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With the help of accessories, a man manages to emphasize on the favorable sides the features of his appearance and style, in addition, accessories harmoniously place emphasis on the necessary details. The fashion for casual and hipster style in clothes is gradually losing relevance, it is being replaced by a strict classical style that requires trouser suits, tuxedos and snow-white shirts.

It is difficult to imagine a presentable and successful man without a stylish and organically matched tie. They should be distinguished into three style varieties - classic, elegant and creative, as well as short, medium and elongated in length, thin, normal and wide options in width. A thin tie is more the prerogative of youth, since it looks modern and fashionable, it is only important to know how to tie a thin tie.

How to wear a herring tie?

Retro style involves different elements of clothing and a special style, and most importantly, the use of herring ties with a sophisticated shape and elegant appearance. In order to emphasize his exquisite style and commitment to conservatism, a man needs to know the rules and subtleties of how to tie a thin tie. You can use a similar tie for formal meetings, and for informal or romantic events.

A herring or a narrow tie needs not only to be properly designed, but also correctly combined with other items of clothing. Initially, in a retro style, such an accessory was the addition of a shirt with a small collar and a suit of skinny style. Today, a herring tie looks harmonious with T-shirts or T-shirts, and with youth or strict shirts.

The lower part of the wardrobe, on the contrary, does not play any role, since various pants, jeans or trousers can be combined with a narrow informal tie. The main thing is that these items of clothing meet such a criterion as accuracy. The only contraindication is sports style, namely tracksuits and crumpled t-shirts.

Types of knots for a narrow tie: photo

The most important condition for combining a tie with articles of clothing and a general image of a man is to tie him nicely into a knot. For a thin model of the accessory, experts have developed a wide variety of techniques and nodes. The following types of herring nodes are distinguished today - Semi-Windsor, Windsor, Granchester, Eldridge, as well as the Fourth node. Moreover, each species implies strict instructions for weaving a knot.


If you need to tie a narrow tie in this option, you need to look through the instructions and follow each step in turn. This is the easiest way for men who do not have time, but have a desire to look stylish and fashionable. Only three steps are expected, namely:

  1. The tie should be attached to the neck so that the lower wide edge hangs 30 cm below the narrow strip.
  2. With an elongated end, you need to make a revolution around a thin strip, but without leading to the right side. The strip is bent upwards and from the inside pass under a loop on the neck.
  3. Next, draw up a knot, lower the wide strip down and redirect from the inside a narrow strip around it, forming another node. After that, a wide ribbon is lifted upward through the loop on the neck, threaded into the ear from the newly formed node.

At the end, a wide strip is laid on top of a narrow one, straightening a tie knot on the neck. Tighten the knot, but without zeal, so as not to wrinkle the tissue and not to transmit the throat. This style of tie design fits perfectly with any image options in clothes.


Windsor is another knot for a narrow tie that will help create an elegant and modern look for a man. You can weave the Windsor assembly as follows:

  1. A wide strip of the tie is lowered just below the narrow one so that they can continue to perform manipulations to create the knot.
  2. Next, a wide strip is placed on top of the narrow end, they are wrapped in it from the inside, stretching the thick part to the throat.
  3. Passing a wide tape through the loop on the throat, it is lowered down the front side, repeatedly bending around the narrow part with a turn to the right.
  4. Now, moving to the other side, the wide edge is again thrown over the tie, after which it drops down to form a loop perpendicular to the location of the entire tie.
  5. At the end, the wide edge is again threaded from the inside into a loop on the throat, after which it is brought out and threaded into the ear from the perpendicular loop.

Thus, it turns out the Windsor assembly, which needs to be straightened, tightened a little, lowering simultaneously both edges of the tie down to the very level of the belt. A beautiful and large knot will look very elegant, before such a technique was practiced by noble people.


