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Men's beard is the latest fashion trend that has swept almost the whole world. Some men use a beard to attract attention, for others it helps to hide defects and flaws in appearance, and still others realize bold creative impulses and potential with the help of a stylish shape and styling of a beard. Whatever the beard, it requires daily and comprehensive care.

For styling and personalizing the beard, many men prefer to buy special beard jewelry, whether it be hairpins, elastic bands and rings. In ancient times, Scandinavian nationalities resorted to such tricks, braiding beards in braids and tails with the help of rings and knots. Today, a modern man in his arsenal can have all kinds of jewelry and jewelry for styling a beard.

How to choose beard jewelry?

Any bearded man for convenience in the care and modeling of his beard should stock up with the necessary tools and accessories. In addition to the standard set of razors, trimmers, combs and cosmetics, you can use special decorations and clips to style your medium and maximum beards. It can be rubber bands, clips, hair clips, invisible rings.

Despite the fact that men's accessories and jewelry are not obligatory things for grooming and styling a beard, stylists and barbers advise using them to give your beard individuality and originality. You need to choose such accessories, taking into account the length and density of the beard, the proposed hairstyles and hair styling, as well as the special preferences of the man himself.

Varieties of Accessories

Simple and uncomplicated beard jewelry gum and rings can be used to style the beard in different shapes and hairstyles. Thus, a man will be able to diversify the routine of everyday life, decorating not so much a beard as his life and his external image as a whole. The most popular manufacturer of jewelry and accessories for the male beard is the Krato Milano brand.


Modern products in beard care stores offer a wide range of jewelry, but rings are considered the most popular. Initially, this image of a man's beard was introduced into modernity by the story when the Scandinavian Vikings used rings to braid their thick and long beards into braids and ponytails during military battles.

Today, rings are used for several purposes at once:

  • braid fixation,
  • tail formation,
  • fixation of dreadlocks and locks,
  • just as a decoration.

Rings can be silver and bronze, they are an alternative to simple elastic bands and ribbons for fixing hairstyles. Rings are small metal cylindrical tubes with carved ornaments and patterns; these can be standard ring shapes. You need to choose rings according to the shade of the man’s beard, as well as from personal preferences.

To fix the rings you need:

  • to collect a tail, to braid a braid or a dreadlock,
  • put the tip of the beard inside the ring,
  • the ring is pulled to the desired height of the hairstyle.

To keep the rings and hairstyle on the beard as long as possible, preserving the pristine look, a man needs to use styling cosmetics, whether it is varnish or wax. The price of a bronze jewelry will be 300-1000 rubles, 1000-3000 rubles will have to be paid for a silver ring.

Rubber bands

Any gum for a beard must meet one requirement - to match the shade of the beard. A dark gum on a beard of a light shade and vice versa would be absurd. For real brutal bearded men, gum should be as invisible as possible and only as a fixator for hairstyles on a beard. Dandies prefer to wear rubber bands with stones and jewelry, focusing on their beard.

Gum is used according to the standard scheme:

  • comb the beard and lay it in a tail or braid,
  • after this, the end of styling is fixed with an elastic band,
  • if dreadlocks are supposed, the roots of such strands and their ends are fixed with an elastic band.

With the help of rubber bands, a man can experiment with his images, these can be small afro-braids or several thick Viking braids, several tails, locks and dreadlocks, and much more. You need to choose elastic bands from soft materials to maximize the protection of hairs on the beard from creases. Experts do not recommend using elastic bands to men who have too soft hairs on their beards.


The well-known brand of lamb accessories Krato Milano offers many options for hair pins for male facial hair. If initially the hair clip for the beard was an invisible clip for fixing different hairstyles and styling, then the new collection from this brand offered hair clips with stones as a beard decor. At the same time, the pebbles look brutal and minimalist.

Hairpins are presented in different forms:

Visually, these hairpins resemble piercings, but not on the body, but on the male beard. Hairpins are made of high-quality metals of the smallest sizes, allowing the man to remain courageous and brutal, despite such metal in a beard. Hairpins can also be used on loose hair, but in parallel with fixing cosmetics.


