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Razor Gillette: varieties of models and their description

The stereotype that only women use cosmetics has long been destroyed in modern society. At the very least, the minimum arsenal of men's cosmetics should consist of shaving and after shaving products, as every man faces regular bristle removal procedures. The most long-term brand of men's cosmetics in the domestic market is the Shaving Gillette line.

Gillette cosmetic products are of good quality and reasonable prices, which are many times less than those of famous brands. The manufacturer regularly releases new lines for a gentle, safe and maximum sliding shave of the bristles. Most often in sales you can find gels, foams and creams from Gillette for every skin type and men's needs.

Complete Gillette product line

When choosing any product of the Shaving vest brand, a man needs to rely on 3 criteria - the product should provide the machine with maximum glide on the skin, moisturize the skin and retain moisture, soften the hairs of the bristles, and suit the individual characteristics of the body. By skin type, you can choose a foam, gel or cream from the company Gillette with different composition and effect.

The most popular product from the company is, of course, gillette shaving foam, which has always been appreciated by men around the world. Today, manufacturers offer several varieties of foam:

  1. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Active Sport - universal foam for all skin types, which deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hairs of the bristles, fixes them for easy cutting with a machine, thereby protecting the skin from irritation, cuts and abrasions. The price of such a foam is about 250-300 rubles.
  2. Gillette Classic Sensitive Skin Shave Foam for Men - Foam for sensitive skin type, which delicately nourishes the skin and hairs, makes the shaving process sliding and safe. The foam protects against dryness, itching and peeling, and the price for it is about 200 rubles.
  3. Gillette Classic Lemon Lime Shave Foam for Men - Lemon foam for all skin types, allowing you to easily shave off even the toughest hairs, protecting the dermis from irritation and cuts. The price of foam is 165-200 rubles.
  4. Gillette Classic Menthol Shave Foam for Men - menthol foam, which refreshes the skin and soothes after each shave, moisturizes and nourishes the skin layers, preventing cuts, abrasions, irritation, dryness and peeling. The cost is 170-200 rubles.
  5. Gillette Series Conditioning Shave Foam for Men - tonic and nourishing layers of the skin and bristles foam from the brand, thanks to which you can protect the dermis from dryness, itching, burning and peeling. The price fluctuates around 200-250 rubles.
  6. Gillette Series Protection Shave Foam for Men - a protective agent in the form of shaving foam, the components of which protect the skin from inflammation and irritation, facilitating the process of shaving the bristles. The cost of this foam is about 250 rubles.
  7. Gillette Series for Men Sensitive Skin - The ideal foam for all skin types, providing delicate and gentle care, moisturizing and nourishing the skin and bristles, after which the excess vegetation can be freely removed by the machine without side effects from the epidermis. The price is 200-250 rubles.
  8. Gillette Foam Sensitive Skin - A classic treatment for sensitive skin, which allows you to remove bristles by shaving without irritation, a feeling of tightness, burning and dry skin. The cost of such a tool is 170-200 rubles.
  9. Regular - shaving foam for all types of dermis, a classic version of the care product for easy and non-traumatic shaving of the bristles. The cost of such a product is 160-200 rubles.
  10. Gillette Classic Clean Shave Foam for Men Clean - universal type of shaving foam, the components of which cleanse the pores of the skin, soften the skin and hair of the bristles, providing quick and easy shaving. The price is about 170-200 rubles.

The listed 10 products from Gillette can be classified into lines, each with its own strengths, unique formulas and useful properties. The prices of the listed shaving foams are almost the same with a difference of 50 rubles.

Recently, the gel has been increasingly displacing foam due to its light texture, ease of use and softening effect on the skin of the face. Gillette offers the following gel lines:

  • Gillette fusion - gels for the sensitive type of epidermis, such preparations contain plant extracts, for example, aloe vera. Prices fluctuate around 500-700 rubles.
  • Gillette series - gels for delicate shaving and maximum protection of the epidermis, which contain special additives and components that reduce friction of the machine. Prices for such gels range from 200-600 rubles.
  • Gillette satin - soothing gels with various additives, for example, with apricot extract, etc. For such a line, prices will range from 300 to 500 rubles.
  • Gillette fusion phantom - gels of refreshing and softening action, thanks to which shaving will be quick, easy and as safe as possible without irritation and redness. Prices range from 500 to 800 rubles.

