main purpose of the drug is the prevention and treatment of thrombosis of hemorrhoids cones of external or internal localization.

Instructions for the use of candles Nigepan for hemorrhoids

Suppositories Nigepan in the treatment of hemorrhoids are used only rectally.

Before using the drug, you need to carry out a simple preparation, which consists in the following:

  • bowel movement,
  • washing the anus with warm water without soap or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

After hygienic procedures, the skin of the anal area must be carefully wiped with a soft towel and thoroughly wash your hands with soap.

Enter candles in the anus is recommended in a convenient position, for example, lying on its side or standing. Also, after the introduction, you need to lie down a bit, holding the buttocks so that the drug does not leak from the rectum.

In addition, there are features of the use of the drug for external and internal hemorrhoids, namely:

  • with thrombosis of the internal nodes, the candle is pushed into the rectum not 3-4 cm deep,
  • with thrombosis of the external cones, the rectal insert is not completely inserted into the anus, I hold it with my fingers until it is completely absorbed.

Nigepan suppositories are injected into the anal canal in the morning and evening for 10-14 days. The duration of treatment can be adjusted by the attending doctor.

Side effects and contraindications

Patients tolerate Nigepan suppository well. In rare cases, local allergic reactions to the drug were noted in the form of itching, burning hyperemia and edema of the tissues of the anus, as well as urticaria and dermatitis.

Given the risk of developing an allergy, it is forbidden to use Nigepan suppositories for people prone to allergies, as well as those who have previously experienced intolerance to both the drug itself and its components - heparin and benzocaine.

There is also no reliable data on whether the drug passes through the placenta and into breast milk. Therefore, Nigepan suppositories are not used to treat hemorrhoids during hematization and during breastfeeding.

Release form, composition and packaging

The drug Nigepan is available in the form of rectal suppositories. Sales of candles are carried out in cardboard packaging, which contains special cell blisters and recommendations for use. In one plate there are 5 suppositories, each of which has a torpedo shape and a white or slightly yellowish color. In a pack of 2 blisters. The active compound is represented by a combination of two substances called sodium heparin and benzocaine. The dosage of the first in one torpedo is 8.3 milligrams, and the second is 50 milligrams. Auxiliary components of the drug were distilled monoglycerides made on the basis of palm oil, purified water and the basis of suppositories, called vitepsol. Reviews about Nigepan are positive. Patients undergoing treatment with these suppositories noted the effective elimination of inflammatory processes, minimizing the pain associated with hemorrhoids, as well as reducing discomfort. Therapy contributed to faster healing and an early solution to the problem. The price of Nigepan is affordable and low. A package with 10 suppositories costs approximately 225-250 rubles. On average, 20-30 candles are required per course, which is quite inexpensive.

Composition and form of release

Nigepan candles have a characteristic torpedo-shaped, milky tint.

Available in plastic blisters of 5 pieces. 1 pack contains 2 blisters.

The active substances in the composition, which determine the complex therapeutic properties, are anestezin and heparin. Nigepan rectal suppositories are most effective in treating latent hemorrhoids.

Anestezin, or benzocaine

Local analgesic, quickly relieves any pain within a few minutes. When it enters the mucosa, it freezes the nerve endings. It has a long action, is safe, is not absorbed into the blood. It is used in many branches of medicine, it is part of various medications.

As a part of candles provides:

  • elimination of pain
  • removal of the inflammatory process,
  • destruction of any pathogenic microflora.

Release form and composition

Nigepan against hemorrhoids is available in the form of white candles. 5 pieces are placed, 2 blisters in a box.

The medicinal substance contains the following components:

  • heparin - improves blood microcirculation and reduces inflammatory formations
  • benzocaine - eliminates pain, improves microflora and eliminates the progression of the disease
  • purified water
  • vitepsol - used to maintain shape, contains fatty compounds
  • monoglycerides

Rectal suppositories can have a specific smell and contain a dense structure, which is destroyed when the substance is stored in heat.

Heparin sodium

Refers to strong direct-acting anticoagulants that can prevent high blood coagulability, and hence the formation of blood clots. It is indispensable in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins. Included in the composition of many drugs.

Acting inside, strengthens the vascular walls, restores their elasticity and resilience, does not allow blood clots to accumulate in one place, prevents the blockage of veins. Restores blood flow, eliminates inflammation and swelling.

The main actions in the composition of the candles:

  • normalizes microcirculation and blood coagulation,
  • prevents the formation of new blood clots, gradually dissolving existing ones,
  • reduces the size of hemorrhoids, prevents the formation of new ones,
  • regenerates damaged tissue
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels,
  • prevents relapses.