Russian famous jewelry brand Joya Jewelry recently presented to the public a new collection of jewelry for a man's beard. All jewelry that is already on sale was marked with the name Les p’ti trucs. The domestic manufacturer offered a lot of miniature and stylish clips, which are made of silver, and also complemented by decor from cubic zirconia and diamonds.

Clips meet such criteria as minimalism and conciseness, the purity of geometric lines and figures, as well as the presence of totem images and symbols. The clips most often illustrate animal tracks, birds, grenades, bullets, etc. Jewelry can be used in several cases:

  • for fixing tails and braids,
  • in order to mask gum and other fixatives on the beard,
  • for fixing dreadlocks,
  • for decorating a loose straightened beard.

You can wear clips in any quantity and arrangement, so that men have the opportunity to create their own images, embodying bold fantasies and creative impulses. The clips are made of high-quality real metals, but to keep them tightly in the hair and not get lost, you need to use styling cosmetics.


The fashion for weaving braids on the beard has led many men today to use braids to weave braids. A rather shocking and bold way to decorate a beard, many men would say. But on the covers of glossy magazines, more and more often you can see models of men with afro-braids, in which different ribbons are woven. Therefore, it is worth attributing such an accessory to the category of beard jewelry.

Ribbons help to add a beard to the volume, while it is important to choose the right color and material for such jewelry so that the braids in the beard do not give an image of comic. It can be shades that are as close as possible to the color of the hair on the face, bold and eccentric men prefer to weave bright motley thin ribbons that are combined with their appearance and style.

Recommendations of stylists

First of all, a man should always maintain restraint, masculinity, a sense of tact and measure in his appearance. Any decoration for a beard should be minimalistic, modest and concise, so as not to overload the appearance with brilliance, pathos and elegance. Rings in the style of the Vikings will give the most brutality and some audacity to the image, clips and pebbles on the contrary, emphasize the style and gloss of the man. Elastic bands are the most neutral option for styling a beard.


Any beard jewelry should correspond to the image and style of a man, for example, a clip with a precious stone will look extremely ridiculous on a biker, which cannot be said about a man in a classic suit and with a fashionable haircut on his head. The most popular rings today are in the style of the Vikings, as they are suitable for almost any man. But rather informal men and creative outrageous people prefer wearing afro braids with ribbons.

Buying men's accessories and jewelry in our store is easy!

And you can not be afraid of quality problems! But even if a marriage is discovered, we will always return the money! And of course we are working to offer you a great price on our product! In addition, the section "Sale" is always open in our store, where you can buy men's accessories and jewelry at a discount!

Character and behavior, determination and determination, the presence of taste and style - all this is reflected in the image of a man. No matter how stylish a man’s outfit is, he will never be able to emphasize individuality like jewelry and accessories. They can tell a lot about the taste and hobbies of their owner, so their choice should be treated with special attention.

Men's jewelry (men's jewelry) in our store is represented by a wide range of products from various materials. Among them are massive steel bracelets, stylish leather bracelets, laconic and bright men's bracelets made of stones and other materials. Jewelry for men includes several types of products. Various men's pendants and pendants, mainly made of jewelry steel, but there are also pendants on a leather cord, men's chokers, and such an original type of male jewelry as a rosary made of natural stones. Here you can also choose men's earrings of various colors and designs, mainly among them the Spikes brand is represented. Spikes rings are also very popular in our store, we try to maintain a good assortment: signets, rings, rings with a stone - you just have to choose a size! Men's jewelry compares favorably with jewelry in terms of both cost and durability, as well as a variety of models! And men's jewelry made of steel will undoubtedly please you with a wide choice. Our men's jewelry store will always offer the best and most original products at a great price.

A wide assortment of you will meet our section with leather goods. This section presents a variety of products such as passport covers, document covers (cars and motorbikes), diaries and notebooks in classy genuine leather covers, leather business card holders and key holders. Once in this section, such a problem as buying a cover for a passport will be solved! Apart is one of our most popular sections, which combines such products as dangerous razors, machine blades, t-shaped razors, and other shaving accessories. Here you will find a belt for dressing a dangerous razor and abrasive paste, as well as cool beard care products! Beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, shaving soap - all these products are natural and useful for your face skin and vegetation on it! Beard care products are rapidly gaining popularity, and we are trying to keep up.

