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Men's haircuts without bangs: types and photos

Hairstyles for men do not differ in such diversity as women’s, but in recent years many options have appeared that allow you to choose a haircut for every taste. Most male representatives prefer to make short haircuts. At the same time, modern men are increasingly choosing modifications to medium-length hair, and even elongated models. Men's haircuts without bangs are a very popular category in hairstyles of any length. Modern trends offer many worthy models - stylish and elegant, careless and extravagant.

When choosing a haircut, you need to consider many factors: age, style, lifestyle, opportunity and desire for daily styling. The main criterion for choosing is the shape of the face and type. Hairstyles without bangs open your face as much as possible - this has its advantages and disadvantages.

Varieties of men's hairstyles

The classic men's haircut is short. This length is considered traditional in modern society and is most in demand. Stylists are constantly inventing new ways to design short strands, so it’s realistic to make not only conservative, but also creative, extravagant short hairstyles. The main classification of haircuts occurs precisely in terms of length:

  • hairstyles for short strands,
  • for medium
  • for long ones.

Moreover, models can be sports, classic, creative. Here it is very important to take into account the age category, status, so that the haircut harmoniously fits into the image, does not contradict it. Another important point is the structure of the strands. Thin hair needs to create additional volume, thick - to reduce it.

For curly, there is a certain series of taboos.

To whom do haircuts go without bangs?

In order for men's hairstyles without bangs to be appropriate, it is necessary to consult with the master, to whom they generally go, and in which cases are contraindicated. Short and medium-length haircuts generally fit any face shape and appearance, but elongated model options need to be selected individually. Stylists say that absolutely no haircuts are recommended to not every man.

If it will be short men's haircuts without bangs, related to the style of sports, classic or military, no contraindications are expected. Bangs are an indispensable attribute for men with a rectangular and heart-shaped head shape, with pronounced angularity in features and a high forehead, it is also acceptable for an oval head shape. And men's hairstyles without bangs are more often practiced on men with a round and diamond-shaped head.

Who are they suitable for?

The main advantage of hairstyles without bangs is the lack of need for styling using additional cosmetic products. But, despite all the positive aspects, such hairstyles are not suitable for all members of the stronger sex. Let's figure out for whom this option is acceptable:

  • Holders of a diamond-shaped face can do hairstyles without hair framing the forehead.
  • Men with an oval physiognomy can also choose a haircut model without a bang.
  • With a square and round face, the hair should not have a lush volume to create a hairstyle without a bang.

Now consider the main varieties of hair design without the presence of a bang.

Who is it for?

Stylists recommend evaluating the shape of the face and limit the choice to this category before proceeding with the evaluation of other parameters. After all, the main purpose of the haircut is to emphasize the dignity of the face, to hide the flaws.

  • Face square. This type is considered harsh, the purpose of the haircut is to soften the contours. First of all, you need to abandon the bangs. A cascade option without parting in the center is well suited. To make your face look more attractive, you need to form a volume at the top. Asymmetric models with side partitions without a bang are perfect. Boca optimally cut short.

  • Face oval. The most successful form, to which most hairstyles fit, especially without a bang or with a shortened version. Both casual mess and short-cut strands are welcome. It is not necessary to hide anything here, the main thing is to show the dignity of the face as profitably as possible.

  • Face circle. A difficult type, since many haircuts do not fit such a person. Here the purpose of the haircut is to give brutality, masculinity, rigidity. Too shortened hairstyles should be removed and choose from half-long options. If the strands are straight type, you can choose elongated models on the crown with a side part. The sides can be shortened. So the face is optically extended.

  • The face is a triangle. The length of the strands is not very important here, the main thing is the possibility of laying on one side and the presence of a bang, preferably long. Haircuts without bangs are contraindicated for such people.

If you doubt your ability to choose the right haircut, contact a professional. remember, that medium and short haircuts look good on almost any man, but elongated models require selectivity and good care, otherwise the image will be sloppy and ridiculous. It is very important that the haircut not only fit you, but also organically fit into the image.

