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Treatment of prostate adenoma with soda: true or myth?

BPH is a scourge of men over 40 years old. Every man in old age can face this disease.

The occurrence of BPH is independent of lifestyle. Doctors can use various methods. One of them is soda treatment.

BPH: what is it?

This abbreviation stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia. This disease is not only called that way. This is also called prostate adenoma, benign enlargement, fibroma.

Prostate adenoma is a benign tumor of the prostate gland. Men over 40 years old risk getting it. The older the man, the more likely he is that the disease will develop. The reason for the development of this ailment is hormonal adjustment.

  1. Benign prostatic hyperplasia of the 1st degree.
  2. Adenoma of the prostate 2 degrees.

The history of the development of such an option

Soda has been used as a medicine for a long time. Our grandparents also drank it from heartburn.

At the end of the 20th century, an Italian doctor who was developing drugs for the treatment of various tumors conducted research. After he conducted a lot of research, he came to the conclusion that prostate adenoma can be cured with the help of ordinary soda.

Treatment of prostate adenoma with soda

There are several methods. Any of these methods will help, provided that the procedures are carried out regularly and in combination with another treatment that the urologist will prescribe. Before using any of them, a consultation with a doctor is necessary. So.

Soda baths:

  1. To carry out such a procedure, you need to pour water into a sufficiently large basin. Water should not be hot. Its temperature should be 38 ° C.
  2. It is necessary to add soda to the water at the rate of 1.5 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.
  3. It is necessary to warm and disinfect the prostate gland, sitting in the pelvis.

The procedure should be repeated for 7-10 days. The duration of the procedure is at least 10 minutes.

Healing drink:

  1. Dissolve soda in 200 grams of milk (its amount will vary). This quantity is indicated below.
  2. Before drinking, mix the drink thoroughly.
  3. This drink is consumed twice a day before meals. Meal should be 10-15 minutes after this drink was drunk.
  4. If the patient has contraindications to milk, an aqueous solution can be prepared.

The course of admission is designed for 15 days.:

  1. From the first to the third day, you need to take 0.25 teaspoon of soda per 200 ml of milk.
  2. From the fourth to the sixth day, 0.5 teaspoon per 200 ml of milk is needed.
  3. From the seventh to the ninth day, 0.75 teaspoon per 200 ml of milk is needed.
  4. From the tenth to the twelfth day, the amount of soda should be increased again. Now one teaspoon per 200 ml of milk will be needed.
  5. From the thirteenth to the fifteenth day, it will be necessary to add already 1.5 teaspoons per 20 ml of milk.

Repeat this course should be 1 time in 7-8 months.


  1. Before a medical enema, a colon cleansing should be performed. Such a cleansing is performed using a conventional enema.
  2. After that, you need to drink 2 glasses of water for 10 minutes. The intestines should then be completely cleansed. It is important to wait until it is completely cleansed. You can’t eat at this time.
  3. Next, prepare a soda solution. In which there will be 1 spoon of soda per 1 glass of water. It will be necessary to prepare only 1 cup of solution. Water should be slightly warm.
  4. After the therapeutic enema has been delivered, a birch stance should be taken for 5 minutes.

Abuse enemas is still not worth it. If enemas are placed too often, they can contribute to the deterioration of the intestinal microflora. Use this method of treatment of prostate adenoma should not be more than once a year.

Can it be cured?

Nevertheless, you should not be treated only in this way. The treatment of adenomas of the protate should be combined with that prescribed by the urologist. Even in the initial stages, treatment with soda should be used only as an addition to the main treatment.

And also more details here about the effective treatment of prostate adenoma with herbs and herbal preparations.

Methods of treating prostate adenoma with soda

Dr. I.P. Neumyvakin recommends treating prostate adenoma with soda. Some authors say that the idea of ​​the method is drawn from traditional medicine, and then developed and scientifically substantiated by Ivan Pavlovich.

But official medicine responds extremely negatively to the use of soda in prostate adenoma, calling the method simply pseudoscientific. So who is right?

Prostate adenoma and causes

Adenoma of the prostate gland is more correctly called benign hyperplasia, i.e., a tumor in which excessive growth of cells of the glandular epithelium or stromal component of the prostate occurs. The prostate gland consequently increases in size and compresses the ureteral canal (urethra), which passes through it. As a result, progressive urinary retention occurs.

The disease is very common. In 42% of forty-year-old men, adenomatous formations are found in the prostate, over 60% in 84%.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia develops against the background of:

  1. Acute or chronic prostatitis that occurs against a background of bacterial infection, age-related disturbances in physiological hormonal balance, poor ecology, and genetic predisposition.
  2. Venous stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Healthy and adenoma-affected prostate gland

If hyperplasia is not diagnosed in time and treatment is not started, then the tumor grows further, which leads to pain during urination and sexual intercourse, decreased sexual activity and impotence, frequent urination, and stagnation of the urine in the bladder. Urination is problematic, requires additional physical effort, at the same time involuntary urine proteins occur during sudden movements, jumps, laughter, sneezing.

Launched same disease leads to:

  • the presence of blood in the urine (hematuria),
  • infectious inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) and kidneys (pyelonephritis),
  • the formation of stones in the kidneys, bladder and ureters,
  • protrusion of the wall of the bladder (diverticulum) and expansion of the pyelocaliceal system of the kidneys (hydronephrosis),
  • vesicoureteral reflux,
  • chronic renal failure.

Traditional medicine against prostate adenoma

An effective addition to official treatment is folk recipes proven over the years:

  1. In 250 ml of ethyl alcohol for 10 days, insist 25 g of brown peel of horse chestnut fruit, periodically shaking. Filter and take 40-50 drops 2 times a day.
  2. Take 1 tsp. crushed roots of dioica nettle, licorice and galangal, pour 600 ml of cold water, put on a stove and boil for 10-12 minutes. Insist 1 hour. Drink 1 glass in the morning and evening.
  3. Take pumpkin oil for 1 tsp. 3 times a day for at least a month.
  4. It is useful to eat pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach several times a day.
  5. For a long time, take 1 tsp. 3 times a day a mixture of beetroot, cucumber and carrot juice.