Cool men's accessories online store, not everyone will offer!

But this is not about us! Although you should not take our word for it! Take some of your free time and go on a fascinating study of our men's store in search of exactly the thing that you cannot pass by indifferently and decide to buy men's jewelry! More than a thousand items of stylish men's accessories and jewelry will not wait until they get in the hands of their customers as soon as possible! Good luck in choosing and buying!

Natural premium men's cosmetics for beard, mustache, shaving and hair styling

Men's cosmetics "Hi-Hou" - a means necessary for the care of a beard and mustache, for styling and hair care, as well as for shaving. Today, more and more men in our country are beginning to actively look after their appearance, attend barber shops, and use men's cosmetics. Beards and short classic haircuts came into fashion again.

We produce and offer you handmade men's cosmetics for healthy growth, care and styling of a beard and mustache, means for washing and styling hair, as well as means for and after shaving. All products are manufactured according to old traditional recipes used by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, as well as according to our own developments of our company.

Hi-Hou men's cosmetics are the main components that, in our opinion, every man should have in order to always look stylish, well-groomed, and beautiful. In the manufacture of men's cosmetics, we use only high-quality ingredients made in Russia, the USA and Europe. When making aromas using natural essential oils, we first of all pay great attention to the healing properties of each component as applied to a specific product, and do not create large lines of artificial aromas using chemical fragrances. This distinguishes men's cosmetics "Hi-Ho" from many other manufacturers of similar products.

1. Beard oil Hi-Ho is designed to improve beard growth and daily skin and beard care.
2. Beard Balm Hi-Ho, daily care, growth enhancement, hair and skin nutrition plus styling.
3. Soap for beard "Hi-Ho." Specially designed for washing and caring for the beard and skin underneath.
4. Shampoo for beard and mustache Hi-Ho is specially formulated for the care and nutrition of hair and skin. Softens hair.
5. Mustache Wax "Hi-Ho", designed for styling a mustache, giving them the shape you need
6. Shaving soap "Hi-Ho" in banks and lumpy.
7. Classic After Shave Balm Lotion "Hi-Ho Bay Rum."
8. Shaving oil “Hi-Ho” (Pre Shave Oil) makes shaving a lot more pleasant, and the result is better. Also designed for grooming a beard when creating contours.
9. Briolin for hair (lipstick) "Hi-Ho" Bay Rum and Classic. Both briolins are of medium hardness, but with good fixation.
10.New Hi-Ho briolin “EW” It is made on the same basis (petrolatum, beeswax) as our classic briolin, which you have already loved. Up to 80% of the product is washed off with hot water
11. Shampoo "Hi-Ho" deep cleaning, which helps to wash off slimming products, including briolin.

Beard & Mustache Care Kit

Shaving kit

Hair set

Soap for beard + soap dish

Beard and mustache comb

Details of our line of "Men's cosmetics Hi-Ho" can be found in the section PRODUCTS.

You can buy men's cosmetics Hi-Ho in our store

Respectable appearance: beard and mustache accessories. Men's jewelry

Owners of luxurious facial hair need accessories for the care of a beard. The home arsenal includes such necessary things as dangerous razors and combs, shaving brushes, sharpening belts.

While traveling, you cannot do without stylish and practical travel sets, and there is a special jewelry for decorating beards.

What do you need for care?

Any self-respecting bearded man must have quality accessories to bring facial hair to order. Simple, functional and elegant things are very convenient and practical, their design is concise and thought out.

High-quality products are not cheap, but you can build your own arsenal gradually, acquiring the best things from those that you can afford. The density, uniformity of the growth of the beard also depends on their quality. Find out what problems a beard has here.

Products of status brands are guaranteed to last for several years; for their production, proven materials of the best quality are used.

Most beard accessories come with storage cases. Careful care will help to extend the life of accessories: careful cleaning, dust removal, timely sharpening.

At home beard care arsenal Must have:

  • dangerous razor for correction of contours,
  • shaving brush,
  • comb.