In addition, you should consider the following recommendations from stylists when choosing a hairstyle without a bang:

  • cropped haircuts without bangs look the most harmonious in the styles of military, sports, classic style,
  • do not consider haircuts without bangs to the owners of a high forehead, with too angular features, with the shape of a head a heart and a rectangle,

contrary to belief, chubby and men with a face shape rhombus hairstyles without bangs will do well.

Short men's hairstyles without bangs

Most often, modern men prefer short men's haircuts without bangs, since they are absolutely not demanding in care and styling. Such haircuts are universal, which means that they can harmoniously fit into any style and image. In addition, an open forehead and short hair underline in a man his masculinity, brutality and best facial features.

Photos of short men's haircuts without bangs:

Without bangs, short hair belongs to the style of military, sports and classic. These may be such options as boxing or semi-boxing, a playground, tennis, a hedgehog and a beaver, etc. It is only important to correctly perform the haircut technology so that the hair on the bang fits into the hair of the crown and crown of the head. Such haircuts look ideal on men with stiff and thick hair.


The platform is a fairly common men's short haircut. It provides an opportunity to create a new original image. It is performed quite simply, so you can do it not only at the hairdresser, but also at home. There are several contraindications in which the site is categorically not suitable for a person:

  • The main condition for this haircut is a rigid thick hair. On thin lifeless or insufficiently thick curls, such a hairstyle cannot be fully made, therefore, when choosing such a model, you need to carefully examine your curls, understand what structure they have and only then go to the hairdresser or get a haircut at home.
  • Men who have a short neck or a round physiognomy stylists are not advised to choose to choose this option for the design of the hairline.
  • The platform is done only on straight strands. If the locks are curly, a man’s haircut of this type will not work.
  • The length of the hair should not exceed 4-5 cm. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to maintain the hairstyle in proper form, you will not be able to do without daily styling, which is very burdensome to care for the haircut.

At the finish stage, this men's short haircut called the platform should, when viewed from above, resemble a flat surface. Curls with this design can stand straight up or diverge at a slight angle, resembling an inverted trapezoid. Such a man's haircut does not provide for bangs. Based on the specifics of the haircut, you can not resort to thorough care for it, do daily styling and constantly adjust the hair with a slight blow of the wind.

Short haircuts

This is an ideal option that requires minimal maintenance and does not need to be laid. Therefore, short hairstyles are so in demand. In addition, they are universal, include a wide variety of models, fit well into any stylistic image. These are manly, brutal haircuts that allow you to emphasize facial features. Cropped hairstyles without bangs are harmonious in different styles:

It is important to get to a good master who will correctly perform a haircut, observing technological points. The main thing is to ensure a harmonious transition to the crown, there can be no more difficulties. Such variations are optimal for owners of strands of thick, hard type, straight.

Sports haircuts are most in demand among modern men, largely due to the fact that hair care is minimal - they just need to be washed on time. Another hit is military style. Previously, it was in demand only among men of military professions, but in recent decades has gone beyond professional boundaries. If a man wants to make an unusual military haircut, you can work on your temples by cutting strands there or forming an ornament. Such an addition will oblige the owner of the haircut to update it weekly, as the strands will quickly grow.

If the strands are thick, you can choose more voluminous hairstyles, for example, coca. The bangs as such are not here, it is formed over the face. This is a very stylish model, but it will need to be laid daily.

Haircuts for medium and long hair

To choose haircuts without bangs on medium hair is quite simple, since in this case the correct styling can remove the forelock. Most often we are talking about haircuts that require a side parting of the hair or its complete absence. Medium-length hair is smoothly combed to one side, you can comb the hair back from the face to the back of the head, making a high forelock in the form of Elvis Presley.

To remove bangs on medium and long haircuts, it is enough to grow elongated locks on the top of the head, and then comb them to one side or back. Cosmetics like gel, wax or varnish are used to consolidate the result. You can also collect hair in a bun or ponytail on the parietal part of the head, as required by the Japanese style and haircut men bun or top knot.