As auxiliary substances, candles contain:

  • vitepsol
  • purified monoglycerides
  • purified water.

Provide ease of use, rapid solubility, absorption in the blood and storage.


  1. When using Nigepan suppositories, penetration into the blood stream occurs, exerting an effect on the lesion.
  2. The greatest efficiency is achieved 40 minutes after use.
  3. It is excreted completely after 3 hours with feces and partially by the kidneys.
  4. The substance Nigepan does not have an accumulative property.

Contraindications: when you can not use Nigepan suppositories from hemorrhoids

Despite the high efficiency, it has a number of contraindications for use:

  • age up to 14 years
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • necrosis of hemorrhoids,
  • high blood coagulation
  • allergic reactions to constituent components,
  • Stage 4 hemorrhoids requiring surgical intervention,
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Note! Treatment of hemorrhoids with suppositories Nigepan should be prescribed by a proctologist. If you take any additional medications, be sure to tell him about it.

Side effects

Among the side effects, the main ones are allergic reactions to the substances of the constituent components of the candles. Expressed by itching, burning, rashes and redness in the perineum.

To avoid this situation, it is advisable to conduct hypoallergenic tests before starting use.

Manifest extremely rarely.

No cases of overdose have been identified.

Hepatrombin G

It is used in the treatment of varicose veins, has anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, healing and regenerating properties. Relieves swelling of the mucous tissues and skin, allergic reactions. There are contraindications for use. Do not use in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The cost ranges from 200 rubles per package.


Thanks to the incoming heparin, prednisone and anestezin, heals wounds quickly, relieves inflammation and painful symptoms. The course of treatment should not exceed a week. It is forbidden during pregnancy and lactation, children under 12 years of age, as well as with allergies to constituent substances.

Cost - around 250 rubles per 1 pack.


Wide range of action:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anticoagulant
  • healing
  • antipruritic
  • painkillers
  • bactericidal.

The most effective compared to others due to its constituents:

  • anestezin
  • heparin
  • hydrocortisone
  • butambenu,
  • framycitin
  • esculoside.

  • fungal infection of the perineum,
  • tuberculosis,
  • syphilis,
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • heart failure,
  • hypertension.

Cost - in the region of 350 rubles, in free sale.

Rectal suppositories will also have similar therapeutic and preventive actions:

  • Relief Advance,
  • Anuzol
  • Venarus
  • Procto-glivenol,
  • sea ​​buckthorn candles
  • Natalside
  • Doloproct,
  • Hemorrhoid
  • Proctosan
  • Proctonol
  • Betiol.

As well as heparin ointment and Esculeps capsules.

All drugs are commercially available, have a high result in eliminating the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Instructions for use

Instructions for the use of Nigepan suppositories are very simple, and the form in the form of suppositories allows active substances to be quickly absorbed and begin a therapeutic effect.

For the effectiveness of therapy, several simple rules should be observed:

  1. An important condition is the cleanliness of the hands and crotch. Before the procedure, wash with an antibacterial agent, dry the perineum.
  2. It is better to cut the nails so as not to injure the area of ​​the anus with the introduction of a candle.
  3. Be sure to empty before the procedure. If it does not work out naturally, apply a laxative or cleansing enema. The effectiveness and speed of action of active substances depends on the purity of the rectum.
  4. Hold the suppository in cool boiled water for at least 30 seconds to facilitate administration.
  5. Pose - lying on the left side with the foot pressed to the stomach or chest.
  6. After the introduction, lie down for about half an hour with legs tightened so that the candle does not leak out.
  7. During menstruation, it is quite possible to use suppositories so as not to interrupt the course. At the same time, observe the utmost cleanliness of the hands, vagina and anus.

The course of treatment lasts from 10 to 14 days. 2 suppositories are used - one in the morning, the other in the evening before bedtime.

Before use, contact a proctologist. He can change the treatment regimen depending on the individual indicators of the body, the diagnosis and the results of previous therapy.

Can I use Nigepan suppositories during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

With pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is better to refuse the use of Nigepan suppositories.

Studies that would prove its absolute safety for the fetus and the expectant mother have not been conducted.

Heparin, being a thrombolytic, increases blood coagulation, which can cause a lack of oxygen and nutrition for an unborn baby.

There are many no less effective, but safe preparations for hemorrhoids during this period, which include only natural components. But even their use is prohibited without consulting a gynecologist.

Purchase and storage of medicine

The purchase of medicine is carried out according to the prescription of your doctor. Its cost ranges from 200 rubles and above, depending on the region of residence and the pharmacy margin.

Nigepan candles should be stored in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight, best on a refrigerator shelf. Temperature - no higher than 20 degrees.

