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TOP 6 pathogens for men of fast action

The causative agent for men of rapid action provides potency in a short time. Such drugs can be bought in sex shops, pharmacies, or prepared with your own hands. Preparations for arousal of men exist in various variations - drops, tablets, gels ...

The time of onset of the action of the pathogen depends directly on the drug itself and can range from one minute to an hour. To get the fastest excitement by men, apply:

  • C. North Star,
  • Cialis
  • France T253,
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • Spanish fly,
  • Yangan 100,
  • Levitra
  • Erostone
  • Eroforce Forte,
  • Viagra.

Lubricants, spray and chewing gum are also means for excitability - a powerful excitation is felt from the first minutes after application.

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What is the causative agent for men

These drugs are designed to strengthen potency. Male pathogens fight premature ejaculation, eliminating erectile disorder.

Fast-acting stimulant drugs for men are used to produce potency at the right time and increase the level of libido. The quality of sexual in bed is improved and the psychological state of the man is being improved.

It is very practical to purchase stimulants in online pharmacies - instructions, name and prices are displayed on the site. Often, this is supported by reviews, both positive and negative, which helps to make the final choice. This modern method of acquiring online purchases involves delivery, thanks to which you do not have to blush with shame in the queue standing behind the drug for impotence.

It is wise to buy pathogens from government pharmacies. Where a variety of competing drugs guarantees quality.

All pathogens have generally accepted reception requirements:

  • coming of age
  • lack of intolerance to any substance in the contents of the drug,
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the contraindications for use indicated in the instructions.

Male quick-acting pathogen in drops

There are a lot of medications that increase potency; one can distinguish such a group as exciting drops for men:

  1. Horse causative agent. Initially, this drug was used in veterinary medicine, but to date, a tool adapted for humans has been created. A distinctive feature of this stimulator is its versatility - it can be used by both a man and a woman. Its price, as a rule, ranges from 1500-2000 rubles.
  2. Deseo. These drops for male strength can not be taken with alcohol. Three to five drops are enough for an exciting effect from the intake. You just need to drop them under the tongue and after five minutes drink a lot of liquid. The issue price is two thousand rubles.
  3. Spanish fly. The price of one bottle is eight hundred rubles. The composition of the drug includes the strongest poison cantharidin secreted by the bugs. The product is odorless. To increase the extent of intercourse and strengthen the erection, it is necessary to drink 5 drops of the medicine along with water an hour before sexual contact.

Pathogen in tablets

Perhaps one of the most used drugs for potency in the world is sildenafil (an active component of the popular Viagra).

Pathogens based on sildenafil:

  • Revazio
  • Vizarsin Ku-Tab,
  • Maksigra
  • Wigrand
  • Super P-Force
  • S. Vertex,
  • C. North Star,
  • Viasan-LF,
  • Dynamically
  • Potenzagra.

One tablet of this group of drugs contains 100, 50 or 25 mg of sildenafil.Just one capsule taken directly before sexual intercourse brings the body to the desired condition of arousal. The optimal portion of the active component is determined and prescribed by the doctor.

How do pathogens

The basis of non-prescription pathogens are components of natural origin.: plant extracts, vitamins, acids, extracts from animal organs and insects. Lines of action:

  • Increased blood flow,
  • Libido activation through stimulation of the areas of the brain responsible for sexual pleasure,
  • Relaxation of the nervous system.

The degree of effectiveness of natural pathogens depends on the state of health of the man and his sexual temperament. For example, with pronounced vascular pathologies, diabetic polyneuropathy (damage to the nerve endings), the funds will not work properly.

Regarding PDE-5 inhibitors, which include Viagra, Dynamically (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), then these are not pathogens. Their task is to relax the blood vessels, stimulate and maintain a normal erection. The main condition for the effectiveness of PDE-5 inhibitors is the presence of sexual arousal, which they themselves do not provoke.

Most drugs that are marketed as pathogens are not, because their effect is noticeable only after a week of use. Immediately before sexual intercourse, it makes sense to take "Shpansky fly", "Horse pathogen", funds based on aphrodisiacs and adaptogens (Muira puama, burning flour, ginseng).

There are also synthetic pathogens that target specific brain receptors. Such drugs are prescribed by a doctor and are not sold in all pharmacies.

Pathogen Drops

The causative agent is absorbed in drops and acts faster than in capsules or tablets. Of the minuses: a specific aftertaste may remain in the mouth, causing nausea in some. The composition of many male and female drops is identical. For example, Rendez vous ("Rendezvous") for women includes L-arginine and ginseng - essential components of almost all male preparations. therefore many pathogens can be used for two.

"Spanish fly"

Under the name "Shpansky fly", a group of fairly powerful fast-acting pathogens based on the poison of cantharidin synthesized by the glands of the plague beetle is united. The substance has pronounced aphrodisiac properties.:

  1. Excites the nervous system.
  2. Irritating to genital receptors.
  3. Accelerates blood flow, strengthens the heartbeat.

With an overdose, cantharidin is deadly, therefore, the pathogen should be taken strictly in the indicated norm. The most popular form of release is drops, the price of which starts from 250 rubles. for 5 ml. You can use 10-15 minutes before intercourse. For the first time, the dosage of the pathogen should not exceed 2-3 ml, then you can gradually bring it to 5. The duration of action is from 8 to 12 hours.

The product is strong, more than 2 times a week is not recommended. It is combined with a small amount of weak alcohol.

Contraindications to the reception of the pathogen:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • Kidney pathology,
  • Excessive nervous excitability
  • Increased intraocular pressure.

Of the adverse reactions, vomiting and abdominal pain are most often recorded.

12 best aphrodisiacs

The main goal of an aphrodisiac for men is to increase erectile function and prolong sexual intercourse. In addition, attraction, brightness of sensations, testosterone production, and fertility may increase. Introducing the 12 most popular stimulants for men for 2019.

On the twelfth place is an exciting cream based on pepper extract. Also included in the complex are provitamins of the PP group, olive oil and cinnamon. It is applied to the penis and scrotum immediately before the act of love. Available in 15 ml tubes. Average price: 300 rubles.

  • quickly absorbed
  • the effect manifests itself 5-7 minutes after application,
  • gives a quick and lasting erection,
  • increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones,
  • compatible with alcohol
  • has no general effect
  • suitable for all ages
  • neutral smell
  • cares for delicate skin.

  • immediately after application, severe itching is felt.

The eleventh line of the rating is occupied by the homeopathic medicine from Materia Medica Holding NPF LLC. Available in the form of lozenges. Active ingredient purified antibodies to endothelial NO synthase. It is used to treat various types of erectile dysfunction, autonomic disorders in men over the age of 50 years. It can be recommended as a course (from 12 weeks), and a single dose. Average price: 450 rubles for 20 tablets.

  • convenient form of release,
  • pleasant sweet taste
  • increases the blood supply to the cavernous bodies,
  • increases libido
  • normalizes testosterone levels.

  • the onset of action with a single stimulation manifests itself no earlier than after 2 hours,
  • can not be eaten during meals,
  • not suitable for everyone, in 15% of cases there is no desired effect,
  • there are contraindications
  • an overdose leads to diarrhea.

The tenth line is occupied by a cream that helps not only increase potency, but also increase the size of the penis. Water-based cream, contains extracts of horse chestnut ginger, ginger, and prickly needles. As an aphrodisiac applied 15-20 minutes before sexual activity. To increase the size of the penis, course application of at least 2-3 weeks is required. In this case, the cream is recommended to be used together with a vacuum pump or extender. Average price: 800 rubles.

  • strengthens an erection,
  • increases the duration of sexual intercourse,
  • has no general effect
  • compatible with alcohol
  • quickly absorbed.