Perhaps the most difficult way to design tie knots for narrow ties is Granchester. Despite the intricate and rather tricky technique of weaving a knot, this option of a narrow tie will look extravagant and original, which is accepted by today's youth. You can make a Granchester knot with elongated accessory options and according to the following principle:

  • On the neck they put a tie on the wrong side, after which I put the wide end from the bottom to the narrow in the left direction.
  • They rotate around a narrow strip so that the tape moves to the opposite side.
  • Round the narrow strip again, so that two full turns will turn out from the wide ribbon.
  • Next, a wide band rises up to the throat from the inside of the loop on the neck, after which the knot is bent to the right.
  • On the right should be the wide end of the tie, they need to go around the knot again, throwing it to the left side. After the wide end again from the inside is displayed in the throat loop.
  • At the end, a wide strip is threaded into the eye, which is perpendicular to a narrow strip of tie.

The product needs to be spread so that a wide strip of tie covers a narrow one, and the resulting knot is tightened, but without wrinkles and squeezing of the fabric. This style is ideally combined with the extravagant and stylish clothes of a young man.


If a man is looking for an extravagant and unlike standard options way to tie a thin tie, the Eldridge knot will be the perfect solution. Weaving takes as many as 15 steps, so you should carefully read each action, having studied the instructions in theory, in pictures and videos. So, you can braid a knot in this style as follows:

  1. A tie is sewn around the neck with seams in the inner side so that the narrow strip is on the right and the wide, respectively, on the left. A wide strip is pulled to the level of the buckle of the strap or even slightly below it.
  2. A narrow strip is positioned under a wide cross shape.
  3. The wide ribbon is wrapped narrow in the direction from left to right.
  4. A narrow strip is stretched to the throat, put on a loop.
  5. Having made one turn of the loop with a narrow ribbon, it is pulled out on the left side.
  6. Next, a narrow strip is carried out around a wide one, performing the first tie knot from left to right and stretching at the end of the strip to the loop on the neck, but from the inside.
  7. Now the tape is lowered down and to the left under a wide strip of tie.
  8. Through the loop on the front of the knot you need to stretch the narrow edge of the tie.
  9. During this, a narrow edge is pulled to the left, slightly tightening this knot.
  10. The same strip is thrown from the front into a loop on the neck, all from the same left side, stretching the strip down.
  11. The narrow end is thrown under the collar from a tie on the left side in the right direction, so that the narrow end comes out on the right side.
  12. Then it is carried out through the newly formed loop from the front.
  13. You can tighten this knot if you slightly pull the narrow part of the tie to the left.
  14. The remaining small narrow edge of the tie must be wrapped carefully inward to hide from eyes.
  15. The resulting knot should be evenly spread in the center of the shirt collar.

As it has already become clear, this option of weaving a knot differs radically from classical techniques in that only a narrow part is involved in it. Visually, such a knot resembles a spikelet of wheat, in size it exceeds even the Windsor knot. From careless socks or improper weaving, the knot can constantly disintegrate, so the technology needs to be honed with training and experience.

Quarter knot

The second name of such a knot is the Italian knot, it is quite simple and fast to tie, following the several steps in the instructions. Namely:

  • a tie is laid on the neck so that the wide strip is slightly lower than the narrow one,
  • the wide part is crossed over the narrow,
  • she makes a revolution around the thin part of the tie,
  • the rotation around the narrow part is repeated
  • now a wide strip is threaded from the inside of the loop on the neck,
  • then a tie is threaded through the formed pocket on the neck,
  • tie neatly pulled down, straightening the knot.

A neat and versatile knot will be combined with any shirt option, regardless of its style, size of the collar or combination with a suit.

How to tie a thin tie in an easy way: step by step instructions

To make and tie a narrow tie with the most standard and universal knot, it is enough to follow just a few simple steps. This technique will be appropriate with any wardrobe of a man, except, of course, sports style. The site will look harmonious in a work environment, and during romantic dates or parties with friends. So, the step-by-step instruction includes only 4 actions:

  1. With the wide end you need to cross the narrow end of the tie so that the angle of the narrow part is located on the left side.
  2. Again, the narrow part bends around the wide part, directing the wide edge to the right, and around the narrow end there should be a loose straightened loop.
  3. The wide end is lifted upward, passing it from the inside of the neck loop.
  4. A tie is threaded into the formed eye with a wide stripe so that it goes down to the very level of the strap.

