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How long does a beard grow in time: and what affects its growth?

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If all this is done, then how does this affect the result? With proper care, more hair will remain in the weakened phase, and then your beard will reveal its potential much faster than if it simply grew and fell out by itself. But this does not mean accelerated hair growth. It would be more correct to say a faster result.

Thus, you can roughly estimate how long it will take to grow the length of the beard that you want.

Now a few questions - answers

Q - How much does a beard grow in a month?

O - On average 1.25cm

Q - How much does a beard grow in a year?

About - About 15 cm

Q - How long do mustaches grow?

Oh - Just like a beard

Material taken from How long does it take to grow a beard (Zack Robbins)

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Beard growth

Despite factors of influence and characteristics of a man’s body, it is quite possible to determine on average how much a normal beard grows. Experts say the term is 1.5-2 months, just so much time you will need to forget about the razor and the blade to get the desired result in the form of a thick and long beard. There are a number of factors that a man can influence, but there are unshakable and unchanging factors on which the growth of bristles depends.

Key Growth Factors

To understand how to grow a normal beard, a man needs to know a list of factors that directly determine the growth rate of the beard, its shade, density, uniform and full growth. Experts name several such factors, namely:

  1. Hormonal background. The growth hormone on the head and body is responsible for the sex hormone testosterone. The peak of this hormone occurs during puberty at the age of 14-18 years, when bristles and mustaches first appear. In the future, it is important to maintain the level of this hormone so that the beard grows equally quickly and densely.
  2. Genetics. If there were no men with a thick and luxurious beard in the family, the situation is unlikely to change dramatically in subsequent generations. Unfortunately, there are no effective methods against genetics, so many men will have to come to terms.
  3. National affiliation. There are some peoples who are characterized by an early and rapidly growing beard, while other nations have no beard at all. Northern peoples, Japanese and Chinese do not wear beards, but among the men of the eastern nation, vegetation begins to grow from almost 11 years old.
  4. Infectious diseases. Skin diseases accompanied by damage to the pathogenic flora can cause beard and mustache hair loss. Consultation of a dermatologist and trichologist is required.
  5. Physical exercise. The concentration of testosterone directly depends on the mobility of the man, so a sedentary lifestyle and excess weight lower it, respectively, the growth of the beard slows down.
  6. Sexual activity. The determining factor for how long a beard grows can be sexual activity. Sexual relationships should be stable and moderate so as not to fluctuate the level of testosterone in the body.
  7. Bad habits. All the toxic substances that a man receives through alcoholic beverages and smoking accumulate in the hair follicles. This is especially true for adolescents in whom the follicles only develop and go through the stage of activation.
  8. Psycho-emotional background. Any stress, depression, neurosis and insomnia affect the growth of hair, so you should avoid such circumstances. Only positive emotions, good mood and relaxation will help to establish the growth of stubble.

Particular attention should be paid to nutrition, as a deficiency of vitamins also leads to a slowdown in beard growth. In the diet, you need to pay most of protein food, as well as vegetables and fruits. During the off-season and vitamin deficiency, you need to take a complex of male vitamins and minerals, as well as strengthen the immune system.

What is not worth doing?

You should not expect the growth of a beard if a man is at the stage of puberty, when the hormonal background fluctuates. Doctors forbid at this time to interfere with the hormonal system with drugs and other medical methods to increase testosterone. Also, do not use cosmetic products to stimulate beard growth until the bristles begin to grow on their own.

Experts do not recommend shaving the first stubble, this process needs to be postponed. It will take about 4-8 weeks to grow bristles, if not more. During this period of time it will only be possible to trim the hair on the neck to the level of the Adam's apple. It is better to stimulate the growth of bristles by natural means, and it is also important to properly perform shaving of the bristles, otherwise ingrown hairs will appear.

Day, week, month, and only 2 cm: what to do?

How long a beard grows in time, for each man, the period can be different. But experts specify that, on average, after 1.5-2 months, the beard should grow so long that it can be modeled and cut. If the growth of the beard does not occur not after a week, not after a month, the man needs special care to stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

Alternative medicine offers several options for beard growth masks:

  1. Burdock and castor oil are mixed, warmed up a little, and then applied to dry and clean face skin along the line of the growth of the beard. Wash off the oil after 1-3 hours with soap and warm water.
  2. You can add a little mustard powder or red pepper to the base oil, and then apply to dry and clean skin. Rubbing the mask into the skin, leave it on for 15-30 minutes and rinse off.
  3. Eucalyptus oil. Such oil is also rubbed into the skin of the face and left for some time. Before this, the oil is rubbed in the palms for heating.

