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How to behave on a date: tips for men and women

It depends on the first date whether the relationship will be long-lasting or will remain just an episode in memory. Making a first impression a second time is impossible. But small female tricks, passed down from generation to generation, will help to interest the guy. In the article we will understand in detail what needs to be done on the first date in order to please the satellite.

What should you look like?

An important role is played by appearance. Clothing should be moderately open. It is better to choose a romantic outfit that describes the figure. You can wear a skirt and sweater with a neckline or dress. You should not try too hard: this will show unnecessary interest.

Makeup cannot be too vulgar. Bold smokey is better to save for the club. The best option is to easily emphasize the eyes. The guy who invited the girl on a date already likes her, so you just need to make the image more vivid and intriguing.

If this is a blind date, and the girl does not know how tall the guy is, do not wear high heels. This can cause mutual embarrassment.

Clothes should be chosen comfortable. It is not necessary to wear new things; it is better to prefer proven ones in which you feel confident and beautiful.

The outfit must match the place where the date will take place. If this is just a walk, you can wear comfortable jeans, and a dress with heels in the restaurant.

We must try to emphasize our strengths. Do not hide beautiful legs, shoulders or arms. As for the hairstyle, any styling is suitable, the main thing is that the hair is clean and well-groomed.

You can get acquainted with the images in clothes in more detail in my article on how to dress for a first date.

First Date Venue

More often than not, a man defines the “program” of a first date. How the meeting will take place depends on the choice of the place, whether the girl will appreciate the efforts and whether she will immediately disappoint in the guy.

Remember!According to etiquette, one should not postpone the first romantic meeting more than 2 times in a row, especially without good reasons.

The choice of place is best chosen according to the temperament of the girl. The first date can be held:

In the cafe.If the meeting is designed for a duration of 2-3 hours, then you can get to know each other better when communicating in a calm place. On the rink.If you and a girl can skate, then the time spent at the rink will be the romantic beginning of a relationship. Active rest will give a charge of vivacity and a lot of positive emotions. After riding, you can go to the cafe for a cup of coffee. At the same time, you don’t have to think about the topic for discussion, because after such a pastime she will be found herself. In the theater, at the exhibition.For creative romantic natures such a date will be remembered, especially if it will be some kind of premiere or the first exhibition. To the cinema.If the meeting takes place on a day off and there is no time limit, then you can first visit the cinema with a light movie, and then sit and chat in some quiet place. At the same time, awkward pauses of silence that arose may be filled with a discussion of the movie watched. Outside.An outgoing and confident guy will be able to interest the girl in a walk through interesting and beautiful places of the city.

In entertainment venues.Gambling girls will enjoy spending time playing, for example, bowling. The guy’s support, competitions with him will set in a positive way and bring a charge of positive.

Badly selected places include:

  • Sports tribune.

It is unlikely that the girl will appreciate if she is invited to sit and cheer for the guy’s favorite team. Having not received enough attention, she most likely will not agree to a second date.

  • Hiking trip.

Going on a camping trip with a close friend, the result is only fatigue and a desire to relax at home.

An unusual place for a first date are:

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  • quest rooms
  • big trampolines
  • wind tunnel
  • a date on the roof or on the terrace of a high-rise building with a beautiful view of the city and / or sunset,
  • walk along rivers and canals by boat, yacht, boat, etc.
  • karting
  • horse ride
  • dinner in a greenhouse or other unusual place,
  • go to the animal shelter and prepare gifts for them,

Relax on a date

No one knows how this meeting will end. Maybe you’ll run away tomorrow, or maybe you’ll spend your whole life together. Regardless of what will happen in the future, you should relax. This is not a serious job interview or interview. This is just the first date on which both of you want to get interesting communication and enjoy dating.

What to talk about on a date?

The initiative in the conversation should belong to the guy. If he is not too shy, he will be able to direct the conversation. All guys like to talk about their work. You can ask him who he dreamed of becoming in childhood, what qualities he appreciates in the opposite field, what he likes from literature, music and cinema. If the interlocutor has an interesting hobby, the girl can ask what exactly attracts him to him, how long he has been engaged in it.

The girl must show that she can support a conversation on any topic. To do this, before a date it is appropriate to get acquainted with the latest news of sports, politics and science. However, gushing with knowledge is also not necessary, since no one loves know-it-alls.

The situation itself will tell you what to ask. Is it raining outside? You can ask what weather or season the guy likes. Did you see a travel agency sign? You can ask how much he travels.

There are rules by which you can increase the likelihood of a second date:

  1. It is not only undesirable to answer monosyllabic questions of a guy, but also rudely. It is necessary to redirect his question to him.
  2. It's better not to talk about past relationships. At the first meeting, it is not necessary to devote a new boyfriend to the nuances of a hard break, to say how bad the former was. The reason for the separation must be called different views on life.
  3. It is indecent to ask about a place of work and earnings. Such things are rarely known even by long-time acquaintances. You can ask if the guy has a big family and how many friends he has.
  4. Talking about your problems and illnesses is not a good idea. If a rapprochement occurs, the partner will know about it. The purpose of the first meeting is to interest, not scare.

Most men are proud of their position in society, hobbies, achievements. A woman should note in a conversation that she appreciated it. A small compliment will not harm, but, on the contrary, will delight the companion, showing that the girl knows how to admire her man.