Candles should not melt, otherwise their healing properties and ease of use are reduced.

Shelf life - 2 years from the date of issue. The final date of use is indicated on the package. At the end of time - dispose of.

Use with caution if you notice that:

  • suppository structure is heterogeneous,
  • there is a white coating on the surface,
  • the integrity of the plastic cell was violated, previously there was air access.

You can buy candles from Nigepan hemorrhoids in the nearest pharmacy, they are always on sale.

The release is carried out by the production company Nizhpharm.

Expert review

Vasily Koshkin, proctologist

The suppository form is the most convenient, effective and fast-acting in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It allows you to use ointments, creams, and oral preparations in parallel.

The result from the use of rectal suppositories Nigepan for hemorrhoids has long been beyond doubt. The combined action of an anticoagulant and anesthetic in the composition allows you to stop painful sensations in a short time, which is an important part of treatment.

My patients' reviews confirm that after two days the pain disappears. And after 2 weeks, the hemorrhoidal nodes become much smaller, even in the case of thrombosis.

At the initial stage, it is often possible to completely get rid of hemorrhoids.

Low cost and availability are the benefits that users also note.

For me, as a doctor, the value of the drug is that it can be prescribed in conjunction with other hemorrhoids, for example, with Levomekol ointment or Mafenid for external use, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

It can be used as an independent tool.

Negative comments are mainly associated with the lack of treatment outcome for advanced hemorrhoids, when not only phlebotonics, antiseptics and antibiotics are required, but also surgery.

Reviews of patients about the treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of Nigepan suppositories

Hemorrhoids appeared unexpectedly. The reason for this is office work, in which you have to sit a lot. Candles Nigepan prescribed proctologist. And indeed, after a day the excruciating pains disappeared, and after a week the bleeding stopped. I recommend to everyone who suffers.

Driving experience is great, so I got hemorrhoids. Under my profession, urgent measures had to be taken, so I went to the doctor. He appointed Nigepan. Thanks to the doctor, I quickly got to my feet and forgot about the falling cones.

Terrible pain, constipation, bleeding, prolapse of hemorrhoids - I went all the way until I went to the proctologist. In a complex treatment for the quick relief of the main symptoms, he prescribed these suppositories. After 2 weeks, I freely went to the toilet.

Suppositories Nigepan for hemorrhoids is an excellent remedy that fights the signs of both external and internal hemorrhoids. But like any other medicine, it has a number of contraindications and side effects. Therefore, do not self-medicate, do not waste time waiting for the condition to worsen, go to a proctologist. Moreover, suppositories today are sold only by prescription.

Composition, form of release and principle of operation

"Nigepan" is a combination agent that acts as an antiseptic that provides an analgesic effect.

“Nigepan” is realized in the form of rectal suppositories, consisting of active components - sodium heparin and benzocaine, as well as auxiliary substances such as purified water and solid fat. One of the main ingredients of the pharmaceutical product, heparin, is a direct anticoagulant that prevents the formation of blood clots and platelet adhesion. Thanks to the combination of benzocaine and heparin, the drug “Nigepan” has the following therapeutic effects:

  • detrimental to pathogenic microorganisms,
  • strengthens the walls of the vessels of the rectum,
  • eliminates the pain syndrome
  • supports tissue regeneration,
  • actively stimulates blood circulation,
  • stops the foci of inflammation in the rectum,
  • inhibits blood clots.

Often prescribed "Nigepan" and in order to prevent the occurrence of blood clots with hemorrhagic disease in patients who have already dealt with varicose veins around the anus. The medication strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reducing the possibility of blood clots, and thereby prevents exacerbation of hemorrhoids.


It is recommended to use "Nigepan" when the following symptoms of hemorrhoids appear:

  • itching and burning in the anus,
  • spotting and pain after going to the toilet,
  • bowel movements
  • prolapse of hemorrhoids.

Specialized doctors often prescribe Nigepan rectal suppositories to prevent thrombosis in people with a tendency to this pathology. Those who decide to start treatment of hemorrhoids with the pharmaceutical drug Nigepan will first need to contact a physician who will determine safe and effective dosages, as well as establish the necessary duration of the therapeutic course.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

The combined pharmaceutical preparation “Nigepan”, intended for administration into the rectal area, should not be used for hemorrhoids in patients with individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Rectal suppositories are not prescribed for poor blood coagulation, as well as for patients under the age of 14, pregnant and lactating mothers. Usually Nigepan is well tolerated, but very rarely patients can observe allergic manifestations and redness of the skin.