  • causes allergic reactions,
  • Not suitable for everyone.

In ninth place, the drug is from Bayer Schering Pharma AG. Levitra refers to synthetic drugs and in most cases is dispensed from pharmacies only by prescription. The active substance is vardenafil, which blocks the breakdown of enzymes responsible for the relaxation of smooth muscles and filling the corpus cavernosum with blood. Available in the form of round orange tablets of 5, 10, 20 mg. The average cost for 1 tablet of the original drug containing 20 mg of vardenafil is 1,500 rubles. There is a cheaper generic Levitra made in India, the same 1500 go for 10 tablets of the drug.

  • high efficiency with any type of erectile dysfunction,
  • begins to act 10-20 minutes after administration,
  • duration of action is 8-9 hours,
  • can be taken with food, if the food is not very oily,
  • convenient form of release.

  • tastes bitter
  • many contraindications and side effects,
  • high price.

In eighth place is a homeopathic medicine based on cantharidin, the toxic secretion of the plague beetle. Cantaridine irritates the receptors of the genitourinary system, accelerates blood flow, especially in the pelvic area. It starts to work after 20-30 minutes, the peak 2 hours after administration, the total duration of action is from 4 to 8 hours. Available in the form of drops, powder or gel. It is not recommended to use more often 2 times a week. Average price: 350 rubles per serving of drops at a time.

  • suitable for men and women,
  • enhances attraction
  • almost no taste or smell,
  • makes sex feel brighter
  • significantly prolongs sexual intercourse,
  • Helps fight premature ejaculation
  • can be combined with a small amount (up to 300 ml) of weak alcohol.

  • the drug is poisonous, it is required to strictly follow the instructions, possibly severe poisoning,
  • many contraindications and side effects,
  • in combination with strong alcohol causes heart failure,
  • there are practically no pharmacies, only on order.

The seventh line is occupied by a natural herbal preparation based on creeping tributaries. Available in the form of brown tablets of 60.180 pieces. Average price: 1800 rubles.

  • restores and enhances sexual desire,
  • prolongs an erection,
  • stimulates spermatogenesis,
  • improves sperm quality,
  • lowers total blood cholesterol,
  • minimum side effects (allergic reactions).

  • there are contraindications
  • to achieve the effect, a course technique is required,
  • in 17% of cases, the desired effect is not manifested.

In sixth place, the most famous male pathogen is Viagra. The active substance sildenafil helps to relax smooth muscles and better fill the cavernous bodies with blood. For the manifestation of the effect, natural sexual stimulation is required. Available in the form of diamond-shaped blue tablets of 1.2 or 4 pieces per pack. Average price for one tablet: 900 rubles.

  • the effect occurs 40-60 minutes after administration,
  • the drug has passed all the necessary clinical studies,
  • gives a long lasting erection
  • widespread, can be bought at any pharmacy.

  • natural sexual stimulation required
  • side effects often occur (blurred vision, “hot flashes”),
  • there are contraindications.

In fifth place is a synthetic pathogen that restores attraction and erectile dysfunction. Unusual triangular tablets with rounded edges contain 50 or 100 mg of active substance. The average cost is 1100 rubles.

  • the effect manifests itself already in 15-20 minutes after administration,
  • duration of action is about 12 hours,
  • gives a stable, lasting erection after preliminary natural stimulation,
  • side effects are rare and mild.

  • there are contraindications
  • with an overdose, a persistent erection is accompanied by severe pain.

The fourth place is taken by a popular dietary supplement based on herbal ingredients. Ingredients: ginseng root, extracts of eurycoma longifolia, black or cayenne pepper, lemongrass, water nut, dwarf palm, hawthorn berries, creeping tribulus, ginkgo leaves. Available in the form of tablets and capsules. For the best effect, a coursework is required. The original Canadian drug costs 2600 rubles for 60 pieces. On sale there is a Russian generic Vimaks Super Forte worth 450 rubles per 30 capsules.

  • natural composition
  • improves the general condition of the body,
  • enhances sexual desire,
  • restores potency
  • increases the duration of sexual intercourse,
  • gives brightness to sensations, enhances sensitivity,
  • begins to act 30-40 minutes after administration,
  • compatible with alcohol.

  • many contraindications
  • often the effect does not appear immediately, but only after 2 weeks of regular intake.

The third place was given to capsules containing perhaps one of the most famous folk remedies for male potency - antlers of a deer. The drug can be taken in a course, one capsule twice a week for general recovery. To obtain an exciting effect, you need to drink two capsules at once for forty - sixty minutes before sexual intercourse. Average price: 1,500 rubles per 10 capsules.

  • the effect lasts up to 10 hours,
  • gives a persistent erection,
  • enhances libido
  • prevents premature ejaculation,
  • effective in erectile dysfunction caused by chronic fatigue,
  • It has a general healing and tonic effect,
  • compatible with a little alcohol
  • side effects are extremely rare.

In second place is a dietary supplement in the form of drops containing yohimbine. The dosage depends on the weight of the man, on average from 5 to 15 drops per reception. It begins to act in 15-20 minutes. Available in 100 ml vials. Average cost: 1,500 rubles.

  • suitable for men and women,
  • practically has no taste or smell,
  • easily soluble in any liquid,
  • stimulates sexual desire,
  • causes a persistent erection,
  • prolongs sexual intercourse,
  • increases stamina.

  • there are contraindications
  • not a convenient bottle
  • with an overdose can cause interruptions in the work of the heart.

The first place is occupied by a synthetic drug based on tadalafil. Despite the chemical nature, it is well tolerated and gives a good result with erectile dysfunction of any origin. Available in the form of yellow tablets of 1,2,4 or 8 pieces per pack. Average price for 1 tablet: 1100 rubles.

  • the effect appears 15 minutes after administration,
  • duration of action is 36 hours,
  • gives a persistent erection,
  • prolongs sexual intercourse,
  • minimum contraindications.

  • partner sexual stimulation is required,
  • headache may occur after use.

TitleRelease formActive substanceAction startAlcohol compatibility
The power of Herculescreamcomplex of provitamins of the PP group,
olive and cinnamon oils
5-7 minutes after application+
Impazatabletspurified antibodies to endothelial NO synthase2 hours after administration-
Persian Shahcreamhorse chestnut, ginger, prickly needle15-20 minutes after application+
Levitratabletsvardenafil10-20 minutes after administration-
Spanish flydrops,
cantharidinafter 20-30 minutescan be combined with a small amount (up to 300 ml) of weak alcohol.
TribestantabletsTribulus Tribulusafter 1 - 2 hours, more effective with course administration-
Viagratabletssildenafil40-60 minutes after administration-
Avanafiltabletsavanafil15-20 minutes after administration-
ginseng root, extracts of long-leafed eureka, black or cayenne pepper, lemongrass, water nut, dwarf palm, hawthorn berries, creeping tribulus, ginkgo leaves.30-40 minutes after administration+
Emperor Powercapsulesponte deer40-60 minutes after administration+
Horse pathogendropsyohimbine15-20 minutes after administration+
Cialistabletstadalafil15-20 minutes after administration-

DIY aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac for men can be prepared at home. For these purposes, foods containing a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals or essential oils are best suited.

The most effective are:

  • a mixture of essential oils of ylang-ylang, patchouli and rosemary in combination with a relaxing bath,
  • appetizer of olives, shrimp and other seafood,
  • a cocktail of dry white wine (0.5 liters), orange juice (100 ml), honey (2.5 tbsp), nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon (to taste). The cocktail should be infused for ten days in a cool, dark place. It is recommended to take 50 grams 30-40 minutes before the alleged sexual activity,
  • salads with celery, chicken and nuts,
  • cognac cocktail. For cooking, you need to add 2 quail eggs and a teaspoon of honey in 100 ml of cognac, mix thoroughly,
  • coffee with a tablespoon of brandy and a pinch of cinnamon.