No need to build an independent and strong woman who does not need care. It is necessary to show gentleness, patience and wisdom.

The main rule is to laugh at the guy’s jokes. This should be done in moderation. No need to complain about the poor service in the cafe, criticize people. A girl should be associated with warmth and kindness, and negativity will scare away even the most interested.

A girl can use non-verbal methods of expressing interest: nodding, smiling, asking about something or asking a leading question. But one cannot seem too keen on a man. Copying gestures is a well-known technique from NLP that will attract a person at the subconscious level.

During a conversation you need to smile more often. This will relax the guy, setting him up for easy communication. Talk about their shortcomings is also not worth it. It is necessary to remain mysterious in his memory. But embellishing reality is dangerous. If a relationship develops, it will be difficult to explain the lie.

If a man is interested in information that a girl would prefer to hide, she should openly say: "I am not ready to discuss it yet." Every guy wants to know what secrets his potential girlfriend has, but this is not a reason to satisfy curiosity.

The girl should behave as naturally as possible, not build the Snow Queen out of herself, if she is actually a laughter. There is nothing more repulsive than insincerity.

You can find out in more detail what to talk about on your first date with a man in my separate article.

First Date Appearance

If you are going on a first date, you must:

  • dress spectacularly, but not vulgarly,
  • choose a more democratic style of clothing: do not wear evening dresses. Clothing should be comfortable and tidy,
  • depending on the meeting place, the outfit may differ. For example, for a meeting in a restaurant, a dress is suitable, and for walking along the street you can also wear pants,
  • Do not apply a lot of makeup
  • use perfume, but the aroma should not be too annoying,
  • wear jewelry, but do not overdo it, especially if the meeting will be held in a cafe or on the street.

The chosen image should be thought out in advance when it is already known where the meeting will take place. Moreover, he must comply with personal qualities. A young man should see a feminine girl, self-confident while not refusing to accept help from a man she liked.

Keep your lust and hands to yourself

Many pickups immediately begin to put pressure on a girl on a date, sliding into intimate topics, molesting and molesting. These tricks worked 10 years ago, but not in the modern world. You will not surprise any girl that you try to envelop her or drag her into bed immediately. But you will make a lasting impression on the girl, if you do not behave like a lascivious moron. If you keep the concern away and respect the girl. Girls are unaccustomed to this and will be impressed.

Are kisses and sex acceptable?

I think a kiss on a first date is a taboo. If the goal is a serious relationship, do not rush into the pool with your head, allowing the partner too much. Having quickly allowed him to her, the girl will prompt her companion to the idea that she is indiscriminate in communications, and he is one of many whom she bestows with affection. Allowed maximum is a kiss on the cheek. The guy can support the girl by the hand, if the street is slippery.

Intimacy is also not allowed on a first date. You should not drink too much during a meeting to control yourself. Although the guy can say that his opinion about the girl will not change after sex, he will decide that she has flimsy moral principles, and will put her companion in the category for entertainment.

Every man loves to conquer, seek and pursue. The reward for this is the reciprocity of the girl. If she gives him the booty without a fight, her value will be less. It is better to enjoy the candy-bouquet period, because it happens only once.

Being too cold and impregnable is also not necessary. The guy may think that he is not interesting, and will retreat, even if he liked the girl. Interest in oneself should be warmed up with promising smiles, meaningful looks, and playful laughter.

You must immediately stop the guy’s attempts to violate personal boundaries. If he insists on a kiss, for which the girl is not ready, she must honestly declare this, not being afraid to seem ungrateful.

To agree to go to a guy for tea or coffee at the first meeting is a bad idea. Such a meeting, according to the boyfriend, should end in bed. If a girl appreciates herself, she should not succumb to persuasion.

How a girl to behave on a first date

The main rule for a girl is to interest a man, to make him think about himself. Therefore, still at the stage invitations to a date do not need to show your despair, loneliness and consent to everything in the world. No need to say such phrases: “I’m not at all busy that day”, “I’ll just be in that area”, and of course you don’t need to agree to a first date at your place or at a guy’s place.

An invitation has been received, a pleasant pastime awaits you with the young man you like. How not to spoil the evening, to make it memorable, interesting and turning into subsequent meetings?

Do not give in to panic and do things that are not characteristic of yourself. Before the first date, you don’t have to run to the hairdresser and do yourself a special hairstyle, especially if you didn’t usually do this.

Relax and be yourself. But at the same time, do not reveal all your secrets immediately on the first evening. Atypical behavior for you this evening then comes around to you. What will be the surprise of a young man when he finds out that you are not a professional figure skater or artist and do not like to cook at all, although on the first date you so praised these achievements.

Purpose of the first date - find out common points of contact, find out a little closer to this completely unfamiliar person.

There are several important rules that should be used on dates.

1. Do not build yourself from anyone else, do not try to be like any of the famous actors, comedians, DJs. Be sure to be yourself and behave naturally, as if you hadn’t read these tips, but thought of everything yourself. Otherwise, the girl will definitely notice the pretense and will not answer your courtship.

2. As often as possible, call the girl by name. After a few visits, you can call a diminutive name or a sweet nickname (if, of course, the girl likes it).