Among the ready-made means for stimulating the growth of the beard, it is worth highlighting the spray of Alerana and Generolon, which are sold in any department of the pharmacy, as well as Minoxidil Kirkland or Regein, such imported drugs can be ordered online.

Degree of growth

You can track the degree of hair growth along the beard line in order to calculate the future period of time during which the beard and mustache grows. If you know the stages of beard growth, then you can predict the growth of a beard by day and upcoming events.

  • Stage One - Bristle. It takes about a month to grow stubble, a man will feel itching, dry skin and irritation. You need to use oils, beard shampoos, moisturizing the skin cream. It is worth refusing to cut, shave, trim with scissors.
  • Stage Two - Two-Month Beard. By the second month of growing a beard, the bristles on the face will require trimming so that the hairs do not curl and puff.
  • Stage Three - Three-Month Beard. At this stage, you can determine how much the maximum length of the beard grows. The longer the beard, the more care it will require. At this stage, you can choose the desired shape and type of beard, simulate in a barbershop or independently.

Thus, it can be understood that 1 month is spent on the growth of bristles (1 cm beard), then the growth of the beard weekly leads to the appearance of a small length of hair, and after 3 months a long beard will appear. For weeks, about 4-8 weeks will be needed to model a short or medium length beard, and for a long thick beard it will take at least 3 months.

Weekly Beard Growth Photo Selection

Beard 1 week:

Beard 2 weeks:

Beard 3 weeks:

Beard 4 weeks:

How much does a beard grow?

It is important to understand that the process of hair growth is a very individual issue. Someone needs six months to grow a beard, and someone lacks a few years. Moreover, there are cases when the beard grows only to a certain length and then the hair growth stops or slows down significantly. Unfortunately, nature did not reward everyone with the opportunity to grow a long beard, for most men this is simply not destined.

If we talk about the average figures, then the beard grows by about 1.5 centimeters every month.

Different beard styles require different times for growing. For example, a goatee needs less time, because it grows only on the chin. If we talk about a full, wide beard, then for growing we will have to wait longer because the hairs on the cheeks will need to catch the hair from the chin.

So, through simple mathematical calculations, you can understand that on average per year, the beard will grow by 18 centimeters. And if that’s enough for you - ok, want more - wait longer.

Stages of beard growth.

At the moment when you decide to tackle the issue of growing a beard and are ready to spend half a year or a year on it, your hair will go through three phases of growth.

  1. Anagen is the active phase of the growth of beard hair (and not only). At this time, there is a direct lengthening of the hair. In each person, the anagen phase is different depending on genetic characteristics. Someone is luckier and their hair grows for years, while someone stops growing a few months after the start of growth.
  2. Catagen is an intermediate phase during which the process of hair growth goes from active growth to rest. This phase usually lasts from one to two weeks.
  3. Telogen is a phase of rest and peace for your hair. This phase lasts about 2-3 months. During this period, the hair, as it were, dies, its thickness decreases, it can change color and fall out.

Hair growth is a cyclical process, after the onset of the last phase, the first begins again. During the growth of the beard, the hair is in different phases, approximately 80-90% of all hair is in the anagen stage, 2-5% in the catagen stage, and 10-15% in the telogen stage. As a rule, the full cycle of hair regrowth takes 2-4 years.

How to grow a beard faster?

The speed of growing a beard is affected not only by genetics, but also by a number of other factors. Of course, if nature is not given to you to wear a beard, no lotions or oils will help. We will give some recommendations that will have an additional impact and help to grow a beard faster.

  • Food. Proper nutrition clearly favorably affects not only the general physical condition, but also the growth rate of the beard. Avoid spicy, fried and of course eliminate or minimize alcohol.
  • Psychological condition. It is known that stressful conditions adversely affect the condition of the hairline and beard as well. Cases when a person has hair loss after experiencing are very common. Hold on and don't be nervous.
  • Sport. Physical condition is also very important when growing a beard, constant training will definitely have a beneficial effect on the hair and reduce the time of growing a beard.
  • Cosmetics. The use of special cosmetics also has a good effect on the beard. Buy nutritious oil, use balm and special shampoos or beard soap.
  • A haircut. A trip to a barbershop for cutting a beard will also have a good effect on the speed of hair growth. Trim your beard once every one to two months.

No matter how long it takes to grow a beard - it's worth it. If nature has rewarded you with the opportunity to grow a long hair on your face - be patient and you will certainly be rewarded.

Does beard growth depend on the time of year?