This men's haircut appeared as a convenient hairstyle for playing tennis, from where the name came from. A characteristic feature of this type of hairline on the head are short-cropped curls on the temporal zones and the back of the head. On top of the head are strands of medium length. The transition between the crown and the back of the head is always smooth. According to the technology, the length of the hair should not be more than 6 cm. This men's haircut is performed both with bangs and without bangs. In any case, the hair does not require constant daily styling.

This men's short haircut is well suited for men who lead an active lifestyle, but for office workers and bank clerks, it will be a great option.

How to arrange medium and long strands?

There are many variations of hairstyles for medium length, because even if there is a bang, it can be laid so as to open the forehead. Optimal haircuts in which there is no parting or there is a diagonal. Medium strands can be combed back, to the side, towards the crown, forming a forelock. Growing strands at the top and combing is a way to remove the bangs, suitable for long and medium strands. Such styling will require special tools: mousse, foam, gel. The male tail is popular, which also makes it possible to comb the strands and open facial features. The tail can be Japanese-style or top-knot. The haircut itself is usually a male square. These models are well suited to owners of curly strands.

Also, modern fashion allows men to use the rims, removing locks from the face.

Popular haircuts without bangs

If a man prefers men's haircuts without bangs for short hair, you should view photos of popular models on the Internet or glossy publications. It is better to choose medium and long hairstyles in the salon under the strict control of the master, since not every man will suit this style. Stylists offer several trend haircuts of the current season, which also do not involve bangs.

There are varieties of tennis haircuts:

  • Hedgehog. This hair styling option is similar to tennis, but the length of such a hairstyle is half that of the original. Ideally, it should be 3 cm at the crown.

  • Beaver. This men's short haircut without bangs provides heavily trimmed whiskey and a nape. They are removed completely, or a length of 3 mm is left. On the top of the head, the strands also remain not very long, no more than 2 cm. Hairstyles, naturally, such a man’s hairstyle does not require any.

The advantages that men have a short haircut tennis include:

  • Ease of care. You just need to wash your hair and comb the strands.
  • Convenience. In the warm season, a man will not be hot. In the cold, when necessary, then wear a hat, then remove it, you will not need to constantly comb the strands.
  • A simple technique.
  • Universality. This short men's haircut is ideal for men of various age categories.

Men's boxing haircut is one of the simplest hairstyles in the technique of execution. For its implementation, it is necessary to cut the temporal and occipital area with a machine with a nozzle of 0 or 3 mm. At the top there should be hair 1-1.5 cm long. You can do without bangs.

This is the most practical hairstyle, with it you can go into fire and water. She does not require special care. The main thing is to monitor the condition of the skin of the head, which with short curls lends itself to a more serious influence of the external aggressive environment.

Half box

This hairstyle is similar to boxing, but the strands on the crown remain a little longer in the order of 2-3 cm.

All short hairstyles do not require a man to spend time on leaving. They do not require daily styling, it is enough just to clean the scalp from impurities in time and brush it slightly.

We introduced you to the odd classic men's haircuts for short hair. What haircuts are fashionable in 2016, read HERE .

Hedgehog and Beaver

This haircut is recommended for men with large and stiff facial features, as well as athletic physique. The bangs go to the very top of the haircut, the length does not exceed 90 mm. Hair needs to be fixed by means of an average degree, the strands of the fingers need to be lifted up in the form of protruding needles. A beaver is the second name for a hedgehog haircut when it comes to a shortened version.

Boxing and semi-boxing

The simplest and most common haircut is boxing, when the hair on the crown is short cut a few mm long, and shaved with a sharp clipper on the temples and nape of the neck. Accordingly, there can be no talk of any bangs, and the haircut itself does not need care and styling at all. The half-box is an elongated version, when strands of medium length are left at the top of the head, and the temples and the back of the head are smoothly reduced. The hair on the forehead is combed back or to the side.


In fact, many hairdressers and stylists use men's hairstyles without bangs in order to emphasize masculinity, brutality, charisma and the best facial features of men.If the appearance shows a pronounced imbalance, angularity, the bangs will become a weapon for disguising them. Haircuts without bangs can be short, medium and long, casual and model, strict and model options for men of different styles and lifestyles.

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