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Fancy and funny ties: photo selection

An integral element of a men's wardrobe is a tie. Every man resorts to his help when circumstances so require. Even lovers of sports style sooner or later face the need to effectively go out. Having original ties in your collection, you can transform any costume, add notes of chic and sophistication to it. An expensive accessory changes the image, puts a central emphasis in it. But you need to use exclusive ties wisely, otherwise a spectacular thing can die under the yoke of bad taste and lose the outer gloss from inept care. The online store "House of Ties" offers for sale funny ties of different colors, in a single-color design and with interesting prints. We know what quality is and we are willing to share this knowledge with you.

Unique collection

It is a mistake to believe that unusual ties can be bought today simply and quickly. This is not true. Really worthwhile products are hard to find. We tried to maintain an organic balance between the cost of models from our catalog, their appearance and excellent quality.

We offer to buy stylish ties made of Italian fabric. Designing each product takes a lot of time. Our designers create unusual drawings that attract attention, distinguishing the owner from the crowd. As soon as an amazing ornament is born, the sketch is approved and sent to our manufactory. Later, based on it, accessories are made of natural materials that are pleasant to the touch and delicate to the skin.

Each product is unique, has a patented print. Finished products come to us in individually packed cases, which further increase the level of pleasure from the purchase. Quality is checked manually to eliminate even minimal defects. Therefore, a modern tie in the “Tie House” online store is ideal - it has no complaints and defects.

The most unusual, creative, positive benches

Not everyone has the ability to create something unusual from the simplest things. But the people who can bring their creative ideas to our everyday life and make them look at the ordinary world in a new way are real artists. Even if the objects of their design fantasy are just banal street benches.

  • Photo selection of the most original, unusual, creative and funny benches and benches.
  • Animal benches - benches made in the form of animals or with their image.

Benches for lovers. They are in many cities around the world and are very popular.

Separately, I want to note "The bench of reconciliation"In the city of Krasnogorsk. Interesting idea .

  • Creative benches.
  • Well, a very positive solution for bench design. .

A very creative solution is a bench with solar panels. You can come in the summer, lie down on such a little bench, breathe in fresh air and, by connecting any electronic device to a power source, work or relax.

A convenient solution for cyclists. And you yourself relax, and the "iron horse" is where to attach.

  • Book Benches in Istanbul, Turkeywhich are made in the form of open books with portraits and quotes from texts of famous Turkish poets and writers.
  • Fancy benches

The project of the artist from Bulgaria Veronica Tsekova, located in the Italian town of Biella. In the past, Biella was famous for making high-quality yarn, but at the moment this type of production has fallen into decay. Here is a reminder of past glory.

  1. Bench in the form of a sheet of hemp.
  2. Bench swing.
  3. Original benches
  4. Bench writing in Bristol
  5. Spaghetti Bench
  6. Funny and funny benches
  7. This bench is located in Seoul, Korea and is called "Eat Biscuit Together."
  8. Benches on which to sit are simply impossible.

Want to rest? Climb up first!

  • It’s ridiculous.
  • Cool newspaper bench. There is always something to read.

A bench that does not have a seat. The inscription Run hints that there is nothing to rest, run, work, do not stand still!

The Germans alienated. This bench, with spikes protruding from the seat, stands in one of the parks in Berlin. If you want to relax, you have to fork out. For the spikes to disappear, you need to throw 50 cents into a special device.

Advertising benches. Many brands use benches as advertising platforms.

DDB Auckland from New Zealand has found a creative advertising solution for the Superette chain of stores. Information stamped on benches mirroring. After a person sits on it, it is imprinted on the bare parts of the legs.

Naturally, most often the “carriers” of such advertising are girls. And men stare at their feet and at the same time see this ad.

T-shirt prints

Decorated with a variety of prints and drawings, the tops are one of the hottest trends of the spring-summer season. Fashionable women's T-shirts with original prints complement the bows in the most popular styles, combining with skirts, jeans, trousers and shorts. Drawings of any colors and sizes that set the tone for the whole image look great on actual tops, which include:

  • elongated models resembling mini dresses,
  • tight-fitting with a V-shaped, square, oval or draped neckline,
  • polo, the sporty style of which is smoothed by contrasting collars and delicate patterns,
  • models with thin straps.

Realizing non-standard stylistic decisions, designers play not only with color combinations, but also with the textures of materials. The models presented in the new season are mainly made of high quality knitted fabrics. Of interest are T-shirts with prints made of natural silk and viscose. Thanks to the use of these fabrics, a simple wardrobe item acquires a stylish gloss, successfully blending in even with business and evening looks.

T-shirt prints

Buy a tie with a picture or a plain model

We offer customers the freedom of choice. The catalog presents models with classic prints, fashionable and modern designs. On the site you can choose non-standard accessories with stripes, cages, rhombuses, with oriental patterns and original ornaments. Make an order now. Having decided to buy a tie with a picture, call us and arrange delivery to your address. Working seven days a week, we promptly deliver goods to our customers.

Photo jokes, the next selection • Funny pictures and humor

Funny funny pictures is a collection of photos, cartoons, funny comics and demotivators on various topics.