Aphrodisiacs act differently on everyone. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and be sure to find a suitable option.

"Horse pathogen"

A true horse causative agent is a veterinary drug based on testicular serum, which is unsuitable for humans. The active component of the intimate drops "Horse pathogen" is yohimbine hydrochloride (extract of natural origin). The substance is an alpha-adrenergic blocker - acts on the corresponding receptors, causing vasodilation, blood flow to the pelvis, increased pressure and increased heart rate.

The pathogen also contains ginseng and L-arginine, an amino acid from which nitric oxide is synthesized in the body. The degree of relaxation of the vessels of the cavernous bodies of the penis and the quality of the erection depend on the amount of the latter.

The causative agent is high-speed. Accepted 10 minutes before sexual intercourse, works about an hour. Dosage - from 5 to 15 drops, diluted in a glass of water. If the recommended amount is exceeded, tremor of the extremities, mental overexcitation may occur. The drug is contraindicated in liver and kidney pathologies, unstable blood pressure.


Excitants for oral administration have an effect not only on the sexual sphere, but also on the whole body. Therefore, it is important to consider the presence of contraindications. Most often, the use of pathogens is not recommended for:

  • severe atherosclerosis due to the possibility of rupture of damaged vessels and thromboembolism.
  • severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension. Admission of the pathogen can provoke an exacerbation.
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Almost all pathogens will provoke a sharp deterioration in well-being and the spread of the inflammatory process.
  • severe diseases of the nervous system, epilepsy.

If you have experience using the tools listed in the rating, or more interesting options, share your opinion about them in the comments.

Thor's Hammer

Pathogen Hammer of Thor shows maximum effect with course use: 5 drops daily 2 times a day 10 minutes before meals for 2 weeks. The action lasts up to six months after the end of the reception.

The composition and purpose of the components:

  1. The secret of snails stimulating the production of testosterone (on how to raise testosterone).
  2. Northern moss extract with antibacterial and blood-thinning effect.
  3. An extract from the liver of a deep-sea anglerfish (fish) to make up for a vitamin-mineral deficiency that impedes the active production of testosterone.

  1. Antarctic krill extract (small crustaceans), the composition of which is rich in protein, retinol, tocopherol, B vitamins (improve the quality of the conductivity of nerve impulses).
  2. Ginger root concentrate that activates blood circulation and tones the nervous system.

The price of the pathogen is 980 rubles. per 30 ml. The drug is compatible with alcohol. There is also an eponymous stimulating cream, the price of which starts from 900 rubles.

Big zilla

In the composition of the pathogen in drops of Big zilla only natural plant components declared:

  • Ginseng to enhance overall tone,
  • Ginkgo biloba, a brain stimulant
  • Eleutherococcus, normalizing pressure, raising immunity,
  • Hawthorn to improve the condition of blood vessels.

The price for 10 ml is 990 rub. According to reviews, the usual effect is provided by the usual ginseng tincture, which costs 10 times cheaper.

Partially you can reproduce the recipe of the pathogen at home. To do this, you need 30 g of dry ginseng root, the same number of fruits of hawthorn and Eleutherococcus root (90 rubles per 50 g), 1 liter of vodka. Pour crushed raw materials into a jar, pour vodka, insist 30 days. Stir every 3 days. Take 2-3 times a day an hour before meals.

Capsules and pills

VigRX Plus tablets from the American company Leading Edge Health are actively advertised as a means to stimulate sexual arousal and penis enlargement (more about drugs to increase male dignity). In the composition of the pathogen:

  1. Excipient Conductor: black pepper extract.
  2. Aphrodisiacs: damiana, goryanka, muira puama, ginseng, co-palmetto, catuaba, dodder seeds.
  3. For vessels: hawthorn, ginkgo biloba.
  4. For testosterone: Tribulus terrestris.

The causative agent is actively faked. You can verify authenticity at vig-rxplus.ru. The price per pack (60 capsules) is 3650 rub. Take recommended course: 2 tablets per day. For an exciting effect - 40 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse.

Chinese pathogens

Chinese pathogens occupy most of this market sector. Among them there are a lot of fake and low-quality raw materials.

Pathogen Yangan 100 It is recommended to take 30-40 minutes before sex.Active ingredients: ginseng, lingzhi mushroom (aphrodisiac and immunity stimulator), deer antlers. The price for 100 capsules is 930 rubles. Validity - up to 24 hours.

The composition of the pathogen Dragon Tornado also includes ginseng, deer antlers, as well as saffron, a seahorse extract. Price starts from 1200 rub.

More than 10 extracts of various plants, as well as an extract from black ants, contain a pill of the same name "Ant" (Madelivan). She is alone in the package, weight 960 mg. Is worth 100 rub. It is taken 20 minutes before sexual intercourse (half can be).

Popular American dietary supplements are also made in China using American technology. Maxman and Maxman 2. In the second case, the composition includes a more extended list of plant extracts. Aphrodisiacs have been added to traditional ginseng, goryanka and guarana: burning mucuna, Peruvian poppy, co-palmetto. The capsule is taken 30 minutes before intercourse.

Exciting Maxman Dietary Supplement

The extract of the ant (as well as bitterness, ginseng, extracts of animal origin) is contained in the pathogen "Lao se Lon", Which is a joint development of American and Chinese pharmaceutical companies. It is taken 15 minutes before sex, alcohol and caffeine are excluded.

In the composition of the pathogen "Black Ant" there is nothing from the insect: cordyceps mushroom, ginseng, saffron, medlar and lotus. The price for 10 capsules starts from 1000 rubles. It is taken 20 minutes before sexual contact. Sexual activity remains elevated for 180 hours.

Pathogens Super Fujunbao and Fulibao also do not differ in the originality of the composition. The active basis is ginseng, sage, goryanka, lingzhi mushroom. "Fuzhunbao" is officially registered and, according to a statement on the official website, is sold only in pharmacies.

Instinct tablets, which contain extracts of exotic plants, have a stimulating and therapeutic effect.

Chewing gum

Pathogens in the form of chewing gum are convenient in that they can be used without embarrassment in front of a partner. The active substance is gradually released and absorbed into the blood. The most famous of this group of drugs is gum "Detonator". As part of plant aphrodisiacs: yohimbe, guarana, eurycoma, eleutherococcus. The cost for 33 tablets (packaging) starts from 1200 rubles. It is applied 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

A slightly different composition of the gum Sex gum: ginseng, caffeine, L-arginine, royal jelly, ginger. An almost completely identical set of gum components Mega Ecstasy.

You should not offer such pathogens to your partner as a surprise.. They are relatively harmless, but side effects are possible in the form of heart palpitations, increased pressure, allergic rashes.

Pathogens for topical application

Pathogens in the form of creams, gels or sprays (rating of sprays to improve potency), which are applied directly to the penis, compare favorably with oral ones by the speed of action and the absence of side effects in the form of pressure surges. The exciting effect is achieved due to local activation of blood flow, stimulation of receptor sensitivity. List of the most popular Russian pathogens:

  • Spray M16 (guarana, magnesium, L-arginine, glycine), 750 rub.,
  • Hercules cream (essential oils, hot pepper extract), 248 rub.,
  • Cream Sextaz M (synthetic irritants), 420 rub.,
  • Spray Macho Man (arginine, betaine, glycerin, alanine), 990 rub.

The most low-cost pathogens produced by the company "Biorhythm".