A quick and easy way will be possible even for a novice in this business, moreover, it does not require time. For a herring tie, a neat compact knot in the shape of a triangle will be more useful than ever, it is practiced by men of respectable age and on other types of accessories.


All of the listed tie knots for narrow ties are now widely practiced by young guys, and only a few manage to master complex techniques. Most often, a narrow tie is worn in a tandem with a strict or fitted trouser suit for festive events. Although the strict official atmosphere accepts the option of a herring tie, if it is correctly combined with other items of clothing.

How to tie a thin tie on a half-windsor knot - step by step

Throw a tie around your neck and make sure that the wide end is below the narrow end by at least 5 cm.

Form a cross on both sides of the tie at the top (closer to the neck). The narrow end should be located under the wide.

Fixing the point of intersection with your fingers, wrap the wide end of the tie around the narrow end.

Then pull the wide end up and pass it through the loop between the neck and the narrow end (see photo / diagram).

Wrap the wide end of the tie around the narrow end again.

Pull the wide end up, previously passing through the loop between the tie and neck from the bottom.

Dip the wide end down into the loop formed after turning around the narrow end of the tie in step 5.

Gently moving the knot up to the center of the collar, gently pull down the narrow end. Adjust the knot and make sure the tie is the correct length.

Modern classic suits and branded men's jeans of a narrower type go well with a thin tie. The competent use of additional accessories, such as a tie clip, emphasizes style even more effectively. Experiment with color, patterns, and invest in quality things. Think not only about how to tie a thin tie, but also how the thing is in harmony with appearance and other clothes.

Features of herring tie

Herring tie is an accessory made of thin fabric from 3 to 7 cm wide. Its original shape emphasizes individuality and allows you to create a stylish look. At the same time, a thin tie is universal, does not require a strict business style. It is the finishing touch, complements the wardrobe, but does not focus on itself.

Due to its features, the skinny tie model is more suitable for young people of lean physique and high growth. On fat or stocky men he looks bad.

A beautifully tied accessory can be worn with almost any clothing, except a tracksuit and t-shirts without a collar:

  1. He is put on a shirt with a long or short sleeve. The collar can be any.
  2. The “herring” is combined with T-shirts that have a collar with summer shirts.
  3. You can complement the image with a blazer or sweater. It is desirable that the tie is darker than them.
  4. When composing an accessory with a jacket, you need to make sure that it matches the width of the lapels.
  5. Of the additional jewelry that should be worn in tandem with a thin "herring", a belt is required. If you choose watches or cufflinks, then not large. It is advisable to use a clamp, since such an accessory is often made of thin fabric.

A narrow tie is democratic, it can be worn with a wardrobe of business or casual style. This accessory is plain, with patterns or patterns. If you combine it correctly with clothes, you can create an original fashionable image.

Suitable nodes

Not all men know how to tie a herring tie correctly, although recently this accessory is in great demand. It is more democratic, some negligence or asymmetry of nodes is allowed. There are many ways to tie a "herring", which are selected depending on the style of clothing. For example, in the casual direction, nodes can be made carelessly and not tightened too much.

The main advantage is that knitting thin ties is easier than classic ties. The nodes should be small, corresponding to the width of the product. There are some of the most common ways to tie thin ties:

  1. Windsor.
  2. Semi-windsor.
  3. Quarterly.

These methods are suitable for accessories from different fabrics, combined with any clothes. You can try more original and beautiful weaves, such as Pratt, Cavendish, Eldridge, Granchester.

There is a basic rule that must be observed when tying a narrow tie. First they put it on the neck, the wide end should be on the left. To get the correct knot, the front part should overlap the narrow end by almost half. Windsor Semi-windsor Quarterly

How to tie a narrow tie?