It is actually possible to say that in men the degree of growth of the beard can vary according to the seasons. Despite the fact that doctors call completely different factors of influence, in practice the situation is different. It is known that in the autumn and winter season, the man’s body suffers from a deficiency of vitamins and a depressed state against the background of frequent colds and viruses, cloudy weather and a lack of vitamin D3 from the sun.

Accordingly, all this indirectly affects the growth of the beard. Hair can be thin and weak, brittle and fall out. In this regard, experts advise taking complexes of multivitamins and mineral supplements to fill the deficiency of vitamins A, E, C and all B vitamins, as well as substances such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus. In the spring, there is a rise in hormonal levels, and in the summer the body receives resources from fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

Endocrinologist's recommendations

A man should know approximately how much not to shave in order to grow a beard. In a healthy man with a normal hormonal background, this takes from 1 to 3 months, it all depends on the desired length of future facial hair and other factors of influence. Endocrinologists do not recommend the use of hormonal drugs to accelerate beard growth, as there are many alternative methods of stimulation. The best ones are oil masks and cosmetic finished products.


Any man at the age when puberty has already occurred can grow a beard. How long it will take to grow a beard can be judged by the generic branch and genetic characteristics in the genus. On average, it takes from 1 to 3 months, if a man eats fully, leads a mobile and healthy lifestyle. A trichologist, as well as many recipes for alternative medicine, can tell you how to grow a normal beard. Beard requires patience, comprehensive care and daily routines of nutrition, hydration and styling.

What affects the growth rate of mushrooms

In rainy autumn mushrooms can be found in any forest clearing. It is more difficult to find them in arid autumn weather, as they hide under the trees in the shade.

The speed and quality of the fruiting body is affected by:

  1. Temperature mode. The growth rate begins at temperatures from 18 ° C to 30 ° C. The development process may noticeably decrease if the temperature starts to fluctuate,
  2. Indicator of soil moisture and air. It should be 70%. If after heavy rains there comes a period of prolonged drought, the growth rate decreases significantly, since moisture evaporates into the air,
  3. Parasites. The appearance of various insects also affects development. As a result of infection of fruiting bodies and mycelium by the larvae of various parasites, their vital activity is significantly worsened.

Growth is due to many factors that impede the rapid development of fungi. Before you go to collect a natural crop, you need to study the weather and its effect on the mushroom.

What does the analytical mindset can be found in the publication on our website.

From here you will learn how to correctly determine the size of the female breast.

How long does a beard for men grow?

So, having decided to acquire brutal facial hair, removing the razor and having patience, the man begins to grow a beard and wait for hair to appear on his face. The very next day after shaving, the skin becomes rough to the touch, because in a fairly short time on the face appears the very first stage of beard growth is stubble.

The time it takes for bristles to grow is associated with many factors, and the main ones are heredity and metabolism.

Very few men can afford not to shave for three to four days, because in most cases, the next day, growing hairs appear on the face. On the second day, the bristles grow and become noticeable, especially if the hair is dark in color, so usually men shave once every two days, and sometimes more often.

The boundary between the bristles and the short beard is usually drawn along the length of the hairs of 3-5 millimeters.

Usually, hair reaches this length a week after the last shave. A weekly stubble often looks rather untidy, but at the same time she may seem brutal and impudent. Such vegetation is often liked by women, and it is not for nothing that a face overgrown with weekly stubble is one of the cinematic stamps of the “bad guys”.

In the following weeks, the long stubble continues its active growth and beard formation, but is still very far from the end of the process. First time a regrowing beard will look fluid and generally unaesthetic. And this is absolutely normal, because in order to achieve natural density and fullness, considerable time must pass.

This is due to the fact that different hairs grow at different speeds. Even if you have already grown five-millimeter stubble, many hair follicles can still “sleep”, they are activated a bit later.

After waiting for a month, you can already draw conclusions about the nature of hair growth on your face. If by this time the “sleeping” hair follicles sprouted and added density to your beard, you can be calm - everything is going according to plan. In the case of insufficient thickness of the hair, it is worth thinking about accelerating its growth (more on this later).

During the second month of growing hair continues to grow. Long hairs overlap small empty areas and overlap each other, as a result, the beard even visually seems thicker. The hair until the time of the dormant bulbs quickly catch up and acquire a sufficiently large length, due to which the density of the beard during the second month can almost double.

For this reason during the first two months it is not recommended to cut, trim and form a beard, because it has not yet reached its maximum density, and such adjustments will not bring the desired result.

As soon as the beard reaches its maximum density, it remains only to wait until the hair of the required length has grown. If you prefer short beards, then at this stage you can already proceed to the design of facial hair in the desired form.