Now about soda

The use of medical and folk methods of treatment requires effort, time, money. Professor Neumyvakin offers a much simpler method - getting rid of prostate adenoma with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

Treatment of prostate adenoma with soda

Baking soda against prostate adenoma at home is used in the form of:

  1. Soda baths, for which they are dissolved in water heated to 38 ° C, baking soda in a ratio of 1.5 tbsp. l on 1 liter of water. The solution is poured into a basin in which they sit for 10 minutes. The procedure is carried out before bedtime for 7-10 days.
  2. A healing drink made from a glass of warm milk with soda. It should be taken 10-15 minutes before meals 2 times a day for 15 days. Soda is added according to the scheme: 3 days for ¼ tsp. on a glass, 3 days for ½ tsp., 3 days for ¾ tsp., 3 days for 1 tsp., 3 days for 1.5 tsp. The next course is repeated after 7-8 months, not earlier. With milk intolerance, soda is diluted in water.
  3. Therapeutic microclysters carried out after preliminary cleaning of the intestine with an enema with clean water. A soda solution is prepared for the procedure (1 teaspoon of soda is dissolved in 1 cup of cool water). After an enema, take a birch gymnastic stance for 1 minute, then turn over on the right side for 5 minutes.

Despite the medicinal properties of soda, one cannot treat prostate adenoma with soda when:

  • chronic diseases
  • diabetes
  • an ulcer or gastritis,
  • high blood pressure.

Is it effective to use the properties of baking soda to combat prostate adenoma, opinions differ. There are many supporters of the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia according to Neumyvakin, as well as ardent opponents. Official medicine allows the use of soda with warm milk to reduce the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder, as well as to increase the activity of antibiotics that are destroyed in an acidic environment.

But it should be remembered that self-medication is dangerous, only a doctor can identify the causes of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment.

When prostate adenoma occurs, you need to follow a diet, exercise physical therapy, walk a lot and give up bad habits.

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Soda against adenoma and prostatitis: can it be used?

The "soda" method of combating illness, from a professional medical point of view, is not confirmed by anything

To begin with, it should be said that the effectiveness of soda against various diseases has not been proven. On the contrary, its inefficiency is proved. However, this does not stop the adherents of traditional medicine in the desire to experiment with their health.

Many are interested in the safety of using this product. In general, soda can really be used for adenoma and prostatitis, since it can not cause harm (except in rare cases), but the expediency of such therapy does not hold water.

Despite the fact that soda compresses, baths or enemas do not cause harm to health, doctors do not recommend taking this method seriously. The fact is that while a man engages in dubious self-medication, prostate adenoma will continue to progress. The tumor will increase in size, causing severe symptoms that poison a person’s life, and the man himself at that time will hope for the miraculous properties of soda, but will not go to the doctor for qualified help and the appointment of adequate therapy.

Soda for prostate adenoma: in what form and how to apply it correctly?

Soda is a unique product that is part of a wide variety of folk recipes.

In the treatment of male diseases, it is also used very actively.

Consider how to treat adenoma soda at home.

Benefits of Soda Technique

Treatment of adenoma with soda is possible with some types of disease.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor to establish the causes and nature of the disease.

Proper use of soda solution:

  • Improves the process of resorption of the tumor,
  • Helps restore potency
  • Protects the prostate from bacterial damage,
  • Relieves inflammation.

The soda technique is considered a simple and affordable means for the prevention of prostate adenoma, its treatment. These benefits provide an accelerated recovery.

Systemic and complex use of sodium bicarbonate significantly increases the effectiveness of classical therapy.

Dispelling Popular Myths

Traditional healers and creators of various alternative treatment methods provide the following arguments in favor of using soda in the fight against prostate adenoma:

  • antibacterial activity
  • elimination of toxins and harmful compounds,
  • kidney stimulation,
  • alkalization of the body.

Soda really has some antiseptic properties. This manifests itself well when rinsing the throat or oral cavity, in the presence of an inflammatory process caused by pathogenic agents, but with an adenoma this property of sodium bicarbonate cannot be fully revealed, since there is no inflammation or focus of infection in the prostate. Thus, an antibacterial effect in this case is completely unnecessary.

The ability of soda to detoxify is a moot point. This point has not yet been proven. Theoretically, we can assume that this is due to the diuretic effect with the internal intake of soda, and then, due to the consumption of the amount of liquid. Again, with adenoma, this is not significant and does not affect the course of the disease.

Stimulating kidney function is again a controversial issue. If you consider that soda has a diuretic effect, then the kidneys really begin to work better, but it is important to consider that the load on the organ increases. In addition, in some cases, soda can aggravate kidney stone disease. In addition, with adenoma, outflow of urine is disturbed due to squeezing of the neck of the bladder. Active stimulation of the kidneys and the use of diuretics, including soda, leads to the fact that the frequency of urges increases, but the man still can not urinate normally, since prostate edema does not pass without special medications.

Reasoning about the benefits of alkalizing the body with soda is a stumbling block for many alternative treatments. But with an adenoma, a change in the acid-base balance can again not help.

Thus, the use of soda in adenoma is very doubtful. To date, there is no convincing argument in favor of treating prostate adenoma with soda.

Therapeutic action

Prostate adenoma is a common and extremely unpleasant disease. After 45 years, more than half of men suffer from it. The causes of the development of the disease are: physical inactivity, stress, bad habits, insufficiently active sex life, as well as some other factors. Soda treatment is effective both in relation to chronic prostatitis and during an exacerbation of the disease.

With complex (external and internal) treatment with soda, the following beneficial effects can be achieved:

  • relieving pain, itching and burning in the perineum,
  • antiseptic and antibacterial effect,
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • stopping the development of the disease in the body,
  • accelerate the withdrawal of excess and harmful substances,
  • strengthening immunity
  • improving sexual function,
  • normalization of the urination process,
  • general well-being,
  • reducing the number of foci of inflammation in the body,
  • improvement of the digestive and excretory systems.

Soda against prostate adenoma

Baking soda (other names: sodium bicarbonate, drinking soda, sodium bicarbonate) is an organism harmless and very effective medicine for treating various types of pathologies. Sodium bicarbonate has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory drug effect, which helps to remove pain and improve the well-being of the patient.The healing properties of baking soda from the occurrence of prostate adenoma help to remove inflammation, swelling and burning. In addition, the tool perfectly disinfects the body, saving it from bacteria and germs.

