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Hairstyles for boys 10-14 years old

Boys - teenagers, it happens, often surprise with their unusual images. Maximalism and a very difficult age, starting from 12 years old, attach to their character many interesting and, at first glance, incomprehensible, nuances. And as some studies show, all these oddities, one way or another, are expressed by external changes and a kind of rebellion. In most cases, hairstyles for 12 year old boys stand out with their variety.

What hairstyle to make a boy 12 years old?

The current trends in fashion have clearly begun to prevail over the boring uniformity of the hair of the guys who most recently still prevailed around the world. The accepted severity of short hair is also becoming obsolete. Now, it is probably difficult to name the specific stylistic framework of boyish hairstyles.

Parents are trying to somehow diversify and bring something new to the life of their children, not only with new items in the wardrobe, but also experimenting with hairstyle. Of course, the herd effect has not yet been canceled, and most people try to follow world fashion trends, of course.

To date, there are a lot of teenage model haircuts for boys 12 years old. Young fashionistas, trying to look creative in schools against the background of their peers or like the opposite sex, already from an early age think about modern cool and cool hairstyles. Undoubtedly, the current youth hairstyles for adolescent boys of 12 years give beautiful, and, sometimes, elegant outlines, and even are able to change the shape of the head.

Boys often look for leadership qualities in themselves, and frequent innovations in their hairstyle definitely help them in this. Now among teenagers, both long hair and classic short hair are popular. Boys also prefer hairstyles with hair laid on their sides.

The names of hairstyles for boys of 12 years: model, Canadian, dude, hedgehogs or brushes, classic, quiff, short and elongated, haircuts with drawings and patterns - all these names show how many possibilities and variations there are in the hairdressing industry.

Age-appropriate selection

Adolescence is a period of rapid formation of a child’s personality, during this period every slightest unfavorable external factor can deliver a lot of unpleasant experiences and even cause serious mental trauma. At this age, children try to impress others, which is why they begin to experiment with their appearance and, in particular, with hairstyles.

An inept haircut can cause taunts and ridicule from peers, which gives rise to many complexes, and until the strands grow back, the young man will be very worried. But a well-chosen hairstyle is capable of many things - it adds confidence to the child, helps to realize oneself as an adult, forms a favorable image among peers. The main thing is that adolescents get the opportunity to look at themselves from a new angle - and this is a very important step on the difficult path of self-acceptance.

At the age of 11-12 years, boys are gradually transforming from funny little boys who like to play toy soldiers, to guys with a bunch of pretty adult hobbies, including girls, which is why choosing a proper hairstyle is very important. However, when choosing it is necessary to be guided primarily by the characteristics of the character of the boy himself, it is necessary to take into account the temperament of the teenager.

So, light waves and perfect flowing lines will not suit athletes and fidgets, but a sports hairstyle that allows you to try a variety of styling - this will be exactly what you need.

In addition, you can focus on many other factors.

  • The length and density of hair. For example, on a short hair you can’t make a cascade, and on thin hair truly Canadian will look ridiculous.
  • Features of appearance. For round faces, it is better to choose asymmetric haircuts. For square, it is worth giving an extra volume to the crown.
  • The age of the child. So, for example, an Iroquois in a young man of 14-15 years old will be very effective, but for a 9-10-year-old boy he is completely useless.
  • The difficulty of laying. Be sure to think about this question in advance. If the boy does not have the opportunity to style his haircut daily, then it is better to use less troublesome options.

Professionals today use the most advanced technologies, thanks to which the range of boyish haircuts has expanded significantly. In the current season, the main trend is the lack of any standards and pronounced contours.

Adolescents aged 10-14 have the right to decide for themselves how to design a dynamic and stylish model on their heads.


Of course, at the peak of its popularity for boys as 12 years old and older, the Canadian hairstyle remains, and a definite advantage over other haircuts and demand is one of the main advantages.

One of the minuses of this hairstyle is that this haircut option is not suitable for boys with an elongated type of face, as it visually stretches the shape of the head even more. Short-cut hair on the sides and long strands from the top are the main difference between this type of haircut.

This allows hairdressers to do various types of hairstyles, and everything looks very stylish and neat.

Hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyle for a boy teenager 12 years old for short hair is more relevant than ever. Short sports-style haircuts, such as a hedgehog, also remain popular, but according to the advice of stylists, it is best to make them a smaller age category. Such a children's hairstyle looks neat, and less troubles for tomboys. .

Older boys should look at the classic hairstyles made by the machine.

For owners of thick strands and with a square type of face, a half-box hairstyle is perfect, and, conversely, for boys with a thin type of hair, you can use a haircut haircut, which will look very cute and stylish.

Boys who are older, already choose their own style, and here, a variety of hairstyles and imagination is in full swing.

They are willing to experiment with length. Some combine medium and long hair in one haircut, arranging a light mess on the head, which also emphasizes and sets off against the background of others.

Hairstyles for medium hair boys 12 years

Boys with a calm temperament and quiet character, often wear the best hairstyles of the classical type, medium length hair or a bob hairstyle.