Gilles gels are in great demand due to the complex and delicate effect on the skin and bristles, the highest quality and reasonable prices.

Other products from Gillette

In addition to shaving products from Gillette in the form of gels and foams, manufacturers offer a series of tools and other products for shaving and after shaving. Namely:

  1. Razors with replaceable cartridges from the Fusion line, for example:
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball Before - a razor with 1 removable cartridge at a price of 1000-1200 rubles,
  • Gillette fusion - a razor with 1 removable cartridge at a price of 550-600 rubles,
  • Gillette fusion - a razor with 2 removable cassettes at a price of 600-700 rubles,
  • Gillette fusion power - a razor with 1 removable cartridge at a price of 700 rubles,
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball - a razor with 1 removable cartridge for 500-600 rubles,
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball - the same razor, but with 2 cassettes for 700-800 rubles,
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Flexball - a razor with 1 cartridge at a price of 650-700 rubles.
  1. Razors from the MACH3 line - Gillette Mach 3 Turbo at the price of 400-500 rubles for one cartridge, the same razor with two removable cartridges for 500-600 rubles, Gillette Mach3 with 2 cartridges for 350-400 rubles, Gillette MACH3 razor for 450-500 rubles.
  2. Razors from the Slalom line - for a machine with 1 cassette it will be necessary to pay 150-200 rubles, for a machine with 2 cassettes about 350-400 rubles.
  3. Separate line of products for women Venus offers disposable machines, razors with interchangeable cartridges, blisters with disposable machines and perfumed razors, as well as interchangeable cartridges.
  4. Disposable machines - machines can be for men and for women.

Gillette aftershave products deserve special attention. It can be lotions, balms, creams, aftershave gels from the BLUE, FOAMY, FUSION, MACH3, PRO, PROGLIDE, SERIES, CLASSICS rulers. All products are classified by skin type, formula and principle of action.

Dermatologists recommendations

After shaving, you need to choose your shaving products according to your skin type and how your skin reacts to cosmetics. Gillette cosmetics was approved by leading dermatologists as a high-quality and safe line of after-shave products. For men with oily skin, it is better to choose shaving gels, and for dry skin, foams are suitable. For sensitive skin types, Gillette manufacturers produce a separate line of products. In order for care to be comprehensive and useful, it is better to use all means from one line from one manufacturer.

Briefly about the history of the brand

A true Gillette razor symbolizes quality personal care products. A variety of machines of this brand can be found in many families, both for men and for women. The founder of the brand was King Gillette, who until the founding of his own company worked as a salesman. In 1985, he discovered while traveling on a train how inconvenient it is to use a dangerous razor in motion.

His new idea slipped into the idea of ​​taking disposable safe machines with him on the road, which were simply thrown away after use. The parallel discovery of the engineer Nickerson, who offered the entrepreneur technology for fast and high-quality sharpening of steel blades, helped to realize the idea. The modernized machine in a short time gained popularity. It was due to the safety of the device, the ability to change blades and low cost of operation, compared with the services of hairdressers.

Modification "Mac-3"

The company has been developing intensively and stably. In the 21st century, the Gillette organization developed and produced several lines of shaving accessories. Mach 3 series was released in 2003. It is equipped with a convenient ergonomic handle and three blades that guarantee effective shaving, without cuts and pulling hairs.

An additional helium strip is provided by a special helium strip, which turns red if it is time to change the razor. The Mac-3 Turbo version has ten micro-ridges and a flexible head. The design of the machine protects the skin from irritation, as well as more flexible wiring, thanks to the handle with adjustable pressure.


The products of Gillette shaving products are not only foam and gel for a safe and maximum sliding shave of bristles, this is a large selection of shaving machines for men and women, it is a variety of devices and tools, as well as a separate line of cosmetics for skin care after shaving. Each man will be able to choose for himself the perfect means for a careful and safe shave at affordable prices.