3. Anyone who goes on a date should leave his bad mood and all the problems at home. Do not bring them on a date and even more so discuss with a girl. Look at your new friend always as a person with whom it is very interesting and pleasant to communicate.

You should not think too much about how not to spoil everything with any unsuccessful phrase. Indeed, exactly what we think most often happens. Therefore, before a date, always think about how you will have a good time with an interesting girl.

4. Do not think on the first date how to kiss a girl. This will cause a certain tension and will interfere with direct communication. And if so, then you will never kiss her.

5. Always sincerely interested in her and her hobbies. If you can’t learn this, then the relationship is likely to come to a standstill and very quickly.

6. Always be polite, you should not be rude to a girl. In no case do not swear. A girl who respects herself will no longer want to go on a date with you.

7. Girls really like it when they look in the eyes. This is especially true when you are silent, thinking about something. This look will intrigue the girl. Intrigue is what you need for your next date.

8. You should not start hugging a girl too quickly (especially in the first few dates). She may regard this as rudeness and not want to meet with you further. On a few dates, allow only light, as if random touches - this will necessarily positively affect your relationship with the girl.

9. If you somewhere went by transport, be sure to give her a hand when you leave. Girls appreciate gallantry.

10. Try to be original from the first date, and then you are guaranteed success.

11. Since, without exception, people are very fond of talking about themselves, talk to the girl about herself. Ask about your favorite movies, actors, music, places, hobbies. Try to ask questions that cannot be answered with “yes” or “no.” And never answer yourself like that. Try to build communication so that the conversation does not come to a standstill.

12. Try to always positively evaluate the girl. If she says she is going to learn a second foreign language or do aerobics, then be sure to support her in this and praise. Most importantly, it should look sincere.

thirteen.If a girl has done something unpleasant for you, do not show aggression, curse or find out something. Reflect on what happened: if she did it, just without thinking, then try to bring her to a situation in which she will understand that she did wrong. Then it will be deposited in her memory and she will never repeat the mistakes. If, in a similar situation, you simply shout, it will not be better for anyone from this.

14. Remember that girls do not always correctly perceive guys' sense of humor and may not understand and be offended by something. Therefore, when you are joking, look carefully whether the girl took your next sharpness as a joke or thought that you had said it seriously. Due to such misunderstandings, perfectly beginning relationships spoil very often.

15. Do not be afraid to be rejected. But if you are in the mood for defeat, then you have already lost. Be always sure of success, hope that you will spend another wonderful day.

16. On any date, try to be fun and funny. If a girl laughs a lot in your company, it means that you liked her very much.

17. The most important rule of any date: never compare the current girl with the previous one (if you had one), at least out loud. Hearing such a comparison, the girl will certainly be offended and, most likely, will decide that you are meeting with her in order to take revenge on her ex. And such a role can be satisfied only by one that itself is trying to anger someone.

A little later, when you establish a good relationship with a girl, it will already be easier to perceive you as you are, so you will no longer need many of these rules at all.

One of the most important rules of a first date - the next should take place as soon as possible, over the next 3 days, and best of all - immediately the next, so that the girl does not have time to forget how great it is with you. And be sure to correspond or call back with her until the next date. In order for your relationship to develop, try to offer your help to her more often, even in some little things.

Almost all guys and girls, especially when they just start dating, experience a false sense of guilt when they want to refuse to meet. The main thing in this situation is to be polite and kind. You should not be rude or laugh if you don’t like a person, because you should remember that all the bad things that we did come back and can make fun of you, making, perhaps, even more pain. Try to refuse very politely and easily, not forgetting to emphasize that this person is very nice and kind. If you want to leave after the first date, then be sure to say that you were pleased to chat or you had a very good time. Be sure to wish the girl good luck in finding a new guy. You should not postpone the conversation about parting in the long box, because no one will benefit from this. You will waste time on each other, but is it worth spending a life on something that does not bring complete happiness. Therefore, take care of your time and the time of the people who surround you.

1. Be real

Remember the ad? A girl comes on a date and accidentally hears a young man waiting for her speaks to someone on the phone: “No, I haven't found it yet. After all, I’m looking for the real one! ”The girl quickly changes her appearance, becomes“ real ”and makes a wonderful impression on the young man. Who would have thought that in life everything is just that?

How to finish a date?

To delay the first date is not worth it. You must adhere to the golden rule: end the meeting before you get bored. You can refer to the fact that tomorrow is a difficult day. Let the guy wonder if he liked it or not.

The moment of separation during the first date for many girls is awkward. It’s best to thank your companion for a good time.

The right to pay the bill belongs to the man. If the satellite insists on a separate payment, this is an occasion to think about whether to continue to meet with him.

What if the girl did not feel sympathy for the guy? Switch to too intimate communication in this case is not worth it. Giving false hope to a person is cruel. You do not need to lie, you can just leave early, referring to business.

The breakup should take place in a fun, laid-back mood. No need to be too serious. It should adapt to the partner, capturing his feelings. Body language can tell a lot. If the guy is trying to hug the girl at the waist or touch her, this is a good sign.

To agree that the guy drove home is risky. It is better to ask him to hold to a stop. If you absolutely didn’t like the satellite, it is best to limit yourself to a handshake rather than a hug.