To make the accessory look stylish, it is important not only to choose it for the suit, but also to be able to tie it. There are several schemes that will help men learn how to tie their own ties.

It is better for beginners to start with a simple node and master it perfectly, and then try more complex options.

Those who plan to wear a “herring” to work should know at least two or three methods of tying. So colleagues and clients will appreciate the taste of the employee, and a tie tied in different ways will help diversify the standard daily look.

Important! If you need to tie a tie before a wedding, graduation or other important holiday, it is better to practice in advance. So on the day of the celebration, the collection process will take much less time.

Each tie requires special attention, so it is important to learn how to wear it and combine with other things.

There are several rules for wearing a thin model:

  • The jacket should be selected in accordance with the width of the tie. For a thin model, suits with narrow lapels are suitable.
  • "Herring" is usually sewn from a thin and light fabric, so it is advisable to fix it with a special clip.
  • You need to store the tie in a straightened form, otherwise creases and folds will remain on it. That is why tying an accessory once and then putting it on with a knot is a bad idea. In addition, the next day the knot will not be so neat, and the whole image will look messy.
  • It is important to be able to combine a jacket, shirt and tie. If a shirt or jacket has a pattern, the accessory should be solid. If a shirt and a jacket without a print, a plain tie and a model with a pattern will do.
  • Herring goes well with a short-sleeved shirt. But wearing such models is better for children and adolescents. An adult man in this form looks solid and inappropriate. The same goes for wearing a shirt, i.e. without tucking in pants. On a teenager, such a combination will look stylish and even bold, but an adult will be made rather untidy and untidy.
  • A narrow model is the only one that looks good with jeans. But it is worth remembering that the overall style should be casual and relaxed, and not strict and business.

Important! The choice of the width of the tie also depends on the complexion of the man. So, it is better to prefer wide and large models to wide models, while slim and smart ones can safely wear thin models.

Prince albert

This is a slightly asymmetric squared knot. To give the image a business look, it is better to tighten the tie well. It is not difficult to tie it, step by step this process looks like this:

  • throw the wide part over the narrow one (from right to left),
  • return to the right, wrap around the narrow end, forming a loop,
  • right again
  • lay in front along the loop and bring up from the bottom to the neck,
  • pass from above into the formed double loop,
  • pull down and tighten.

Such nodes are quite massive, so they look better with medium or wide collars.


This universal elegant knotting method was invented in the USA, therefore it is also called American. The tying procedure is simple, especially if you follow the step-by-step algorithm:

  • throw a "herring" on the neck with the seams up,
  • skip the wide part from below under the narrow one,
  • withdraw from the front through the neck, lower to the left,
  • wrap in front around the narrow end,
  • thread through the neck again, only now from the inside right,
  • skip down into the resulting loop and tighten.


A bit like the classic Windsor. This knot is also voluminous, more suitable for wide collars. Tying process:

  1. Cross the ends (wide passes over narrow).
  2. Skip the top under the narrow part, pointing to the left.
  3. Again, lay it in front of the narrow end, and then pass it up through the neck ring on the right side.
  4. Lower to the left and again skip under the other part.
  5. From the bottom up, pass through the neck loop.
  6. Pass from above into a loop, straighten and tighten.

A simple way to tie

The easiest way to figure out how to tie a thin tie with a four is beautiful. This is the easiest way, which is suitable for any image and does not require much time. The knot is slightly asymmetric and elongated, has a triangular shape. Do not tighten it much, sloppiness allows you to create attractive folds in the recess.

Learning to tie a quarter knot is easy, step-by-step instructions will help for the first time to do everything right. It is recommended that you first execute it in front of the mirror:

  1. Throw the accessory around the neck, the wide part on the left.
  2. Cross the ends, put narrow under wide.
  3. The upper part you need to wrap the bottom, forming a loop.
  4. Skip it from the bottom up to the loop around the neck.
  5. Thread from above into a small eyelet and tighten.