Rating of foreign drugs:

  1. PeniX active, Germany (plant extracts, oils, nicotinic acid), 1200 rub.
  2. Erekta Prompt Fur Mann, Germany (pepper extract and synthetic substances), 1500-1800 rub.
  3. V-Activ Spray, Austria (aloe vera, camphor, gingko biloba). Price 1400 rub. The cream of the same name costs from 899 rubles.

Pathogens begin to act 5-7 minutes after application. It is preliminary recommended to test the product on the elbow, since an allergic reaction is possible. If sexual intercourse is unprotected, then testing will be required and partner.

Exciting Spirits

A woman can contribute to enhancing a man's sexual arousal with perfumes with pheromones or special aromatic components. The aromas of musk, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood cause erotic interest.

As an example of female arousing perfumes, we can cite the series SexyLife, Natural Instinct, Pheromon Parfum,Dona. The price varies from 500 to 2000 rubles. for 50 ml.

Women's Pheromone Perfume Natural Instinct Cherie Amour

Do-it-yourself pathogens

Easy safe pathogens can be prepared with your own hands at home. Options:

  • A cocktail of 2 quail eggs and 100 g of cognac. You can add a teaspoon of honey,
  • Tea on fresh ginger root with cinnamon (pour 3 slices of a glass of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes),
  • Celery greens (can be in the form of a salad with boiled eggs and olive oil),
  • Tincture on ginger (grated root pour 800 ml of vodka, insist 2 weeks),
  • Aloe pulp with honey (1: 1),
  • 50 ml of warm cognac with half a tea boat of honey,
  • Coffee with cognac and cinnamon.

The above home-made remedies - without side effects, have no contraindications, except for severe hypertension. The cheapest pathogens that do not require any labor, - pharmacy tinctures of ginseng and eleutherococcus.

As a folk method to activate blood flow in the penis, you can use soda or heparin ointment, followed by rinsing.


Konstantin, 31 years old: “If necessary, I lighten my mood before having sex with Yohimbine.” I am actively involved in sports and noticed that the supplement also has a good effect on my performance in this area. ”

Stanislav, 42 years old: “The causative agents are all expensive, many with dubious composition. I prefer homemade tinctures on ginger and ginseng. Roots can be ordered inexpensively for home delivery. ”


Natural pathogens disappoint many men because they do not show a quick and pronounced effect. However, plant extracts do not work in every case. Almost all drugs are designed for course use for the purpose of therapeutic effect: normalization of hormonal levels, improvement of the state of blood vessels. Means that are recommended to be taken 2 times a day may not have a pronounced stimulating effect, therefore, when choosing, you need to proceed from logical considerations.

How it works

  1. Where does it all start? Sexual craving for a woman appears as a result of the psychological and physiological perception of a partner. The sensory organs perceive her timbre of voice, smells, forms, facial features. The overall picture enters the brain.
  2. What is going on in the body? The central nervous system begins to send signals to hormonal centers, the circulatory system, and the genitals. In short, an increased volume of blood pours to the penis. Male dignity increases in size and becomes hard.
  3. What changes occur in the blood vessels? Arteries and veins expand to allow the necessary amount of blood to pass into the genitals. And the vessels responsible for the outflow of blood from the penis, on the contrary, are narrowed so that it is in working condition until the right moment. The muscles of the base of the penis are relaxed at this time.
  4. What is the new hormone involved in the excitation process? Sexual desire arises largely due to the hormone "kisspeptin" or as it is also called "protein kisses." He pushes a man and a woman to kisses and starts a chain of chemical processes in the body leading to sex. It is the development of “kisspeptin” that arouses desire, regulates the behavior of partners before and during intercourse. We discovered this miracle hormone a little more than 20 years ago.

Well, now back to the main topic of the article and analyze artificial sexual stimulants.And we will stop on tablets for arousal of men who are stably in high demand in pharmacies, the Internet and distribution companies.

1. Viagra

  • This tool stimulates the production of substances responsible for the relaxation of the walls of the vessels of the penis. The flow of blood to dignity is facilitated, an erection occurs and sexual intercourse passes normally. The action of "Viagra" is launched only under the condition of additional stimulation of a member of the partner.
  • The main active ingredient of the drug is the substance “sildenafil”. Take "Viagra" is necessary about an hour before sex.
  • "Viagra" is contraindicated in cores taking nitroglycerin and derivatives. A side effect is the expansion of blood vessels not only of the penis, but of the whole organism. Therefore, the head may hurt, fever in the face due to a rush of blood.
  • The cost depends on the concentration of the active substance. The average price is 750 rubles. per pill.

If Viagra is too expensive for you, then read our article about cheap analogues of Viagra in pharmacies.

The principle of action of pathogens, and what they are

Before proceeding directly to the study of possible means, you need to find out how pathogens act. Means are of several types:

Sprays, lubricants and creams are applied to the genitals, while the rest is taken orally. The action of all pathogens boils down to the fact that they improve blood flow in the hip part of the body.

In addition to the fact that the drugs improve blood circulation, they relax and help a little expand the blood vessels.

Some funds operate in several more directions. They can repeatedly improve the performance of hormones that affect the release of testosterone into the blood. It is this hormone that affects the drive in men and develops stamina.

The effect can last from several minutes to several days, usually in the instructions the manufacturer indicates how strong the product is. But do not forget that for each term will be individual. As long as the remedy works, the quality of the erection, male endurance improves, and the number of possible acts increases.

2. Ying Chiang

  • This BA supplement increases libido, improves erection, helps control ejaculation, and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Regular intake of Ying Chiang stimulates sperm activity. Dietary supplement components increase testosterone production, which contributes to the depth of sensation during sex.
  • The main components of the dietary supplement are deer antler extract, saffron, spermine from the seminal glands of the mountain yak.
  • The average price of the product is 1250 rubles. for packing.

And then consider the characteristics of an exciting drug for men, suitable even for hypertensive patients. So.

Classification of funds

Not all pathogens act the same, here is a modern classification of aphrodisiacs:

ClassificationFeature Description
AphrodisiacsAttraction enhancing product. It acts gently, sparingly, strengthens the immune system.
Natural compoundsIt is based on natural ingredients. In action, it is very similar to aphrodisiacs, but already has its own additional features. Often they are cheaper analogues of synthetic products. By the way, they have fewer side effects and contraindications.
Folk methodsEveryone does these means himself. They completely repeat the properties of aphrodisiacs and natural ingredients. The action is determined individually, since all organisms perceive each recipe differently.
Synthetic compoundsThese are the most effective and fastest remedies for men. They have a strict dosage, contraindications and side effects. Sometimes they can be prescribed by the urologist you are observing.

3. Eroforce Forte

  • The basis of the action of the drug is a double effect. Eroforce Forte stimulates an erection immediately after administration. And with the use of courses, the level of testosterone rises.The active ingredients of dietary supplements excite the neurons of the brain regions responsible for libido, thereby enhancing the sexual desire for a partner. The physiology of sensations after Eroforce Forte becomes brighter and richer.
  • The composition of the drug includes ginseng root, seaside pine bark, essential amino acids, taurine. Recommended course administration of dietary supplements. But with mild sexual dysfunction, you can drink the specified dose 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse.
  • No side effects were detected. Contraindications are also absent.
  • The average price of a dietary supplement is 990 rubles.

4. Cialis

  • This drug purposefully acts on the arterial cells of the inguinal region. The expansion of blood vessels contributes to the maximum filling of the penis with blood. Thanks to Cialis, attraction is increasing. This male aphrodisiac activates libido only during sexual stimulation.
  • The main component of the drug is tadalafil. Reception of "Cialis" is recommended half an hour before sex.
  • The drug is contraindicated in the treatment of nitrate-containing drugs. Side effects can occur in the form of not prolonged headaches and heartburn.
  • The average cost of a tablet is 1000 rubles.