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How to cure adenoma soda at home. Treatment of BPH with sodium bicarbonate is the most budgetary and easiest way to treat prostatitis. In addition, the tool helps to combat pathologies such as cancer in the genital area. Soda envelops the resulting tumor and gradually makes it smaller, this helps prevent the development of metastases inside the body.

The procedure for treating an ailment with soda is based on the introduction of a diluted agent inside, to the very site of inflammation. Typically, such events are carried out only in specialized medical centers, under the strict supervision of the attending physician. Therapy lasts an average of about 6-12 months, depending on the severity of the development of the disease. After 3-4 months, there are positive reviews and improvement in well-being.

In cases where the patient wants to start treatment with baking soda of the prostate on their own at home, it should be remembered that traditional medicine should be used in conjunction with traditional methods. That is, in addition to treating with baking soda, a person must also take special medications to improve the therapeutic effect.

Indications for use

The soda technique is particularly effective in the treatment of prostatitis in the case of an accurate diagnosis.

Positive results were recorded in the fight against such types of diseases:

  • Infectious prostatitis
  • Acute prostatitis
  • Prostatitis as a result of metabolic failures,
  • Other diseases of the genital and urinary system in men.

Pathogenic bacteria and viruses lead to acidification of urine. This causes significant damage to the prostate gland. The use of soda solutions neutralizes uric acid. The patient's condition is noticeably improving.

Metabolic, fatal lifestyle, weakened immunity lead to vulnerability of the body. Under such circumstances, prostatitis is often manifested. Other diseases may accompany it. Solutions based on sodium bicarbonate also contribute to their overcoming and prevention.

Soda Recipes

Hypertensive patients should use the substance with extreme caution

Those who are interested in how to cure prostate adenoma should make an appointment with a qualified urologist. The doctor will prescribe examinations, the results of which will be the optimal regimen for drug therapy.

In the early stages of the development of adenoma, a benign neoplasm can be successfully restrained by medicines, including plant origin. Taking drugs will help get rid of the symptoms and reduce the rate of progression of the adenoma, thereby giving a delay of several years. But with stage 3 adenoma, when the tumor reaches a large size, only surgical treatment can help, but not soda.

Those who decided to try the folk method on themselves should know several nuances:

  • soda raises blood pressure and can cause swelling,
  • baking soda abuse entails disruption of the digestive tract,
  • the use of alternative methods is not a substitute for drug therapy.

It is best to consult with your doctor about the possibility of combining “soda therapy” with medication.

Before starting therapy, it is necessary to exclude the presence of contraindications, carefully study the possible negative consequences, and only then proceeds to the choice of the method of using soda from adenoma.

What is the essence of soda therapy

Prostate adenoma is a benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is often observed in men after 45 years. One or more nodules form in the organ. An enlarged gland impedes the normal flow of urine from the bladder.

For treatment, sodium bicarbonate therapy is used. After applying this remedy, relief comes, pain and other symptoms are partially relieved. NaHCO₃ is active not only with adenoma, it has a positive effect on recovery from prostatitis and oncology.

For treatment, take baking soda. It consists of:

The advantages of treating soda are ease of use, the possibility of use at home. Also advantages are low cost and low chance of side effects, its good effectiveness.

Can baking soda cure the prostate?

We list the basic principles of treatment with soda:

  • with an adenoma, pathogenic microorganisms damage the functioning of healthy cells, which leads to the formation of puffiness, pain and damage to the internal structures of the prostate. A sharply acidic environment is formed, which only exacerbates the situation. Sodium bicarbonate quickly and effectively brings the acid-base balance back to normal, which helps to stabilize the general condition,
  • It removes toxins and harmful compounds that enter the body through food, cigarettes, alcohol, and air. This strengthens the body as a whole, which allows you to quickly defeat any disease, including adenoma,
  • scientists managed to find out that quite often the inflammatory process in the prostate gland begins to develop against the background of kidney pathologies. The latter arise due to the fact that men often do not pay due attention to their own health. This situation leads to a sharp imbalance of phosphates, urates and oxalates, and in the future - to the formation of stones. Exiting, the stones affect the prostate. Soda, however, easily fights this phenomenon due to its ability to destroy the accumulation of harmful compounds, which effectively protects the body from various infections, and the prostate gland from mechanical damage.

How to treat prostate soda

This method of therapy is allowed only at the initial stages of the development of pathology. During this period, you can take soda baths, microclysters and miraculous drinks to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and discomfort. In severe forms of prostatitis, a folk remedy can greatly harm the body and only exacerbate the whole situation. Therefore, before home therapy, a person needs to undergo a medical examination and consult a doctor to minimize the risks of complications.

Procedures are allowed to be performed 1-2 times in 14 days if the patient has severe inflammation and acute pain in the groin area. For the prevention of the disease, it is recommended to use baths with sodium bicarbonate and peroxide, not more than 3-4 times a year. Sometimes doctors prescribe alternative methods of treating prostatitis with a remedy once every 3 months. The course and frequency of procedures will depend on the stage and rate of development of benign prostatic hyperplasia. If you ignore the problem and run it, ultimately it can lead to impotence and infertility. Therefore, it is better not to start the ailment and consult a doctor in time for medical help.

The most important soda treatment methods

Treatment of prostate adenoma with soda has sufficient positive experience. Successfully tested several techniques. When choosing any of them, 2 most important conditions should be observed. It is necessary:

  • Get approval from your doctor,
  • Observe systematic procedures.

Baths and enemas with soda

Water temperature should not be very high

The most popular method for treating prostate adenoma with soda is the “prostate” bath and microclysters. The recipes for such healing potions are very simple, but their effectiveness remains in question.

The solution for the bath is prepared as follows:

  • heat water to 36-38 degrees,
  • pour a liter of water into the basin
  • dissolve 1.5-2 tablespoons of soda,
  • sit in a basin and take a bath for half an hour.