Variations of Slalom and Sensor Excel

The Gillette Slalom razor belongs to the classic disposable machines, which are equipped with a pair of sharp blades, a floating head and a handle with a special anti-slip coating. Due to the optimal combination of price and quality, this model is still in demand in the relevant market.

The Sensor Excel series was developed back in 1995 and is an innovative product. Compared with the counterparts of that time, the unique design of five ridges guarantees sufficient tension of the skin with protection from irritation. An additional advantage is a floating two-level head and a convenient handle.

Razor Gillette Fusion Proglide

This series was published in 2007. It belongs to the most modern and popular sets, including a machine and five interchangeable cartridges. The latest elements are equipped with ultra-thin blades. The Flexball technology used makes it possible to outline facial contours as completely as possible, even in hard-to-reach places, shaving off all the vegetation to a clean one.

Lubricating strips are located before the knives and after the blades. On the reverse side there is a kind of trimmer. Improved elements facilitate gliding, do not create pressure during operation, ensuring the absence of irritation on the skin. The Gillette Proglide series of shavers comes with a moisturizing strip treated with softening mineral oils. The device includes a microscopic comb, responsible for the most accurate distribution of hairs. The micropulse design of Power guarantees vibration when processing problem areas, thanks to the presence of a standard battery.

Razor Gillette Flexball

Men's shaving kit includes five blades with a special coating that reduces friction. The reverse side with a high-precision trimmer guarantees the processing of difficult places, including sideburns and areas above the upper lip. One cassette works confidently for one month. It should be noted that all replaceable cartridges of this line are suitable for the specified Gillette Fusion razor. This version is an improved line of Power and Proglad categories.

Models for women

The manufacturer did not forget about the better half of humanity. Modifications for women are focused on the removal of vegetation on the legs, under the armpits and in the bikini area. From male counterparts, they differ in color and size. As a rule, Gillette women's razors are available in pink, blue or other bright colors. The branded ribbed handle fits comfortably in the hand when driving the machine in any direction. The extended part in the area of ​​the cartridge has a lower mass, oriented to a small female palm.

The devices under consideration guarantee perfect shaving, repeating the contours of the body, getting rid of the slightest hairs. In fact, these machines are modified and modified male versions. For example, the popular Venus line is an analogue of the Mac-3 series. Modification Embrace is equipped with three blades and vibration function. The Breeze model has special pads located under the blades. They are gel filled and replace the cosmetic composition during the shaving process. Among the one-time female versions, such variations as Sensor Sensitive, Blue for Women, Satin Care are popular.

Recommendations for use

Despite the fact that Gillette Power razors and analogues are safe personal hygiene devices, it is recommended to follow a number of rules when using them to avoid reddening of the cover and micro-injuries:

  1. Be sure to use a special gel or foam. In many instances of modern machines there is a characteristic strip with a lubricating composition, but it is not enough. For a full shave, you need to apply a sufficient amount of foam, which will avoid skin irritation and discomfort.
  2. Previously, it is desirable to moisten the face with water, and even better - warm it up. When steaming the neck and face, the pores open better, which provides easy removal of the bristles. For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to additionally use a special oil, the film of which will prevent from injuries and cuts.
  3. Before the process, it is necessary to rinse the razor with cold water, which will provide a gentle touch of the blade.
  4. Do not be lazy to study the pattern of hair growth on the face. You just need to slide your finger along the bristles, determining the direction of the vegetation. If the bristles are pricked, then the movement is the opposite of growth.
  5. Do not rush and try with one movement to achieve the perfect result. Hard-to-reach areas of the skin must be pulled away by lifting and turning the head. No need to put excessive pressure on the machine, it is better to change the direction of shaving.
  6. After the process, rinse with cold water, rinse thoroughly the remaining gel or foam. After a few minutes, when the pores are narrowed, apply lotion or cream after shaving.