Dress well on dates

Sometimes a sloppy look or dirty clothes can scare a girl away from further communication. It’s stupid to screw up for this reason, given that you like a girl. If you meet on a date with a girl, then show yourself from the best and presentable side. It is not necessary to wear a suit, but it is highly desirable to be neat, clean and stylish.

Topics for conversation on a first date

Finally, the first date took place. You met in a designated place, started talking and suddenly there is an awkward pause. Everyone begins to quickly think through all the topics for conversation and try to find the right one. However, do not worry about the pause that has arisen, you can spend some time in silence, look at each other, smile and the awkwardness will pass by itself.

At the first meeting, people try to learn as much as possible about each other, but you should not build a conversation in the form of a non-stop dialogue with short specific questions. The conversation should be smooth, possibly turning into a monologue.

Usually at the first meeting it is the woman who asks leading questions that allow the man to reveal his interests, hobbies and beliefs. When a young man began to talk about his hobbies, the girl should express interest. It is good if this topic is really close or interesting to her.

Men love compliments. If they are pronounced on time and really reflect some achievements or skills of a man, this will only be a plus in the beginning relationship.

A girl can tell about herself in general terms, without going into details. This will interest the young man and to find out the details, he will want to invite her to the next date.

At the first date, do not touch upon topics such as:

  • financial questions,
  • former relationship
  • family relationship model
  • everyday problems.

The first meeting should be held on positive emotions, so no criticism should be expressed. This also applies to conversation and discussion of the venue of the evening.

5 phrases that will save a date if there’s nothing to talk about

How to behave after the first date?

After the first date, the girl is in obscurity: did the guy like her? Will there be a sequel? No matter how strong the desire to find out if feelings are mutual, writing or calling first is not worth it. The guy should signal first. This is usually done during the day, a maximum of three.

When an invitation to a second date arrives, it must be accepted with restraint, without revealing unnecessary joy. To support the mystery, we can say: "A meeting is possible, but depending on what time, because I have things to do." This will show that the girl is not sitting in expectation, but leads a rich and active life.

You need to behave warmly, but independently. You should not openly show interest, make plans for a joint future, and discuss prospects for relations with your friends. It is better to enjoy the moment, allowing events to develop on their own.

To meet more often two to three times a week at first is undesirable. A man should be in a state of interest. Quickly recognizing the girl, he will lose the passion of the hunter.

If the guy has not been announced for too long after the first date, there is no need to fall upon him when he finally calls. It is better to pretend that she did not notice his absence, to be friendly and welcoming.

The main thing on the first date is to remain yourself, not to embellish the truth. This will help you find the right person by eliminating the excess.

Give information about yourself

The girls are not impressed by the silent guys who keep their lives under 7 seals. Girls want to see a man who can tell about himself in order to give the necessary information for communication. It is not necessary to tell everything about your life, but in general terms it’s worth describing. Girls will interpret any omissions, on the first date, not in your favor. Being talkative is bad as well as being silent.

From personal experience

Each time, going to a meeting, I tried, so to speak, not to get ready. Already on my first date, I realized how right I was! I was met by a man slightly swept in work problems in a sweater and jeans. I would be nice if I came in an evening dress or in a sexy blouse with a luxurious neckline!

This is surprising, but what I chose from my entire wardrobe absolutely corresponded to the place, time, my interlocutor, and most importantly - to myself. Which significantly influenced the course of the whole meeting, because it allowed us to immediately be on the same wavelength. After all, we both came to what is comfortable for us to walk, sit, communicate. And it was so natural! In general, I recommend.

Although, perhaps your favorite and most comfortable outfit is just a sexy blouse? Well then, go ahead!

But remember: the military paint in the style of "take me right now" and an erotic outfit are more suitable for searching for dubious adventures, and not for your soulmate.

You may ask: what about the advice that a woman should be attractive in the first place? Yes that's right. The question is different: who do you want to attract?

For your potential husband, your femininity and inner beauty, which modern men perfectly notice at first sight, will most likely be attractive. And involvement at the level of basic instinct will leave your relationship at this level and, most likely, forever.

How a man to behave on a first date

Generations, values, foundations are changing, but the desire to see a strong, confident man next to him remains.

In order for the first meeting with the girl not to be the last, the young man must show confidence, determination, have a sense of humor. Persistence will also be a plus, but it should not be excessive.

When inviting a girl for a date, the guy usually chooses the venue for the meeting. You can ask the girl her wishes, if she does not speak out about any particular place, then the guy chooses himself.

At the first date, there is awkwardness, indecision, so in order to please a girl it is worth taking the initiative.

A man must be:

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  • decisive
  • original
  • responsive
  • erudite.

Each girl will be pleased if a young man shows interest in her, as a person, interested in her inner world, interests. At the same time, erudition and a subtle sense of humor will conquer the girl.

Be involved in communication

1 date is intelligence by communication and studying each other. This is not peeping at her neckline, but peeping at her life, desires, dreams and soul. Let the conversation flow freely and enjoy the conversation. Do not dominate the conversation and do not be a daffodil. Nobody likes this behavior. Listen carefully to the girl, ask leading questions and show a lively interest in her. Girls dream of meeting a good interlocutor who listens attentively, but does not get bored or is waiting for the moment to tell about her beloved.

How to behave on a first date with a girl?