Pregnant and children

It is contraindicated for women in the position to take Nigepan suppositories for hemorrhoid therapy. Such a ban is due to the lack of necessary information about the effect of the medicinal components that are part of the suppositories on the development of the fetus. It has not been established whether the placenta protects the unborn baby from the penetration of heparin and benzocaine inside. You can not treat hemorrhoidal disease with Nigepan suppositories in childhood, since the circulatory system in people under the age of 14 is not fully developed.

The composition of the drug

Nigepan suppositories contain two active substances - benzocaine and heparin.

The auxiliary composition of the drug is represented by monoglycerides, vitepsol and distilled water. The listed ingredients facilitate the penetration of active substances into the tissues of the anus and maintain the form of the drug.

Rules for dispensing a drug from a pharmacy and storage features

Nigepan suppositories are not included in the list of prescription drugs. Therefore, when buying this medicine, the pharmacist will not require a prescription from your doctor. But this does not mean that you can engage in self-medication. After all, only a specialist - a proctologist knows how to correctly and safely treat hemorrhoids and its complications.

Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, contact your doctor, and do not look for ways to solve your problem with friends, acquaintances, or on the Internet. In addition, more serious diseases may be hidden under the mask of hemorrhoids.

Nigepan rectal suppositories: reviews for hemorrhoids

The effectiveness of the drug is best judged by the actual patient reviews. We present to consider some examples of reviews about this drug.

“I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for more than 10 years. Five years ago, they did ligation of the knot, but two years later the disease returned again, and not by itself, but with a complication - a blood clot formed inside the bump. Knowing what the late appeal to a specialist threatens, I immediately ran to my doctor, who appointed me Nigepan candles. The pain decreased after the first candle, and two weeks later the blood clot completely resolved. Thank God, there was no operation. ”

Marina, 46 years old

“Hemorrhoids fell ill last summer. She was ashamed of going to the specialist, so she told her friend about her sore, who advised me to Nigepan candles, because they always bring relief to her. I liked the price of the drug, not too high, but it did not help me, moreover, bleeding intensified during bowel movements. The pain went away only for a while, but the nodes did not disappear. Therefore, I turned to a proctologist in our clinic, who prescribed me an effective treatment. ”

Oksana, 34 years old

“I have been using Nigepan suppositories for more than five years, when hemorrhoids worsen. This drug was once prescribed to me by a proctologist for thrombosis of cones of hemorrhoids. I haven’t found anything better yet, but in principle I haven’t been looking for it. Recomend for everybody!".

Dmitry, 38 years old

As a result, we can conclude that Nigepan suppositories are an effective, safe and inexpensive drug. But you need to understand that without the appointment of a specialist, you can not use any medicine. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, contact a proctologist, because hemorrhoids can be defeated only with the help of complex treatment.

Pharmachologic effect

The manufacturer-supplied instructions say that the drug effectively fights symptoms and helps treat hemorrhoidal nodes. The composition of the candles is combined, its active components are two medicinal substances that have a complex effect. Heparin belongs to the group of drugs that inhibit blood coagulation and prevent blood clots. It has a direct effect. Prevents the development of thrombosis with local use, reduces the severity of inflammatory processes. Also, under the influence of heparin, accelerated healing and restoration of connective tissue structures is observed. The second component of the drug, called benzocaine, is a topical pain reliever. You can order Nigepan in our online pharmacy. Wer.ru guarantees you fast, impeccable service, the help of highly qualified pharmacists and competitive prices for the entire range of products. Using our delivery service, you can quickly receive Nigepan in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

Drug interaction

It is not established what interaction the described rectal suppositories have with other drugs. Heparin ointment, the active components of which are also heparin and benzocaine, intended for topical use cannot be combined with therapy with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and tetracycline group drugs. Also, it is not recommended to be used in conjunction with antiallergic drugs.

Pregnancy and lactation

It is not known whether the use of these suppositories is safe during the period of gestation and subsequent breastfeeding. The instructions for the heparin ointment, which has a similar composition and can be used to treat hemorrhoidal nodes, say that the medicine is allowed for pregnant women in the 1-2 trimester of gestation. 3rd trimester is a contraindication, since during this period the blood-thinning effect can cause undesirable consequences.


Candles are prescribed in the following situations:

  • elimination of internal and external hemorrhoidal nodes
  • rectal inflammation
  • cracks in the anus
  • mechanical damage to the rectum as a result of surgery
  • bleeding ulcers with bleeding

A drug may be used to reduce a pain symptom in the anus.