It is worth saying once again that male potency is a very individual thing, therefore, what has helped one patient may not have any effect on the other. This is due to many factors:

  • age,
  • features of the nervous system,
  • injuries
  • diseases.

And this is only the most significant. To achieve a result, you need to consult a doctor. He will help you choose the pathogen that will act on you. Often this is a trial and error method, but the doctor is more likely to find the right tool faster.

5. Loveron

  • The action of this dietary supplement is aimed at enhancing one's own desires and sexual abilities. Loveron has a vasodilating effect on the circulatory system of the penis, strengthening the erection. Also, the drug is aimed at prolonging sexual intercourse, eliminating the causes of premature ejaculation. Laveron stimulates the nerve endings of the surface of the organ, adding brightness to the sexual intercourse.
  • The dietary supplement contains extracts of nettle, mangoes, garlic, cinnamon. It is recommended to take the drug in 40 minutes. to the alleged proximity.
  • The main contraindications are hypertension, sleep disturbances, atherosclerosis.
  • A package of 30 capsules costs an average of 740 rubles.

Next, consider what other pills for arousing men are popular.

Natural pathogens

In addition to synthetic products to increase potency, high rates are given by the natural male pathogen. Which include the following drugs:

  1. Yangan-100. This tool allows you to raise the libido and enlarge the penis. The tablet is taken one hour before sexual activities. To get an instant result, you need to grind the tablet into powder, dissolve in water and drink it. After a quarter of an hour there will come a powerful surge of masculine strength.
  2. Big Zilla These natural drops contain ginkgo, wild pepper, hawthorn and ginseng.
  3. Phalloston. All-natural drops contain, phallodendron, bear bile, Siberian broomrape. Six drops per day and a strong potency is provided.
  4. The power of maral. Pantohematogen has a fast speed of action, just one capsule per day is enough. The result is 30 minutes after the first dose.
  5. Erostone. Very strong, aphrodisiac. The natural content of these drops includes Chinese cordyceps, Chinese horny goat, vitamin-mineral complex and taurine. To obtain a lasting result, take one capsule twice a day for two weeks.
  6. Australian Kangaroo. Natural dietary supplement that increases the amount of testosterone. The active components of the dietary supplement are the genitals of the kangaroo. The drug is taken 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.
  7. Shenlong. Chinese balls for potency are made of yellow lotus, cordyceps mycelium, genitalia of large animals and cystanche roots. Take shortly before sex from 1/3 to the whole ball for a single effect. For a full restoration of potency, long-term use is needed, for a long time, 1/3 of a ball per day.
  8. Eroforce Forte. Capsules abound in elements of plant origin - taurine, bark of coastal pines, ginseng, amino acids. Supplements are taken before sexual intercourse in 40 minutes.
  9. France T253. The tablets contain snowdrop and sika deer genitalia. Taking a dietary supplement is necessary about an hour before sexual intercourse. Contraindicated for use with alcohol.

Highly stimulating drugs from natural terms are interesting in that they are safe and do not require a prescription from a doctor.

Pathogens for men: what is it?

The male pathogen is intended to increase libido and strengthen potency. The action of such funds prevents premature ejaculation and allows you to treat erectile disorder.

Exciting drugs for men increase the quality of intimate life and increase sensitivity. Some drugs can be used to increase the reproductive organ.

It is necessary to distinguish between drugs with biologically active additives and products of oriental medicine. The first group of funds can be purchased exclusively at the pharmacy, as they are considered prescription. Oriental medicine products can be found in many online stores. They are attractive in natural origin, but their effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. Dietary supplements occupy an intermediate position.

Pathogen for men in pharmacies and stores can be purchased in the form of drops, tablets or gels. The list of possible remedies is very long.

It is convenient to buy male agents in online pharmacies - the name and prices are displayed on the site, where you can usually see the instructions. This method allows you to order delivery and avoid embarrassment when buying.

The legal option is to purchase such drugs in official pharmacies. Their range implies a guarantee of quality.

A general condition for taking various pathogens is age over 18 years and individual intolerance to any component. There are other contraindications, but they are individual for each remedy.

The best pathogens for men rating

You can find male pathogens in pharmacies, whose names are very often heard, and you can look at any drops for potency. Remember that the male pathogen should first of all correspond to you according to contraindications, you can ask the pharmacist about them.

Everyone has heard of him, perhaps this is the best pathogen for men. This statement is easy to substantiate. Officially authorized from nineteen ninety-eight. Then he was almost the only thing that greatly increased his popularity. Now there are a lot of various means, but Viagra is still widely used.

These male pathogens contain sildenafil at their core. It is this property that allows you to improve blood circulation, increasing its flow to the genitals. Typically, the effect of the drug lasts from forty to one hundred and twenty minutes, but if you took fatty foods before taking the pill, then these numbers will be less.

The drug is indicated for those who suffer from weak erections, poor stamina or have vascular diseases and nervous disorders.

The drug is taken on an empty stomach, an hour before the planned contact. The usual dose is fifty milligrams. The maximum allowable dose of Viagra per day is one hundred milligrams. By the way, it is better to take the drug once a day, otherwise the risk of overdose is very high. If the remedy does not help, change it.

It is believed that this is a fairly strong causative agent for men.In addition to its direct purpose, it can be used for preventive purposes. The tool is quite popular, so finding it in a pharmacy is easy.

It is very different from Viagra that it can be combined with alcohol without unnecessary side effects. The duration can be up to thirty-six hours, using a single dose of the drug. However, there is a significant minus - a rather high price (fortunately, there are cheaper analogues), as well as a number of possible side effects:

  • headache,
  • eye redness
  • negative effects on the digestive system,
  • redness of the face.
  1. Levitra

This is a fairly new drug, but such a pathogen for men in pharmacies is not difficult to find. The active substance is different from that. What is used in Viagra or Cialis, it is called vardenafil.

Its main properties:

  1. Increased male stamina.
  2. Prevention of impotence.
  3. Improving erectile function.

In addition, the drug has several features:

  • affects men of any age category,
  • minimal side effects, which makes the drug well tolerated,
  • used by people with diabetes
  • goes well with alcohol,
  • the gap between acts is reduced.

The effect of the drug lasts up to ten hours, while more than one tablet per day should not be taken because of the risk of overdose.

This is a Chinese drug, widely known in Russia. It is made from natural but exotic ingredients:

  • deer antler hood
  • seahorse hood,
  • ginseng root,
  • ant extract
  • the genitals of males saiga and deer,
  • saffron.

And although studies have proven the excellent effectiveness of this, not everyone will want to apply it, learning what it is made of.

The active ingredients have a general tonic effect on the male body, allowing you to extend the usual act for a couple of hours and improve endurance. Reception is recommended half an hour before sex.

The drug comes from Brazil, and has a state of drops. Since the causative agent for men with quick action in drops is not used very often, so we will not go into the description. The causative agent for men, drops, is not very convenient, usually tablets or capsules are used.

This is a common analogue of Viagra from Hong Kong. The composition resembles a Dragon tornado, but contains fewer components. The action of these tablets is possible up to seven days.

The drug can cope with some diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis, infertility and the like.