Let's start with the girls, yet for them this is a more exciting event:

  • First, I want to say that don't be late. Although it is believed that a girl should do this, it is better to come on time. After all, your new acquaintance is the same person, he was preparing for the meeting, now he is nervous and waiting. Why make him worry again?
  • Further it should be noted that do not be too shy and close. It is very difficult to be open and frank now. But excessive constraint sometimes repels. You can’t say a word, turn your eyes away and fall into a stupor - he’ll just get bored,
  • Pay special attention manners. When communicating, follow facial expressions and body movements. Too loud laughter in response to his jokes or elongated proud chin repel. A modest smile and an open interest in the eyes - always hit the guys for a living.

This is about behavior. But more often girls are more concerned about how to look at the first rendezvous. We will write about this below.

2. Smile sincerely

Gioconda’s smile will not suit us. Sometimes men fall into a strange stupor from such "female tricks" with a claim to the notorious mystery. The Hollywood smile in all 32 teeth is not suitable for us either. Psychologists have long explained why.

The only requirement for your smile: it must be sincere. You may ask how you can generally smile at a stranger, and even sincerely? Just think that you are sincere now! You are sincerely glad that you came to the meeting, and here he is, waiting for you, and you are really happy to see him, isn’t that so?

And I’ll tell you one more secret: there is nothing worse than a polite smile on the first date. Think for yourself what she can tell your chosen one? Personally, I see something like this interpretation: “Well, it’s very nice, of course, that you came, but I'm so polite, and that’s why I smile so politely at you. I’m sure you already liked me, because I’m so polite. ”

How to behave on a date at the end of it

One question that interests both partners is whether there will be a farewell kiss? In this case, everything Depends on the girl, she will allow or not.

There may be two options for ending the evening:

  1. We had supper (walked) and parted.
  2. A young man escorts the girl to the entrance (apartment).

In the first caseMost likely, the farewell will pass without a kiss. The girl will thank for a great time and go home herself. Here it is worth hoping for the next meeting, maybe then she will allow herself to go home.

In the second case, you need to look at the readiness of the girl. If a kiss is welcome, then during the evening, prerequisites will be given.

A kiss can happen if:

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  • there is a positive emotional attitude,
  • the girl shortens the distance, lets the guy "into the personal zone",
  • she enjoys unobtrusive touch.

In most cases, the first date ends without a kiss. This is not a reason to be upset, so at the next meetings there will be something to achieve.

First Date Mistakes

In order not to spoil the first date, you must avoid such errors:

Being late does not color either a woman or a man. Both partners must respect each other.

  1. Flirt with strangers (women).

It is necessary to respect each other’s feelings and if the couple is on a date, then attention should be given only to each other.

A man in a story about his achievements can exaggerate them a little to cause delight among the ladies and this is normal. However, when constant exaggeration is the usual style of his stories, it will tire and will not inspire confidence in him.

Girls like to tell how independent they are and boast about it. If you do this too intrusively, the guy will decide that they can do without him, he will feel superfluous in these respects.

  1. Wrong postures.

If the date is in a cafe, the restaurant should not sit on opposite sides of the table. This situation causes internal tension, it is better to sit side by side or at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.

  1. Talk about a former relationship.

Do not mention the former partners and especially not discuss the reasons for breaking up with them.

There is no room for complaints on dates. Such conversations are recommended to be left for later, but it is better not to discuss them at all.

  1. Use a mobile phone.

Do not respond to SMS messages, watch what time it is. This will show that you are not interested in a partner. And if the meeting takes place in the theater, it’s better to turn off the phone at the exhibition.

You just met, you begin to get to know each other, so you should not start acquaintance with criticism. If some points do not suit you, it is better to first take a closer look, ponder, but do not start criticizing immediately.

  1. Sort with alcohol.

Even if it happened on a nervous basis, from overstrain and worries about a date. This will not look like an excuse, but the first impression will be spoiled.

  1. Neglect the rules of etiquette.

To give a girl a hand, move a chair, all this will be perceived with a positive and increase the chances of a guy.

  1. Be mean.

Whatever times may be, it is still believed that a man should pay a bill in a cafe. If he offers to pay in half, the girl may agree, but is unlikely to extend this acquaintance.

So, we summarize the mistakes on the first date. What can and should not be said at the first date, how to prevent fatal mistakes.

Right date Fatal date
1Sincere interest in the life of a partner: hobbies, hobbies and what interests him in life, etc.Talking about the former relationship and everything connected with this: why did you break up, where and how did you relax, what wonderful car did he / she have, etc.
2Naturalness in everything.Talking about your minuses and psychological flaws, as well as intimate issues
3Manners are always held in high esteem.Talk about the cons and disadvantages of a partner
4Romantic gestures: flowers, small gifts, etc.Talk about politics and family
5Pleasant surprises will fascinate any girl. But a man can be embarrassed if a girl prepares a surprise for him, but he doesn’t.When meeting a friend on a date, forget about the companion / companion and switch to him / her
6In advance to warn the companion that they are waiting on the first date, so that she dresses appropriately.Choose a place for a date that only you like (for example, the game of your favorite team)
73 main rules of the first date: empathy, attention and observation.Any negative topics, as well as conversations only about yourself, about your person
8Moderation in everything. Do not go on a first date on an extreme tour. It is better to limit yourself to one or more calm: a restaurant, cinema, theater, bowling, a walk around the city, etc.Do not get involved in embellishing your persona
9Laughter, funny stories from life and you are guaranteed a second date.Complain, criticize, compare, use understandable only to you slang is not worth the first date.
10Compliments and pleasant words regarding the beauty of your companion will add points to you.Greedy and share the check for two
11Pursuing a home date field to a girl is a good gesture.Declare love
12Correct end date: call her in about half an hour - an hour when she arrives at her home.Sort With Alcohol
13Do not forget to thank the satellite for a pleasant evening.Talk on the phone or reply to messages

Thus, avoiding the indicated errors on the first date, there is a high probability of an imminent meeting on the second date.