Putting skepticism aside, we can say that such a bath really helps to alleviate the symptoms of adenoma and improve the process of urination. The whole secret is in the gentle warming of the prostate with hot water, but not in the healing properties of soda. As a result of heating, edema decreases, the tone of the organ normalizes and the pressure on the bladder decreases.

For enemas, a solution is prepared from a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of soda. This solution should be introduced into the rectum. The advantages of this treatment method:

  • soft prostate hydromassage,
  • organ tissue warming,
  • antiseptic effect on the rectum.

The latter property will be useful for hemorrhoids and anal fissures, but it can also hurt, as soda strongly dries the mucous membranes, so enemas should not be abused.

In order not to harm health, baths and enemas with soda are allowed to be done no more than twice a week.

To whom and at what stages is indicated

The course of BPH is conditionally divided into 3 stages. Stage 1 - the first symptoms appear, complaints of problems with urination, pain during PA. NaHCO₃ treatment can be used. 2nd stage - pain in the lower abdomen, there is a problem with an erection. Urination is frequent and painful. Complex treatment, sodium bicarbonate can be used only after the permission of the doctor. Stage 3 - the risks of developing an OZM, inflammation of the genitourinary system and severe pain. At this stage, treatment with soda is prohibited.

The use of NaHCO₃ is acceptable at an early stage in the development of adenoma as an adjuvant when taking essential drugs. It is not a panacea, requires the appointment of concomitant medications.

Baking Soda Medication Prescriptions

Before therapy, you need to make sure that the patient does not have the following diseases:

  • diabetes,
  • hypertension,
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies,
  • oncological problems,
  • gastrointestinal dysfunction,
  • ulcers
  • gastritis.

If the patient does not have serious health problems, then soda baths, drinks and microclysters can be used to treat the prostate. You need to do the procedure after the permission of the doctor, only he prescribes the frequency of use.

Reception of soda solutions

Healing drink is prepared in clearly defined proportions. It is taken:

  1. A glass of milk or water
  2. 1/4 teaspoon of soda.

The prepared ingredients are mixed. The solution is drunk in full.

Take the drug twice a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening. Evening use is preferably carried out before dinner or 3 hours after a meal.

The concentration of the solution is gradually increased. This procedure lasts 4-8 weeks. A little more soda is added to the installed liquid volume. At the final stage, the amount of soda is adjusted to 1 tbsp. spoons.

The creators of the method recommend taking the solution on an empty stomach. But gastroenterologists are wary of such advice.

Neumyvakin Method

Dr. Neumyvakin is known for his dubious methods of treating serious illnesses. Professor’s favorite means are soda and peroxide. Much has been said about peroxide (especially in a negative way), but soda is widely used for home treatment of adenoma and prostatitis. Despite the fact that such treatment is completely ineffective, the number of adherents of the method is steadily increasing. The treatment of soda really helps many, but the merit of the power of auto-suggestion and the placebo effect, but not sodium bicarbonate, is more likely.

According to Neumyvakin's method, in order to defeat adenoma, you need to drink a glass of clean water daily with a teaspoon of soda. It is better to drink such a solution on an empty stomach, immediately after sleep.

A more advanced “cure” is milk with soda. In a glass of hot milk, it is necessary to dissolve a little sodium bicarbonate, and drink it in small sips. Multistage treatment. In the first three days, ¼ teaspoon of soda is dissolved in milk, the second three days - ½ teaspoon, then for 6 days take 1 teaspoon of soda, and after another three days - one and a half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of milk. After this course of treatment, a break of 8-10 months follows, and it can be repeated again.

Recipes for external and internal use

Can I drink soda with prostate adenoma? Before starting treatment for prostate adenoma with soda, make sure that you do not have the following diseases: diabetes, hypertension, any chronic ailments in the acute stage, cancer, serious functional disorders in the digestive tract, especially ulcers and gastritis.

The use of soda against prostate adenoma

Sodium bicarbonate is used in various methods, for example, it is described by Dr. Neumyvakin. The main types of procedures are:

  • Baths. The tool removes pain, has an antiseptic effect.
  • Enema Such procedures have a softening effect, activate recovery, relieve inflammation.
  • Drinking a soda solution. Here, the tool works at the cellular level, this increases the chances of quickly removing inflammation and improving the blood supply to the prostate.

Soda baths

Soda baths are the most common and convenient way to treat at home. They are done daily, until the pain and discomfort are completely eliminated. When the symptoms of the disease subside, the baths stop doing. The course of therapy is at least 7-10 days.

To prepare the bath you will need:

  • a basin with warm drinking water,
  • soda (count 1 tbsp. l. soda per 1 liter of water),
  • iodine 5-10 ml.

Combine all components and optionally add 1-2 cups of chamomile infusion to soothe. The patient should sit in the bath and sit in it until the water cools. If there are unpleasant sensations or an allergic reaction to the components of the liquid, then you should immediately get out of the water and rinse your body with warm running water.

Soda and acidity of the stomach

One of the time-tested remedies is soda treatment for conditions accompanied by increased acidity of the stomach, such as gastritis and heartburn. Quickly extinguish heartburn or stop an attack of gastritis helps half a glass of water with ¼ teaspoon of soda. However, such treatment is unsafe. At first, the alkali really “extinguishes” excess acid, bringing quick relief, but if you abuse this product, the acidity of the gastric juice decreases over time. But with low acidity of the stomach, soda is contraindicated, and can cause serious problems with the digestive system. Conclusion: any disease must be treated correctly, otherwise the negative consequences cannot be avoided.

Healing drink

A good way to troubleshoot prostate problems is to take sodium bicarbonate inside. To do this, heat milk or sterilized water to a temperature of 30–33 degrees and dissolve a teaspoon of soda in it.

The scheme for taking a healing drink is as follows:

  1. From 1 to 8 days, 1/4 teaspoon 2-3 times a day, half an hour before meals.
  2. From 9 to 15 days, 1/3 teaspoon 2-3 times a day, before meals.
  3. From day 16 we drink 1/2 teaspoon, also 2-3 times a day.

The course of therapy is at least 30–31 days. Most often, treatment lasts 1.5–2 months to achieve a positive effect. If after a week the patient did not feel better, then you need to see a doctor and undergo a second examination. Perhaps this method of treatment is not suitable for humans and it is better to take other measures.