To have a well-groomed beard, men's accessories are necessary. You can buy everything you need in specialized stores with a wide selection of beard care products. The price depends on the brand; buying in online stores with minimal margins will help save money.

Dangerous razors are not easy to work with. However, men who have tested them on themselves rarely return to modern electric ones.

Dangerous blades guarantee perfect smooth shave, the skin does not irritate, does not blush, new hairs grow back much later.

Shaving brushes are necessary for everyone who prefers a perfectly smooth shave. Manufacturers offer products with natural or artificial pile. Experienced bearded men prefer natural brushes.

For sensitive skin, a soft badger is suitable, coarser needs wild boar bristles. Such products not only perfectly whip soap foam, but also massage the face. Artificial hair brushes are cheaper, but they are not inferior in quality to more expensive models.

Some accessories are sold complete with convenient metal holders and earthenware whipping bowls. Prices for goods of status of English or German brands vary from 900 to 3000 rubles.

A dangerous comb is an interesting accessory that can shock an unprepared audience. Externally, the product resembles a folding dangerous razor, while it perfectly performs its functions.

A comfortable steel comb smooths the beard, mustache and whiskers, it can also be used to comb hair. Thin serrated blade without any problems styling hair in any direction, the handle made of wood veneer does not slip out of the hands.

Travel kits are a practical thing, perfect for a gift. Options may vary. Most often, sets include a dangerous razor with a belt for finishing, there are sets with a brush, a spare blade, a comb.

All accessories fixed by holders, the case is made of high quality genuine leather or durable textile. The mini-case closes with a valve or a zipper. In stores there are products from a variety of manufacturers. The price spread is great.

Small sets of 2 items in a textile case can be purchased for 3,000 rubles, stylish sets of several items in a case made of cowhide cost 15,000 rubles and more.

The manufacturer guarantees impeccable quality, stylish appearance, durability. These products can be inherited without problems, over the years they become only better. If you are interested in what hairstyles with a beard can be done, follow the link.

Complicated decorations

A well-groomed beard is the pride of the owner. It is not surprising that bearded men seek to further decorate her. An unusual and eye-catching accessory - ring for the beard.

On sale you can find rings of different sizes. The choice of diameter depends on the volume, texture, length of the beard. Small bundles of hair can be fixed with rings with an inner diameter of 6 mm, more voluminous beards perfectly hold the rings by 9 mm. Accessories look expensive, but not too catchy.

Most often they are made silver or bronze, decorated with spectacular ornaments in the Celtic style. With such a beard ring, any modern man will turn into a real Viking. By the way, the rings are also suitable for fixing dreadlocks.

The choice of material depends not only on the taste of the owner, but also on the color of the hair. The warm reflection of bronze is very beautiful on a reddish or chestnut beard. Bright brunettes and blondes will go dull flicker of silver. The rings retain their decorative effect for a long time and need careful cleaning.

They must be protected from moisture, dust, contact with oily cosmetics. Prices of online stores are quite affordable, a small ring can be purchased for 250 rubles.

Beard Care Accessories - things are optionalbut you shouldn’t refuse them.

These comfortable and elegant objects adorn life, turning routine hygiene procedures into a real, meaningful ritual.

In addition, a dangerous comb or a spectacular silver ring can be presented as a gift. Such a present will be just like a bearded man with experience, and one who is just about to grow a beard.

You have learned what accessories for a beard and mustache are, and there are also care products - soap, wax, balm, oil and others. Use all of the above and compelling looks you are guaranteed.


Payment of the order by any means (cards, wallets, cash, etc.)

You can pay the order to the courier or at the pick-up point upon receipt.

Fast delivery of orders throughout Russia transport company "SDEK"

SPb: courier order delivery to your home only 99 rubles.

Make an order on the site around the clock, 24/7

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

All our cosmetics are made in accordance with GOST!

We manufacture products in accordance with State Standards - GOST

GIFT CERTIFICATE - This is a great tool if you find it difficult to choose a gift. By giving a gift certificate you will make a wonderful gift to a friend, a loved one, because he will be able to choose exactly what he needs. Choose the value of the gift certificate which you consider necessary and worthy. Denominations vary from 1,000 rubles. and up to 10,000 rubles.