An expert talks about how to grow a beard.

Physiological factors

The average duration of facial hair growth in men is not specified. Professionals say that within about a month, the vegetation should become a length suitable for primary haircuts and shaping. If after the specified time the length of the beard leaves much to be desired, then you should think about the reasons why the hair does not want to grow.

Physiological factors that influence the fact that a beard does not want to grow fast:

  • Heredity. If your ancestors of the male line have mostly rare facial hair and it takes a long time to grow decent stubble, then most likely your beard will grow for a long time.
  • Genetic features. Growth time is largely dependent on genetics. In some national groups, hair on the face and body hardly grows: among Asians, Indians, and some Africans. If you had ancestors of the specified blood in your family, it will be more difficult to grow a beard. Some national groups were more fortunate: if a man in the family had Caucasians or Arabs, then the time of appearance of a beard or stubble is likely to decrease significantly.
  • Hormonal status. Everyone knows that the time during which stubble can grow is determined by the hormonal background of a man, that is, it directly depends on the level of male sex hormones in a representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, in men with a strong sexual constitution, as a rule, the period from the last shave to the appearance of bristles rarely exceeds 12 hours, and in some less. A beard also grows among the representatives of the stronger sex with a weak sexual constitution, but this will take a decent amount of time.
  • Male age also greatly affects how much a beard grows. The maximum growth of bristles is observed in young and mature men, and in adolescents and the elderly, the beard will grow much more slowly.

An important factor in beard growth is the age of the man.

According to professionals, the amount of time it takes to grow stubble on the cheeks and beard is largely determined by the man’s commitment to caring for himself. First, of course, we are talking about daily care and proper combing. On the Internet you can even watch a video on this topic.

Almost daily, the beard needs to be washed with shampoo or soap, selected based on the structure of the skin of a man. After washing, you can apply balms, oils, masks, and when the hair is dry, comb and shape.

Pathological manifestations

Various pathological factors also significantly affect growing hair, and not every man understands what exactly can delay the time a beard appears. The reasons leading to the fact that the beard will grow longer than others:

  • Lack of vitamins and minerals. In many men, spring hypovitaminosis is manifested precisely by lengthening the time between shaving, that is, by slowing down the growth of bristles. The lack of vitamins and minerals will also be manifested by the fact that the grown hair will look dull, lifeless.
  • Nervous problems. Depression, chronic lack of sleep, improper or inadequate sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome - all these factors can lead to poor beard growth.
  • Improper nutrition. Of course, we are talking about the use of a large number of estrogen-containing products. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that one of the most harmful food products in this regard is beer, which increases the level of female sex hormones in the blood of men.

The second aspect of malnutrition is the daily consumption of high-calorie and fatty foods, leading to overweight in men or obesity. In turn, adipose tissue also has a hormone-producing function, increasing estrogen levels. Confirmation of this theory can be seen in life, when many obese men have thin beard hair, and their growth time is significantly longer than that of other representatives of the stronger sex.

Slow hair growth can be associated with nervous problems.

  • Small physical activity. Despite the fact that many men do not see a connection between how much a beard should grow and playing sports, there is a dependence. Regular physical activity helps the body to produce the proper amount of male sex hormones necessary for stubble growth.

Sometimes various diseases interfere with the growth of stubble. For example, systemic diseases of connective tissue and other rheumatological diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, affect the time of appearance of the beard. However, not only the disease itself, but also the treatment can slow down the growth rate, and we are not only talking about this group of ailments.

Diseases that have a negative effect on blood circulation, such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, also affect facial hair growth.

Various hormonal problems associated with the reproductive system and organs regulating the production of male sex hormones (pituitary, hypothalamus) are also able to slow down the rate of appearance of bristles.

An important role at the time of growth is provided by the condition of the skin and the presence of dermatological problems, because the nutrition of the hair bulb depends on the health of the skin. Therefore, if the growth time of the beard does not suit you, besides, on the skin of the face you can notice crusts, scales, acne, pustules, redness or spots, you should immediately contact a dermatologist. Untreated skin ailments can lead to irreplaceable loss of the hair bulb, which will lead to a lack of beard growth.

No need to be upset if the growth time of your beard does not meet expectations. This is just an excuse to look at your health, lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, how happy you are in life is not affected by the length of the bristles, but rather by the character and determination of the man. Therefore, maybe you don’t have to stand “to the last” and resort to an expensive hair transplant, for example, to find a beard, but you should look inside and find something more attractive than a beard.

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