Baths should be performed with a course of at least 10 days, daily, until complete recovery. The duration of external use is 15 minutes, you will need:

  • soda - 1 teaspoon per liter of water,
  • 5-6 drops of iodine,
  • basin with warm water.

Next, you need to immerse yourself in the basin so that the inguinal region is completely under water.Water temperature - up to 37 C, you can not use the bath in case of exacerbation and a strong inflammatory process in the prostate. A clean, ironed towel is used for wiping.

The use of soda baths

Soda baths help reduce inflammation, reduce pain. They are able to improve the general physical condition.

To take soda baths:

  1. Capacious capacity (basin with low walls),
  2. Boiled water in an amount of 1 liter (temperature should not exceed 38 ° C),
  3. 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons of baking soda.

The solution is prepared immediately before use. Soda is carefully dissolved in water until crystals disappear completely.

1 teaspoon of iodine is sometimes added to the healing mixture. This increases the external disinfectant effect on the prostate, neutralizes pain symptoms.

Warm soda baths are taken in a sitting position. The warming and disinfection process lasts no more than 10 minutes. After consulting with a doctor, the duration of taking baths can be increased to 15 - 20 minutes.

Bath procedures are performed before bedtime. The cycle is designed to repeat daily receptions for a period of 7 to 10 days.

With severe inflammation, bath procedures are carried out no more than 1 time within 12 days. In order to prevent soda baths, it is recommended to do 4 times a year. On the advice of doctors, soda or other homeopathic remedies for baths are used 1 time every 3 months.

The use of soda enemas

Prepare a solution for microclysters from:

  1. 1 cup warm boiled water,
  2. 1 tbsp. tablespoons of soda
  3. Drops (10 - 15) of hydrogen peroxide.

Before applying treatment procedures, it is recommended that the stomach be cleansed. To do this, drink 2 glasses of pure water in one gulp. Then it is advisable to go to the toilet.

Procedures with microclysters are carried out daily. They are made twice a day. Use a medical pear.

Some experts advise after taking microclysters to perform a birch stand. After this, it is recommended to lie down for 5 minutes. on the right side. Professor I.P. Neumyvakin insists on a half-hour bedtime. In his opinion, such a period contributes to a more effective effect of the composition.

In order not to harm the body

The use of soda solutions inside is not recommended for such diseases:

  • Diabetes,
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Allergy, intolerance to the component,
  • High blood pressure (hypertension),
  • Various oncology.

The fine crystalline powder of sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic. Its use in moderate doses is safe for human health. However, soda belongs to the absorbing antacids. Concentrated soda preparations can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the intestines and stomach, leading to "acid rebounds."

Solutions with sodium bicarbonate should be thoroughly mixed until crystals disappear completely. This rule applies to both internal and external use.

Scrupulous stirring reduces the risk of burns on the mucous membrane, skin coating.

Prescriptions for Dr. Neumyvakin

It is this specialist who is an active promoter of the treatment of prostate adenoma with soda. By conducting numerous experiments, the doctor and researcher were able to prove that the cause of many diseases that arise and progress in the human body is a violation of the acid-base balance. Sodium bicarbonate is designed to restore this balance and accelerate the patient's recovery. Here are some treatment regimens for soda:

  1. daily, the doctor recommends drinking a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of soda dissolved in it,
  2. Dissolve a quarter teaspoon of soda in a glass of hot water or milk. Such a drink must be consumed three times a day for a quarter of an hour before eating. If the product is well tolerated, after a few days the dose must be brought to half a spoon, and gradually increased to a tablespoon at a time. Dr. Neumyvakin also allows the replacement of sodium bicarbonate with hydrogen peroxide. The last one needs fifteen drops per glass of liquid,
  3. microclysters. It is necessary to take half a glass of boiling water, cool to a warm state, enter 1 tbsp. l soda and 5-6 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Ideally, such a tool should be used after a standard cleansing enema. It is permissible to wash the prostate up to two times a day,
  4. another recipe is based on hot milk (200 ml) and soda. Scheme: twice a day, a quarter of an hour before a meal. The volume of sodium bicarbonate varies, so immediately give the amount that needs to be added depending on the day of treatment. The first – third day: 1/4 tsp, the fourth – sixth day: 1/2 tsp, the seventh – ninth day: ¾ tsp, the tenth – twelfth day: 1 tsp, the thirteenth fifteenth day: 1.5 tsp This course is not recommended to be repeated more often than once in eight months.

The most effective treatments for prostate adenoma with baking soda

The popularity of sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate, baking soda) is due to the healing properties of this product. The active medical use of soda has a long history. An impressive practical result is demonstrated by the treatment of prostate adenoma with soda. Sodium bicarbonate has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

At the initial stage of the disease, the use of soda solution leads to a decrease in the volume of the prostate gland. You can treat prostate adenoma on your own or with complex therapy. The use of soda prevents inflammation in the kidneys, ureters, bladder.

Treatment of prostate cancer with soda: various methods, contraindications

Prostate carcinoma is a common cancer that affects more than 400 thousand men every year. A malignant neoplasm is difficult to treat and often leads to the death of the patient. In the early stages, treatment of prostate cancer with soda has favorable prognoses, therefore it is very important to diagnose the disease on time and start therapy. Studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of using sodium bicarbonate. There are several methods in which baking soda is used to treat prostate cancer. Each method has features that you should be aware of before starting treatment. When starting therapy, the recommendations of specialists should be taken into account. This will help to avoid complications and stop the growth of the tumor.

Causes of prostate cancer

The growth and development of cancer cells is caused by malfunctions in the immune system. A weakened body ceases to determine the abnormal growth of atypical tissues and does not include protective mechanisms.

As a result, the tumor begins to grow in size, infecting healthy tissue cells. The disease can be slow and asymptomatic for several years.

Sometimes there is a rapid course of pathology, when from the initial to the last stage several months pass, ending in a fatal outcome.

The rate of development of cancer cells is influenced by certain factors and processes occurring in the body.

  • hereditary factor
  • wrong lifestyle
  • the mental state of the patient
  • violations of the daily routine
  • malnutrition and others.

One of the main factors affecting the development of cancer cells is the violation of acid-base balance. Maintaining balance in the body is influenced by eating behavior.