Photo jokes are very popular on the Internet because it is a great way to cheer yourself up. In summer, twice as much humor and positive, it's just such a wonderful warm and positive time.

And now it's time to watch the joke photos. Here is another joke photo, a selection for a good mood!

  • girl with a cat
  • where are you from, soldier
  • caring lamb
  • cute unicorns
  • the cat understands the mouse
  • army of plush toys
  • maybe for coffee
  • great picture
  • mouse on a cat
  • my bag of popcorn
  • koala with glasses
  • kitten in chain mail
  • bus truck
  • bullet fool
  • female and male
  • dog spying
  • cottage cheese tans
  • sheriff in the city
  • sense from the cat
  • summer's soon
  • great swing
  • funny police
  • dragon thirst
  • inappropriate glasses
  • guy is resting in Italy
  • Aesthetic beauty
  • melting roller
  • seagulls eat french fries
  • little teddy bear
  • I'm not dressed, get out
  • she understood everything
  • great fashionable car
  • skype interview
  • original bath
  • doctoral defense
  • selfie with a goat selfie with a deer original mail box man drinking beer under water a beautiful girl bathes with a pig

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12 cool ties

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?) Or just kidding with friends at some masquerade party? We present you a selection of 12 cool ties! Something from this list may work =)

Ice Cream Tie

Do you like ice cream?) Or were you invited for some friendly dinner?) Then a tie of Soft Serve Shaped Tie in the form of ice cream with a cherry on top will be just the way =)

Beer Tie

Are you a beer lover and can’t wait until Friday to take a few sips of a cold foamy drink?) When you see a Pouring Beer Tie tie, it feels like you taste beer on your lips! =)

  • Hot Dog Tie
  • This tie can be worn in many cases - both for lunch and at some party, or just to make someone feel hungry) After all, when you see a tie in the form of a hot dog, anyone will salivate =)

Space Invader Tie

Tormented by nostalgia for the Dandy?) Or go to the corporate party in kindergarten?)) In any case, a tie with space invaders will suit you =)

Crossword Tie

Nothing to do at lunchtime? You can solve the crossword puzzle)) And it’s not necessary to take a newspaper with you - just tie a Crossword Tie in the morning (and don’t forget to wash it in the evening) =)

New York taxi driver car tie

Are you a New York taxi driver? Not? Maybe you just like to ride a taxi or want to stand out among dull colleagues?) No matter how unexpected it may sound, it turns out that ties are made even in the form of taxi cars - New York Taxi Cab Shaped Tie is a direct confirmation of this!

Ping Pong Tie

At first, it might seem that this tie shows the runway, but it is worth paying attention to the small rectangles on the sides and the bill at the top - it immediately becomes clear that one of the first computer games was drawn on Pong Tie - Ping Pong =)

Tie with a table for eye examination

Do you work as an optometrist? Or do you have a lot of poorly seeing friends?)) In any case, the Eye Chart Tie tie looks at least unusual =)

  1. Tetris Tie
  2. Do you miss the old “time killer”?) “Tetris” on this tie seems to be about to start playing himself, he is so believable)
  3. Tie keyboard
  4. If you constantly work with computers - you can try on this tie on yourself =) Just don’t start tapping it with your fingers if it suddenly lies on the table in front of the monitor))
  5. Crime Scene Tie
  6. It’s not necessary to work as an investigator to wear such a tie - it’s enough to just be an extraordinary person, because the Crime Scene Tie tie looks at least unusual)
  7. 8-bit tie
  8. This tie will appeal to those who watched the development of graphics processors) Although I think he will have many fans among people who do not know anything about it =) In any case, Mario would not refuse to run in such a tie! There is a blue and red color option

Funny jokes about a tie

Our site contains funny jokes about a tie. We read, smile, or maybe even laugh!

Rzhevsky again dismantled at the court of officer honor for the fact that one noble lady, driving past his house, fell out of the carriage.
- Yes, I did nothing special! - Rzhevsky justifies himself. - I just stood on the threshold in my usual home attire: tie, pince-nez and slippers.

When I lived in a hostel, a tie on the door handle meant that the roommate drank the hanger again.

Diplomatic reception. In the toilet, Russian and English diplomats leave the booths. The Englishman washes his hands, and the Russian straightens his tie in front of the mirror. Englishman:
- In England it is customary to wash hands after the toilet.

- But the Russians are not pissing.

An American had a fan belt burst in his car. He is looking at the motor. Suddenly a horse comes up and says:
- Take off your tie and pull it over the pulleys.
The American did just that. I drove to the nearest town, comes in with an outstretched face into the saloon for a drink. Master:
- What, the belt broke?
- Yes.
“And my horse came up and suggested pulling a tie?”
- Yes.

- Don’t you believe her! She doesn’t understand a damn thing about motors.

At the presentation, friends are talking:
“Zin, what’s going on with yours?” The face is all red, his eyes popped out ...

- Yes, again, I probably overdid it with a tie ...

Teach me to tie a tie, please. And then I have strangled 5 men ...