How does the process of arousal in a man

  1. How does the process begin?? Attraction to a partner can occur both due to psychological and physical stimulation. At first, our perception passes through the external components of a woman: her voice, smell, the general picture of her appearance, figure.
  2. What organ systems are included to work? Our central nervous system, hormonal, genitals and circulatory system respond to this. Speaking in detail, it begins abundant blood circulation in the male dignity, it increases in size.
  3. How veins and arteries change wherein? Arteries become wider, so the blood flow will be much stronger. The veins through which the outflow goes are compressed, not releasing blood from the intimate organ. In order for the intimate organ to quickly enter a combat state, the muscles at its base should be as relaxed as possible.
  4. What new hormone is involved wherein? Another essential role in arousing desire is the kiss hormone called “kisspeptin”. It encourages partners to start kissing and activates successive chemical reactions that induce intimacy. For example, it enhances the attraction between partners, their behavior, affects the sexual intercourse itself. The hormone was discovered not so long ago.

And now we will begin to answer the question itself about which pills for arousing men and for awakening desires are now in demand. Consider only the best of them.

1.Sildenafil viagra

  • Viagra promotes enhanced education substancesrelaxing the smooth muscles of the vessels of the intimate organ. As a result of this, the vessels expand, and the intimate organ of the cavalier is filled with blood, amplified erection and willingness to have sexual intercourse. Viagra begins to act only after sexual stimulation by a partner.
  • The composition mainly contains an element called "sildenafil". Viagra is drunk for 1 hour before making love.
  • It is impossible take Viagra to men undergoing treatment with nitrates (nitroglycerin and its derivatives). The side effects of this medicine are related to the expansion vessels the whole body. These include the head painfeeling of a rush of blood to the face.
  • The price depends on the dosage and averages 750 rubles per pill.

Side effects

Any medication is primarily a medication that, if handled carelessly, can do more harm than good. To make this happen as rarely as possible, they came up with instructions, but they are not able to completely relieve the patient of the side effects of the substance.

In general, all aphrodisiacs have the same side effects, but very often they manifest with different strengths. So, here is a list of undesirable effects caused by stimulants:

  1. Redness of the eyes and face.
  2. Redness of individual skin areas.
  3. Headache.
  4. Weakness.
  5. Dizziness.
  6. Tachycardia.

To the extent possible, you should consult your doctor about which drugs you should not take at all, this can greatly ease your life and save you from unnecessary problems. The most harmless means you can use are folk. They are not as effective as synthetic ones, but they also help.

Exciting gel lubricant for men

Another type of potency enhancer gel is applied to the penis before sex. Names and prices of gels:

  1. Hercules - an inexpensive domestic ointment for 600 rubles contains an extract of essential oils, extracts of medicinal herbs and components of red hot pepper.
  2. Persian Shah. Russian cream has positive reviews and an affordable price of 850 rubles.
  3. Erecta Prompt. A good lubricant to enhance potency and prolong sexual intercourse. The cost of this German hypoallergenic gel is 900 rubles
  4. Harmony Suite. Has a pleasant unobtrusive smell. At an inexpensive price up to 500 rubles, prolongs sexual intercourse up to half an hour.

The purchase of pathogens of this kind is practical for initial potency problems. With sufficiently significant diseases, it is necessary to use funds for oral administration and specialized treatment of the root cause of erectile failure.

Products and recipes for quick excitement

On pharmacy drugs, the light did not converge - ordinary products may well serve as causative agents of rapid action. They are very affordable and with harmonious use with their help you can achieve impressive results. The best products exciting for men:

The inclusion of these products in daily nutrition ensures increased erection. The greatest efficiency is achieved by a competent combination of ingredients. For example, asparagus with oysters in lemon juice is the strongest aphrodisiac that has received popular recognition. And if, in addition to sweet, serve strawberries in mint sauce, then the result will not be long in coming. Do-it-yourself pathogens recipes at home:

  1. Ginseng tincture. Roots are filled with 0.1 liters of vodka. Infused for three weeks in a dark place. A daily intake of 20-30 drops for a month will cheer up a man. Digestion, appetite will improve, the level of testosterone will increase significantly, and with it men's capabilities.
  2. Nut mixture. Pumpkin and sesame seeds with the addition of walnuts are mixed with honey. It is recommended that a man consume a tablespoon per day throughout the winter. The mixture is best done in small portions so that it does not stagnate.
  3. Exciting ginger tea. A finely chopped piece of root 1-2 cm long is put in a glass with boiling water. After 5 minutes, add 1-2 teaspoons of linden honey. Take daily, half an hour before intimacy.

The causative agent for men, quick-made by themselves, is doubly good. Not only do you know each component and its reaction, you can also control the force of excitation. Not only going through dosage variations, as is the case with purchased medications, but also changing the amount of active ingredient in the preparation. Carried away by folk recipes, some men are seriously engaged in gathering herbs.

Potency Compatibility with Alcohol

Most medications are incompatible with alcohol, and often alcohol is an integral attribute of a romantic date with subsequent love games. Excitatory drugs compatible with alcohol:

  • pathogens with a natural composition,
  • funds that do not require ingestion (ointments, sprays ...),
  • Cialis
  • Levitra.

When potency is restored with the help of hand-made preparations, then the simultaneous intake of alcohol is not contraindicated.

Attention! Absolutely any alcohol can cause impotence.

Pathogen for men in drops

One of the varieties of drugs to increase erection - exciting drops for men. Stimulation potency can be provided by the following means:

  1. El Macho. The drug consists of an extract of guarana, L-arginine, magnesium citrate and glycine. Smell the product is missing. For renewals sexual intercourse and increased erection is enough to take 5 minutes drops drug with water. They also use the drug for general strengthening therapy, taking 2 drops twice a day. The drug is inexpensive - one bottle will cost about 800 rubles.
  2. Horse pathogen. Previously, such a tool was used for veterinary purposes, but today there is a drug adapted for people. This stimulant attractive in that it can be used not only for men, but also for women. Its cost is an average of 1,500–2,000 rubles.
  3. Alfa Man. These drops consist of ginseng root extract, L-arginine, glycine and eurycoma root. 3-5 drops are sufficient for one dose. They need to be kept for several minutes under the tongue, and then washed down with plenty of water. Get excited the tool allows in a few minutes. Enough drug cheap - in a thousand rubles.

Pathogen for men in tablets

The most famous arousal pills for men - Viagra. This name is a trademark, and the drug itself means called sildenafil. There are others drug namescontaining such a substance:

  • Sildenafil-SZ,
  • Viasan-LF,
  • Dynamically
  • Potenzagra
  • Vizarsin,
  • Revazio
  • Silden
  • Maksigra
  • Vivaira
  • Invida ODP.

One tablet of such preparations may contain 25, 50 or 100 mg of sildenafil. The desired effect is provided by one pill, taken immediately before sexual intercourse. A suitable dosage of the active substance should be prescribed by a doctor.

Another pill drug is vardenafil. This medicine is indicated for impotence. You can take it once a day, it lasts up to 5 hours. The capsule should be taken no later than 25 minutes before sexual intercourse and no earlier than an hour before it. The most popular aphrodisiac tablets for men with vardenafil is Levitra. Such a substance also contains Staxin.

An effective drug for erectile dysfunction is Tadalafil, better known under the brand name Cialis. The dosage of the active ingredient may be 5 or 20 mg. The pathogen should be taken no later than 16 minutes before sexual intercourse. Taking the medicine per day should be single in the amount of not more than 20 mg.

Another anti-impotence drug is Ziden. It is based on udenafil. Take one tablet per day (100 mg) half an hour before sexual intercourse.

The cost of tablets for potency depends not only on the composition, but also on the dosage of the active substance. Cost of Viagra It is about 670 rubles for 25 mg, 740 rubles for 50 mg and 850 rubles for 100 mg.

Cialis 20 mg costs about 6700 rubles, Levitra will cost about 3000, and Ziden 1000 rubles.