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the most effective ways to prevent the occurrence of malignant tumors.

The main reason for the growth of cancer cells, experts call carcinogens, oxidizing tissues.

Since the main source of carcinogens is fried food, the place of tumor formation depends on the digestive system.

All harmful substances are carried with blood and lymph to all internal organs and systems, therefore, cancer can occur in any tissue: liver, kidneys, brain, prostate gland, etc.

Experts recommend a full examination at the first sign of an acid-base balance disturbance. This will help diagnose cancer at an early stage and start treatment on time. The main symptoms of the disorder are headache, constipation, or diarrhea.

Oncologists recommend abandoning the use of tablets and other medications that relieve primary symptoms. For effective treatment, you should immediately undergo a clinical examination and consult a doctor.

The effect of soda on cancer cells

One of the first oncologists who proposed an effective way to treat cancer is an Italian doctor, a supporter of traditional medicine, Tullio Simonchini. As a result of a series of studies, he proposed that the development of cancer cells is directly related to the immune system and is caused by colonies of the fungus Candida albicans.

In the course of laboratory work and research, he discovered fungal colonies on the surface of tumors. The Italian doctor concluded that it is the vital activity of microorganisms that contributes to the violation of the acid-base balance in the body.

The kinship between fungal and oncological diseases made Simonchini think that cancer can be cured with ordinary baking soda. The complex therapy also includes the intake of vitamins to strengthen the immune system and a special diet.

According to the Italian oncologist, an alkaline environment is able to stop reproduction and destroy the existing neoplasm. Studies have shown that under the influence of sodium bicarbonate, immune cells are activated. NK lymphocytes destroy atypical cells, which helps stop the development of the disease.

To the conclusion that prostate cancer is curable with soda, other oncologists have come. Effective techniques of well-known specialists are actively used in the treatment of the initial stage of the disease.

Despite the fact that the theory that soda is capable of destroying malignant cells and neoplasms has already received a lot of clinical damage, experts recommend abandoning self-medication.

All therapeutic measures should be carried out only after consulting a doctor.

Methodology of Tulio Simonchini

The technique is a set of measures, the main directions of which are the stimulation of the body's defenses and the intake of soda. Therapy has a number of rules that should be followed throughout the treatment:

  • intake of vitamins and mineral complexes,
  • rejection of bad habits,
  • simple carbohydrates and fried foods are excluded from the diet. You should limit the use of dairy products and animal fats,
  • soda is taken according to the scheme, gradually increasing the dosage.

To draw up a treatment menu, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist. If necessary, you should take blood and urine tests, undergo a comprehensive examination.

For treatment, several options for taking funds based on baking soda are used. In most recipes, sodium bicarbonate is used as the main component, to enhance the effect of which auxiliary ingredients are added.

Classic scheme:

During the first three days of therapy, the soda solution is taken in the morning on an empty stomach (30 minutes before breakfast).

  1. Dilute 1/3 tsp of baking soda in 100 ml of warm water,
  2. From day 4, the amount of soda increases so that by the end of day 7 its amount is 1/2 tsp.,
  3. Starting from day 8, a soda solution is taken twice a day in the morning and in the evening,
  4. From day 21, the solution is taken 3 times a day before meals.

Recommended Course: 4 weeks.

Lemon-soda solution:

This tool is effective for restoring acid-base balance. It can be used both during treatment and for the prevention of prostate cancer.

The solution is prepared from 1 cup of warm water, 3 tsp. lemon juice and 1/4 tsp soda. All components are added to the water in turn and mix well. Separately, you do not need to extinguish soda with lemon juice! From the second week, increase the amount of soda to 1/2 tsp.


Soda solution is administered to the patient within 10 days, after which a break should be made for 6 days. Repeat droppers for 4 courses.

The method of treating prostate cancer with soda Tulio Simoncini is effective in the initial stage of the disease (tumor size does not exceed 3 cm). It can be used for prevention and as part of complex therapy.


Sodium bicarbonate is not allowed to be used to treat prostate cancer in patients with diabetes. Soda-based products should also not be used. with low acidity of gastric juice. If necessary, it will be necessary to increase the amount of vitamins in the daily diet in order to improve the functioning of the immune system.

While passing chemotherapy It is advisable to refuse oral use of soda. This is due to the fact that after the administration of toxic drugs in the patient, the acidity of the gastric juice decreases sharply. After completing the course, you can start taking soda solution, but under the supervision of a doctor.

Soda treatment from Vladimir Luzayev

During treatment of prostate cancer with soda according to the method of Vladimir Luzayev, attention should be paid not only to the intake of soda solution, but also to adhere to a special regime of the day.

The last meal should not be later than 6 pm. Later, a later appointment is allowed if this is due to the patient's work schedule. To normalize the work of the intestine, the use of bifidobacteria is recommended.

The daily menu should include oatmeal in the water.

The tool is prepared from 1 tsp. soda and 50 ml of warm water. Soda should be extinguished, after which it is necessary to add a glass of boiling water into the mixture. Drink the solution 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

During treatment, Ph. The norm is an indicator of 7, when reduced to 5, it is necessary to continue taking.

Donald Porter's Way

Donald Porter has developed his own method of fighting prostate cancer. In addition to taking an alkaline agent, its methodology includes:

  • special diet
  • breathing exercises,
  • physiotherapy.

The main rule is to refuse sweet foods and confectionery products 90 days before the start of therapy.

The diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. The main components are: peaches, strawberries, sweet before, apples, cabbage. The diet is based on the principle of a balanced composition of dishes and 5 meals a day.

Soda solution is prepared and taken according to the classical methodology of the Italian immunologist Simoncini.


An unpleasant, but no less effective way to combat prostate adenoma. To enter the medicine inside you will need an enema, or it is also called a pear, with a volume of 150 ml with a rubber tip, a solution of the drug and petroleum jelly. Before the procedure, you need to rinse and empty the intestines. Microclyster with tincture of chamomile or propolis will help here. After cleansing, the procedure can be carried out after half an hour.

The solution is prepared in the following way:

  1. Heat purified water to 40 degrees.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to heated water.
  3. Move everything carefully and allow to cool slightly.