First date. Mistakes of men on a first date.

How to behave on a second date

If an invitation is received and consent is given for a second date, then the couple has found something special and wants to know more about each other.

A second date is one of the key moments in starting a relationship. It should not be spoiled by the impression of a partner. Therefore, it is better to hold this meeting radically different from the first. So the guy will show the girl that he is not boring and knows how to show imagination. If the first date was calm, then the second is best done in an active form. Visit, for example, entertainment centers, go to the rink.

It is not necessary to emphasize romanticism on the second date. This time is even better to learn about each other, to establish a more trusting relationship.

How to behave on a third date

At the first two meetings, young people look at each other and get to know each other closer. By the third date, everyone already has their own opinion about the partner and once the meeting took place, then everyone has found positive moments in these relations and is ready to extend them.

Third Date - A Romantic Date. The first awkwardness has already passed, common topics for discussion, common interests. This date is best done in a romantic style. For example, arrange a meeting at the cinema with a romantic comedy or melodrama.

On a date at the cinema, a lyrical mood appears. After watching the movie, you can walk around the evening city, if the weather allows, and then take the girl home. Most often, it is on this date that the first kiss takes place.

And now the first three dates were left behind, and in front of them new impressions and knowledge await. Relations are getting stronger, trust is emerging. So that the existing relationship does not bring an unpleasant surprise, you must always remain yourself. Relations built on sincerity, openness and trust will be strong and lasting.

Show some love chemistry on a date

The first date is just intelligence and easy communication. She owes you nothing, just like you. Do not delve into serious topics and avoid excessive immersion in love. Appreciate joint compatibility and continued interest in each other. Easy flirting, flirting, irony, smiles, laughter and entertainment. Tease the girl and be playful. Girls want to have fun on a date and enjoy communicating with an interesting man.

General tips for 1 date

  • Smile, be cheerful, friendly and optimistic.
  • Forget about your ex and don’t talk badly about girls.
  • Do not ask questions about ex-girls and do not touch intimate topics.
  • Show your best and strengths.
  • Feed the girl something: ice cream or cake.
  • Tell the girl a couple of honest compliments.
  • Never interrupt or criticize a girl on a date.
  • Show gentlemanly respect for the girl.
  • On a date, talk about positive topics.
  • Speak clearly, clearly and calmly.
  • Pay for a date, but don’t waste your money.
  • Do not be boring, but be original and creative.
  • Look confident and decisive, but not narcissistic.
  • When talking, gesticulate and use body language.
  • Make her feel the best girl in the world.
  • Hang the girl on a date and let her have fun.
  • Watch the girl’s reaction to your words.
  • Finish 1 date on a positive note.

Is it worth it to end the first date with a kiss? Usually I asked the girl: “Do they kiss on the first date?” And while she was laughing, we started to kiss.

A date is estimated by girls according to conversations and memorable moments. In general, remember the golden rule of relations: “Girls in a relationship should laugh and moan. They should not make any other sounds. ”Relations should bring both joy, not problems and quarrels.

All good and promising 1 dates! And also mutual love!

First date: appearance

  1. No experiments. Of course, you will want to look gorgeous and incomparable, but be careful: do not experiment with new makeup or hair a couple of hours before the release. If you still want to surprise a man, then try different options a few days before the appointment.
  2. Naturalness. You should not do catchy makeup if the rest of the time you do an easy daytime make-up.
  3. Cleanliness and neatness. Do not rush to the store urgently for a new outfit, the main thing is that your clothes are clean and tidy (no puffs, spools, torn buttons). Choose a make-up and hairstyle for the dress or trousers that you decided to wear on a date today.

How to dress, what style to choose

Casual style will be appropriate in almost any situation for a girl or a guy

General rules for appearance on a first date:

  • clothes should be spectacular, but not vulgar,
  • it’s better to give preference to a democratic style, not succumbing to the temptation to wear an evening outfit,
  • the choice of clothes should correspond to the place where the meeting takes place: the restaurant requires dresses, jeans are acceptable on a walk through the streets,
  • try not to paint too brightly and defiantly,
  • Do not overdo it with perfume
  • when choosing jewelry do not wear everything at once or too catchy.

But the main thing is that the image should be in harmony with your personality.

It is very important to look well-groomed, comb your hair, choose a beautiful outfit, but do not overdo it. Be yourself, do not try to look puppet. It is tempting to use glued eyelashes and false nails, but one day the guy will see you without them. Preference in our time is given to naturalness, discreet make-up and simple hair styling will be quite enough.