Instructions for using candles Nigepan

  1. The introduction of Nigepan does not cause difficulties and discomfort. Each candle is placed in an individual cell, which is quickly opened with scissors.
  2. When a substance is introduced into the anus, the active components rapidly dissolve and absorb. Thanks to this, a quick result and elimination of unpleasant symptoms is achieved.
  3. It is used only for rectal use. Before the introduction of the drug, it is necessary to empty the intestines or use an enema with a light decoction of chamomile.
  4. Candles are recommended to be driven deep into the rectum 2 times a day, one at a time. The course of treatment can last up to 2 weeks. If necessary, an individual treatment method can be prescribed, depending on the complexity of the inflammatory formation in the rectum.

Elena Malysheva about hemorrhoids

". I often talk about medical methods of treatment, paying attention to surgical intervention. Much less often voiced funds that belong to the category of family, folk recipes. However, today we will focus on a drug that has not only been tested by hundreds of people. "

Pregnancy and lactation

Application for bearing a child is not recommended, however, if necessary, suppositories for rectal use can be prescribed.The active components of Nigepan do not cross the placenta and have virtually no harm to the development of the fetus.

However, the substance can negatively affect the tone of the uterus, contribute to complications when bearing a child.

The benefits and harms of candles

The medicinal substance Nigepan has the following advantages and disadvantages.

they are safe to use, the use of suppositories against hemorrhoids, can reduce the effect of drugs on the human digestive systemthe possibility of damage to the walls of the rectum
the remnants of the drug are completely excreted using feceshave side effects, not suitable for all people
also contribute to improving daily stoolrequire rest for some time for complete assimilation of the active components by the walls of the rectum
the use of candles is not difficult to introducemay cause unpleasant symptoms when administered
effective for the treatment of various kinds of hemorrhoidsanother significant drawback is the prohibition of the use of rectal suppositories for children under 14 years of age

Special instructions

To get a faster result, you must follow these special recommendations:

  • the drug has no effect if it is necessary to drive a vehicle
  • Before applying candles, it is recommended to clean the anus area with clean water.
  • it is unacceptable to enter the candle too deep, otherwise you may not achieve the desired result in treatment
  • Before using the product, you need to hold the candle in the package in your palms for a while
  • for better penetration of the substance, it is recommended to use it lying on its side

Storage conditions and shelf life

  1. The drug Nigepan is stored in the refrigerator to prevent the shape of the candles from changing.
  2. It is forbidden to use the drug after the expiration date.
  3. The term of use of candles is 2 years from the date of issue marked on the package.
  4. Not subject to freezing, when exposed to low temperatures, may lose its healing properties.

The cost of candles Nigepan

  • You can buy Nigepan on the Internet and pharmacy kiosks. The cost of the drug varies from 200 to 250 rubles , depending on the city and type of pharmacy.
  • If necessary, you can order the substance on the sites of Russian pharmacies with home delivery. The average shipping cost will vary to 300 rubles .

Similar drugs

If necessary, you can use similar drugs that have a similar effect on the lesion.

The most commonly used similar substances are:

  1. Hepazolone - It is prescribed for various types of hemorrhoids, has an analgesic effect, quickly eliminates unpleasant discomfort. Not applicable during pregnancy, breastfeeding. Price 200 rubles .
  2. Hepatrombin G - quickly resolves hemorrhoids, fights not only with internal, but also with superficial formations. Quickly eliminates inflammation. The average cost of a substance 120 rubles .
  3. Anestezol - eliminates pain symptoms and has a hemostatic effect. average cost 90 rubles .
  4. Relief Advance - the active components of the drug contain shark liver oil. It has a wound healing effect, quickly reduces inflammation. average cost 300 rubles .
  5. Antihemorrhoids - a plant-based substance. Helps to eliminate the problem, used for pregnant women and children. average cost 200 rubles .
  6. Aurobin - the substance must be used with caution, since the active component of the drug is prednisone, which refers to hormonal substances. Cost 200 rubles .
  7. Hemorrhoid - used to treat cracks, damage to the walls of the rectum. Requires a doctor's prescription, can contribute to the formation of side symptoms. Price 340 rubles .
  8. Proctosan - It is used to eliminate complex types of hemorrhoids. Quickly reduces unpleasant pain symptoms, heals cracks in the rectum. Price 240 rubles .
  9. Betiol - a product that contains ichthyol extract. Relieves inflammation and reduces the further development of the disease. Price 100 rubles .
  10. Anuzol - are prescribed if necessary, provide hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects. Eliminate puffiness and symptoms of the disease. Price 60 rubles .
  11. Rutes - have the ability to increase blood flow to problem areas, reduce swelling and inflammatory formation. Contraindicated in the presence of diseases of the internal organs. Cost 180 rubles .
  12. Proctosed - a hormonal substance that contains a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Quickly reduces unpleasant symptoms, requires the appointment of a doctor. Price 340 rubles .
  13. Synthomycin Candles - this type of drug has an analgesic effect, quickly reduces the feeling of pain. The antibiotic in the composition of suppositories eliminates inflammation and prevents the further development of the disease. average cost 70 rubles .
  14. Natalside - candles based on natural ingredients. The action of the drug is aimed at activating the regenerative properties of skin cells. Assigned for childhood and during gestation. Cost 220 rubles .