MOYABORODA | Wooden-steel comb for beard and mustache "DANGEROUS RAZOR" + Wooden box
MOYABORODA | Oil for the beard “Relaxation and recovery” (“Relaxation and recovery”), 30ml
MOYABORODA | Conditioner for beard / hair "MESSIRE" (with UV-filter and cooling effect), 50ml
MOYABORODA | Wooden beard comb "MB"
MOYABORODA | Oil for the beard “Relaxation and recovery” (“Relaxation and recovery”), 15ml
MOYABORODA | Wooden comb for beard "MB No. 1 ″
MOYABORODA | Conditioner for beard / hair "MESSIRE" (with UV-filter and cooling effect), 15ml
MOYABORODA | Oil for beard “Relaxation and recovery” (“Relaxation and recovery”), 50ml
MOYABORODA | COURSE of restoration and growth of a beard / hair "RUSSIAN BEAR"
MOYABORODA | Mini-set “Relaxation and recovery” (“Relaxation and recovery”)
MOYABORODA | Body soap “Cheery moning!” (Coffee soap with clay), 100g.
MOYABORODA | Live salt soap “SEA SALT SPA” with Saki salt (30%) and the scent of pine nuts, 100g.
MOYABORODA | Live soap for beard / hair “Apple cider” (on apple cider with the aroma of sweet apples), 70g.
MOYABORODA | Ready "Set No. 1" (Beard, Man)
MOYABORODA | Steel hair / comb comb "CLASSIC"
Enamelled mug "MOYABORODA"
MOYABORODA | Starter kit of beard growth activators “RENAISSANCE” (“RENAISSANCE”)
MOYABORODA | Mini-set “Inspiration and strength” (“Inspiration and strength”)
MOYABORODA | Mini-set “Cheerfulness and courage” (“Cheerfulness and courage”)
MOYABORODA | Mini-set "Calm and concentration" ("Calm and concentration")

Beketov Pavel (St. Petersburg)

Good afternoon. I’ve been using oil and shaving soap for 2 weeks now. I have something to compare, (I have been using oils from various offices for more than 2 years), the quality is excellent, the smell is harsh, coniferous, the skin is in order, it does not peel off, it does not dry, the beard keeps its shape well, the soap foams well, I shave it mostly on my head) Thank you very much for the products I will try new smells and new products!

Sokolov Vyacheslav (Moscow city)

Good evening! I purchased MOYBORODA products for Mustache and Beard. MESSIRE balm and name dry beard oil too. After use, I can say that these are just excellent tools. Starting from the shape of the can, the design of the label about the smell of consistency is separate.

You open the balm for the beard and feel the unsurpassed woody aroma, the texture is gorgeous, very, easily and quickly rubbed in your hands, applying to the beard is a pleasure. Very good, keeps the shape of a beard all day, the aroma is not intrusive holds all day. Dry oil for beard and hair is just a song ranging from a bubble to a smell and consistency.

I can safely recommend these funds for purchase. These funds are made with love for people. What is a lot of importance nowadays.

Timofeev Andrey (St. Petersburg)

Excellent value for money and quality! He took beard oils and balms. Good aroma, everyone is happy.

Khalansky Sergey (Tikhoretsk city)

Good day. The other day I took your package. Everything is incredibly happy. The crest is small, but weighty, it was pleasant that there are holes on the sides, you can make a brilok and so you won’t lose it. with the smell of wax and oil please. Now we will test!) And order more.

FAMILY TRADITIONS AND EXPERIENCE MOYABORODA is a family company. We use our experience and knowledge to create unique men's cosmetics. We honor the traditions of our ancestors.

OWN RECIPES AND FORMULASWe develop our own recipes for cosmetics for men. We are based on old recipes and innovative developments.

SAFE AND NATURAL COSMETICS IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOSTOur products are natural and safe made in accordance with GOST. Quality control at every stage of production.

In our natural beard oil, you can even fry steak and eat it. Everything is safe!