Prefer comfortable dresses, skirts, while not too short, skinny jeans and low heels. Your image should show that communication will be easy and interesting.

Internal mood

  1. Tune in advance. Think about the fact that the man who invited you on a date is no less nervous than he: he will also see you for the first time and will want to make an impression.
  2. The best way is to have a good night's sleep on the eve of the date, otherwise you run the risk of finding yourself with dark circles under your charming eyes.
  3. Undoubtedly, slight excitement can be allowed, because we are all human.

Do I need to kiss and when?

And of course, the most exciting moment is the kiss. Girls and boys are worried about how this will happen and when?

There are no obligations in this matter. Even if a guy generously treated him to a cafe, took him to the cinema and escorted home, you could just say goodbye in words.

Another thing is when you like this man so much that you feel the need to touch. Of course, you should not attack, but you can hint:

  • Look in the eyes when communicating. If you turn away, he will decide that you are not interested in him,
  • Overcome the barrier of touch - lightly touch the shoulder or arm at the right time. The movements should be light, non-intrusive, but speaking,
  • Take a look at his lips. Do not look closely, of course, but occasionally lower your eyes to them.

Or act decisively - just ask for a kiss. In general, everything is in your hands, want to kiss - kiss, no - put it off until better times.

100% Confidence

Your behavior must be confident. If you constantly apologize, try to please everything, then the opposite effect will occur: you will be compressed and closed. Such a girl is unlikely to attract a man.

Remember that if something goes wrong, this is not your last hope to meet the love of your life. Relax and have fun. A man always feels female self-confidence. But do not get carried away too much: do not crush your interlocutor with your confident mood.

How to behave on a first date, so that the girl wants to meet with you again

If you decide to go along the first, simplest way of seduction - to do everything so that the girl agrees to come to another meeting, most likely you have little experience with women, and you are afraid to miss her.

Be honest with yourself. Understand that if you do this only for this reason, you behave inefficiently. The main secret of success on a date with a girl is to do what you like, without worrying about the results of your actions.

Of course, you should have some plan for a date, but in this case the plan is a labile thing. All the same, you will not fully calculate all the options, and it makes no sense to turn a date with a woman into a chess game. Learn to catch the buzz and enjoy communicating with the fair sex. In the end, not doing what you want, pleasing only the girl or acting strictly according to the scheme, you miss the best moments of your life in which you could do what really would bring you pleasure.

Remember! Do not lose your life! Understand that on a date you can do absolutely everything you want within the framework of the criminal code. Everything else is prejudice!

If you want to hug this girl - hug! Kiss - Kiss! Tell her a verse - do it! Pinch for the ass or chest - go ahead! It is important that you catch the buzz from the girl, from hanging out and from life, because you have one, there will not be another.

Remember! Do not miss a minute! Do not look for excuses for yourself! If you can sleep with this girl today - do it! Tomorrow you may no longer be corny, or stop standing, or something else. Therefore, in order not to regret the incompetently lived or missed moments, act today and right now!

Of course, you may have objective reasons why you cannot sleep with this girl today:

      • you didn’t excite her enough, interested or didn’t inspire confidence in yourself, because of which she refuses to go to your home, and you don’t have time to live,
      • you are not sure yet whether you want to continue communicating with this girl, since you have other girls.

If you want a woman to agree to meet with you again, on a date you should arouse her confidence in yourself and increase your importance. You can do this through your actions and words.

Take her home

Knowing how to behave in a cafe with a girl, you should not think that this is the height of manhood. To really impress and conquer the girl, after a successful first date, she should be held home. The guy should not think that she herself will get home. Having made such a nice sign of attention to the girl, you can be sure that the second date will take place and leave a pleasant impression about yourself.

Having led the girl home, you need to say goodbye to her affably. Such gallantry of a guy will surely hit a lady and attract her attention. Polite guys who spend girls home without any hints are a rarity and that’s exactly what you should strive to become.


  1. An interesting conversationalist. Golden rule of the first date: be a great and interesting conversationalist. Even if you don’t know what to talk about, questions about his life will always help. Do not be silent and do not look constantly at the floor.
  2. Remember what his hobbies are and ask specific questions in the right direction, if you do not know this, it will become easier to ask about hobbies and hobbies. So you solve several problems at once: support the conversation, get to know it better and show your interest in it.

Don't let too much

Girls do not like when on a first date the guys allow themselves extra words and actions. Young people may think that it is cool and modern, but in fact there is nothing good in it and no girl will appreciate it. And so, on the first date with a girl, you should categorically avoid such things:

  • persistent flirting,
  • indecent touch
  • offers to continue the evening in a more modest atmosphere,
  • praise and exalt oneself too much.

If you can avoid these things, then the first date will go well and the guy will get a chance for the second. The main thing is to behave with dignity and as a real gentleman, because that is exactly what the girls want.

Do not be too frank

The first date is not a reason to open all the cards in front of the man and get all the skeletons out of the closet. Tell the truth, tell about yourself, but don't be too frank.

There are forbidden topics for conversation on a first date: health and all kinds of diseases, former and real men (possible rivals), the desire to get married as soon as possible and get to know his mother.