The manifestation of hemorrhoids delivers a large number of unpleasant symptoms, can cause other more complex types of diseases. Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, it is necessary to begin appropriate treatment, which will allow you to get rid of the disease in a short time.

Hepatrombin or nigepan which is better?

The drug Hepatrombin has a similar effect on inflammatory nodes, however, unlike Nigepan, it more gently eliminates the problem and is recommended for children.The use of Nigepan allows you to comprehensively fix the problem and reduce unpleasant symptoms from the first use.

The active components of suppositories can eliminate the resulting inflamed nodes and reduce swelling.

Nigepan suppositories for hemorrhoids: therapeutic properties and patient reviews

One of the most common “quick” complications that can occur completely at any time and at any stage of the formation of hemorrhoid cones is thrombosis. Due to impaired circulation, an active inflammatory process, extensive tissue destruction, a similar condition occurs.

About which medicine for hemorrhoids to choose for the complex treatment of the pathological process, you can read in the article of our specialist.

The purpose of the drug effect on the nodes is to prevent the formation of thrombosis, eliminate inflammatory reactions, minimize further destructive processes, and alleviate the general condition of the patient.

It is necessary to solve the problem through topical preparations.

In the case of hemorrhoids (especially the internal type), the most convenient and justified pharmacological form is suppositories for rectal administration.

Nigepan suppositories, allowing to get rid of hemorrhoids, are specially designed taking into account such pathophysiological features. To fully appreciate the relevance and effectiveness of this medicinal product, it is necessary to study in detail the composition, pharmacological qualities and a number of other important aspects.

Pharmacological qualities and therapeutic effect

Heparin is a well-known anticoagulant that is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, accompanied by inflammatory processes and blood clotting. The substance, due to its special stabilization qualities, is able to naturally penetrate into the blood vessels, improving blood circulation and improving the rheological quality of blood.

Thanks to heparin, it is possible to partially inhibit the processes of thrombus formation and the synthesis of fibrin fractions. This helps prevent the occurrence of even the smallest blood clots. A direct-acting anticoagulant precisely affects the deposition factor, which is located in the blood plasma.

Nigepan is often prescribed for prophylaxis. Reviews confirm the effectiveness not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but also for the general strengthening of the venous vessels of the rectum.

The walls of the veins are strengthened, retain their optimal tone and are less susceptible to destructive processes.

People with a chronic form of hemorrhoids may occasionally use suppositories to prevent the next relapse of the disease.

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that can block the initiation and activity of nerve impulses in the area where the inflammatory process is observed. The substance partially reduces the degree of permeability of the membranes of nerve cells. It is possible to some extent suppress the processes of depolarization, providing an optimal analgesic effect.

Contraindications to the use of the drug Nigepan

Nigepan is not recommended for use in the presence of the following pathological conditions or diseases:

  • pregnancy,
  • active lactation period,
  • childhood,
  • high susceptibility of the components that form the composition of the drug.
  • When considering the use of Nigepan suppositories while carrying a child, there is no single answer.
  • Pregnant women suffering from inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes, in principle, it is very difficult to choose a remedy that will be completely harmless.

The effect of Nigepan on the body of a pregnant woman or fetus has not been studied. Due to the fact that such data are not available, abstain from using suppositories for expectant mothers for some time.

Nigepan suppositories can be freely combined with other drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids or other pathological conditions. The drug is well tolerated. In fact, there are no drugs that, in combination with Nigepan, gave a negative reaction, lost their pharmacological effect, or acted on the body incorrectly.

It is worth considering the fact that Nigepan, in the first place, plays the role of a local anesthetic with direct anticoagulation. It becomes clear that the action of suppositories is designed to solve only a number of problems, and therefore it is advisable to prescribe a remedy in complex schemes of therapeutic effects on patients.

Analogs of Nigepan

The analogues with Nigepan include drugs with heparin as the active ingredient: Hepazolone and Hepatrombin G.

Also, with hemorrhoids, you can use the following tools with a similar effect.

  • Doloproct (a drug based on lidocaine and fluocortonol relieves swelling, pain and stimulates blood flow).
  • Proctosan (lidocaine, bismuth and bufexamak heal, reduce bleeding, swelling and other symptoms of the inflammatory process).
  • Natalside (sodium alginate at the heart of the drug relieves inflammation, heals and anesthetizes).