WIDE RANGE OFToday we have one of the widest assortments in Russia. And the plans are still a lot of new products.

Oils, waxes, balms, soaps, accessories, etc.

MADE IN RUSSIA All products are developed and created by us in Russia in St. Petersburg.

OWN PRODUCTION We have our own production, so the quality of our cosmetics for men is the highest, and the pricing policy is optimal.

FREE SHIPPING In any region of Russia with a one-time order of 4,500 rubles. Just make an order for 4500rub. and more and the delivery amount will be equal to 0 rub.

COMPLIANCE WITH 54 FZ We fully comply with 54 Federal Law and provide our customers with wide options for comfortable payment of orders.

[email protected] 193230, St. Petersburg, Krylenko St., 1, building 1

Everything for bearded men from Borodist in Mr. Geek online store

Here, cosmetics for men's beauty - products for the care of a beard and mustache. Oils, balms, waxes, soaps and solid shampoos - all Borodist products are 100% natural products. Bonus - an original design with bright beards. In general, the Beardist is the largest community of Russian-speaking bearded men and the most famous domestic brand of men's cosmetics.

$ filter (by price, brand, availability, etc.)

by defaultby popularityby decreasing the price by increasing the price by rating

Items per page:

Borodist is based in St. Petersburg, where their unusual products are made manually from natural ingredients. Some stern bearded men make specialized cosmetics for other stern bearded men - this concept could not fail to attract the attention of Mr. Geek store.

"Beard". Men's Accessories, Gifts and Tea

Canvas fabric or leather?

When it comes to a bag, the choice of material is a determining factor.

Today we offer to understand that all the same, it is better fabric or leather, we will analyze everything and
Show full ...



When choosing a leather bag, it is better to choose one that has not been previously treated with a waterproof agent, since genuine leather absorbs moisture and destroys water molecules.

If you opt for a leather bag using synthetic means, there is a chance that over time the natural patina will collapse and moisture stains will remain on your bag

Canvas fabric is famous for its water resistance. The wax coating repels water, which makes this material very popular in our time.

If you like softness, keep in mind
Over time, the canvas bag becomes stiffer compared to soft, high-quality leather.


When caring for leather bags, use a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Use skin cleanser once a year.

A canvas bag does not require regular cleaning.

But, if there is dirt on your bag, let it dry and gently clean it with a dry brush.

If the pollution is very strong:

• Wet the area with cold water.
• Use a mild soap, but no detergent, clean the dirt and let the bag dry.
• Do not machine wash or dry clean.


It is necessary to take care of the skin once a year, apply conditioner or a special tool.

For high-quality care of a bag made of fabric, you will need wax, for additional waxing of the bag, since the production wax is worn off over time.


Canvas and leather are superior to all their competitors in durability. With proper handling and care, the bag will last you a very long time and will only get better over time.

And what all the same to choose

Both materials are very strong and durable.

Make your choice and enjoy

Here are very cool bags, briefcases and backpacks made of leather and fabric, see for yourself https://vk.com/album-57616626_178496105

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What is produced under this brand?

  • oils, balms and beard wax,
  • balms and mustache wax,
  • hair styling products,
  • skin care products.

The composition of the products includes all kinds of extracts and vitamins: some nourish the skin, others affect the hair.

An integrated approach suggests that the products already at the first application make the beard and mustache visually more attractive, and with constant use they stimulate the growth of healthy and obedient hair.

Products under this brand are distinguished from each other by key components and aromatic compositions. A cool design completes the picture: a completely finished gift for a man. As for women, caring guys from Borodist released a separate series of products for them, under the Bettyberry brand.

What you need to know about the beard?

Fresh feedback from our customers

Beer Mug Pipes Burn

Average product rating

Beer Mug Pipes Burn

Hello) I bought a mug for a guy as a present for the day of the welder) the handle is really a metal pipe I thought it was painted glass, but no, it smells like metal. Pts are well made without nicks. The plate is glued well; it does not protrude;

other product reviews

Average product rating

A very entertaining thing for puzzle lovers! It is not so easy to open a box without prompts; you will need both ingenuity and logical thinking. But if it succeeded and the gift enclosed there in advance was extracted, a surge of emotions is guaranteed!

other product reviews

Inflatable sofa Lamzac

Average product rating

Inflatable sofa Lamzac

Compact thing. Sitting is fun. You have to try to inflate, but when you understand how to do it, then the problems will cease to arise.