Exciting gels for men

Amplifier erections for men can be in the form gel. Such funds are needed apply on the penis just before sexual intercourse. The following products are effective:

  1. ERO Prorino erection. This cream based on natural oils and extracts in maximum concentration. It is effective, but enough expensive - 2000 rubles.
  2. Grease JoyDrops Erection. Lubricant enhances erection and prolongs sexual intercourse. This remedy is hypoallergenic. Price about 900 rubles.
  3. The Power of Hercules (Bioritm). This Russian cream is attractive with good reviews and low cost - 600-700 rubles.
  4. Sextaz-W - Another inexpensive causative agent of domestic production. Buy such ointment You can about 600 rubles.

Buy pathogens in this form are appropriate when problems with potency are minor and you only need to strengthen it. For more serious disorders, it is better to turn to internal remedies and a specialist for the treatment of the initial cause of dysfunction.

Pathogens for men with their own hands at home

To arouse a man can not only special preparations, but also various foods. Increase potency can provide:

  • seafood (better than oysters),
  • strawberries
  • nuts
  • eggs of young sheep,
  • fish
  • ginseng
  • quail eggs
  • ginger
  • curry,
  • cilantro
  • celery
  • parsley
  • asparagus
  • honey
  • fried onions
  • avocado,
  • mint
  • pumpkin seeds
  • thyme
  • rice
  • curry,
  • lemons
  • tomatoes
  • beetroot
  • rosemary.

If you include these foods in your diet, then improvement potency guaranteed. A greater effect provides a competent combination of several components. For example, excellent folk aphrodisiac - oysters with lemon juice and asparagus, and for dessert strawberries with mint sauce. Do it yourself at home The following mixtures are possible:

  1. Fresh green. Grind one part of dill and parsley and 2 parts of celery in a blender. You can add cilantro or beetroot juice. Fresh should be drunk every day for at least a month.
  2. Mix walnuts with pumpkin and sesame seeds, season with honey. Take a few months in a tablespoon per day. Such a mixture can long keep in the refrigerator, but better regularly cook fresh portion.
  3. Pour 100 grams of dry ginseng roots with half a liter of good vodka. Insist in a dark place for 3 weeks. Take 25 drops every day for a month.

Self cooking enhancers excitation attractive in that all the ingredients are known, as is the reaction to them.

2. Fast and long (Ying Chiang)

  • "Ying Chiang" enhances the sexual activity of the stronger sex, improves male forcehelps to find the control over ejaculation, which helps to increase the duration of intercourse. Techniques for controlling a fast finish are described in a different section. After regular intake of dietary supplements, the quality improves seed, the amount of active seed increases. Due to increase level testosterone, increased satisfaction with intimate contact.
  • The composition of the bioadditive includes saffronextract of the horns of the young deer, spermine from mountain testicles yak.
  • Taken for 40 minutes before intercourse and or according to the instructions.
  • The price of the product is 1250 rubles.

Consider the next exciting drug on the list for men, which does not increase blood pressure in reviews and has a positive effect on the reproductive system. Each product also has an estimated price.

Alcohol-compatible potency drugs

Many drugs cannot be combined with alcohol, but often he is a companion of a romantic evening and subsequent bed comforts. There are a number of drugs that do not prohibit drink:

  • Cialis
  • Levitra
  • natural pathogens
  • any means for external use.

If erection amplified with the help of self-prepared means, there are no obstacles to the simultaneous intake of alcohol.

It is important to remember that various alcoholic beverages are one of the possible causes of decreased libido.

6. Vimax

  • Vimax dilates the vessels of the whole body, including the vessels of the genitals, which causes an increase erections. Vimax increases the transmission rate of nerve impulses from the reproductive organ to the brain and vice versa. Thereby significantly increasing attraction. Product components slow down the return flow of venous blood from the causative organ, reduce the speed of the onset of the finish line, increase time intercourse. Vimax can be used to prevent urinary tract diseases (such as urethritis).
  • It has a natural composition. The main components of Vimax are ginseng and root eurycomas. The duration of the course consumption of Vimax lasts from 3 to 9 weeks.
  • Bioadditive not allowed take hypertension and men with increased nervous excitability.
  • The cost of 60 capsules of dietary supplement is 2750 rubles.

7. Tiger King

  • The drug product has an activating effect on the nerve cells in the areas of the spinal cord responsible for the appearance and duration erections. This explains the increased sensitivity of the genital organ, a longer and brighter sexual Act. When taken regularly, the King Tiger increases activity prostateincreases secretion seed. Given on the Internet and in pharmacies, a means for arousing men through some antiseptic action is acceptable for the treatment and prevention of diseases urethra.
  • In addition to healing herbs Supplements contain soft bone sharksChinese Dereza Berries ginseng. Similar medicines that help to be prepared for an act of love have also been described in another work.
  • "King Tiger" is taken for 20 minutes to horizontal dancing with a girl in bed.
  • The price of Tiger King is set at 800 rubles.

8. Aylida

  • Ailida dietary supplement enhances a wish due to increased production of internal testosterone. Hormone acts on the area of ​​the brain responsible for sexual desire. In addition, with regular admission due to amplification blood flow the cavalry’s combat weapon is increasing in size. "Ailida" helps to believe in one's own strength, relieves fatigue.
  • The main substances in the composition are extract from the genitals deerblack wild antscinnamon ginseng. Bioadditive is applied for half an hour to love contact.
  • Ailid cannot be taken with hypertension, renal and liver failure, serious diseases central nervous system. Sometimes after taking "Ailida" may occur pain in the head, diarrhea or constipation, insomnia, severe irritability.
  • The average price starts from 400 rubles.

We turn to the remaining interesting reviews and highly aphrodisiacs for sex in men. Next in line is a drug called France T253.

9. France T253

  • Capsules significantly raise libido among cavaliers, arouse the desire for intimacy and stir up passion. Preventing early ejaculation, bioadditive significantly increases time intercourse. France T253 increases durability of guys, perfect for problems of sexual impotence caused by tiredness and overwork.
  • The composition of the natural aphrodisiac France T253 created by Tibetan doctors is completely natural. The active components of the capsules are the organs of the spotted deerTibetan yak, snowdrop and tibetan extract saffron.
  • The product is taken as one hour before intercourse.Incompatible with alcohol.
  • The price of the product is about 690 rubles.

10. Yangan 100

  • The basis of the action of the bio-supplement "Yangan 100" is the expansion of the walls of the blood vessels and an increase in muscle tone of the genital organ. Capsules increase small blood flow the pelvis and directly to the penis, causing a strong erection. "Yangan 100" improves the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the intimate organ, because of which the impression of intercourse becomes brighter. Supplements are a great way to prevent tumors. prostate (adenomas).
  • Yangan 100 contains genital extracts yak and insects, horns deerextract ginseng of the present. Capsules should be taken as 50 minutes to intimacy.
  • Supplementation is contraindicated in case of genital deformities, after a heart attack or stroke, within a month after surgery. May cause insomnia, nausea, less often - diarrhea.
  • The average price for 100 capsules is 990 rubles.

In another publication, various dietary supplements have already been described in detail to increase the potency in men of instant action. We continue to answer the common question of people about which pills excite men. Next is a Chinese-made drug.

11. Dragon Tornado

  • "Dragon Tornado" induces an intimacy and activates the transfer desires along the nerve fibers of the whole body, enhances attraction to a partner. Improving the blood supply to the organs of small the pelvis, the product enhances erectionsignificantly increases the time of intimate intercourse. With a course intake improves the amount of viable seed.
  • The product is a mixture of natural ingredients, prepared on the basis of recipes of ancient Chinese healers. IN composition Dragon Tornado includes organ ingredients deer, ginseng and skate extract marine.
  • The product is taken as half an hour to intimacy. Due to its natural composition, the product does not negatively affect the heart.
  • The price will cost about 1200 rubles.