Only one doctor can replace one drug with another. It is unacceptable to independently make adjustments to the treatment regimen.

Rectal suppositories are important to store properly - in a dry and cool place. It is strictly unacceptable to use a pharmacological product whose shelf life has already expired. Such a tool will not only be ineffective, but also an extremely dangerous allergen, to which the patient's body can react in the most unexpected way.

Rectal suppositories should not be used if a specific coating is noticeable on them, the packaging has been opened long ago, or if the structure of the suppository is not normal (they crumble, are too thin, or are covered with cracks). I would also like to once again mention the danger of self-medication.

The drug can be used to treat inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes only if the drug has been prescribed by your doctor.

It is strictly forbidden to experiment with your health, even if the drug is considered safe and effective.

In the best case, the drug may simply not work, and in the worst cause damage to health, further complicating the treatment of hemorrhoids in the future.

Suppositories from hemorrhoids Nigepan: instructions and 2 application features

Nigepan suppositories contain two active substances - benzocaine and heparin.

The auxiliary composition of the drug is represented by monoglycerides, vitepsol and distilled water. The listed ingredients facilitate the penetration of active substances into the tissues of the anus and maintain the form of the drug.

Instructions for suppositories from hemorrhoids Nigepan - composition and active substance, side effects, analogues and price

Hemorrhoids are a common disease accompanied by dangerous complications, such as thrombosis. The main cause of proctologic disease is considered to be circulatory disorders in the large intestine.

To eliminate it, it is important to choose a competent medicine that helps to restore health and quickly improve well-being. Suppositories Nigepan with heparin have a complex effect aimed at the safe treatment of hemorrhoids.

The effect of this tool is felt from the first days of use.

What helps Nigepan candles

The drug with anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, absorbable effects helps fight the disease in the early stages of development. Heparin suppositories from hemorrhoids prevent the occurrence of thrombotic masses.

They are designed to relieve itching, burning in the anus, getting rid of pain and blood when visiting the toilet.

The use of Nigepan suppositories is important for the loss of hemorrhoidal nodes, accompanied by constipation and difficult bowel movements.

How do candles from hemorrhoids Nigepan work

Patients experiencing acute inflammation of hemorrhoids are forced to endure excruciating pain. The active elements of the medication are able in a short period to eliminate the discomfort that occurs in the rectum.

Candles Nigepan suppress the vital activity of the pathogenic flora of the intestine, normalizing metabolic processes.

After completing the entire course of treatment, damaged tissues are restored, cracks, wounds heal, and inflammation is removed.

Benzocaine refers to local anesthetics (painkillers) that block the reaction of nerve endings. The substance acts on cell membranes, inhibiting their permeability, which significantly reduces soreness.

Heparin acts as an anticoagulant and acidic mucopolysaccharide in the body. Due to the regenerating properties and the ability to bind to blood proteins, suppositories with heparin from hemorrhoids interfere with the formation of blood clots.

Nigepan stabilizes the circulation of blood cells and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Similar means

If necessary, replace "Nigepan", doctors can recommend buying one of the following analogues in a pharmacy, also available in the form of rectal suppositories:

Such candles can be replaced by Ultraproct.

  • Venus
  • Anuzol
  • Doloproct
  • Betiol
  • Proctosed,
  • Anestezol
  • Phlebodia
  • Proctosan
  • Relief
  • Natalsid
  • Ultraproct
  • "Proctoglivenol."

Another effective analogue of the drug is the pharmaceutical preparation "Esculex", implemented in the form of capsules. It is prescribed as part of the complex treatment of hemorrhoids, due to the ability to have a healing and antiseptic effect, to help remove excess fluid from the body, and also to improve veno-lymphatic circulation.

Vacation from pharmacies and storage

You can buy the drug in question in a pharmacy, but only with a prescription from a doctor. Suppositories should be placed in a dry, cool place where the rays of light do not penetrate. It is important that little children do not have access to the medicine.With proper savings, the expiration date of Nigepan will be 2 years, after which the use of candles is contraindicated, they must be discarded.

Price of candles Nigepan

Heparin suppositories for hemorrhoids are available for sale in all pharmacological centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.

You can buy candles, as well as analogues, in a pharmacy or order in an online pharmacy with mail delivery. The cost of Nigepan varies between 170-220 rubles.

Buying an online format will allow you to choose an affordable medicine, get information about the characteristics, forms of release of candles, ongoing promotions and discounts.