The procedure can be performed by the patient himself, but it is better if someone helps him. Since, due to an increase in the load, a person may have muscle spasm. During the procedure, the patient should be in a supine position on either side. We lubricate the anus with petroleum jelly and carefully insert the tip into the rectum. Carefully and slowly pour the contents of the pear and, without unclenching your fingers, we get it out of the anal canal. Empty the intestines after 35-40 minutes after administration of the drug.It is worth noting that for the period the solution is inside, it is not recommended to move, drink, eat food and walk actively. The patient should lie on a flat surface at rest.

Such microclysters are done daily. It is best if the procedure will be performed before bedtime. During this period, it is necessary to remove fatty and junk food from the diet. The course is 3–3.5 weeks, a positive effect is visible after 5–7 procedures.

Soda treatment for prostate adenoma

Soda treatment of prostate adenoma is a folk method, which is often included in complex therapy. Sodium bicarbonate has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, enhances the effect of drug therapy prescribed for the treatment of genitourinary infection. Soda helps relieve swelling and eliminate the symptoms of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Prostate adenoma is a common disease among men after 45 years. The disease is detected by excessive growth of cells of the glandular epithelium or stromal component of the prostate.

As a result, the prostate gland enlarges and squeezes the urethra passing through it, which leads to progressive urinary retention.

The causes of the disease are physical inactivity, stress, bad habits, inactive sex life.

Soda has been successfully used to treat both chronic prostatitis and illness during an exacerbation. The healing properties of soda are alkalization of biological fluids. Baking soda against prostate adenoma is used in the form of baths, taken orally, and also used for therapeutic microclysters.

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Scientists say that in most cases, the inflammatory process in the prostate gland begins to develop against the background of kidney pathologies. This condition leads to a sharp imbalance of phosphates, urates, oxalates, and later on to the formation of stones. When moving stones affect the prostate. Soda destroys the accumulated harmful compounds, protects the body from various infections, and the prostate gland from injuries.

Baking soda treatment for prostate adenoma is a very popular way. This is due to the good results of therapy using the substance.

With an adenoma, pathogens disrupt the functioning of healthy cells, causing swelling, pain and damage to the internal structures of the prostate. An acidic environment is formed, exacerbating the condition.

Soda normalizes the acid-base balance, stabilizes the general state of health of the patient.

Sodium bicarbonate removes toxins and harmful compounds that enter the body with food, air, due to smoking and the use of alcohol. Cleansing the body of toxins helps increase immunity and quickly overcome the disease.

Soda treatment of prostate adenoma according to Neumyvakin

Professor Neumyvakin is one of those doctors who suggest the use of soda to treat prostate adenoma. He proved the effectiveness of the method by conducting experiments and research.

The professor claims that sodium bicarbonate, normalizing the acid-base balance, eliminates most of the factors that provoke many pathologies.

Restoring this balance helps to accelerate the healing process and strengthens the body's defenses.

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Professor Neumyvakin suggests treating prostate adenoma according to various schemes:

  1. Daily intake of a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of soda dissolved in it.
  2. Reception of the soda dissolved in milk. You need to dissolve ¼ teaspoon of soda in 200 ml of milk and drink the composition three times a day for 15 minutes before eating. According to the scheme, the dose should be increased gradually, following the reaction of the body. If the product is well tolerated, after a few days, the amount of soda is increased to 0.5 teaspoon, eventually bringing to a full tablespoon at a time. The amount of milk is also gradually increasing. Dr. Neumyvakin admits the replacement of soda with hydrogen peroxide, which must be taken 15 drops per glass of liquid.
  3. Reception of soda with milk according to another scheme. According to this method, only the amount of soda changes; milk must always be taken in 200 ml.

Twice a day, you need to take soda with milk according to the following scheme: the first to the third day - ¼ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, the fourth to the sixth day - ½ teaspoon, the seventh to the ninth day - 1 teaspoon, the thirteenth to the fifteenth day - 1.5 teaspoon spoons. The course is allowed to be repeated once in 8 months.

Apply any of the described methods only after consulting with your doctor.

Tips not to harm the body

Soda therapy for the treatment of prostate adenoma will be more effective and safer, if you follow all the recommendations of the urologist, do not violate the dose and frequency of taking soda solutions, correctly perform medical procedures using sodium bicarbonate.

When preparing the solution, carefully dissolve the soda crystals in water, otherwise, if they get on the mucous membrane or tissue, they can cause burns or irritation.

The use of soda therapy is allowed if there is no hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes mellitus and hypersensitivity to the substance. With gastritis, a stomach ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer, as well as colitis, soda can cause bleeding and an imbalance in the acidity of the stomach. In patients with heart and vascular problems, tachycardia and increased blood pressure may appear.

It is not recommended to use soda for medicinal purposes if the tumor is malignant or the disease is at stages 3 or 4.

Soda solution

Soda can be taken orally. This method cannot be used when:

  • hypertension
  • stomach ulcer
  • the presence of oncology,
  • diabetes mellitus.

You can prepare the composition by adding half a teaspoon of soda to warm water, tea or milk, and use sugar for taste. The resulting mixture is drunk half an hour before meals, the duration of treatment is from 4 weeks to 2 months.


Before the procedure, you need to empty the rectum and rinse it with chamomile infusion. Then you can do an enema, having previously dissolved a teaspoon of soda in half a glass of warm water.

The procedure is done lying on its side independently or with someone else's help. The enema tip is inserted into the anus. Pressing on the pear, pour the prepared solution. After the manipulation, it is advisable to lie down on your back or stomach for 10-15 minutes. It is best to do it in the evening or before bedtime. Enema is carried out every day for three weeks. Contraindicated in exacerbation of hemorrhoids, prolapse and bleeding of nodes.


Used soda to treat adenoma. I learned about the diagnosis by accident when I was taking tests. But the doctor reassured, saying that the disease has not yet started and it is not too late to start therapy. He prescribed pills, suppositories and soda baths to relieve inflammation and disinfection. After a course of using NaHCO₃, the condition improved noticeably, the itching decreased and the pain went away.