12. Strong for 10 days

  • Capsules of this product have a Kindle passion property and pronounced general tonic effect on the body. Ideal for uncontrolled gentlemen early ejaculation. It helps prolong intercourse, increases the sensitivity of the intimate organ. With a course dose increases the amount of active viable seed. We also talked about similar products here.
  • The main components of the product are berries juniper root ginseng mushroomstems oats. The capsule should be taken as 30 minutes to the vicinity.
  • It is impossible take people with severe heart insufficiency and high blood pressure.
  • The price of 10 capsules will cost 1100 rubles.

Before you buy drugs to excite men before sexual pleasures, it will be useful to watch the following video.

13. Australian Kangaroo

  • "Australian Kangaroo" refers to dietary supplements. This dietary supplement improves blood flow in male dignity, enhances erection. Due to the expansion of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, there is some increase in length and width. Australian Kangaroo increases testosterone, thereby enhancing a wish.
  • Supplements have a natural composition. Contains elements from organs walrusAustralian Kangaroo yak and horns deer. Bioadditive is taken as 20 minutes before making love.
  • Contraindicated in bronchitis, flu, tumors of various origins, defects heartsliver and kidney. The first use may cause nausea and headache.
  • The cost of "Australian Kangaroo" starts from 900 rubles.

14. Span fly (spanish Gold Fly)

  • This dietary supplement acts as a good natural aphrodisiac. The product stimulates the nerve cells of the whole body, including brain cells and nerve endings of dignity.Under the influence of dietary supplements, the influx increases blood to the causal organ, there is a long erection. Sex drive is increasing.
  • Product contains cantharidin - poison of a beetle (insect flypan) in a concentration safe for health. Includes rosemary and essential composition oils. Usually taken as 35 minutes before making love.
  • The medicine is contraindicated in high arterial pressure and other heart diseases and vessels.
  • The price of the product was set at 350 rubles.

About similar in action drugs in terms of male strength and intimate health, it was still mentioned in another article. The following for an analysis of inexpensive means, consider exciting drops for men. They are not only available in pharmacies, and they have a familiar name.

15. Extraction of testicular serum

  • Russian-made whey extract has a direct effect on nervous human system. Acting on the parts of the brain associated with sexual desire, the hood causes a wish proximity. In addition, the solution activates receptors on skin causal organ and centers of the autonomic nervous system. Due to this, there is an increase in the sensitivity of a combat weapon.
  • Unicomponent liquid contains only range hood testicular serum. Take the solution should 20 minutes to intimacy.
  • It is impossible take an extract in the presence of pathologies and disorders of the nervous, cardiovascular systems and with problems with the liver. From side effects, medicine may cause tremor hands, pain in the head, loss of a sense of reality, nausea.
  • The average cost of whey is 970 rubles.

16. Fujunbao super

  • FUZHUNBAO Super Capsules contain only natural Ingredients. They help cavaliers in the absence of a desire for intimacy with a girl. Supplements stabilize the emotional background of a strong gender, increases self-esteem. The product allows you to quickly restore an erection, improves the quality and time of intercourse. "Fuzhunbao super" can be taken for prevention prostatitis.
  • The composition includes the root of the present ginsengroot sage multicorne and other plant components. Dietary supplement is taken for half an hour to intimacy. For the prevention of prostatitis, a course course is required for one month.
  • Contraindicated people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, insomnia and severe atherosclerosis.
  • A package of "FUZHUNBAO super" of 8 capsules costs 900 rubles.

Before you buy men's aphrodisiac tablets or a drug, you need to know their main characteristics. Thanks to this, there will be at least some understanding of how the product suits you.

17. Old Captain

  • Natural components of the product increase the sensitivity of nerve endings guns for pleasure, several times enhance sensations during intercourse. "Old Captain" has a positive effect on nervous system, helps to overcome self-doubt and self-reliance. Dietary supplement prolongs intimate intercourse and helps cavaliers with early ejaculation.
  • "Old Captain" contains extract oysters, extract from the liver of fur seals, organ extract seal. Dietary supplement is taken for 30 minutes to love intercourse.
  • It is impossible take with insomnia, arteriosclerosis, severe cardiac arrhythmias and high grade hypertension.
  • The average cost of capsules is 750 rubles.

So we sorted out all the medications that stimulate intimacy and incite attraction. In other articles, we also spoke earlier about drugs to increase potency in men after 50 or in younger guys.

Useful mixes from aphrodisiacs and dishes from them

  1. Sour cream. The famous passion-infusing cocktail is a mixture of low-fat sour cream, walnuts and parsley. All products are ground in a blender and mixed well.
  2. Dried fruit cocktail also causes a good reaction of the body. Dried apricots, raisins and prunes (100 grams each) should be simmered in a pan with red wine (500 ml) under the lid for an hour. Take 100 ml before intimacy.
  3. Rice dish. An excellent stimulus for intimacy has a dish of rice cooked almost until cooked, quail eggs, honey and curry.
  4. Japanese connoisseurs use beet and radish salad.
  5. French connoisseurs prefer to use dark chocolate with nuts, which is washed down with a little cognac with a raw egg, to arouse attraction.
  6. Sea salad cabbage will appeal to lovers of seafood, which is a strong aphrodisiac. Grated apple, shrimp and sour cream must be added to the cabbage.
  7. "Cocktail" from nuts suitable for men who are not overweight. It is made from nuts such as almonds, sesame seeds and walnuts. The mixture must be seasoned with honey and taken 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for one month.
  8. Green salad. A good effect on libido has a salad of cilantro, parsley and basil, seasoned with olive oil. Ready folk remedy must be consumed three times a day before meals, three tablespoons.
  9. Exotic dish. For lovers of exotic, a dish of fried ram eggs and onions is perfect. This delicacy helps to get rid of worries about how to increase male libido.

Exciting pills for sex, a man can use along with the above dishes.

Let us consider separately other products that bring a gentleman in bed and contribute to the awakening of attraction.

Other aphrodisiacs, arousing attraction

At home, you can decide for yourself in which dishes to use these ingredients and with what products to mix them.

  • Products: lean meat (rabbit, turkey), celery, mussels, asparagus, avocado, banana, mushrooms, coconut.
  • Spice: anise, cloves, caraway seeds, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon.
  • Essential oils: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rosemary, jasmine.

In what cases are some exciting drugs dangerous?

For some diseases (high-grade arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus with vascular damage, angina pectoris, glaucoma) taking such “start-up” medicines is not only undesirable, but also dangerous.

  1. With arterial hypertension. Many drugs that induce intimacy and incite attraction to drugs cause an increase in blood pressure, which, with a hypertension already existing in a man, can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  2. With angina pectoris. People with angina pectoris are often forced to take medicines with nitric oxide (nitroglycerin and its derivatives). With the simultaneous use of these drugs and synthetic stimulants of sexual desire, the blood vessels of the whole body become excessively dilated, this leads to redistribution of blood, its outflow from the heart and brain. As a result, fainting or even coma is possible.
  3. With diabetes the vessels and nerve receptors of the penis become insensitive to the action of drugs that induce intimacy. This causes the stronger sex to increase the dosage of these medications and, in the end, leads to complications.
  4. With glaucoma. For men with glaucoma, taking synthetic medications that kindle desire is undesirable because of their indiscriminate dilating effect on blood vessels. As a result, there is a strong increase in intraocular pressure, which can lead to blindness.
  5. While taking of different types of medications that induce intimacy, the likelihood of adverse reactions, their danger and strength increases at times.

That's all. Now you know a lot about the topic of what are called aphrodisiac tablets for men. Everyone can choose the right drug or remedy with instant action or course.

Before you buy a medication, a cavalier must definitely consult a doctor.

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