The average cost of 1 package of Nigepan (10 candles) in pharmacies in Moscow
Pharmacy Chain NamePharmacies of the capitalOnfarmBe healthyPlanet HealthDialogIs healthyZhivika
Price, rubles191,00193,00201,00185,00195,00190,00197,00

Suppositories for hemorrhoids Nigepan: instructions for use, recommendations, reviews, prices

Suppositories from hemorrhoids Nigepan is used in proctology when it is necessary to quickly eliminate pain and inflammation, especially with thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

With rectal administration, the drug actively dissolves blood clots in the dilated hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum and prevents new ones from forming.

Suppositories from hemorrhoids Nigepan is used in proctology when it is necessary to quickly eliminate pain and inflammation, especially with thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

  • There are 2 active ingredients in Nigepan suppositories - heparin sodium and benzocaine.
  • Benzocaine belongs to the group of local anesthetics, which within a few minutes quench pain, which is important for patients with hemorrhoids.
  • Benzocaine protects nerve endings from irritation and prevents nerve impulses from passing through nerve fibers by reducing the permeability of nerve cell membranes to sodium and blocking the release of calcium.
  • Thanks to heparin, Nigepan improves blood flow and metabolism of the ananal and anal tissues, destroys pathogenic microorganisms, relieves the inflammatory process, strengthens the vascular wall.
  • But the main property of heparin is the resorption of blood clots in the hemorrhoidal cones and the prevention of thrombosis.
  • Heparin blocks the functions of antithrombin III, thrombin, plasmin, coagulation factors IX, X, XI, XII and kallikrein.

Thanks to heparin, blood flow and metabolism of the ductal and anal tissues are improved.

Nigepan suppositories are prescribed for patients with hemorrhoids for the prevention and treatment of thrombosis in the altered veins of the rectum, as well as to eliminate symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease such as itching, pain, burning in the anus.

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The drug prevents complications and alleviates the condition of the patient with the loss of hemorrhoids from the rectal canal. Nigepan is effective for painful bowel movements.

During treatment with suppositories, Nigepan, although rare, can cause adverse reactions.

The most common type of adverse reaction is an allergy to suppository components, which is manifested by local symptoms - itching, hyperemia and edema of the anus, as well as an urticaria rash.

Important! If you notice any adverse reactions to Nigepan suppositories, discontinue treatment and consult a proctologist for help and replacement of the drug.

Instructions for use and dose

The procedure for the administration of Nigepan suppositories should be as follows:

  1. Empty the intestines. For constipation, an enema is recommended.
  2. Complete the anus: washing with warm or cool water without soap, although many proctologists recommend using household soap.
  3. Wash your hands with soap.
  4. Free the rectal suppository from the packaging.
  5. Hold the candle for 4-5 seconds in cool boiled water.
  6. Lying on the left side with the right knee brought to the chest, with the fingers of the right hand enter the candle into the anus.
  7. After the procedure, lie down for 20-30 minutes so that the melted candle does not leak from the rectum.

Standard regimen: 2 times a day for 7-14 days. The frequency of administration and the duration of therapy is determined by the attending physician.

The cost of Nigepan candles in Russia is from 250 to 350 rubles per package (10 pcs.).

Candles Nigepan: reviews for hemorrhoids

Sergey, 48 years old: “I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for more than 15 years. I connect my illness with hard physical labor and hypothermia, as I am a builder by profession. To be honest, my ignoring the problem led to the fact that hemorrhoids quickly moved to the third stage.

A few years ago, I was faced with simply intolerable pain that arose from the formation of blood clots in the bumps of hemorrhoids. It’s good that the operation was not needed. Blood clots resolved by using Nigepan suppositories and other local remedies.

I want to recommend Nigepan suppositories, because they instantly relieve pain, reduce nodes in size and dissolve blood clots. ”

Alexander, 42 years old: “I have been living with hemorrhoids for many years, or rather, I do not live, but suffer. Recently, exacerbations occur more often, and pains have become much more intense.

He asked his attending physician to recommend me inexpensive and effective suppositories for hemorrhoids, such were Nigepan suppositories. The main advantage of this medicine is the rapid onset of pain relief. After a week of treatment, I forgot about my problem.

I don’t know how long the remission will last, but for more than a year hemorrhoids have not bothered me. ”

Marina, 30 years old: “Hemorrhoids overtook me almost immediately after childbirth, but I suffered and did not heal while I was breastfeeding, I was afraid to harm the baby. But she just hurt herself. Over the 3 years of fighting hemorrhoids, I tried many drugs, but the most suitable for me - both in terms of effectiveness and affordability - are Nigepan candles. In total, the packaging of the drug helped me forget about the pain. Recommend!"

If you also have experience treating Nigepan suppositories for hemorrhoids, tell me if they helped you, if there were any adverse reactions and what is your impression of them.

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