Mysterious look and sign language

  1. Fill your gaze with meaning. Let it be slightly mysterious, mysterious, as if from under the eyelashes.
  2. Psychologists assure that sign language is a very strong indicator of the internal mood, because if we are at least somehow able to control (somewhere we are silent, somewhere we restrain ourselves), then gestures can betray us.
  3. No need to emotionally wave your arms and legs - this can annoy your interlocutor. But do not be stiff, cold and impregnable - such behavior will only alienate a man.


Be polite, intelligent and do not allow yourself to be rude. If suddenly your interlocutor allowed himself indecent or vulgar words, tell him about this: let him immediately understand that cheeky behavior will not suit you.

Show the man that you really like a date. Remember that he wanted to surprise you, therefore he deserves praise.


No need to think that compliments are the lot of men. Be sure that your interlocutor will be satisfied if you send him a few nice words. It is not necessary to do this directly: for example, if your man is strong, courageous and confident, then start asking for his advice, admire his actions and the right choice.

First date

It is very important where exactly your first date will be held. If you were invited to an elite restaurant, then your first date may turn out to be crumpled, because you will pay a lot of attention to the external environment, try to match and adapt to status. In addition, in places of luxury class there is an increased attention to guests. All this imposes a clamped standard of behavior on you. As a result, there is a distance between you and the interlocutor.

It is also very difficult to tune into communication with each other in a close pizzeria or chocolate bar, where a couple is cursing next to your table on the one hand, on the other hand girlfriends are discussing urgent issues, and on the third hand a whole family is having dinner with two young children.

Therefore, be sure to try together in advance to decide where your first date will be.

Bye everyone.
Sincerely, Vyacheslav.


The first date is always an exciting and crucial moment, so you need to gather your strength and thoughts as much as possible in order to organize everything correctly. Of course, every guy wants to please a girl at first sight, and for this you need to make an effort. But do not, trying to show yourself in the best light, to behave unnaturally, because it is very noticeable.

On the first date you just need to be yourself, not forgetting the elementary rules of etiquette and behavior. If a girl realizes that the guy sympathizes with her, treats her well and behaves with dignity, then she will definitely want to meet this gentleman. The main thing to remember is that the first impression always plays a crucial role and it must be good. But this does not mean that on the second date you can behave worse, because girls are subtle natures who like to be looked after. You can find an approach to each lady, but for this you will have to carefully study her and call not only on one date.


Summarize. On a date, you can follow one of two effective strategies:

  1. Behave so that the girl comes on a second date,
  2. Seduce her today.

I advise you to follow the second scenario, as it trains courage, bring more pleasure, increase your self-esteem and save time. If a girl clearly and decisively does not want to sleep with you, but you really like it, behave in such a way that she agrees to come to another meeting.

For the girl to agree to come on the next date, you need:

  1. Something to interest her,
  2. Build trust
  3. Lightly stir
  4. Leave at the peak of interest.

Thus, you will increase your importance in her eyes, as well as increase interest in your person.

If you want to sleep with her, you need to:

  1. Interest her
  2. Build trust
  3. Excite
  4. Show sufficient perseverance and have sex with her.

Each of these steps requires a separate detailed analysis, which I will soon post on this blog.

3. Be easier

Take it easy. Experience shows that in a person who is too obsessed with the result, the chances of achieving it are sharply reduced. This is inexplicable, but it is a fact. Although, perhaps, the whole point is in excessive tension. She doesn’t decorate anyone. And our task with you is to present yourself so that a person wants to see you again. Or more than once!

It is also important not to try to show only your best sides. This will allow you to see the various reactions of your potential partner and to understand whether he will be able to cope with your small flaws in the future.
Surprisingly, men respond positively to such openness. They also have something that they want to hide, there is a fear of spoiling the first impression. Realizing that you allow yourself not to be perfect, they themselves relax a bit. And we remember that the main thing is to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort.

4. Do not be afraid to ask

But ask about what's really important or interesting to you. Psychologists say that people like to talk about themselves. And this is a sin not to use! Seeing your genuine interest, the man perks up and becomes more calm.

In addition, while he is speaking, you can look him in the eyes with a long look, putting any feeling you want into him. Your look can be alluring, brooding, mysterious or perky, intriguing, with a twinkle! But the most important thing is that he should be open and friendly. Personally, the last option was enough for me.

Also, it is on the first date that you should ask those questions that will set the stage for your future relationship. Do not be afraid to discuss with your interlocutor the goals of dating, to ask him what he expects from communication.

Tell us about yourself. And here you’re not talking about what you expect from the person himself or from relations in general: “You must be (hereinafter a list of 48 items)and then I will marry you! ”Talk about what attracts you to the prospect of continuing to communicate with him. If it’s hard to tell a potential partner about it, tell yourself about it. Let a clear picture form in your head. By the way, this will help you to conduct a dialogue in the right direction.

5. Believe in yourself

This rule should be an axiom for you. Self-love, adequate self-esteem and self-confidence are the main components of your future success. And not only on the first date. These qualities form your inner core of a sustainable person. And it is they that underlie your charisma and attractiveness. If you are the happy owner of this magnificent combination, feel free to set a date. The date will be successful!

In conclusion, I would like to say: read articles, study trends, ask for advice, look for information. But first of all, listen to yourself! Your heart, your intuition will never let you down.

Be simple, real, sincere, ask, smile, believe in yourself!

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