New machine from Gillette! What else can marketers introduce? Meet the Gillette Fusion ProGl Machine>

Beautiful advertising did the trick, I bought my husband by the way you can congratulate me on joining the ranks of married ladies this razor. My husband probably has a bit more acute shaving than the rest of the men - he loves to run his beard. My point with a beard in men has passed, I prefer it to be clean-shaven. Therefore, it was decided to give a shaving machine to the heap on a birthday, a useful “device” is not a hindrance to the main gift. So the hero of this entryGillette Fusion ProGlide Power FLEXBALL:

Main characteristics:

- The thinnest Gillette blades for revolutionary glide and smooth shaving (the first four blades compared to Fusion).
- The five-blade cassette provides less pressure on the skin, reducing irritation (compared to Mach3).
- Enlarged lubricating strip with the addition of mineral oils (compared to Fusion).
- Channels for removing excess gel.
- Improved trimmer blade on the back of the cassette (compared to Fusion).
- Blade stabilizer.
- Power micropulses reduce resistance during shaving.
- Micro-hair directs hairs exactly to the blades.
- Chrome knob

Naturally all razor advertisementsGilletteGillette made it clear that there is this new FlexBall technology, but I still found a description of the manufacturer:

FlexBall Technology - Gillette'S INNOVATION allowing the razor to move in an extra plane. Follows the contours of your face for a better shave by Gillette. Shaves literally every hair.

What is the cassette itself I'll try to explainb.The principle of operation is to hinge on the base of the ball, to which a thin string is quite satisfied. This allows tilt the cassette in different directions. essentially nothing supernatural. The marketing ploy is or is it really a mini-revolution in shaving faces. I will tell later!

So the machine itself is placed in the usual plastic packaging that is usual for the company and painfully, including the machine itself, a cassette, a Durasell battery and a stand for the machine

machine itself:

It is made of high-quality metal, the handle is rubberized, the button to turn on the vibration does not jam, when turned on it pleases with a cheerful buzz and orange backlight.


usual and familiar to the look, 5 blades, there is a moisturizing strip.

Lubricating strip composition:

PEG-115M, PEG-7M, PEG-100, Silica, Mineral Oils, Tocopheryl Acetate, Pentaerythrityltetra-di-t-butyl, Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Tris (di-t-butyl) Phosphite, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Juice, Bht, Ethylene Glycol

In the cassette itself, in my opinion the blades themselves are very close, not always their water jet can "wash" to get rid of the stubble hairs that had settled down like partisans, but the husband has not yet complained

Good news: any cassette from the FUSION line fits the machine personally not verified, read on the site before purchase


The usual stand, in my opinion there are not enough slots for spare cassettes or hang on the itchy end of the wall mount. Economy option to the machine costing more than 1000 rubles

Since the floating head exactly “floats” can be seen in the video:

Happy owner of the machine and such a caring wife had to

persuade to take a photo "before" and "after":

Place of purchase: SM Carousel (Orenburg)

To summarize and how to save on a new toy:

Do I recommend a new machineGillette Fusion ProGlide Power FLEXBALLto purchase? Of course I recommend! do i need technologyFLEXBALL?having studied the pros and cons, having listened to the opinion of the husband (he said that shaving has become more convenient, but rather so as not to offend his wife) I summarize: no, this is just an innovation of marketers, more likely a trick than an urgent need, it’s quite possible to do without rotating cassette. As for micropulses, I can also say this is just an attempt to create a semblance of an electric razor from a machine, but the attempt is unsuccessful. By purchasing, for example, the same machine, but without a “buzzer”, you can save about 400-500 rubles, since you decided to purchase a newfangled one withFLEXBALL. However, I still think that the machine is really made efficiently, beautifully and conveniently. In addition, the season of New Year's gifts, who knows, maybe it is your man who dreams of this.

Your yusupova

In conclusion

On sale you can find several varieties of modern razor sets Gillette. All of them provide a smooth and comfortable shave, convenient to use. Replaceable cartridges of 4/5/8 pieces in a set are produced for the machines. The life of the cartridge depends on the frequency of use and stiffness of the bristles. To get the most worthy result, you should choose only high-quality razors, preferably with three or five blades. Consider the more modern the device, the better it works, because the company is constantly improving its products using innovative technologies.

Razor Gillette: varieties of models and their description on News4Auto.ru.

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