The first time I spent 30 minutes on this, the second time I inflated in a couple of minutes)) In the apartment, in order to inflate, you need to have that skill, but everything is possible.

The fabric / plastic is thin, so be careful when using outdoors, otherwise you can pierce it. It’s impossible to sleep on such a thing, but to sit together on a picnic is enough!

other product reviews

Beverage Dispenser Refill

Average product rating

Beverage Dispenser Refill

Bought a friend on February 23. The quality of this dispenser is good, everything is glued together firmly and the design is also decent and in my opinion original.

In general, a friend of the gift is delighted! Our friends appreciated the gift, were delighted with it and poured a drink for themselves.In the dispenser there are 2 chambers of 0.5 l each, you can pour different drinks.

We poured white wine in one half and red wine in the other. In general, we are satisfied with the purchase.

other product reviews

Shop "Beard"

Opened its doors in 2014 and since then has won quite a few positive reviews among buyers. The mission of our men's store is to fill the void that reigns in the field of accessories and jewelry for men, and we are engaged in its implementation on a daily basis! After all, the most important thing for us is a satisfied customer!

It’s easy to be a satisfied customer. After all, we are doing the maximum for this. First of all, we are working on an assortment of fashionable men's accessories and jewelry. We are trying to collect as many worthy, high-quality and original products as possible in each category of our products, whether it be men's bracelets, rings, bags or watches.

Everyone will find a little thing for themselves to taste, and also easily pick up a great gift! But besides the assortment, the issue of quality is important, therefore, all men's jewelry and accessories in our Beard store undergo strict quality control starting from the path from the supplier to our store and ending with the sending of your orders.

We are confident in our product.

Beard Care | Beard and mustache care, men's accessories store

| Beard and mustache care, men's accessories store

Each man seeks to show his masculinity, strength and brutality. Beard the best way to confirm these qualities, besides wearing a beard these days is fashionable and even prestigious. Beards can be worn by young men and mature men.

The former with the help of a beard prove to others their adulthood, the latter express themselves, emphasize their status and wealth. Wearing a beard is cool, stylish, fashionable and modern. The beard is worthy of a real man.

In a modern world where there are a lot of effeminate men in society who are sometimes difficult to cast off from women, bearded men will always have an advantage. This is manifested in everything: appearance, character, charisma.

Growing a beard for a man is a serious step, but overcoming some barriers, you will not regret your decision. Everyone can wear a beard, from a sailor to the head of a large company. Do not forget about due beard care.

What you need for a beautiful beard and mustache

Beards have many classifications. Someone has grown a long luxurious beard, which requires a haircut, which will require hairdressing scissors, other men prefer modeled forms, and in this case you can not do without a typewriter.

Do not forget that facial hair requires not only cutting the beard and combing, but also washing. After all, no matter how beautiful the beard is, if you do not wash it, it will not only lose attractiveness, but will contradict all the rules of hygiene.

Here, men's cosmetics will come to the rescue. After all, in order for beautiful and thick facial hair to grow, the skin must be healthy and clean, not to mention the hair itself, which absorbs unpleasant odors and sebum.

A greasy and unpleasantly smelling beard will only scare others away.

Speaking of smells. After the procedure for caring for your beard, it will not be out of place to use the cologne after shaving. A clean body, a well-groomed beard and a pleasant aroma - which can be better than a sense of self-perfection.

Buy a beard care kit You can also in our online store!

About the benefits of a beard

Today, wearing a beard is a fashionable trend, and since the time of Peter the Great, wearing facial hair was not allowed, and whoever violated this law paid tax. In addition to its external attractiveness, the beard has useful physiological properties, gives confidence and even improves sex life.

Beards are not at risk for people prone to skin cancer, because facial hair is a natural barrier that protects against ultraviolet radiation, dirt and dust, which clog the skin and cause illness.