The classy haircut “cockerel” has a fun originality, including a tuft, with strands of hair of medium length at the top of the head and the hair shaved shortly from the bottom and sides, like a mohawk.

Stylish hairstyle underker fits with any wardrobe, and also has a male youth character.

Styling and coloring for boys

Speaking of styling haircuts for boys 10-13 years old, it can undoubtedly be noted that this is an integral part in the everyday life of today's youth. Like adults, boys teenagers 11 years and older tend to be fashionable and stylish, choosing the coolest hairstyle.

Here we can note several types of styling:

1. Easy mess. Slightly styled hair on the side, but not sleek to shine.
2. Classical styling in any direction, using gels and balms.
3. The effect of wet hair is done using mousse and a diffuser.

A more relaxed tone has styling that is not very conspicuous, and the natural beauty of the boy’s hair is emphasized there.

Very adolescent boys sometimes act bravely, deciding to colorize. Of course, such an extraordinary step cannot be made without the consent of the parents. But sometimes it is necessary for the child to show his personality.

There are also many variations with color and shapes. Do not lose sight of highlighting. But as a school version of the hairstyle, this is not worth considering, but wait for the summer.

Modern teenage boys strive to always look better than their peers, and eternal rivalry, both in everyday life and in external transformations, in the hairstyle, will always be a priority.

See the coolest hairstyles for boys here.

What to choose a haircut for little boys?

In the modern world of hair - design and hairdressing, many sections are reserved for haircuts for adolescent boys. They train masters when creating any modern haircut to take into account as much as possible the individual characteristics of the child, his preferences and interests, especially the structure of hair.

When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider several factors:

  • it is better to refuse long haircuts, as the child may have vision problems,
  • the type of haircut should fully comply with the style of clothing and temperament of the child,
  • the choice of haircut should be carried out taking into account the independence of the child and his ability to care for hair.

Modern hairstyles for adolescent boys should be a matter of pride, and not a way to attract unhealthy attention and ridicule from the environment.

When choosing a haircut for a boy, parents should first familiarize themselves with the requirements of the school institution that the teenager is visiting. Perhaps creative and stylish haircuts may be unacceptable according to the dress code, so this point is important to consider in advance. But the main selection criterion is still the age of the boy.

Fashionable hairstyles for boys 6-12 years old

Some types of hairstyles belong to the strict and restrained classics, while others are cool modern interpretations with a unique design and additions. Do not rush into the choice, subject to fashion trends and stereotypes. You need to understand that adult fashion and haircut for a boy of 7 years, for example, may vary slightly. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the recommendations of stylists and hairdressers.

A hedgehog is an ideal haircut for a boy of 6 years and older, as it emphasizes a certain immediacy of the child, his optimism and love for active games. Putting such a haircut is simple, as the baby himself will cope with this task. Hair will not become an obstacle during games, eating food or classes, as the hair length will vary between 0.6-1.5 cm.

Half Boxing and Boxing

This haircut option is ideal for boys who are fond of sports. But most often, boxing and half-boxing is a popular haircut for a boy of 10 years and older, as it is characterized by restraint and personifies male power. Boxing is a short interpretation of the half-box, both options are convenient because they do not require special care and styling. Neat bangs are often attached to the half-box.


Stylish haircuts are headed by gavrosh - the perfect haircut for a boy of 8 years and older. Its distinguishing features are its light dynamics, unique style and creative basis. Experts recommend this haircut for boys with a laid-back and inclined character in freedom and freedom. A pile of hair is concentrated in the central part of the head, which can be stacked in different interpretations.


But the perfect haircut for a boy of 9 years old is Caesar, who will never look ordinary and primitive. A distinctive feature of such a haircut is its clear edging in the temples and bangs. Hair from 2 to 5 cm long allows you to create an elegant and at the same time bold image.


Quite extreme and shocking haircut for a boy of 10 years and older, it is characterized by the presence of long hair along the head, but strictly in its center. But the temporal part with the transition to the back of the head is cut as short as possible, creating a length contract. Iroquois requires constant styling, so a haircut is suitable only for independent boys.

Haircuts with shaved temples and patterns

Beautiful haircuts do not end there, hairdressers are now boldly experimenting with images of teenagers, creating haircuts with the decor of the temporal region. Khair tattoo is the most popular haircut for a boy of 12 years old and older boys, it emphasizes the courage and self-confidence of a growing guy. You can select lines, stripes, images of different heroes and patterns in the temple area.

Haircuts in the style of hair - design - this is the most popular variety of haircuts for boys of all ages, and many men in adulthood also decorate their haircut with drawings at the temples.

Photo of stylish children's hairstyles for boys

Fashionable and youth hairstyles for boys aged 7-12 can be seen in the photo below.


Children's fashionable hairstyles can be classified by such parameters as hair length, age of the child and the corresponding character and style of the boy. Specialists advise parents not to impose their opinions and desires on the child, but to build on their interests and hobbies. A haircut for a growing boy is an integral part of his image, a step towards self-development and formation in society.

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