Alexander, 48 years old

I have often heard about the use of baking soda in the treatment of prostate diseases. I hesitated for a long time, but still tried it when they discovered the adenoma. At home I had enemas. A few days later I noticed significant relief. I tried to drink, but the acidity of the stomach changed and it became constantly vomiting.

Vitaliy, 64 years old

He treated the adenoma in a hospital, the doctor prescribed soda enemas. He took a course of medications with them. I did not notice any particular changes, although during the examination the doctor said that the inflammation had decreased and the prostate had become smaller. Maybe soda helps someone, but I'm not a supporter of traditional medicine.

Burdock root broth

2 tbsp. l chopped burdock root, pour 500 ml of water and put on low heat for 10 minutes. At the end of time, the composition is removed from the fire, wrapped in a warm blanket and put in a dark place for 4 hours. Take the broth should be 1/3 cup, 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. At the same time, a pharmaceutical candle with propolis must be introduced into the rectum. The course of treatment is until recovery.

Chestnut peel infusion

You need to take 25g of chestnut peel and 250ml of medical alcohol. The peel should be crushed, filled with alcohol, kept in a dark place for 10 days and shaken regularly. You need to drink 10 drops 2 times a day for 20 days. The course can be repeated after some time. A contraindication for taking the infusion is liver failure.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which has a positive effect on men's health. Every day you need to eat 30 seeds. This will provide the body with the required amount of zinc. Seeds must be raw, from which you can prepare balls by adding natural honey to the crushed seeds. There are such balls you need daily before breakfast.

Lubaznik tubers with honey

Lubaznik tubers need to be grated, mixed with honey and taken for 1 tsp. 2 times a day.

Prostate adenoma is a serious disease, and for the effectiveness of treatment it is necessary to combine soda therapy or another method of alternative medicine with the medication method. All procedures using soda must be agreed with your doctor.

Treatment of prostate adenoma with baking soda

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Dr. I.P. Neumyvakin recommends treating prostate adenoma with soda. Some authors say that the idea of ​​the method is drawn from traditional medicine, and then developed and scientifically substantiated by Ivan Pavlovich.

But official medicine responds extremely negatively to the use of soda in prostate adenoma, calling the method simply pseudoscientific. So who is right?

How does baking soda affect prostate adenoma?

Prostate adenoma or hyperplasia is a benign formation that affects the organ that is vital for male health - the prostate gland.

As a result of the proliferation of parenchymal tissue of the prostate, compression of the urethra occurs, which leads to problems with emptying the bladder and cutting pain in the lower abdomen.

In addition, problems of a sexual nature begin, which extremely negatively affect the psycho-emotional state of a man.

There are many folk remedies that effectively help fight hyperplasia. One such remedy is baking soda. This chemical substance that a modern housewife cannot do without can eliminate unpleasant painful sensations, and in some cases defeat a benign tumor.

What are the medicinal properties of baking soda? How to cure prostate adenoma with soda? What are some warnings? The answers to these questions are discussed in the article.

The healing properties of baking soda

The uric acid in urine has an acid reaction. As a result of prostatic hyperplasia, urine is poorly excreted and its remnants accumulate in the bladder. This leads to the active reproduction of bacteria contained in the urine, which entails an inflammatory process that affects not only the bladder, but also the prostate gland, and in some cases the kidneys. Therefore, the use of baking soda with prostate adenoma eases the symptoms of the disease and promotes recovery. Including due to the beneficial properties of soda:

  • as a result of a chemical reaction, the acidic medium is neutralized, which leads to inhibition of vital activity and the process of reproduction of pathogenic bacteria,
  • water with soda increases the diuretic effect, which allows bacteria to be removed from the bladder as much as possible,
  • due to the above effects, soda is able to relieve inflammation, swelling of the prostate tissue, and at the same time pain, burning, pain in the prostate gland,
  • normalizes the acid-base balance of the blood,
  • activates the body's defenses.

In addition, the correct use of soda solutions can reduce the volume of a benign prostate tumor, restore or improve potency. Also, soda is a good remedy for acute infectious prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis. Soda is an excellent tool for the prevention of prostatic hyperplasia.


Treatment with soda in most cases is not the main, but an adjunct to therapy. Therefore, before using it for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. The use of soda solutions inside for diseases is strictly contraindicated: diabetes mellitus, gastric ulcer, acute gastritis, hematuria, hypertension, individual intolerance to soda.

Oral administration of soda solutions

You can prepare a soda solution based on milk or water. To do this, take a quarter of a teaspoon of soda and mix it with 200 ml. A glass of milk or water.

The liquid should be heated to 90 degrees: this will help to properly brew soda. After cooling, the prepared solution is drunk immediately in large sips. You need to take such a medicine 2 times a day, morning and evening.

In the morning, you need to drink the drug on an empty stomach, and in the evening 30 minutes before eating or 3 hours after dinner.

Since the body must adapt to soda, the dose must be increased gradually, but it should not exceed one teaspoon, since ingestion of a larger volume of sodium bicarbonate threatens the appearance of digestive system disorders. The course of treatment is 4 weeks. If after taking such a solution, discomfort in the intestines, bloating, pain appears inside, then it is necessary to stop the use of soda and consult a doctor.

The use of soda enemas

  • 1 cup warm boiled water,
  • a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate,
  • 10-15 drops of hydrogen peroxide.

All of the above components need to be mixed and pumped into a medical pear. Before the procedure, it is advisable to empty the intestines, for which you can drink 2 glasses of water. After the procedure, it is advisable to lie down on the stomach for at least half an hour, or perform a birch stand and lie down on the right side for several minutes. Such procedures should be carried out 2 times a day. It is advisable to alternate sessile baths of soda and microclysters.

In addition to treating prostate adenoma with soda, do not forget to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, adhere to a diet. Together, this approach will help eliminate the problem. For the best result in treatment, it is important to adhere to the following tips:

  • exclude alcohol, fatty, fried, spicy, salty from your diet, as these products can intensify painful sensations. Preference is given to fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seafood.
  • protect the genitourinary system from hypothermia, visit a bathhouse or sauna,
  • often walk outdoors
  • lead an active lifestyle, do therapeutic exercises,
  • to control the disease, twice a year visiting a doctor - an urologist andrologist.

These simple tips will improve your fitness and help fight the disease.

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