Beard protects the skin from frost and protects from direct sunlight. Men with a beard are less affected by viral infections and colds, as most microbes linger on their hair.

That is why the move for the beard and its washing is very important.

It's no secret that bearded men attract women. By the way, unlike shaved men, bearded men do not prick, but rather gently tickle female skin. Studies have shown that with the same physical factors, women perceive men with a beard more muscular and courageous. Therefore, bearded men are popular among women.

If you have a problem like a facial scar or acne, a beard will hide these imperfections. Statistics show that beard owners are more trusted than shaved men. Also, a beard gives status. With the same social status, bearded men are perceived as successful and wealthy people.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages in wearing a beard. If you decide to grow a beard or a bearded man with experience, you need to maintain your image, and you do not need to think where to buy beard care products! Our site will help with this. With us you will find everything for shaving and even more.

We offer buy beard care products in Moscow from the best manufacturers. In the online store Beard Care you will find only well-known and trusted brands.

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Wax for beard and mustache - buy, prices, choose, types, delivery

If your man has a mustache and beard and always wants to look stylish and neat, you definitely need to buy him a mustache wax, which contributes to a quick and trouble-free styling of facial hair. Recently it has become fashionable to have a well-groomed small beard.

But the question arises, how to properly care for her? One of the main beard and mustache care products is wax. It is necessary for daily use, which will allow your man to always be at his best and attract prying eyes. The ideal tool for the beard of your half will help to find specialists from the online store JOY BY JOY.

Now the owner of a beard or mustache can have luxurious facial hair without much effort and expense.

Wax for mustache and beard: having a perfect beard is easy!

Wax for beard and mustache is a soft styling product. That is, having a small tube of this product, your man will always be able to quickly and quietly put facial hair on his face, and those around him will certainly appreciate how beautiful and silky his beard is. Wax is required for:

  • creating a neat and well-groomed look,
  • nutrition of beard and mustache with vitamins,
  • styling vegetation according to your own taste and preferences.

Beautiful, magnificent and magnificent mustache - now reality. The wax for the beard is ideal. You can choose a whole series of facial care products and always look well-groomed and stylish. Various brands offer a wealth of products to give the beard an individual style and healthy shine.

A long mustache and beard rarely hold their own shape, and wax for styling will come to the rescue. And in combination with high-quality shampoo, you can achieve excellent results.

Manufacturers create different smells and fixation products, so picking up wax for a beard in St. Petersburg or any other city will not be difficult, because you can order goods online from an online store with delivery. The composition of such funds is usually natural, which is another plus.

Buying wax is the solution for naughty hair!

For those who once wanted to have a mustache, but could not afford it due to domestic inconveniences, now there is a great option. Those who chose beard balm for themselves have long been able to grow a lush and beautiful mustache.

After all, with such a tool you can easily create a styling and forget about the torment forever. In the assortment of the catalog you can find both goods from a domestic manufacturer and from foreign suppliers.

All of them are of high quality and pleasant cost, however, it is worth considering that goods from Russia and the CIS countries may have a lower price.

If you want to buy mustache wax for your soul mate, pay attention to the smell of the product. Most manufacturers create light and fragrant preparations.

But do not forget that the surrounding people will feel this fragrance all day - it should not be sharp or cloying. On the packaging of the jar you can find instructions on how to use wax for mustaches, so there will be no difficulties.

Apply a little tool to clean and combed hair, evenly distributing it over the beard or mustache, and then give them shape.

If you want to buy beard wax, first study the reviews for each product. It is not always worth relying on the opinion of the seller.

This cosmetic product is necessary not only for laying naughty facial hair, but also for softening, nourishing and moisturizing the hairs. Many of them contain beeswax, which allows you to guarantee to lay even the most capricious hairs.

It doesn’t matter if you choose wax for styling beards from our brands or from imported ones - you can find high-quality and profitable options in any line.

You can buy beard and mustache wax in the JOY BY JOY online store at an optimal and pleasant price. The range of brands and varieties of styling products will help you choose the perfect product for your husband or lover. Take care of your man and his stylish appearance by giving him wax for styling a beard or mustache.

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