A thin tie looks beautiful with clothes of different styles. By exploring different ways of tying, you can create fashionable images. With this accessory, the man will look original and stylish.

Step-by-step instruction

To make the knot really beautiful and neat, you need to tie it by following the step-by-step instructions.

Only the exact execution of the scheme will help to tie a tie as beautifully as in the photo from fashion magazines.


This is the easiest and most versatile way. It is suitable for any occasion, and even a schoolboy can master it.

The tying process consists of several stages:

  1. The tie is placed on the neck so that its wide part is slightly lower than the narrow one.
  2. The wide end is laid on the narrow.
  3. Then it stretches under the narrow part.
  4. After that, it is again placed on it.
  5. Now the wide end extends through a tie lying on the neck.
  6. Then it stretches through the loop formed.
  7. After that, it stretches down until the knot is tightened.
  8. The tie and knot are neatly straightened.

Attention! The Quartet is ideal for suits and white shirts, as well as for a more informal style. It is also worth it to educate a teenager so that he can tie a tie for going to school or on a first date.

How to tie a narrow tie using the Four node is described in the video:

Small knot

This method is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but it can also be mastered quickly. Looks like a node is very concise and elegant, but at the same time stylish.

To tie it, you need to perform several sequential actions:

  1. Unfold the tie so that the wide part is just below the narrow.
  2. Pass the wide one under the narrow one so that the wrong side is up.
  3. Then push the wide end inward between the shirt and tie.
  4. After that, bring him forward in front of the node.
  5. Pass between tie and collar again.
  6. Pull the end down through the loop so that the tie is tied in a knot.
  7. Spread the tie and knot.

This site requires a little more skill, so it’s better to train it several times to make it perfect. It is perfect not only for jackets, but also for vests and cardigans.

How to tie a narrow tie with a small knot is described in the video:

There should be a proportion in everything

Follow the basic rule - the width of the tie should match or be very close to the width of the lapels of the jacket (what are lapels, read the article about the classic men's suit). Single-breasted European models (Italian and English models in particular) with one or two buttons are great. You will have no problems in choosing the style, and you can easily pick up a tie with a width of 1.5 - 2.5 inches (3.8 - 6.35 cm.).

Your physique

As I mentioned, proportions are everywhere needed. You have a thin physique or are prone to fullness, it also matters. A thin tie looks best on thin and tall men. If you have a fairly large physique, I would not recommend that you wear a thin tie at all. Otherwise, it will look as if a rope hung on you, not a tie. For full and large men, the best choice is a tie of standard width.

Accessories combined with a thin tie

Choose a plain thin tie paired with an excellent fitted Italian or British suit perfectly supported (in the sense of style) by a tie clip and / or pocket square. In my opinion, it is best to choose a tie clip made of silver or steel (stainless or chrome). Obviously, a thin tie is lighter than usual, and without a tie clip it will dangle in all directions, which is quite inconvenient. To learn more about tie accessories, see my previous post.


So, having figured out how to tie a thin tie, and which knot is better to use, we can conclude that everything needs proportion and harmony in size. However, this should not scare you, but rather stimulate a closer look at the new trends of the modern fashion of men's suits and jackets, where a thin tie is so firmly established.

Simple correct knot

If you failed to master the previous options or want variety, you can try a simple node. Tie it up is not at all difficult, but it looks neat and stylish.

The knot is tied in several stages:

  1. The tie is laid on the wrong side up.
  2. The ends are aligned so that the wide part is below the narrow.
  3. The narrow part is placed on the wide.
  4. Wide wraps narrow.
  5. The wide end is threaded between the neck and tie.
  6. A wide strip extends into the loop formed on the node.
  7. The knot is tightened and straightened.

Reference! This option is versatile and lightweight. It is ideal for those who don’t wear ties every day, and don them only occasionally.

How to tie a tie in two different ways is described in the video:

Watch the video: How TO TIE A SKINNY TIE (February 2020).

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