“Sorry, sir, but I can't let you in the casino!” You are without a tie!
- So what?! But this one is generally naked!

- Yes, sir! But he comes out ...

Russian hockey team players wish their coach a happy birthday.
- The best gift for me will be your victories.

- Too late. We already bought you a tie.

Sergeant Miller scribbled recruits:
- You just look at yourself from the side:

- Shoes are not brushed, hair is not combed, ties are wrinkled. And if now some country suddenly declares war on us ?!

The wife bought a tie for her husband for his birthday:
“Well, dear, did you like it?” What do you think is best for him?
The husband looked at the monstrous colors of his tie and answered:

  • - A long beard!
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Stylish and original Stefano Danotelli ties. Always available unusual and cool models

An integral element of a men's wardrobe is a tie. Every man resorts to his help when circumstances so require. Even lovers of sports style sooner or later face the need to effectively go out. Having original ties in your collection, you can transform any costume, add notes of chic and sophistication to it.

An expensive accessory changes the image, puts a central emphasis in it. But you need to use exclusive ties wisely, otherwise a spectacular thing can die under the yoke of bad taste and lose the outer gloss from inept care. The online store "House of Ties" offers for sale funny ties of different colors, in a single-color design and with interesting prints.

We know what quality is and we are willing to share this knowledge with you.

Women's T-shirts with prints

Popular models of t-shirts with prints will suit both lovers of modest options and girls who prefer catchy clothes, because the trend is bright colors and delicate pastels. Along with classic white, black, blue, red and beige, models in green, blue, raspberry, orange and their shades are in demand. T-shirts with cool drawings that occupy the front of the product deserve attention. The print in such models is often large.

Women's T-shirts with prints

Men's T-shirts with prints

How to choose a tie?

Decoration should complement the whole image. It is necessary that unusual ties be in the same color scheme with a shirt or suit.

An important role is played by a knotted knot. Think in advance all the details of your clothes so as not to look ridiculous.

3D T-shirts

Fashion t-shirts with a 3D pattern were introduced several years ago by designers of the French brand Mountain, and today many clothing manufacturers produce them. The volume print on the product is transferred using a special printer or by gluing a film with a pattern on a fabric under the influence of high temperatures. The most popular prints for women and men:

  • animalistic
  • space theme
  • characters of films, anime, computer games,
  • media personalities
  • nature theme.

To enter tops with 3D images in an office style is extremely problematic, but they are ideal for creating informal everyday street bows. Stylists recommend wearing them with a plain laconic bottom, since an image with a print that attracts attention does not require additional accents that can make a dissonance.

3D T-shirts

T-shirts with inscriptions

From deeply philosophical to ironically funny, the inscriptions adorning tops are the embodiment of each person's need for self-expression. Funny inscriptions on T-shirts made with standard or ornate fonts have a touch of others, causing a smile and uplifting. A few years ago, words, phrases and slogans on clothes served advertising purposes, promoting a particular product, brand, and in the new season the inscriptions turned into a tool to emphasize individuality.

T-shirts with inscriptions

Paired T-shirts with inscriptions

The same clothes or clothes made in a certain style is not boring, but original, if we are talking about lovers who want to shout their happiness to the whole world! Often T-shirts for two with inscriptions or drawings are custom-made, but in the distribution network such models are presented in a wide assortment. The inscriptions that adorn paired t-shirts are mostly an exact copy or phrases in a question-answer format. Demands are also in demand with models with the so-called winged phrases and aphorisms on the topic of romantic relations.

Paired T-shirts with inscriptions

Family T-shirts with inscriptions

Family models are a new direction in the world of t-shirt fashion, thanks to which all fans of the family look style have the opportunity to create original ensembles. The same T-shirts with inscriptions for the whole family is a unique opportunity to demonstrate to others around you unity, love and friendship.

  1. The same inscription. Such models may have different colors, sizes, but the inscription decorating them is identical. Funny word twisted by a child, family motto, funny saying - the choice of inscriptions is unlimited!
  2. Personalized lettering. On the shirt of each family member is applied a word or phrase that characterizes him - from “dad”, “mother”, “son / daughter” to “king”, “queen”, “prince / princess”.
  3. Single words in a phrase. An adage whose individual words are written on different T-shirts can be funny, philosophical, or memorable for a particular family.

Putting on family models of T-shirts, you should be prepared for the fact that no one will be left without attention! Among other things, such clothing is a win-win option for a photo shoot. The top of the ensemble of each family member, executed in a single theme, is so remarkable that you don’t have to worry about choosing the bottom.

Family T-shirts with inscriptions

Cool T-shirts

Smiley and astonishing by courage, women's T-shirts with cool inscriptions are not the only possible way of self-expression. Original drawings can tell about a girl no less than long phrases. The color scheme of the picture expands the possibilities of combining such tops with other elements of the ensemble. There is no need to look for cool inscriptions on T-shirts for girls, as well as unusual prints, because you can pick them up yourself and entrust the print to professionals.

Cool T-shirts

Watch the video: 8 BRILLIANT CLOTHES HACKS FOR GIRLS. Cool DIY Ideas (February 2020).

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